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    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    “So, Bruno-” Félix flung an arm around his shoulders, ignoring Bruno’s squeak. This was for a good cause; Bruno would thank him later. “Mira mentioned your favourite animals are rats?”

    “Huh?” Bruno tugged on his hair. “Sí...” His eyes narrowed. “Why?”

    Félix grinned. “Just curious. Not many people would pick them.”

    Bruno shrugged, not quite meeting his gaze. He was gripping his arm tightly and Félix’s eyes flickered down, trying to make sure his nails weren’t digging into his scars, which Julieta had warned him to watch out for. They weren’t, so he let it be.

    “They’re sweet,” Bruno continued. “And really intelligent.”

    “That so?” Félix’s smile widened. “Tell me more?”


    Bruno's having a rough few days. Mirabel tries to distract him, while Julieta and Félix hatch an idea to help.

    #how bright you burn (how brave you've been) #bruno madrigal#mirabel madrigal#julieta madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#camilo madrigal#luisa madrigal#dolores madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#agustin madrigal #abuela alma madrigal #abuela madrigal#alma madrigal #la familia madrigal #not so anastasia au #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction #bruno my beloved #bruno is a rat dad #bruno's rats #la casa madrigal #casita #the madrigal family #the madrigal triplets #madrigal triplets#pb&j triplets#pb&j encanto
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    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Agustín, leaning in towards a pregnant Julieta: Julieta has no idea I’m high.

    Julieta: You’re high?

    Agustín: Oh, sorry.

    Agustín, leaning in towards Felix: Julieta has no idea I’m high.

    #source: how i met your mother #agustin madrigal#julieta madrigal#felix madrigal #agustin x julieta #encanto
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    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Mirabel gets injured 1

    * It wasn’t suppose to happen

    * Nothing like that should have happen

    * But the family could never forget the blood

    * Or Antonio’s cries

    * Or Julieta’s scream…

    * The day was starting as usual

    * It was six months until Antonio’s ceremony and the family was having a usual day at in town

    * Nothing was wrong

    * But an accident happen

    * It shouldn’t have, the donkeys got out and they were more rowdier than usual, they were going all over the town bumping into stalls and almost going into stores

    * They were getting closer to the center as Luisa tried her best to round them up quickly

    * Mirabel was carrying Antonio to where Felix and Pepa were at, it was at the center of the town where there was a new house being made for a young couple

    * “Mami” Antonio wave from where he was in Mirabel’s arms

    * Pepa and Felix turned and wave back as Pepa went toward the duo to take Antonio

    * The donkey came messing up the entire construction

    * The donkey ran all over the site knocking down wooden pools makes the workers run away in fear of something happening

    * The rest of the family came running with Luisa to the site

    * Felix was telling them to get away

    * A beam holding two giant wood planks came down right where Mirabel and Antonio was

    * Pepa open her mouth to warn them, she scream as she move to get to them out of the way

    * But Mirabel was quicker ”Tia here!”she threw Antonio to his Mami

    * As if in slow motion the family watched as the beam fell

    * Right on top of Mirabel

    I am slowly digging myself into the angst side of the fandom…

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  • maflosaa
    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    This is how I imagine Pepa in a “Date without children” type with Felix, or maybe a school meeting where she wants to attract attention.

    Please someone write something with this.

    (Excuse me, I don’t know how to draw faces or arms)

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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    “It’s, um…Well, I was wondering- maybe I could add Félix and Agustín? T-they’re Madrigals, so…So it just s-seemed fair.” He hated stammering, he hated stuttering; he always felt like a child again when his voice wavered like this. He’d always been told off for stuttering, muttering, mumbling and stammering.

    Alma was quiet. Bruno braced himself for the worst.

    Instead, she said, “That…May be a good idea,” slowly, as if the thought had never occurred to her.

    Bruno glanced at her, his hair falling in his eyes. “So, you’re okay with it?” he asked.

    Alma gave a thoughtful nod, her book still open on her lap. “If you think you can manage it,” she said. “I don’t want our mural to be a mess. If it does not turn out well, I want it painted over, understood?”

    That seemed like a fair exchange to him.

    “I wouldn’t make a mess,” he promised.

    “Then you may try,” Alma said in that regal way of hers, as if she was a queen giving orders and not a woman agreeing with a suggestion.

    Still, it was all the permission Bruno needed.


    Bruno finishes updating the Madrigal mural and everyone has an opinion.

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  • justadreaminghufflepuff
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    El Valle Maldito - Chapter 1 - justadreaminghufflepuff - Encanto (2021) [Archive of Our Own]

    Hey, guys, I finally finished a fanfic! Go check it out!

    To all my followers who like neither Encanto nor fanfiction in general, please feel free to ignore this.

    #encanto #julieta x agustin #agustin madrigal#agustín madrigal#julieta madrigal#mirabel madrigal#luisa madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#camilo madrigal#dolores madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal #pepa madrigal x félix madrigal #this is a big family and you only really realize it when you try to tag #el valle maldito #alma madrigal
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    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • magicalmadrigals
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have never had as much fun writing a one shot as I have with this one! I loved writing it so much, there is so much teasing between the parents, and I really hope you like it!

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  • futurstic-divineawakened
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I can’t stop thinking about it

    Mirabel’s quincenera. Angst, she has one but Alma spends no money on a dress and just told her to wear a hand me down from Isabela or Dolores.

    Julieta tried to question it but Alma l’s word is law.

    Mirabel pulls a Thanos: find I’ll do it myself and using the base of Isabela’s dress creates a brand new one, that is white but everytime she spends all the colors of the rainbow appear, she goes above and beyond.


    No one plans the party and Mirabel decides to be petty and plan EVERYTHING herself (with Antonio) the party is not at Casita but in the middle of town square. The family didn’t know even know until the night Mirabel leaves in her dress. Making the entire town know how bad the Madrigals treat Mirabel

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  • thecrazyashley-blog
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    (Thanks @caramella116 !)

    Julieta was happy Bruno was back.  Elated.  Ecstatic even.  And if he didn't get out of her kitchen she was cooking him next.

    He'd come up behind her and squished her as she was chopping avocados, and she'd laughed.  She'd missed those skinny arms.

    "Whatcha makin?"

    "Guacamole for the empanadas.  Want to help?"

    "Looks like I'll have to if you're going to ruin it with cilantro.  Is that why everything's been tasting funny?"

    "Excuse me?  'Ruin it?'  Are you serious?"  Bruno yelped and jumped back, dodging under the hand that whipped out to snatch his ear.

    "Like you have any room to talk, I've seen you try to barbecue.  How to you burn and undercook the same chicken?" Pepa snorted from the table, rolling cornmeal.

    "By trusting Félix to bank the fire right, Pepita!" He sneered, sticking his tongue out.

    "Here we go again, always the fire, never the fact that you got into a ten minute debate about coconut oil or avocado oil being better to grease a pig with my son!"

    "Hey, you want the prank done right you need the right setup," Bruno shrugged.  It was a serious matter after all.  Avocado oil would have spilled everywhere and given Camilo and his friends away far too quickly.

    "He set five pigs loose in the town square and numbered them one through seven!  I'm still paying for the damages!"  Pepa spat, her little cloud growing in agitation and her hair floating in the static.  Bruno shrugged again.  That little stroke of genius had been Mirabel's idea, and he wasn't about to snitch.

    "I'm just the tio, he's your gremlin."

    "We're getting off topic here," Julieta said, arms crossed as she weilded an avocado coated pestle at her brother.  "How the hell am I 'ruining' the guacamole?"

    "Three words, Ci-lan-tro.  Cilantro.  Cilantroooo!"  He chanted, picking out leaves of the offending herb and flicking them at her as he spun away, cackling.

    "It doesn't count if it's the same word, idiot!" Pepa squawked, tossing a handful of soggy cornmeal at his head.  He ducked and it hit Julieta on the shoulder.


    "He started it!"

    "It's not my fault, blame yourself, Juli!"

    Julieta leveled the pestle at him again, squinting threateningly.  "You have been eating my cooking for thirty-five years, and not once have you ever bitched about cilantro."

    "Yes I have.  Literally every time."

    "No you haven't," Pepa said, standing and closing in.  "You've always eaten it!"

    He sniffed at that, backing into the sink."I think I know what I put in my own mouth, thank you."

    "I've seen you eat arepas off the ground, no you don't!" Pepa shot, leveling another handful of cornmeal.

    "You know what isn't on the ground? Maldito sea cilantro!"

    "Oh, grow up, Bruno, it's just a seasoning!"

    "I pick it off my tongue!  It's disgusting!  It tastes like hot soap!"

    "It does not!" Julieta gasped, scandalized, "Pepa, get him!  He's not going to come into my kitchen and insult my herbs!"

    Pepa slung her handful of cornmeal right at his face, hitting him square in the nose and splattering into his hair and eyebrows, charging and ducking to sweep him over her shoulder, ass to the sky and ruana flapping over his head as he lost a sandal and flailed in panic, trying to clear his face.

    "No, nononono! Madre de Cristo put me down, woman!"

    "Not 'til you take it back, chico rata!" Julieta teased, lifting his ruana and waving a bunch of cilantro in his face, laughing as Pepa crouched, preparing to spin.  His eyes went wide and pleading.

    "Oh c'mon, Juli, not fair, NOT FAIR!  Not the merry-go-round again!"

    "Apologize for lying and I won't," Pepa called out in a sing-song.  Bruno's stomach sank even further than it had at the sudsy smell of the herb.  He was doomed, but more importantly he was offended.

    "Lying?!  I do not lie about food!  It tastes like soap and I will go to my grave swearing it!"

    "Juli, start planning a funeral!" Pepa crowed, crouching for balance and beginning to spin, ignoring the weak counterpoint of Bruno's windmilling arms. 

    By now they'd drawn an audience, Agustín and Félix watching through the partition, Félix laughing and yanking Elena in by the collar to watch as Bruno swore and spun and began to green, Julieta taunting him with the herbs and Pepa pelting them all with hail as she cackled and spun.

    "You are the worst sisters!  Demons!  Bastards!  I'll shit in your shoes for this!  Put me down!...oh I'm going to be sick....Put me down!  Vieja perra loca!  I'll tar your stove shut!  I'll weld your pans together!  Put. ME.  DOWN!"

    "Take it back!"


    "Agustín, get Luisa!  We need desperate measures!" Julieta called out, panting with laughter, holding herself up at the stove

    "Joder mi vida, bájame!  We're too old for this shit!"

    "Call me old again, cabrón!" Pepa yelled, wind whipping around her and spinning them faster.  Bruno's eyes crossed and he clapped a hand to his mouth, kicking his feet uselessly.  His sisters were howling, his cuñados roaring, and even Elena had her face buried in Agustín's arm, trying to hide her laughter.  Betrayed, completely and utterly betrayed, all over a weed that tasted like a zote bar.  Back in the walls it was.

    "Buen Dios what is going on in here!"

    Pepa froze at her mother's voice, and four sets of snickers tried to silence themselves as Bruno found himself back on terra firma, trying to straighten his clothes and hold his stomach and not look like a loose bag of bones in a sock.

    "Ay, Mamá, we were just...ugh.  Your son swears I'm ruining the food with cilantro!  Talk sense into him so I can finish dinner!"

    Alma looked over at Bruno, hair in his eyes as he scrounged for an arepa to settle his stomach, glaring daggers at his sisters. 

    "Is this true, Bruno?"

    "Your daughters," he scowled, pointing at the two accusingly, "are going senile!  Fifty-one years down the drain!  When have I not hated cilantro?"

    "Is that what that taste has been?  I thought it was just me.  Julieta, are you feeling alright?  You've been using far too much of that lately."

    "See, Bruno I told yo--wait, what?  Mamá!"

    Alma gave her a curious look as Bruno stuck his tongue out from behind their mother, pulling his eyelids down and looking like a gremlin.  An eyebrow cocked and the older woman shrugged before drifting off, shaking her head.

    "Well, it's the truth.  It tastes like soap, cariña."

    Julieta sat down on her stool with the now limp bunch of cilantro, reevaluating her life choices and her marriage as Agustín tried to hide his laughter behind the mariposa screen as her brother walked off blowing a raspberry at them both. Pepa got in one last shot with the cornmeal, popping him square in the mouth and sending him away flailing.

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  • lariskapargitay
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Judgemental Pepa is my favorite Pepa

    #encanto#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal #she’s judging everyone #as she should
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  • foreveranevilregal
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hey! Can you write Camilo (6 years old) wants a puppy but Pepa doesn’t allow him so he ask Felix instead then he talks to her and finally he gets one?

    I sure can! I love this idea so much, thank you!

    “Mami?” Camilo approached her, smiling angelically.

    “Yes, mi cielito?” Pepa bumped the door closed with her hip, carrying in a basket full of clothes she’d taken down from the clothesline.

    “Can I have a dog?”

    Pepa chuckled. “A dog?” That was unexpected.

    “Yeah!” His eyes lit up excitedly.

    “Why do you want a dog?”

    “All my friends have dogs and they have so much fun with their dogs!” Camilo bounced up and down, unable to contain his energy.

    “Hmm…” Pepa tapped her chin in thought. “I don’t think you’re quite old enough for a dog yet, Milo.”

    His face crumpled. “Please, mami?”

    She ignored his pleas, turning her attention to the basket filled with clothes. “When you’re older, mi bebé.”

    “I’m not a baby!” He insisted, stamping his foot. “See?” He opened his mouth wide, using his tongue to wiggle his bottom front tooth. “It’s gonna fall out soon. And then a grown-up tooth will grow in its place. Dolores told me.” He said smugly. “That means I’m a big kid.”

    “A big kid, huh?” Pepa cracked a smile.

    Camilo nodded solemnly.

    “Okay, big kid; want to help me fold this laundry?” She gestured to the basket that was practically overflowing with clothes.

    Camilo grimaced. “Uh…” he hesitated; not saying no, but not agreeing to help either. He eyed the clothes warily.

    “That’s what I thought.” Pepa started pulling clothes out of the basket, sorting them by type.

    Camilo appeared to reconsider his decision. “If I help you with the laundry, can I have a dog?”

    Pepa crossed over to where Camilo was standing and leaned down. “I could use some help with the laundry,” she admitted, “but my answer is still no. No dog until you’re older.” She kissed him on the cheek and brushed his curls out of his eyes.

    His face fell. “Please?”

    “No, Camilo.” She stood back up.

    “Please, mami.” He pouted at her hopefully. “Please, please, please!”

    The earnest look in his eyes was almost enough to make Pepa break. Almost, but not quite. “I said no, Camilo.” She turned her attention back to the pile of laundry, starting to fold the shirts. There was a lot to do, and she couldn’t afford to waste time. It had nothing to do with the dejected expression on Camilo’s face that she couldn’t bear to see.

    “Why not?” He whined, flopping across the jumbled clothes.

    “Because,” Pepa peeled him off of the clothes, “you’re not old enough to take care of a dog. Having a dog is a lot of work. You have to feed it-“

    “I can do that,” Camilo interrupted her impatiently. “I feed myself, don’t I? How different can a dog be?”

    “And walk it,” Pepa continued calmly, seeing him grow more agitated.

    “I walk Carlos’ dog sometimes. He lets me hold the leash and everything,” Camilo informed her proudly.

    “It’s one thing to help out your friend sometimes and another to do it all the time. You’d have to get up early and walk the dog before you go to school. And then you’d have to walk it again after dinner.” Which was when Camilo liked to play with his toys. Pepa highly doubted he’d willingly give up his playtime for a dog.

    He screwed up his features, clearly warring with himself. Obviously this wasn’t an easy decision for him.

    Pepa watched him with a touch of amusement as she kept folding the clothes.

    Finally, he gave her a serious nod. “Okay, mami. I’ll walk the dog.”

    “Even though it means giving up some of your playtime?” Pepa questioned, surprised.

    “Yeah.” Camilo gulped. It must have pained him to make such a sacrifice. “If the dog needs to be walked after dinner, I’ll do it.”

    “Well…” Pepa was left speechless. “That’s very grown-up of you, Camilo,” she acknowledged. She certainly hadn’t expected it of him.

    His chest puffed up with pride. “Grown-up enough for me to get a dog?” He wheedled.

    “You just won’t give up, will you?” She shook her head good-naturedly.

    He shook his head emphatically, making wild curls fly from side to side.

    Pepa regarded him warmly. So far he’d struck down every argument. But she had an ace up her sleeve: an argument she knew he couldn’t possibly fight. “Well, clearly you’re more mature than I thought,” she began. “You’re able to feed and walk the dog. So obviously you won’t have any problem doing one more thing to take care of your dog.” She paused dramatically.

    “What’s that, mami?” Camilo asked, fascinated.

    “After the dog goes to the bathroom, someone needs to clean up after it. And since it’ll be your dog…” Pepa let the implication hang in the air.

    His features wrinkled in disgust. “Ewww!” He exclaimed. “I’m not doing that!”

    Pepa resisted the urge to laugh at his reaction. “That’s what I thought, cariño.” She set aside the folded clothes and wrapped him up in a hug. “Go wash up; it’s almost time for dinner.”

    “Fine,” he agreed defeatedly. He knew better than to argue with his mamá. His feet dragged all the way up the stairs to the bathroom.

    Pepa put the folded clothes back into the basket. It broke her heart to see Camilo so distraught. She absolutely hated saying no to him- he was her special little boy and she wanted to give him the world. But she knew he wouldn’t be able to handle a dog. He was still so young, and lost interest in things so easily. What would happen once he lost interest in the dog? She and Félix would be stuck looking after it. And neither of them wanted a dog.

    The rest of the evening passed without incident. They had eaten dinner like usual- Camilo maybe a bit quieter than he would normally be, but otherwise unbothered.

    He’s probably already forgotten about the dog, Pepa reassured herself, trying to assuage her guilt. It was a whim he had that’s passed. Nothing more.

    At bedtime, she told him a story; one of his favorites, to make up for what she’d done earlier. Halfway through, he was fighting sleep, and though he fought valiantly, he’d succumbed before the ending. Pepa tucked him into his blankets, giving him a murmured “buenas noches” and a kiss on the cheek before departing.

    When she got into bed, the situation still weighed heavily on her. She listed through the pages of her novela, barely taking in a word.

    “¿Estás bien, mi amor?” Félix asked, resting his hand on her arm.

    “I am,” she said unconvincingly.

    “That didn’t sound very okay. What’s the matter, mi vida?”

    She sighed. “Today Camilo asked me if we could get a dog.”

    “Really?” Félix pried her hands off of the book, taking them in his. “What did you tell him?”

    She snorted in disbelief. “What do you think? Obviously I told him no. He’s not old enough to take care of a dog yet.”

    “Why do you think that?” He prompted.

    She looked at him incredulously. “Because, Félix, he’s not responsible enough to deal with the kind of work having a dog would mean! He loses interest in new toys after a couple weeks. What if he loses interest in the dog? What if he decides that he didn’t really want a dog after all, or that they’re too much work, or he moves onto the next thing to catch his interest? What happens with the dog then? He can stop playing with a toy. He can’t stop taking care of a dog. He’s not ready.” Running out of breath, she inhaled shakily.

    “I understand.” Félix looped an arm around her waist, pulling her into his side. “You’re worried he won’t take having a dog seriously.”

    “Exactly.” Pepa exhaled, relieved to have her feelings validated. “Camilo can barely get himself dressed in the morning. He definitely can’t take care of a dog.”

    Félix’s hand ran up and down her arm soothingly. “You know, I was around his age when we got our first dog,” he mentioned conversationally.

    Pepa’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Where are you going with this?”

    “Like Camilo, I was very excited to have a dog. Unlike Camilo, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to take care of one. I didn’t have any friends with dogs. It was a bit of a learning curve, but soon enough I figured it out and could help my brothers and sisters. We all did our part, and everything worked out.”

    Her still-narrowed eyes bored into his. “Did Camilo put you up to this? Of course he would go to you after I told him no.” Pepa huffed.  “What am I going to do with that boy?” She threw her hands up in the air frustratedly.

    “You adore Camilo,” Félix reminded her. “And he’s more responsible than you think.”

    “Really?” Pepa questioned disbelievingly.

    “Really. He’s had his gift for a whole year and he hasn’t abused it once.”

    “He shifts into older kids when he’s racing with Dolores and his primas so he can win,” Pepa pointed out.

    “He’s a kid, Pepi; he likes to win. He takes after his mami that way.” Félix grinned, squeezing his arm around her. “He hasn’t done anything seriously wrong with his gift, and he could have. But he knows that having a gift is a responsibility, and it’s one he takes seriously.”

    Pepa could feel her arguments crumbling around her. “Don’t tell me you’re actually considering this,” she said weakly.

    “It’s a good idea, Pepi.” He swept her bangs out of her eyes. “He loves dogs and having one will teach him how to be more responsible.”

    Pepa hadn’t considered that angle of it. “And until he learns how to be more responsible?”

    “We can all do a little bit. I can walk the dog. You can feed it. Dolores can bathe it. No te preocupes, querida; you won’t get stuck caring for the dog all by yourself.”

    Félix was being so rational about this. But something inside her still resisted the idea. “He’s too young,” she repeated petulantly. “Mi bebé.”

    “He’s 6 now, Pepa. He’s not a baby anymore.”

    “That’s what he said!” Suddenly, Pepa was crying. She buried her face in her hands to hide her tears.

    “Why are you crying, Pepi?” Félix’s voice was gentle and free of any judgment.

    “Because my baby is growing up!” She blubbered. “Soon he’ll be all grown and he won’t need me anymore, and then-“

    “Whoa- slow down, Pepa.” Félix took her into himself, placing her head on his chest. “He’s not a baby anymore, but he is very far from grown. You still cut up all his food.”

    “I do, don’t I?” Pepa sniffled, smiling through the tears.

    “And yes, he’s getting bigger, but he won’t grow up overnight. So let’s slow down and enjoy the ride, eh?”

    “Enjoy the ride.” Pepa took a deep breath. “I can try.”

    Félix gave her a winning smile. “What do you say? Are we getting a dog?”

    Pepa pondered the question. “I’ve never had a dog before,” she confessed.

    Félix frowned. “Are you afraid of them?”

    Pepa shook her head. “No, it’s not that. I just…don’t really know how to take care of one myself.”

    “Ah,” Félix said understandingly. “You’re worried you won’t be able to help Camilo out when he inevitably needs it.”

    She merely nodded, sniffling sporadically into his chest.

    “Lucky for both of you, I’ve had a few dogs, and I’m practically an expert at taking care of them,” Félix bragged, his tone so serious that it was evident he was trying to make her laugh.

    It worked. “I’m going to hold you to it, expert,” she replied, snuggling into him.

    “So is that a yes?”

    She sighed. “That’s a yes.”

    The next morning, Camilo lacked his usual enthusiasm; walking down the staircase normally instead of skipping every other step as he ran. “Good morning, mamá,” he greeted her glumly, giving her a halfhearted kiss on the cheek.

    Her heart sank. He was a lot more torn up about this than she thought. “Good morning, mi rayo de sol.” She smushed him into a tight hug. “Did you sleep okay?”

    He nodded absently. “Yeah.”

    “No nightmares?”


    She pulled back to examine his face. “Are you upset about yesterday?”

    His lower lip quivered and he looked like he was on the verge of tears. “I…”

    Thankfully, Félix had appeared to preempt the waterworks. He wrapped an arm around Pepa’s waist, beaming at Camilo.

    “Camilo, your papi and I have some good news for you,” Pepa announced, as if the rainbow overhead didn’t make it apparent enough.

    Camilo brightened. “Can I have a dog?”

    Pepa laughed. “Yes, you can have a dog.”

    Camilo whooped loudly, jumping up and down.

    Pepa melted at his joy. He wanted a dog much more than he’d let on. “It just so happens that the Garcías’ dog had puppies recently. Your papi’s going to take you there after school to pick one out.”

    If Camilo had been happy before, he was downright euphoric now. It was a good thing he didn’t have her gift; otherwise, they’d all have been blinded by the rainbow he would produce. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He exclaimed, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

    “Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, but we think you can handle it. Can you handle it?” Pepa knew what his answer would be, but she wasn’t expecting him to answer quite so loudly.

    “Yes, mami! I can handle it!” He promised her. “I’ll feed the dog and walk it and everything.” Doubt crossed his features, but he was too caught up in his happiness to let it overtake him.

    Félix chuckled. “Easy, chico. You don’t have to do everything. We’ll help you. But you do have to help out. Sound good?”

    “Yeah. Thank you, papi.” He threw his arms around Félix’s middle.

    Félix ruffled his hair indulgently. “You better hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”

    Pepa peered through the window anxiously. Late afternoon sun streamed in. They had left a while ago. Where were they?

    Then she saw them clamber down the hill. Félix held a wriggling bundle of fur in his arms. As they got closer, Pepa could see that the puppy was a sandy brown and had floppy ears. It was positively adorable.

    She went into the hallway to meet them, kneeling down to hug Camilo, but was instead bowled over by the furry mass that bounded towards her. Instead of being upset, she found herself laughing as the dog licked all over her face and sniffed her curiously.

    Félix had been right. Everything was going to be okay.

    #pepa madrigal#camilo madrigal#felix madrigal #pepa and camilo #mswong#asks#encanto#writing encanto#foreveranevilregal writes #writing answered prompts #finally a topic i know a lot about #fun fact: my mom used pepa's last argument to great effect after my younger brother said he wanted an elephant when he was little #dogs
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    “Antonio! Dolores! Camilo!”

    “Mirabel! Isa! Luisa!”

    Shutting the door to one of the rooms behind her once she had checked in there for the children and been unsuccessful once again, Julieta ran a hand through her hair as she walked along the hallway before leaning over the railing to look down at Pepa.

    “No sign of them up here,” She shrugged. “I sent Agustín to check Antonio’s room, but now I think we might have to form another search party to go in there and search for him once we find the children. Knowing him, he’ll end up getting himself eaten by Parce or something.”

    “Oh, brilliant. Missing children and a dead brother-in-law. Could this day turn into any more of a nightmare?” Pepa grumbled.

    A little sneak peek of a new one shot I am working on! This is going to be so comedic and fluffy and yes I am the kind of person to laugh at myself writing about Agustín getting eaten by Parce…

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    I saw Pirate Pepa and because it's mermay my brain went-


    #i kinda hate how this turned out tbh #but i spent over 30 hours on it i feel the need to post it #still struggling to draw Félix- nothing new #strawberry art#encanto#pepa madrigal#félix madrigal #felix x pepa #mermay#pirate pepa#mermay 2022#encanto fanart#fanart#art #the family madrigal
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    All Madrigals must be highly athletic. Juliet, after years of cooking and kneading she must have a lot of strength in her upper body. Pepa must have extreme strength in her legs to keep from falling due to the strong winds she creates. Dolores and her super speed of running from one place to another to transmit a message. Mirabel who does everything she can to help must have exercised a lot, you don't swing off a cliff without some confidence in your grip. Bruno and parkour

    You know what??? Good point! Very good point!

    ALL the Madrigals are secretly jacked. Pass it on.

    Felix and Agustin seeing their buff wifes for the first time

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    What about when Brunos Child gets their gift and it sends them all in the future and find that their family/The Encanto has fallen into disarray in the hands of the next generation?

    Neat idea im never gonna write...

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    Those We Hide (from), Those We Heal | Chapter 2

    A/N: hugs for Dolores in this chapter, she is not vibing <\3

    Also on AO3 and FFN, under the same name/username


    Why was it all so incredibly loud?

    It was no surprise, really. It never was. Dolores was old enough to know her limits and attending a party had many. 

    It was also no surprise to have found out her family was invited to said party in the first place. She had heard – of course, she had heard – a discussion amongst the abuelos mere minutes before the surprise was given.

    One minute, Señor López would have the pleasant surprise of the party they set, the next minute, the family's hard labour would be rewarded with invitations to stay longer. It was no big deal, really; most of the family seemed surprised but not unhappy with the invitation. 

    Dolores would make it work, if not for herself than for them. She knew parties were difficult to sit through, but it wasn't something impossible to manage. If she could leave a smile rendered on her lips for a few more hours and a positive attitude alongside, maybe she could even convince herself to enjoy it. 

    That compromise seemed to work, for the most part. It became a pleasant surprise once she found herself indulging in fun, mindless party games with her cousins and other kids her age, sharing talk and gossip with those she was more familiar with; allowing her mind to ease from earlier stress, forget about listening to the world around her for a while. 

    She even found herself enjoying the rest. The noise around her became powerless as she found herself focused on no-brain activities, acting like a kid her age for once. Not walking throughout the town all day, listening to this or that person, sending messages for those too lazy to do so themselves- no, this was an afternoon for her to rejuvenate and rest. Her mind managed to rest for once and she barely registered her earlier headaches.

    So why couldn’t she make it work?

    The party was working out alright for her, all until it wasn’t. She was having lighthearted fun, all until she eventually burned out. All until it became so incredibly loud. 

    She wasn’t sure when exactly it happened; when her mind switched into hyperfocus, regaining awareness of the sounds around her. Mismatched footsteps, plucking untuned strings, a yelp, gossip from another table; whatever managed to slip her mind for a few hours gradually came back into focus. 

    Maybe it was her growing tiredness, the desire to run back to her quiet room with her book and a more comfortable dress – alone, relaxed, in a calm environment. Her headache from the morning began to resurface as if it never left in the first place. All she wanted to do now is hide from it, even if only for a moment. To hide from all the noise.

    She had tried to push her boundaries for attending parties, to repay the kindness of the invitation and keep up the Madrigal's image. She was reaching her limit.

    So she stood off to the side, away from the crowd, and certainly away from where the band was stationed. That would do little good, still able to hear every intricate detail of this event from a mile away, but maybe she could believe the distance would ease her pulsing headache. At least for a little while.

    Even if she was mentally restricted from covering her ears, or cowering away from the party like a little girl, the least she could do was provide herself with a sliver of comfort. If standing beside Tía Julieta's station of healing food on the opposite end of the party was considered socially appropriate self-care, she wouldn't squander the opportunity. 

    The environment certainly seemed to ease her. An odd person or two hung out around the table, but for the most part, the aura remained much more relaxing than that of the main event. Her fingers ran through the soft cloth of the table, distracting herself with the texture against her aching hands. Not rough, but coarse; an interesting texture.

    Her eyes wandered to a plate of pastries. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try easing her tired bones, or even her headache. 

    Dolores knew it likely wouldn't do much; receiving Julieta's food a few hours later rarely worked more than regular food did. If nothing else, it was food, and it was good food, so all in all she had nothing to lose. A few small pastries never hurt anyone. 

    Eventually, her gaze did wander back to the party. Her family, all still enjoying themselves. It amused her to see her younger brother and cousin playing amongst other village kids even at this hour, not showing exhaustion in the slightest. Her other younger prima also seemed to relax – for once –, and of course, her not-twin Isabela was the center of entertainment at one of the tables. 

    The adults were all over the place, though. Abuela sat amongst the other abuelos, adoring eyes all focused on Isabela's displays. The Guzmán's at the table also had eyes on her… Out of those not currently focused on her older prima, her Tía was talking amongst a table of mothers, while her parents were lively and dancing along to Tío Agustín's music. 

    If she didn’t have this gift, it would be easier to sit amongst those still lively tables at this hour. To keep talking, interacting with her peers for once and you know, enjoying the party. Yet she was here, at the edge of it all, alone with nothing but a handful of polvorosas. Why had her gift forsaken her so?

    She sighed. Maybe, after sitting out this damned headache, she would be able to convince herself to rejoin them and have some fun. Until then, she had to watch and listen, with no way of escaping. 


    "Everything alright, Lola?" 

    Her father's voice brought her back to reality. Of course, she knew he was coming. The songs ended not long before, and she heard her parents talk to one another before Félix offered to talk to her… but she chose not to register any of this until it happened. 

    "Yeah, I'm alright, thank you for asking." She didn't mean any of her words to be hostile or defiant, nor did she expect them to be. Whatever mask she could manage to hold throughout this party should still cover her desire to leave, at least for a little while longer. 

    Even a blind man could tell, though; no bored teenager hiding away from a party is simply 'alright'. What her voice did give away was her tiredness, and her expression could give the impression of irritability; of wanting to leave. 

    Neither was wrong, which seemed to be the consensus. Her father gave her a look of concern, an understanding that managed to reach her sight. A hand rested on her shoulder, rubbing it softly with his thumb, before giving it a soft pat. "Okay…" he offered, "We'll be over there if you need anything, alright mija?" 

    Dolores nods. He knew she was tired, no point in pushing herself to talk when she didn't want to. She wanted to at least have given the man some reassurance, a simple 'sí' in promise… but she didn't have to, and that left an odd sense of peace in the pit of her chest. Her father was a great man for that and many more reasons, but his respect for sure.

    She watched him return to his wife's side, unable to see but able to hear enough. They shared worry. For a second, at least, before returning to dance. She’d be surprised if it went any different.

    Watching the rest of the party from here was all Dolores figured she would be able to do from now on out. Her current seat was a little closer than her earlier one at the healing cart – she couldn’t stay away forever – which meant she got a better, more intricate view of the festivities; and a better study of the guests. 

    In tiredness, she found it hard to focus on much, but without many daylight hours left, more people grew tired. More people sat around, talking amongst themselves, rather than contributing to a collective gaggle of noises. Their conversations were about as interesting as they could be for someone who hears this every day, but listening to mindless talk wasn't much of a chore anyway. 

    She kept composure as the sounds of small, heavy steps running rampantly towards her direction took over everything else. "Lola, catch me!" It barely took any time to register before her youngest prima burst out of a small group of people nearby and decided to run and jump directly into her lap, startling her a little. 

    Of course, the girl was not all that heavy. The adrenaline of running and jumping made her sudden weight shock Dolores, however. Her arms formed somewhat around her prima's figure, to seem as if she 'caught' her; it was quite amusing to witness. As the girl took her time to adjust herself and her glasses, both of their heads found themselves turning to face another figure approaching. 

    He didn't need to unshift for Dolores to know it was Camilo. The way he ran and panted gave it away. "Hey, no fair!" The nine-year-old boy stopped a few feet away from them, doubling over to catch his breath – it somehow had been easier for Mirabel to catch hers, her chest barely heaving by now. 

    "No fair?" It took the girl no time to get back at him, "You can shapeshift into taller people!" 

    That he had done – but it didn't seem like a good enough reason for him. "Oh yeah? Well‐" he stopped, unshifting quickly, then looking back up at the two girls with a pointed accusing finger, "You're using Lola as a shield! She's my sister!" 

    "You can share!" She pointed back. 

    "You already have two sisters!" 



    As much fun as it was to watch them bicker, they were starting to get too loud. Dolores was able to tolerate them sometimes, even enjoyed their company and being involved in their games – but she drew the line at shouting matches. 

    "Hermanos, what's all this about?" She made sure to be loud enough to interrupt them, but not enough to make her cover her ears. They would understand if she needed to, but it would be better if she didn't. Besides, they looked way too caught up in their little game to notice. 

    "Oh, like you don't already know!" 

    Okay first of all, rude – but he had a point. What exactly was he referring to? She had no idea. It must have escaped her hearing earlier – she couldn't remember a single clue as to what Camilo could be talking about. "No, I don't, actually," she tried to explain, "Now will you tell me what's wrong?" 

    The kids glanced back and forth at each other for a second, accusations building up within them. Anyone could see it from a mile away, their hesitation battling a lack thereof to spill their reasoning. It would be a matter of who said it fir- "Camilo spilled Abuela’s drink!" 

    And there it was.

    "You spilled it!"

    "Did not!" 

    It seemed to suddenly hit them, how horrible of a mistake they just made. Dolores couldn't help but smirk; if she didn't know before, she knew now, and that wasn't good for the two of them. They both stared at her.

    "You won't tell her, right?" 

    That wasn't necessarily something she could promise. If Abuela didn't already know who the culprits were, it was not unlikely she would ask around. However, she doubted something so minuscule would require her services. While a word about it might slip some time in the future, she doubted it would be relevant enough to circle back to Abuela. "No promises." 

    "Awh." They both pouted, looking both a mix of tired and upset – though they didn't seem to care all that much. Or they would be more scared. 

    Dolores let out a soft squeak as conversation from the López's table caught her attention. Some words caught her interest more than others, but she ultimately understood: the party would end soon. 

    They planned to play one more song – Señor López's favourite song – before the send-off. 

    A weight in her chest lifted. Dios, she didn't want to be ungrateful, but nothing could've made her happier at that moment than the promise of reaching her bed soon. However, of course, this meant they would need to gather the family soon. The three of them could stay here, but it would be more convenient to have them close by, all together. 

    Dolores flicked her hands at her younger brother, as a motion to 'shoo' him away. "Now run along, we'll be needed again soon." 

    Of course, Camilo wasn't happy about this. Despite being tired and a little grumpy, he was perfectly happy playing – or attempting to play – with Mira. She could hear him grumbling a little as he pouted, "Ugh, why do we have to do all this boring work? I thought parties were supposed to be fun." 

    She couldn’t argue with that, in a way – and she was glad she was the only one to hear this. They couldn't complain like this in front of Abuela, but at least they could silently share the struggle. 

    The two younger ones would comply, though. Camilo began skipping away with mock enthusiasm, and Mirabel would follow him. She didn't seem to want to leave her prima's lap at first, holding the skirt of her dress as they both stood, but she eventually complied as well; after a poorly hidden yawn, she began tugging at Dolores' skirt, skipping along with the other child a few feet away. "Come on, Lola."

    Dolores giggled a little at the implication of being dragged by the nine-year-old, ultimately moving her feet to match Mirabel’s speed. "I'm going, I'm going-!" It's not like she had much of where else to go, nor did she have plans to take much longer to follow. It brought a warm feeling as she allowed herself to be dragged back to the music, too amused at the moment to care. 

    The party would be ending soon, but if it could end with a smile on her face, Dolores was prepared to stand right in the middle of it. 



    Dolores collapsed face-first onto her bed, instantly easing her aching joints. She didn’t dare to move, only the soft rise and fall of her chest indicating there was still a conscious breath left in her. This had been her only escape all day, and she was not about to let it slip through her fingers; something proven to happen so easily. 

    If she could allow sleep to overtake her senses, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t matter that her door still held open, just slightly ajar. Someone passing by in the night could easily just close it, all while she was too caught into blissful slumber to recognize who. Oh, how much she wanted to just… drift off, not move a muscle until the morning light. 

    Unfortunately, this wouldn't work. While her energy may be nearly nonexistent, her room was her only safe haven for a reason: it kept the noise out. The least she would have to do to get some genuine sleep is shut the door. 

    Groaning, the girl brought herself to stand, trudging the few steps away from her bed to the door. From where she stood, she could see only an odd family member or two walking around. Most of them were settled or getting ready for bed; good. A house full of tired people meant fewer lingering noises, after all. 

    Even though she originally wanted to shut the door and crash back onto her bed, she had at least enough energy to change. It would be better this way, after all. No use in sleeping uncomfortably in clothes worn at a party. 

    She eyed that tedious romance novel on her desk longingly; the longer she went without reading, the longer that ridiculous plot hole in the middle would play out, and she wanted to know how it would conclude! It might be a bit boring at this part, but she needed to know what would happen! 

    Sleep was much more important, but what would be the harm in staying awake another hour to read through a plot hole?

    Okay fine, she would attempt to read it. The keyword is ‘attempt’. She grabbed the book, placing it on her night table so she had space to snuggle into her blankets. Maybe it was the exhaustion, but the weight of her blankets felt perfect and so much more comfortable than she remembered. Her pillows, too, seemed to support her neck and shoulders just the way she needed them to. 

    Now, finally, she could sleep- read! She meant to read, exactly, that’s what she meant. Suddenly, the book on her night table seemed to be a thing she wanted to put off interacting with until tomorrow. If it was anything like today, though, she wouldn't get a chance to read through that damn plot hole, and she was curious, okay? 

    Fine, alright, she would read one chapter. A cute little custom bookmark led her to a page of words that all looked so small, so uninteresting compared to the beckoning of sleep – but for some reason, she couldn't look away.

    Dolores found herself reading two rather long paragraphs before her consciousness drifted its attention to other sights; more so, other sounds. From here, all it sounded was Casita's old floorboards creaking. That always seemed to escape her room's sound barrier. 

    Oddly enough, she had to wonder why her room was so quiet today. No extra dulled soundproofing for the outside, no soft sounds of meadows or creeks to calm her. Was she supposed to hear something? 

    Coming to that conclusion (why else would the house dilute her soundproofing?), she returned the bookmark to its rightful page, placing the book back on her desk. The plot hole would unfortunately have to wait for now. 

    She sat up on the edge of her bed, trying to listen more carefully to that sound from earlier. It confused her why she would have to; the household may be collectively exhausted, but it wasn't odd for an occasional person to get up and walk around at night. 

    So it must've been a particular person, maybe where they were going or what they were doing. She wouldn't even be surprised if she was too tired to realize where the sound was coming from, and it was from outside the house. A townsperson.

    As she focused on the sound, it began to become more familiar. Yes, this was a sound from inside Casita. From the lower levels, it seemed to be. More focus was needed, but soon, she could pick up individual details. 

    Soft steps, creaking more than anticipated. 

    A hobbled step. Two steps. 

    A hand grazing the wall. 

    Laboured breathing. 

    Ruffling, a small squeak- oh, it was definitely Tío Bruno. 

    Had he… had he not healed? There must've been a reason Casita had her focus on him. Normally, she wouldn't pay any mind to him walking around – maybe this early, while plenty of them were still awake – but if she was hearing him now, what sounded like him struggling, there must have been a reason. 

    Dolores, for some reason, couldn't bring herself to take the next step toward finding out. If he needed something he couldn't get himself, he would speak to her. He always did, especially when he was sick; not even a mere day ago with a minor cold did he hesitate to ask, with a follow-up this very morning. 

    He wouldn't be going out alone until this was something he could truly fix on his own… right? Bruno was a grown man, hell, he's already been navigating the house mostly on his own for at least four years. If he didn't need her help, he wouldn't ask for it. 

    Besides, Dolores was just so tired. If there had been another, more prevalent issue, then maybe she would be able to stay awake for it. Maybe she would be able to ignore how heavy her eyelids felt, how often they threatened to lull her into sleep against her focus and judgment. 

    This was just not the day to give her a faulty mission to pursue. After giving one last listen to any sounds around the house, the girl eventually gave up, a yawn overtaking her will to stay awake longer. Okay, maybe it was time to turn in, for real this time. 

    She climbed back into bed, her blanket just as welcoming as before. For a moment, she debated asking the house to return the soundproofing, but it seemed to get the message. 

    Before sleep was able to take her entire consciousness, a passing thought returned to her wall dwelling Tío. Tomorrow would do good for a checkup, just to double-check she didn't make a mistake with the food she brought him. But again, he would be fine until then. She had no reason to worry… right?

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