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  • dandywonderous
    18.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Time for Yourself


    Canon: Twisted-Wonderland

    Pairing: Azul/Jamil

    Rating: T


    Azul wiggles the fingers on his outstretched hand. “We’ll just be in your room; we can come right back if something happens. Take some time for yourself, Jamil.”

    Jamil hesitates, only a moment longer, but then he gives a weary sigh, the way he always does when Azul knows he’s about to get his way. He can’t help but smile bigger.

    “Fine.” He puts his hand in Azul’s. “Give me your surprise.”

    #fanfiction#azujami#jamiazu #I was tired and I wrote some fluffy shit eyyy
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  • immagoudaboi
    18.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    All that sitting around that pandas do is spent contemplating the intricacies of the universe and constructing 4D chess plans which are beyond comprehension.

    anon you so right. Pandas 🐼 sit and contemplate the vast secrets of the universe. Playing 4D chess. Manipulating the most intelligent creatures on the planet to do their bidding and care for them paw and feet.

    That sitting around is intense cognitive activity. Our intelligence is incomprehensible. Our adorable-ness is undeniable. PANDAS 🐼

    #PANDAS #WE THE FLUFFY DOUBLE STUFFED OREO BEARS #pandas are perfect #asks#anons #cashew talks nuts #cashew talks PANDA
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  • ninibear3000
    18.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Everyone, everyone Nightwolf likes being carried bridal style by Safara!

    #just thought you all should know #don’t worry guys I got the fic detailed in my head and it’s entertaining as butt #and Safara thinks nothing of it #they’re so fluffy #safara x nightwolf #fire goddess safara #mortal kombat oc #mortal kombat elemental gods #Nightwolf#FireWolf
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  • wheeler-omega-kingston
    18.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Does anyone feel like sending me little requests? Some imagines? I'll try to write for any AEW wrestler Not just Cash

    My mother is very sick and we don't know if we can take her home with us again, so I need something else to focus on right now

    #i’m beggin y’all #any kind of request #preferably fluffy cute stuff #aew imagine
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  • stitch1830
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    A Fit Of Giggles

    Hello, everyone! Here's some Kantoph Tuesfluff for y'all because it's been a hot minute lol. The full story is on AO3 if you'd like to read it there. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!


    It was a rare occasion where Toph took the day off. Well, Kanto insisted she take a day off to spend with Lin, and the earthbender had to admit that a day spent with their baby sounded much more appealing than a day listening to reports. 

    So she took the day off, and planned to spend almost all of it at home and in bed with Lin. Of course, Lin was getting much more active each and every day, but the two were still constricted with some play time activities. Lin was only a few months old, and really, there wasn’t a rush for her to be up and running, but it would just make things a little more… exciting. 

    Toph still loved the time with Lin. The baby was growing so fast and learning new things each day, it was hard to keep up with it all, especially when both Toph and Kanto worked. But they tried to keep track of all the firsts, cataloging the day and time and action in Kanto’s fancy schmancy “Baby’s Firsts Pocket Book” that he had to have. The most recent milestone was that she discovered her ironlike grip and loved grabbing everything within reach, usually Toph’s hair. 

    Unfortunately, a lot of the milestones were first seen by Kanto, with Toph having to wait a little longer for a repeat of the action. It wasn’t a big deal, but she still felt a pang in her heart when she had to hear firsthand from Kanto what her smile looked like before she could try and trace it. Or how Lin made silly faces and Toph only had a moment to capture it before she did something else. Or whenever she’d move in place or turn over and Toph’s feet were off the ground. 

    It was the little things that she couldn’t quite see, and she hoped that with age, there would be more firsts that Toph could experience with Lin. However, she still held out hope. There were things that Lin would eventually do that Toph would experience, it was just a matter of time.

    One first in particular she wanted to experience was trying to get Lin to laugh.

    Lin was getting there for sure. She’d make all these shouts and coos whenever Toph ran her fingers over Linny’s face and belly, but she wasn’t quite ready to giggle. But everyday, usually after work, Toph would prop Lin on her bent knees and lightly tickle her baby, trying to elicit any noises from Lin. Even though they were never successful, it was still a fun time, especially when Kanto tried to make her laugh too. 

    So that was how the day started. Toph spent thirty minutes on the bed, chatting with Lin and tickling her every now and again until she couldn’t sit still with the baby any longer. Plus, her stomach began to rumble, and there was no way she was going to enjoy her day off if she had an empty stomach

    Toph playfully groaned and settled Lin on one side and spoke out loud to her. “Well, Linny, breakfast is calling. And until you can actually have bacon, you’re just gonna have to watch me eat it.” 

    They made their way to the kitchen, and the whole time Toph sparked one-sided conversations with Lin.

    “Breakfast,” Toph began, “is the most important meal, according to Baba. Not sure I believe him, but we’ll let him believe that.” She continued to prepare breakfast, but smiled as she felt Lin’s head rest on her shoulder. 

    Funny how something so simple could give Toph so much joy. 

    She took a deep breath, refocusing her attention back to her meal, but continued to ramble with Lin. “I mean, this is the same guy who refused to admit that the little bowl in the icebox was mayo and not sweet cream and went on to eat a few spoonfuls of it. So forgive me if I’m skeptical of his wisdom.”

    Lin let out a little noise, and Toph took it as a sign of agreement. “Exactly. And listen, he’s the best Baba in the whole world. The best man, even, but he’s a bit of a goofball.”

    Toph laughed at her own comment, but became quiet as she finished making breakfast. 

    She moved her way to the dining table and set Lin down in her special chair after placing her plate on the table. When Lin was safely fastened in her seat, Toph sat down next to her and dug into her breakfast. Lin made a slew of noises and Toph chuckled at the sound of her discontent. Toph ate quickly, and when she nearly finished her meal, she mirrored Lin’s whine. “I know, baby girl, the bacon is delicious, but if Baba knew that I gave you your first bacon bit without him here, he’d have a fit.”

    Toph casually tickled Lin’s belly, but after she heard Lin, she stilled. 

    It was… it almost sounded like a giggle. 

    “Did you just laugh?” she whispered, because she couldn’t quite believe it. Out of all the firsts Toph wanted to experience with Lin, hearing her laugh was at the top of the list.

    She tentatively tickled Lin’s belly once again, and Spirits, there it was again.

    The cutest, sweetest giggle from Lin.

    “Lin!” Toph exclaimed. “Is that your first laugh?” Her fingers continued to roam Lin’s tiny stomach, but as her fingers danced across her baby’s belly, it was like music to Toph’s ears to hear Lin laugh. She picked up her baby girl from her high chair, spun her around once for good measure, and laughed with little Linny. 

    Lin laughed. She laughed, and Toph was the first to hear it. 

    Perhaps it was silly to shed a few tears over her kid giggling, but Toph did, and she wiped the tears away as she smiled at Lin. 

    “You’ve got a pretty cute laugh, baby girl,” Toph whispered. “I could listen to it all day.”

    Lin cooed in Toph’s arms, and Toph gently traced Lin’s smile with her thumb. To the best of her ability, Toph was going to capture this moment for her to reply in her head over and over. 

    Because not only did Lin give her first laugh with Toph, but Toph got to rub this in Kanto’s face when he got home. She loved the man, but she also loved teasing him to no end.

    Toph’s day off was already a great one, and it was just getting started. 


    “I’m home!” Kanto shouted when he entered. The day was long and uneventful, but he was ecstatic to be home with his two favorite people in the whole world. “How are my ladies?” 

    Just as Kanto shrugged off his coat and walked through the hall, he heard the sweetest, most adorable giggle ever known to humankind.

    Was that Lin giggling? he thought. It seemed impossible, because Lin was too little to start laughing. They had just brought her home from the hospital! At least, that was what it felt like.

    But when he heard the laugh again, Kanto gasped, because that was definitely Lin, and she was definitely giggling.

    “Is that you, Hotshot?” Toph shouted from their bedroom. “We were just laughing over how goofy you are.”

    Kanto practically sprinted to the room to see Lin and Toph, and there they were, sitting on the bed giggling away. He took by the door, stunned by the sight in front of him. Lin was laughing! 

    “She’s—she’s laughing, Toph!”  he said in disbelief.

    Toph tilted her head to the side and smirked at him. “She is, and if you’re lucky, you can probably make her laugh before you have to make dinner.”

    He immediately ran to the bed and scooped up Lin, listening to her sweet giggles as he held her. The smile that was on his face began to hurt, but Kanto didn’t care. Hearing Lin’s laugh was all he cared about, and he could listen to it all day. 

    After placing a gentle kiss on his daughter’s cheek, he turned his attention to Toph. “I know this is cheesy, but her laugh is the best sound in the entire world. I’m not joking.”

    She smiled at Kanto, and there was a sparkle in her eye when he looked at her. To see her so happy, so at peace, it made his heart skip a beat in his chest. 

    The moment, of course, would not be perfect without playful banter from Toph. Her smile turned to a smirk in a second as she quipped, “As much as I hate to admit it, Hotshot, I think you’re right.”

     Kanto didn’t mind, though. He had a feeling a lot of banter was in his future with his girls.

    #kantoph#toph#toph beifong#kanto#lin#lin beifong#atla#lok#writing#pillow talks #the chief and dep series #kantoph tuesfluff #i just needed a new fluffy story LOL #hopefully the kantoph crumbs are okay hehe
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  • hxneybe
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Just imagine this…

    Your male housewife always greeting you when you come home from work.

    Or when your male housewife makes you weird combinations with food because you’re pregnant

    (for the females) Or your male housewife giving you cuddles because you have bad period cramps

    Or when your male housewife prepares a cold bath for you because your muscles are sore from working out

    Or when ever you kiss your male housewife he gets really flustered

    (for my males, and people who physically can’t have children) Or when you adopt a child because your male housewife is bored when your at work

    Or your male housewife surprising you with a giant cake for your birthday or anything special

    Or your male house wife cooking dinner for you almost every day

    I live for male housewives honestly

    do not for the love of god repost without my permission

    if I catch you reposting my stuff without permission I will block no hesitation.

    #Male reader#female reader #gn!reader #male housewife#Jjk fluff#hikyuu fluff #Black clover fluff #one piece fluff #naruto fluff #genshin impact fluff #marvel#dc#toji fluff#monster fluff#Jjba fluff #saiki k fluff #yandere sim fluff #Fluff#fluffy#fluff #this is very sweet but was NOT proofread #<3
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  • dandeliicns
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Okay, sometime tonight, gonna push out some starters. Probably gonna be fluff and comfort starters.

    #♥︎ ┆ ❝  i'm 5'2" & i'll go down swining ❞  ⇢ out of chara #( my thoughts are not passing the vibe check; so imma gonna write fluffy things )
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  • fe-fictions
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Any dimileth reposts? Idk if my requests got eaten up ;^;

    (How about some stressed out and overwhelmed Byleth that needs some Dima comfort stat?!)

    Of course he came into your office the one time you couldn’t handle it. The one time you couldn’t balance your queenly duties with your Archbishop duties, the one time that it all hit you at once and you couldn’t hope to defend against it.

    Of course he would step through the door at that moment and practically fly into a panic.

    “Beloved!!” He exclaimed as he practically stormed into the room, seeing the tears that fell and immediately flying into a panic. “Who did this to you? Who made you cry? If anyone did you harm, I’ll have them taken down immediately with the maximum amount of prejudice if-”

    “Dimitri, no, i-it’s not that, I…” You stumbled over your words, trying to calm him down while simultaneously calming yourself down. “I’m just really...really, really stressed.”

    “You’re stressed?” His brow furrowed deeply, though his hands never left your face. “...Are you sure?”

    “Yes, Dimitri, I’m sure. I-I just have a lot to deal with.” You assured him, seeing how clearly unconvinced he was.”Seteth just gave me another stack of paperwork to handle, on top of the mountain I already have to tackle…”

    “So Seteth is the culprit, then.” He deduced, and you had to resist snapping at him.

    You were only irritated because of your stress. Dimitri was just trying to help. You just wish he’d help less violently.

    “No, Dima...he’s just doing his job...which unfortunately means I have more to do with mine…”

    “I see.” He grimaced, “Forgive me, beloved. If I had known you were struggling so terribly I would have rectified the situation ages ago.”

    “There’s not much you can do.” You said with a shrug of your shoulders, slipping from Dimitri’s grasp to sit back against the desk, “I’m a queen and an Archbishop. It makes sense I’d have so much more to do.”

    “I suppose so, but...even so.” He said with a deeper frown, eyes narrowed as he tried to think of a proper response. “You shouldn’t be taking the weight of the world on your shoulders, like this. Surely there must be something I can do to alleviate it.”

    “I-I just have to adjust.” You said with a sniff, whisking away the tears that slipped away. His heart crumbled just seeing them, and was quick to return to you, taking it upon himself to remove them from your cheeks.

    “Then allow me to help with the adjustment, my love. You’re not in any state to be struggling so terribly, let alone without someone by your side. At least let me assist in some way...if only a little.” He insisted, and you smiled softly at his earnest sweetness.

    “You’re doing enough just offering me sympathy.” You replied in a quieter voice, covering his hands with your own. “I’ll find a way to bear it, so then we won’t have to end up like this.”

    “And I will help you.” He promised, kissing your forehead as he drew you into his arms. “Whether you want me to or not.”

    “I do want you to.” You reassured him, sinking into his embrace with a happy sigh. “Just being like this will...help me a lot more than you know.”

    “Will it?” He quirked an eyebrow, peering down at his wife who rested far more peacefully on his chest than she had been, a moment ago.

    “Very much.”

    “Then I will remain like this as long as you wish.” He hummed, stroking your hair and drawing you into him closer still, enveloping you both in his cloak as if to shield you from the weight of it all.

    “Thank you, Dimitri.” You whispered, drawing a bashful smile to his lips.

    “Anything for you, beloved.”

    #dimitri#byleth#fe 16#fe3h #fire emblem three houses #dimileth #dimitri x byleth #angst #hurt and comfort #overwhelmed#stress prompt#fluff ok#fe fictions#fe-fictions #f!byleth #f!mu #fem!byleth #big ol fluffy soft dima #he will always be there to make it better
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  • storytothestars
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Me: not really in a mind to write.

    Also me: craving romance and fluffy 🥲.

    #ooc / post. #( hsuahsua i want some fluffy for my muses #but also not really wanting to write right now #yep 🥲🥲🥲 )
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  • jihoonstuff
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #park jihoon#jihoon#treasure#treasure jihoon#yg treasure#jihoon gifs #aaaaaaaaaaa so cute T^T #he looks so fluffy #jihoon in white shirts is just so dreamy :(
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  • oddmon
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I drew this for someone on Deviant Art! I believe the character’s name is Bri, and it’s a cross between a red panda and a ram.

    #in the leaves red panda character oc originalcharacter digitalart sludgy fluffy art
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  • tini21
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    do dem chikum nuggets think about me as much i think about dem? 🥺
    #fluffy #snapshots and borrowed thoughts #photographers on tumblr #shih tzu
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  • azsazz
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    A Courtier’s Promise (Part 2)

    Lucien x Reader

    Summary: Part two of A Courtier’s Promise as requested by many :)

    Warnings: None.

    Word Count: 1,294

    (Part 1)

    Notes: I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long! Writers block, traveling, a terrible job lol. You know how it is.


    “What are you doing open this late? And on a holiday no less,” that voice that you’ve been unable to stop thinking about tuts, and you spin around on your heel, heart racing as you take him all in. Red hair as vivid as you remember, the plaited braids framing his face with the rest falling elegantly behind his back. His metal eye whirs and his other gleams with mischief, those perfect pink lips turned in a sly smile.

    He looks incredible in his deep blue jacket and black pants, accompanied by the one thing he couldn’t seem to give up from his former court, his tall riding boots.

    You brush a strand of hair behind your ear from where it had fallen from your messy hairstyle. As you glare, only his grin widens. You hadn’t planned on keeping your shop open this late during Starfall, but having no plans of your own you thought you’d catch up on a few things around the store while staying open for those last minute townsfolk might have forgotten solstice gifts.

    You hadn’t dressed up in anything nice for the occasion, tying your hair back while you worked up a sweat cleaning around the bookstore, and you hadn’t been expecting Lucien of all people to show up tonight, figuring he’d be attending the lavish party the High Lord was holding.

    “Oh–I don’t have anything to do tonight so I thought I’d use the time to finish up some chores,” you respond, his gorgeous smile doing nothing to slow the rapid beating of your heart.

    “No plans?” his eyebrows raise, “on Starfall? I find it hard to believe that a beautiful female like you has no plans.”

    And mother if this sly male knew how to make you blush.

    “All of my friends are taken. They have plans and I didn’t feel like intruding, so I decided to come here instead.”

    “You’re not with anyone?” He asks and you narrow your eyes at his words until you see that he’s actually completely baffled.

    “No,” you respond, picking up a few books from the counter and holding them tightly to your chest, just to have something to do, “I’m not.”

    “How?” he breathes. Surely someone with a beauty like yours would have all of the males fighting over your hand.

    “I don’t know,” you say to the question you weren’t supposed to hear, walking towards the shelf the books belong on, the redhead hot on your heels. “You’re a male, why don’t you tell me?”

    “I haven’t the slightest idea,” he catches a whiff of your sweet scent and his eyes flutter shut as he carefully holds in a sigh. You’re too gorgeous to not have a mate, is what he’s thinking, and then he runs right into your back, scrambling away from you like a newborn, cheeks flaring as you turn around with furrowed eyebrows.

    You study him as he scratches at his hair awkwardly, shrugging a shoulder with a guilty look on his face as he pretends that he didn’t almost ram you into the bookshelf by accident. It’s new, seeing the swift male like this, and it’s endearing.

    “Maybe it’s because you’re too beautiful,” he speaks his distracting thoughts, the air of confidence back in his stance as he steps back in, your back bumping into the shelf behind you as he cages you in. You can feel the heat radiating from his body and you so badly want it pressed up against your own. He takes a book from your grasp and reaches up over you to place it on the shelf, pausing for a moment to look down at you.

    Your eyes trail up the tight muscles beneath the well-tailored shirt and up his extended muscular arm to meet those eyes that have been frequenting your dream.

    “Does this go here?” he asks softly, dipping his head slightly towards you, his breath dancing across your face, making your eyelashes flutter.

    You let him take the second book from your sweating palms, clutching the last novel in your grip even tighter so that you don’t toss it aside in favor of clinging to him. You lick your lips and watch his eyes flick down to watch for only as long as he can see the pink of your tongue, then they’re right back on your own.

    You can see the fire in his eyes, the burning passion there, and you wonder if yours look the same as he places the novel on the shelf right next to your hip with the hand above you that isn’t bracing him against the shelf.

    His fingers brush against your side as he releases the book, bringing his hand back to his side. He watches your spine straighten as he does so, notices the catch in your breathing.

    “Is that the right place for that one?”

    You nod just barely, and he’s there, taking the last one from you. Your hands fall to your sides and fist in your loose pants. Lucien places the final book up on the shelf right next to your head, a questioning look in his eyes.

    He’s put all of the books in the wrong places, you’re sure of it, but he’s too close and you’re too distracted by this handsome male before you, flirting with you and complimenting you that you can’t even find it in yourself to care.

    Swallowing hard, you respond, “Did you ever finish that book you came in here to purchase?”

    And you can see the mirth in his eyes, his mouth pulling up in the corner as your cheeks flush, thinking to yourself that you’ve ruined the moment.

    “I did,” he breathes a low chuckle and the sound has your heart aching to taste, “And do you want to know my favorite scene?”

    And Gods, do you.


    His russet eye shines brighter, his metal eye whirring faster, as he studies you for an excruciatingly long second. His hand slips from the spine of the book, resting on the back of your neck. He strokes a thumb in a long arch against your skin. Tilting your head back so it’s resting back against the bookcase behind you, you bare your neck to him.

    He leans in that much closer, lips brushing against your ear as he says, voice filled with lust, “I’d like to reenact it with you later tonight, if you’re free.”

    And with a burst of confidence you blurt, “Why don’t we start now?”

    Turning your head towards him, it’s easy to catch his lips. His hand tightens behind your neck, pulling you further into him while he takes the last step, molding your body between his and the shelf behind you. You find yourself feeling up his trim sides to wrap your arms around his neck as his tongue swipes against your lips, and you part yours, his tongue dipping in and tasting, exploring.

    You moan with delight and the sound reverberates against his very core, a jerking split-second of pain that ties him to you. From the gasp you let out he knows you feel it too, immediately tugging on the newly formed bond as you clutch him even closer, Lucien's own hands sliding down around your upper thighs and pressing into them, a silent command to jump.

    The bell as the shop door opens has the two of you pulling apart, the auburn haired fae quickly stepping back from you as he turns his back on the open door, trying to hide his arousal. The customer stares between the two of you, frozen two steps in the door.

    “Sorry sir,” you call, already reaching out for Lucien, tangling your fist in his perfectly pressed shirt to pull him back to you, “We’re closed.”

    #Lucien#lucien vanserra #lucien x reader #fluffy #lucien vanserra x reader #acotar#acomar#acowar#acomaf#azsazz
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  • seventypercentvodka
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I need a so purely for the fact that I'm wearing a very cute outfit and i want to show it off

    #the outfit its literally a fluffy long jumper with short polka dots shorts #and thigh high socks #but its cute!! #wish i knew how to take pretty pictures #yet another reason why i need a so
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  • that-sokovian-bastard
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    finally writing a Wanda fic from MoM 😁

    #it’s fluffy dw #takes place on earth 838 #upcoming fic
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  • draconic-ichor
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Does Mordott have any favourite spots to be stritched, or weaknesses for other small affectionate actions?

    His tail is ticklish, mostly so around the base. Unfortunately it also feels incredibly good to get scritches over his tail fur. The Lady Tarnished learned both of these facts. So now Morgott can’t allow himself to totally bliss out when getting tail scritches for fear the Lady would slowly drift up and attack him with tickles.

    Other areas he likes scratched is around the base of his horns and between his shoulder blades. Since his horns are technically always growing slowly they sometimes itch terribly.

    Even though he won’t admit it, he loves to be pet. He’s went so long without any contact. It just feels so good to be touched. The tarnished can see right through him, how he will instantly still when she starts to run her fingers through his fur or head hair.

    Once when he was very tired the tarnished swore she could hear purring…

    A weakness he has is bathing together. The totally vulnerability of the act and closeness. He will suffer the Lady picking knots from his fur if it means he can bathe with her

    #elden ring#fluffy stuff#morgott/tarnished #I want to write a ticklish dabble
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  • yanban-san
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ▷Fluffy Submas Date Headcanons [SFW]◀

    Cute headcanons about going on dates with the submas twins

    Polyamory, Reader-san is AFAB. Under a cut just to keep the post short on your dash!

    ▶ Emmet loves spontaneous dates, whereas Ingo prefers planning ahead of time. While they let each other have alone time with you, they also like to go on dates together with you. Typically in public they just act like good friends, but if they get you alone on the date they’re both all over you, kissing you and hugging you in very secretive PDA.

    ▷ They both enjoy dates in spots where they can let their pokemon- and your own, relax. Most of their pokemon are comfortable in the city and on the rails, but they have a few places where they like to take their pokemon as a treat. Chandelure likes Celestial Tower, for instance; Excadrill and Crustle enjoy Twist Mountain and other rocky, mining areas or the deserts.

    ▶ They actually enjoy going on walks through nature trails; Working in Nimbasa City, it’s rare the two get to take the time to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy nature. They both really like Chargestone Cave trails, as Emmet will point out every Galvantula nest along the trail and also loves poking the weird floating rocks, sending them flying. Ingo likes to relax by the pretty ponds running through the cave that sparkle with tynamos and glow with the light of the magnetic rocks. It’s very meditative, until Emmet provokes an angry mama galvantula by scooping up and cuddling hoards of wild joltiks.

    ▷ If Ingo gets to plan out the date, you can expect a pleasant, but not particularly arduous or difficult walk to a cute, secluded area surrounded by nature. He actually really likes flowers, so left up to him he’d want to take you to a botanical garden somewhere or areas known for flowers and beauty. Take Emmet to a botanical garden and if he learns something’s edible he’s going to try to bite it.

    ▶ If Emmet “plans” the date, you can expect to be taken out for something like going to an Arcade, or out to the Amusement Park of Nimbasa, and then out for something tasty afterwards. He will be getting dessert regardless of how full either of you are, and take it home if he has to. He loves dessert.

    ▶If you want to take them out for dates...

    ▷ Emmet doesn’t like to know beforehand because he hates the anticipation, but he will drop heavy-handed hints the days leading up to anytime he has off; “I am Emmet. I will have Saturday off it looks like. I wonder if I will do anything fun then?” “It would be verrrrry fun to go out on Saturday. The day I have off. I can’t think of anything to do though.” He will say this in ear shot of you, but not directly to you. If he thinks you’ve missed his hints, or if he has an impromptu day off, and wants you to think of taking him on a date, he will physically grab you the evening before and tell you straight to your face that yes, he’s Emmet and yes, he-has-tomorrow-off-thanks-for-asking and yes, you-should-take-him-out-thank-you.

    ▶ Emmet is adventurous, and likes exciting things; heck, asking him if you could battle him in Gear Station would be a fun date idea to him, but other than that, taking him to the amusement park or out somewhere wild and cool is ideal. Sliding down Victory Road is also verrry fun to him and he will try to hold you bridal-style down the entire way. If you offer to take him to an art gallery, or a museum, however... He’s going to act confused, but he’ll indulge you. He’ll probably dislike it at first, getting bored easily unless there’s pretty shiny things on display at the museum, but once he realizes how empty museums and art galleries tend to be... with some hidden corners around displays and boards, he’s going to be alllll over you, kissing and hugging you and taking every opportunity to hold you against him. He’s going to like the museums and art galleries far more after that.

    ▷ Ingo likes planning; He wants to know at least a general plan of what you’d like to do, but even if you don’t have a good idea of the specifics, it’s alright. Taking him out to enjoy natural settings, and then for something light to eat afterwards is enjoyable. He really likes picnics, and wants you to do that rest-your-head-on-his-lap thing or vice versa. He’s surprisingly knowledgeable about plants too, so you’ll get some free botany lessons out of him as he points out all the berry plants and useful herbs in the woods. Although he’s more uptight and reserved than his brother, if you give him the opportunity to “warm up” he will also enjoy more thrilling things like roller coasters. ...And it’s a bad habit of his, but he likes the slot machines as well. He never plays for very much though, he’s good about managing his gambling fun.


    ▶ A surprising thing they both like when they have actual vacation time is treasure hunting or honest-to-goodness ACTUAL adventuring. They’ve heard tales of legendary pokemon, tucked away in the corners of Unova- And you all go off for a day ‘round Pinwheel forest looking for Cobalion, or up to Victory Road for rumored sightings of Terrakion- Emmet somehow managed to secure a Liberty Pass one time and took you all to Liberty Garden- where you searched for the mythical pokemon Victini. You didn’t find it, unfortunately, but darn if you didn’t have a wonderful time at the lighthouse. All of these locations were practically abandoned and the brothers got at the very least got a rare opportunity to shower you in affection in a place that wasn’t your home. Though you had to admit, caves full of dangerous wild pokemon were... not your ideal location to be assailed with love.

    ▷ Also legitimate treasure hunting. Out to Relic Castle and the Desert Resort, where Emmet and Ingo do battle against hoards of Yamasks and Cofagrigus for a day with their skilled teams- part training, part adventure, and sometimes they find cool stuff! Or if you head out to Undella town, they are going to beg you to go diving with them into the Abyssal Ruins- And if they manage to find a crown, they’re going to present it to you. If not, well, the little coins from the ruins are certainly still really cool, and maybe they’ll find some of those weird plates that pop up sometimes...

    ▶ Dates with both of them are saccharine; They want to spoil you, and even though they can’t exactly engage in PDA with you they will absolutely sneak all the kisses and adoration they can when they’re certain no one is looking. Both of them like to get you small gifts from their outings with you- Ingo presses flowers and insists you keep them, and you probably have a wall covered in cute laminated pressed plants now, and Emmet will get you little things you like; whether it’s some kind of makeup he knows you use, or a little plush, or maybe a cute piece of jewelry or a hair pin. They also really like when you’re touchy and comfortable with them; hugging either of them or pulling them both against you makes their faces light up as red as a cheri berry.

    ▷ One of their favorite small dates is just to take you out to a nice breakfast joint really early in the morning; There’s one that’s inside Gear Station actually, that’s really popular with early morning commuters and the station employees. It’s a toss up between there, across the street from Gear Station, or their favorite bagel shop if it’s a really quick breakfast.

    ▶ They fucking love train museums. Ask to go to a train museum with them and they will probably wonder why they haven’t proposed to you yet, especially if you really actually enjoy the train museum. They know a lot about old trains, so they’ll happily explain anything you seem confused about- Or just start telling you all these neat, obscure facts about the trains on display. You will probably end up skipping lunch that day because they’re going to want to spend a lot of time there.

    ▷ They also love scenic train rides! The Nimbasa Subway connects with a few, but they’ll probably try to take you on the Anville scenic routes more than once; a four hour train ride through idyllic mountainous countryside with only each other in a private train carriage, and usually an old, renovated steam engine at that drives them wild with happiness- The whole thing is excessively romantic to them and they’ll be aggressively lovey-dovey the entire time you’re all on the train together.

    ▶ Wrapping up dates is usually spent lounging around in your home, in the form of a pile; you sandwiched between the two while lazily flipping through TV channels or watching bad sitcoms, tired out from the day’s activities. If Emmet got dessert somewhere, he’s probably eating it- Ingo is going to try to steal some of whatever it is, though whether he’s successful or not depends on just how tired out Emmet is. Emmet will happily* share his sweets with you, however.

    *If he does this, he’s ordering two deserts from now on. If Ingo keeps trying to steal his deserts he’s just getting a cake or something on the way home for you all to share because the man likes his sweets and he’s fine with ordering y’all some, but leave his alone please-

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    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Fortune Teller and Jujutsu Sorcerer Don’t Mix I

    Another day means another school. “Good morning….” I yawned at the end of my greeted.

    “Good morning… woah! What a scary dark circle.” Yae sweatdropped. “What’s wrong?”

    “…I will tell you at lunch…” I mumbled sleepily.

    “Okay. I will listen to your complain.” She giggled. ~”~

    “So, spill the bean.” Yae said as we eat our lunch in the most inconspicuous spot in the whole school, the rooftop.

    “Well… yesterday morning when I read my own fortune. The Fool came out. It signifies the beginning of the new journey. Which can be translated to I will be experiencing of new thing.” I started.


    “And, I was curious as to who trigger it. I tried to read it yesterday.”

    “The result is?”

    “The result is Magician.”

    “The meaning is?”

    “Someone who is witty and persuasive, they are clever, eloquent and charismatic. In other words, they are capable of anything.” I sighed. ‘…I know who is the card talking about…’ I want to cry.

    “Heee… They seem like someone come out straight from novel. I kind of want to meet them.” Yae smiled.

    “I don’t want to. He is definitely an annoying guy who doesn’t know what is personal space means.” I shook my head vehemently. Michizane giggles at my denial. He knows who I am talking about.

    “You know who the card is talking about?”

    “I don’t know. I don’t want to know.” I shook my head.

    “[Name], your expression clearly stated that you know.” She mused.

    “I really don’t know. I don’t know him personally and I plan to never get to know him.”

    “Tsk tsk. He might be your future husband.” Yae smirked teasingly.

    “…” A disgusted look etched on my face. “If there is a god up there. I hope you will hear my prayer not to meet him forever.” I looked up to the sky.

    “But [Name], you know that your reading is always spot on.” Yae blinked.

    “I know. Even if it’s always spot on. There’s no rule I can’t change it.” I pouted.

    “I see. The source of your eye bags is the result of trying to find a way to escape from them.” Yae laughed.

    “Bingo!” Michizane laughed along.

    “Shut up, Michizane.” I grumbled at the vengeful spirit.

    “What did the card say?”

    “…” I sighed gloomily.

    “You can’t escape…”

    “No way! I will definitely escape this predicament! I won’t meet him as long as I don’t get involved in cursed spirits.” I said. “Yosh! Starting from today, I will go straight home right after school and won’t get out anywhere.” I declared.

    “You are going to do that for the rest of your life?”

    “I am thinking to study aboard after I graduated from high school. If I study aboard, there’s less chance meeting him.” I added.

    “Good luck.” Yae giggled. ~”~

     Few days later


    “What’s wrong, Michizane?” I whispered to the unusually quiet on-ryo (vengeful spirit)

    “Jou-chan, the cursed spirits are increasing.” He furrowed his brows.

    “I noticed. I thought maybe it’s because exam week is near. Stress is accumulating.” I said.

    “I have a really bad feeling about this.” Michizane muttered. “Can we take a look after school?”

    “…” I don’t want to get involved anymore. But at the same time, if something is inside this school Yae will be in danger. She is the only friend I have. I don’t want to get hurt. And… if Michizane is like this, there’s a chance something is wrong. It’s also better just to make sure nothing bad is happening to ease our mind, lest I also contributed in making cursed spirits due to my paranoia. ~”~

    “Sorry, Yae. You go home first.” I smiled apologetically at her.

    “Okay. Be careful, okay.”

    “Don’t worry. We are just making sure nothing is wrong.” I smiled.

    “See you tomorrow.” Yae said.

    “Okay. See you tomorrow.” After making sure Yae is out of the school gate. I walk back to the school. “Where should we start?” I asked.

    “We are going for a long walk.” Michizane smiled.

    “I thought so.” I sighed. Starting from the first floor, I walk around to sense if something is out of a place. But aside from the increasing number of fly heads, I sense nothing, even Michizane is not sensing anything.

    “This might be my mistake.” Michizane smiled sheepishly.

    “It seems so. Well, as long as there’s no….hm…”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “…Someone is talking…” I whispered. The voices I heard come from the art club room.

    “Will this really work?”

    “Of course. The senpai that gave this to me said so.”

    “Then, we will gather tonight.” They opened the door just as I was about to knock.

    “Wh-who are you?” The girl gasped.

    “That book.” I looked at the book which is obviously a cursed object.

    “Wh-what about this book?” She hides it behind her.

    “That book is dangerous. It’s better if you give it to me.” I held out my hand.

    “What are you talking about? Are you robbing us?” She glared.

    “That’s not it. The book is-“

    “Saki, what’s wrong?” Two more girls appeared.

    “This girl is demanding our book.” The first girl, Saki spoke to her friends.

    “I don’t know what are you planning to do, but that book is not something you should play with. Please give it to me.” I said.

    “What are you? Some kind of occult otaku? Gross.” They laughed.

    “It’s my book. I can do whatever I want with it, get it you nerd.” They bumped my shoulders as they walked away. ~”~

    “Shouldn’t we stop them doing some kind of shady ritual. What if they unleashed the curse inside?” Michizane asked.

    “Hmph! They can die for all I care.” I grumbled. “I don’t care what happened to them. It’s not my fault that they die. I have warned them. I have no obligation to save them. Besides, I don’t want to get involved in jujutsu anymore. If something were to happen, the jujutsu sorcerer will handle it.” I ranted as I turned on the television. ~”~

    “I thought we are not going to help?” Michizane smiled as he floated beside me using his folded fans to hide his annoying smile.

    “Shut up! I am just going to steal the book and burn it!” I yelled as I sprinted to the school. I wear a shorts and black hoodie to cover my face later.

    “You can’t burn cursed object.” He sweatdropped.

    “But you can.” I replied.

    “That’s indeed right.” He nodded. Using the gate bar as a prop, I jumped over the gate with a beautiful flip. The moment I landed on the school ground, the whole space distorted and changed shape. I can feel the suffocating air around me. My senses are telling me this is dangerous and I need to get out of here. "This is…"

    "Yes. You guessed right. Domain expansion."

    “Are they…”

    “Most probably has died.” He remarked. “What are you going to do? Should we go home?” Michizane asked.

    "...I can’t get out of here without exorcising the cursed spirit anyway." I sighed. “Let’s see if there’s any survivor.”

    ‘As I thought. Jou-chan, you are…’ ~”~

     "Moshi moshi."

    "Gojo-san, you have an emergency mission." Ijichi's voice transmitted to the snowy-white haired man.

    "Again?" He sighed.

    "Sorry, Gojo-san. Unregistered special grade cursed spirits suddenly detected in a xxx school."

    'Unregistered special grade.' His bandaged eyes narrowed. No wonder they throw this mission to him.


    "Your car will pick you up soon, Gojo-san."

    "Haaa…. They sure know how to work me like a horse. What a slave driver." Gojo sighed dramatically.

    Arriving at the site. His six eyes have determined a domain expansion has been employed. Most likely by the special grade curse. ~"~

    "Jou-chan, left left… now go right right. It's right, Jou-chan." He shook his head.

    "Shut up! How come your directional sense is a mess?!" I growled.

    "It's not mine, it's yours." He rolled his eyes playfully.

    The female students I met in the evening were playing some shady ritual which is actually releasing the cursed spirit inside. The newly released cursed spirit devoured every single fly head in this school which then evolved to a special grade. I found their remnants in the unused music room, they are already beyond recognizable. Their bodies have been torn apart by the special grade.

    Right now, the special grade is playing chase with me. "Do something about it, aren't you a powerful jujutsu sorcerer."

    "I was. But right now I am just a spirit." He lamented.

    "You are still the famous vengeful spirit. You should be able to do something." I said exasperatedly.

    "I can. But I need to use your body. I am bound to you. As long as you allow me, I think I can manage."

    "What did I do in my past to warrant this kind of punishment?" I could only cried.

    "Meeting me is a blessing, Jou-chan."

    "Sure, meeting a vengeful spirit is a blessing." I repeated sarcastically.

    "Jou-chan! Get down!" My body reacted to his command, I squatted down, narrowly missed a punch from the special grade.

    "Geh! How come it is here?!"

    "It teleported… Jou-chan, this cursed spirit is much more troublesome than expected."

    "...tsk.." I rolled once to the side to distance myself from it. "Michizane. How long will you take over my body?"

    "I will dispose of it as quickly as I can."

    "Okay, 5 minutes." I surrendered my body to him.

    Aaaahhh…. I can feel a lot of negative emotions. Every time I surrendered my body to him. My mind and consciousness will be dragged inside this whirlpool of negative emotions. I have to maintain my sense of self otherwise I will be gone forever, swallowed by those emotions.

    My surroundings are dark and gloomy. I can hear screams of agony, rage or whatever curses they are sprouting.

    "Jou-chan, you alright?"

    "I am fine. Take care of that cursed spirit quickly."

    "Okay." I can still see and hear what happened outside.

    I can see how the cursed spirit feels threatened by Michizane's cursed energy. Michizane told me his cursed energy has been cut, this is just less than half of his full power. Even so, this is enough to intimidate the unregistered special grade, maybe it's because it was newly evolved.

    If Sukuna is the opponent, he will probably say he enjoyed this while fighting to death. I can feel how the atmosphere changed. The domain is filled with Michizane's cursed energy instead of the cursed spirit’s.

    Michizane's technique also involved space manipulation. Unlike Gojo who can't deactivate his six eyes. Michizane can activate and deactivate six eyes on his will. And Michizane can also create a space storage to store something. Of course this is if he is at his full power. But, activating six eyes consumes so much cursed energy. Not to mention the strain in my body. In other words, right now he is just your less than average jujutsu sorcerer/vengeful spirit with only advantage is overwhelming cursed energy.

    Using the overwhelming cursed energy to envelope my body, making it like an invisible super armour. Michizane throws in some punches and kicks to it, and also some basic of space manipulation technique, only the most basic, such as altering incoming attacks by hairbreadth and he can’t use it more than 3 times. If Michizane used a more advanced spell, my body wouldn't hold out. Fortunately, Michizane has his experiences to cover up for the flaw.

    Right after he threw the last punch, packed with dense cursed energy, the special grade is finally exorcised. I prepare to take over my body again. "A jujutsu sorcerer is coming." He said.

    'Oh damn.' I can think of few who are coming to exorcise an unregistered special grade, if it's not Mei-san, the other will be Gojo Satoru. "What should I do?" I panicked.

    "Don't worry, you don't have any cursed energy. He won't feel mine in this state." Michizane referred to him not taking over my body.

    "Oya? A survivor?" The voice that used to elicit a squeal when I heard, right now it only brought a sense of dread.

    “Goodbye my life.”

    “Don't be so dramatic.” Michizane rolled my eyes.

    “Shut up, ghost.”

    "...Don't tell me you exorcised the cursed spirit?" He is sizing me up and down.


    "But you don't have cursed energy. Is it heavenly restriction body? But in that case you need some kind of cursed tool or any kind of weapon. I don't see anything resembling that at all." He stood in front of me. “Or, did you kill the curse with bare hands?” he mumbled.

    I can feel the hairs on my neck stand up. He is literally probing me. "I… was caught up inside. There are dead bodies… in unused music room." I tried to divert the topic.

    "Oh? Lead the way." His tone changed. Maybe I shouldn't say anything. I think I just made it worse. From someone having heavenly restriction body who had exorcised curse to someone who committed murder.

    'That's why I said I am not good in this kind of life. My own stupidity will really drag me to the jail this time.' I cried. I stop in front of the door.

    "Why don't you open it?"

    "I...can't…" I trembled, deathly afraid this guy will knock me unconscious and isolated me.

    "I guess this is too much for a normal human." He hummed. "Stay behind me."

    I have half mind to actually bolt away, but if I run away, I will be prime suspect. 'I don't want this anymore.'

    “Relax, Jou-chan. If worse come to worst, I will take over your body and run away.”

    'And become the hunted curse user. No way. Nuh uh, thank you very much.'

    "Hey~" He called me.

    "W-what?" I stuttered.

    "Did you know these girls?"

    "They are from my school. But I don't know them personally." I said.

    "Playing a shady ritual." He sighed and closed the door. "So, the question is why are you here? You aren't playing this ritual with them right?" I can feel his sharp gaze and tone.

    "I didn't play that… that shady ritual." I mumbled, still refusing to look at him.


    I swallow the lump in my throat. He is waiting for my answer. "I...saw them brought a weird book this evening. I was going to stop them doing whatever they want to do tonight. But when I arrived, they already…”

    "Hm? How can you know this is a shady book?"

    “I feel uneasy when I saw it. It has some kind of black aura.” I decided to tell half-truth. He will notice right away if I was lying.

    "Hmm… You are not lying, are you?”

    “I am not.” I shook my head.

    “Then, what about the cursed spirit? Did you exorcise it?"

    "Cursed spirit…?" I tilted my head, playing dumb. "I was searching for them when I was suddenly thrown into some kind of weird place. I kept running and running, and then I was back again."

    "...You shouldn't lie. There's no way you can run away from special grade cursed spirit. Especially in its own domain."

    'Die you Gojo Satoru!!! Die!! Die!!!' Now I am cursing him to die.

    "Tell me, did you kill it?" He whispered.

    "Too close!!" I jumped back, holding my right ear, where he whispered.

    "Aw!! How cute. You have never been so close with a man?" He grinned.

    "Shu-shut up, you blindfolded man! Wh-what are you? A cosplayer?" I pointed out.

    "I wear this for a reason. But I assure you I can see very clearly. Like the pretty blush on your cheeks."


    'He really should just go and die.'

    "So, young lady. Care to tell me how you exorcise cursed spirit?"

    "I… don't know who exorcised it. I don't even know what cursed spirit is? Some kind of malicious ghost? I just suddenly back here." I shook my head.

    ‘Cry, come on cry my eyes. Let out some tears so I can try to fool him.’ But my eyes are being stubborn. ‘Think what will happen if I am going to be executed. Think what will happen to the new creations of sweets that I won’t be able to eat, new mangas I can’t read and new games I can’t play anymore.’ Finally, some tears pooled in my eyes.

    "Hmm….Well, let's leave it at that then. There's no evidence you are the one who exorcised it, since you don't have any cursed energy." He sighed.

    My shoulders relaxed a little. "Then… can I go home now?" I asked timidly.

    "Yep. I will take you home." His big grin came back.

    ‘Someone, help me…'

    The walk home is really awkward, to me at least. The lanky man beside me didn't even feel bothered by the awkwardness.

    "Is there anything you want to say to me?" He suddenly spoke up.


    "You were glancing at me from time to time. Are you curious about this blindfold? Should I take it off?"

    "No, I am more curious as to what kind of milk you drank to make you grow this tall."

    "..." The man halted his step.


    “Jou-chan, as expected I am also speechless.”

    "Sorry, it was rude of me." I bowed.

    "Hahaha. What was that? You are so funny!" He laughed. "As for the answer, I just drink normal milk that everyone has been drinking." He laughed.

    "Oh… I see…" I nodded, and started walking again.

    "By the way, where's your house?"

    "We are near. Only 3 minutes more walk." Not long after, we arrived at my apartment.

    "You live alone?"

    "Yes. My parents are working out of the country, so I told them to just let me stay in an apartment near school."

    "I see. By the way, I haven't caught your name." He grinned as he turned to me.

    'Ugh…' I am tempted to give him a fake name. But… "Hisaki [Name]." I mumbled.

    "[Name] it is then. Mine is Gojo Satoru."

    "Thank you for walking me home, Gojo-san." I bowed.

    "No worries. I have my own reasons." He dismissed it.

    'I know, you were trying to gauge whether I am friend or foe. But I hope I fall in stranger category.' ~"~

     I sigh loudly as I fall onto my bed. "Otsukare-sama." Michizane smiled.

    "Why do I have to run into him? What did I do in my past lives? Did I destroy a planet?" I moaned and complained childishly.

    "Sorry, Jou-chan." He apologised. I know he is not at fault. It’s my fault being soft-hearted even if I have resolved not to involve myself anymore.

    "It's not your fault… It’s…mine." I sighed. "I wasn't born a fighter. I was just a normal girl that enjoyed my normal life… maybe this is sort of a karma because I keep wishing if I were born inside anime or something like that…" I mumbled.

    "Human creatures are always like that. Wishing for something to happen. But when it really happens, they will wish it's better if something didn't happen." He smiled wryly.

    "That's right. I am the living proof." I agreed. "Haaa…" I sighed.

    "What will you do then, Jou-chan?"

    "Nothing. As long as I didn't do anything. My suspicion should be cleared away. They will be monitoring me for a while, I think."

    "Then, as long as we don't show them you can see cursed spirit and be haunted by me. It should be okay."

    "That's right. But I just don't know who will be monitoring me…"

    "Aahhh…. My descendant is really sharp."

    "That's the problem. I might blurt something out."

    "Because of his good look?"

    "...I am nervous because I am afraid being found out. And he is very preceptive in this kind of thing. When I am nervous, I might blurt something out.” I scowled. “Maybe…maybe his good look plays the part a little…” I mumbled.

    "But if that's the case, Jou-chan. How come you dismiss my good look easily?" He whined.

    "..." I looked blankly at him. "You...seriously asked that?!"

    "What's wrong with me asking. I am the most sought out man in Heian era." He wriggled his brow suggestively.

    "First, this is not a Heian era anymore. How many times I have said this? So, the beauty standard is a little different. Two… In terms of looks, that guy can easily take the top spot. Especially when he showed his eye. Wait a minute…” A light bulb appeared in my head. “In the end, maybe he is handsome because of his eyes? Then does that mean I will be okay if I don’t see his eyes?" I blinked.

    "I have six eyes too." He pouted

    "Used too. There is only one six eyes user at that time. You said you can use it, but we never actually tried it." I remarked.

    "Hmm… Indeed. Because I don't know what will happen. There are 2 conclusions. One, I can't use my six eyes. Two, If I managed to use six eyes, I don't know what will happen to your body." He nodded.

    "And I prefer not to risk it." I said in agreement. ~"~

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