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    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    Title: Out in The Woods Rating: Mature (a little bloodshed) Pairing: Hvitserk/Ubbe (very subtle) A/N: This story is for the lovely @adrille88 whenever she feels like reading, no pressure, just a little present for sometime in the future 💕 Love you lots, you sweetheart 💕 Summary: Hvitserk made the mistake of challenging Ubbe to a one-on-one fight. It goes as one might imagine... Word count: ~ 3,5k

    Read on AO3!

    #vikings#vikings fic#vtrash writes #out in the woods #Hvitserk x Ubbe #Hvitserk#Ubbe#adrille88 #a gift for some day in the future
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    Who would've thought right?

    by onedirection1816

    Louis lives in the Southside of Chicago, works 5 jobs and has to take care of his 5 younger siblings. What happens when Louis gets a new job in the 'STYLES' bakery and meets Northside's one and only Harry Styles presumed to be an arrogant person, mean and thinks he is superior than everybody. But actually isn't, will their friendship grow, what happens when Zayn (Louis Best Friend). and Liam (Harrys Best Friend) meet, what does Harry think about the fact that Louis takes care on his siblings...

    Or Louis get's a new job to be able to feed his siblings and meets Northside's one and only Harry Styles.


    Words: 377, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: One Direction (Band), Shameless (US)

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Stan Lucas, Lottie Tomlinson, Dominic Harrison | Yungblud, Lucas Tomlinson, Veronica Fisher, Kev Ball, Barbara Palvin, Colson Baker | Machine Gun Kelly, Gemma Styles, Anne Cox, Frank Gallagher, Monica Gallagher, Carl Gallagher

    Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

    Additional Tags: Louis is Fiona Gallagher, Niall is Ian Gallagher, Zayn is Lip Gallagher, Lottie is Debbie Gallagher, Carl is Carl Gallagher, Lucas is Liam Gallagher, Stan is Niall's best friend, Friends With Benefits Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Liam Payne & Harry Styles Friendship, Rich Harry Styles, Rich Liam Payne, Poor Zayn Malik, Poor Niall Horan, Poor Louis Tomlinson, Rich Stan, yungblud and louis tomlinson friendship, Louis works at the Styles bakery, MGK is dating yungblud, Protective Louis Tomlinson, Protective Siblings, Abusive Parents, Drug Use, Bipolar Disorder, Police, that is about is, things are missing maybe, anyway it is based on shameless US

    via AO3 works tagged 'Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson' https://ift.tt/jLCNyP8

    #author#larry stylinson#larry fic #ao3 feed larry #Who would've thought right? #


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    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Catholic Boys Chapter 6: Daniel

    Rating: Mature

    Relationships: DNF & Background/Established Karlnapity

    Chapter Summary:

    A birthday, a revelation, and popcorn.

    A coming-of-age fanfiction featuring closeted transman George, a pining Dream, a supportive Niki, and a VERY healthy serving of Karlnapity.

    Read here!

    sapnap birthday! confrontation is here! dream is also stupid! it doesnt explode and end horribly! i am an advocate for taking accountability and learning/growing. shouldnt be too painful to read, i prommy. <3

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    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Build me Up, Break me Down (Loki x Female Reader)

    Read Chapter 12 here // Series Masterlist

    Chapter 13

    Summary : He wants to push you away but how can he when you beg him to keep you with him

    Warning : 18+ Smut, loki and y/n are developing a toxic relationship

    Next morning he woke up before you, he felt his heart racing as he looked at your sleeping form next to him. He could get used to waking up to you like this but he can't. He sighed and was about to get off the bed when you grabbed his wrist, he turned his head to look at you, he looked a little less godly with the bedhead but that didn't make him any less sexier

    "Good morning Loki" you mumbled softly and then you scooted closer to keep your head down on his lap, he was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed so it really was the perfect position for you to lay down, although his flaccid cock was right next to your face, and you didn't mind it at all

    "Good morning, get ready, you must feel ravenous" he caressed your head with his finger and you sighed, you felt cocooned by his warmth around you, it made you feel everything a man has never made you feel before, you wanted to worship him like the god he was.

    "Thank you for letting me sleep here last night" you mumbled and he pressed his hand behind your neck then he pulled you up to kiss your forehead, then your lips softly. He picked you up in his arms and took you to the bathroom so you both could get showered, he wasn't talking to you, you stood there trapped between his arms as he situated them on the wall behind you, he was looking down but he noticed your eyes on him so he looked at you and sighed

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked you and you quickly shifted your gaze

    "Sorry" you mumbled meekly, worrying that you might have upsetted him. You didn't want to, he was being so kind to you, so nice.

    "I asked you a question darling, you don't have to apologize to me" he pressed his fingers on your chin so you could look at him

    "Okay, ummm it's just..you're pretty, very pretty" you mumbled softly and he smiled in response

    "So are you darling"

    Once you both got ready, he held your hand and took you to the living room, he saw Steve walking towards you both and gave him a nod to greet him.

    Before last night he wanted to protect you from everything that would hurt you, he still wanted to do that, but he can't keep you for himself, he can't make you his, he can't allow your heart to be broken by him. Steve, as annoying as Loki found him, he could read him like an open book, he was a good man, a right man for you. You deserve someone with whom you can feel safe and protected, Steve can give you all that and more.

    "Good morning Mr Rogers" you smiled as you looked at him

    "Good morning y/n" he smiled at you then he looked at loki "Loki" they both stared at each other so you excused yourself and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for you both.

    "What is going on between the two of you? If there's something I don't want to interfere" Steve asked him and Loki smiled

    "Nothing is going on between us, she's all alone and I feel responsible for her, if you want to court her go ahead Rogers, but" he walked closer to Steve and looked him right in the eyes as he spoke

    "She has suffered more than any mortal should have to, treat her right. If you hurt her in any way I swear to norns It won't end well for you" Steve smiled as he looked at you

    "What are you now? Her Godfather?"

    "Consider me that if you wish to" After a brief glaring contest, Loki made his way to the kitchen and you served him breakfast, which he enjoyed more than he should have.

    "Listen to me mortal, Steve is going to court you" you almost choked on your water as he said that

    "He's what?" You looked at him confused and he raised his brows

    "What do you people call it on earth, when a man takes a lady out and tries to woo her"

    "A date?" His eyebrows furrowed as you said that

    "Yes that, what you said, he's going to date you" you looked at him shocked as he said that. You didn't want to date him, you didn't want to go out with him, you didn't think Steve even wanted to. You wanted all that but not with him.

    "Ummm did he..did he say that?" You asked him and he nodded. Why on earth out of 7 billion people Captain America wanted to date you? You didn't understand.

    "What should I do?" You asked Loki and he tilted his head

    "Give him a chance, if he bothers you let me know" you nodded your head as he said that. If Loki wanted you to give him a chance, you were going to do that, you'd do whatever he wants you do.

    "Okay" you mumbled meekly and then you saw Steve approaching you two

    "Y/n are you ready to go?" He asked you as he raised his hand forward for you like a gentleman and you smiled at him, then you placed your hand on his. Loki didn't think he'd feel how he was feeling in the moment but as soon as you placed your hand in his he wanted to grab your hand and pull you closer to him, he wanted to kiss you and do more, he wanted to establish that you belonged to him but he couldn't, he could never treat you how you deserve to be treated.

    As you walked away from him you turned around to look at him, he noticed your teary eyes but you had a smile on your face so he smiled as he waved goodbye.

    "So we can't really get out of this tower, but there's so much more you haven't seen around here, this tower basically has every amenities in the world" he smiled as he spoke to you. He was nice, handsome, he smelled amazing and he was kind to you, then why did you feel a gaping hole in your heart that only Loki could feel?

    He basically pampered you all day long. He took you to a spa which was a weird experience because you could never afford such services before then you both went out for lunch. Then he took you to the game room. You had a good time with him, better than you have ever had before, a man was actually nice to you and you'd be head over heels for him after this date if..if it wasn't for Loki. You didn't feel how you felt when he touched you.

    On the way back, he dropped you to your room that you shared with Loki

    "I'll talk to Stark and have them give you another room, it must not be comfortable for you" he said and you shook your head.

    "Actually it's fine, I don't mind it" you hugged him and then you stepped inside the room. As you got in you noticed that there was a single sized bed right next to his bed, your heart fluttered as you realized he got them for you, so you could sleep comfortably.

    "Is that for me?" He looked up from his book and nodded

    "How was your date?" He asked you so you shrugged and sat down on your own bed

    "It was good, nice.. he's nice..he seems nice" you mumbled and he looked at you

    "Did he hurt you in any way?"

    "No he was very kind, I had a good day" you laid down on the bed and he went back to reading his book, about an hour later, Thor came by and there was another party, they were celebrating Clint's birthday and Loki had to attend it which none of the parties felt thrilled about.

    Once Loki got ready he ransacked your clothes and pulled out a decent looking black dress for you

    "Wear it darling" He gave it to you and you looked at him

    "I'm not invited"

    "I'm taking you, you can spend more time with Steve" you didn't want to spend time with Steve you wanted to stay in his arms, in his bed as he'd fuck you tenderly.

    "Get ready, I'm not leaving you alone here, not after what happened last time" you got ready and he walked you in the lounge hand in hand, everyone already seemed drunk and you wanted to drink too but you didn't want to make a scene, drunk you didn't care about anything. Steve walked over to you and Loki nudged you to go with him, his eyes teared up this time, everytime you walked away from him, he felt as if he was losing someone very dear to him. He has known you for mere a few months, why did you clung to his heart in such a way?

    He needed to find a distraction and he didn't have to work hard for that, a model found her way in his arms and it made you feel crushed. Everyone was looking at you and Steve and you felt awkward as hell about it but Loki wanted you to give him a chance and you didn't want to upset him. You couldn't help but glance at Loki ever so often, your eyes met with him in more than one instance, he couldn't take it anymore, so he grabbed the model's arms and dragged her out of there to distract himself even further. Just a quick fuck so he wouldn't think about burying himself deep inside your warm pussy every other second.

    "Oh my..you know I took mythology in school and they taught us about you" she giggled and he smiled, he found a spare room and pressed her against the door, in a minute he was inside her, fucking her with every inch of his cock, he looked at her face but she didn't have that look that you had on your face when he fucked you like this. Why was he still thinking about you? When his brother fell for a mortal he mocked him, he despised it then why did he allow himself to get so attached with you?

    When he made it back to the party, you knew he had sex with her, you could tell just by the way his hair looked. He looked at you and your eyes teared up, you didn't want to stay there anymore, you excused yourself and headed back for your room. And he followed you, how could he not? You're his responsibility, he had to keep you safe.

    "What are you doing y/n?" He grabbed your arm as he caught up with you, then he dragged you inside the room.

    "Why did you run away? Did someone hurt you?" You shook your head and hugged him tightly, you didn't get to be close to him all day long, you just wanted to feel the proximity and you wanted him to wrap his arms around you, to make you feel safe like he always did.

    He grabbed your arms and pressed you against the door then he made you look at him

    "Y/n darling, we can't.. me and you..it can't happen" you felt your heart breaking as he said that. But you didn't need to hear it from him, you knew it can't happen, you didn't even expect for a god to make you his goddess, you didn't feel worthy of him. But it still hurt, it still killed you to see him with other people.

    "I know that, I don't..I don't expect anything from you, but I'm allowed to feel hurt ..right?" Tears dripped down from your so he wiped them away and kissed you softly, he shouldn't have done that, but he couldn't stop himself from latching his lips onto yours either.

    "I don't want to hurt you"

    "You're not hurting me Loki, I'm hurting myself, I got attached to you, I shouldn't have done that but I did, you're a god and if I only get to worship you then I'll happily spend my life doing it, but my human nature comes in between and it hurts me when I see you with someone else"

    He was taken aback by your sincerity, you wanted to worship him? He didn't deserve that.

    "I'm a god that killed all those people, you don't know me little mortal, you have no idea who I am and what I'm capable of" you linked your fingers with his and kissed his neck softly.

    "I'm sure you had your reasons, even if you didn't I do not care, just keep me with you please my god, just let me be with you..please" you mumbled so innocently, all he wanted to do was give in and he didn't feel strong enough to push you away from him, not when you pleaded him like that

    He picked you up effortlessly by grabbing your waist then he laid you down on the bed.

    "I'll be back in a minute darling" he went to the bathroom, probably decided to clean himself up, he fucked other woman and none of you cared about it in the moment. He wasn't yours, but you wanted to be his. When he came back you took his coat off, his tie followed, then finally his shirt. As soon as you felt the warmth of his skin you smiled and bit on your lips, he could feel you blooming like a rose underneath him, the effect he had on you drove him crazy. You'd let him own you and that made him feel so hot.

    "Darling, give me your permission, use your words sweetheart, I need you to tell me if I'm being rough alright?" He whispered in your mouth as he kissed you

    "You can be rough with me, I miss that" he looked into your eyes to find a hint of a lie but he didn't. You trusted him so deeply it made his heart soar.

    "Yeah? Miss me when I take you like this huh?" You felt his cock deep inside you and he maintained a fast pace making your eyes roll back in your head

    "Yesss yesss yesss please, more, more give me more please"

    You cupped his cheeks then you kissed him passionately, you have never felt so good about sex, never before you met him

    "Take it darling, take every fucking inch of me"

    And you did, you did and you wanted more, you wanted him forever. Both of your breaths warmed each other's faces, your limbs tangled with him, you had him inside you, there's nothing else you could ask for. You felt blessed, truly blessed by this god.

    As you felt his cum filling you up, you couldn't help but cry out your feelings, you wanted to admit how you felt and it made him feel scared. He was so scared. So scared that he was going to break you and hurt you, that he'd be just another man who would damage you.

    "I love you loki..I love you..I love you"


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    me when i’m reading the riddler throwing it back in cargo shorts probably: oh my god. this is just like war and peace

    #this was from chapter 1 of my fic i put in some really rough unedited parts from chapter 2 and got stephenie meyer. wasted #zombie_txt
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    (For DDAO) 7: Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?

    (slight cw for discussion of pregnancy, note that in the fic mentioned, dog days are over, mori is trans)

    oh yeah definitely. i thought about, in the beginning, having mori actively hide the pregnancy from fukuzawa for a while before coming clean when he couldn't anymore but i decided to not go that route. it was also supposed to be shorter originally lmfao

    ask me fic-specific questions [OPEN]

    my fics

    #ask meme answer #bsd #fic: dog days are over #my fic#my writing#writing#fanfic#fic#fukumori#bsp series
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    Me, trying to write a long fic: barely write a page of it, get stuck and let it gather virtual dust inside my computer for years

    Me, deciding to write a short fic, maybe 1000 words, in hope of actually finishing it for once: go up to 5000+ words and keep adding stuff to the point it might end up being a multiple chapters fic

    My brain: "This is how we're supposed to do this, right?"

    #fanfic#writing fic #I have a problem #it's probably called being a writer
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    The Wolf and his Coyote / Jeon Jungkook


    You can call me Tyacee, i will be writing fics on this account and i really hope you enjoy them!

    Tbh, this one comes from a dream i had and it was actually Yoongi and not JK. However, i am a strong JK bias and therefore am writing it with him. I will be writing more about the other members and Astro members in the future!

    Summary; Jungkook is the leader of the biggest biker gang in Korea. He is never interested in people unless they can benefit him in some way. That is until he runs into a girl who is the only person who appears to not be afraid of him. New to Korea, Amalia is an artist who spends most of the days working on her comics at her friend jinjins diner who also happens to be Jungkooks favourite hang out spot. What will happen when Jungkooks, a man who's heart seems to be frozen in ice, interest is peeked for the first time since he can remember?

    Pairing: Tsundere, criminal jk x Artist Amalia

    Rating: 18+ do not interact if you are a minor!

    Genre: Biker bang bts, action, romance, there will be some smutty scenes, violence, humour.

    Warnings: potential triggers, blood, violence, criminals, gangs, fights, unrequited love, each chapter will have individual warnings.

    word count: 1,371 (future parts will be longer, this is mostly just an intro)

    PART 1:

    She was always sitting in that same booth. Every day of the week at the same time with her tablet just drawing away. She was very quiet and so he never noticed her even tho him and his gang were regulars at the diner just like she was. The first time she caught his eye was when some thug decided to come onto his turf and try to assault the staff at his favourite diner. He was on his feet ready to step in but then he saw this girl get up from her booth and start whacking the low life with her backpack, which appeared to be filled to brim and heavy. Before he could even do anything, the guy was grabbed by the staff and thrown out. The vermin who thought it was acceptable to pull this little stunt on his turf, was left with a busted lip and a black eye thanks to the woman with the bag and this made him laugh. Who exactly was he tho? The guy standing next to his booth on the opposite end of the small diner. The guy who was staring at the girl in awe after what he had just witnessed.

    He walked up to the girl who seemed like the bravest woman he had ever met. She was also very cute and different. She was a foreigner with her short brown hair, big brown eyes covered by glasses and pale white skin. She also had several tattoos on her arm which he liked, as well as a cute nose ring. People stared as he approached her, mouths dropping open as he never approached people without cause and usually, those causes were negative. They all seemed terrified of what would happen to the girl but she just looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and a look that defied his aura of power. 

    “That was very brave of you what you just did. You could have gotten seriously hurt you know?” He said to her with his signature smirk.

    “what’s it to you?” She responded before starting to gather her stuff.

    Her response baffled him for a moment before he regained his composure. People always had the same response to him. Either they looked petrified and would back away, or they would do anything to get a piece of him. He knew why, with his shoulder length jet black hair, his many piercings including a lip and eyebrow, and his arm adorned in tattoos, his chiselled jaw and dark eyes, he was incredibly handsome but also very intimidating. 

    “well I wouldn’t want a pretty girl like you getting hurt on my turf if you know what I mean.” Taking a step closer to her.

    “your turf? Who even are you?” She looked at him confused while taking a step back. 

    Who was he? That was the question. Jeon Jungkook. That was his name. He was the leader of the biggest biker gang in South Korea, called the Bangtan Group. Although he was the youngest of the big 7, he was also the strongest and most intelligent which led him to being in charge fairly quick.

    “You don’t know who I am?” He asked, taking a step closer again. Her question surprised him. Everyone around knew who he was. 

    “Ah Mr. Jeon, pardon my friend, she’s new in town and doesn’t really know about the area much. Please excuse her.” JinJin, the owner of the diner, stepped up between them and said to Jungkook with a deep bow.

    Usually if anyone would have stepped between him and someone he was interested in they would be on the floor before they could finish their sentence, however JinJin was not only the owner of his favourite diner but also someone he respected greatly as well as a family friend. He looked at him and then at the girl and gave her another smirk.

    “My name is Jeon Jungkook. You can call me Jungkook, consider that an honour.” He said before spinning on his heel and walking out of the diner followed by the rest of his crew. 

    The last thing he heard before exiting was a muffled “as if” from the girl. This made him smile. He wasn’t used to people not being afraid of him. This girl was…. refreshing.

    He got on his bike and waited for his crew. His second in command, Kim Taehyung, arriving by his side first. 

    “Do you know her?” He asked.

    Jungkook thought about the question for a moment before smiling to himself and revving his engine. 

    “Not yet, but I will.” He replied and drove off, followed by his 6 friends. 

    As the guys exited the diner, JinJin turned quickly to look at the girl.

    “Lia, you can’t just talk to him like that!” He said sounding worried. 

    “why not? He just looks like some kid who thinks he owns the place to me.” She replied, looking out the window at the motorcycles speeding away.

    “Thing is, he kind of does. Actually he owns everything and everyone. That was the leader of Bangtan Group.” JinJin replied while rubbing his temples which had started to throb with an oncoming headache.

    “Ok so? I’m not scared of him. He’s just a person like all of us, he’s not above anybody just cuz he’s the leader of some gang.” She rolled her eyes with the statement.

    “Its not just some gang Amalia! Its Bangtan Group! The biggest gang in the country! You very much should be scared of him.” He said sounding exasperated. 

    At this, Lia just shrugged. She wasn’t going to let herself be intimidated by this bully. She didn’t leave everything, and everyone, behind and move to a whole new country across the world just to be bullied at her only friends diner. That was not her style.

    “Anyways, I’m going to head out. I have a deadline and there’s too much going on over here for me to concentrate on my work. Are you ok?” She said looking him up and down.

    This made JinJin laugh. He met Amalia while he was travelling abroad. The trip was originally supposed to be 2 weeks long until he found an art school that pulled his attention. He decided to leave Korea for 3 years and live abroad. Lia was in his year and most of his classes. She was always quiet and never really spoke to anyone but for some reason he wanted to talk to her as soon as he saw her on the first day. One day he worked up the courage to sit beside her in class and to his surprise she showed him a smile when he did. From there, they started talking and he realized that she was just a very shy person but once she opened up she was very loud and had a surprising attitude to her that he liked very much. She was also the kindest and most loyal person he had ever met which made him want to stay by her side. They became friends very quickly and the day he had to come back to Korea had been a very sad one. However they stated in touch and over the past year Lia had made plans to move here for reasons she still hasn’t shared with him. Whatever those reasons were, he was over the moon at being reunited with his friend. 

    “Yeah I’m fine thanks to you and your backpack. What even is in there? It broke his face pretty bad!” He asked.

    “Oh you know, just some books. Hardcover.’ She said with a wink ‘Anyways I’ll head out now if you’re fine. See you later!” She gathered her things and waved to him before heading out to her car. 

    He watched her get to her car and wondered how someone could be so brave. When the low life attacked him, not even his male coworkers came to help but this girl had the courage to stand up against him. Thats what made her shine in his eyes. He knew tho, that when she looked at him it was not same way he did her. His heart throbbed before he sighed and got back to work.

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    enemies to lovers and rivals to lovers is not the same

    #random stuff on my account like usual #fictional romance tropes #fic tropes #enimies to lovers #rivals to lovers #is not the same #romance tropes #romance in media #romance fiction#fiction tropes
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    gets nali really flustered and hot when he wakes up to the smell of food and finds rosie at the stove cooking for them 🥵 never thought he would find flipping pancakes sexy

    nali walking into the kitchen stroking his bump that’s hidden under a sweatshirt of rosie’s that he just threw on, looking at him all 🥺🥺 and endeared that he’s taking care of them so naturally.. kisses rosie on the cheek as a silent little thank you which makes rosie blush, especially when he realises nali is wearing his clothes 🥰

    #fic anon #alternate pregnali au
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    Duties & necessities

    Chapter 4: Expectations

    pairing: modern!Javier Peña x OFC (Angie)

    summary: as Angie starts to ignore Javi altogether, he finds out a little more about her that makes him reevaluate their entire dynamic.

    word count: 2.2k

    gif: @hunterschafer​ 

    AO3 | series masterlist | playlist 

    The first month went by surprisingly fast, yet, at the same time, agonizingly slow.

    Angie had made it her personal mission to behave strictly professional and only acknowledge Javier’s presence in times of absolute need. Otherwise, he did not exist to her. He understood, of course. She had every right to be upset, although he thought her mannerisms were a little too harsh. He bit his tongue until it bled and endured it.

    It was nothing short of challenges though; Angie’s mesmerizing brown eyes were imprinted on his brain alongside her sharp, luscious mouth, her curly, long hair and her scent… dear God, her scent. She smelled of perfume and something typical, lilies or something that drove him insane whenever he was in her vicinity. Seeing her five days a week and having to keep his distance was the sweetest form of torture he had ever experienced.

    But he endured it. He deserved the guilt, the blame and the pain that came with his forced departure all those years ago.

    If only she’d be willing to listen to him…

    Would it change anything though? Wouldn’t she think of his story as a lame attempt of his to get into her pants? Maybe so. Maybe trying to reason with her wasn’t the best choice.

    All he did was work, drink and smoke. Sleep was no longer an option. Whenever he closed his eyes, he dreamt of Angie. He dreamt of her face, her voice calling him out to his inevitable doom. He dreamt of biting her lips, kissing every square inch of her body as he buried himself inside of her, his hands sliding the skirt up her legs and kneading her flesh. He’d wake up half hard, angry with himself, then he’d light up a cigarette and stare at the night sky with a feeling of hopelessness and trying his best to ignore his body’s reaction at the beautiful thorn that was Angie De Luna.

    Luckily Steve knew how to distract his friend once in a while. He more or less forced Javier to join him at a bar on a Friday evening, just the two of them. He wasn’t going to push Javier to disclose anything he didn’t want to, but he knew that if his friend wanted to talk, that kind of environment would suffice.

    “Wanna slow down and talk about it?” Steve asked him on his third whiskey and his fifth cigarette.

    “Talk about what?”

    “Whatever’s bothering you.”

    That was a load of crap and they both knew it, just as well as they both knew the reason behind Javier’s brooding nature lately.

    “Work’s starting to get stressful,” Javier replied, taking a long drag out of the cigarette and staring down at the ashtray.

    “Mhm, mhm, I hear ya. What’s that about?”

    “I told you we got this half year long project and the other firm’s consultant is… well, not getting on my nerves but I seem to be getting on hers.”

    “Interesting. Go on.”

    “It’s just…”

    He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and finishing his cigarette. “I’ve been wanting to make things right by her, but somehow I think that won’t do much good.”

    “Hang on. What do you mean you’ve been wanting to make things right?”

    “The lead consultant from the other firm is Angelica.”

    Steve’s eyes widened with surprise, staring at his friend with a certain terror.

    “Angie?! You’re telling me that after your disastrous blind date with her, now you have to work with her?!”

    “Karma’s a bitch.”

    “Man, you cannot catch a break.”

    “Tell me about it.”

    It wasn’t what Steve had in mind when he suspected Javier needed some help. The situation was by far more serious than he would’ve thought. Based on what he remembered from his history with Angie, the current situation couldn’t have been pleasant.

    “I take it things aren’t going smoothly between you two, huh?”

    “At first she was kind of mean, which weirdly enough, I liked it, but now she started icing me out.”

    “Ah, the ol’ cold shoulder and the weirdly kinky middle aged man.”

    Javier threw him an unimpressed glare. “I’m not middle aged.”

    “Fast approaching in any case.”

    “Point is, I’m not that keen on talking about Angie tonight.”

    “Javi, hey!”

    The two men turned towards the bar, noticing a blonde girl smiling enthusiastically at Javier, who stood up and went to greet her.

    “Hey Cassie,” he said, briefly hugging her. “How’ve you been?”

    “You know me, enjoying life.”

    “Sure do.”

    “Oh, you remember my boyfriend, Chris?”

    A man the same size as Javier extended his hand, which the latter shook politely. “All good with you, Javi?” Chris asked.

    “You know me, trying to make it through. This is my best friend, Steve.”

    “Nice to meet you.”

    “Nice to meet you too.”

    “I accidentally heard you mentioning Angie. What’s up with that?”

    Javier exhaled, suddenly feeling his own clothes confining his skin to the fabric.

    “Cassie here is Angelica’s best friend,” he explained to Steve.

    “Ah! Of course.”

    “You know you’re the only one who calls her that? Angelica.”

    Javier frowned at Cassie’s words. “I like her name.”

    He remarked Cassie’s sneaky smile, as well as Chris’ and Steve’s, and bit his lips, unwilling to offer a verbal response. He had nothing to hide, his feelings were pretty much out in the open for everyone to see.

    Almost everyone.

    “So what’s up with you and Angie?” Cassie asked.

    “We’re working together and… let’s just say we already hit a snag.”

    “She’s a bit rough around the edges, isn’t she?”

    “You could say that.”

    Cassie chuckled, grabbing a seat next to them. “She does this sometimes. Keeping people at bay and giving them a hard time because it’s easier.”

    “She wasn’t like this back in high school. But then again, a lot of it might be my fault.”

    “Speaking of which, I’m not familiar with the story between you two.”

    “She didn’t tell you?”

    “To paraphrase her, ‘even if we’d all die today, it would still be too soon’.”

    “Wow,” Steve said, taking a sip of his beer and looking away.

    “If she didn’t want to tell you, then maybe it’s not my place to say it for her.”

    “I really don’t get her, you are one fine man.”

    “That’s what you wanna hear,” Chris pretended to sigh.

    Cassie nudged him playfully, laughing alongside him. “The point is, she tends to ice people out when she’s afraid of getting hurt. And clearly seeing you after all this time brought up a lot of unresolved feelings and thoughts and she might think it’s easier this way.”

    “It might be, yeah.”

    Javier lit up another cigarette under Steve’s hawk eyes. The latter could easily distinguish the disappointment in his voice. He was clearly bothered by the way things were, and fear seemed to have infiltrated in his bones too deeply for him to make another move.

    “You really don’t wanna share what went down between the two of you?” Cassie asked for good measure.

    “It’s not my place. What I can tell you is that I had to leave at a certain point and… by the looks of it, she’s still holding that over my head.”

    “Give her some time. Maybe she’ll come around.”

    “Yeah. Maybe. Or maybe not and this is just some cruel fucking joke from the universe.”

    Javier stood up and went to the bar to order another drink, yet no one at the table questioned it. They merely exchanged a few concerned looks.

    “It’s gonna be a long five months,” Steve huffed.

    “Maybe there’s something we can do.”

    “It’s best if you don’t meddle in, babe,” Chris suggested gently.

    “I’m not gonna meddle. I’m just thinking of giving Angie a little push, get things started up a little.”

    “Would you push a ticking bomb?” Steve intervened.

    Cassie fell silent, reconsidering. “Fair point.”

    “How about we let those two solve their problem on their own?” Chris asked.

    “We should do that. I’m just hoping it’s not gonna be too late and this won’t break Javi.”

    Angie poured herself a large glass of red wine and browsed through the TV channels, but nothing caught her attention. Truth be told, all she could think about was Javier.

    Not in the way she used to. But guilt began to wiggle its poisonous tale inside her heart. She thought of the blind date they went on and how she might’ve felt like she took it a bit too far. Then she remembered that she felt humiliated the night he left as well and some of the guilt began to fade away.

    And then she remembered how harsh she was since they began working together and the same amount of guilt returned.

    Some Friday night, she thought. Sitting around, moping about some guy she used to know that was now getting on her nerves. Well, more or less.

    When it neared midnight, she snuck into her pajamas and promised herself to act with more curtesy on Monday when she would inevitably face Javier again. She might’ve been many things, and she might’ve been angry still, but she wasn’t a monster.

    So, on that dismal Monday morning, she dressed herself and strolled into the workplace, ignoring all the glances from her coworkers as she knocked on Javier’s door.

    “Come in,” his booming, yet peculiarly soothing voice was heard.

    He could not hide the stunned look on his face as he was met with Angie’s benevolent face.

    “Morning,” she greeted him.

    “Morning. What brings you here so early?”

    “I… actually wanted to apologize.”

    There were several beats skipped by Javier’s heart as Angie muttered those words, but he remained firm, barely breathing, and decided to let her talk.

    “I realize I might’ve been a little too hard on you. It’s… kind of what I do.”

    “Keeping people at bay so you won’t get hurt?”

    Speechless, Angie nodded, slightly incredulous. “Yes. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m still – “

    “I know.”

    “But I’m not evil. I’m not cruel. And I’m not an idiot, either. I realize that you must’ve had a pretty solid reason to leave like that.”

    “I did.”

    “Anyway, I’m sorry I came on so strong.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I get it.”

    Angie nodded again, this time seemingly more to herself, and went to leave. Instead, Javier stood up and cleared his throat so as to draw her attention, which he successfully did.

    “If you’ll feel ready to talk about things, let me know. I’d like to get to know you. As an adult, right now.”

    She didn’t reply. All she could do was brood in silence, low-key loathing how understanding and kind he seemed, and her heart ached to think how much of him probably was still the same as it was all that time ago in Laredo.

    And then she ached more thinking of how much had changed.

    “I’m gonna walk away now because you’re being reasonable and kind and it’s… pretty disturbing,” Angie replied.

    To which Javier chuckled, much to his own surprise.

    “Would you have stayed?” he asked out of the blue.

    Angie frowned, hand still on the doorknob. “What do you mean?”

    “The blind date. If we wouldn’t have had the history and if you wouldn’t have despised me so much – “

    Angie suppressed her chuckle this time around, taken aback by her own reaction to Javier’s humor.

    “Would you have stayed on the date?”

    “Hmm. So all things aside?”


    She didn’t see the hope in his eyes, lingering still after all that time, nor did she hear the desperation in his tone as he nearly begged for her to at least lie to him, if nothing else.

    “I would’ve been interested to know a little more, yes,” she admitted.

    Javier took a big breath in, trying to ignore his heart racing inside his chest.

    “Good to know,” was all he said in return.

    “Again, maybe I should go do some actual work. I’m not particularly fond of this calm and understanding Javier.”

    She did not hesitate this time around and left his office, huffing as she snuck her head back in for a brief moment.

    “Thank you though,” she said almost too silently for Javier to hear.

    But he did hear it. And he had to do everything in his willpower to not move towards her and be the one to thank her in every way he could think of.

    “For what?” he questioned.

    “For giving me some space to… sort some stuff out.”

    “You’ve been through enough. I wouldn’t want to risk hurting you even more.”

    “Okay, I’m really gonna go this time, you’re even more unbearable when you’re nice.”

    Left alone in his office, Javier finally exhaled, feeling some of the weight he had been carrying for the past decade being lifted. It was a small amount, merely a baby step into what was hopefully the right direction, but it was something.

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    It's a boring state banquet, and your best friend's wife has invited you in for a drink.

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