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  • faelune-home
    07.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Sharing a fresh link to my FFXIV Write 2021 compilation since I realised that I didn’t update my contents page once I’d finished uploading the last piece before Endwalker dropped.

    So since the compilation was fresh on my mind for two reasons - updating the contents and grabbing the link for Soul to add to my other fanfic I posted - I wanted to reshare it now.

    I’m also in the mood now to maybe work on those extras I said I wanted to do, so those might come out soon-ish.

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  • tiredassmage
    12.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    FFXIVWrite, But Belated - Day 1 (Foster)

    I had about zero time to do the challenge while it was current, but I’m in a bit of a better place, sort of, time-wise now, and I have some energy to write, but not always a solid idea of what I want to get out, so! I figured I’d go back to the challenge and see what I can do for the (many) days I missed! I won’t necessarily be treating this like a prompt a day kind of thing, but rather little things to work with when I have time and the will to write, but not necessarily a solid idea. If I do enough of these, I’ll collect them all into a little AO3 piece, too. <3

    This first day features my beloved bunny boy, Bas, and Peregrine Drusus, of @fatewalker-phoenix​ fame.

    No content warnings apply. Set in early Stormblood, so late Heavensward afterstory/early Stormblood spoilers.

    Rhaglr’s Reach really did come alive as the sun set. As the sun melted into vibrant oranges and gentle pinks above, framed by the high, rocky walls and the great, looming statue of Rhaglr, the Resistance would light the torches around the valley, sending firelight dancing across the sands, and all reflected in the pool at the great god’s feet.

    Bas sighed easily as he closed his eyes, kept warm by this intermingling of wonderful light, serenaded by the constant murmur of life. Patrols and watches would still be coming and going while those who had already returned settled by their tents or around campfires to trade tales of the day, talk strategy, share their history and a warm meal.

    For a moment, he could almost let himself forget they were bonded here by war. And he decided that he would, for the time. A gentle smile tugged at his lips.

    While it would always pay to be vigilant, it was just as important to cherish these small moments, for this was but a taste of the peace they all craved. He was glad they had the chance. Not all did, and Dalmasca was not so far behind him that he could forget.

    But it was why they fought, why they struggled. Why Bas believed it a better honor to the fallen that he had lived, even if it had been chained as a hound for the very Empire that had taken so many from them. But the dead could not act. And, here, now, alive.., they still had a chance to make a difference. To chart their next chapter for themselves.

    His ears pricked to the sound of familiar voices, some distance away. Y’shtola and Krile and… Peg.

    His smile widened a touch as he spotted them beneath the archways.

    It was difficult for her here. He had asked them all to help keep an eye on her, for her sake. Few were those who had not questioned why he had brought her back from the Wall, and there were fewer still who were keen on her presence at all.

    Ilberd had taken many from them at the Wall, and he had brought back a Garlean as an ally in the fight against the Empire. They weren’t the only ones struggling to swallow it. She had asked him herself why he’d done it, why he hadn’t put her to the blade for siding with the Braves that night in Ul’dah, for being a traitor.

    But… Not that anyone was keeping count, but… Bas had seen over one hundred summers. She was pure of heart, in the end, if… a bit misguided.

    Which may be something of an understatement to most, but it was a… gentle statement. Aye, she had been raised under the ivory standard and it had shown more than once, but he had yet to find her anything less than earnest about changing herself and the world around her.

    And he would not see that crushed by those who would not look carefully at the future they wanted to build. The past would not change for want of something better. The future, however… Well, that was the whole point, was it not?

    So, she had gotten a little lost along the way… Most of them did. He was merely glad they had the chance to meet again and proceed forward together, that someone could be there to guide her. And.., yes… Perhaps he was a little glad that companion happened to be him. At least one of them, anyway.

    Though she hated it every time he pointed it out, she was yet so young, with a whole life ahead of her. And if how far they had come was any indication of what lie ahead, they could still go so much further. They may even have the chance to see some of that drastic and meaningful change she craved.

    One step at a time, he would counsel. And, if she should ever slip again, he would be there, as he trusted she would for him. For her somewhat naïve shortcoming, she did not abandon her heart and her causes for whimsy.

    That had earned her his respect and his trust. And he was eager to see what she might achieve with it.

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  • miqojak
    13.10.2021 - 7 monts ago


    FFXIVWrite2021, #22

    (( Had this sitting in drafts for a week, now, and wasn't so sure I loved it, but I'ma shove it out into the light of day anyways. A few different people had some intrusive questions, and a gleam in their eyes that Jak didn't like, at the answers they got. ))

    I struggle for each breath, by the time I make it home, and all the way downstairs, to my bathroom sink.

    Don't look her in the eye.

    I don't know what to call this - fear? Apprehension? Dread?

    I avoid the mirror's reflective gaze.

    I'm tired of being a project.

    It cut deep, when the Wolf used to say it; and it stings to see the light in their eyes, when they learn...what I am? When they learn that they want to know what I am, and why I am how I am.

    A curious oddity; the Empire's twisted leftovers; a thing broken, and in need of fixing. A specimen.

    ...Do I? Need fixing?

    I dampen a towel in chilled water, and wipe my face - I can head off panic...festering wound that it is, opened anew in the wake of far more inquiries into myself than I can, quite literally, stomach.

    I know that look. It haunts me.

    But I'm not a project.

    Not a specimen.

    Not a test subject.

    Not as alone.

    If I don't want to be 'fixed', then I won't be. Simple.

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
    06.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    30. Abstracted

    "Teagan?" She could still hear the screams. The cries. The scent of copper at the back of her tongue, the roar of the crowd drowning out her own thoughts. The faces at her feet blurred, a shifting mess of memories and forgotten fragments, voices and voiceless cries as hands tried to drag her down. Their screams a stark contrast from the voice above, praising her. Praising the blood on her hands, the guilt on her conscience; oh how good she had been-


    She held her head, shaking it as she tried to shake the images from her mind. Tried to forget the faces, the voices; not now, not now, please.... Tried to shake away the knowledge that it should have been her left to stain the sands crimson, not them. Not any of them. They'd had so much stolen from them... so much stolen by her hand. She knew she didn't deserve any of this; getting to be here. Be out here. She didn't deserve her friends, or her found family.... she knew this. They'd said as much, the whispers at her feet. She knew this, she knew this, she knew this - "Teagan!"

    The sharp words drew her from her thoughts, from the last tendrils of the nightmare that had held her so ensnared. Right, right... she was on her bed.... sitting. No, not her bed; the futon laid on the floor up in the attic lair. When had she sat up? She wasn't sure. She looked up, blue gaze meeting the worried gold, as she vague registered the words. Concerned....worried. Oh, she must have been talking in her sleep... and her half-absent state.

    "I'm alright." The lie came easily enough as she put a smile on, trying to brush it off. "Forgot to use my music box. It... it was just a bad dream. Don't worry, yeah?"

    "It's nothing."

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
    05.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    29. Debonair

    She had seen the flicker of something familiar in the little starveling pup. The tiny thing, skin and bones, left to nature's course out in the woods. Tiny cries weak, barely there; he'd been barely able to lift his head off the dirt. He'd been so fragile, so small, so light as she gently scooped him up. He'd flinched at first, tiny body tensing in a way that made her heart ache at the familiarity of his fear.

    "Shhh, shhh, it's alright." Words soft as the pup was cradled to her chest, tucked under her chin as she rubbed his back soothingly. "It's alright. You're safe now." She wasn't sure who had hurt this poor boy, or who had left him to rot in the woods, but she never would. Never.


    "Shh, shh, it's alright." Thunder rumbled and lightning crackled across the sky, the rain thundering against the glass on the other side of the room. The past two years had watch Nugget grow, from a tiny pup cupped in the palms of her hand, to the large pup that engulfed her torso as she held him. But some things never changed; the way she held him so gently, the way he hid his head under her chin, seeking comfort in his moment of weakness. Of fear. The way her hand ran down his back, gently trying to ease the tenseness and fear from her little friend.

    "Shh.... It's just a storm, Nuggie. You're safe... nothing's going to hurt you. I promise."

    And if she had her say, nothing ever would.

    #ffxiv write 2021 #ffxivwrite 2021#ffxivwrite2021#drabble #went with the archaic definition of gentle #I had nothing else #also Nugget origins #kinda
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  • aethernoise
    05.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    ffxivwrite 2021 compilation

    1. foster / 2. aberrant / 3. scale / 4. baleful / 5. perihelion / 6. avatar / 7. speculate / 8. adroit (nsfw) / 9. friable / 10. heady  

    12. proposition / 13. oneirophrenia / 14. commend (nsfw-ish) / 15. thunderous 

    19. transpose / 20. petrichor / 21. feckless / 22. fluster / 23. soul 

    25. silver lining / 27. benthos / 29. debonair

    22/31 ain’t bad at all I don’t think. Numbers-wise my lowest performance, but I wrote some things I really like and some things I really wanted to write for a while. I also got started on some ideas I may return to (“adroit” and “heady” come to mind).

    I bolded my favorites if you’re curious or looking for places to begin. 

    Thank you as always @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast​ for running the show-- loved the prompts this year! And thanks for everyone for participating and encouraging each other, it’s really fun to see. 

    #sorry i'm not much for commentary on this one #i'll say what i say every year: #proud of yous #emily blabs about writing #ffxivwrite 2021#master post#administrative#my writing#emmerwrites
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  • umbralsound-xiv
    04.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Prompt #31 - Sail (Extra Credit)

    Character: ?

    It’s done, then.

    My ties with Eorzea are severed, the instant this boat cleared from Limsan seas. There’s no one left there; and any evidence they find will not lead them to me as it had before.

    Trust no one. I learned it young enough. Anyone stupid enough to listen is just a tool for my disposal; to bend, to break, to burn at my own will.

    And there are plenty of fucking stupid people. Maybe a few less in Eorzea, now.

    Those blind enough to listen and take the fucking potion like i asked will be dead; it wasn’t supposed to hold for long. Long enough for them to think they wield more power than they once had, and for me to make my escape, and short enough that they couldn’t do anything too reckless.

    Just a delusional gobbet of flesh, by the time it’s through with them.

    Those two would see everyone killed; i taught them it all well enough. No one who stood with me will remain, and... Well.

    Saves me a job, i suppose. I’ll start again. I have before.

    It’s amazing how an eyepatch and a pot of dye will fool even the most perceptive people. Suppose i’ll have to take on an alias... Little too risky to use this name.

    Something local? Or something from where i came, is the question?

    I’ll mull it over with a glass of rum.

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  • chysgoda
    04.10.2021 - 7 monts ago


    Post 5.55

    X’rhun hummed to himself as he looked through his jewelry box for the garnet cuff links Arya and Bel had gifted to him a moon past, on his name day. He smiled fondly thinking of the wrapping paper that had been decorated with artfully childish drawings of rapiers and roses and the tag that had simply read ‘Father’ in what he recognized as Bel’s best ‘from the office of the Lord Speaker’ handwriting. He glanced at himself in the mirror as he finished settling the cuffs of his shirt. The crows feet at the corners of his eyes had deepened in the eight years since he’d met his girls and he fancied he could name the individual care and laugh lines caused by a pair of daughters who had chosen dangerous trades. He smiled and ran a thumb over one of the cuff links, the title had been the kind of jest that obfuscated a heartfelt sentiment.

    Such a family he’d stumbled into that afternoon at the Coin and Coffer the day he and Art’imis had first met.

    “Father isn’t a bad look on you lovely.” X’rhun looked up from fussing with his ascot to see Riol standing behind him in the mirror. The spy smiled and stepped forward to kiss his lover’s cheek. “General Tarupin asked Thancred and I to double check the security measures for the Sultana's birthday party. We just finished. ”

    X’rhun turned around to claim a proper kiss from the other man. “That will help put Art’imis’s mind to rest.”

    “Don’t blame her,” Riol’s easy smile vanished as bitter memories surfaced briefly. “That was… a bad night.”

    X’rhun brushed his thumb across Riol’s cheek.

    “Papashan must have been put out by that request.”

    “Papashan can put on big boy pants and deal with it.” Riol said flatly. He leaned into X’rhun’s touch and suddenly his smile came back, “I’m afraid I have bad news from the adventurer’s guild though.”

    The Miqo’te mage arched an eyebrow and let his hand drop only for Riol to catch it and lace their fingers together. The blond’s smile became a grin. “I’m afraid you've been ousted as the guild’s favorite discreet bodyguard and arm candy for formal occasions.”

    X’rhun put a hand to his chest to mime a heart attack the effect was spoiled by the amusement in his eyes though, “Say it’s not so! Who could they possibly replace me with.”

    “The Ashley twins.” Riol laughed.

    “I thought they were in Doma?” X’rhun straightened up from his play acting and pulled away from Riol so that he could retrieve his frock coat from its hanger.

    “Just got back a month ago, evidently they got themselves some shinobi training out East.”

    “And they’ve ousted me?” X’rhun shook his head and chuckled. “Serves me right for not checking in for jobs more often I suppose.”

    “Nah, Momondi said there’d be too much drama given how you and Art are anything but subtle. Evidently she’s forcing them to go to the weaver’s for fashion lessons.”

    “Oh that would be something to see.” X’rhun paused for a moment to admire the embroidery on the short coat. Black embroidery on black fabric added texture without calling attention to what the designs were, and scattered here and there were tiny blood red crystals with such clarity that the black silk beneath could be seen. Acramina arrays for aether acceleration and control, protection from the elements as well as blunt force trauma. He wondered how Redolent Rose had coaxed an arcanist away to come join the weavers. And for that matter he’d gotten his hands on what he knew where crystals being grown in a going experiment between the Goldsmiths, Alchemists, Arcanists, and Thaumaturges, and Godbert Manderville. (On second thought it had probably been Manderville). The coat layered over a closely fitted waist coat of deep red silk cross woven with ebony black. Here the arrays had been embroidered with glittering gold work and the same red crystals as the coat.

    “Redolent really did outdo himself this time,” Riol didn’t bother to hide how much he admired the cut of the pants and how much it flattered X’rhun’s ass. “Still glad it’s you two and not me rubbing elbows with Ul’dah’s elite.”

    “I remember something about the Admiral banning you from formal events?” X’rhun chuckled and turned just enough that Riol could see all he wanted.

    Riol grinned but didn’t elaborate on the rumor. Instead he stepped around to X’rhun’s front to straighten the lay of the frockcoat’s collar. He moved to straighten the ascot and got his fingers smacked for his trouble. “I love you dearly Riol but there are toddlers that could tie a better ascot or cravat than you.”

    The blond hyur pouted, “Are you impugning my fashion sense?”

    “That would imply there was one to start with.” X’rhun said, dry as the Sangolii. He offered a courtly arm to his lover and Riol linked their elbows like a farmer and his wife walking to market. The mage laughed and kissed the rouge’s cheek. “Let’s go see if the girls are done fussing with our kitten yet.”

    Riol laughed and motioned for X’rhun to take the lead, “Lead the way dear Nuhn.”

    They laughed and teased each other as they went to find their missing lover.

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  • starsandauras
    04.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Prompt 31: Cuddles

    FFXIV 30 Day Writing Challenge Prompt 31: Cuddles (Surprise! Extra Credit/Free Day)

    Slowly the sun rose over Il Mheg, and the light just as slowly seeped into the windows of the Bookman’s Shelves, soon falling upon the three figures curled up in the large bed that took up most of the space of Urianger’s bedroom. Well, what space wasn’t taken up by books, of course. Even there, there were books upon books, with shelves buckling under their weight.

    Thancred, Brigid, and Urianger slept soundly, ignoring the rising of the sun. The blankets were light, save for a quilt kicked to the foot of the bed. Brigid was in the center, head pillowed on Thancred’s chest, arm stretched over him. He was on her right side, on his back, the arm nearest Brigid wrapped around her shoulders, brushing a finger over her skin in his sleep. Urianger was curled up behind Brigid, on her left, tucked in close against her, their legs tangled under the sheets. His face was buried in her hair, but not so much that he pulled when she moved. One hand was shoved under the pillow, while the other was stretched out along her hips.

    It was a peaceful sleep, quiet breathing and the occasional mumbled nonsense the only sounds in the room. Sometimes one of the three shifted, causing a domino effect with the other two, but all remained asleep, content.

    During one of those shifts the light hit their hands, glinting softly off the rings on each of their ring fingers. Silver on Thancred, rose gold on Brigid, and traditional yellow gold on Urianger. No stones on the bands, only simple metal. They gleamed like brand new, sitting perfectly on each finger. Surely one day they would all be banged and worn, a testament to the long life they had led, but for now they held only promise.

    And then Thancred suddenly snored, startling Brigid awake. She stared at him a moment, still groggy, before she started laughing, as quiet as possible, but the shaking woke both Thancred and Urianger, and she shook her head when they both made questioning noises. Soon enough she drifted back off to sleep, and her breathing was soothing enough, along with it being still very early, for them to join her.

    They might have still been on the First, but in that room, they were in their own cozy world.

    #FFXIVWrite 2021#FFXIVWrite #Warrior of Light: Brigid O'Donnell #Thancred Waters#Urianger Augurelt #Triad: Casual Affair Hath Present Laughter #yeah I don't like that one I'm gonna make a new one #but I like this! #this makes me happy
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  • starsandauras
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    FFXIVWrite2021: Recap

    So here we are, at the end of all things. It was... a month. And the first time in a year I’d written anything after NaNoWriMo pretty much broke me. (And after I fell into the Persona 5 fandom... that kinda happened at the start of this year)

    Of course, much thanks go to @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast for hosting this amazing thing. I honestly don’t know how Moen does it, y’all. I barely can take part, especially considering work.

    You can find the fills this year at this link, but like many others, this isn’t all. At some point today I’ll put up the start of the AO3 edits, under the title Listen to the Breathing Sea.  Depending on how I feel after setting up the AO3 page, I might put up a tumblr master list. We’ll see.

    And of course, a massive congratulations to everyone this year! If you did all thirty days, if you did just one, if you wrote MASSIVE EPICS or just a single sentence, you did it! You did the thing! You’re all worthy of praise!

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  • grumpy-limsan-customs-cat
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    FFXIVWrite2021 Master List

    #1 - Foster - Ivrault Druivedare

    #2 - Aberrant - Qatan Xura

    #3 - Scale - Walking Oak

    #4 - Baleful - Hotsu Ishiku

    #5 - No Prompt

    #6 - Avatar - Neyha’li Nujuun

    #7 - Speculate - Shaiki Loiki

    #8 - Adroit - Zimi Yobbi

    #9 - Friable - Luvshan Xura

    #10 - Heady - Afi

    #11 - Preaching to the Choir - Oka Nikuya

    #12 - No Prompt

    #13 - Oneirophrenia - Fymh

    #14 - Commend - Tou Harue

    #15 - Thunderous - Otte Dreamwalker

    #16 - Crane - Milo Xura

    #17 - Destruct - Z’shakka Tia

    #18 - Devil’s Advocate - V’menah Rhaka

    #19 - No Prompt

    #20 - Petrichor - Zimi Yobbi

    #21 - Feckless - Neyha’li Nujuun

    #22 - Fluster - Afi

    #23 - Soul - Fymh

    #24 - Illustrious - Oka Nikuya

    #25 - Silver Lining - Ivrault Druivedare

    #26 - No Prompt

    #27 - Benthos - Tou Harue

    #28 - Bow - Otte Dreamwalker

    #29 - Debonair - Hotsu Ishiku

    #30 - Abstracted - Qatan Xura


    And with that the FFXIVwrite of 2021 is done! Thank you to @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast​ for making it happen once again, and as always it has been a blast to get to know my characters through writing silly drabbles of them.

    Now to not write again until next year.

    #IC drabbles#ffxiv#FFXIVwrite 2021 #All the alts #all of them
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  • umbralsound-xiv
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Prompt #30 - Abstracted

    Characters: Bexy and Mist

    It was early. Earlier than it had any right to be Bexy’s standard, but sleep hadn’t come to easily to her the last few suns. The house was nigh silent; if the Keepers and other nocturnally inclined people were awake, they certainly weren’t around.

    Solitude. In a house she would protect with her life. The bitter pang of it sits between her teeth, as she lays atop the wooden deck, barely illuminated by the moonlight from the many windows.

    She cranes down to the pool of water below, to reveal her face. It was unblemished, unworn by the difficult cycles of her life. Smooth skin and a rounded silhouette contrasted by sharpened features, framed with long, wavy hair. And then her eyes.

    These weren’t the ones she was born with. They were... Unnatural. Blue and bright and...

    How many people saw these as the last thing before they died?

    Her heart leaps, as suddenly a glimmer of green appears in the reflection of one of her eyes.

    A stifled panic, as she plunges her hand into the water, which freezes nigh instantly. But the reflection doesn’t move. It smiles unsettlingly up towards her; as she often would when she was not masked and making a kill.

    Bexy does not hear the footsteps that make their way upstairs. But she’d have known them instantly.

    Her forefingers move to pluck out the green eye from it’s socket...


    She doesn’t hear. All she cares for is removing that eye. She takes a lump of ice from one, and moves to the other.


    A sigh is given from the Duskwight, who dressed in clothes much more comfortable from her standard fare. Judging by how the Seeker’s ears did not even twich at the call of her name, it was safe to assume that Bexy hadn’t heard her.

    Mist knits her brow in worry, and takes a few steps towards her. The cold was palpable in the air, causing her to draw her nightgown around more tightly over her shoulders. She makes it almost within reaching distance, until Bexy’s head turns abruptly over her shoulder.

    The way they caught the moonlight and seemed to glow an eerie blue in the light gave Mist pause. But her tone softens to one Bexy had heard only rarely.

    “Are you alright?”

    The silhouette seems to state back up at Mist, looking very briefly inhuman... Before that sigh, and that same old response she’d been getting for the last few moons came back.

    “I’m fine.”

    She turns away. To look back through the window, towards the stars that flickered between the clouds far off in the distance.

    She’s no longer content to take it as an answer.

    “No, you’re bloody not.” A few steps, and Mist finds herself sat beside her on the wooden decking. It’s still cold, and she has to fight herself from shivering. “It’s three in the morning, Bexy. And you’re sat alone in the company house, in the dark. Don’t birdshite me.”

    She only gives silence in response, but her swivelled ears indicate she is listening, after all.

    “...You know, it’s normal to be... Not yourself, Bexy. Especially after something like that.”

    No response, still.

    She was never this quiet, Mist thought. Ordinarily, she’d not have pried. But this was... Different. Concerning.

    “...Is it about Neoma? I read your report, you know. After you left it with Naino. If it’s any comfort... There was a body reported. Wounded, recently healed. Close to the vicinity of where you fought... Either beastmen got him, or the wildlife did.”

    To that, Bexy gives a small nod. But her gaze still sticks to the window.

    “Please, talk to me.”

    Silence again.

    For a long, long moment. It hangs in the air, before Bexy finally fills her lungs to respond.

    “I want revenge, Mist. I was so sure it was him. So sure that was the sun i’d have my redemption.”

    “...And it wasn’t. And we don’t know where he is. He could have left.”

    Another nod, from Bexy’s part.

    “I am almost certain he has left. To where, i do not know. But i wager no trace of him is left in Eorzea, now. His people wouldn’t have known. Questioning them would have gotten me nowhere. He’d never have told them; he knows i’m not above doing what is necessary to get them to talk.”

    Mist always frowned at the way Bexy spoke of such bleak things with indifference. She shuffles uncomfortably beside her, but doesn’t leave.

    “...I will pluck his eyes from his head, Mist. Pick his throat from my teeth. For everything... Everything that he... Did, to me.”

    Bexy’s voice quavers at the memory, finally meeting Mist’s gaze with terror and fury both.

    “...Everything that he did to us. To my friends, Mist. To my family... I can’t let him live. I can’t let him just run away after everything he’s done.”


    Another quiet, then. Mist is the one to break it this time.

    “...I understand. We’ll find him. Maybe not yet, and maybe no time soon. But we will. But before all of that, you need to rest. Get to grips with everything again, Bexy.”

    A pause.

    “Go on that sodding Honeymoon, or something. We’ll be here when you’re back, open arms and all that. I’ll even endure you telling me about it all.”

    Silence, again. But a faint smile on Bexy’s features are caught.

    “...Thank you, Mist.”

    It was enough. Enough for now; no matter what other dark thoughts paraded through her mind.

    She’d have her revenge, eventually.

    It was always a dish better served cold.

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  • starsandauras
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Prompt 30: Abstracts

    FFXIV 30 Day Writing Challenge Prompt 30: Abstracts

    Araki stuck his tongue between his lips as he focused on the small carving in his hand. It was a horse, frozen mid trot, mane blowing in the wind. He squinted his eyes, turning it as he considered his next point of attack. After a few moments he nodded, taking his knife and shaving a thin strip off the flank, smoothing it out some. (Araki.)

    Apparently satisfied with that, he set it to the side, selecting another carving. It was an adamantoise, shell not yet detailed, just sketched out. (Araki.) Araki picked up a tiny chisel and hammer, slowly and gently starting to chip away at those lines. Every few chips he paused to blow the bits away, then resumed.


    Araki startled at the sudden call of his name, chisel skittering across the shell of the adamantoise. “Aww…” he complained, looking down at the newly scarred wood mournfully. “Why’d you have to go and do that, ‘Tsu?”

    Matsu stared his brother down, crossing his arms. “I called your name twice before,” he said flatly, raising an eyebrow. Oh, that’s what that was… Araki sighed and set the turtle back down, setting his elbows onto the table and propping his chin on his hands. Matsu’s expression softened, looking at the carving. “Oh. Did I ruin it?” he asked, almost whispering.

    Araki shrugged, smiling weakly. “Battle scar,” he said simply. “I doubt Cred will care. What did you need, bro?”

    He jerked his thumb in the direction of Arthur’s office. “He’s doing it again,” he said simply, making the other twin sigh and shake his head.

    “Of course he is.” He rose from his desk and clapped an arm around Matsu’s shoulders. “Man, must be rough, being the only one of us who doesn’t fall into that rabbit hole. How do you survive, not doing that?” he teased, grinning widely.

    Matsu smiled back, only a little less wide. “Somehow, but I doubt I have as much fun as either of you.”

    Araki laughed brightly, the two brothers off to pull their lover out of his book cave of an office long enough to get a meal into him.

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    28. Bow

    She'd picked them out herself, she told herself. The dresses, the skirts; soft whites, gentle blues, crimsons... They were hers. Her clothes, her choices made visible for all to see. Hers and hers alone. She'd been so sure of it before because she hadn't questioned it. Hadn't until she'd learned to question the world around her.

    Be cute, be presentable.

    The words had been almost a mantra back home, a constant reminder of what was expected of her. Have to be cute for the crowds, smile for them Sunshine. Smile and shine, smile and shine... All her dresses in hues of white for the sake of the show. Her image curated to draw in fans, to draw in patrons, to draw in any who would watch.

    Be cute. Be presentable.

    Fingers tugging at ruffles, sifting through dresses. She chose these. She chose these, but had the choice been hers? Did she actually like these, or... She thought she did. She enjoyed wearing them. But did she like them for herself, or because she was -supposed- to? She didn't have an answer for that, her hand falling away from the folds of cloth. Was she choosing for herself, or just wrapping herself up lik a present for those around her? Look cute, be presentable, all with a neat little bow on top...

    She hated it. It had been easier, so much easier when it hadn't been bad. When she didn't question things. When she didn't question herself. She wanted to be able to like things, enjoy things, do things, be things without questioning if it was her or the person she was made to be.

    She shook her head. No, no. No. They'd taken enough from her... she wasn't going to let them rob her of things she'd enjoyed. Not after she'd been away for so long. She enjoyed her dresses, her skirt, these things she'd chosen. It didn't matter why she'd chosen them; if she enjoyed them, that was what mattered. She refused to let them take that from her, take that joy. She shook her head once more, trying to push the questions from her mind.

    It was different now, anyways. Before, she'd been cute for them. For others. For those above her. For those fleeting scraps of praise, for their cheers, for their adoration. But now? Now she was dressing for herself and only herself, for her own approval.

    Not for anyone else.

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    26. Safety

    She'd found herself in her room, the late afternoon sun flooding the windows as she sat in the nest of pillows, absorbing it's warmth. She hadn't slept here since the break in, but had been trying. Trying to spend more time, trying to rebuild her sense of safety in her own home. A part of her still thought it was stupid; it wasn't even -her- room that had been broken into.

    But it could have been.

    She did her best to ignore the little voice in her head as she flopped back against the pillows, staring up at the wood above. How often had she sought and found comfort here, curled up by the glass to watch the world go by? How long until she would again? Until she could again? She shook her head; she was overthinking it. She knew this. And had it not already been said they'd be reviewing and overhauling the security? So why was she so hesitant? Why couldn't she just accept what they said, like she used to? It was so much easier when she didn't question things.

    Her head turned to Nugget, who for his part, was happy to be home, however brief this visit may be. The not-so-little pup was on his favorite part of the couch, dozing away without a care in the world, snuggled up next to Fang. Truth be told, Teagan found herself envious. The dogs didn't have to worry; they had her to depend on for safety.

    She closed her eyes, trying to banish the worry from her mind. The thoughts of unease. The discomfort. Tried to wipe it all away, if only for a moment, while she focused on the sunlight she bathed in. The sunlight she found comfort in.

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
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    27. Benthos

    The sun was gentle as it filtered through leaves of sunset hues, it's golden glow glittering off of the surface of the stream. The surrounding woods were quiet, save for the gentle call of birdsong and the last lingering cicadas singing one last elegy for themselves and the season. Summer had come, and had given it's last farewell as autumn began to paint the Shroud.

    The waters of the quiet little stream were cold against the bare skin of her legs, this daughter of summer wading into the water. Boots abandoned by the shore, her scars hidden from prying eyes out in the depths of the trees... she was at ease. Pale fingers delved into the water as she bent, sorting through the benthos and rocks... A plant here, a rock there; slowly a little bucket of water and her careful selections began to fill. She paid little mind to the water soaking the ends of her dress, the mud on her hands and legs as she worked.

    Ludwigia, java fern, moneywort... there were so many good selections! Especially in the underwater moss; look at the colors! A few snails made it in atop the moss; tiny, bright yellow little creatures, curiously poking around their new temporary environment.

    "They're going to love these." The bucket was held close as she made her way to shore. New plants for her aquariums, and local snails to help with the algae management and uptake. She couldn't wait to get home and start the process of cleaning the plants, making sure they were free of pests and other ick that would make her little friends sick... now, to name her four new little friends....

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  • grumpy-limsan-customs-cat
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    #30 - Abstracted

    At times it was difficult to keep one's attention in the world around, when the world beyond was always there, whispering in its own, strange tones.

    It was even more difficult after the more busy days when the customers were plenty and bells were filled with cacophony of voices, all wanting to be heard, and their ailments and worried eased with words and remedies alike. Not that Qatan minded that - it was his path in life after all, but after a whole day of duties, his mind yearned to withdraw away.

    Away from people, from the noise, and to somewhere quiet and distant, where the silence was filled with eerie melodies and eternal, blissful calm. Where kami told him their unheard stories of pasts and futures, of paths woven together into a tapestry of their song, secrets that for most were only gentle whistles in the wind that passed them by.

    They were his sanctuary, his moment of peace between his daily life - to sit and listen, until to the point he was pulled back into the present once more by his companion's voice, and his daily life continued once more.

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  • punches-and-cream-puffs
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    25. Silver Lining

    Naive. Childish. Foolish. Words that had been hurled at her for her cheerfulness, her optimism, her hope and her trust in people. Words flung in her face, words spoken behind her back when they thought her out of earshot, words she sometimes thought of herself on the nights where the sunshine flickered out in the quiet solitude of her room.

    But was it really childish to hold out for hope? To try to find the positives in the storms that life brought? To try and bring out a kernel of good of the terrible things that had happened? Was it foolish to find comfort in those silver linings, to try and make things better? To try and be okay with all that has happened to her, and all the challenges she faced? Did it make her naive? Were.... they right?

    It didn't matter. If it was foolish to seek the good, then so be it. Let her be foolish. She would rather be foolish, rather be naive, than to wallow in despair. If chasing the glimmering, shimmering threads of positivity in the dark made the world around her easier to bear, she chase them to the ends of the earth. By no circumstance was she unaware of the darkness that lurked in the heart, of how cruel the world could be. But that was why she worked so hard to cultivate the light around her, to find good in every situation. Every person.

    Even if they wronged her.

    Especially if they wronged her.

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  • liminal-storage
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    #30: Shatter

    FFXIVWrite 2021 challenge. Day 30: Abstracted

    Very stream of consciousness with this one, but I think it fits with the prompt.


    Streaks on a fogged windowpane. Dripping condensation seeping into the seal around the glass. A muddled reflection in the smudged glass. Red eyes on the outside looking in to her own home, like a voyeur to her own activities.

    What does it look like? What does it look like? What does it look like?

    What does her life look like?

    Is her reflection the person she wants to be? Has it become more recognizable in recent days? Is her reflection something that appeals to others in any way at all? Or is she just a fading whisper, a drop of water sliding down cold, cold glass to be forgotten once the window's wiped off?

    Fanning breath spreads over her reflection, a stormcloud covering up her features. Her palm presses into the center, smearing five slender fingermarks against the grey. The air has started to grow cold, a miserable sort of drizzle creeping into the Lavender Beds that seems like it's going to last a while. The fibers of a wool sweater might catch that drizzle, whisk the moisture away from the skin, but the cold remains, starts to carve bone-deep. Soon snow will blanket the cobblestones, and even her most precious, tenderly-cared-for flowers will wilt, leaving only the evergreen plants to last through the cold.

    But winter does not mean peace. Even as the quiet flakes fall from the skies and most colors die out, other things wait to come out and play. Some things have been waiting all year for this. Dark things, terrible things. Things with creeping claws and sharp fangs splashed with the one color that seems to remain through any season; red.

    Red as her eyes, which have never once been closed to the dark.

    The peace of the first snowfall will shatter. Soon, red blood and black shadows will decorate the white landscape. She can feel it, just the same as she can feel the cold glass under her fingertips. Some might call it paranoia, but she trusts her intuition.

    It doesn't matter what her reflection looks like now. It doesn't matter how confused she's been, or how things will remain hidden from her until the last moment. She's just waiting to see what's lingering in the unlit corners.

    She'll face whatever it is with eyes wide open.

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  • miqojak
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    FFXIVWrite2021, #29

    The masks began to blur, after a time.

    With time, and gil, both her wardrobe and her manner of speech had improved - sure, there was a time for leather and mini-skirts and slang, but there was also a time silk and gossamer and articulate discussion.

    More, and more, she felt herself slipping into the latter. Working with the Yakuza had been different, at first. Merely a rung on the ladder.

    Could she be both? On a motorcycle one moment, in a boardroom the next?

    When had she ever let others' expectations determine what she thought of herself, however?

    Perhaps they weren't masks, so much as sides of a coin.

    Or, perhaps she'd simply played the role long enough to make it part of her. Either way, she could have the grit and the glamour if she chose.

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