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  • the-world-of-pokinmon
    19.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Piers Stimboard that was requested! I hope you enjoy friend! Sources: X X X/ X X X/ X X X - Goodra

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  • derelicthereticshipping
    19.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    moots give me blog recs my dash over here is literally a desert

    #nadine is typing... #how is the ss community going I haven't peeped in it for a bit is it still on fire? let me know #I tried looking in the tags and it was just fandoms I don't wanna touch as far as the eye could see #tbh my mainblog's dash was on fucking fire today and I am not getting involved so If i'm to survive here i'll need food and shelter #food (content) shelter (my mutuals beloved ships keeping me safe from fandom shitstorms) #but yeah idk !! i went thru my followers list and followed one or two ppl so new moots hellu <3
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  • ayatoswife
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    unarmed brawling is so entertaining

    #fe3h #fire emblem three houses #dimitri#edelgard#byleth #azure moon spoilers #azure moon #sorry I was too lazy to use neat typed writing this time so I hope it’s legible lol #my art
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  • treecakes
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the new snapple air drink is sooooooo good

    #prickly pear & peach white tea…. YUM #white tea is my favourite type of tea and you can’t even go wrong with prickly pear OR peach #i’m going to try the rain & fire soon. it annoys me that there’s no earth drink :/
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  • tbh-entp
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    TBH-ENTP #163

    On campus, but jut to troll 

    #mine#text#hashtag #is the worst #because i will hella catch up on this in the crunch hour before its due #purely here to make some hot noise #fire emoji#hottest take#entp#mbti#tbh entp#meyers briggs#personality#personality type#intp#entj#intj#queue
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  • weirdtobeweird
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I drew a Chandelure

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  • miraculous-ninjabird
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes I think about how two of my favorite video games of all time (FE:A and PMD explores of Sky) can be broken down into the same base plot description. I mean. You’ve got

    -MC (main character) wakes up in a strange place with no memories, and immediately joins up with the person who woke them. These two characters then go on to become best friends and have great adventures together.

    -MC has strange visions of the future that help guide actions later on.

    -Time travel is a critical and relevant plot device

    -MC unexpectedly learns that saving the world will result in them ceasing to exist.

    -MC chooses to do so anyway and disappears, leaving their best friend all alone.

    -against all odds, the MC is able to return to their friend’s side through the sheer power of friendship and they live happily ever after.

    It’s funny that despite the fact they are very different games, I could accurately describe the plot of them both using these facts only and you wouldn’t be able to tell which one I was referencing.

    #robin’s twittering #parallels! #Pokémon#pmd#fire emblem#fe:a #I’d tag spoiles except both these games are over 10 years old now so eh #perhaps I have a type when it comes to favorite video games….
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  • timeturner-jay
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Can we talk about how- 🥺

    That's all 🥺

    #Y'all Kirby went 'if I'm gonna have big fiery wings I know exactly what type I want' 🥺 and I've been thinking about this constantly #Also the implication that Meta Knight's wings are dragon wings rather than bat wings? 👀 That would explain the talons I guess... #Kirby#Meta Knight #Kirby and the Forgotten Land #KatFL#Katfl spoilers#Dragon Fire
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  • theshinyslaking64
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I need to replace swift with solar beam, other than that this is my 2nd favorite starter I've bred.

    My first being a hidden ability tepig with great egg moves.

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  • r26yz
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Delusion // The Lions' Lone Wolf

    #made on : procreate #type : fanart #fandom : genshin impact #character : diluc ragnvindr #fandom : fire emblem three houses #character : felix hugo fraldarius #collection : pink doodles
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  • tariah23
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Why do fans of things be so ready to ship child characters with each other like man.

    #I don’t watch sxf but why all the ship art of the little girl and that boy like why would you care about ‘romance’ between toddlers or #whatever they are #I never even cared for the stuff with like gon and killua either if I’m being real they look about 10 it’s like. okay #idk they keep aging up the little girl and that boy to draw certain types of art of them too 🚶🏾‍♀️ #rambling #the killua gon stuff is another thing tho but I just never cared for it personally nothing against those who do #it’s just not for me #that little girl on the other hand :/ #someone will probably go ‘but you like naruto-‘ #and I’m like man #I only got into shipping stuff after I got into jojo and even then it’s not like I’ve ever been too crazy over about it either #sns is in their own league they are sentient #and have a life of their own beyond shipping and fandom or whatever it’s something that I can’t even touch lol #it’s just more of a ‘yeah they gay fr fr keep scrolling’ and now look at them #old af and balding and still crazy about each other I can’t say anything about them but I’m getting off topic #like the gist of my rambling is that shipping child characters with each other and being super insane about it is odd to me that’s all #it’s just a personal thing #they should be coloring fire trucks on their mama’s walls not thinking about wanting to kiss and date when they’re little ass kids in middle #school #why do ppl want to ship literally anything and everything together I hope I don’t sound weird for saying this
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  • yuichi-ro
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    update update time; so the prof didn’t reply to me so i just… showed up at her office today. she wasn’t there immediately but the secretary lady was super nice and called her for me. prof told me she hadn’t seen my mail since its not registered in the course. she said she wouldn’t be in office the entire day but said we could do a zoom call so we did just that!

    she was a bit strict at first but quickly warmed up and made little notes about whatever i told her XD she seemed pretty impressed with me which was a nice welcome feeling i haven’t had in quite a while, from an authority person anyway! she immediately told me i was always welcome to come and hang out at the building (we always have student council type thing weekly for every course that is supposed to give an extra opportunity to bond with others who study the same thing) and also invited me to their summer fest in july which is usually only reserved for those already studying it. she also told me i should contact her as she had saved my email now if i needed help with anything else and that she looked forward to october for me to be finally be enrolled into the course as well and… wow. i feel so welcome??? i profusely thanked her and the secretary for everything they did for me and practically skipped to my next class because i was so thrilled?? man what a nice fucking feeling god what a chill vibe i love it already.

    tomorrow i have one more meeting with a lady who will help me with my switching and then i should be able to finalise everything rather quickly. goodbye boring as science i fucking hate ur guts and won’t miss u one bit thanks and bye XD

    anywayyyyyy enough about me how are you today? hows the wifey hows the kiddo? i hope ya all are doing well n hydrating properly bc its like 30 degrees celsius here (86 degrees fahrenheit i believe?) and ive just been. melting. u can peel me off the street.

    with all the stress over i should f i n a l l y have time this upcoming weekend to watch sonny boy! and a couple of other shows ive been meaning to watch (fire force is one of them lolol) as well as keep writing a bit on some fics! i should finally be able to finish the yummy inui/vampire! reader fic bc those power dynamics man. scrumptious. then a cute mitsuya and draken fic and this angsty sanzu idea that has been eating away at my brain so we will see how that goes

    not to mention me finally gaining motivation to write on my multichapter fics! i have two planned right now, ones the crossover w jujutsu kaisen and the other is a more oc heavy fic with a sukeban (girl gang) leader reader who go kick some boys butts and dismantle the patriarchy as they deserve and a shorter multichapter crack fic with kisaki where reader knows about the future/is also a time leaper and does the only thing that makes sense: seduce kisaki before he can pull all the shit that he does for world peace. a noble sacrifice really 😂

    anywayyy this is getting farrrr too lengthy for my own good lmao.

    hope u have a good day!!!


    soooo it sounds like it's moving forward so nicely for you! It sounds like a much smarter choice and honestly who cares if you regret it later on you'd hate the other major too so fuck it. Do what makes you happy. And the fact the staff is so helpful. That kinda crap really helps once you've graduated so even just logically going in the field where you can befriend and make more connections makes soooo much more sense. I'm happy it's working for you! <3

    it’s not quite 80 degrees here but jfc it’s close. And in May?? I’m not built for instant summer?? I need spring pls stop making it nasty and humid outside?? (if the gym doesnt open their fucking windows or turn on the ac I’m gonna murder someone istg) aside from that we’ve had a little bit of a personal matter happen in the family. So the wife is home all week at least which the boy loves. We’re actually having our first “tea party” tonight for dinner so he’s pretty excited even though he’s an idiot that has no idea what a tea party even if lol he just likes to eat outside on the new table and chair set 

    speaking of shows I’m almost done with Vanitas 😂 (and will probably be picking up the manga bc I need more church men in my life) It’s good I won’t lie now that it’s gotten actiony and stuff I do really like it. And the evolution of relationships are better than where we started out. Still iffy on Vanitas and Jeanne but I’m very happy to see that jackass get a taste of his own medicine. 

    You know how much I love Fire Force so I will be waiting with baited breath for when you touch that one 😂 Even now it consumes my personality as I tenderly wash my Kurono sleep shirt so his creepy face doesn’t wear off of the fabric too fast (unlike the deku shirt, fuck deku he can get all ragged looking -3-)  And Sonny Boy will just make you feel things its just a trip to watch and consume

    man look at your inspo. All I got is crack self ship headcanons and too many god awful oneshots of Astolfo I think of daily bc I love him more than anyone else on that wretched show now 😂 Still very excited for that Inui/Vamp thing though now that I have the sexual tension etched in my brain thanks to the tonality of Vanitas 👀 (plus koko would kinda make a hot vampire now that I’m thinking about it ngl) Just know when you get around to the Kisaki fic my wife will gobble that thing up. We’re going on three weeks now of her “I hate Kisaki” rampage bc she won’t admit she’s madly in love with him 😂 Pls if anything write the Kisaki fic so I can tease my wife more about how much she loves him 😂 

    #sitting here needing to peel eggs for our cute little egg salad sandwiches #and needing to make the strawberry compote for the short cakes too #probably should actually get up and do dinner prep like an adult XD #cant i have kurono and astolfo brain rot .> #cant believe im gonna pick up a fucking vampire manga #i need more church men i want them all ;;--;; #roland olivier astolfo....give them to me i want them #🌌.♡ #three.talks
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  • typescrambledex
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    193 - Yumnum

    Slobber Pokemon

    “This Pokemon’s stomach acid is boiling hot. Acidic bodily fluids that it spits is also hot, cooking the food it spits on and eats. It can also fire this fluid at predators while it quickly runs away.”

    #Pokemon#Yanma#Pokemon Retype #Pokemon Type Swap #PKMNArt#PKMN Art#TypeScrambleDex#Poison Type#Fire Type #Apologies it's been a while since the last one #Been sick but we're better now!
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  • gaofangs
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    WORLD OF LIGHT (2018)

    Pretty red eyes

    (First icon belongs to Namconade, second to LimeReptile)

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  • damn-oh-dread
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Some, frankly ridiculous, over-analysis of 3 pages in chapter 15 of Fires of Heaven:

    I honestly did not think there was going to be a scene specifically about Moiraine reacting to the idea Siuan could be dead. I kind of assumed it would be an implied conversation or something along the lines of Egwene going “Moiraine guess what,” with a response something like “I know.” So anyway, these whole 3 pages were really fun! Thank you, Robert Jordan, for doing this one thing for me. To celebrate the fact this exists I’ve decided to completely over-analyze it!

    So, we enter Moiraine’s tent to find that she is still eavesdropping on Rand and probably everyone else while shes at it and I personally find it hilarious that Egwene is surprised she is still doing this. Girl, Moiraine has been eavesdropping on everyone ever since she learned how to channel, you think she would stop now? Because someone asked her not to? Moiraine never once told anyone she would stop eavesdropping actually. She just mentioned that they should “allow Rand some privacy” which does not specifically mean privacy from her. The way she speaks so much through implication and what she keeps unsaid is *chefs kiss* she is just so fascinating!!! And when she says “goals, which may not be those of the Tower” ??? I am hysterical. Because, on one level, yes she is correct. The Wise Ones do not have the same goals as the Tower but really what I think she means to say is that they don’t have the same goals as her and Siuan. Moiraine has spent only a handful of days at the white tower in 21 years, she is not around enough to really be apart of the white tower action. Moiraine is not working for the white tower. Like yes she is working with the Amyrlin but not because the Amyrlin seat is the number one authority, she is working with the Amyrlin because they're besties.

    Brief interlude about Egwenes dreams:

    Rand sitting down in a chair, and somehow she knew that the chair's owner would be murderously angry at having her chair taken; that the owner was a woman was as much as she could pick out

    Me frantically writing down all the women rulers in Randland: So, Caemlyn? 👀

    Every time he moved closer to Perrin it was as if a chill of doom shot through everything

    (sidenote: is perrin just not in this book? Where is he? where are you girl?)

    Mat throwing dice with blood streaming down his face, the wide brim of his hat pulled low so she could not see his wound

    Okay the only thing I can think of that would bleed and also be covered by Mats hat would be if he got some injury on the top half of his face so like, sexy pirate look? Scar over the eye? I think mat could pull off an eye patch. Can not wait for Mat's sexy pirate era as he deserves! 🤩

    Thom Merrilin put his hand into a fire to draw out the small blue stone that now dangled on Moiraine's forehead

    You know, everything in this book so far is really making me think that RJ is gonna kill her off. Rip the mentor character, you guys are always my favourite. 😔 How would Thom get her kesiera though? He watches her die? She dies in a fire? He takes her kesiera from the fire and keeps it in hopes he will meet her in another life so he can figure out which Aes Sedai to kill to avenge his nephew? Sorry guys I literally have no ideas for this one. TLDR, Moiraine probably dies and Thom for some reason has feelings about that. I mean he is kinda horny for her in book 4 so I could see him being a little sad in a “oh no that girl I thought was sexy is dead, you win some you lose some I guess” kind of way. Which can not fault him, Moiraine is super hot. Have you guys SEEN Rosamund Pike???


    The fact there is an arrest warrant for Moiraine because she's helping the dragon reborn is hilarious to me for the reason that yes, she has indeed been helping the dragon reborn and that is a no-no but she has also been doing so many other illegal things. If Elaida, somehow, wasn't aware that Moiriane was also looking for the Dragon Reborn she still could have gotten Moiraine thrown in White Tower jail for so many other reasons. And Elaida decided to get her for treason? Bo-ring.

    Just off the top of my head, a list of (what I assume would be counted as) crimes Moiraine has committed:

    Knowing how to cast balefire


    killing another Aes Sedai

    being in cahoots with the Amyrlin

    being married to the Amyrlin

    Lowkey stealing a sa'angreal (yes I know that Siuan gave it to her but I think overall this is generally a thing that makes them both look very bad)

    Just generally doing what she wants at all times

    Elaida could have gotten her for SO MUCH.

    Next point,

    "Is that all you can say? I think Siuan was your friend once, Moiraine. Can't you shed a tear for her?"

    Egwene, even if Moiraine was super upset about Siuan, why would she break down in front of you? It has already been proven many times that Moiraine can stay straight faced through some intense stuff. You are not one of the two people that Moiraine has ever been vulnerable for!!! So, sorry Egwene. Like what were you expecting bestie???

    Secondly, Moiraine responding to Egwene with, “I have no time for tears,” is just peak characterization right there!!!!! Yes girl!!! I love how that one line both further establishes Moiraine’s frankly insane sense of duty but also implies that if she did have the time to let herself grieve she wouldn’t be able to keep going to complete her mission. At this point she is staying with the mission to honour Siuan and the history that they have together. To stop now would be to dishonour her and her legacy. If Moiraine ever stopped for a second to think about literally anything that has happened to her and the people she cares about since starting her quest searching for the dragon reborn it would be very difficult to keep going I think. Moiraine can not slow down!

    “We were friends once.”

    Hey babe, quit telling everyone I’m your ex-girlfriend because we got married. Okay jokes aside I do really like this line because I think it speaks a lot to the depth of their relationship. Moiraine is a character that leaves much more meaning unsaid so you really need to read between the lines with her. Here she says that in the past they used to be friends. And yeah, because they were. After almost 21 years of working together in this cause they are so much more than just friends though! They were working together in an environment where if either of them were even suspected of being in cahoots it would have spelled disaster for them both. And the stakes are even higher when Siuan is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. It could have been so easy for either of them, driven by paranoia or fear or jealousy etc, to betray the other to save themselves. And yet they never did! Even when it would have been safer to be apart and work separately and never speak again, they still work together and stay really good friends throughout it all! So like yes they were friends once, but time and a shared purpose have tempered their relationship into something much stronger than the early friendship and comradery they shared as novices.

    There is a saying in Cairhien, though I have heard it as far away as Tarabon and Saldaea. 'Take what you want, and pay for it.' Siuan and I took the path we wanted, and we knew we would have to pay for it eventually."

    Take what you want and pay for it, is such a banger saying. But yeah, Moiraine and Siuan decided 21 years ago that they wanted and more importantly felt they needed to be the ones to find the Dragon Reborn and now they are both paying for that choice. The price they payed just happened to be the highest amount they could have been charged. They both knew they could die on this mission and so Moiraine has no choice but to move on and not think about it ever. They really did take what they wanted and then paid for it.

    Now is a good time to introduce my two theories on what is going on in Moiraine's mind at the moment of this conversation.

    Theory A)

    Moiraine knows that Siuan has just been stilled either from the creepy fae people or from her crazy Rhuidean adventure. So obviously Moiraine would be worried, but knowing that Siuan is still alive would decrease that worry a little bit. That's why when Egwene gives her the news about Siuan, since she already knows about Siuan's fate, it allows her to take it with a straight face cause shes already expecting it.

    Theory B)

    The more agonizing of the two theories for sure: Moiraine is just as in the dark as everyone else, and assumes that the worst has happened to Siuan. From there, she is just holding herself back an insane amount after this news like a crazy person. Maybe she takes it with a straight face and then is sad about it when Egwene is gone.

    I’m leaning more towards Theory A because there is no way after seeing every future in Rhuidean she doesn’t know generally what Siuans fate is. And! This entire book she’s been super on edge. What more could put you on edge than knowing your bestie has been through it and you won’t be able to be there for them??? And in the conversation where she and Lan talk about worries and how Moiraine is so worried lately she thinks about Siuan. Coincidence? I think not. And if Moiraine really was in the dark I feel like she maybe would have flinched, or there would have been a tiny reaction, even if it happened to be one that is quickly gone. You can’t react to the news your friend might be dead without a tiny reaction unless she already knew and was ready for it.

    Do you expect me to be happy that the White Tower has split apart?

    No, because it makes your life harder since you won’t be immune to tower politics anymore.

    I gave my life to the Tower long before I ever suspected the Dragon would be Reborn in my lifetime.

    You literally weren't even Aes Sedai yet when you learned the Dragon was reborn. Chill out drama queen damodred.

    I could almost wish that every sister had sworn to Elaida, whatever happened to Siuan."

    Okay but almost wishing for something is different than wishing for something. I do understand where she is coming from though. It would be much easier to manipulate or stay away from the tower if it was acting as a single entity. Now that it is fractured this spells massive trouble for Moiraine, especially because she is already on Elaidas hit list. The fractured tower is a huge headache for her and makes her plans so much more complicated. BUT! She doesn’t actually wish that (as much as it would help her) because a) Elaida is a huge bitch, a fact which Moiraine knows about quite personally and b) Moiraine is probably absolutely livid towards Elaida right now for hurting someone that she cares about. (Reading about what happens to Siuan made me livid so I'm doing a bit of projecting here BUT I think it is a fair thing to assume) Therefore, she wishes for Elaida to have the worst time possible regardless for how much harder it makes her goals!

    But you forget that only thirteen sisters linked can shield any man from saidin, and even if they do not know the trick of tying flows, fewer can hold that shield.

    Yeah Egwene, you forget that Aes Sedai don’t need to be working together to fuck shit up.

    I mean to deal with the world as I find the world, for as long as I can

    Okay this is starting to turn more into Elizabeth reacts to 3 pages in chapter 15 but I just really like this quote a lot. This is just, so Moiraine. This is her as a character. Someone who deals with the world and keeps going until the very end.

    "With luck," the Aes Sedai went on, "we will not have to worry about Lanfear."

    OKAY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO LANFEAR?!?!?!? I know Moiraine has been ease dropping on Rand right? So she probably just assumes that Lanfear and Rand are working something out. Right? RIGHT? Plot twist: Moiraine has actually been planning an elaborate scheme to somehow take Lanfear out this whole time.

    "They may be strong in many ways, but they are sadly lacking in others"


    Even Nynaeve doesn't think it is right.

    Nynaeve is so obsessed with Moiraine, I love it. Like, sorry to break it to you Nynaeve but in order to hate something you do need to care about it and what happens to it.

    well, anyway

    that is it. That is all my thoughts.

    If you read this far, thanks for sticking around!

    #e reads fires of heaven #wheel of time book spoilers #wheel of time #moiraine damodred #moiraine x siuan #god the amount of times I misspelt amyrlin when typing this out #I have a normal amount of feelings about this chapter #I am totally normal about this book series
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  • exspiravitcor
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Considering giving my little girl ocs their own blog again (I intially did but rn the ONE is on @motivumsecundum as in that verse Kaela, the one, is uh… not around.)

    I’ll probably just make a verse where they’re both okay, since sibling shenanigans are fun…

    #young French girls create chaos because one is full of energy and spice and the other is much to quiet to normally stop her #Kaela has the energy and feistiness of several fire types while Lynne is very reserved and prefers leaving Kaela to do all the talking #*on lunch break* ooc #tbd #I’m just thinking of them rn #need to go on Reina and reply #also they don’t use mono types I’ve decided! they still end up being adopted and living with Locke and at one point Reina
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  • mihotose
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    KISSING this chapter oh so passionately

    #Absolutely the best chapter in gakuen (tho the yasukiyo one where they both complain about being treated as a pair #but also yasusada beat some guys up when they started talking shit about kashuu is good too) #but yeah like the way they drew his right eye here. with the white(?) pupil #contrasted with his gold left eye with the cats pupil #and idk ig theres this event that you he planned for kasen and otegine where On The Surface its just this #haunted house type challenge thing where they have to go into the woods at night to put aburaage on the shrine in there #and its overly spooky with cheap scares as arranged by horikawa #But Is That All To It #he didnt do this just to scare them did he. in fact when hthey got too scared he went in to do it with them #and once theyd laid an offering on the forest shrine and everyone was busy talking amongst themselves. #That's when he and ishikirimaru had the chance to do what they really came to do. purify the evil #kasen and the others were on That side. ishikirimaru is on This side. and nikkari visited both #god i really really love all concepts relating to his right eye #whether its just like his left but red (they arent so different this side and that) #or whether it glows unnaturally bright with an unliving fire or its lifelessly dull #the bothness and neitherness of nikkari aoe #and also hes bisexual
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  • pokemonday
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Ninetales is a Pokémon!

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  • ghostypetrainer
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Ingo gets reincarnated as (x) Pokemon. Okay. But what if he gets reincarnated as a human. The instant he disappears from Unova, a baby boy is born in Sinnoh and grows up while slowly recalling both sets of Ingo’s memories. He’s born with silver eyes, even though neither of his parents have that trait. At first it’s mostly memories from his time in Hisui, because he’s so much closer to the bygone region in its modern form- but as he clears through the Sinnoh Gym Challenge, older memories start to surface of his life in Unova.

    Which makes no sense. Why do his memories of a life in modern times feel so much older than the ones of being a Warden in ancient Sinnoh? Well, there’s only one way to find out- once he clears the Sinnoh Gym Challenge, he sets his sights on Unova. Normally you can’t challenge the gyms in Unova until you’re 15, but there’s exceptions made for anyone from other regions who have already cleared their gym challenge + beaten the Elite Four!

    When he arrives in Nimbasa City, things start clicking back into place much faster than before, but not everything is quite together yet. It’s not until he makes it past the gym leaders and meets Elesa, that everything rushes back. Oh. Oh, that’s right. He made it back home.

    (Meanwhile, Elesa is left wondering why this new challenger with eerily familiar eyes has just suddenly started to cry.)

    #ingo#submas#elesa #decided to go with him seeing elesa first to spice things up a bit bc she's also very important to him!!! #his team is probably like #a ghost/flying drifblim for his ghost type chandelure and his flying type gliscor #a flygon for his ground types and his dragon type haxorus #a glaceon bc it reminds him of Irida #a luxray bc it reminds him of both emmet and elesa #of course a weavile #and an infernape both for that sweet fire typing and machamp's fighting type #the downside to this is that means ingo's separated from emmet and elesa for 11 years
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  • quickshipfire
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago
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