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  • candyracer
    23.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Niche content alert but I would die for the monkeys on healing pocket…..

    #it’s just an idle game where u decorate a scene and little friends come and wave at u…. #u can move them about and ‘play’ for rewards #and there’s a dancing mini game #this is the first time all the monkeys came to my forest pocket at once so I had to commemorate
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  • catladychronicles
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago
    #new bumper sticker #I’d rather be slowly consumed by moss #mine #got one for the best friend too lol 😂 #druidess#moss#forest#fae
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  • ooit-moet-iets
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    cozy memories

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  • 1daily0nightly1
    22.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    22 - 5 - 2022 || Introduction

    Hello everyone ! My name is Lin and as Fen has mentioned before, we’ve decided to start this blog! i thought it’d be rad to keep as memories. Like when you’re much older and you look back at this you think “what in the $!#@&”

    i’ll list some things about myself so you can get to know me better! :)

    — I like drawing aswell, been drawing since 6th grade

    — I’m 15 and i still have a long way to go (obviously)

    — I like exploring nature for some reason, such as forests, cute gardens i cross by, etc.

    — I find that going out with friends is rad, especially when you see them as your parents (they do force you to eat healthy so be aware of that)

    — I hate bugs

    And i think that’s all! i hope you’ll have a blast in this blog soon :)

    — Lin.

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  • klatmew
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Here is a drawing that I did of my friend Reilly! He was really kind and patient with me while I was getting it done, waiting about 5 months for my depression and time consuming school activities to subside, thanks bestie <3 /p

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  • lemonlimetoast
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    To the copious amounts of ppl I fall in love with and sometimes kiss in my dreams: dear god pls leave the dream world and come exist pls pls pls

    #had a gay dream last night and also one tn #in the last one there wa w mystery snd this one the world was ending #midnighttalk#theres wait #cast of d20 fantasy high was also in my house getting ready to play dnd and I was excited but i was fr like being gay off to the side #them: ok juno roll ur character #me sitting on ny couch about to narratively climactically kiss my in-dream friend after many almost-kisses: uh. yeah ok one sec #they looked suspiciously like dan howell now that i think about it but I'm choosing to ignore that bc ny brain cant always b creative #it was def not dan howell tho #anyways#dream #THAT ONE GIRL who i got engaged to st the top of a mountain forest pls come exist pls pls #or the reslly tall girl from last night's pspsps u were very kind and also hot pls #or that one guy i got married to #ny dreams are fr torturous even when they're nice to me for once
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  • ethansakura
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Not completely done but I really wanted to take some pictures.

    Final outfits for mum and daughter.

    Mum kept with her traditions while her daughter has a bit more modern style. Well, as modern as she can get when campers leaves random campsites without packing up fully. Mum is okay with her daughter’s choices, understanding that there was a chance that she might not want to follow her steps and she is completely okay with that.

    Sadly, their tribe was not, making them outcasts and so they build a small home miles away in the forbidden forest but living life to the fullest with the creatures of the lands, learning that the scary stories are not all that scary.

    Father has not been made yet so in this post, he’s out hunting with the centaurs ^_~

    Some more pictures with the forest friends…

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  • jackredfieldwasmyjacob
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    it was a mistake to make a spanish version of me creating some girlies' lives cause now i wanna be them

    #i've done three for now #one studied an fp in like forest conservation and stuff like that in cuenca (they're from a town in ciudad real) #and acted as a park ranger in burgos before becoming a reforester for the gipuzkoa goverment living in hondarribia #the second one studied architecture in the ceu cardenal herrera in valencia #(this is how i found out there's more than one ceu university lol) #but becomes a papelería owner (i have no clue how to say papelería in english i'm sorry) in valencia city #and i'm making this third one who studies an fp in beauty (basically to become an esteticien) in guadalajara #and ends up living and working in almeria #i'm still detailing where she'll work but at some point she moves to vera and works in the spa of a hotel there #funnily enough i have been to that same hotel because it's next to the water park i went every summer as a kid #and there was this guy from my class that was in that hotel so we visited him #also one of my best friends has a beach house in the urbanization next to it so yeah lol #i'm a bit sad that so far no girlie has stayed in her hometown or la mancha in general #i mean it's realistic and all but still :( #anyways now i want to live in burgos and hondarribia and valencia and almeria #it's also a crime that out of those cities i've only been to almeria (i could live there honestly) #tbh i've been to valencia but it was only for like an afternoon so eh #seeing those girlies thriving living in the city centers in beautiful buildings was like torturing myself #no you don't understand i need to move to the city center or i will literally die
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  • flameo-trashman
    17.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    thank you iroh, that's exactly what zhao needs to listen to right now

    #zhayu #don't let your wife wander off into forests while you're working. she might get hurt #also this is VERY old but I found it in my WIP folder and I had to draw it #my art #anyways zhao taking care of yue while scolding her <3 <3 <3 #moral of the story: keep your wife on a leash #captive!yue au #Thaw has my heart and soul #I hAVE been thinking about them recently #Also I returned to my old apartment for a couple of days and that means free time because I have no friends or family here :D
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  • songofsaraneth
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    a triumphant return from The Wilderness!

    #4 days in san bernardino national forest and wilderness area #oh i missed backpacking it was so nice to be Out again #more pics later we gotta all share once we’re home #gotta drive back to cruces now rip #ramblings#me#wanderings #countdown to canibalism 2k22 #friends#internet friends #also: NOTE THE FANGREEM #greems
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  • residents-of-the-darkforest
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Hey hi! It’s the person who asked about fanart who knows how long ago (really not too long but ya know)

    Hope you don’t mind some black&white doodles of a couple of characters I did when doing some warm up sketches. <3

    What a perfect thing to see before going to bed, thank you so much!

    The expressions (especially Myrtle's), Alder's neck fluff, Jackdawfoot's brows and ears, Fern's little head curl.... all so perfect, I could look at these forever!

    #they look so innocent #cool art#sketches#alderstar#myrtlewing#ferndoe#jackdawfoot #it's the couples friends #! #notaresident#wc#warriors#wc oc#warriors oc#warriorcats#warrior cats#art#warriorcatsart#warriors art #dark forest character #place of no stars #place of no stars ocs
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  • witchaj
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    #the cats were trying to eat this little friend #so i took it out to the forest behind my house #i hope it finds a safer place to live
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  • scrimbly
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    i promise i have a life i just also love to lay in bed and think about love and happiness for multiple hours

    #i try to take naps and then end up doing some dumb shit instead like visualizing a landscape or thinking abt joy and love #you don't understand someday i'll have a house in a well forested area with a garden and i'll make things for my friends #ooough aaaoough (visualizing it in my brain) #thinking aboit sunlight. and flowrres and friendship at cetera. im. soo normal #*et cetera
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  • lps100-draws
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    A special birthday gift for @anti-cosmo feat. their antisona and my fluffian, and a guide ref I did for future things.

    #original trash #edvrian frittles ribbleton #edvrian frittles#forest friends #artists on tumblr #lps100 draws
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  • winter-came
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago



    "i came for pleasure but i stayed for the pain"

    "there's no good, there's no bad, i drank all blood i could"

    "All the things that i ran from, i now bring as close to me as I can"


    #florence welch #friends come and collect me #i am dead and gone and i am forest and lake and i am crying and on the floor #THE RETURN OF THE QUEEN #can u tell i fucking missed her with my whole soul and heart????
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  • shikitsuka
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I found a stinging nettle field in the forest :)

    Wish me luck tomorrow I'm gonna dress up nettle picking

    Other photos from today as well:

    Saw some birds through binoculars too. Bright yellow eurasian golden oriole that I heard for an hour as I walked and finally found one XD also a blackcap and a treecreeper

    #forest #leetle friends and plants #my photos
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  • dear-xiao
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    you always instigate my pussy tho 😞 but regardless kiss kiss bby <3

    SUMIIIIIII Please youre gonna make me cry youre the cutest i wanna pinch ur cheeks and i hope ur doing well!! <3 sending u lots of love <3 <3

    #moots: sumi ☆ #chatter#forest friends
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