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  • zoueriemandzijnopmars
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I just got the best piece of feedback on an assignment ever:

    "After you are done bashing Searle your counterarguments get really interesting"

    #this post is a lie this is my second best piece of feedback #the best was the TA that liked my topology meme enough to give me a bonus point #the third best was that same TA claiming I had been bitten by the subtleties of path-connectedness #which. fair I rushed the homework to finish my book #and finally the fourth best was my english teacher gently reminding me that argorn was a lotr character and that I was thinking of #catherine of aragon #while missing the fact that one sentence back I wrote son as sun #part time studyblr #I made an original post
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  • jjunis
    13.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    nah soobin b annoying me fr 😭 i understand he’s just looking out for his friends but man he’s so wary of yn behind the scenes but lowkey scared as hell once he comes face to face with her 😭

    LKSADGDKJASDGJSAH he panicked bc since he's the only one who sometimes complains about her he thought they could think he did it on purpose tbh :(

    they're gonna be besties i'm telling u they're gonna team up to pester beomgyu real soon i can FEEL IT

    #soobin's not necessarily mean and he doesn't hate her #he just doesn't understand why all of a sudden literally all of his friends became so friendly w her #especially lia who yn used to treat so badly 😭 #but dw everything is gonna be ok soobin is slowly softening up #let's not forget he stayed behind to help her clean stuff up when she had to do that #he has a good heart he's just the cardi b meme #'that's suspicious. that's weird' #that's him #feedback: ghosting 🍿 #mail#r: anonymous
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  • pepprs
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    can someone explain to me why we read unflattening (sousanis 2015) at the beginning of this miserable miserable journey and learn all abt how the system inhibits us from claimi ng our education and having agency etc etc but then for our capstone presentations we have to “just follow the rubric” even though “i know it sounds a little formulaic” 😍😍😍😍😍 like you people are such FUCKING hypocrites it makes me furious. also interdisciplinarity is stupid and fake you’re welcome 💖

    #purrs #just got out of advising and im burning w the rage of 1000000 suns plus my advisor was like i can’t give you feedback on your soi paper unti #u til you write it out like a paper and i was like ummmm well it’s in an outline rn bc im stuck and i need your help and he was like no ♥️ L #LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE FOR THEN?!?!?!! i hate this stupid department i HATE this stupid major and i am so glad i only have to deal #w one more week of this stupid bullshit but it’s also abt to be the most grueling and miserable week of my life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 HELP #like not to have confidence about my intellect or whatever but my presentation was organized that way because it was fucking good and it fit #what im trying to do here. and if i reduce it to this stupid formula then im killing the entire thing. shut the fuck up you know nothing ♥️ #also not him getting whatever with me bc i hadn’t touched my soi in days 💀 like sir i think you of all people should know i have like 15 #different components of this project i need to be working on at the same time so EXCUSE ME if i haven’t covered all the ground here yet. lol #this feels like the wojak dick flattening meme except it’s babe time to jump through the biggest hoop of all time even though you’re #graduating in 2.5 weeks! like do you people realize i am TIRED of this. can you not make this process any more unbearable for me. lol #me when d**** and r*** and l** walk into redacted 105 at 11:05 am est may 13 2022: 🏃🏻‍♀️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 #like the MORTIFYING ordeal of them seeing me have to reduce this beautiful thing. and they literally told me they won’t think any less of me #or my sensibilities or whatever for doing it bc they know this is the CYA department but like. i cant do this it is too humiliating 💕
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  • lavenderbexlatte
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    omg bestie! been wanting to say this for a long time! HOLDING YOU LIKE THIS is a msterpiece, dilf hyun is just *chefs kiss* ahhhh, i love all of it, each and every single part of it, the way u wrote the story is just sooooo talented and beautiful

    i'm so glad you enjoyed it~ 😘😘

    #anon #insert that meme of me hating that this is my most popular work skjdfhhsdgf #holding you feedback
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  • cherrydumpling
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I absolutely loved Broken Thread and Lost Beads! The angst was pure pain and I loved the writing as well and how you started and ended the fic! 

    #that meme summed it up so well #thank you <33 #🍒.box #🍒.anons #Broken Thread and Lost Beads: Feedback
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  • imaginethebeautifulworld
    28.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    i loved reading your commentary on the songs!! in “the awesome me highway” i believe he’s actually saying “saikou”, i think it translates to something like “powerful”!

    (and fun fact: apparently for his marukaite chikyuu they just put his va on a stage with a mic and said “have fun lol”. idk how true this is but i’ve been seeing the fandom say it for years)

    Ah yes. The Prussia Song Review Post~

    I'm glad you enjoyed my commentary, Lovely; thank you!

    "Saikou" actually makes way more sense than "Psycho" or "Cyclone," thank you for confirming that for me. ^_^;

    I also would not be surprised in the least if they did actually have Atsushi Kosaka go hogwild. Would be very, very on-brand for Prussia's level of unrestrained creative chaos.

    #I'm baffled by how much that post has blown up ^_^; #was it the asthma joke? #was it the lady gaga meme? #thank you lovely! #aph prussia#fandom lore #i really would /not/ be surprised though if he did #anon asks#anon feedback #thanks anon~! :D #hello lovelies! #working on a very loooong lovino piece atm and a suprisingly popular gil request
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  • bananagreste
    24.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    does anyone want to play ‘send me your thoughts about the show for my thoughts about the show’ ask meme? the topic can be anything, even speculative ones. 🙈

    #ask meme: thoughts #i expect this to flop since you guys are shy every time i ask for feedback #i get it though since i don't talk to people either but i want to ramble lmao
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  • disguised
    22.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    tragic tagging.

    #╰ * various fragmented discussions — ooc; #╰ * vastly frustrating demands — memes; #╰ * viciously fiendish dramatist — visage; #╰ * voluminous feedback delivery — interactions; #╰ * visceral feelings depiction — isms; #╰ * vapid failure display — headcanon; #╰ * vehement fondness definition — aesthetic; #╰ * volunteer follower distribution — promo; #╰ * [𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄] : vengeance fomenting disaster — young;
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  • jellophoid
    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    she’s trying and I think that’s so important

    #jellarts#jjba #jojos bizzare adventure #purple haze feedback #phf#sheila e#pannacotta fugo#cannolo murolo #I feel like after the events of phf #Sheila e would be so formal bc of fugos promotion #so she’s trying not to be as snarky as she used to be #🤪 #the sheila e punching murolo thing is from the nanka no sanagi meme <3
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  • superstardream
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    how many times do you have to say hate anons make you laugh for it to be true?

    i'm actually a deeply trouble individual so when i say I'm laughing i really am

    #basically any emotional reaction positive or negative that i cause in someone makes me react like i just heard a really good joke #like you know when you make your friend laugh and then you laugh positive humor feedback loop? #yeah any emotion including anger causes that reaction in my brain #so when i say i'm a bit like the joker from the movie joker ... #the other day when people were so angry about the meme responses #i was like literally on a laughing high #every new angry anon i got made me keel over in giggles
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  • fagsex
    12.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    2. thoughts on veganism?

    im going to gut anti leather bitches like fishes i swear to gddddd like. i swear I rbed a post abt it earlier but maybe not but the thing is by being pussies and saying they dont want to harm the environment they're actively harming it even more by pushing out plastic by the ton and straight into the ocean bc they're not even close to sustainable. if you dont like meat for whatever reason ok I dont give a fuck it's really easy to not eat meat I get you might be icked out by eating animals or whatever that's ok man and if you dont like wearing animal products thats fine too it's like really easy to not wear leather either I do it all the time but to claim wool or any manner of cloth is abuse or anything like that is so deranged as you murder our oceans like omg !! it's at this point that I distrust most vegans bc good vegans that dont have their heads up their self righteous asses are one in a million unfortch :(

    ask meme

    #radio feedback #i would say sorry for this jot being coherent but its an answer to ask meme so.
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  • zackcollins
    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    #idk man #this live slug reaction thing is fucking hilarious #and i thought this scene was a good one to do it for #and the one it made the most sense for #let me know what you think #because feedback is always welcomed #this is just a shitpost fyi #so dont take it too seriously LOL #anyways #benjamin franklin pierce #hawkeye pierce#margaret houlihan#frank burns #major frank burns #lieutenant dish#mash#m*a*s*h#tv: mash#mash meme#m*a*s*h meme#meme #robin makes memes #robin posts memes #not sports#robin talks #robin talks about mash #shitpost #major margaret houlihan
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  • avid-adoxography
    05.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I've made a v ugly moodboard for my Black Cauldron self-insert [redacted] instead of actually working on their design... GG me 🤡🙄💀

    #what are the vibes for this one lads? are they good? rancid? do they make y'all wanna know more about them? #I'm slowly coming up with their lore too so any feedback is appreciated but not obligatory <3c #disney self insert #s/i: [redacted]#avid memes
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  • punksarahreese
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Oh no… my reblog to like ratio… it’s broken

    #I love killing an old meme #but like #this shit hurts ngl #like not to sound whiny and ungrateful but it’s very upsetting when people consume your media FOR FREE and don’t even give you feedback
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  • obliviouskind
    13.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    {LISTEN... I love the way you write cyrus so much. Like, the amount of depth and complexity he has is absolutely stunning? It can be such a difficult thing to pull off in general, let alone for villain muse, but you do it wonderfully. And your style of writing works so damn to well to highlight that fact, but also give such a good presentation of what's going through his mind at a certain point in time, and where it roots itself, without feeling forced

    10/10 would subject serena to the horror of finding out she accidentally spoke to and got along with him again}

    Emotional Hours




    I’ve sat with your praise and wondered how I should answer to it without just… Over expressing how thankful I am for your kind words? Because I really, really am. It makes me happy to hear that even after all this time, my interpretation of him has been taken to so kindly and been praised by people who I personally hold in high regards – alongside my writing in general, of which I’ve felt for a time now just isn’t good anymore. Writers slump, bla bla… We all know how it goes.  But. I do feel really proud of the work I’ve put into trying to make him into something more than just; Cyrus Akagi, the depressed villainous scientist who decided the world needed to die. Because that’s fine and dandy as just a game villain, it really is. A clear motivation and desire, a good basic script. All that. But from a story telling perspective, particularly from the perspective of said depressed villainous scientist who decided the world needed to die?

    I felt there was so much more that needed to be there to really… Well, not justify as in justify his actions but…………….. Justify as in justify his actions. Make sense of them in a way where you can say that, yeah, he’s horrible for having done these things but it wasn’t something that came out of nowhere. There’s a thread there in his life that you could’ve followed, and it’s distinct enough to leave a trail.  It makes me happy to hear you feel that I have brought complexity and depth to him, because that’s all I’ve really wanted to put out there. Something ‘well thought out’, something that stands on its own as a concept even if I were to never build upon it more than I currently have. I wanted Cyrus to be more than just a villain.

    I wanted him to be a man with his own thoughts and feelings. A complicated past, sure, but not in a way that feels unrealistic or overly tragic – I didn’t want him to come off as though I was trying to suggest that, hey, he’s just a poor guy making the wrong choices in life leave him be. Because he’s not that, and he never will be that – no matter my own bias and adoration for him as his writer. Because he is very flawed, and he knowingly did the wrongs that he caused. If they were a product of something else in his youth, the beliefs he found himself within etc – it doesn’t actually matter. Because at the end of the day, they were his choices to make. They were his faults to cause. And he did exactly that.  And my only hope has ever really been for that to be seen by those who aren’t inside my head, y'know?

    So. I’m thankful for the praise, because it makes me feel like I’ve at least accomplished my goal to some degree.

    #(ooc - mun) #iruludavare#answered #bless u jess #im sorry this reads so weird im having one of Those nights but reading this back makes me feel better #so excuse my rambling but i really really adore you for this feedback ;; #and for saving me the shame of deleting that meme by sending something in pfft #very very kind of you
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  • dick-nightwing-grayson
    05.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    @davidalleynethinksfast @queen-of-ice494 @ragingbookdragon @jackhawksmoor @ravenofsilver @amazinggrayson @wonderwondered @robin-nightwing-agent37 all get it 😌

    #but honestly discowing has and always will be a look #discowing#discowing supremacy#dick grayson#fashion icon#nightwing #your fave could never #good fashion#batmemes#meme #original of my blog #i will not be taking feedback at this time #i will not be taking comments at this time #i will not be taking any questions
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  • dapper-lil-arts
    03.02.2022 - 3 monts ago
    #now edited for your pleasure #I know we already posted this bit but I gave a shot at editing #cause it was just too funny #I'd love some feedback since this is like one of my first times trying to edit a bit of our stream #kim talks #look I just had to try it #stream highlight#stream#stream edit#stream meme
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  • omg-spy
    28.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Imagine Fode prank calling people and he accidentally prank calls Beed

    #*Beed answers the phone* #*loud feedback*#fodesinbeed #star wars prequels #star wars#memes#meme #the phantom menace #art#imagine#tpm#phones#prank calls#mistakes
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  • hiswcrld
    20.01.2022 - 3 monts ago


    #star meme #my leads (meme) #pls give me feedback
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