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  • a3r3n
    16.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    from the "Chasing Cupid" series

    Nct High Stories presents...

    ★We Young★

    A Chenle × reader story

    Chapter 23: "right after Brutus and Cassius"

    🌼 [prev] < [part 23] > [next]

    > series masterlist // Chasing Cupid Series <

    taglist: @resceluwu @rinrinslovebot @prdshobi @staysstrays @sol123recs

    ©a3r3n All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy, repost or translate any of my works.

    #chenle smau #chenle x reader #chenle x y/n #chenle fic#zhong chenle #nct dream smau #nct dream au #chenle fluff#chenle angst#chenle romance#chenle ff #nct dream chenle #nct#nct dream#chenle #social media au #kpop
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  • yedammi
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    A T E E Z - S A N

    first sight ~!!

    general audiences - lowercase intended - wc. 742

    warnings - gn!reader, fluff, mentions of marriage

    requested by anon - congratulations on hitting 600 :D can I please request ateez san in a non-idol college au, rest is up to you on how it goes


    the first time san saw you was in his english class. he didn't pay you much mind beyond lingering for a second or two on the idea that you were, well... really pretty. there was something charming about the way your eyes gazed absentmindedly at your laptop whilst the professor took a minute to collect his notes. your mouth was a unique and lovely shape even though it was currently nibbling on a pencil. although... san wasn't sure why you had a pencil out when you could just take notes on your computer.

    that was all the thought he gave you before his mind went elsewhere, focusing instead on his own open computer as the professor cleared his throat in preparation for a lecture.

    the second time san saw you was also in english class. you hurried in through the door right before the lecture began. nearly everyone was already there, and all eyes turned to look as you entered. seeing all the attention made you duck your head in embarrassment, and you walked hastily to the nearest open seat near the back of the room.

    as you passed san's seat, which happened to be beside the aisle you scurried down, he got a whiff of your scent. it wasn't like he was trying to smell you or anything. you just had this very pleasant aroma about you that trailed behind almost like a wisp of cloud as you walked by. for just a split second, san was enveloped by your wispy cloud of perfume that was very much not perfume but simply… you. the second he inadvertently caught a whiff of the gentle, pleasant smell, he knew it was simply you - essence of you, eau de you. it was a warm scent that felt like home.

    his mind lingered on images of your flustered, sheepish half-smile as you walked through the door. for a bit longer than the first time he saw you, san thought about how you were so pretty in an under-the-radar sort of way. yours was an obvious yet humble sort of beauty - everyone could see it if they looked with their eyes and their heart, but you seemed either not to know or not to care. san liked that.

    the third time he saw you also happened to be the first time he spoke to you. he had just settled into a seat and begun digging through his beg for the laptop when he smelled that warm, homey scent. a second later, he realized you were seating yourself one row back and one seat to the right of him.

    san shrugged internally. what did it matter? it wasn't like he was particularly interested in you or anything. all he knew about you was that you were attractive and you smelled nice.

    not even a minute later, he heard a muffled curse and a low thud behind him. something relatively heavy rolled and sloshed and then bumped into his foot. with surprise, san looked down to see a water bottle. a name was written across the side. he read it out loud, mildly registering that it was a nice name. "that's me," said a voice behind him, slightly lowered from embarrassment. san straightened, the bottle in hand, and looked at you. when he offered it back with a grin on his face, you smiled back. it was shy but bright; your eyes sparkled under the fluorescent lights, and san swore he felt his heart skip a beat.

    "I'm san," he blurted.

    your smile went even more shy. "nice to meet you."

    laying eyes on you, discovering your scent, sharing a somewhat awkward conversation - these were all firsts that led to the best years of san's life. they led to many more firsts: there was a first date under the cherry trees in the summer, there was a first kiss at the door of your apartment, there was a first meeting with his parents during christmas. and there were even many things san did with you that he'd never done with anyone else, like kissing at the top off a ferris wheel and getting down on one knee on a quiet hill overlooking the city and the forest surrounding it. he'd never slipped a ring onto anyone's finger before, never kissed someone and whispered a promise to love them forever. and while these were firsts, they were also lasts - san would never ever want to do them again with anyone else.



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    #🍀 kari's woodland tales #ateez imagines#ateez fluff #choi san fluff #ateez san fluff #ateez scenarios #ateez x reader #ateez#atz ff#atz fanfic#atz imagines#atz fluff#atz san#ateez san #ateez san x reader #ateez san imagines #ateez san scenarios #choi san#san fluff #san x reader #san imagines #choi san x y/n #choi san x reader #choi san imagines #choi san scenarios
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  • nebulaleaf
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my new phone has done nothing but update for the past 6 hours. like multiple updates it never fucking ends

    #genuinely hate newer tech #i should've just stuck to my old phone ffs
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    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #Final Fantasy IX #final fantasy 9 #ff9#FFIX#FF#walkthrough#youtube gameplay#youtube live
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    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #finland#suomi#ukraine #as said before ukraine is not only fighting for itself it's fighting for all of europe while the west waits for ...something? ffs #help ukraine #war in ukraine
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    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    #yuzuru hanyu#figure skating#citizen #go on vacation ffs Yuzu
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    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    some radz-at-han details
    #ffxiv#ff 14 #final fantasy xiv #final fantasy 14 #radz at han #ffxiv endwalker#ffxiv ew#*mine #my photoshop is being weird :( at least i have made smth... #these look funky to me :( but i thought i might as well post them #and I SWEAR THE 2ND AND 3RD ARE MOVING hahjdshajda #i have more things to gif tho #so yeehaw!!
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    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #get a grip ffs #he didnt write about her #particularly because the majority if not entirety of the album was finished before he ever met her
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  • mimikkyu778
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    watching tasm 2 with my mom and she says “this movie is so boring” went STRAIGHT to bed so i can plan my runaway .

    #how is it BORING mother andrew is right there ? #is it bc u like bald men like j*ff b*zos? #smdh#peter parker
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  • yshotla
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    will never forgive 14 for making me give a shit abt a man named Ardbert

    #LMAAOAOAO #cus why did i think him and the warriors of darkness would be lame throw away characters #shadowbringers made me ughhhsbshvhfdfccknjd cries #text#abt me#ff#ff14
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  • worthyofourmettle
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Despite how little I post about it (never), I am always thinking about hypothetical x-force cartoon.

    #like the 90s xmen cartoon but with better animation and a older target audience #it would start at the point in new mutants when cable joins the team. so at issue 87 would be episode 1 #and i would change the circumstances that they meet in. new mutants just chilling when the mlf attacks them. they fight. police arrive l #everyone gets away except for rusty skids and maybe one mlf member. rusty skids and mlf guy gets put in prison #mlf comes to rescue mlf guy and picks up rusty n skids along the way. cable is also in the building trying to stop mlf #and then it goes the way the comic generally goes for him. he gets captured #freedom force is gurading his cell #he breaks free and ff is on his tail. he runs into new mutants. the thing about him looking for sam for the high lord thing is still true #its just that he was planning to find sam later and found him by accident #cable and new mutants fight ff. they kick but and they stick together. end epsidode 1 #as for the end. well. i havent even finished xforce vol 1 yet. i got to issue 99 then got bored and restarted #i was thinking of ending it at issue 70 when they leave cable after he tries to get them to go under fake names but then I remembered I rea #really want to have annual 99 there. so thats not really an option #as for shatterstars intoduction. well. its totally awesome. ill get to that in another post #my post#x-force#xfc #<- short for x-force cartoon. to get me motivated into writing my awesome thoughts down
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  • jjuxii
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    short written chapter

    The next day

    Every time Y/N practices on ice, she can always feel someone staring at her with grudge.

    It was another night of rehearsals before the competition. It was 8 PM, all of the athletes were about to head outside the rink except for two people.

    A lot of players raised their game since the competition was approaching fast. Most of the players stay in gruesome hours on the ice rink. Those players are usually Y/N and Jieun. They both don’t interact with each other. It was mostly silent throughout the whole hours of rehearsal. But today was different.

    Y/N was at her locker room packing her bag when Jieun walked inside. Of course she did not acknowledge her presence that much considering that she mainly does the same everyday— but Jieun had other plans.

    Jieun holds a grudge on Y/N. When Y/N performs on ice, she can’t help but hold a unreasonable grudge on her. Jealousy in short. She saw how her moves were stable and how she performed gracefully on ice. She felt that she would definitely be a strong competitor.

    “You always go home late huh” Jieun breaks the silence. “Oh? Uh…. yes?” Y/N replied completely taken aback by Jieun starting a conversation.

    “Public class schools like yours always end in last place. They don’t take this competition seriously.”

    ‘What is she saying?’ Y/N thought.

    “You should know that you’re definitely not gonna last in this school. The last time we’ve invited someone from a low class school like you, the contestant dropped out,

    because of how strong I am in every competition.”

    Y/N stopped moving when she heard Jieun’s words. “I hope you realize that this competition is not a joke but hey,” Jieun approached Y/N, “In this competition, I’m going to win anyways” She smiled and walked away from Y/N.

    Y/N stood in disbelief still processing on the fact that Jieun had a straight up bitchy attitude. But Y/N wasn’t angry..

    perhaps Her words gave her a boost of energy.

    masterlist | chapter nine

    being able to have the opportunity to be one of the exchange students in arcadia academy especially at this year’s annual sports event and districts has it’s great perks and benefits for y/n until she spilt coffee on the soccer captain’s new soccer shoes.

    taglist : @darrensos @letmeal0ne​ @yeonyeonyeonjun @day6andetcetera @stephsfav @ni-sh @pr0dbeomgyu @injeolmiin @ashxxkook @tsookies @strawbrinkofdeath @chonjaeidol @junqwonni @igotkpoops send an ask or a message to be added

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  • steves-on-a-plane
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Across Our Great Divide, There is a Glorious Sunrise

    Words: 1580 Cast of Characters: Obi-Wan x Reader Summary: Reader was a Knight at the Jedi Temple who managed to survive order 66. After years in hiding they’ve decided they are tired of hiding. Reader sets out to find more Jedi and stumbles across someone they’d never thought they’d see again. 

    This has to end. You hissed as you pulled on the yoke of your X-wing. Ever since the Clone Wars had ended, you’d been hopping from outer rim planet to outer rim planet trying to keep the Empire and Anakin…Darth Vader at bay. There were rumors, whispers only, that other Jedi had survived what was being called Order 66. An order given by the Emperor himself. With the majority of Jedi cut down in cold blood, all you could do was keep alive the hope that the rumors were true. Surely someone from the high council should have survived at least.

    Your next destination, according to the force, was Dagobah. To the untrained eye, Dagobah wasn’t much of a place to call home. It was essentially an overgrown swampy planet covered almost entirely in lakes and lagoons. The planet also had it’s fill of dragon snakes, butcherbugs and a whole host of undesirable creatures. To your knowledge, Dagobah was also a planet with no civilized life forms. Though as Master Windu often reminded you, civilized was a relative term.

    So to Dagobah you went and it was there that you found Master Yoda. While no one’s quarters at the temple had been the peak of luxury they were at the very least comfortable. It saddened you to see Master Yoda living in what was almost literally a hole in the ground. A small mud hut nestled between the gnarled roots of a tree, whose species you didn’t know.

    “Surprised you found me I am not.” Yoda said as he tutted about preparing dinner for the two of you. “Attune to the living force you always have been.”

    “I knew I couldn’t be the only one left.” You told him. “I was hiding for a long time, longer than I’m proud to admit. I’m tired of waiting. It’s been ten years, Master Yoda. Someone has to stand up to the Empire.”

    “More time is needed [Y/N].” Yoda disagreed. “Underestimated the Emperor before the jedi did. Make the same mistake again, we must not.”

    “I’m sorry, Master Yoda, I don’t mean to be impatient but…”

    “For meditation and reflection, I came to Dagobah.” Yoda interrupted you. “If something more you seek, to Tatooine you should go.”

    “Tatooine?” You repeated. “I’ve never been but it’s not far from here.” You mapped out a crude course in your mind. Tatooine was an outer rim planet much like Dagobah and in nearly the same sector of space. You could easily make a trip to Tatooine in a day or two. “What’s on Tatooine?” You asked as Yoda placed a bowl of stew in front of you.

    “Not what,” Yoda shook his head. “But who.”

    “You know of another Jedi that survived?” a feeling of guilt began to take hold of you. All this time you’d been hiding and waiting for someone else to find you and tell you what to do. You couldn’t help feeling you should have been doing more from the start.

    “Sense your guilt I can.” Yoda said, pulling you from your thoughts. “Go to Tatooine you must.”

    You and Yoda ate your diner in mostly silence. When you were finished, he offered you a warm dry place to rest your head. When the sun rose again on Dagobah you packed your things and thanked Master Yoda for his hospitality.

    “See each other again I believe we will.” Yoda told you with confidence.

    “I hope that you’re right.” You told him with a sad smile. “Are you going to at least tell me who survives on Tatooine?”

    “Tell you I will not.” He answered firmly. “Risk others finding out we cannot.”

    Even on a backwater planet like Tatooine a flashy fighter like an X-wing might garner some attention. Slightly out of your way, you overpaid to store your ship at a dock on a more inhabited planet. This gave you the freedom to board a commercial vessel under one of your many aliases. With no leads and hardly any information you walked the dusty streets of Mos Eisley, the major spaceport of Tatooine.

    The only positive thing about traveling to a place like Tatooine, people often avoided asking questions. The scavengers, smugglers and various ne’er-do-wells that occupied the spaceport were more concerned with their own illegal activities to worry about the others around them. You drew your cloak over your face as dust swirled up the alley you were standing in. You studied the weathered clothing of the beings that passed you by. One thing was certain, you were farther from Coruscant than you’d ever been before.  

    You closed your eyes and tried to feel with The Force. A typical pupil of the Jedi Temple may be surprised to discover an outer rim dessert planet could have such life thriving within it. You were not the typical temple student. Your praise from Master Yoda had been heard earned. You’d built a strong relationship with the living Force during your studies. Just as every being had their own voice, tone, and dialect their signature in the Force was similarly identifiable.

    You could say with certainty there was no Jedi signature at the Mos Eisley spaceport. Your search would have to continue elsewhere. You hadn’t expected your mission to be easy. If who you were seeking was another skilled Master like Yoda, they would have taken great care to conceal themselves. You rented a landspeeder at a price you knew to be a significant mark up. The credits were of no consequence to you.

    A large span of dunes separated Mos Eisley from the next closest settlement, Anchorhead. But even as you intended to head for that settlement you felt yourself being pulled in another direction. So with the Force as your guide, you drove the speeder through uncharted dessert passing moisture farms and small settlements as you went. Again your human instincts were telling you to turn back. That there was nothing but danger ahead. The force continued to guide you forward to an area known by the Tatooinians as the Jundland Wastes.

    The Jundland Wastes were a series of valleys buried under tall stone cliffsides. It was unbearably hot and dry. Hardly a living being in sight, none if you excluded the womp rats that scurried away with the first sound of the landspeeder’s repulsors nearing. You worried that for the first time you may not have heard the true will of the Force.

    Until you saw it. The small stone hut with the dome roof had been built on a flat solid patch of rock. This was the place; you knew it on sight. This hut felt like home. It didn’t remind you of Coruscant where you lived most of your life. The temple on Coruscant brought up feelings of education, restraint, responsibility. This residence gave you more the feeling of home the way you imagined a family would come to think of one; Safe. Cozy. Familiar.

    You knew just who was hiding on Tatooine and you’d never be able to thank the Force enough for bringing him back to you. It was an agonizing the speeder ride from the time you could visualize the hut in the distance to the point in the sand where it would be close enough to walk to the front door. You didn’t even need to make it to the door.

    He was standing outside. The years away, or at least the reason behind them, had aged him harsher than you’d expected. His face was already showing worry lines and signs of wrinkles. His beard and mustache were streaked with grey hairs. The hair atop his head was longer than you’d seen it in some time, nearly shoulder length now. But his eyes, His blue eye sparked brighter than any of city lights of Coruscant.

    “It’s about time, I was beginning to worry that you’d never come.” He remarked. You couldn’t speak. In all your time apart, all the time you’d spent hiding yourself or searching for other Jedi you hadn’t once even dared to hope that Obi-Wan might be among the surviving Jedi. He’d meant too much to you that the loss would have been too much to bear. Jedi weren’t meant to form attachments, but hell, you were breaking all the rules now anyway.

    You jumped from the landspeeder not even bothering to power it down. You let your cloak fall to the sand as you ran. There was no need for formalities or pretense with Obi-Wan. You tossed yourself at him, which took him completely by surprise. Obi-Wan wrapped his arms around you and held you close as you hit the sand. He cradled you, softening the blow to the ground.

    “Do you have any idea,” You panted when you’d finished tumbling. “How hard it was to find you?”

    “No.” He confessed. “But I’m very glad you did.”

    His arms were still wrapped around you, as if he weren’t quite sure you were real. It was possible you could be a mirage or some phantom of the force. He banished both ideas because he couldn’t just see you, he could feel you. He brushed a piece of wind-swept hair out of your face. Your cheeks flushed at the touch.

    “Master Yoda said someone was coming and to be ready. I wanted it so badly to be you.” He confessed. Before you could ask how Obi-Wan had communicated with Yoda, who was lightyears away, you found yourself breathless again as Obi-Wan kissed you.

    #Obi Wan#Obi-Wan #Obi Wan Kenobi #Obi-Wan Kenobi #Obi Wan x Reader #Obi Wan Fan Fiction #Obi Wan FF #Obi Wan Fan Fic
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  • swansandslayers
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: DamiRae, Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016), Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017), Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Raven & Damian Wayne, Raven/Damian Wayne Characters: Raven (Teen Titans), Damian Wayne Additional Tags: Pre - Apokolips War, Pre DamiRae, Were they already harbor feelings for each other, but you know what happens next Summary:

    The anguish ate them all inside even if they tried to hide it. The wait felt eternal. Raven went out on the roof to get some air, Damian joined her soon after and together they shared what would be their last moments together.

    (Not mine. Just a fan sharing.)

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  • vltraphysic
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    chinese tiktokers carrying tiktok rn

    #id leave tiktok ff not for the chinese food skits
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  • iwillpardonnothing
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    why would i even watch stuff like bkue planet when i could just as easily find a neurodivergent kid that'll give all rhe information to me without the drama

    #they add sound over almost 100% of their footage #and stitch clips from totally different days to make a ~touching story~ #ffs dont emotionally manipulate me into caring about animals i do that without ur help thanks
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  • softbajis
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Rindou waits on the edge of the bed for you while you admire yourself in the mirror for what must be the tenth time in the last two minutes. He’s leaning on his palms, his head resting against the base of his neck and his long legs thrown out in front of him, while you adjust the hem of your sundress again, turning on your heel to peer at the way the fabric flares at your waist. The dress is perfect (courtesy of Rindou again obviously, because according to him, a best friend is allowed to buy gifts for you which probably cost more than your entire week's wages) and the flats that go with it perfectly accentuate your legs. 

    Rindou has known you for so long that you don’t mind the way he watches you as you adjust the neckline, and you smile at him in the reflection of the mirror. A genuine smile, a warm smile. One that speaks of the countless years of history between you two. 

    He’s wearing a t-shirt, and the luminescent purple mullet has been pulled back into a ponytail. His tattoo at the base of his neck is on full display and bobs just a little whenever he swallows. 

    ‘Why are you taking so long?’ He groans and falls back onto the bed, watching you with his head turned to the side. His gaze is never lecherous, never perverse. It is always full of warmth, love and respect, as if you hung every star in the sky. Always soft, always gentle. There is an assortment of headbands, earrings, hair clips and dainty necklaces on the dresser, and you pick up one of these as you catch his eye in the mirror again.

    ‘Do you have somewhere to be Haitani? You quip and bend to pull on your flats. 

    The sun is high in the sky and the heat of it pours in through the open window, the netting fluttering in the breeze. Every time it does, you see Rindou’s hair lift from his forehead, the fine strands falling to the side where his cheek is pressed to the bedspread. The room is awash with yellow and white and the clouds are stark and fluffy against the blue of the sky. It’s still early summer yet and the air isn’t pervaded by that sweltering late summer stickiness where the air feels close and stifling, begging for summer rain.

    ‘Yes actually, somewhere that isn’t here.’ He shoots back. His eyes follow you as you pull on a thin pink cardigan. 

    ‘You say that, as if this wasn’t your idea in the first place!’ 

    ‘Only because you begged me!’

    ‘You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, you know,’ you say , raising an eyebrow at him as you bend to flick his forehead, now exposed by the wind wafting in through the window.

    ‘Shut up, of course I’m going.’ He moves to stand, rolling off the bed. ‘Besides, I am your bodyguard.’

    ‘That’s a weird way to say best friend.’ 

    ‘Best friend? I don’t even know you.’

    ‘You just said you were my bodyguard,’ you say, smirking when you see the faint tint of embarrassment creep up his cheeks. 

    ‘Yeah whatever, let’s just go,’ he grumbles and snatches his keys off the dresser and you smile knowingly to yourself at the prospect of winning yet another battle. 

    Maybe this was too much effort for a simple trip to the park in early May. Or maybe the truth was that Rindou was the sort of person you felt like making an effort for because he did the same for you in ways you couldn’t repay. 

    Those awful nights when you were alone, separated by miles and drowning in solitude, when he was only a phone call away and then not. When he would pick up the phone, his gravelly, rough voice would be sluggish with sleep, and you’d hear him curse as he accidentally dropped the receiver onto his own foot. Or those nights when you’d call crying, and your words would be punctuated by hics and sobs and Rindou would be there with whatever he could think to get from the convenience store on his way over. Who’d stay with you all night if you needed him to, curled against you, sharing your warmth, his breath on your neck, rubbing circles onto your skin wordlessly. A best friend that felt closer to you than you thought humanly possible, who felt like he fit against you so well that your shapes were moulded together. 

    Whatever souls are made of, yours and his are the same. 

    The field just beyond the play area of the park is so much quieter that it's almost deserted, exactly how you expected it to be. The grass and thin wiry reeds are so tall they brush your legs. Rindou helps you off the back of his bike, holding out his hand as you swing a leg over, pulling down the hem of your sundress to cover your exposed legs, hiding the flush of your cheeks behind the gently fluttering strands of your hair. You’d held on tight to him, your cheek pressed against his back, feeling the muscles slide and tense when you squeezed a little too tight, your hands against the smooth planes of his abdomen, his hair tickling your nose. 

    ‘This it?’ He asks and holds up a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. 

    You nod your assent. 

    The late afternoon rays bathe the field in golden light, the sun a slash of orange and pink on the horizon. The breeze has picked up by now and the reeds brush the skin on your calves. 

    ‘Okay, quick climb on then,’ he says and bends at the waist, gesturing for you to climb onto his back. 

    ‘Um…what?’ You blush instinctively and hope that the pinkish tint on your cheeks can be mistaken for the heat sitting on your skin. 

    ‘Isn’t that what you wanted? This is a one time offer, Princess.’ He smiles over his shoulder, and the light coming through the strands of his hair make them seem almost lilac. 

    For a second you’re unsure. Yes he’s your best friend, yes he’s the apple of your eye, yes you’re convinced he put the stars in the sky. So why does this feel so strange? Why does your heart speed up at the thought of being so close you can feel the warmth of his skin? Why is he the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen, and why does it make you feel sick with longing?

    You tentatively put your arms around his neck from behind, resting your chin on the curve of his shoulder as he holds your legs in place around his hips. The skin of his fingertips is rough against your bare legs and you suppress a shiver as you tense around him. 

    ‘Relax y/n, s’not as if I’m going to drop you.’ He turns his head to the side, his hair tickling your ear and his lips are so close, so tantalisingly close that all you’d have to do is lean forward to brush them against your own. They’re soft you imagine and your countless daydreams about kissing him give you enough fuel to think what it would be like to just bridge the distance.

    He glances at your lips, the bottom one pulled by your teeth, slightly red and puckered. His throat bobs up, down, and the tattoo at the base of his neck moves with the action. You can’t hear it, but his heartbeat is so fast, the blood is rushing to his head and all he needs to do is close the distance…

    And then the moment passes, and he looks away, squinting at the sun and its bright light on the horizon, hoping that his hair hides the way his high cheekbones fade to pink. 

    ‘Ready?’ He asks and hoists you higher on his hips so your body is flush against his back, your chest pressed against him. 

    ‘Y-yeah,’ you reply, shakily. You can smell his aftershave, his shower gel, even the shampoo he uses in his hair and you want to touch him so much that it makes you dizzy. You want to run your hands through his hair, put them on his bare chest, kiss the eyelashes that fall onto his cheek, kiss the corner of his mouth and work your way down and it’s so embarrassing, you think, to have these feelings for the man whose bond with you runs deeper than any romance, who would fight death for you.

    He doesn’t give you any warning before he bolts down the hill, clutching onto your legs and laughing, his head thrown back as you grasp onto the front of his shirt, giggling into the crook of his neck, your legs tense around his hips.

     He trips at some point, and the two of you roll down the hill, holding onto each other as the world slips and tumbles around you, laughing against each other's skin, your hair flying in the wind, grass on your clothes and your face pressed to his chest.

    When you slow to a stop, he can tell you’re smiling against his shirt. There is a few seconds of silence after the laughter dies down, and he hopes that you can’t sense or feel the way his heart is beating erratically in his chest.

    Rays of light burst through the clouds over his shoulder and yet you feel no need to get up, and if you could stay here, nestled in his warmth, his arm around you and his breath fanning your hair, you would. 

    There is no surer thing in the universe than him. 

    ‘Come on Princess, up you get,’ he says, holding a hand out as he makes to rise. There’s grass clinging to his clothes, and he brushes it off absent-mindedly as you walk hand in hand back to the bike. He brushes your knuckles every so often and your stomach thrums every time he achingly traces his thumb over each individual knuckle. 

    The bike dips when you both sit. You, with your arms around his middle, squeezing tight, your cheek pressed to the muscle of his back, and him, leaning forward and chuckling as he revs the bike. You can feel every shift of muscle, even the tense of his thighs, the slip and slide of his shoulders under his shirt, the deep rumble of his laugh when he goes just a little too fast and you hide your face in him. 

    By the time you’re home, the need for sleep has crept up on you. Rindou can tell by the way your head nods and you seem to sink into the thin cardigan that does nothing to protect you from the evening chill. You clutch onto his arm, your brow furrowed and your speech slurred and the effort it takes for you to drag one leg in front of the other is immense. 

    He takes the initiative, and lifts you, hoisting you up into his arms, your legs resting on his forearm and nudges the door closed as you step inside. From there, he slips off his shoes and takes you to the bedroom, slipping into the bed next to you, as he is prone to doing, pulling the covers up till they’re just resting on the curve of your bare shoulder.

    You inch closer, till your arms are flat on his chest, your cheek now firmly nestled in the hollow crevice in the middle. You can hear his heartbeat, can feel the warmth of his skin and his breath on the crown of your head, even more so when he pulls you closer with one hand on the small of your back. 

    ‘Rin?’ You look up at him through your lashes, your eyes now droopy and sluggish with sleep. You’re so close to him, so close that you can see the minor scratches and cuts from places the razor has slipped in the morning, the small crease of his brows that’s partially hidden by the fringe of his mullet.

    ‘Yeah?’ His tattoo bobs up and down as he swallows, his tongue thick and heavy in his mouth.

    ‘I had a good time,’ you say and perhaps it’s the sleep pressing firmly down on you, the blanket of warmth that comes from behind at home, in the arms of your best friend in the whole world, but you want to kiss him, and you suck in a breath as you glance at his lips, soft and supple and pliant, the lightest pink. 

    His jaw clenches and something inside him stirs, and it really isn’t his fault, he thinks. You’re so pretty, so kind and sweet, and fun and loving and you make him feel like he is the only man in the world, the only man worth looking at, and it would be so easy to just bridge that distance and close that gap. 

    You feel something against the inner part of your thigh, and without looking down, you know what it is. 

    ‘Don’t…’ he says in a breathy whisper. ‘I want to… but we shouldn’t.’ And the rejection (or what feels like rejection) comes to you so quick that it’s like a metal wall slamming down on you. You hardly have time to register the way his lips tremble before Shame pools in your gut. You swallow the lump forming in your throat, hoping your hair hides the red on your cheeks, hides the tears gathering in your eyes. 

    He wants to, he really does. But is losing a lifetime of friendship worth it when he knows he can’t be the man you deserve, the one who comes home every day without cuts and bruises? The man who comes home every day full stop. 

    You slide off him, your lips pinched, the tears on your lash line, the hem of your now crumpled sundress gathered in your shaking hands. 

    ‘Y/n…’ he says, his voice now laced with panic, his hair now spiky from the one end where he had creased it against the pillow. ‘Y/n wait, please just listen-’

    The first sob rips its way out of your throat as you race from the room and Rindou panics, knocking over your lamp on the bedside table as he rushes after you to no avail. By the time he’s righted it, you’ve left the house, wiping your tears with your wrist, your choked sobs so loud, so painful that it makes you dizzy. 

    You don’t look back, don’t spare a glance over your shoulder even as you hear your name called from the door in a frenzied shout.

    Rindou leaves for his shared apartment with Ran just as night falls, after having spent the better part of the evening looking for you, calling your name in the street, dialing your phone, even as the streetlights flickered to life, and he saw his shadow splayed out underneath him in the artificial orange glow. 

    It’s only when you’re sure he’s gone, when Ran has all but confirmed that Rindou had come back, slamming doors and hissing at him, that you venture back home. The tears are dried on your face and there’s a tightness in your skin that can only have come from crying so long and hard, and every movement feels like a small crack in marble. 

    You shift in the bed that smells so horribly like him and scroll through the pictures in your gallery, ignoring the barrage of messages, the explosion of missed calls and panicked voicemails. There is you and him on your birthday. There was you and him on Christmas when he had tripped in the snow and you had laughed and snapped a picture and sent it to Ran so the two of you could share the love and the laughter of the person who meant more to both of you than anything ever could. You smile even now, and the action brings a fresh new wave of pain, now dull and throbbing. 

    But sleep comes to you still, and though it is fretful and lonely and plagued by dreams, by the time you wake, the jagged edges of pain have softened into smooth tendrils of heartbreak. The ache in your chest persists however, and it takes a significant amount of makeup to cover the shadows under your eyes as you leave to get the groceries you desperately need.

     Despite it all, your fingers hover over his contact many times throughout the morning. It would be easy to call. You’ve no doubt he’d pick up. Just to hear his voice, hear him mumble on the other end of the line and your sniffles would feed down the receiver and his heart would clench with both guilt and anxiety till he was pouring his apologies out to you. Would it make you feel better? Maybe not,but you’d get to hear the rough rasp of his morning voice, and you’d just know he was there, as he always is.

    What exactly were you angry at? That he didn’t feel the same? Or that he did and that it wasn’t enough? That you weren’t allowed to have what other people took for granted all the time? That the one person whose love you craved like water in the desert, was the one thing you couldn’t have?

    You sniffle again, and pick up a bunch of bananas when you feel a tap on your shoulder.

    You spin, and the bananas fall from your hand into the basket with a thud when you see Rindou’s towering figure standing in front of you. 

    There are dark rings under his eyes and his hair stands in tufts, slightly to the side from where it pressed against the pillow as he slept fitfully, his head swimming with thoughts of you.

    Perhaps, it's spite, perhaps it’s because you’re angry and upset and your heart is hanging on by a thread, but you turn away from him and continue inspecting the bananas, even as your lip wobbles and you have to bite on it to keep yourself in check. The supermarket is quiet at this time, and the only sound is the whir of the refrigerators and the clicking as items are scanned at the till point.

    ‘Y/n will you talk to me?’ he says and the desperation leaks out of his voice as it trembles. He moves to take your basket instinctively but you turn, hanging your head so that he can’t see the fresh wave of hot tears forming.

    ‘What's there to say Rindou?’ You drop the bananas into your basket and move along down the aisle, your hand skimming over products you have no interest in, just for something to focus on that isn’t him. You clear your throat, hoping your voice doesn’t betray you when you’re not quite sure how to feel and this strange sensation of both yearning and anger is foreign in you, so much so that it takes every ounce of willpower not to let another choked sob escape your throat when all you want is to weep.

    ‘I’m sorry Princess.’ And there is no playful lilt, no smile, no teasing or cockiness in it. It’s hoarse and worried and hushed and from the scratchy roughness of it, you can tell he’s smoked a few cigarettes before he got here. 

    Though they did nothing to ease his nerves and he still clenches his fists, his hands tight with pressure and tension, as if there are sparks just below the surface. 

    ‘I’m sorry, I was stupid. So stupid.’ He furrows his brows and his tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth, slack and unyielding. And even though you’re hurt, and the pain is still spiky and fresh and worming its way through your stomach, you know in your heart that you’ve already forgiven him, that you’d done so almost immediately and that you’d do it regardless of the outcome of this conversation. But still, you want him to feel it, just a fraction of the pain. 

    ‘Very stupid-’ you say, just to drive it home.

     It's a testament to your love for him that even though you’re angry, even though the pain is still a throbbing thing uncomfortably nestled in your chest, you can’t bring yourself to snap at him. Because you are irrevocably and hopelessly in love and you know life is too short not to make it known, not to love him the way he deserves.

    ‘Yes I’m very stupid thanks Y/n-’ he retorts without thinking, berating himself. But his heart lifts just a slight when he sees you snort and hold your sleeve to your nose to hide both the tears and the giggles. You can’t help it. You laugh, and your skin cracks with the action, a remnant or parting gift from the tears dried on there, and it feels so wonderful that he is so him, that he is just so unapologetically him. 

    ‘That’s an understatement-’ 

    You can’t help but snort again at the way he cocks his head to the side, tutting at your interruption when he’s very obviously on a roll.

    ‘I’m an idiot, and I don’t deserve you at all, and I was scared and I don’t want to disappoint you-’ he rambles and fiddles with a cigarette lighter he’s fished out of his pocket. Why is it so hard for him to look at you now? 

    ‘Rindou-’ And it’s your turn to furrow your brows.

    ‘-but I love you,’ he says in an almost imperceptible whisper that you swear no one could hear over the drone of the electricity, the buzz of fridges and scuff of feet on linoleum, but you. You’d know his voice anywhere. You’d pick it out from billions.  You know him like the lines on your hand and perhaps that is what it means to have a soulmate. To know them better than you thought possible to know a human.

    ‘Does this mean…?’

    ‘Yes. Yes it does.’ He nods fervently, eager to right what he’s done wrong. ‘I love you, and I want to try.’

    The pain withers, the edges of it curling back like leaves in autumn and you feel yourself softening in a way that brings fresh tears to your eyes. It’s not as if you haven’t heard it before from him. You have. Just not in this way. You try to fight the watery smile and even though your lips tremble, you think you might be okay, he might be okay, and yesterday suddenly seems so trivial compared to this.

    ‘Princess?’ His eyes are wide with worry.

    You take a shaky breath and the tension seeps out of your skin. It’s nothing, you realize. It’s all nothing compared to the vast expanse of love between you, compared to the years that are so full and bursting with memories. Would you really both be okay with losing that just because you were scared of taking a leap of faith? 

    ‘I love you too Rindou,’ you say and it feels like the easiest thing in the universe, so effortlessly rolling off your tongue, so easily said that everything else, every risk and possible fear seems so inconsequential. 

    He blushes and looks at the linoleum floor and then at you, sighing, his shoulders suddenly sagging as the tension and stiffness seeps out of his bones.

    ‘Here.’ You thrust the shopping basket at him to hold and he puts a hand to his chest in fake outrage. ‘Hold this, since you’re my boyfriend now and all.’ You flash him a cheeky smile and Rindou’s heart does a dangerous thing as he takes it from you. There is no echo of worry this time, no wavering smile that threatens tears. Only love and endless admiration, persisting between you, as it always does.

    a/n:... so. This is based off a dream I had that happened exactly like this. I love Rindou so much can you tell? my specialist most pretty star in the sky. I hope you all enjoy this anyways, I'm trying to be more consistent and give more thought to maybe opening a patreon or ko-fi. As always, likes and reblogs much appreciated! for u my sweet rin.

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    Thinking about how when joonggil died and was escorted by the grim reaper he asks when he will see his beloved wife in the afterlife as he misses her so much he can't wait to see her and then the reapers asks for the name and he says "goo ryeon" then the reaper remembers he guided that soul too..to hell.

    #mbc tomorrow #i'd be mad as hell if ryeon got hundred years of hell for killing herself #while joonggil who killed a lot of people got to reincarnate already??!! #it would be so good if that reaper who guided them is joonwong tho #that's why he always has this belief that the heavens are so harsh to people who committed suicide #give my joongryeon a happy ending ffs #lee soo hyuk #kim hee sun #park joonggil#goo ryeon
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