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    Just got a haircut after 2 years of having covid hair.

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    i wonder what happened to charlie

    #flowers for algernon #charlie ffa#just wondering #hope he got a happy ending
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    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ❤️

    #chubby guy#fat guy #female fat admirer #male weight gain #fat boy #fit to fat #foodie#happy bhm#belly#Bhm#ffa
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    Mistress isn't here today! So I thought piggy should come say hi!

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    new here! Just a quick question before the ask, can I raise the points that the reader has with the characters by sending asks? I haven’t seen any asks about all the dorm heads so if you do them all, what are their opinions on each other? thank you!

    Hi new anon and welcome to my tumblr! Yes you can raise the trust points the reader has with the characters through asks, as a matter of fact that’s the easiest way to do it! The other way is just through the story, as the reader will naturally get closer to some characters. And just so you know I do do all the dorm heads in one ask, there is no limit to how many characters can be included in one ask (just be reasonable, ok?). Anyways here’s a little chart to answer your question. The relationships that aren’t included are just neutral ones

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    It’s me again bestieee just read pt 2 of the opening ceremony and I- just y e s. Azu bby we’re two halves of a whole idiot and I just know it ❤️❤️ Love ur work as always!!!! Can we have a little bit of info about the dorm heads plz? Anything they want to say! - That one anon

    Awww thanks for the support. The reader/MC, Azu and another character you’ll meet in the next chapter/story are the Idiot Trio tm and no I do not take criticism /j

    So you want info about the dorm heads? Well sure! Let’s see what they have to say...

    Ash: Information about me? Truth be told, I don’t actually know that much about myself. Uhhh... I like fire. Yeah, it’s complicated

    Meluse: You want to know more about me? Then why don’t you drop by my dorm and we’ll see what happens from there. You better come with information of your own though, I won’t tell you anything if it’s not a fair trade~

    Rinide: I like meat, now go make me a chicken sandwich.

    Mavilian: You might say you want to know more about me, but I don’t think you really do.

    Indigo: When I was a child I got food poisoning from a cake, will that suffice?

    Lulim: Something about me? Hmmm, let’s see. I’m good friends with a dorm head from another school, Lezerheart. You wouldn’t know him, but he’s the crown prince of angels!

    The dorm heads reacted neutrally to your ask! Your trust points have not changed, but you have unlocked some new information!

    Edit: The colour wasn’t working for some reason, so I put all their names in bold.

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    The Opening Ceremony - Part 2

    With the sorting part of the opening ceremony now under way, all the soon-to-be first years push and shove past each other to be the first ones sorted into their dorms. To be perfectly honest, you don’t really see the point in being first in line. You were all going to be sorted anyways, why push your way to the front? And so you slowly drift towards the back of the group, until you find yourself last in line. Despite your thoughts on being first in line, you didn’t really want to be last in line either. Oh well, nothing you could do now but watch as the other students stepped forward and were sorted into their dorms.

    As much as you don’t want to agree with Meluse’s weird statement about guppies, you do agree that the first years don’t look very promising. It’s hard to believe that they’re even capable of magic, they just look so... dull. You only manage to spot a few interesting students, of which you take note of mentally. The first one was a loud orange-haired boy who was sorted into Shimmerflight. After a few more less notable people came the purple-haired twins who were sorted into Enchantum, and then there was the dark haired boy who was sorted into Umbrascale. Everyone seemed to shift uncomfortably when they saw him, whispering things that you couldn’t quite catch. You probably didn’t want to hear them anyways, it can’t have been anything good. Next was a brunette girl with a permanent scowl who was sorted into Crescentine. Then came a redhead boy who was sorted into Phantazure, and after him was a blue-haired boy who was sorted into Anemolite. It didn’t take long before you were standing at the front of the line, the weight on your back shifting to your shoulder. It almost feels as if something is sitting on your shoulder, but when you take a quick glance you see nothing there.

    Dismissing the thought, you step forward and Cotton offers you a small smile. You smile back, gently placing your cold hands in his gloved ones. You both close yours eyes. The feeling that came after isn’t one that you can describe all too well. It’s cold but warm, heavy but light, wet but dry. The only thing about it that’s definite is how smooth it feels. The aura slides over your hands as easily as silk, enveloping them in its embrace. You hear that same distant chatter from the beginning of this bizarre situation, but this time you can make out what they’re saying.

    “How curious.”


    “What the hell is goin’ on?”

    “Relax, it must just be a mistake in the spell.”

    “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Rosewood.”

    “What is that?”

    It’s the last comment that has you opening your eyes out of sheer curiosity. Circling around you in silky smooth spirals is the aura, pure white in colour and dazzling for all to see. Oh, is your first thought before, Oh. You jump back, hands slipping out of Cotton’s as you fall backwards onto the tiled floor. Then what happens next is pure chaos. The weight you had previously felt on your shoulder falls off and tumbles behind you, taking shape. What was once nothing becomes a furry creature the size of cat, with strange ears and an almost flame-shaped tip of its tail. It’s hard not to stare at the pink, yellow and blue creature as it sits there, sky-blue eyes widening in shock. For a moment, everything in the ceremony room stills. And then the creature darts towards the closest exit on all fours.

    There are three doors that lead in and out of the ceremony room, and the closest exit isn’t actually that far away, but none of them could beat the incredible speed of the animal before them. So instead of taking chase, Lilas summons a ball of light magic and fires it at the exit. The creature arrives at the door at the exact same time the magic does and the two collide, sending the creature skidding across the room. It’s stopped by Indigo, who gently scoops up the creature for a closer inspection. Despite the shock of the magic blast it had been hit with, the creature still moves. At first it’s only a twitching ear, but then out of nowhere it bites down onto the Enchantum Dorm Head’s hand. Indigo withdraws immediately, cursing as he applies pressure to the small wound. The creature practically throws itself at Ash, who stays deadly still as the creature claws its way up his legs and sits on his shoulder. It rests there for a moment, but as soon as it spots Lulim slowly making her way towards it the creature leaps from student to student, leaving them all with minor scratches across their faces and necks as it desperately tries to escape.

    For just a split second, you make eye contact with creature from your position on the ground (you would’ve gotten up had you not been so stunned by the chaos that ensued after your sorting). It isn’t fear that you see in its eyes, nor anger. Hell, it’s no even really a feeling at all. It’s a desire, a desire to be given a chance, a desire to belong. And then the creature breaks the eye contact as it slams face first into Rinide, who had been carefully watching the creature’s erratic movements.

    “Gotcha~” The Crescentine Dorm Head grins, holding tightly onto the creature. It claws and bites, trying to scratch its way out of his arms, “Oi, quit that.”

    The creature stills as Rinide’s command, a bit of fear settling into its eyes. You almost feel bad for it. Both the headmaster and his right-hand glance your way, their eyes telling  you that whatever had happened with your aura would be brought up once the creature was dealt with. North then approaches Rinide, taking the creature from his arms and inspecting it curiously.

    “You can understand what we’re saying, which gives me reason to believe you can talk. Am I right?” The headmaster asks.

    “Yup.” The creature replies, its voice filling the deathly silent room. You slowly arise from the floor and stand at Cotton’s side.

    “That’s good to know.” North says, completely unfazed by the revelation, “Now what’s your name? Or do creatures like you not have names?”

    Before the creature can respond, the headmaster gently places it on the floor. Instead of darting around like before, it stands on its two hind legs with an offended facial expression.

    “The name’s Azu.” It introduces, “And I’m not a creature! I’m a familiar, there’s a difference!”

    “Is that so?” North inquires, “If you are in fact a familiar, then you should have a more... suitable form for human association. If you would transform into it, we would all be grateful.”

    “What, you sayin’ ya don’t like this form?!” Azu shoots back with a huff, “Fine.”

    A white aura engulfs the small creature, and when it disappears a human boy stands in the creature’s place. Well, not quite human. The strange ears on his head, which are now more cat-like but still the same colours, and the tail with the flame-like tip still remain. His messy dusty rose coloured hair has two pale yellow streaks in it, which isn’t inhuman really but it is certainly strange. Below his sky-blue eyes are two grey-blue pointed stripe markings. His human ears (you find it funny how he has two sets of ears) are pointed at the tip exactly like Cotton and North’s. Other than all of that, he was human.

    “Better?” He asks grumpily.

    “Much.” North nods, “Now if you don’t mind I would like to ask what exactly was that? Because from my perspective it seems as if you, an uninvited familiar, snuck into my school via an invisibility spell and a clueless student. Am I correct?”

    Sensing the obvious tension in the air, you feel yourself unwillingly inching further away from the headmaster despite knowing his temper was not going to be directed towards you. You notice the dorm heads each suck in a breath to hold as well, so you weren’t the only one.

    “Sounds about right, headmaster.” Azu replies nonchalantly, before tensing up once he notices North’s glare, “I wanted to join in on all the fun and be a student here too!”

    The whole room falls silent, waiting for the headmaster to unleash his wrath on the familiar. What no one was expecting was for him to burst out in laughter. Everyone releases the breath they were holding. The familiar would live to see another day. Some of the dorm heads chuckle awkwardly as the headmaster calms down.

    “Sorry, sorry.” He apologises, wiping a tear form his eye through the hole in his owl mask, “It’s just- you do realise you could’ve gone about that in a completely different way? If you hadn’t clawed half of my students faces off I might’ve even let you in. It was an impressive invisibility spell after all.”

    “Actually, it was a potion.” Azu admits shyly, “I’m no good at magic, but potions are easy.”

    “A potion you say?” North repeats back to him, “Even better! I would be a fool not to accept you into Fabled Fantasy Academy immediately-”

    “Really?!” The familiar cuts him off, eyes lit up, “You’d do that?!”

    “However,” North continues, ignoring Azu’s commentary, “you did harm many students, even if they’re only minor injuries that’s still unacceptable behaviour for an FFA student.” For some reason, he turns to you as he speaks, “And so I have a proposal. Azu, you may attend FFA for the next four years as half a student.”

    “Huh?!” Is Azu’s response, “Whaddaya mean ‘half a student’?!”

    The headmaster chuckles, “I mean exactly what I said. You will only be half of a student. Our friend here with strange aura will make up the other half.”

    “What?” This time it was your turn to be confused.

    You would only be half a student? You were kidnapped from your home and forced to attend this school, and now you were only going to half attend it? How did that even make sense? You smile nervously, awaiting an explanation which the headmaster was bound to give. Right? Apparently not.

    “And what is the name of our friend?” North questions with a smile.

    “My name is-” You cut yourself off in disbelief.

    You reach out for your name, only to draw a complete mental blank. This was bad, very bad indeed. You couldn’t remember your own name! What else couldn’t you remember. You try to think of the last thing that happened before you arrived at FFA, only to draw a blank again! Last night’s dinner? Never happened. Your parents? Never heard of them. Who even am I? You think, internally panicking at your loss of memory. I have a pet. You remember thinking about them during the beginning of the ceremony. But did you really have a pet? Or was that just your mind’s desperate attempt to convince you that you had something to go back to in your world, wherever that was.

    “My name is...” You try again, “Uh... there might be an M in there somewhere? M... M... or was it a C? M or C... M and C?.. Uh, sorry. I forgot.”

    You can feel your face heating up in embarrassment as some of the first years laugh at your response. Sensing your distress, the headmaster turns towards them, and in an instant the laughter ceases. His focus then shifts back to you.

    “Well, ‘MC’, where do you come from?” North asks, before explaining, “It’s not every day someone’s aura turns white and swirls around them. So I’m curious as to what might be so special about you.”

    “I’d love to help you figure out why that happened, sir, but I’m afraid I don’t remember.” You reply honestly, head hanging a little lower than normal. Or was it? You don’t even remember your version of ‘normal’!

    “You don’t remember?” The headmaster echoes, genuinely surprised, “Do you remember anything?”

    You shake your head, “Nothing at all, sir.”

    “Well that might be a problem.” North thinks out loud, stopping to think for a moment, “Do you know what fantasy race you are?”

    The answer is on the tip of your tongue, so close yet so far away. If you could only just reach out and grab it. Think. Think. Think.

    “I’m...” You falter, “I’m... I’m a human.”

    The room explodes in conversation. Outraged shouts and confused murmuring all mingles together at an uncomfortable volume. You were happy that you finally remembered something, but it seems no one felt the same. Why was that? What was so weird about being human?

    “What in the two worlds?!” The headmaster blurts out, before clearing his throat, “Apologies. Cotton, where did you get this student from?”

    “Uhh, the other world?” Cotton replies with a nervous smile, his unnaturally blue eyes full of uncertainty.

    “The other world... but how?” North asks, very confused, “It’s impossible to travel between worlds without an extreme amount of magic or a large enough sacrifice.”

    Then it clicked, like the last piece in a puzzle. Or maybe the first...

    “Excuse me, sir?” You speak up, all eyes on you, “I don’t know why I was brought here, but I think my memories might’ve been the sacrifice needed to cross worlds.”

    “Well that would make sense.” North agrees with you, then turns to Cotton, “But why would you summon a human from the other world?”

    “I didn’t mean to!” The vice headmaster raises his hands defensively, “It was an accident, I swear!”

    North frowns, and if you had to guess he was definitely wondering how in the two worlds Cotton managed to accidentally summon a human. It was like saying you accidentally came home with 20 avocados, it just made no sense. Ah, that was something you remember. Avocados. You like them, they taste good on toast.

    “Accident or not, I’m afraid there’s no way of sending them home and thus they’ll have to form the second half of the familiar.” The headmaster declares, “With that out of the way, now we just have to decide which dorm to put them both in. That whole white aura thing wasn’t helpful in the slightest.”

    “Sorry.” You rub your neck sheepishly.

    “Oh no, don’t be sorry. It was splendid!” North reassures you happily.

    “Just not helpful.” Cotton adds for him, “But never fear, for I, your wonderful vice headmaster, have the perfect way to choose your dorm!”

    The vice headmaster stands on his tiptoes and whispers in North’s ear, earning a strange giggle from the taller man. The sight of them was bizarre, and when you look at the front of the room you’re glad to see everyone else thinks so as well (Indigo and Meluse especially, their faces are full of disgust).

    “Alright! Here I gooooo!” North calls out way too joyfully, as he pointed a finger at the dorm heads, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!” His finger went from Rinide to Lilas, then Indigo, then Lulim, “Catch a werewolf by the toe!” Ash, Meluse, Rinide, Lilas. Phantazure, Anemolite, Crescentine, Umbrascale, “If he howls, let him go!” Enchantum, Shimmerflight, Phantazure, Anemolite, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!” Crescentine, Umbrascale, Enchantum, Shimmerflight.

    And just like that it was decided. You and Azu were to join Shimmerflight with Lulim as your dorm head. All things considered, it could’ve been a lot worse.

    North claps his hands together as if his little singsong was the most genius idea he’s ever had, “There you go! MC, Azu, you’ll both join Shimmerflight, the dorm founded on the Kindness of the Maiden of Light. And that concludes the opening ceremony! First years, follow your dorm heads towards your dorms and your futures!”

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    Certified Juley Girl Violence moment

    #just a casual 25/2 game of ffa slayer ya know #lemon plays halo #halo reach#halo mcc
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    Character Profiles - Vice Dorm Heads & Third Years

    So here’s how these character information posts work (this paragraph will be on all of them). For each character there will be a profile and a Chibi icon image (these were made in the website Charat Mae 2, check it out if you’d like). Basic information will be automatically included in these profiles, but you will have to ask about certain things to unlock more information about characters. It’s worth noting that some characters will be more willing to share information about themselves than others, which is why there will be a trust stat in their profiles. The higher the number, the more trusting they are. Characters with higher numbers are more likely to share information. The amount of trust a character has can rise or fall depending on what they’re asked. Anyways, onto the characters!


    Name: Cinder Gender: Female Species: ? Year Level: 2nd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 6/10 Other: - Vice Head of the Phantazure Dorm


    Name: Angler Fadingtide Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 2nd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 2/10 Other: - Vice Head of the Anemolite Dorm


    Name: Variam Braveclaw Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 3rd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 6/10 Other:


    Name: Aneah Swiftgrace Gender: Female Species: ? Year Level: 3rd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 5/10 Other:


    Name: Benji Sunheart Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 2nd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 7/10 Other: - Vice Head of the Crescentine Dorm


    Name: Sylvin Rosewood Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 3rd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 4/10 Other:


    Name: Naecia Palemoon Gender: Female Species: ? Year Level: 3rd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 7/10 Other:


    Name: Lilas Rosewood Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 2nd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 5/10 Other: - Vice Dorm Head of the Umbrascale Dorm


    Name: Zerine Coldcharm Gender: Male Species: ? Year Level: 3rd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 8/10 Other: - Vice Dorm Head of the Enchantum Dorm


    Name: Cerilla Gender: Female Species: ? Year Level: 2nd Year Likes: ? Dislikes: ? Magic Ability: ? Trust: 8/10 Other: - Vice Head of the Shimmerflight Dorm

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    I’ve made it past 110kgs thanks to your help!

    ever need any more help just dm me hottie. love your stretch marks big guy

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    Today i got ice cream with my friends and I’m average size but i ordered a large. I think they were all silently judging me but it was SO GOOD and o scarfed it down really quick! I’ve always been small, but you don’t think i could possibly be getting a little chubby, do you? i think imma have some cake before going to sleep because i’ve really been into sweets lately lol!

    I love the idea of watching someone in my friend group being an absolute glutton. in fact i do have a friend who is alwaysss snacking. when we hang out it feels like all we do is eat! it kind of makes certain places feel very hot and squirrelly watching her scarf things down and seeing how her clothes pinch and show off her blooming figure

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    Winston - Introduction

    Magnus, Freddy and Mary saw the transport ambulance coming towards them from deep within the trees surrounding the driveway. They all sat up from where they were sitting on the lower patio and made their way around to the main entrance where the ambulance would be stopping. The driver reversed the vehicle up to the ramp to the right of the staircase that led up to the front doors. Mary and the brothers held their breath as the two back swinging doors were opened and the boys saw their cousin for the first time. The gurney was pulled at from the back and what looked like a huge mass of flesh only covered by a transparent white sheet was rolled out of the ambulance. The boys knew where to look, but Mary’s eyes kept searching for the face of the morbidly obese man in front of her – all she could see was a jiggling pile of fat that barely looked human. The crew rotated the gurney and before anyone had any chance to even greet one another, Winston was rolled up the ramp and into the mansion.

    Winston had never seen such a splendid place before. His eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped at the wonders inside the ancient building. There was a moment of silence as he looked around until one of the ambulance crew spoke, “Where should we drop him off?”

    Magnus stepped forward and replied, “Ah, yes, please follow me. Winston – I’ll be taking you to your new bedroom.”

    Mary could see a gentle smile from underneath the oxygen mask that Winston was wearing. Freddy then said, “Mary and I will go into the parlor while you get settled. Welcome home.”

    They moved their separate ways: Magnus, Winston, and the ambulance crew continued on to the gold elevator where they would escort Winston into his bedroom; and Mary and Freddy took a left and walked into the parlor.

                  Freddy let out a loud groan as he sat himself down on the couch. He had his left hand on his big round belly as if to steady it as he sat. Mary went over to the bar to make a drink. She saw that Freddy had already sat so she asked, “Would you like me to bring you over anything?”

    He replied, “Oh yes, a double whiskey – one ice cube.”

    Mary smirked, “The same drink Jim usually has, huh?”

    He smiled back, “Yeah – I need something to just calm my nerves.” A long pause followed. Then he continued, “I mean: Winston. You saw him. He was not in good shape.”

    Mary grabbed the drinks and went over to where Freddy was sitting. She replied, “Well, he’s about the same size as Jim and Emmitt – is it even surprising?”

    “Well, yes. It wasn’t his size that was surprising. I expected that. It was his skin – all the sores, and just, how the fat settled about him. It’s pretty obvious he hasn’t received proper care in a long time. I-I don’t even think he’s left his bed until coming up here.”

    Mary hesitated, then said, “I suppose I would have to look closer at him to determine really any of that.”

    Freddy leaned back with his drink resting on the shelf that was his hard round belly as he said, “At least he will be getting proper care here.”

    Mary then sat down with her drink and she asked, “How did you guys get in touch? I heard that you didn’t even know you had a cousin until a few months ago.”

    He nodded, “Yeah, we didn’t even know he existed. It’s a long story, that. But for Winston’s sake, I am glad we found him.”

    Mary lifted her drink and gently shook it in a circular motion as if to say, I have all the time in the world; so Freddy continued, “I guess it all started before we were even born. It was just our father and his older brother, who was Winston’s father, living in the mansion. Our father began putting on weight when he was only 13, and his brother, who happened to be named Jiminy as well, decided he wanted nothing to do with the situation. He turned 18 later that year – abdicated the throne and moved to Scotland. Our father never heard from him again. Apparently Winston was born in Scotland and was raised by his father – until he turned 17 and then was kicked out of the house on account of his size. I’m sure Winston could say more than I could about that situation. But, from 17 on – he lived in a small apartment alone. What he told me was that it was only the last 5 years of his life where he was completely immobile. The time before that he could at least move about the apartment.

    ‘To answer your question about how we got in touch: Winston began to research his ancestry. His father wanted nothing to do with the Leonharts when Winston grew up, so he knew nothing about his father’s side (OUR side). His father even changed his last name when he moved – he dropped the Leon and went with Hart. It was a common enough name to make him blend in. But that meant Winston didn’t even have the right name to search while looking up his ancestry. Eventually he found the plane that his father emigrated on, checked the manifest, and saw the name Leonhart. Once he had the right name, he found so much information – even our address here. He wrote us, explaining who he was and his situation. Magnus immediately wanted him to move in with us, but Jiminy was a bit more cautious. Winston had to prove he was our cousin before Jiminy let him move in here. It was simple enough – he took a DNA test. And that was conclusive: he was a Leonhart.”

                  Mary had finished her drink by the time the story had ended. Freddy saw this and gulped down his whiskey, handing the empty glass to Mary and nodding his head in a single motion to subtly ask if he could get another. She smiled and took the empty glasses over to the bar to refill them. While she was mixing her drink, Magnus came through the parlor doors. He looked exhausted and was waddling over with his cane to the couches, with much difficulty. Freddy looked over and said, “Do you want help Magnus?”

    He huffed and said, “No, I’m almost there.”

    He slowly lowered himself onto the couch, using his cane and the arm of the couch for support. Once seated, he lifted his hands under the fat of his belly to even out the fat across his lap; lifting one side and gently placing it down, then reaching under the other side and following suit. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief from his breast pocket and then, between labored breaths said, “Mary, would you mind?” As he made a drinking gesture with his hand.

    Mary was still at the bar, so she said, “Sure. Whiskey?”

    Magnus nodded. Then Freddy asked, “How was Winston? I mean, what was the shape of him?”

    He sighed and said, “Well, it’s not very good. He hasn’t had a proper bath or shower in years. Sure, in-home nurses came over to do basic tasks for him, but the closest he got to a shower was being wiped down with soapy rags maybe once a week. He has a lot of skin infections from not moving, or from the moisture between his rolls not being taken care of, or bed sores in general – it’s just not a good situation. The doctor is in there now, and once he is done, Winston will finally have his first real shower in over 5 years.”

    Mary handed the boys their drinks and said, “Poor Winston, being neglected for so long.”

    Magnus nodded, “Oh it’s quite the tragedy. Especially knowing that, if his father had stayed with the family, he would have been fine; he never would have been able to get to the point he’s gotten to.”

    The three of them changed the subject and spent the rest of the afternoon in the parlor while they waited to hear from the servants that Winston had been taken care of.

                    It wasn’t until the sun had gone down around 8:00pm when the parlor door opened. They were expecting an update from either the doctor, or even one of the servants, so they were surprised when the door opened and Winston himself was there. He was dressed in a dark red button down shirt and black pants (which were obviously Jiminy’s clothes), and he sat in a new motorized bariatric wheelchair made specifically for him. A servant had escorted him to the parlor and held the doors open as he maneuvered his wheelchair into the room. At first, the three of them stared silently, until Mary spoke up, “Winston, it’s good to see you! Please, come in.”

    The boys snapped out of it and both greeted Winston and encouraged him to come and set his wheelchair by the couches with them. He had his round, fat fingers on the control mechanism of his wheelchair and the chair sporadically moved towards the couches, while Winston muttered swears under his breath at himself while he tried unsuccessfully to steadily roll over to where Mary and the boys were sitting. Freddy saw the difficulty he was having and stood himself up to help. He walked over behind the wheelchair and pushed it into position. Winston was grateful. Once he was next to the couches, Freddy helped him find the button to lock the wheels, and for the first time in decades – he was sitting with family. Winston spoke up, “Thank you – I haven’t really figured this thing out yet. I think I’m a bit too heavy handed on the throttle.”

    Magnus replied, “Oh, Emmitt had a hard time with his when he first began using it. It just takes practice.”

    Winston nodded. He looked over at his cousins and Mary and his eyes welled up with tears. He put his hand on the bridge of his nose and said, “I’m so sorry, it’s just…”, the tears began to silently fall down his fat cheeks, “…I haven’t had company in a very long time. Being here is just too good to be true.”

    Freddy patted Winston’s hand with his and said, “We are glad you’re here.”

    Mary handed Winston a small whiskey, and with tears still streaming down his face, he thanked her and gulped it down in one go. He closed his eyes and let out a big sigh as he said, “I just feel so much better. I mean, today – for the first time in years – I got a real shower. I was seen by an expert bariatric doctor. And, I finally have company. Not to mention these beautiful surroundings!”

    They smiled at him. Magnus asked, “Have you had a chance to meet Emmitt or Jiminy yet?”

    He replied, “No, not yet. I was actually surprised to find out one of you was named Jiminy – same as my father. I don’t really have any good memories with him though; the man tortured me over my size, so even the name Jiminy doesn’t really sit well with me.”

    Freddy said, “Well, I’m sure our Jiminy is very different from your father. After all, he’s about your size, so you wouldn’t see him using your weight against you.”

    Magnus seemed surprised and asked, “Your father never got big?”

    Winston replied, “No. At least, not while I was around. I started putting on weight when I was about 11 or 12. I was terrified. As you all know, of course, the weight gain was not my fault. But for some reason, he couldn’t look at me, he didn’t talk to me… and when he did, I was something to be shamed and made fun of.”

    Mary said sympathetically, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

    Winston smiled and continued, “I know that I didn’t really help our relationship. He was so cruel about my weight that when I was about 15, I just had this rebellious urge to stick it to him, I guess. It manifested itself as purposeful gluttony. I would waddle out of my room, shirtless, just to bother him, and grab all the food I could from the kitchen. I spent hours every day just stuffing myself in my bedroom. I don’t know why, but I felt that, by overeating the way I did, was a way to get back at him for his cruelty. It turns out it didn’t help. I made my situation worse. He kicked me out when I turned 17, and by that point I must have been around 400 pounds. I had no money, no job. I was too fat to really work - so I had to move into government housing. I had a single room. Once or twice a week, groceries were dropped off by volunteers, and occasionally I was cleaned with wipes by nurses who didn’t bother to hide the fact that they thought I was disgusting. I’m actually surprised that I have lived as long as I have given the horrible care I received.”

    “Well, you will never receive horrible care again.” Magnus continued, “This is your home now, too.”

    “And I am indescribably grateful.” Winston replied; the tears beginning to well up in his eyes again. He seemed to compose himself quicker this time and he asked, “Emmitt and Jiminy… they don’t come downstairs to the parlor?”

    Mary stayed silent as she didn’t know them very well. She had met Emmitt once, but Jiminy was a complete stranger. She had been a guest at Leonhart Manor for over two weeks now, at the behest of Phineas (who had a panic attack and left the mansion for fear of the size of his brothers); and Mary ended up staying. She enjoyed the company of Freddy and Magnus. She even enjoyed the few times she had spent with Emmitt. But, in a sense, she was still on a hypothetical waiting list to meet Jiminy. Being who he was, not many people were allowed into Jiminy’s room; and Jiminy himself, never left his room. He was royalty. His brothers were as well, but they weren’t The King. Jiminy was. Every introduction had to include, “His Royal Highness, King, Jiminy Leonhart II.” And Jiminy himself did not like the formality. He was very reclusive on account of his long history of being a public figure. And his brothers didn’t even like to introduce him to new people given all of the complications and variables involved. After a few seconds, Magnus answered Winston’s question, “Emmitt comes down occasionally. Although, as you can imagine it takes quite a while to get him ready to come downstairs. Jiminy doesn’t leave his bed chamber. I mean, there are a few instances where he will – but only if he has to. Usually, if he has to meet with someone, he will insist on them coming up to his room.”

    Winston replied, “Does that apply to me? Do you think I will have to meet him in his room?”

    Magnus said, “Yes, most likely. I don’t think he will feel comfortable coming down to the parlor. It’s been quite a few years since he has.”

    Winston said, “Well, I would really like to thank him in person. I know it was ultimately his decision whether I could move in with you all or not.”

    Freddy said, “I’m sure we can arrange that. Considering you and he are basically the same size, I will be surprised if Jim has any opposition towards meeting you.”

    Mary rolled her eyes and Freddy added, “Whereas Mary here – Jim still hasn’t agreed to meet her.”

    Winston asked, “Why not?”

    “It’s out of basic fear,” Freddy continued, “in his mind, why would anyone want to see him; especially a beautiful woman.”

    Winston said, “Well, Mary, you don’t look bothered by my size. And I am sure I am much more terrifying looking than Jiminy.”

    Magnus replied, “That is actually right. Not to be insulting, but you haven’t been taken care of properly – which of course is not your fault.”

    Mary looked down to the floor. She didn’t want to imagine what the flesh looked like under the dark red shirt Winston was wearing. She had an idea of what it looked like, but she was sure her imagination was not in alignment with the reality of his body. Winston noticed the awkwardness and said to Mary, “You-you know, don’t you?”

    Gently biting her bottom lip she nodded. Then she said, “I mean, I don’t know exactly. I haven’t seen it. But we were given an update.”

    Magnus volunteered, “I did tell them both about your condition after I left your room. Not to be rude, but to just inform them of the circumstances.”

    Winston moved his hand as if he was shooing away a fly and he said, “Oh I’m not offended; with the amount of strangers that have had to see my body over the years, I certainly don’t mind my own family seeing it and discussing it. At least with you all I’m confident you weren’t making fun of me... believe me, the comments I used to receive from the social service employees…”

    He trailed off and his eyebrows furrowed with the negative memories.

    Magnus spoke up, “I’m very glad you are here with us now. I can’t imagine what you went through all alone over the years.”

    Winston nodded. Then Freddy said, “Well, that is the past, and now Winston is with us.”

    They all nodded and expressed agreement, then Freddy continued, “Hey, why don’t we have a toast? To the reunion of family.”

    He wiggled to the edge of the couch and pulled himself up by pushing off of the arm of the sofa. Then, with his hard round belly resting on his hand, he waddled over to the bar and pulled out a chilled bottle of champagne. Then Mary stood up and walked over to him – knowing that he couldn’t carry the bottle, the four glasses, and his belly, at the same time. She grabbed the four champagne flutes and they both walked back to the couches. Freddy popped the cork and then gently poured the glasses full. Mary handed a glass to Winston and Magnus, then Mary and Freddy picked theirs up. All four of them lifted their glasses in the air as Freddy said, “To Winston. Welcome to Leonhart Manor!”

    Then they sipped their champagne and continued to chat into the night.

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    Claude Larmoyer : Championnat Européen Master Grosseto 2022

    Claude Larmoyer : Championnat Européen Master Grosseto 2022

    Claude Larmoyer, fidèle du Marche Nordique Tour, revient pour notre plus grand plaisir sur les Championnats Européens Master Hors Stade d’Athlétisme. Des Championnats Européens où la Marche Nordique était au programme et où figurait une belle équipe de France. L’espagnol Ramon Alvarez Borras, triple champion d’Espagne qui annonçait en janvier dernier viser les Championnats du Monde, s’est imposé…

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    Just found a old pic when I started gaining and wow a bit of a difference csn u tell?

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