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  • cuppahoney
    26.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    mangle sketch bc they r my fav 💪😼

    #mangle has and always will b my fav 😎 #mangle#mangle fnaf#fnaf#fnaf 2 #fnaf 2 mangle #fnaf fanart#mangle fanart #five nights at freddy's #five nights at freddy’s fanart
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  • fnafsbheadcanon
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Honestly I feel bad for whatever lawyer Fazbear entertainment has at this point. Someone give them a hug

    unfortunately Helpy is the current lawyer of Fazbear entertainment and before Helpy it was some guy name Steve.

    In fact Fazbear entertainment have many lawyers and many of them quit for obvious reasons.

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  • aftoon
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    hey it’s him

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  • dapndots
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Here’s that Wild West au I was talking bout, but it’s only just me figuring out what the characters would wear

    #dapperart #fnaf secruity breach #sun security breach #fnaf sundrop#fnaf sun#sundrop #moon security breach #fnaf moondrop#fnaf moon#moondrop #I suppose it is kinda shippy between y/n and the two? #but those ll only be self indulgent doodles ill do 💀 #may not pertain to plot of my Springtrap redemption x Wild West au #but yeah! something I’ve had festering in my brain for a while 👏 #I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that give me cowboy vibes and 😭 #those songs not even relating to the topic of the Wild West whatsoever 🙃 #oh well their jams and they’ve inspired me #ALSO YEA I KNOW THEYR NOT THAT TALL 💀💀 #these were v rushed
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  • interskriniar
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    ah ma io domani ho un esame scritto che dura sei ore 😂😂 di cui tre per stendere un essay 😂😂 vado lì a scrivergli le ragioni per cui dovrebbero rinnovare perisic

    #se vi steste chiedendo se ho studiato. la risposta è no #sti giorni sono stati divisi tra la slipknot ascoltazione e la guardazuone della serie di fnaf di markiplier #*guardazione sbaglio pure le parole che non esistono in italiano pensa te
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  • star-going-supernova
    26.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    I know you said Bat!ness parents were good people, but i propose the opposite, they were by no means criminals. they gave to charity, but unlike Ness who does it to make a difference they did it to feel good about themselves show off and get those fine tax write off's, but they were murdered before Vanessa's learned what they were really like and Freddy does not have to heart to tell her.

    I'm going to stick with my initial answer, but you're welcome to headcanon that yourself, of course!

    #i answered a thing #anonymous #batman au (fnaf) #life and times of star
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  • bbunnzzz
    26.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago


    #fnaf #five nights at freddys #fanart#fnaf fanart#fnaf art#security breach#glamrock baby #security breach fanart #fnaf security breach #my art#art
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  • my-makeshift-masquerade
    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    Uh oh anon! You may have inspired me to do a whole AU for a bad ending!

    Both kids get corrupted by Glitchtrap after Vanessa hooks them up to VR headsets she found in storage. William traps the remnant cores of CC/Evan and Elizabeth in his virtual space too, and science shenanigans fuse them to Becca and Gregory respectively. By doing this, Afton can mess with the living pairs memories using the memories of his own children for reference… and much more. Now William has reinforcements.

    Before anyone says anything, yes, Gregory is with Elizabeth’s spirit in this. I just imagine these two little rascals working together being perfect little killers in training for the Glitchcult, honestly. Becca and Evan don’t actively kill anyone, and instead serve as a lure for victims to follow out of concern only to meet their dooms. It’s actually a big help, since Vanny, Gregory and Glitchtrap aren’t exactly harmless and approachable.

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  • theodorevg923
    26.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    A Flashlight Lost In The Dark

    Yandere Eclipse x FemReader

    Part 1!

    She/Her/Nicknames | They/Them (Eclipse)

    Finally got over my writer's block! And apparently it's with some yandere Eclipse that was inspired by all the MerEclipse I keep seeing here on Tumblr. I thought of doing a full on Merclipse story, but this is how it came out. Enjoy! ♡

    ⚠️ yandere behavior, kidnapping, trespassing

    - 2,750 words under the cut!


    She stood in front of the abandoned megaplex, Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex to be precise. The megaplex had been abandoned since a fire broke out within the building a couple years before. Instead of the company rebuilding or demolishing the building, they left it abandoned. She sighed as she steeled herself and trudged to the front entrance. The memory of why she was here came to mind, a dare. Her friends thought she was a coward from staying away from the abandoned building. But she had every right to be, people had entered before her, most came back, but not all. It was rumored that an animatronic survived the fire and still lived within it. Her boots crunched against the broken glass as she pulled a door open and walked inside. 

    The entrance, despite being abandoned and ravaged for years, was breathtaking. A massive statue of the lead singer, Freddy Fazbear, still stood in his former glory. She had memories of this place in its heyday, of the band that played with it's cheesy eighties remakes and decor. She scoffed at herself to break herself from the memory, and from the statue. As she continued deeper, she found spray paint markings along the walls, several posters and decor missing. Most of the building had already been plundered by other trespassers, but all she had to do was find something small like a piece of merchandise to grab and ditch the place. She sighed as she wandered even deeper, past several attractions that had nearly been destroyed by the fire. 

    As she came across a curious attraction, Monty's Golf to be precise, she stopped and looked around. Most of the green foliage, golf courses, and more had been ravaged by the fire. The deep canals that once ran through, clear as could be, were dried up to barely any water in the bottom. What water did remain had festered into a rotten slurry of trash and sludge. She sighed at the sad sight, despite the stench that rolled up from the bottom. As she turned away, she thought she heard the skitter of something in the distance. From what she could tell, there was nothing she could snag left in this portion of the megaplex.

    She made her way deeper into the abandoned megaplex and found herself in front of a set of massive wooden doors. The hinges looked decrepit and rusted, but they still moved as she opened a door. Slowly, she peeked her head inside and swiveled the flashlight around. Her heart began to race as she thought she caught a glimpse of something moving in the shadows. As she slowed the movement of her flashlight and stepped inside, her heart dropped in her chest as she slipped on a wood block and let out a strangled cry. As she fell backwards, a hand grabbed her arm before two more followed, another on her other arm and on her waist. Her breath hitched in her lungs as the hands sat down on the ground, a weak glitched voice sounded in the darkness.

    "Such a mess, a mess."

    She had dropped her flashlight during her fall, just out of her reach. She held her breath as her body shook in fear. The stories of an animatronic that still lived in the abandoned megaplex were true. She stumbled over her words as she spoke into the darkness.

    "W-who, what, are you…" her voice trailed off into the darkness.

    "Ah, a new friend! How impolite of me! I am Eclipse." The glitching voice spoke again as clicks and whirs of machinery echoed in the darkness.

    Before she could speak again, the three hands grabbed her again and lifted her to her feet. A hand released her arm before the flashlight moved in the darkness. She felt the cold metal pressed into her hand before she wrapped her fingers around it. The remaining hands released her as more clicks and whirs sounded in the darkness. Her heart beat frantically in her throat as she kept the light downcast, afraid if she lifted the light, the animatronic named Eclipse would kill her. Instead, she focused her attention on getting away.

    "Excuse me, Eclipse is your name right?"

    "Yes! And it's been so long since we had a new friend!" 

    "Well, Eclipse, my name is Y/N and it's been nice meeting you, but I need to go."

    "No you can't go just yet! We haven't had time to play yet!" The voice glitched to a higher tone. 

    Her heart dropped in her chest as she carefully slid her foot backwards. "I really need to go, I'm trespassing and I shouldn't be here."

    "Naughty child." The glitched voice dropped low as it spoke. "Trespassing is against the rules. We will have to punish you for that."

    She turned to run as fear overwhelmed her mind, utter terror iced her heart as she reached the door. Just as she began to slip through, a hand grabbed her arm and leg. The hands tugged her back as she let out a high scream, tears pooled in her eyes. She dropped the flashlight in her struggle to fight against the hands just before the door was yanked shut. Another scream was cut off as one of the hands smothered her mouth and nose. Her back was pressed against something hard as Eclipse spoke to her again.

    "Trespassing is against the rules, and trespassing means no one knows you're here." Eclipse broke out into a high pitched giggle. "That means you are now ours to play with for as long as we want."

    Fresh tears pooled in her eyes before they slipped down her face, the hand still smothered her ability to speak and breathe. What did Eclipse mean by their's, was there more of the animatronics? She shut her eyes against the darkness as she silently screamed in her mind before the loss of oxygen started to take its toll. Her mind slipped into the darkness that surrounded her as her lungs burned for air. Before long, her body slumped as the darkness completely enveloped her mind and body.


    When she opened her eyes, silence and darkness still remained. Her head pounded as she sat up and quietly sighed. She listened for the clicks and whirs that might mean Eclipse was nearby, but she didn't hear anything. Slowly she stood up and found her balance in the dark, despite her pounding headache. She took a few steps before she stopped as she found the thudding of her boots didn't echo. As she knelt down and brushed her fingers against the floor, she found carpeting that hadn't been destroyed by the fire. Her confusion and fear only grew as she took a few steps and went to reach for her phone to find it missing. She turned around and took the few steps back to where she hoped she had been on the floor and started to search for it.

    As her hands searched blindly in the dark, she came across something soft. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around it and brought it to her face, not that it did any good as she couldn't see it in the darkness. Instead she used her fingers to trace it's design in the darkness. A hushed gasp escaped her lips as she recognized who the plush had been designed after, Sun the daycare attendant. She sat down on her legs as her fingers continued to trace the plush in the darkness and brought fond memories of the animatronic came to light.

    She began to remember her very first visit to the megaplex, one of few but she had enjoyed them while they lasted. She was only five then and had been sent to the daycare, the only time she was sent, and despite the excitement of the massive green slide and the ball pit at the end, she feared the daycare attendant when they showed up. She scoffed into the darkness at the thought of fearing Sun, they had quickly smoothed her fear and showed her how fun the daycare had been. Sun and she had colored pictures, played in the structures, and several other games for hours until she had been picked up by her older brother. 

    She sighed into the silence as she set the plush down, another faint memory coming to the forefront of her mind. It was blurry from the darkness but she could faintly make out bright blue eyes. She shook her head to clear it away, she had to focus on escaping. Unable to find her phone or flashlight, she stood up and started to slowly walk into the darkness. She lifted her feet just barely above the ground, occasionally skimming the ground, to prevent herself from tripping on anything in the darkness. Progress was slow, but she eventually found a wall that she traced around a couple corners to a door. Her heartbeat picked up as she found the handle, only to have her hopes dashed as it was locked. She tried again, her heart pounding in her chest as fear began to rise once more. She twisted the doorknob quickly, hoping to break the lock, anything to allow her escape. 

    With her hopes of escape dashed, she sunk down along the door as tears slipped from her eyes. She lost track of how long she waited in the darkness, what felt like hours could have only been a few minutes. Her mind drifted to another memory of the megaplex as she wiped away the tears from her eyes. 

    She was about twelve this time, here for a school friend's birthday party. Her older brother had walked her to the party room before he left with a promise to be back when it was over. She couldn't blame him for leaving, it was a bunch of girls at the party. As the party went on, she ended up against a wall. She barely knew any of the girls outside of school and only came as it was a chance to get inside the megaplex. While the birthday girl and others were distracted opening presents, she made her escape.

    She wandered around the megaplex having already spent her faztokens in Fazcade. Despite the pizza and cake she had at the party, hunger started to gnaw at her stomach once more. She switched her focus to finding her brother, he told her that he'd be in the bowling alley if she needed to find him. As she made her way to the alley, she ended up near the daycare's wooden doors. She heard angry shouts coming from as she walked closer to find a parent yelling at Sun over something she couldn't make out. She sighed and stayed back as the event unfolded. What could she do anyhow, she was barely twelve. After the angry parent left, she quickly dashed to the daycare doors before Sun could close them. 

    "Sun! Wait up!" She called out to him.

    Sun stopped and turned to look at her, the animatronics looked curiously at her. "Hello! Are you here for a pick up?"

    "No, actually, I'm here to see you." She paused as a bit of sadness slipped into her face. "Um, I'm sorry I couldn't stop the angry person from yelling at you."

    "Oh no no! There's nothing to be sorry about! It's not your responsibility to take care of them." Sun's tone turned high and cheery. "Would you like to play some games or color?"

    She laughed at Sun's enthusiasm. "Do you not remember me? I did only come once though. My name's Y/N."

    Sun gasped in an exaggerated manner. "Y/N! Of course I remember you! Come in, come in! I've missed you!"

    She laughed again as she followed Sun into the daycare. The place was busy for a Saturday, or at least busier than she remembered. As a few kids ran up to Sun, they introduced her to the kids. 

    "My friends! This is one of my oldest friends, Y/N. So treat her with respect like you do me and we can all have lots of fun together!"

    She waved at the kids, a bit nervous to be in the daycare surrounded by young children. "Hello, it's nice to meet you all."

    After the children gave their greetings and hellos, they ran off as Sun distracted them with another game to play. She stayed in the daycare and played, drawed, and colored with Sun so long she lost track of time. As she was drawing yet another picture, she jumped at the sound of her name.

    "Y/N! I've been looking all over for you!"

    She looked up from her picture to see her brother standing beside the table, a rabbit animatronic she remembered to be Bonnie right behind him. She flinched from the angry tones of his voice before she replied.

    "I'm in the safest place in this place, nothing to flip out about."

    "You were supposed to-" her brother was cut off when Bonnie placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "We found her and she is right, clover. Ease up on your anger." Bonnie spoke to her brother. 

    She sighed as she stood up and left her picture behind. "Time for me to go Sun, I had a lot of fun today. Thank you."

    "Come see me again, solar flare!"

    She stormed out of the daycare ahead of her brother and Bonnie. She ignored them as she made her way to the entrance, but she was curious about what they were speaking about and dropped closer to them while still staying ahead.

    "You were a bit harsh back there, clover."

    "I know, I'm sorry. Ya been teaching me to control my anger but it still slips through. I just worry about her, our parents aren't…" Her brother broke off in a deep sigh.

    "I know, clover, I've seen the bruises. As soon as you turn sixteen you need to get a job here so I can protect you."

    "I can't leave her to handle them on her own, she's too young and I'm her older brother. It's my responsibility to protect her from their anger." 

    Bruises? Was their parents beating her older brother? She hadn't seen anything of the sorts, but she did spend her days in her room or outside. Tears pricked at her eyes from her brother's words, she may only be twelve but she could handle herself. But… what Bonnie said about protecting her brother had her curious. How could a robot learn to care about someone so much? They were all just metal and wires with programming, built to entertain children. They couldn't gain sentient feelings, could they?

    The memory ended with thoughts of her brother still on her mind. As soon as he turned sixteen, he got a job at the megaplex. When he turned eighteen, he moved out of their parents' home. She often visited him, sometimes crashing at his place as their parents' anger started to turn against her when he moved out. The following year, the fire had broken out at the megaplex she was trapped in. Not long after, her brother had disappeared as well, no one could figure out where he disappeared to. She had worried for him after he disappeared, but in the end, she wasn't surprised. After Bonnie disappeared, her brother hadn't been the same, his anger out of control. He never directed it towards her, but she knew that he had fallen in love with Bonnie, despite the fact the rabbit was an animatronic.

    Fresh tears slipped down her face at the memory of her brother. Maybe this is what had happened to him, lost to the megaplex that was once Bonnie's home. And now she too was lost to the destruction, trapped by Eclipse. Eclipse! The name brought a thought to her mind, she remembered that an eclipse was when the sun covered the moon, or vice versa. She remembered, just barely, that there were hushed rumors of the megaplex that there were once two daycare attendants, Sun and she couldn't remember the other's name. But maybe Sun had survived the fire and fused with another animatronic to survive. Maybe she could get Sun to remember her as she came back to visit him a couple more times after her brother got the job and received discounts on tickets. With that thought, she took a deep breath and stood up. She hesitated for a second before she knocked on the door with hope that her plan worked.


    Stay Cruel Until The End - Theodore

    Posted May 26 '22

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  • holidayturkeyy
    26.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    baseball bonnie (my head explodes from happy !!!!!!!)

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  • mable-stitchpunk
    26.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    how old is gregory in ghiab? i pinned him around 10 years old in game but i wanna know how old you think he is

    I pin him somewhere between 8 and 10, yes. ^_^ I think his unusually small stature, which would be more like a six-year-old, could be due to prolonged malnourishment or malnourishment in younger years. His vocabulary too suggests that he is at least eight.

    This is the same in GHIAB. Not as young as his stature would suggest, but a kid nonetheless. Even if he hasn't been able to be one.

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  • fnaf-blood-and-grease
    26.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    No disrespect to people who shop it I just don't like it

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  • miku3
    26.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    whats FNAF

    five nights at freddys.....

    #GET THEM GET EM NOW #THEY DONT KNOW FNAF #TEAR EM APART #thank you for the ask!
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  • hugsforvillains
    26.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    If the Tales from the PizzaPlex series doesn’t have Doctor Scraptrap then what’s even the point

    #fnaf#dr scraptrap #this is our one chance to get good official scraptrap content #me and his other three fans are gonna be STOKED
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  • ablobwhowrites
    26.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    hey guys I had an idea for a story, so the reader is a broken animatronic or experiment and you guys can decide on which fandom it'll be in. Please comment or reblog your response so I can know which fandom I should make it in

    #yandere fnaf #yandere x male reader #x male reader #mystery yanderes#mystery yandere#random talks#yandere bnha#yandere mha#yandere ideas #mha x male reader #bnha x male reader #yandere male x male reader #yandere security breach #yandere transformers #yandere transformers animated #yandere transformers prime #yandere blog#transformers animated#transformers prime#bnha imagines #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero acedamia #fnaf security breach
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  • paper-lilypie
    26.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    Ball pit AU, does Gregory ever meet William? I feel like it'd be a mini disaster and massive headache

    Yes. He regrets all life choices when he does.

    #it’s basically ‘oh it’s him OH FUCK ITS HIM’ #doesn’t help that William kind of……. always has his eye on him #very terrifying experience lol especially since the guy is on a murder spree high #fnaf #ball pit au #ask lily#gregory fazbear#william afton
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  • alizera62quartz
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Fnaf- Happy lil' Sundrop~🌞⭐️💖

    #alizera62#my artwork#fanart#paint #five nights at freddy's #fnaf#sundrop#pixel art #fnaf security breach
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  • danielisadumbass
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hot take: Scott Cawthon is bad at character design

    For this take I site the time I spent nearly five minutes squinting at a simp TikTok that used pictures from the fourth closet graphic novel and I sat there for so long trying to figure if the character was Henry or William…… I only figured it out after reading a comment that said something like “one chance mr Emily” or whatever- MY POINT IS THAT THEY LOOK THE SAME‼️ It’s really weird and I don’t like it

    I also site …..


    What the fuck

    Why do they look like that-

    For these reasons I think it’s perfectly valid to redesign any fnaf character you want! Animatronic, human, cleaning utensil- ANY OF THEM‼️

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  • buttercup-draws44
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    You ever just….hyperfixate on a fnaf ship?

    Anyways here’s Mrs. Afton and Jen Emily

    Inspired by @egg-baby-official

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