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  • feli-dino
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Hey, maybe someone can help me. A few months ago I read an awesome sakuatsu fanfic and I can't find it anymore. I think it was on ao3. It was an omegaverse fic where atsumu was pregnant but left because kyoomi rejected him. Atsumu had twins and kyoomi met them at an volleyball game. And Atsumu and Tsukishima were friends in the fic. I would be soo happy if someone could help me :)

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  • fruitcoops
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Hi Eve how are you? It’s almost June and I was wondering if you had a pride fic planned? I know you did last year but I’d absolutely love it if you wrote another one if you have the time of course 🌈

    Sure! I've got a couple other fics on my list to finish, but June is a long month :)

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  • youlightmeupfinn
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Quick! Play My Boyfriend! ➳ Tom Holland

    ➳ request: “if my mom comes in, tell her you're my boyfriend/girlfriend." from your sfw prompts for tom holland!!

    ➳ a/n: this turned out so freaking cute

    ➳ pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader

    ➳ warnings: smut mentioned

    ➳ summary: You and Tom are in a friends with benefits situation. When your mother drops by, you suddenly have to use his acting abilities to ensure your cover isn't blown... But suddenly, it turns into something more.

    ➳ || Tom Holland masterlist || main masterlist || who I write for ||

    The kisses were fervent and much of a rush, your nails raking through the strands of Tom’s head. His mouth opened, tongue entering your mouth as he pushed your back against the wooden surface of the door leading into the LA home you owned. Tom had come down for a few weeks for work-related tasks, but that wasn’t stopping him from getting his fair share of you. 

    You see, what Hollywood didn’t know – was that you and Tom were much more than just ‘friends’. While you weren’t in an exclusive relationship that was exploited with bouts of PDA and cute little dinner dates on the pier, you two were hot and heavy lovers who could hardly keep their hands to themselves. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for the two of you to find the other in your territory, ready to snatch one another’s clothes off. Tom had been a close friend of yours for years, and one thing led to another, and well…

    You were friends with enticing benefits. 

    Tom ripped his shirt away, making you moan. “Ugh, you’re so hot,” You groaned, reaching out to caress his abs. Tom mustered a laugh, his lips connecting to your neck as he drew moans out of your sweet mouth that would soon be stuffed full of his cock if he had his way. 

    “Speak for yourself, Love,” He laughed, his accent thick and sexy in your ear as you cupped his cheeks, kissing him harder. The two of you fell onto your couch, his body pinning yours underneath as his hands roamed across your warm flesh. He was practically ripping away the shirt you wore, desperate to touch you. “Your tits are the best,” He groaned when his eyes were greeted with them. “So pretty and perky,” His head dipped low to capture your nipple in his mouth.

    A cry broke free from your throat as he pushed the sensitive bud into the roof of his mouth, his warm lips wrapped around your breast to suck as you curled your fingers through his hair, your hands inching to reach the clasp to his jeans. “Come on, Tom, I need you,” You growled under your breath as he laughed, moving his mouth back up to kiss you deeper. 

    In a tangled mess of limbs, you both were panting for every breath as you worked to take off each other’s clothes, the desperation evident in your ghostly touches over your skin. Your phone was tossed out of your pocket and laying on the table. Hips straddling Tom’s as you worked to grind your center against him, you were releasing wanton moans that had his length tightening harder behind the fabric of his black boxers. 

    “Hurry up and get outta these,” Tom fumbled with the lace covering your hips. “Wanna feel how soaking wet and tight you are around me,” He growled, bringing you to sweetly moan as you rocked further into him. Soon, you were bouncing wildly on top of him, every care in the world thrown out the window as you focused on the intense pleasure Tom provided you. His hands curving around your back, he helped push you back and forth as you swiveled your pretty hips in circles, his tongue jutting out to wet his lips as he worked to try not to burst within you at that very moment. 

    “Your tits–” He panted. “So perfect,” He moaned, leaning forward to bury his head in between and resume his mouth skills on your sensitive nipples. Your fingers were raking and curling around the strands of his hair as you cried out in ecstasy, feeling the pulsations growing in between your thighs, your high on the verge of peaking. The two of you were soon coming together in unison, bodies pressed together in a tight embrace, the sweat collecting as beads on your foreheads. 

    “W-Whoa,” You stammered, laughing quietly as the waves of your orgasm washed over you, your body slouching against Tom. He smiled wickedly and hurried to attack your face with kisses – sloppy ones but with a sweet intent. As you buried your face into the crook of his neck, your phone started to ring. Groaning, you picked it up, only to see your mother’s name flash across the screen.

    “Shhh!” You erupted, pressing your index finger to Tom’s lips. His eyes widened and eyebrows knitted in confusion as you swiped to answer it. 

    “Mom!” You erupted, watching as Tom’s eyes grew to the size of plates. His entire body stiffened underneath you as you hissed. “Oh, you’re coming in the next five minutes? Y-yeah, sorry! I just… I got tied up,” You blinked. “Yeah, I’m home,” You answered. Tom was glancing between you and his discarded clothes. Pushing yourself off your lover, he bit back the groan as you pressed into his abdomen. You were scurrying around for your clothes, your anxiety through the roof. 

    “See you soon! Love you!” You squeaked. Hanging up, you tossed your phone to the side and started to pick up.

    “GET DRESSED!” You screamed at Tom who was staring back at you. He hurried to his feet and started to grab at his clothes, but you threw them directly into his face. He was stumbling. 

    “What do I need to do?! LEAVE?!” He asked. Your mother had no idea you were doing this type of business. Biting your lip nervous, you needed to brush your hair and appear presentable and not as if you had just had your guts rearranged by Holland. 

    “N-no, you idiot!” You hissed. “if my mom comes in, tell her you're my boyfriend!” You hurried out of the living room and toward your bedroom.

    “WHAT?!” Tom screamed back. He turned his head back over to the door that could open within the next ten seconds. Mothers were quick. He was looking around frantically, picking up any trash he saw and hurrying it to the kitchen. He was not expecting to have a run-in with your mother of all people today when he came to do business with you. He thought today was going to be completely chill, with you two nestled in the sheets as you screamed each other’s names. Not screaming because your mother was arriving and he had to play the decoy boyfriend. 

    You were hurrying around the bedroom, gathering up the items your mother was stopping by to grab when you heard the sound of her voice ring out as she entered your home. You two had an open-door policy like that. 

    “I’m here, sweetie – oh,” She stopped in her tracks as she saw Tom coming out of the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand. He was an actor for a reason. 

    “Hi, there! You must be Y/N’s mom… She’s back there,” He pointed toward the hallway where he knew your bedroom was. Your mother furrowed her brows. 

    “I don’t believe we’ve met?” She asked, stepping forward and extending her hand.

    Tom walked over and grabbed your mother’s hand and kissed her hand. “Tom Holland,” He answered. “I’m Y/N’s boyfriend… My, now I see where she gets her beauty from,” He beamed, sending her a wink. Your mother blushed as she stood there, soaking in the sight of your supposed boyfriend. 

    “Boyfriend?” Your mother repeated. “Y/N hasn’t mentioned anything about seeing someone… But maybe I’d keep you under wraps too,” She teased. 

    Tom flushed a rosy shade of pink. 

    “We’ve been together less than a month. I believe Y/N just wanted to make sure everything was smooth sailing before telling people about us,” He smiled.

    Just then, you appeared.

    “Hi, mom!” You smiled, rushing over with the container of items she needed. She pulled you into a hug and pressed a whisper to your ear.

    “You didn’t tell me you scored the big leagues, sweetheart… I love him already,” She giggled quietly. Your eyes popped open, unsure of what Tom had told her. 

    You pulled back as she took the container off your hands. “Well, I’ll let you two kids have your fun… Tom, it was a joy to meet you, sweetheart,” She beamed at the British lad. He offered her a kind smile. 

    “You too,” He nodded. 

    Your mother flashed you a smile and flirty wink. “I’ll plan an extra seat at our family get-together next month,” She smiled happily and turned to leave. You walked her to the door, thankful when she got into her car and left. Turning back around, you faced Tom who crossed his arms over his chest. 

    “She seems lovely,” He sighed. 

    You glared at him.

    “What on earth did you tell her?” You asked him.

    Tom slowly walked over, the look in his eye unreadable. Your heart quickened as the man reached out and grabbed you by your hips. Locking your front door as he pressed your back to the door, he lowered his head until his lips were on your neck.

    Kissing a trail down the length of your skin, he hovered over your collarbone where he nipped your flesh. A soft moan unfolded from your lips as your eyes rolled, your hands reaching out to brace on his chest. 

    “We may need to renegotiate those terms… I think I like you, baby,” He chuckled in a husky manner, a way that sent chills racing down your spine.




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  • cyanide-latte
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Managed to get the next two chapters (ch. 4 & 5) of Growing Pains uploaded before s4 v1 drops tomorrow, thank goodness.

    #Stranger Things #Stranger Things franchise #my writing and fics #fanfic link#Will Byers#fic update #character study fic #Cyanide speaks
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  • zannolin
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    missing him (c!wilbur)

    #zanna talks #digging around trying to find good crimeboys fics sobs
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  • sayosdreams
    27.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Word: search

    Thanks for the ask!!

    Unedited, but:

    “Yeah?” Cassian seemed to search her face to ensure that she was truly comfortable with it.
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  • peargcsly
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    us first

    chapter: 6/9
    chapter word count: 24,172
    summary: Charles does not remember a moment in his life when he didn’t know Lando, George, and Alex. His days – the ones that mattered – were spent tearing through the countryside with nothing but the wind in his ears and three other hearts beating in time with his own. No matter how many times the world tried to gently ease their hands from his, he only clung harder. He’s always been sure that the earth may as well crumble should one of them be torn from him. If it didn’t crumble, then he would force it to its knees and make it.
    "So, when I am asked where I come from, it is hard not to say I might as well had been born from the lint in their pockets.”
    #sebchal #us first fic #f1 fic
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  • softcoreparadise
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Pls write more I am OBSESSED

    haha I’m assuming this is about the are u mine series and so far, I’ve planned for it to be 5 parts!!!

    if this is in general, then I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I have planned!!!

    #i have two Peter fics I should finish lol #and I have like three Rafe fics I’ve started but can’t find the motivation to finish 💀 #i outlined a long fic for dark!steve Rogers but #that’s a lot of work lol #and there’s not a ton of payoff when it comes to a long fic #asks
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  • ressjeon
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    perfect two??🥺🥺

    it's around, idk which drabble do u guys want first tho 😭

    should i start latest to oldest? idk

    #yannie answered#anonie ♡ #fic: perfect two series
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  • soinvyou
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Hello! This is soinvyou! I wrote the tagalog series SEVENTEEN AS YOUR MANLILIGAW! As you can see my account is empty and that's because it's new! Yes, it's newly made because I accidentally ended up deleting my account the other day while trying to delete a different account under the same email. As of the moment, I am rewriting every single work of mine because I couldn't make a back-up of it and they're now all permanently gone . Unfortunately, I wrote and edited all my writings here so there's absolutely no trace of them left. It's a bit hard to post some works that are finished because they won't show up in the tags, tumblr won't show it because the account is new and they're still monitoring if I'm a human. I don't know if this will show up. Hopefully, if anyone sees this, please help me by reblogging this so the others can find this account. Thank you! I'm sorry too! I'm honestly really shocked still because that's 3 months worth of writings that I've done gone in a snap and I'm still disappointed in myself, it's so foolish of me. I can't do anything about it now but rewrite everything.

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  • jackssneakylinkk
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Vogue’s 24 Hours

    Jack picks up the camera and begins filming the beginning to the 24 Hour Vogue video he is scheduled to be filming today. “Good morning Vogue, Jack harlow here starting off the day. It's gonna be a long one so stay tuned.”

    We get out of bed and he sets up the tripod in the bathroom to get some cinematic clips for a montage of him doing his morning hygiene routine. “We usually are very reserved with our personal life and with our kids and all so this is something very different for us but to start off, we get up and get our day started pretty early. Getting up early gives us some time for ourselves before the kids wake up.”

    He sets up the tripod in the room recording us making the bed together for the montage that vogue asked us to get clips for. “Crazy how you only help me make the bed when there's a camera rolling” he laughs and throws one of the smaller pillows at me as I laugh.

    We get the kids up and ready before a crew shows up at our door about an hour later to help us film the rest of the day for us.

    “Since the album came out on the 6th, I've been spending a lot more time out of the studio so for the most part if I’m not traveling being busy elsewhere then I wake up and do what I can to help Y/N here in the kitchen or I take over with the kids” he explains to the camera as he holds 6 month old xavier in his arm holding the bottle to xavier's mouth as he holds him. “Kind of the highlight of my day” he smiles down at xavier.

    Lilah tugs at my jeans wanting to sit up on the counter to watch what I’m doing. “Baby can you help me get lilah up on the counter please?” Jack turns to listen to me and then nods before putting Xavier down in his bouncer before walking around the kitchen island being met by Lilah putting her arms up waiting for her dad to help her up.

    “Can I help with something babe?” he asks, coming behind me wrapping his arms around my waist as I mix the pancake batter in the white bowl in front of me. “Can you please fill up the kettle and turn on the hot plate to let it boil?”

    Jack shakes his head telling me he’s kind of embarrassed that that is all the help I am asking of him. “You're not grown up enough to play with knives or fire yet babe” I even hear someone from the camera crew let out a laugh as Jack fills up the kettle.

    “Babe neelam just called me, she said she's on her way over, you weren’t answering but you have a promo zoom interview at 11 so in about 30 minutes“ I tell him as I walk up to him in the living room with his phone in hand along with mine. He's sitting on the ground next to Lilah as she plays with her toys and Xavier catches a glance at me from Jack's lap as I enter the room making him start smiling. “Hi papas” I hand jack his phone and take Xavier from his lap kissing his cheek..

    “Okay Vogue, you're gonna be following me to get ready for this interview” he leads the way up the stairs to the bedroom towards what I’m guessing will be his closet.

    Jack settles on a black shirt and puts on his cologne as he walks out from the room towards his studio. “Behind this door is my studio, I've never shown no one my house, let alone my studio so yall are really getting the exclusive insight today.”

    Turning on the mac in the corner of the room he hears a knock at the studio door. “Who is it?” he calls out “neelam” she responds before he allows her in.

    “Y/n just let me in, Have you got the login from the email?” he just looks at the screen shaking his head. Neelam sighs and walks over to the laptop going to login for him and making sure everything is all set for the interview in 10 minutes.

    “I'm going to get this done and check back in with you guys.” he closes the door in front of the camera so that he has privacy to get the interview done.

    Jack slings the backpack onto his shoulder walking over to me seated on the couch with the kids. “I'll be back, love you guys” he leans down pecking my lips and kissing both Lilah and Xavier “Love you” I call back as he goes to grab his keys out of the bowl on the table by the entrance of the house.

    “When I drive- a lot of people find this weird but when I drive I need silence.” He looks both ways while talking to the camera. “I take some time for myself in car rides, now people might find the silence awkward but I find it soothing. Especially when I’m doing things like this, going to a photoshoot for a couple hours”

    “Metta here styles me, for all events. So today she is styling me because we are getting a wonderland shoot done in all Tommy Hilfiger and another interview for the article”

    They take random clips of him trying stuff on and metta critiquing what can be changed if he’d like to change something. They go back and forth from the staged house where the shoot takes place and back into the trailer that is used as the dressing room getting Jack ready in different outfits.

    The crew records Jack and his crew talking through an unexpected turn in the schedule. “With this life comes many unexpected situations. You never know what can happen, the interview was supposed to be done in person but the interviewer unfortunately couldn’t make it. There was a problem with their flight so now it'll be over zoom”

    They set up for jacks interview back inside the house on someone’s laptop and get the call done within an hour before he goes back in the trailer.

    “I’m going to get out of these clothes and head back home” he close the trailer door on the cameras giving him privacy before he gets his keys and backpack to head back to his white Jeep to head back home.

    “Mamas I’m home” Lilah comes running from the playroom area straight to wrap her arms around his legs.

    “Hi baby” he picks her up and walks into the playroom with the crew following. He places his backpack down on the bean bag in the corner placing Lilah down as well and heads over to you.

    “How’d it go love?” He tells me what happened with the interview and what they did for the shoot.

    “Are you guys hungry?” Lilah screams that she’s hungry. “What do you want to eat baby?” She puts her little finger to her chin telling us that she’s thinking and we laugh as we wait the 10 seconds.

    “Pizza” she starts jumping up and down. “Well vogue, I guess this is the end of my day. We’re just gonna unwind for the night. I thinks it’s time for you guys to head to your home too, I’ll see you soon” he leads them to the door as he says his goodbye and closes the door on the camera adding that ‘the end’ effect to the video.


    I hope you guys enjoy 🤍

    #jack harlow#anon #jack harlow concepts #jack harlow imagine #jack harlow x y/n #jack harlow x you #entertain me with anons<3 #bf!jack #jack harlow x reader #jack harlow blurb #fic recs #jackman thomas harlow #jack x you #urban wyatt#clay harlow #jack harlow fanfic #dad!jack
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  • koumine
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    wrote some stuff for light up my darkest skies chapter 1, which I really need to finish at some point bc where the fuck else am I gonna put 90% of my Celestial Realm worldbuilding?

    When the Angel King wakes, it wakes with the measured surety of a clock tower, of great gears turning precisely to the correct position at the correct time to ring out the correct bell. It's nothing like the slow, soft stirring of humans or even angels, nothing like the messiness and inefficiency of having to wait for your mind to move from sleeping to waking, of rubbing the sleep from your eyes and rising slowly from your rumpled bed.
    Far above him, a great, glittering compound eye blinks slowly open. The Angel King, awakening from its brief rest, focuses the vastness of its attention immediately upon him. Lucifer can almost hear the tolling of a great bell, fading beneath the ever-present ticking and whirring of the Angel King's divine clockwork.
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  • wingedrobins
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago


    i'm super stuck w this one, but. it starts off with jason waking up from a particularly bad nightmare. this is set after some kind of reconciliation with dick (and possibly the rest of the bats, but who knows), so he calls dick (i don't give a shit about whether he'd actually do this. i don't want him to feel alone, is all) but he misdials and calls kyle instead. and they just...don't stop calling each other. jason has his nightmares, kyle has his own, and they call whenever they do. it's kind of a relief. it's also a way to be vulnerable while in their own beds, and that physical distance is a barrier between them that they keep as a final defense.

    is this too sappy for them? probably, but also fuck you i do what i want

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  • lostmyremembrall
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    ༒𝑴𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒊𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝑮𝒐𝒅𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝑫𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 𝑷𝒕. 𝟓 ༒

    Continuation of Oh to be in a pretty dress and have a gun

    Switch! Tom Riddle x Dom! Fem! Reader Genre: romance, smut Summary: we just want to see Tom beg.

    Warning: Minors DNI. Praise kink. Edging. Blowjob. Roped. Swearing. Dumbification.

    Photos aren't mine; thank you to the very talented artists.

    {𝑵𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒈𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑮𝒐𝒅𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔}

    When he saw you lock the door behind you, he thought he was going to faint.

    Your bedroom was small and cosy. The floor and the walls were made from ebony wood, but daylight streamed in from large windows overviewing the hills of the English–.

    Tom didn’t give a fuck about the room.

    His eyes were trained on you, wondering if he was finally going to get to taste that sweet cunt. Or maybe even–...

    The thought was enough to make him dizzy. He stumbled backwards and fell onto the mattress.

    “I’ll go change,” Tom’s weary eyes landed on you. “How about you strip down to your trunks,” you said casually like it was a business meeting. 

    Tom’s eyes followed after you and lingered at where you disappeared into your boudoir. Wondering what you would be wearing. The imagination drove him wild. He sat on the bed dazed before he shook his head, snapping himself out of the trance. Christ, he chastised himself; the lack of sex had really rendered him dysfunctional as a basic human being.

    With fumbling fingers, he unbuckled himself, or at least, he attempted to do so.

    It didn’t take long for you to return, clad in a tight-fitting black corset, connected to the thigh-high black stockings. From underneath the corset, the translucent, black panties peeked out teasingly.

    “Aw,” your gaze landed on the erection visible through his still fully-pantsed legs, “are you having a hard time getting them off?”

    Tom nodded.

    A wicked smirk spread on your lips. “Do you need help getting them off?”

    Tom’s cheeks turned a deep shade of red. He lowered his head, averting your eyes. His eyes flickered across the floor, having a hard time mouthing the words. After a long, excruciating silence, he slowly nodded.

    You took a step closer to him. His hands held the two poles on your four-poster bed for support. You slapped the insides of his legs, causing his legs to jerk and swing open for you. You undid the shoelace of the leather dress shoes. Taking as long as you could. Then his socks went.

    Your eyes roamed over his torso. Tom squirmed under your stare, causing the muscle in his biceps to twitch. Your cold finger traced a line around the curve of his ear. Tom shivered under your touch. Your fingernail dragged down his firm neck, briefly feeling the quickening pulse hammering against your fingertip, down his collarbone to his chest. His skin was deliciously smooth. 

    You refused to admit it, but you missed roaming your hands all over his body.

    Tom’s eyes eagerly followed your fingertip down until it reached his belt. He swallowed hard, his eyes flickering to yours, pleading. You loved the desperation in his eyes. You grinned wickedly, and unbuckled his belt, letting his trousers drop to the floor.

    Tom shivered suddenly coming in contact with the cool air. He was wearing stripe trunks. Saliva started to pool in your mouth seeing the large bulge in front of you. But something else caught your eyes.

    You frowned. The insides of his thighs were reddened and bruised; from the looks of it, some weeks old, some only a few days. Gently, you drew a finger across the sensitive skin, causing him to hiss. “Where did these come from?”

    When there was no response, your eyes flickered to Tom’s. Tom was staring at you with an underlook, obviously not wanting to say it out loud.

    It was then when a vision flooded your mind. His hands twitching to reach for his shaft. Gritting his teeth. Groaning. The last second before touching, his hand choosing to slap his already bruised inner thigh. Emitting a muffled moan. Doing anything to forget about his raging erection.

    The vision ended. And as the fog cleared your mind, you were met with a pair of trepidation deep in Tom’s eyes.

    “You’ve kept your word,” you breathed out, your brows furrowing in disbelief. “Even after we met.”

    Tom’s eyes bore into yours, and slowly nodded. Never in your life have you expected this from the deceitful, manipulative Tom Riddle. He could have lied. He could have gone slept with someone else immediately after the masquerade. He didn't even have to keep the promise after the masquerade.

    And yet, here he was, obediently waiting for you. What caused Tom Riddle to wait for you was beyond your imagination. There was something that stirred inside you.

    You raised your hand and ran your fingers through his soft locks. Tom closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, an inaudible sigh escaping his lips. It seemed that a mere touch from you caused waves of sensations to wash over him.

    Anyone witnessing the two would have guessed them to be a pair slowly falling for each other. That is, until you whispered, “how should you be rewarded?” It was the sweetest you sounded in a long time.

    Tom tore his eyes open. Lust deep in his eyes. Yet, too afraid to speak.

    Your eyes flickered to his bulge, noticing the stain already visible through the fabric. It seemed that mere words from your lips caused him pleasure. Relishing in the power you had over him, your eyes flickered to him again. The curve of your lips informing him that you knew without uttering a single word. Still, you wanted to hear him say it.

    Maybe, all he needed was a push.

    Your left hand left his soft hair, skidded down his skin, and slowly, ran your index finger from underneath his testicles and up his shaft over his trunks.

    Tom let out a shuddered breath. His legs twitched. His cock spasmed. Reaching for your finger that left him just as quickly.

    “So?” you went for the kill. “What will it be, my Dark Lord?”

    As expected, Tom Riddle’s eyes widened, losing himself in your eyes. He always loved being called by his chosen name, even back from Hogwarts. His hand drifted towards you, perhaps to hold your chin. But, at the last second, he thought against it, too afraid to touch you.

    “I can’t do this anymore,” Tom mumbled instead. “ It’s too painful,” his voice pained as he pleadingly looked down at you.

    “You have been an extremely good boy,” you smirked, seeing the agitation in Tom’s shifting posture. He was trying to convince you, when in truth, your mind was already made up.

    “I think I might lose my mind,” his voice diminished to a barely audible whisper.

    “You want me to finish you off?”

    He nodded hesitantly.

    You smirked, and slowly pulled his trunks down. His cock sprung up, painful and helpless, red and veiny.

    “What do you say?” you looked up to him, your warm breath on his shaft causing his tip to glisten.

    His blush deepened, and looked away.

    “Tom,” you insisted. “I won’t know unless you ask.”

    He was really struggling with this, which was no surprise. The sadistic Tom Riddle already coming this far was a surprising win.

    His eyes flickered in between yours, wondering if there was any other way around it. “I want you to–,” Tom licked his lips. “I need you to suck me dry.”

    His eyes were desperate, ready to grovel for you if it meant coming at your hands. “Please, please take it away,” he managed to strangle out of his throat.

    You obliged. Your eyes landed on what he was referring to as ‘it’–his raging erection, and grabbed it in your hand. Never taking your eyes off his eyes, your tongue slowly grazed up his shaft. You gave Tom a moment to accustom himself to the sudden surge of pleasure, before you wrapped your lips around his tip.

    Tom let out another shuddered breath. His eyes fluttered shut as he threw his head backward. Your saliva flowed down his shaft, pooling around his base.

    His shaft slipped down your throat just as easily as you expected. He let out a guttural moan as your lips reached the base. His clutch on the wooden poles tightened, his palmaris longus tendon rising. You were certain you heard the wooden poles snap in his fists. 

    Tom’s cock was twitching in your mouth. You knew from your experience that was his sign that he was ready to come. “Already?” you briefly resurfaced to take a breath.

    Tom’s cheeks flushed but did not try to dispute the fact that was obvious to the two of them. “The past few months have been hell (y/n),” he breathed out, trying to justify himself instead. 

    He shut his eyes. And slowly, you felt the twitch in your mouth subside. With his trademark self-control, Tom Riddle was forcing himself to delay the orgasm. You did not even know that was possible.

    “I know,” you whispered against his tip. You felt a tinge of guilt as you went down on him again.

    “Fuck,” Tom grasped his hair when you sucked on him, his eyes boring into yours. He simply adored seeing your doleful eyes staring up at him as you took him in full. He licked his lips, the residue of saliva glistening on his lips. He convulsed. The bedframe rattled underneath him.

    He was infatuated, intoxicated by the drink named after you.

    A/N: I'm splitting the chapter since it got too long. Come back tmr for the next part :)


    #tom riddle x reader #tom riddle x you #tom riddle fanfiction #tom riddle series #tom riddle au #tom riddle #tom riddle smut #tom riddle fic #tmr #tom marvolo riddle #tom riddle x y/n #tom riddle imagine #harry potter #sub tom riddle #sub!tom riddle #dom tom riddle #dom!tom riddle #switch!tom riddle #switch tom riddle #harry potter fanfiction #tom riddle x fem!reader
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  • rabidrigmarole
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Below is something I wrote for my college au to give some insight into what kind of relationship Bonnie and Monty have. Whether it will stay a canon part of it, no clue.

    This is set when they are all in high school. They’re 16 years old here. I planned to have Chapter One out before now, but I’m changing some things and delaying it; therefore, if something in here doesn't make sense, then I’d be happy to explain it further. <3

    The college fics main ships are Freddy x Bonnie and Monty x Chica, btw. It takes a while and some character development for them to get there, but those relationships are much healthier for them than this one is.

    SUGGESTIVE WARNING. I don't put in what happens after this scene because that would make this piece explicit, but their interaction here is pretty heated.

    “I am going to ask Chica to the Valentine's dance.”

    Bonnie's eyes widened, and he choked on the half-slushy chocolate milk he got from the cafeteria. "What?" He coughed, his voice cracking even more than usual. Freddy reached out and patted his back a little, and Bonnie raised his hand slightly in gratitude as his coughing started to calm. "Chica?! Why?!"

    Freddy shrugged, propping his head up on the table with his arm and covering his mouth and nose with that same hand. "I think…," He spoke, voice muffled. Bonnie had to lean in more to hear him, "it is a good idea. My mom likes her, and her dad likes me. And she is very pretty, of course." Despite how unsure his words may have seemed, his eyes were set, and this was obviously something he had been thinking about for a while. Freddy hardly did anything without weighing the positives and negatives and costs.

    Bonnie frowned, but he turned away so Freddy didn't see it. It was a pointless motion, though, because his speaking tone was whiny and frustrated. "Who cares about what your parents think?" He asked, snapping out each word. "And there's plenty of pretty girls. You have a whole fucking fanclub." Freddy was a football player. Muscular, handsome, and kind… there were so many people who wanted Freddy. He knew for certain Chica would say yes to him: he had heard her gush and seen her stare. He felt so stupid, thinking he had a chance. Stupid, stupid Bonnie.

    Freddy looked over at Bonnie as he stabbed mercilessly into his cinnamon pears and brought them angrily to his mouth. "Is something wrong?" He asked, and Bonnie just heavily sighed, but he wanted to sob and talk to him. Spill all of his feelings out.

    "I think I know the problem." Foxy said, approaching the table and letting his tray drop down on it from too far up in the air. Droplets of his flavorless school pasta sauce and pear juice went flying up and at his two friends. Freddy wiped off the food with an amused smile, but Bonnie glared at him, moving down on the bench before continuing to stab into his pears with more force than necessary. "Him and Monty broke up yesterday."

    Bonnie's fork scratched across the bumpy tan lunch tray as his movements halted. Freddy immediately gasped, feeling terrible. "I did not know, I swear! I would not have told you about my plans if I knew. I am so sorry.”

    "It's fine, Freddy." Bonnie mumbled. He looked across the cafeteria. Ugh. Monty was already surrounded by chicks and guys. It's not that they liked him: they just wanted to meet his adoptive father, DJ Music Man, the extremely popular musical artist that had moved here with his three kids last year. Since the other two were homeschooled, Monty was their only shot at meeting the famous star, so of course they were up his ass. At least, that's what Bonnie told himself. "I broke up with him. I’m not sad over it or anything.”

    When he remembered the reason he broke up with Monty, he wanted to cry. He was planning to ask Freddy to the dance after school today. Nothing ever worked out right for him.

    "Still…" Freddy frowned, scooting down a seat so he was right next to Bonnie again. He put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I imagine that it is difficult to break up with someone. Are you okay?"

    He was so caring, and it made his chest hurt so fucking bad. Bonnie swiped Freddy's hand off his shoulder before standing, avoiding looking at his eyes. "I'm fine." He picked up his tray, and Foxy raised his eyebrows at how quick he was moving to get away from them. "I gotta go. I just remembered Monty has something of mine in his locker. Cya."

    "Cya, Bon." Foxy waved his hand once before putting his full attention on Freddy, who watched Bonnie leave with worried eyes. "So, you and Chica, huh?" He grinned, leaning across the table. "Given any thought to how you're gonna ask her?"

    Still able to hear them, Bonnie's grip tightened on the tray. Don't cry, don't cry. He tried to look even angrier to disguise his sadness, and it seemed to work because the girls at the trash can backed away from him as he dumped his tray and put it on the cart.

    The table Monty was seated at went mostly quiet when he approached, and a few of the people glared at him. That was fine. He was used to it from people like them, who hated on and was jealous of his closeness to Monty.

    "Look who it is." Monty said, watching him approach with that cocky smile Bonnie detested yet also found irresistible somehow. "Hey there, love bunny.” He purred, admiring Bonnie’s outfit. A clingy deep purple button up with three buttons undone to show off his layered necklaces and shiny chest underneath, tucked halfway into black shorts that went to his mid thigh and showed off his muscular legs. He was a gorgeous mess, sexy and tempting. Some of the people at Monty’s table lost hope just in his approach. “Here to beg me to forgive ya?”

    Bonnie rolled his eyes, standing directly behind the girl seated by Monty. Monty peered at him out of the corner of his eye, waiting expectantly with his black nails tapping on the table. "Me? Beg?" Bonnie scoffed. He glanced at the silent angry watchers at Monty's table. He almost laughed when he saw the girl in front of him scoot closer to Monty. Stupid girl with stupid high hopes. “I don't think I need to beg for anything. I think you're secretly hoping I'll take you away from all of these filthy gold diggers.”

    There were even more eyes glaring into him now– Monty's included. "Watch yer fuckin’ mouth. Ya don't know them." Monty hissed, and Bonnie smirked, eyes alight with burning blue fire. To everyone else at the table, Bonnie looked taunting. Mean. But Monty knew what he was doing. He was the one who taught him how to hide his sadness behind anger. Still, it didn't mean he could be a jerk to these people. If he was upset, he could break something, like Monty did. Or… he could take it out on him. Or have Monty suck out the anger and leave love bites as a memory of it being there. "Just tell me what ya came over here for.”

    Bonnie could just say it and leave. He could just tell him that he wanted to get back together all of a sudden because the thought of going to the dance alone made him sick. He could tell him that he needed him because he felt like he was on the edge of a breakdown, and Monty was one of the few people who could calm him.

    Yes, saying that aloud would be the nice thing to do. But… he didn't feel very nice right now. There were other methods to get those messages across than talking. He was hurting, and he had an urge to make others hurt just like him. He would squash all of the hopes of these lameasses with this method.

    He stepped behind Monty, reached down, and tugged his head back by gripping his curly red mohawk with a rough hand. The others seated at the table gasped, but Monty wasn't given the chance. Bonnie's mouth and tongue met Monty's in a passionate kiss, and the hand not gripping Monty's curls settled on his throat, applying light pressure to it and making the whole kiss even more breath-taking.

    After a second, before they were caught by someone actually important, Bonnie pulled slightly back. “If you forgive me,” he whispered breathlessly and huskily, moving Monty’s head to the side and trailing his lips to his ear, “meet me in our usual spot.” He nipped his earlobe, savored how Monty shuddered, and then finally pulled away. “Cya, baby.” Bonnie said loud enough for the others to hear and grit their teeth at. He knew he had Monty now. His red eyes were half lidded and wanting as he watched him, and he was licking his lips of the flavored lip gloss Bonnie left on them.

    With that, he moved to walk away, but not before glancing over at the table again. Many were red faced, shocked he would pull a move like that in the cafeteria in front of everyone. Other tables were watching him now, too, whispering to each other.

    Chica, at the table she sat at with Roxy, had her hands covering her mouth. In school?! She knew he and Monty had a very intimate relationship as they made barely any efforts to hide the marks made in their passion, but in school?!?!

    At Foxy and Freddy's table, the two were equally as surprised. Foxy sighed in disappointment, rolling a pathetic looking meatball around his lunch tray as he slowly shook his head. "Those two just aren’t good for eachother. I was hoping they'd stay broken up."

    Freddy wanted to stick up for them and defend their relationship, but… it really didn't seem healthy, did it? He knew they were both good guys, but together, they seemed to bring out the worst parts in each other. "I cannot believe… " Freddy said, stunned, "Bonnie just did that."

    "He's changed a lot." Foxy agreed. Monty had had quite the impact on the other's personality, and quite frankly, no one knew how to feel about it. Bonnie was more daring, more confident, yes, but… he was also less sweet. Less shy. Less him. "I'm wondering why he even did that. What was the point of breaking up if he was gonna get back with him a day later?"

    #five nights at freddy's security breach #fnaf sb #fnaf security breach #five nights at freddy’s #my fic#gatorbun#montgomery gator#glamrock bonnie #monty x bonnie #montgomery gator x glamrock bonnie #fronnie#glamrock freddy#fnaf foxy
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  • autisticlancemcclain
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    just so you know, it's 4:30am and i blame you for making me discover hiuythn's work and i'm reading "there, nestled against his pulse" and it's making me feel things and chapter 12 absolutely destroyed me ok so thank you because this is absolutely magnificent but also i'm holding you responsible for my emotional distress

    really the only thing that keeps me going is the #happy ending

    right they’re so good!! and i’m not sorry everyone should read that series 😌😌 i was going to write you smth fluffy to make up for the pain i directed you too, but actually i think it’s more fun to not do that!! enjoy 😈😈

    Just because he was expecting Lance’s anger didn’t mean it was any easier to deal with.

    “What the hell was that, Kogane?” he demanded, furious.

    Damn. He couldn’t even wait for Keith to get down the ramp — the second he was visible from Black’s hatch, Lance jumped right in.

    “You left us vulnerable! You ditched, and you fucking promised you wouldn’t!”

    Keith grit his teeth. “I had something more important to check out, Lance,” he said shortly.

    He grimaced internally as soon as the words left his mouth. He probably could have gone without the adjective.

    To his great shock, Lance didn’t explode about priorities and how Keith has his all fucked up. He didn’t yell about Keith’s complete lack of communication skills, he didn’t angrily remind Keith that he was no longer able to play the lone wolf. That he had a team to lead.

    Instead, he took a step back. It almost looked involuntary, like his body wanted to get the hell away from Keith before his brain could even approve the movement.

    “‘More important’?” he asked quietly. “Abandoning us to try and fight a Robeast alone — that was a necessity? Running after Lotor in a wild goose chase specifically invented to frustrate and distract you was more important than fighting with your team? Making sure we were safe?”

    The worst part was Lance’s voice — he didn’t sound angry. He didn’t even sound shocked, anymore. He sounded betrayed, but resigned about it. Like he had looked into Keith’s mind and seen — what? Why did Lance look like his worst fears had been confirmed?

    “That — that was a poor choice of words,” Keith said carefully.

    Lance raised a brow, mocking. “Oh, please go on then. Use another set of words to explain why we aren’t good enough for your backup.”

    “What the fuck are you talking about?” Keith responded, incensed. Is that what Lance thought? “Is that really what you think of me? Some emotionless asshole who could watch his teammates die and not bat an eye?”

    The hurt expression hadn’t dropped from Lance’s face, but it was twisted into something angry, now. Something shaking; furious and hurt and accusatory.

    “I don’t think of that of you. Well, I didn’t.”

    Keith reared back, shocked. He had accused Lance of thinking that… but never in his worst nightmares did he think that Lance would genuinely believe that about him. He and Lance… they had spent hours together, talking and confiding in each other. He knew Lance’s worst insecurities, his terror of being replaced, being forgotten. And in return, Lance knew all of Keith’s baggage. He knew that Keith had grown up with people consistently and baselessly assuming he was some callous, heartless monster, incapable of love, and how Keith had begun to convince himself that it was true. Lance had been the one to reassure him, his earnest claims of Keith’s concealed softness reassuring Keith on his worst days. Lance was always to one to check on him after tough days, the one to remind him that he loved and was loved.

    But now, for Lance to denounce that, to spit on everything he’d said… Keith doesn’t think he’s felt hurt this potent before. Not even when they lost Shiro, did he feel this empty. This betrayed.

    “And I don’t want to think this of you, because deep down I don’t believe it,” Lance continued. His chin trembled, and moisture began to gather in his eyes. Keith felt his own heartbreak reflected in those brown irises. “Because I know you. I know the Keith that sat with me when I was getting over the pain of Allura’s rejection, the Keith who reassured me every time I doubted that I was a valuable part of this team. The Keith who helped me get out of bed when I wanted to give up. The Keith who checked on me and knew something was wrong when everyone else thought I was fine. I know you. You are brave and caring and you love with your whole heart.” The tears finally fell from Lance’s eyes, and Keith felt his own tears drip down his face.

    “I love you, Keith. I’m in love with you. With the man who cares about his family more than anything else in the universe. Which is why I’m so confused —“ he choked on a sob — “I’m so lost, Keith! This isn’t like you! I don’t understand why you’re forcing yourself to be distant, why you’re acting like we aren’t important to you anymore. Is Lotor really worth this? Is Lotor worth abandoning your family?”

    Lance sniffled, pressing his hands to his face, and Keith cracked. He pulled Lance into his arms, unwilling to have this distance between them. Lance went willingly, burying his face in Keith’s chest.

    “I’m so sorry,” Keith choked out. “I’ve been… struggling, again, with Shiro’s disappearance. And Lotor’s taunting isn’t helping. I let it get to me. I let him get to me, let his bullshit and my own anger cloud my vision. You guys are my family, Lance; you’re my family. You are my home. And I haven’t been acting like someone you all deserve. Someone that you deserve, Sharpshooter.” He pulled away slightly, tilting Lance’s chin up so he could meet his eyes.

    “I’m sorry,” he said again. “I’ll be more careful from now on. I’ll stick with you guys, communicate better again. I’m sorry we had to get to this point for me to get my head out of my ass.” Lance let out a wet laugh, and circled his fingers around Keith’s hands, that were cupping his face.

    “I accept your apology,” he whispered, “but I’m not the only one you need to apologise to.”

    Keith exhaled slowly, nodding. A smile turned up the corners of his lips. “I will. There’s something more important I have to do first, though,” he hedged.

    Lance raised a brow. “All that talk about prioritizing, and there’s still something you have held in spot number one?”

    Keith grinned wider. “It’s a new thing, actually.” Lance tilted his head, indicating for him to continue. “You see, there’s this guy I like,” he said. His tone was light, conversational, but there was a wicked gleam in his eyes. Lance’s brow furrowed, confused at what seemed to be a completely random subject change, but then it dawned on him. He own words came crashing back to him, and his eyes widened.

    “Oh my God, I told you I was in love with you,” he rushed out, reddening. Keith threw his head back and laughed. “Keith! Don’t laugh!” Lance admonished, slapping lightly at his chest and trying to pull away. Keith moved to loop his arms around Lance’s waist, tightening his grip. He bent his head back town, pressing it to Lance’s forehead.

    “I’m in love with you, too,” he whispered. Lance moved his hands up to Keith’s neck, tangling his fingers into the hair at the base of his head.

    “Well, then, Samurai,” he whispered back, “what are you waiting for?”

    Keith wasted no time, pressing his lips gently to Lance’s.

    They still had more work to do. Keith needed to earn back Lance’s trust; the trust of his whole team, really. Lance had to learn to work with him again.

    But for now, they kissed, and they held each other, and everything else could wait.

    #could i have just responded to your ask without writing something for it? #yeah probably #but i am Extra and Annoying and it’s important to me that y’all know that. so. #vld#voltron#lance#lance mcclain#keith#keith kogane#klance #fluff and angst #hurt/comfort #the girls are fiiiiightiiiiiing #hehe#tall keith#brown-eyed lance#my loves#my writing#fic fragment #or fic i’m not sure yet #yeah this will probably go on ao3 #so let me know if y’all can think of a title #longpost
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  • an-aura-about-you
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    dammit, everybody in this fic is about to get a gun, aren't they?

    #that or Gertrude Robinson is about to knife the Tall Man #(the Tall Man probably won't actually appear in this fic) #well gang not only do we got TMA and the Chzo Mythos in this fic I'm working in The Consuming Shadow #Gertrude is seriously contemplating blowing up Stonehenge
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  • paracsms
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    a silence so loud

    pairing: billy russo x fem!reader

    summary: after an argument, you decide to give billy the silent treatment. billy finds out just how much he hates it

    warnings: angst + fluff, allusions to sex

    word count: 3.2k

    note: when men grovel 🥰🥰

    it has been a hectic past few days at anvil. billy had been burning the midnight oil this whole week. he sat at his desk, fingers rubbing over his temple as he looked over his paperwork. a half empty bottle of bourbon resting on the surface, his trusty companion these past few nights. a sigh leaves his lips as stretches his neck, rolling his shoulders back.


    billy almost doesn't hear you, too engrossed with the file in his hand. when he doesn't answer, you quietly step into his office. “billy?” you say again. this time he barely glances up at you before going back to his work.

    you suck in a breath, walking over to stand in front of his desk. his disheveled state getting clearer the closer you come, the bags under his eyes, his hair in disarray, his suit jacket hanging off the back of his chair, his tie hanging loosely around his neck and the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up to his elbows.

    you had been working at anvil part time, helping out with some administration work whenever you needed to. billy took a particular interest in you. people warned you about getting involved with someone from work. the fact that billy was your boss certainly did not help.

    you tried to fight the attraction, but in all honesty, you didn't want to. billy russo is… alluring. so after months of flirty banter, you finally agreed to go out on a date with him, much to his pleasure.

    “how long have you been here?”

    billy shrugs, continuing to comb through his files. “okay. when was the last time you ate something?”

    “sandwich at lunch.” he mumbled, you almost didn't hear it. “billy, that was almost twelve hours ago.”


    you roll your eyes at your boyfriend, “here,” you put down a brown paper bag on his desk, “burger and fries. eat.” his hand moves to grab the bag and your eyes widen in satisfaction, but quickly dim down when he moves it to the side as it was resting on top of a document.

    “not hungry.” billy murmurs, crossing out something with his pen. you internally groan at his shortness. you know he’s stressed, which is why you stayed behind today, to see if you could convince him to take a break. but your boyfriend is a stubborn man, determined, but stubborn.

    “babe, you gotta eat.” he doesn't respond to that. “want something done right, i gotta do it myself.” he mutters to himself as he crumples up a piece of paper and carelessly tosses it to the side. you let out a dejected breath, moving to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

    you watch as he frustratingly runs his fingers through his hair, and by the state of his hair you can tell it wasn't the first time he’d done so. your gaze settled on his face as his eyes moved from the file on his desk to his computer screen, darting back and forth to double check all the information.

    “billy.” you call out softly. no answer. “billy.” you try again. zilch. “mic check. one, two, three.” you joke and while it’s a stupid one, it had been an inside joke between the two of you after some technical difficulties you had during one of your facetimes. still no reaction.

    you know he's stressed, you know the pressure he’s under. that’s why you hadn't said anything these past few days, hoping his workload would eventually let up and he’ll be a functioning human being once more. but now he seemed even further away, even more distant.

    and while you understand how important the company is to him, dear lord did you miss him.

    of course, you didn't want to monopolize his time. you didn't need to spend every waking moment at his side, but you hadn't touched each other in weeks, when you kissed it was just a quick peck, neither of you deepening the kiss as billy constantly had to rush from one place to another.

    “baby, why don't you take a break? get some shut eye, all of this will still be here when you come back.” you spoke softly, leaning forward your chair, tilting your head so you can meet his eyes. billy still doesn’t look up, but he shakes his head no, humming in refusal.

    “billy, come on you've been at this non stop. let’s get some fresh air.” you try again, billy ignores you. you know he's on edge, but you're not far behind either. “can you at least look at me? this isn't healthy, you need to-”

    you halt as billy slams his fist on the desk, eyes closed in frustration as he takes a deep breath. you jolt back, heart racing in your chest as you await his further reaction.

    “fucking hell, can you just- y/n, i’m sorry i can’t be your attentive little boyfriend 24/7. i am up to my fucking neck here! so either you leave or shut up and be quiet because i can't deal with your nagging right now!”

    you stare at him in disbelief, mouth hanging slightly open at his outburst. you almost shiver at the cold look in his eyes. his jaw clenched as he let out heavy sighs. a silence falls upon you, tension quickly filling the air. you've had arguments and little spats, of course. but billy never once raised his voice at you.

    you were a strong headed person. you stood your ground and took no shit. it's what billy likes about you, you challenged him and saw through his bullshit.

    “nagging?” you purse your lips. “i’m nagging you? okay, fine. i'll leave.” it was late and you were in no mood to argue with him. you quickly gather your things before storming out of his office. if he wanted quiet, who were you to deny him?

    “enjoy the peace and quiet.”


    the next morning you’re seated at your desk, typing away when you see billy approaching. he looks at you warily before setting down a cup of coffee on your desk. he always does that. on his way to work, he stops by a cafe and buys two coffees, one for himself and one for you.

    you look at the cup before tilting your head to meet his eyes. you wait for him to say something. when he doesn't, you reach for the coffee sitting on your desk, but not the one he just brought to you, no, the one you had bought for yourself earlier this morning. you bring it to your lips while staring at him.

    billy holds back a scoff, “what is that? i bring you coffee every morning.” you shrug. billy presses his lips together. “i tried calling you last night.” he did. about ten times.

    you turn back to your computer, suddenly your empty email inbox seems very interesting. billy lets out an unamused laugh. “really? silent treatment?” you stay quiet, billy shakes his head before grabbing the coffee and heading off to his office.


    billy sat at his desk, head in his hands. only this time it had nothing to do with the overwhelming amount of work (which had been reducing as of this morning, thanks to all of his late nights). it had to do with you. he knew he had fucked up last night. the look on your face after he yelled at you was burned into his memory, unwavering despite his attempts at forgetting.

    after you left, he finished the bottle of bourbon, and almost opened another one. a part of him was glad you didn't answer his calls, shuddering at the thought of what he might've said in his drunken stupor. he knew you were still mad at him, he knew had to make it up to you. but how?

    his thoughts were interrupted when you walked in. he immediately sat up straight, eyes following you as you walk towards him. the glimmer of hope that filled his chest left as soon as it came when you placed an open document in front him. your finger pointing to the dotted line where his signature was missing. billy sighed as he grudgingly reached for a pen and quickly signed the form. when you go to grab it, he hesitantly takes your wrist in his hand.

    “still not talking to me?”

    you blink at him, snatching your arm out of his grasp and grabbing the file. “sweets, you can't keep this up forever.” you tilt your chin at him, silently accepting the challenge. billy goes to say something when frank walks in, halting his speech. frank gives you a smile when he sees you, “y/n! how you doin, kid?” you return his smile, “doing good, frank. how about you? how’s maria and the kids?”

    billy perked up at your voice, eyes wide as he watched the exchange between you and his best friend.

    “they're great. we got a new-”

    “what the fuck?” billy suddenly exclaims, making frank whip his head to him. “geez, bill.” billy keeps his gaze on you, though. shaking his head as he stands up from his chair. “you'll talk to him? him? but not me!?” he’s not yelling, but more speaking in annoyance and frustration, through gritted teeth. you slowly turn to face him, feigning a look of innocence. you hold his glare before abruptly turning on your heel. “give the family my best, would you, frank?” you call out before exiting the office.

    frank’s eyes confusingly dart between and billy and the door, “do i wanna know?” he asks as billy runs a hand over his face before sitting back down. “she's mad at me.”

    “yeah, clearly. what'd you do?”

    “you know how crazy shit’s been here lately?”

    frank hummed, “yeah with the new recruits and homeland breathing down our necks.” billy nodded in confirmation. “was working late, she stopped by to check on me,” billy paused, pinching the bride of his nose as his eyes closed shut, “god, she was just trying to help,”

    “anyway, i was running on like 2 hours of sleep and i was so on edge that i ended up lashing out at her. told her to be quiet and stop nagging me.” he lets out a humorless chuckle, “guess she's just doing what i asked, huh?”

    “fuck, bill. you apologize yet?


    “what’d you say?” frank prompted, crossing his arms. “well, i tried calling her last night, but she didn't answer. then i got her a coffee this morning-”

    “wait, you apologized with a coffee?” billy nodded cluelessly, causing frank to roll his eyes. “you get her coffee every goddamn morning! how is that an apology?” he almost wants to reach over and smack billy over the head.

    “so i should get her like, jewelry or something?”

    “jesus christ- this is your first real relationship, right?”

    “yeah. why?”

    “it's painfully obvious.”

    “well, then what the fuck should i do?” billy groans. frank lets out a chuckle, never thinking he would see billy in such a predicament.

    “a safe place to start would be with the words ‘i’m sorry’.”


    billy nervously stood at your door, taking a deep breath. throughout the day he had watched you in the office, how you talked so frivolously with your co workers, handing out smiles like fucking candy. it killed him that not once was he on the receiving end of one.

    hesitantly he brings his fist up and softly knocks on the door, three light raps. he hears you shuffling around as footsteps approach. he can see the shadow of your feet as you stand in front of the door. he sees you pause, no doubt looking through the peephole at him. he worries that you won’t open the door, much less let him in.

    after a few moments, billy’s ready to throw in the towel, but then he hears the unmistakable sound of the chain being taken off your door, followed by the twisting of the door knob. the door opens slightly and you reveal yourself. a smile tugs at billy’s lips at the sight of you. “hi.” you don't greet him, as expected. “can i come in?” he asks softly. “i've got pizza. your favorite.” he holds up the box.

    when you step to the side and gesture a hand out, billy lets out an audible sigh of relief. he carefully steps into your apartment, familiarity hitting him hard. his heart wrenches at the fact that he can't remember the last time he’d been here. was it a week? two, maybe? he doesn't know, but it was far too long either way.

    he realized that your silence wasn't just an act of punishment at his outburst yesterday, no, it had been building up. he'd been neglecting you and the time you spent together for a while now. part of him wonders why you'd let it go on for so long, why you didn't call him out. but he knew you thought it would eventually ease up. but it didn't, he didn't.

    he sets the pizza down on your dining table before turning to face you. your arms are crossed over your chest. billy gives you a soft smile before extending the hand holding a bouquet out to you. you don't grab it immediately, your eyes flickering from billy to the flowers.

    “they're- uh, white tulips? florist said they symbolize forgiveness or something.”

    his smile gradually falters as his shoulders sag and he hangs his head down. he lets out a breath before looking back up at you. “y/n. i’m sorry. i'm so sorry. i was a complete dick. i never should’ve lashed out on you. it was stupid and you don’t deserve that. you don't deserve any of the shit i've been putting you through these past few weeks.” he rambles almost desperately, flailing his free arm in the air.

    “i promise you will never have to go through that again. i will take any punishment you see fit, i'll do anything you want but for the love of god please just talk to me!” his voice almost cracks as his eyes become watery. you remain silent. “please, just- i need to hear your voice. yell at me, scream, cuss me out, call me every fucking name in the book, but i can’t- this,” he gestures to you, more your silence.

    “this is torture. so please, will you talk to me?”

    you take a moment to study him. you purse your lips before moving to grab the tulips out his hand. you walk over to the kitchen, reaching into a cabinet you pull out a vase. you rinse it and fill it with water before depositing the flowers inside and displaying them on the dining table, setting them next to the pizza.

    billy watches you, frozen in place. almost as if he's scared any sudden movement will scare you away. you take a seat at the table. “come on, the pizza’s getting cold.” it takes a second for your voice to register in billy’s brain. a calm spreads through his chest. he carefully walks over to the other side of the table, pulling out a chair before slotting himself in it.

    his eyes don't leave you as you pull open the lid of the pizza box. “i'm still mad at you.” you tell him. billy grins at you, “that's okay, just keep talking.”

    “billy, i know anvil means a lot to you and i don’t ever want you to choose between me or the company. but i didn't like seeing you like that, billy. you were barely a person. you were like a workaholic zombie.”

    billy laughs, “workaholic zombie?”

    “yeah. instead of brains, they feed on emails and manilla colored folders.”

    “gotcha. babe, i promise you this will never happen again. i don't know what happened to me, i just wanted to get some extra work done so it wouldn't pile up, but then it piled up anyway. i'm so sorry.”

    “billy, i'm never gonna ask you to put me before anvil. but i am gonna ask you to put your own well being before anvil. no more working yourself to the bone, no more refusing to eat the food your awesome girlfriend brings to you at ungodly hours. you've sacrificed enough for this company, let's not add your mental stability to the list. like you seriously need some r&r.”

    a comfortable silence fills the room. billy looks at you adoringly as you munch away at the pizza. “way ahead of you. taking two weeks off." you nod proudly at him, “that’ll do you some good.”

    “it'll do us some good.” he corrects. you furrow your eyebrows, “huh?”

    “you're taking two weeks off too.” he smirks devilishly at you. “billy.” you whine. “come on, if i'm gonna relax, i'm doing it with you by my side.” you shake your head. you try to object, but a two week vacation sounds like heaven right now. billy teasingly raises his eyebrows at you and you can't fight off the smile forming on your face. billy knows your answer.

    “so i was thinking paris or italy.” billy suggests, reaching for a slice of pizza. you inwardly smile as this is the first time you've seen him eat anything in a while.

    “you wanna go to europe for two weeks?”

    billy shrugs, “why not?” you let out a laugh, “when i said relax, i meant like sleeping in and watching shitty movies all day.”

    “and we can do that in venice too.”

    “you're crazy.”

    billy stands from his chair, walking over to you, “not hearing no yet, sweets.” he leaned down, stopping inches away from your face. you can feel his breath on your lips. you tilt your head teasingly, pretending to ponder the subject. “i mean, i guess. if you need me to be there.” you say with mock annoyance.

    “oh, i definitely need you.” he smirks before capturing lips on his, he relishes in the feeling. not realizing how much he’d miss this. surprised how he went so long without it. your arms go around his neck, pulling him closer to you. billy hums into the kiss, his hands come down to rest on your waist before gripping them tightly and pulling you up. you raise to your feet, but you can barely find your footing before he lifts you and makes you wrap your legs around his waist.

    you abruptly pull away from the kiss and billy groans. “wait, i'm supposed to be mad at you.” you say in between breaths, chest heaving as billy grips your thighs. billy nods. “then let me show you how sorry i am.” he whispers before bringing your lips to his again. he starts to walk to your bedroom, making sure he's holding you tight, all the while still keeping your lips locked, wanting to be as close to you as possible.

    he pulls away to press kisses down your neck. he stops at your collarbone before following the same path upwards, a soft hum escaping your lips. he nudges your nose with his, eyes darkening with lust as he leans down to whisper in your ear,

    “whatever you do, don't you dare stay quiet. i wanna hear everything, sweetheart.”

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    Good news: the very silly captive prince fic i based on P!nk's Walk of Shame is done and off to the beta

    Better news: all my cheerleaders have told me its wonderful

    Best news: one of my cheerleaders said 'hey you should expand on this one detail cause i wanna know more 👀' and i am just [elmo fire dot gif] about that

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    Chapter Two: Step One--Begin Cautiously

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