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  • moonclawdragon
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Breakfast trio.

    (I didn't draw these, they were doodles from a HB stream that I turned into emojis for discord)

    #helluva boss#azmodeus#fizzarolli#stolas #they're a snack #helluva boss emojis
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  • futuristic-fire-kitty
    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Fizzy and Ozzie!!

    #my art#helluva boss #helluva boss fanart #fizzarolli #helluva boss fizzarolli #fizzarolli fanart#azmodeus #helluva boss asmodeus #helluva boss ozzie #azmodeus fanart#traditional art#prismacolor#vivziepop fanart
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  • malesshit
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I just remembered that one time at my friend’s birthday her mom wanted a clown for the party, but ínstead of a normal one she hired a pornographic one. We were just kiddos at that time.

    Maybe that’s were my Fizzarolli obsession comes from /j

    #anecdote#funnies#clown#helluva boss#fizzarolli#birthday#childhood #also he aparently dressed my dad as a woman and I’m dying to see that
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  • bluemoonmuses
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    @fizzarolli replied to your post:

    stop bragging about your anon hate you're making me jealous

    sorry you’re so lovable and fun :’/ get well soon @ xoxo

    #replies#fIzzarolli #everyone knows not 2 fuck w tully
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  • onehelluvazine
    28.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    ✨Contributor Hightlight of the Day✨

    Here is one of our very amazing, very talented and cool artists, @starlightseq !

    Go and follow them on all their social medias!!



    @faneventshub @zineapps @zinefans @zinesunlimited

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  • nyxofdemons
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    listen i am 100% here for ace!fizzarolli like i LOVE the idea he's asexual or on the spectrum (and this is coming from someone who's ace!) but the idea that ozzie has sex with other demons bc fizz is ace is so UPSETTING

    "oh but if fizz is ace ozzie can have sex with other people and it won't matter!!" "ace people don't care if their partners have sex with others to fulfil their needs!!" no !!! shut the fuck up !!! aspec people can have/enjoy sex !! aspec people who don't have/enjoy sex can still have and deserve an exclusively monogamous relationship with their partner (if they want) !!

    i am all for ace representation and all across the spectrum but please, please stop saying that ozzie sleeps with other people because he has "needs;" that he and fizz can't have a loving monogamous relationship because fizz is on the ace spectrum. it's so fucking tired; let ace people have loving exclusive relationships, give me ace character/hypersexual character ships; fuck, give me sex-positive ace representation!!

    i firmly believe, even from what little we've seen, that fizzarolli and asmodeus are in love, in a monogamous relationship, and perfectly happy with it. and if i end up wrong, i'll admit it! but if i see one more person insist that allo people should be allowed to freely sleep with others because an aspec partner fundamentally isn't "enough" to "satisfy" them i'm going to pull out your fucking teeth

    #the ace/hypersexual dynamic is something that can be so personal; #anyway rant over #mine#helluva boss#fizzarolli#fizzmodeus#asmodeus
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  • pastaprincess
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    One Lucky Little Imp

    Hello, everyone! I have just posted chapter 12 for my Fizzorozzie fic. You can read it here. I promise this is a fun chapter. The next few chapters will be fun. There is some fitzo in the next few chapters, too if you like that ship. 

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  • zerovolkov
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    Fizzarolli Art Noveau
    #lillielzangeki89#zerovolkov#fanart#helluva boss#fizzarolli#robo fizz #helluva boss fizzarolli #fizzaroli helluva boss
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  • cranberry086
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ya’ll know how…Fizzarolli wore those awesome pants?

    I drew—I drew Vox in my version of them 👀


    Take it.

    *Tosses HB/HH Art at ya’ll and then sinks back into the abyss*

    But maybe…I’ll color it…👀

    #Fizzarolli break outfit #helluva boss#moxxie#hazbin hotel#art#cranberryfriend#valentino#artist#fan art#Vox#angel dust#sketches#artwork#berry sketches#asmodeus #Vox deserves a break too #yes I gave him scars #And I did make them high waisted pants hehehe #asmodeus and fizzarolli #Fizzarolli #Vox is baby boy #helluva boss fanart
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  • shadowtoons-arinanon
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    OuO be the boys

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  • constantlost
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    #asmodeous#fizzaroli #fizzaroli helluva boss #asmodeus x fizzarolli #helluva boss #helluva boss fanart #my art#fanart #fizzarolli x asmodeus
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  • von-eldritch
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    @fizzarolli​ said: hc + intoxicated

    I talk too much about this little freak (and yes ik it’s days later but SHHH)

    //Have I mentioned that Hellsa drinks heavily sometimes so she can pass out and have a decent night’s sleep bc no dreams?

    I have actually so here’s another:

    She’s really careful about what events and parties she gets drunk at and how drunk she allows herself to get. Part of this is so she avoids doing anything that might negatively affect her image in media but another part of it is because she learned the lesson of being careful after several instances of unfortunate drunken-ness causing issues for her when she was a teen going to parties

    #this is the only icon I have of her involving booze #bc I draw her smoking weed a lot more #which says either something about hellsa or something about my priorities #or both#fizzarolli #I like the way they all scream | Asks #OOC #I'm a massive deal | About Hellsa
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  • ducknotinarow
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    "No— don’t start. I’m here, I’m making an effort." ( Blitz/Fizz u3u )

    | Muse interaction Their eyes were fixed on to the screen of his cell, he had pulled it out and expected something. A text a miss call even maybe at least? Nothing. Where were they? It is one thing if Fizz had been the one to set up a meeting but it was Blitzo. This was stupid, he decides to shove his phone back into his pocket. Trying to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of his head as he went and tore the paper wrapping off of his straw dropping the plastic tube into his drink. letting the paper drop where ever it did onto the table. As he took a few sips from his drink. Chewing on the straw and grinding his teeth against it. As he looked around seeing every other table full of demons...Fizz was the only one left to himself lift this. "Fucker" he hissed letting go of his straw and pulling his phone out of his pocket..still nothing. He dropped his head down to the table he was still going to wait, Give it some time at least. Head resting on the table lips pursing out as he blew out the breath of air he held sucked up in watching how the wrapping from his straw went flying forward and right over the edge of the table. That was fun for all of two seconds he thought to himself soon rolling his eyes as he sighed and looked over to the clock. "Where the fuck are you," he grumbled to himself. Lifting his head up as he rested a cheek on the back of his hand fixing the surface of the table with a harsh gaze. Wasn't the table's fault of course, but he was growing impatience He went fishing out his cell with his free hand looking to check the time, or so he claimed. He was more checking for anything from Blitzo,

    No missed calls. no text messages. He huffed and shoved his phone away again. Folding his arms over the table as he let his chin rest on top of them, tail lashing around behind him. "Fucker making ME wait who do they think they" he trailed off as the door opened once more eyes quick to look eyeing the Imp who was keeping him waiting this whole time. Fizz hissed to himself and sleight chewed on his bottom lip as he went back to staring out at nothing. They weren't going to get a greeting from him not after making him wait this whole time for them. Fizz couldn't even think of why he bothered to in the first place. Sitting up somewhat when Blitzo made his way over to the table now. "Well look who finally got thier act together enough to get here-" Fizz began with he was still feeling rather aggravated over being made to sit around like he had been. Someone wasn't up for the snippy act from him today either though. "No— don’t start. I’m here, I’m making an effort."

    Eyes widen just a bit, with how they went and spoke up against him, looking off to the ground as he thought it over. "An effort uh?" he asked not looking for an answer. It was petty sure but he had been sitting here just waiting for them. Yet they didn't bother to say or text him about running late. Maybe they had a good reason. Maybe Fizz just didn't care if they had one in the end either though. "If you wanted to make an effort you would have been here far sooner than only now BLITZO!!" He didn't care if the sudden boost in his volume gained some eyes thier way now, he was mad and it was not going to be thier problem he decided on. "Funny way of sayin' your care by leaving me hanging and ghosting me like you were." He soo moved to push against the table, legs of his chair scraped across the floor as he huffed and got out of his seat. "How about this you go and sit and wait around now and see how it feels" despite the threat he hadn't shown any sign of actually doing that, however, Looking away now not waiting to see the expression they were making. Huffing again just needing to get it out of him before he spoke again.

    "Just sit your ass down your here now so..there's that at least." Taking back his own seat "or you going to keep me waiting more?"

    #muse| fizzarolli#gamblealife #[ Get you away from the same old part you play -gamblealife] #muse interactions#stay queued #((I am here for the ship uwu can decide if this is past or more current Fizz is a diva either way XD))
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  • strikers-saloon
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    @fizzarolli​ replied:

    "HA! But I look so GOOD in a collar!"

    “Lookin’ good in a collar and bein’ traded ta’ be someone’s obedient pet ain’t rightly the same thing. While ya on a leash would be sexy, what they want would be a good doggy ta’ follow orders and behave and not cause trouble, acting like we ain’t more than beasts to them... Ah ain’t rightly gonna accept that reality one bit.”

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  • micah-draws
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Here’s some old art I’ve been neglecting to post for a long ass time

    Reblogs appreciated! ^^

    #my art#helluva boss #helluva boss fanart #helluva boss art #helluva boss ozzie #asmodeus helluva boss #helluva boss fizzarolli #fizzarozzie
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  • ducknotinarow
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    "What, is it a crime to wanna try & dance wit' you?" ( CupsFizz u3u Sorry - I saw this on the dash & had to send over randomly :'3 )

    | Muse interactions Sound testing was boring, Fizz thought sitting on the edge of the stage. Nah light test was more boring least with the sound testing he got to mess around with the mic. Thinking about it now as he helps it in his hand right now. Waiting for the crew to make sure all the spotlights were ready for the shows tonight. Testing out the timing for changes and such as well with the acts set to perform for the crowd. He yawned out still and set his elbows to rest on his legs tail moving to grab at the mic and hold it as he was made to wait even longer now. A blub was busted and they need it fixed. When it seemed Cuphead popped on in, they were basically allowed in when even given the pleasure by Fizz himself. Being one of the headliners gave him a lot of pool after all. Frizz just smirked as his mood changed and sports were lifted right away sitting up straight now "Just can't keep away from me can ya shortie?" he went on to say greeting them. No, he wouldn't pass up the short jokes ever. Moving to stand up now as he jumped down from the stage and made his way over to them.

    "Can't blame ya I got quite the magnetic pull" despite that he grabbed at them and dragged them back to the stage. Hosting them up with the use of his extended reach before joining back with them. "stay here, they are boring me with all the setup." not so much an invitation to hang out with the imp as the crew spoke up now Fizz turned to look thier way. Hoping it was finally time for the mic test they instead were doing a music one. "Any they will have me stuck here longer" he sighed "don't they get I'm busy? got better things to do than just stand around here all day too."

    One of the stagehands made mention of the fact they would get to the mics next, but Fizz just blew them off. As the music starts to come off the speakers "Don't see the point, not like the music is nearly as entertaining as my talking is" he said smugly, the music was very upbeat and had a good rhythm even. Foot tapping out in time with it as his tail started to move in time with it. Turning his attention back to Cuphead. When he felt them grab at his hands Fizz raised a brow a bit confused as they seemed to be moving now in the time with the music themself. "What are you doing short straw?"

    "What, is it a crime to wanna try & dance wit' you?"

    He blinked a bit, a little stunned at the mention. "Dance?" grateful for heaps of makeup to keep an obvious blush from showing. Moving to cough so to clear his throat "Eh guess it's not" not wanting to be seen as being flustered just now he quickly snapped back to his usual self taking hold of thier hands himself. "Gotta make sure these losers aren't picking bad songs right? who wants to go to a cub with boring taste?" he went to excuse the invite for a dance. "Turn it up fuckers!" he yelled out as they did turn it up making sure the music would be a good filler before the show would begin, and between said acts even. Pulling Cups his way "Besides your step game sucks let a pro teach ya something here." he smirked.

    #muse| fizzarolli#gamblealife #[ i picked the short straw gamblealife] #muse interactions#stayed qeued #((cups may have his dance and clearly not because fizz likes him XD))
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  • silentzound
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    My Favourite boy 🤡

    #helluva boss#art#vivziepop#fizzarolli #fizzaroli helluva boss #helluva boss fizzarolli #helluva boss fanart
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  • gamblealife
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

                   I’ve been thinking about them as well. //Ship with @ducknotinarow​​

    #( my art. ) #( mun art. ) #( first time actually drawing Fizz x-x ) #⋆Just don't FIZZle out - CupheadFizzarolli tag♡ #ducknotinarow || Fizzarolli #ducknotinarow#muse; Cuphead
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  • letsturnupthejuice
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Jessie: Hey babe~ wanna go see Fizzy again soon, see if we can't get me a nice thick cock to fuck you open with, again? I'd give as good as I get, of course~

    Sounds like I gotta pick up another coupla vouchers to Loo Loo Land. The Robotic Fizzarolli would be delighted to host us again, I bet.

    As for some kinda cock to open me up with--I bet those souvenir stores sell all sorts'a dildos based entirely off that robotic sex toy. You'd look tasty in a harness with a strap-on. Is that what you're thinking, or do you want to try and get some of that ground up incubus to get your own cock again?

    #Beetlejuice#ask#Jessie #Loo Loo Land #The Robotic Fizzarolli
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