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  • letsgooutintherain
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Part of: The Adventures of Mystery Expert and Night Alchemist. It’s a wrong number AU basically, but by now we’re in the parts where they meet in person.

    Summary: "Go meet your boyfriend," Al said. So here they are again, the second date, a night spent at Roy's and both of them are so in love it is impossible to hide. But the second date is still too early to say so,  isn't it?  

    Chapter 2/4: Dinner

    Pairings: Roy/Ed

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff and Ed swears.

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  • ravewoodx
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #ed x winry #fma edward#edward elric #edward x winry #edwin#fma envy#fma #full metal alchemist #winry rockbell #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood
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  • worryinglyinnocent
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Fic: Diverging Paths (27/31)

    Summary: Xerxes falls and the only two survivors walk away from the dead city.

    Homunculus is keen to make the most of the new human body he now wears, and he goes out into the world, still planning his ascension to godhood as he strips away his vices and turns them into homunculi.

    Van Hohenheim believes he has become a monster, and he hides himself away, befriending the other abominations of the world, failed human transmutations doomed to agonising half-life without the intervention of a Philosopher’s Stone.

    Years later, Homunculus meets Trisha Elric and sires two sons with her before vanishing into the night, whilst Hohenheim tries to foil his doppelgänger’s schemes.

    Years after that, Edward and Alphonse Elric are caught up in the middle of it all…

    A Father-Hohenheim role reversal switcheroo, following Mangahood’s main plot with elements of ‘03, based on the premise ‘what if Father was Ed and Al’s father and Hohenheim was the one hiding under Central?’

    Rated: Teen


    [One] [Two] [Three] [Four] [Five] [Six] [Seven] [Eight] [Nine] [Ten] [Eleven] [Twelve] [Thirteen] [Fourteen] [Fifteen] [Sixteen] [Seventeen] [Eighteen] [Nineteen] [Twenty] [Twenty-One] [Twenty-Two] [Twenty-Three] [Twenty-Four] [Twenty-Five] [Twenty-Six] [AO3]


    Content Warning: Canon-typical violence


    “This is just getting ridiculous.” 

    There were six of them against Sloth; Heinkel was out for the count and Darius was dragging him to safety but had promised to come back as long as he didn’t meet anything else along the way. They’d hardly been able to leave a dent in the massive homunculus, he was able to dodge a lot of the hits with his incredible speed and those that did connect, he simply shrugged off. 

    Ed had to agree with Mustang’s summation of the situation. They weren’t going to get anywhere if they couldn’t get past Sloth, and if they couldn’t get to Father and try to stop him, then everything that they had done would be for nothing. 

    “You two go,” Ling said. “The next time there’s an opening to sneak past him, go for it. We’ll take care of things from here.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’ve never been less sure of anything -” here Ling jumped to avoid a crushing blow to the head from one of the wildly flailing chains around Sloth’s wrists “- but I’m sure that if you and Mustang don’t save the world then we’re all dead anyway, so get going!”

    Ed nodded and braced himself, looking for the next opportunity to get past the juggernaut who was blocking their path, and he looked over to Mustang, who nodded his agreement. He could no longer see Hawkeye, who had sensibly holed up behind a pillar and was taking shots at Sloth’s face with her rifle; although they all knew that there was little hope of her actually killing him with gunfire, shots to the head slowed him down and impaired his vision whilst he healed up, which was at least giving them room to breathe even if not a complete advantage. Fu and Lan Fan seemed to be in agreement with the plan as well if their sustained attack on the homunculus was anything to go by. 

    At last there was an opening, and Ed ploughed forward, Mustang hot on his heels. Once past Sloth, they kept running, putting as much distance between them and him as possible and heading for the stairs up to the top levels and Bradley’s office.

    The building was disarmingly quiet up here. Considering that this level was where the generals had been holed up with the Fuhrer planning the apocalypse, there was no one around here now, and from the papers and chairs scattered to the four winds as the passed the meeting rooms; Ed could hazard a guess that they had all left in a panic and that General Armstrong had probably caused the panic. 

    The quiet made Ed uneasy and he slowed his pace a little. 


    “It’s too quiet,” he said. “I get the feeling that we’re walking straight into a trap.”

    “I know what you mean.” He hadn’t been expecting Mustang to agree, but he was glad of it all the same, even if he would never admit that. “But the only thing we can do is keep going forward and walk into the trap if one’s been set.”

    “Yeah.” Ed sighed. “We have to reach the Bearded Bastard and the only way out is through.”

    They continued along the corridor; although muffled by Central Command’s strong architecture, Ed could still hear the sounds of the fight with Sloth going on below them, and it made his stomach churn to think that they had left the others fending him off and buying them time. 

    They reached the Fuhrer’s office, opening the door just a fraction and peering around it. 

    “There’s really no need to be so furtive, Mustang.” There was the snikt of a blade being unsheathed, and Ed did not suppress another groan. It would have been far too easy for them not to have met Bradley. 

    Mustang opened the door fully. Bradley was there, along with Selim, who could now no longer be mistaken for a normal human boy when there were tendrils of shadows creeping out from under his feet, shadows that had eyes and teeth and seemed to move of their own accord, soaring across the room and chinking against Ed’s blade when he brought his arm up to defend himself, just managing to transmute the carbon in the amalgam into black diamond to stop the automail being sliced clean through. 

    This fight was definitely going to hurt.


    Olivier marched through the corridors of Central Command; everyone was in so much confusion that no one questioned her, although that could also be down to outright terror. She had checked in with Miles and Buccaneer at the gate and everything was going as well as could be expected there, and now she was on a far more pressing mission to find the Fuhrer, and with any luck, run her sword through him. 

    She sighed when she rounded the corner and found Sloth there. She knew that it had been too much to hope that she’d seen the last of Sloth when he’d gone back into the tunnel under Briggs, but it was clear that the lump wasn’t going to be defeated that easily, and from the looks of the fight, he wasn’t going down easily even now. Although the defenders were doing an admirable job of keeping him from going anywhere, they were going to need back up, and Olivier could not afford to be drawn into this fight when there was another, potentially more important one going on elsewhere. She noted that for all she could see Hawkeye in her makeshift sniper nest, there was no sign of Mustang, and in circumstances like these, where one went the other would probably go too, meaning that Mustang was likely to be further into Central Command and going after Bradley and Father. Olivier rolled her eyes. The idiot was going to get himself killed, and as tempted as she was to let him, the fate of the entire country was at stake so she should probably do something.

    She made her way over to Hawkeye, dodging chunks of falling masonry and a new arrival sprinting onto the scene and skidding to a stop. 

    “Well, that certainly wasn’t what I expected to see. Hello Lieutenant Hawkeye!”

    “Hi Patience.” Hawkeye acknowledged the new arrival and turned to Olivier. “General Armstrong, it’s good to see you.”

    “Glad to see you alive, Lieutenant. If you can cover me to get past this lump, I’ll call you some back up; I think you’ll need it. I’m going to scrape Mustang off the floor upstairs.”

    Hawkeye smiled. “Good luck.” She levelled her rifle and nodded for Olivier to go whilst Sloth was distracted with the two Xingese ninjas clambering all over his head and shoulders. 

    Olivier ducked into the radio room just along the corridor and hailed Buccaneer at the main gate. 

    “Send the Curtises into the main building, we have a homunculus issue.”

    “Yes sir, they’ll be there shortly.”

    Now to find Bradley. If he had any sense he’d be in his office, the last bastion of defence before the renegades got to Father himself. Although, from what Olivier had learned about Father over the last few months of her hostage situation here in Central, finding out all about the insanity that had been going on in the military top brass for centuries, she really didn’t think that he needed a last bastion of defence. Still, it would make Bradley feel useful if nothing else. She’d never had all that much respect for him, but knowing that he was just the lapdog of a higher master had lowered him in her esteem even further.

    She heard the sounds of the fight before she reached the room, and she wasn’t surprised to find Mustang and Fullmetal completely outmatched, even if not technically outnumbered. Still, at least they gave her an opening to engage Bradley whilst his concentration was focussed on them and not on the door. Olivier unsheathed her sword, swinging at Bradley and landing a deep slash across his shoulder, instantly turning his attention onto her. 

    “Hello, Bradley. You didn’t really think I’d sit quietly with the other panicking old men, did you?”

    Olivier was a good swordswoman; the weapon she always carried was not just for show and she had used it in combat more times than she could count when Drachma had come snapping at the door. Even she knew, though, that she was no match for Bradley when he had both eyes open and could predict her every move before she made it. It was all she could do to keep parrying and keep him from landing a blow, but she was determined. She would defeat this cockroach, or she would die trying.


    Although it was much easier now that they didn’t have to worry about Bradley as well as Pride, Ed could tell that he and Mustang were still definitely on the back foot and they were going to have to coordinate if they stood any chance of getting around him. 

    “Do you think that if we did something about Selim, it would neutralise the shadows?” Mustang asked, snapping a fireball at the nearest tendril and sending it vanishing into dust, but it only afforded them a very brief respite before the next one was on the inbound, razor sharp and lethal. Ed could only defend; there wasn’t anything that he could really do to hurt the homunculus. 

    “Maybe. If he’s anything like his father then he needs a container in order to be able to act and Selim looks to be his container.”

    Mustang nodded. “I’m going for him. Cover me.”

    Ed rolled his eyes but accepted that Mustang was going to be better on the offensive this time around. Behind him, he could still hear the unrelenting scrape of metal on metal as Armstrong went toe to toe with Bradley, but he didn’t dare take his eyes off Pride and the shadows in order to see how she was getting on. As long as she kept him occupied enough to keep him off their backs, that was all they could ask for. 

    Before Mustang could make a dent in Selim, however, there was a thunderous roar from below them, and Ed just heard someone yell INCOMING before the floor splintered into thousands of shards and Sloth was propelled through it; Ling, Lan Fan, Fu and Patience were all hanging off the massive homunculus as he hit the ceiling with a crash. Teacher, Sig and Hawkeye followed them up, Teacher transmuting a platform from the floor below and repairing the massive hole before Sloth crashed down from the ceiling. The others hopped off him before he could get to his feet, and Ed and Mustang both just stared at the new additions to their party. Even Pride looked to be rather alarmed by the latest developments; only Bradley and Armstrong were unperturbed, still fighting to the death on the other side of the room. Olivier was bleeding badly, her non-sword arm hanging limp at her side, but her expression was one of sheer determination and she wasn’t going to give up for anyone.

    “Swap!” Ling yelled, catching the flash bomb that Fu tossed to him. “We’ll take care of Pride, we can stop his shadows, you pummel Sloth; we’ve already killed him a couple of times!”

    “Eyes down!” Lan Fan pulled the pin on a flash bomb and Ed just managed to close his eyes in time before it went off and a blinding flash cleared the room of shadows, making Pride scream in pain and frustration. Ed left the Xing contingent to it, he and Teacher both clapping and smacking their hands down on the ground to send spikes shooting through Sloth’s bulk. With him pinned down and unable to use his speed, hopefully it would not take a lot to finish him off completely. 

    There was a crack of alchemic lightning and Ed looked at Mustang and then Teacher, but they were both looking just as perplexed as Ed felt; there was nothing to suggest that either of them were responsible. Then the portal opened up beneath him and Teacher, the glaring Gate of Truth staring up at them. 


    “Ed, what’s happening?”



    There was a roar of pure alchemy, and Ed found himself rushing through the portal once more. 


    The soldiers were getting closer, Al could hear that shots were being exchanged out in the corridors that led into the homunculi’s home. He hoped that Havoc, Fuery and Diligence would be able to hold them off, but he had no idea how many of Central’s forces might have flooded into the catacombs. Beside him, Shao May gave a squeak of alarm, and Al looked down to see May beginning to stir. He looked from her to Pasha and back again. 

    Pasha nodded. “I’ve got tons of hiding places, I’ll be ok. And I’m a homunculus. You need to keep May and Shao May safe. Come on, I’ll show you where we can hide her.”

    May didn’t protest when Al lifted her inside his chest cavity again, and he followed Pasha out of Diligence’s room and along the corridors deeper into the heart of Hohenheim’s home. 

    “Up here.” Pasha sprang up a little ladder built into the wall, but the opening was far too narrow for Al to be able to fit through. 

    “May, do you think you can climb?” he began, but before he could interpret her whispered response, he found himself frozen to the spot as bright alchemic lightning flashed around him, and the portal opened up beneath his feet. There was a split second to realise what was happening before he was falling into the stream of Truth once more…

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  • cardtorius
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    FMA: Brotherhood manga issue 100 cover by

    Hiromu Arakawa/ Square Enix. Rendered by me.

    #full metal alchemist: brotherhood #fma brotherhood#manga#square enix #not my art #my edits#png#render
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  • harleykeener
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Two Good Legs

    “So hey,” Ed said, and made up for not kicking the door open by slamming it closed with his elbow. He glanced over and found Havoc in his bed, halfheartedly playing cards, and grinned. Strode over. Plopped himself into a nearby chair with his left leg up on his lap. “You gotten a chance to talk to someone who actually uses a wheelchair yet?”
    Predictably, Breda and Fuery both cringed behind their cards, looking at Havoc for his reaction. Havoc just frowned at Ed, looking weary and annoyed.
    “No,” he said shortly.
    “Good, ‘cause that was gonna be a real dumb opener if you had,” Ed said, not missing a beat.
    #gnawing on this fic like a dog with a bone #jean havoc#edward elric#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #fma#fmab#fic rec
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  • kaizokucujoh
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Roy Mustang icons

    Like/reblog if you save or use

    Made by me @kaizokucujoh

    #ch: roy mustang #anime: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fma#fma icons#fmab#fmab icons#roy mustang #roy mustang icons #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood icons #fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist icons #anime#anime icons
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  • dairogo
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    RW2022 sneak peek (reunion)

    Don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done before Royai Week, because doing one prompt took like a week LOL. I’m just happy that I finished something. Gonna try to keep the moment, but in the meantime, have a sneak peek of the first draft of my Reunion response. There’s a bunch of things to check or change still, but I’ll let it sit while I start on the next prompt first.

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  • osorezanna
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I fucking love the "the Colonel calls me Riza when we're alone" scene for a lot of reasons because come on but I need to specify that one of them is that this is Roy and Riza we're talking about, they probably have thousands of secret codes and passwords that they could use on eachother that no one else would know and yet Riza decided to try with this particular method that insinuates she's getting it on with her boss which makes me believe she just thought it would be funny and wanted to fuck with Envy, like, "aw, you know what would be hilarious, actually? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" and it totally worked

    #Riza is funny is fuck and not enough people talk about it #also yes outside of the story the scene most likely happened like that because Arakawa wanted to troll us all but I'm talking about the #character side of it all #riza hawkeye#royai#fma#stel's ranting
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  • ladynahimana
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    “A dog?!“

    “Haha, Oh yes, that’s always especially fun.“

    “... But only if I’m allowed to choose the collar.“

    This is just the sketch of the 4koma of Dominate me. It teases the content of part 2 called Teach me. I plan to sit down the next few days and finish the script for it. I also started inking Dominate me.

    I watched Love and Leashes some time ago to get some ideas for this series, so blame that movie.

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  • datlokibumtho
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Ed: "Most people go to sleep, a kleptomaniac takes a nap."

    Envy: "you're why I have a drinking problem."

    #funny#anime#manga#fullmetal alchemist#envy fma#incorrect quotes #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #envy #envy the jealous #incorrect fma quotes #edward elric#ed elric#edward fma#edvy #incorrect fullmetal alchemist brotherhood quotes #incorrect fullmetal alchemist quotes
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  • pastelpolitoed
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    not a week goes by that i dont debate getting a “one sky/one destiny” kingdom hearts themed tattoo somewhere on me

    #that or fma or atla #all of those cycle in my head often #i want the elric crest somewhere #and for avatar tehres A Bunch
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  • sweet61
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    FMA 03 is the one where Scar makes a sacrifice to save another similar race to his own but its "more exploitative" than FMAB where Ishbalans only exist to save Amestris and Ishbalan souls exist to heal Roy and Jean.

    Riiiiight 👀

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  • haleigh-sloth
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I love the friendships in Fullmetal Alchemist so much

    The way Ling starts out as this annoying pesky foreigner going on and on about immortality or whatever, following Ed and Al everywhere, and then it doesn’t even take a whole lot or a long time for he and Ed to just become ride or die buddies

    It happened so fast and I love them so much

    Don’t even get me started on Roy and the Elrics 💀

    #this show brings me so much joy #every time I rewatch #serotonin#fma #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
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  • suskiss
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    *extremely pained animated face* -Fullmetal Alchemist

    #its funnier than it should be when it cuts in like that lmo #fma liveblog
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  • oddly-expressive-suit-of-armor
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I’m in the process of moving to a new town and I found some of my old sketchbooks in the process. There was a drawing of Envy I did back in 2015 and it made me want to redraw it.

    2015 vs 2022

    #art#anime #artists on tumblr #fullmetal alchemist#fma #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fmab#fma fanart#fan art#my art #then vs now #redraw#old doodles
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  • jjyany
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    It’s a joke but i think it will be fun to see Mustang putting a wedding dress on because Hawkeye says so with her gun pointing at him LOL

    #fma royai#fmab#roy mustang#riza hawkeye #the joke came from Travis Willingham who voiced Roy Mustang #you should see the clip it’s so fun #aside from joke i dont think they will get married at least anytime soon post fmab
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  • wonderlandmind4
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Went to my first anime convention is years, (there was a mask mandate thank god) and of course, I walked away with 3 marvel art pieces and only one anime one 😂 the first two are:

    Wanda, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I loved the styles of these and had to get them from the same artist Kelly Mcmahon ( ig: KMMCMDRAWS )

    Then I got these two also from a different artist, dauntingfire

    Isn’t that gorgeous!?

    I shall show the next piece in another post because it deserves its own.

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  • xcandacex
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Ed sketch

    #my art#fma edward#edward elric#fma#fma fanart#fmab #full metal alchemist #full metal alchemist brotherhood #sketch
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  • boiling-files
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I know I’ve been drawing a lot of similarities and parallels from toh and Full Metal Alchemist specifically Brotherhood but what if and listen to me for a second, what if… The Wittebane brothers had a similar situation to The Elric brothers in the 2003 FMA anime?

    Both growing up together being there for each other until BOOM earth shattering revelation til the next and one brother is sent into another realm via a portal leaving the other brother trying to get back to him at any cost? Now the first brother is stuck in a realm he doesn’t know anything about and is trying to get home but doesn’t know how and is at a total loss and just misses his brother.

    #I know a lot of this doesn’t line up with the canon information but let me dream about my wittebane Elric brothers parallels #.txt #speculation#toh#fma spoilers
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  • anthurak
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    So, calling it now: Belos is going to backstab the Collector.

    More specifically, Belos’ true plan for the draining spell on the Day of Unity is to actually trap the Collector again and STEAL their power for himself. Basically, he’s going for the full-blown ‘I am the new god of this world!’ and ‘I will remake this world in my image!’ megalomania.

    Given all the clear inspiration The Owl House has taken from Fullmetal Alchemist, and in particular the major parallels Belos has with Father, I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet that Belos’ true goals will wind up running along similar lines as well.

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