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  • everfaye
    26.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    not me a strict healer/ranged player enjoying reaper

    #ffxiv #I will slice u open with my sexy scythe #and Marceline is like canonically 4’6 and wearing a cutesy little dress #with a demon following her around to smite her enemies :) #rach post #I’m just not a melee girl #except that now I am #because rpr is fuckin fun
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  • sparrowscarletffxiv
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Moonlight travels

    #ffxiv #final fantasy xiv #ff14 #final fantasy 14 #another sparrow vanity post #miqo'te#ffxiv rdm#ffxiv gpose#gposers#ffxiv glamour#gpose
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  • squips-ship
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    more wol!me being photogenic during cutscenes for your sins <3

    #DEFEATS LITERAL ELDRICH HORRORS AND GETS BACK TO BEING CUTE #we love wol!me in this house #honestly trust her with my life /lh #nO WONDER AYMERIC LIKES ME SO MUCH IM VERY CUTE BUT VERY STRONG #BUT YES SHE! #inserts: ffxiv#ffxiv posting#ffxiv chatter
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  • squips-ship
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #HECK YEAH COOL OUTFIT VERSION.....4....3.....4.... #BUT YEAAAH FINISHED SHADOWBRINGERS!!! #that was like hELLA FREAKIN GOOD after stormblood #chatter tag#ffxiv chatter#ffxiv posting
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  • squips-ship
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago


    #LIKE IM SORRY THIS WHOLE CUTSCENE I JUST #'IM SO COOL IM THE COOLEST IM VERY COOL' #PROOF I DO VERY AESTHETIC #*flips hair*#inserts: ffxiv#ffxiv posting#ffxiv chatter#shadowbringers spoilers
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  • zorkaya
    25.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Liu Yin, the pinnacle of strength, hope, and heroism fell into the furthest pits of humanity’s limitations and spent more than a week to crawl out. He couldn’t keep count.

    When the homing beacon called him back to the Ragnarok, he was certain he looked as mangled as he felt when he lay on the floor, blood pooled around him from all the open wounds he sustained ( that wasn’t even to speak of the internal injuries he likely had ). He could only keep one eye open as he exchanged looks with his loved ones — the Scions — whose faces were too worried for his liking (though his vision blurred, he could make out tears from some). He couldn’t feel anything, hear anything, let alone breathe well, but he wanted to make some kind of remark about ‘how they should’ve seen the other guy’ when his vision flickered.

    The last thing he was certain he felt was Zarina lunging forth, taking his bloodied hand in hers — this was the warmest her touch had ever been.

    Yin thought he would finally die, and his thoughts in the seconds he fell under summed up to an apology to Zarina when he thought he would be unable to fulfill her promise of that romantic wedding they swore to have when this was all over, surrounded by the friends and family they made along the way. He never even got the chance to introduce her to his parents. Ah.

    He didn’t have any sensation for the days (how many, he wondered?) that followed, except for the warmth of a bed and blanket that enveloped him and the indiscernible presences that came and went. Yet one lingered, constant.

    He had no voice (he could not scream).

    His body ached, but he knew he was alive, despite the damage his body sustained. More time passed, and he still could not open one eye, but he was better able to make out his surroundings and see that Zarina remained at his side.

    Somehow, it was just like her to be there to nurse him.

    Yin could finally speak one day when she sang in that sweet voice of hers as she undressed him of old bandages on his arm, though it pained him to.

    “You sing off-key,” he croaked.


    Liu Yin has many titles in Eorzea and beyond, this world and the First. However, before a woman who reeks of cynicism and darkness, he is but a simple man who had his own life and was able to reach this height. A man who had troubles, a man who was a pain in the ass every other time, a man with a sharp tongue and a sense of humor, a man with a past just like all of them. He is a mortal just like all of them. Warrior of Light is just a name pushed on him. Zarina always used that title with Yin sarcasm dripping off each syllable, making sure he knows she’s not here to pamper him or see him as something he’s not in her judging gaze. Their story turned so differently than she expected, how could he become so important to her and now be absent? The moment when Alisaie’s scream rings through the room to wake all who had been knocked out by the Endsinger, Sokolova’s blood ran cold despite her body aching and the metal taste in her mouth still being prevalent. 

    Did she not do the same to him? The way the flames would stand in their way, the way the people screamed how they had nothing and how they destroyed everything that made them curious and made them move forward. They all burned, burned in boredom and self destruction. And how she stepped forward, challenging their strength and their boredom that they inflicted on themselves, calling them weak and for not being able to do anything to her. 

    Did she not do the same to him? By grabbing Liu by his collar, roughly bringing him closer to her and kissing him deeply in front of G’raha, Alisaie, and Alphinaud who would turn away at the showcase of such an emotional scene. The Warrior of the Light and Juggernaut were in love, it was known but such open showcase of a loving feeling wasn’t exactly what happened a lot. Not before Scions, at least, not that much. And yet, the way she proposed to Yin then and there, stating that once this will all end, she will buy him a ring and marry him on spot in Sharlayan if it’s even possible, but she loved him and she promised that a wedding shall happen and the bright future is still ahead of them. 

    Did she not do the same to him? The flames turned to ice, the road was clear, but her presence was gone just like all other Scions. The path created was there because of a life spent, but this life knew exactly what will happen. It was obvious by the way she said that the future is ahead, there was no doubt in her mind. This was not the end. 

    So was it really the same as it then when he had teleported all of them without even saying that he will be back? Her hands remained clasped together, prayers went out into the Light as she thought of every single moment spent together from the first moment they’d met in the Waking Sands by accident and then when he, Tataru, and Alphinaud needed help after the disaster of Ul’dah. Who knew the famed Warrior of Light would become so important to her heart, her soul, her entire being? It only started off because Minfilia asked her to look over them all, she owed a debt to Scions and Louisoix. This was her payment, but it turned out like this. 

    How could she explain to him what she felt when she finally saw him appear back? The rush of relief and animalistic fear at the sight would remain the never-forgotten combination that froze her for a moment up until he started to wobble and fall forward. The speed she rushed in to catch him in her embrace was remarkable. She didn’t care about her own clothes, instead, her voice would ring out among others so clear and with the first ever note of genuine concern, call for everyone who can heal to start their job right now. Despite keeping her external calm appearance and making sure that everyone would do what must be done to save the life that became so essential to her own, Zarina was praying once again to have Liu Yin live on, survive, and open his eyes.

    He came back alive, she would forgive him for his stunt from before simply because he came back and it was enough. Seeing him asleep instead of being in grave danger was enough for her. There was no anger left in her anymore over his decision, not letting her stay by his side until the very end. She won’t be angry, she only hoped he will be alright at the end of. No matter how long she had to stay by his side, she will not allow anyone from the Scions to tell her to get out of his room. 

    As he remained unconscious in the bed once they’ve arrived back to their home, Zarina remained by Yin’s side. Thanced and Urianger tried to push her out of the room four days in, but she refused to let anyone approach her. The familiar growl and the glowing stare of danger would be shot at anyone who tried to speak to her while taking a break. G’raha suffered as much as Alphinaud and the already mentioned two. Krile also tried to come to a common ground with her, but it was denied as well. Liu was far more important than even her own health at that point. She could go on, the only times she did separate herself from the bedroom of her beloved and his bed was when she needed to quickly grab some food and shower quickly. Alisaie stayed so long as well, it made the older woman carefully carry the twin out to place her on the couch and cover her in a blanket. Personally, Zarina remained sitting on the chair next to the bed, reading a book or checking Yin’s state every once in a while. 

    “ Thank you for coming back, ” she whispers once to him when she knows he’s asleep, a kiss to his forehead is her small charm in hope that he will soon open his eyes. Her voice has never sounded softer than now when she tried to be quiet to let the mind, the body, and the soul rest. Zarina held onto Yin’s hand, remembering how back in the First she called him her anchor and how he remained by her side until she was able to once again be ‘herself.’ “ Now, just rest and open your eyes when you can. ”

    Y’shtola asked her how long has it been since she was asleep three days later, Zarina doesn’t reply as she continues to keep vigil. It’s obvious both Krile and Y’shtola were ready to intervene, but the sight of Zarina by Yin’s side made them stop. The gaze of genuine longing and love and concern was seen on her face, they’d never seen her act like this or even show such an expression. It shut away all and everyone’s bothersome questions. Even if they cared, they didn’t understand what was going through her mind. Silence became her friend once again up until the sight of Liu’s first awakening. It was in the middle of the dark night, the only light came from the candles around as Zarina continued to stare at the flame instead of doing anything else, but the moment she noticed the stir, she jumped closer to him. 

    How could she deny the fact that tears started to well up in her eyes, but they did not spill. Not yet, she couldn’t allow to show him this first thing when he wakes up. His awakening meant that he was going to be fine, he came back both in body and in soul, he came back to her, he was here and he finally opened his eyes. Even if injuries were devastating, he pushed through and he was back to being conscious. Sokolova remembered how her lips trembled as she tried to hold back a sob while she put on a smile and told him that things will be fine and he was back and it will be alright. Was she telling it to herself or to him or to both of them? It was unknown, she doesn’t remember anything aside from the relief that washed over her as she would then hold his hand, repeating his name in that relieved and happy tone. How long had it been since she expressed such genuine and pure emotion without the sarcasm, the poison, the sharpness, the coldness, the rationale? It was pure emotion, pure love, pure relief, pure happiness. He could so easily poke fun at her down the line, tease her about this showcase of emotion that she’d never done before. He could and she would let him, acknowledging every single second of what she’d done and shown to him. The sight of him awake made it all the better, she will forgive him for the future jokes as well. 

    When the Scions found out that Yin had awakened, so many had gathered to see it for themselves. It was good to see everyone being as relieved as she was. Alisaie and Alphinaud were once again showed up with tears in their eyes, G’raha now more put together but still tearing up, Y’shtola with Krile and Urianger would continue to monitor the warrior’s state, and Thancred with Zarina would stand to the side and breathe out a sigh of relief over this image. Waters called her out once more about the dark circles under her eyes and the sluggish look, but she pushed him out of the room with one swift move to not let his words reach anyone else. It was rather comedic as she remained by Liu’s side to make sure that his wounds would not reopen and cause him more trouble. 

    Days go by, Yin’s recovery continues to slowly follow the path towards healing. Upon further discussion with healers, Zarina was able to hear the diagnosis and the estimated time needed for a full recovery. Even the esteemed Warrior of Light will need time to get up from this one. Even if she was yet to actually declare herself to be Liu’s wife, she already thought to herself how nagging she might become to push away certain pleasantries like alcohol and some of the food for a while to make sure he can make full recovery faster than anything. By now, she would still sleep in the chair, but actually sleep and not just nod off for half an hour and wake up at any sensation of something happening in the room. Hypervigilance was her friend and her enemy. Now that Yin’s life was no longer in danger, she allowed herself to sleep at night and let someone else handle the vigil… one time. It took her a while to make sure that Krile and Y’shtola won’t slip up about how she kept her watch over Liu’s state, her touch far more gentler and careful than with anyone else. The patience of a saint, not letting the pressure get to her and remaining calm and collected when listening to the updates from professionals. 

    - Might we offer you some assistance, Zarina? You have not rested in days, it might become dangerous for you as well if you keep at his side for so long without proper rest. 

    - Krile is correct in her worries, you have stayed at his side since his admittance. Would you not care about how he feels if he were to wake up and you collapse on all of us?

    “ As much as I appreciate your concerns, there is no reason for you to bring up ‘what if’ scenarios. There won’t be any collapsing happening before his eyes. You may be scholars in your own right, but the matters of my own body and its limits are not for you to judge. I shall remain, if I am in dire need of help, then I shall inquire for your help without hesitation. However… Thank you, I mean it. ”

    It didn’t help that they kept reminding her of all possibilities. As if she didn’t know. They simply didn’t know, to this day, how much she’d gone without sleep as a reaper and as a warrior without them. 

    Upon investigating his eye, Sokolova would think to herself that it might be beyond saving. The change of bandages became so easy for her now, she knew how to lessen his pain with ease. It was almost important for her to keep all wounds clean and more. Her care for him took over all other instincts, care and wish for his well-being to become better would lead her forward and not let her think of anything else aside from sending a message to her brothers once. If anything, Zarina was far more protective of Yin, especially when someone like Estinien would come in. Scions noted how much of a lioness she became because she was making sure that others were clean before entering the room, all because she couldn’t allow any germs to be let in that could worsen Liu’s state. Once again, it was done outside of the patient’s room for the sake of his rest. Just how many complaints will Liu Yin hear once he is better from every single person who tried to visit him and went through a grilling process, including those who were of high authority like Ser Aymeric or Alliance? Don’t let her start on others as well. All shall speak of the nightmare that is Zarina Sokolova, the gatekeeper between the Warrior of Light and his comrades who couldn’t keep their mouths shut to let him rest. 

    It took some time for her songs to come back to her. The gentle melodies that she would hum when Yin would be still unconscious would be her ways to keep herself present and not allow pressure to settle in. Now, her hums and songs have a bit of a brighter tone as she continues to change his bandages. The fact that he is getting better brings a smile to her face as she doesn’t miss the other’s gaze. He hasn’t spoken at all since his awakening, but the healer did mention that the voice should return bit by bit. Just when the last bandage was done and her song would come to a stop would Yin finally speak. The rough hoarseness would catch her attention immediately, but what he says makes her remain in silence for a bit. 

    Was this really what he wished to say? The very first thing when his voice returned to him? How fitting for a pain in the arse that he presented himself to be more often than not with that drive for adventure and for that sarcastic mannerism of his. Instead of getting annoyed or irked, Zarina chuckles and shakes her head before settling down on his bed. 

    “ You can deal with it for the stunt you pulled at the end, ” she smiles calmly, the serenity in her gaze doesn’t match her joke. She does jest, of course, she is not angry with him or at him for what happened before. Her only happiness lies in the fact that he is now with her and there is nothing standing in-between them. No matter what he chooses afterward once the recovery is done, she would follow through with everything he wishes to do. The ring is already bought and waits for the right moment to truly propose once he can stand up and walk around. On that note, Zarina shakes her head slightly and then reaches out her hand to caress Yin’s cheek. She knows she doesn’t sing off-key, it would be unbecoming of her who sang arias outside before Ishgardian nobles and caught their attention like a blooming flower in the middle of winter. Now, this flower belonged only to a man named Liu Yin and him alone. “ Get better, alright? Concentrate on that. I shall remain by your side no matter what. ”

    A second passes and she pinches his cheek slightly. 

    “ At least croak out my name, little frog. ” 

    Is it too obvious how in love and how happy she is to see him finally speak? After all, it means that he is getting better. 

    “ I have a lot to catch up with you after recovery, ” now this was said with a mysterious tone, the teasing reflects in her tone as she lets go of his cheek and flicks his forehead. 

    #3-4k drabble? more likely than you think :') #heavensbent #❄  ―  IN CHARACTER.  ╱  you breathe by the sun,i breathe by the moon. #❅  𝐕.  FFXIV  ⤻   embrace my spirit and become one with me o’ frigid fury‚ the leading polar star. ❞ #long post // #liu yin tag. #no icons because i dont have fitting ones :')))
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  • weatheredfailnot
    25.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Not us, planning out an entire elaborate Phantom Thief AU

    #FFXIV#FFXIV screenshots#Dove Carline#A'loq Tia#Haurchefant#Haurchefant Greystone #Phantom Thief Verse #We got her through all the post-Stormblood content!!!! And she's more than halfway through Shadowbringers #So of course this means returning to our Phantom Thief enjoyer roots
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  • sparrowscarletffxiv
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #ffxiv #final fantasy xiv #ff14 #final fantasy 14 #another sparrow vanity post #miqo'te#ffxiv rdm#ffxiv glamour#ffxiv gpose#red mage#gpose#gposers
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  • squips-ship
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    local astrology lady update since i hit ast level 80 <3

    #fuCKINFFGGFGG CARDS /lh #i now have my two current main classes at level 80 PFDHDSHS #felt cute might delete later (joke) #THE SILLY LITTLE HAT ALWAYS REMAINS FOLKS #inserts: ffxiv#ffxiv posting#ffxiv chatter
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  • aterlupus
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    You waited for the Champion of Eorzea to come and save you, but they never did. Do not despair. There will always be a place for you here.

    #everyone asleep post Traitor!Minfilia AU #Gaius #ffxiv gpose stuff #Minfilia Warde #i dont know why #i just have thoughts about it
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  • smallest-turtle
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I think alisaie and deidre should be beverage girlies together

    #their first date is a tea service and in endwalker we literally get coffee together like #they like their sips #text#ffxiv#my post#alisaie/wol#alisaie leveilleur#deidre hunt#deidre/alisaie
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  • friberchi
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    I’ll squish them ♡
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  • smallest-turtle
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Zenos: This is crazy

    Zenos: I'm having feelings again, like some sort of five year old kid, you remember feelings right?

    Haurchefant: Yeah, I have feelings every single day of my life.

    Zenos: You do?

    Haurchefant: Are you saying you don't have feelings??? Since you were Five???.... By the Fury....

    #ffxiv #this is it this is how it starts #context: they are both on the first #text#my post#deidre hunt#haurchefant greystone #zenos yae galvus
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  • lainra
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Medium | Bismarck | Empryreum | Ward 21 | Plot 18 Ao Estate

    #ffxiv#ffxiv housing #Final Fantasy XIV #final fantasy online #I think I was a lot prouder of it while it was still in progress #now im idk a little disapointed #it's still better than my first house #this is my third house including my apartment #not a gif #immediately after I posted this I scrapped this place #imma make me an art deco / renewal themed house
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  • cherry-blossomtea
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    You know for a quest called “Death Unto Dawn” right at the end of the expac, literally nothing happened lmfao. Every other expac there’s been a come to jesus “Welcome to Heavensward/Stormblood/Shadowbringers” but the transition to Endwalker is being played on a muffled kazoo. What the fuck is going on????

    #ffxiv #like yeah the telephoroi are trying to destroy the world cool #we still have…..literally no idea what they’re planning or what they’re doing #there’s no SCHEMING #there’s no piecing things together #Really! it’s because Seat of Sacrifice was the end of ShB #the credits should have rolled there #my internet died during the credits so if the post credits cutscenes can deliver I’ll be all right
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  • leejafythe
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Leeja’s guilt ate at her more. “Thancred–” “Primals. Warriors of Darkness. Rhalgr’s Reach invasion. Almost becoming a Lightwarden. Endsinger and Zenos. I know you have a duty but by the swivin’ gods, Leeja. I made a promise to you to stand by your side, to fight with you, to save the world with you. And you sent us away. You sent me away.” There was an edge to his voice that was unmistakable. He didn’t mean to sound angry, he was hurt and scared for her.

    “You fought the Endsinger alone. We could have helped you, kept you safe but instead–” “Thancred!” Shouting hurt but it was needed. “I screwed up, okay? I didn’t think when I sent you all away and for that I am sorry. I acted to keep you safe because I couldn’t handle losing you all again. I know Alisaie is angry at me, I know” she sniffled. “But I didn’t fight alone. I heard your prayers, love. I felt them and they pushed me onward.”

    Taken from Confessions

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  • cormbreb
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    "For this journey's end is but one step forward to tomorrow"

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  • the-manderville-mambo
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Where are my Gold Saucer-themed yo-yo DNC weapons, Squenix? We deserve some yo-yos with which to annihilate our enemies. We deserve to be yo-yo men. Let us yo

    #ffxiv #i make this post because playing as dnc has made me realize #we don't fight with danger frisbees #we fight with danger yo-yos #also dnc is now my favorite ranged phys job #it's so jingly and fun #and my attacks are basically cool yo-yo tricks
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  • dekirukoto
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

       The Warrior of Light, a young Hyur from the Far East who took up adventuring as a way to make money for his refugee family. His travels brought him to Limsa Lominsa, an Eorzean city-state, where he joined the local Adventurer’s Guild. Makoto took up work and slowly became known as a helpful and sometimes heroic -- if chronically unlucky -- adventurer, accomplishing much in spite of his self-proclaimed mundanity. However, his life would change forever when he was recruited by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, setting him down a path he never would have imagined.

       Honkai Impact

       A Schicksal Chevalier in attendance at St. Freya Academy as one of its very few male students. Once an ordinary civilian living his hopelessly normal day to day life, an incident with Honkai beasts destroyed his city, with him awakening his natural stigmata because of his intense desire to live amidst the destruction. When he came to in a Schicksal-affiliated hospital he was given the offer to be admitted to St. Freya due to his stigmata, and he eventually accepted.    It is unknown to him, but Makoto is the candidate for 11th Herrscher: the Herrscher of Binding.

    #— is there someone behind the mask?  ( out of character. ) #future ffxiv tag. #future honkai tag. #finally....got these done desu #been having a lot of thoughts abt ffxiv and honkai recently i might post abt 'em once i do some writing to incentivize myself #i'm fleshing out my other idea for honkai (pseudoherscherr makoto) if HoB ends up getting a canon version too #and i feel the whole wol business would have a similar effect on makoto that being the ultimate hope does #(reputation responsibility having to be strong 24/7 and MORE) #and makoto's ffxiv class progression is arcanist --> summoner --> machinist --> samurai --> dark knight --> paladin #it'll make sense eventually i've got it planned out in my head
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    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Gift from a friend: Sadu and Zumi being unhinged Black Mages together ~ 💜

    #my friend Hervor drew this and gave me permission to post #ffxiv#ff14#miqo'te#miqote #ffxiv black mage #ffxiv blm#sadu dotharl#sadu heavensflame
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