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    07.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    and also i'd just take [quant duo] being firmly established as more of a Partnership, i've certainly noticed how many duos of approximate peers who might kind of seem Unlikely as a pair re: initial juxtaposition but start vibing / working together well enough, e.g. ben and tuk (not as unlikely or anything), even bill & mafee out there this season, scooter & wags, now also getting philip & taylor (rooting for romance there too but if absolutely nothing else it HAS to be pointing out their [duo of peers that can be a good partnership, professionally i suppose] because it's like, basically textually doing that since both characters verbally recognize this, like even w/o romance, even if it falls back into rivalry, we know the potential is there) where rian & winston have also Very Clearly been established as something of a professional duo, but the [negative exceptions to how characters are handled being made for winston] factor means it's missing what other duos get, where they can even be on fairly equal footing b/c nobody else has periodic unilateral possibly required dunking that the other doesn't get to respond to in any way w/significance re: an arc of their own....like even when ben gets to go "smh" at tuk it's different / not exactly about pwning him, plus that ben being so nice(tm) is like, a whole thing of his

    basically i'm like, the episode three scene of rian & winston being referred to as a duo by a distant third party, then their working together & being perfectly amicable; the episode seven material Especially, where they're again being a Unit to this third party, having a coffee break talking together, then again like crucially (and kind of there in ep 5 i feel) that they do better making a point to taylor Together than either could've alone, plus also coding with them + the soiree; and obviously the incredible seemingly friendshipesque material of ep ten where he & rian are hanging out outside work for personal shit but we never See that and then he gets a brushoff about it eventually anyways like where tf is his material about like "here's the relationship development, you see? it's become more positive and in this moment characters are mutually seriously regarding /absorbing/even discussing that fact" [billions' showrunners endless laugh track (at me) (for the idea winston can have that)]

    #i get a personal curse (the curse of wynnstannery (specific edition: winston's the fave)) #there's certainly other [this pair of characters has a relationship / an established dynamic] but not quite in the Balanced Duo way #kind of infuriating like winston and rian Do Also have a balance when operating together but it doesn't get addressed really either like #by anyone (wags' providing the most validation there?????????) or by the writing bothering to focus scenes on it #rather the scenes dedicated to their dynamic were like. partial glimpses of Asides to dunk on winston; winston's crush (being a joke ig) #really an addendum to [fucking imagine if there's a scene for 9 whole sec dedicated to rian & winston abt their being friends actually] #standing w/my hand against the glass watching all the other characters get to have a back and forth Without the foregone conclusion of one #party needing to be shut down with dunks every time eventually like oh great yeah #not like say; the bill & mafee duoship is very solemn / getting a world of attention but mafee's haplessness is different from #winston's being autistic basically lol....handled differently i.e. there's Still this degree of seriousness/earnestness towards him abt it #and bill certainly isn't being treated as the the guy who gets to dunk on mafee b/c he's so much more hapful & capable & cool or anything #winston the one exception out here (w/the exception to That being spyros as the exception of exceptions but like he's the character w/the #most Out There writing & where him magically always loving himself / thinking he's hot shit means he can forever operate solo totally fine) #(winston cares about connecting & keeps wanting validation & Is put out when ppl try to pwn him so bit of a difference there) #same as it's sex with winston wednesday it can be [frustration abt how the material's handled re: winston] wednesday too #gotta have the periodic Riled Uppedness forever between stretches of going ha ha what else is new this is fine i'm not even mad by now (= #winston billions #I WANT HIM TO BE IN A PROPER DUO PLEASE.....OTHER PPL'S DO NOT EXIST UNRELIABLY/AT THE WHIMS OF ONE MEMBER..........................GOD
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  • lecliss
    28.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Thinkin about....... The death of Achilles.......

    #it fuckin kills me every time #im at the greed pair introduction in my re-read and i just. keep thinkin about it #i cant read this without thinking 'achilles' every time i see hyde now #thats gonna be his legacy in my head forever now #personal
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  • skyebounded
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    can u make timothée smut with cockwarming😁😁

    Penny For Your Thoughts

    © Skyebounded, do not use my work, but you may share it.


    premise: Timothée has been busy with work that he barely has time for you..

    Pairing: Timothée Chalamet x Fem!Reader

    Warnings: cockwarming (my favourite btw) smut, swearing.

    Word Count: 960

    A/N: Hello Lovelies 💙 Hey babe, sorry this took me so damn long, but here you go! I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the request!!!

    Anything, you would settle for anything right now. Timothée had been sitting on the couch for the past few hours, trying to get a feel for the new script that he was determined to memorize as soon as possible, which to him meant no time for a break and no time for you. From sun up to sun down he had been working, day after day. 

    You were entering week two, and all you had gotten from him was a few kisses here and there and if you were lucky maybe a fuck once or twice, but nothing lasting. You needed him. You knew he didn’t mean anything by it, he wasn’t purposefully trying to avoid you or leave you absolutely starving for his touch, it was simply just him trying to be good at his job and you respected that, but all you wanted was a little attention.

    You didn’t need much, just something more than a few kisses every now and then. you wanted to be close to him, touch him, feel his hands on you, even if it was only for a few minutes, just something to hold you over until you could get him away from the pages, and to do something more fulfilling.

    Eyeing him from the archway, you watch as he highlights the script in his hand, re-reading the line over and over again. His eyes fall closed in what you can only assume is frustration, and that was your cue. You make your way over to him, taking long strides. Moving the papers away from his face, you quickly straddle him before he can object. His eyes dart open at the sudden feeling of you atop him.

       “Mon amour?” he exhales with a soft smile.

    You were waiting for him to tell you that he didn’t have time, or that he was too busy, or any other excuse for that matter, but he doesn't, not yet at least.

    “Darling, I miss you. I swear it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.” you groan.

    His eyes hold an apologetic gleam to them, as he studies your face. You could see the stress and the need for sleep hanging over him like a dark cloud. Your hands, firmly placed on his chest, begin to roam, making your way to his tensed shoulders, slowly massaging them. You lean in, placing a kiss along his neck, moving up it slowly listening to the low groans that he makes. 

    “I’m sorry my love, I just-I have to-” he starts. 

    You put your finger over his lips silencing his excuse. You pull back to look at him, as you think over what you need to say. 

    “I just want to feel you, we don’t have to-” you pause, searching his expression. His brow raises as he considers what you’re saying. “Baby, please…” you plead. 

    You go back to kissing his neck, sweetening the deal just a little. You meant what you said, you didn’t need to fuck, you just needed to feel him, touch him, have him touch you. You could tell he wanted the same, you could feel the evidence growing beneath you, his cock aching. You slowly grind your hips against him, feeling him grow harder by the second, savoring the low groan that grows in the back of his throat as it goes straight to your core. 

    “fuck..okay,,” was all he could manage to say.  

    His hand slips down to your cunt, grinning at you when he feels nothing but your wetness.

    “What have you been doing that involves no panties, my dear?” he coos. Leaning into you, Timmy kisses the soft skin of your collar, his free hand sliding up the thin fabric of your shirt, his thumb brushing over your hardening nipple. 

    “Waiting for you,” you moan, as he sucks a welt into your neck. He lets go of the script in his hand for the moment, using it to grab your ass, kneading it in his palm. 

    “Hmm, so you got impatient  I see,” his lips trail down your chest, even more, tending to your sweet spots. “Well let's see what we can do about it,” You begin to fiddle with the waistband of his pants, and he lifts his hips just enough to get them down, letting his cock spring free. 

    You lean up on your knees, letting out a sharp gasp when you feel his tip graze through your wet folds, your grip on his shoulder tightening. He gawks at you as you lower yourself onto his length, signing in tandem as he bottoms out inside you. His head leans back against the couch as he lets out a groan, as your walls clench around him, soaking in the delicious stretch of him. 

    You throw your arms around his neck. wrapping the hair at the nape of his neck around your pretty little fingers. You begging to kiss up his neck slowly, reaching his ear,

    “You can go back to work now..” you smile innocently, your breath heavy.

    He chuckles, knowing damn well that he wasn’t going to be able to focus on work when he was buried so deep in your needy cunt. Not when your plump lips ever so delicately kiss at his neck. He needed you just as badly as you needed him, if not more. He could try to go back to work, practice his lines for an hour more, but when you start moving your hip, like the little minx you are, he knows he's lost. 

    You knew you had gotten him, when his hands find your hips, slowly helping you to grind against him. Despite him seeming cool and collected you could feel just how untrue that was. You had won. 

    #smut#fanfic #timothee chalamet x you #timothée hal chalamet #timothee chalamet fanfiction #Timothee chalamet #Timothee chalamet smut #fluff#angst#timmy t#timmy tim #Timothee chalamet x reader #Timothee chalamet x yn #timmy x reader #timmy chalamet #Timmy chalamet x reader #anon request
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  • the-amazing-simp
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Hi 🥰 so I have an idea for you, but it might be long, I will put a lot of detail in it to help you out, because it's long, it might actually end up being a mini series if you're feeling up to it?

    Here goes:

    Reader and Peter/Andrew could be very close, not best friends to lovers, I'm trying to describe it as the bond that forms when two people have really strong feelings towards each other but haven't really put a label on it, so they're not quite boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Reader and Peter/Andrew could be hanging out an A lot-little coffee 'dates', walking on the beach at sunset/sunrise (hand in hand), or even on a field in the middle of nowhere, stargazing and just talking about things (about life, it could be deep things which is nice to talk about, but only with the right person) it could lead to your first kisses, (a fist of many slow, passionate and meaningful ones).

    They decide to get away from the world for one night (to take a break from studying, friends and home life), so they rent out a beach house together so that they could be alone for just one night.

    Feelings are confessed (peter/andrew confesses first), and they "make love" on their queen sized bed, hearing nothing but the sounds of their moans, the crackling of the fire, whilst the waves crash against rocks and the moon begins to shine.

    (still not boyfriend and girlfriend yet)

    ****I think that maybe it should be a hint of smut, like neck kissing and hands all over each other, but because its kind of a romantic request story/one shot I don't think it should be full on like fingering and descriptions of 'cumming together and things like that******

    Reader and Peter/Andrew find each other beautiful in every way and it is like no problems seem to exist when you're in each other's presence.

    Peter/Andrew's group of friends are aware of the closeness between the two, and they know that Andrew has strong feelings towards her, feelings that describe "love" to a tea. However, the reader is the kind of person that, unless something is bought up, then words aren't spoken. In other words, her friend doesn't know about her and Peter/Andrew.

    So when the reader's friend starts going on about her on going forever crush (again), a name is mentioned. It's a bit of a shock to you. The reader starts to feel immense amount of guilt and she feels like she's going behind her bestfriends back. Because Peter/Andrew's friends always sit in close proximity to you and your friend, he heard it too. And he almost senses the guilt coming out of you as he searches and follows your eyes. He silently gestures you to follow him and managed to un-guilt you, by reassuring you that everything is going to be ok. But that was only until the reader's friend saw you 'almost kiss a few days later.

    All ties were cut with Andrew after that, and it left you both extremely and emotionally wrecked. The reader avoided the halls of their uni, stayed inside most days, whilst the reader's "friend" desperately tried to get into Andrews pants and flirted with him consistently. Andrew had none of it, he was completely dismissive of everything she did, and made it clear that the reader was the only thing on his mind, day in and day out.

    It's only when the reader was forced out by her cousin/sister/ to a party (and made a friend), that she met Andrews eyes. Two pairs of drunken eyes.

    She felt guilt all over again as she rushed to the bathroom, only to be followed by Andrew, who startled her when he unknowingly wrapped his arms around her waist, placed his chin on her shoulder and stared at her through the mirror lovingly.

    Tears were shed, pleadings were made and promises were spoken as more and more hickeys began to appear. L bombs are dropped and the gf question was popped, all leading them to walk home hand in hand.

    The reader's friend watched with her new, much better-suited group of friends, as Andrew and reader's hands laced together gently, 'squeezing' past the loud crowds to get to their beach house and re-live their special moment.

    The reader made a good friend before she left that night, one shy and full of kindness just like herself. Even better. She came out of the other side with a boyfriend, and someone head of heels for her.

    ***** really hope you like this request, I'm sorry that it's so long!!!!! I thought I'd give you a detailed description of the request, just because know that sometimes writers struggle with plots and storylines!"*******

    This Love | Andrew Garfield Mini-Series

    This is my masterlist for my mini-series: This Love

    Note: Once again, a very huge thank you to the anon who posted this wonderful storyline in my inbox. I loved it so much and I was so excited to start writing it. 💖 @anonyymoouussssss

    Taglist: If you want to be added to my taglist for this series, just send me a message/ask. (My general taglist would automatically be tagged for this series)

    Summary: This love is good. This love is bad

    Andrew and Y/N had always been dancing in the line between platonic and romantic. They weren't exactly the best of friends but they weren't exactly friends with benefits either.

    Things were just….complicated.

    This love is alive back from the dead

    Long story short, the two of them weren't exactly boyfriend and girlfriend. Even if the two of them acted like one.

    These hands had to let it go free, and This love came back to me

    But what happens when Y/N finds out that her best friend is actually interested in Andrew.

    Would that close the door between them? or open towards something better?


    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5


    #This Love Mini-series #andrew garfield fanfiction #andrew garfield x reader #tasm fanfiction #andrew!peter parker x reader #tasm smut #tasm!peter parker #tasm!spiderman x reader #andrew garfield smut #tasm!peter fluff #tasm!peter x you #andrew!peter #andrew garfield #andrew garfield fluff #andrew garfield imagine #andrew garfield my beloved #andrew garfield one shot #andrew garfield peter parker #andrew garfield spiderman #andrew garfield x you #andrew!peter parker #andrew!peter x reader #andrew!spiderman #andrewgarfield!spiderman #peter parker andrew garfield #tasm andrew garfield #spiderman andrew garfield #tasm fic#tasm imagine #tasm peter parker
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  • onceuponastory
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    new beginnings - b.b x reader

    Plot: Looking for somewhere to shelter from the rain, Bucky Barnes ends up in a bookstore, where he soon meets and falls in love with its owner, Y/N. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!BookstoreOwner!Reader Warnings: Mentions of Bucky’s past as a veteran, and as The Winter Soldier. I don’t go into too much depth about what he did and what happened to him, but it’s definitely implied/referenced. As always, if I missed any triggers, please let me know. Notes: This fic is also for @musingsinmoonlight​’s Anyway You Want It 1k challenge! My prompt was: “This… isn’t doing work. But I don’t think I mind.” also ty Suz for not setting a time limit with your challenge cause...yeah, this took a while, hahaha. This fic is also very fluffy and cliché, but I’ve been writing for Steve Kemp a lot recently, and while I do love writing for him, I wanted to take a break and write something fluffy again, so here we are.

    Again, not beta’d, so any mistakes are my own. Divider by @staticscreenwriting​

    Walking down the busy street, Bucky Barnes feels a few drops of rain hitting his head. “Fucking New York weather.” He huffs as the few droplets turn into a downpour. Looking for somewhere to shelter from the rain, Bucky notices a bookstore down the street. He was looking for another copy of The Hobbit, so he might as well try to get in there. He lost his original copy once he went to war, and when things turned out the way they did. After he lost a part of himself and was turned into a monster out with his control. 

    Whenever Bucky looks in a mirror, he sometimes glimpses himself in his army uniform, standing tall and proud, full of hope and ready to defend his country. He was so innocent back then, completely unaware of how that one moment, that one choice, would change his life forever. And how he would grow to wish he’d never made it. But then the image would fade, and Bucky sees himself as he is now...with his lack of sleep and his stress prominently displayed on his face. He’s a man who lost his hope a long time ago. He knows that deep down, that’s why he wants to re-read The Hobbit, hoping that by doing so, he can find himself again or unlock some memory of his past self. Sam tried to show him how to order it on something called Amazon, but Bucky couldn’t figure it out, deciding to get it from an actual store instead. 

    Shit, he really is a 106-year-old man.

    As soon as he enters the bookstore, Bucky is immediately hit with the smell of coffee. He smiles, taking in the scent and looking around. The store is smaller than he expected, but it’s cosy and welcoming. It’s also filled with bookshelves that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, each filled to bursting. Immediately, Bucky feels overwhelmed. Where the fuck is he even going to start? In some kind of weird way, it’s funny. Bucky Barnes was nothing more than a boogeyman for most of his life. The very mention of his name was enough to generate fear and compliance. He was dangerous, violent, and unpredictable. Yet now, the former assassin, the ghost story, tortured and used as a weapon for decades…feels overwhelmed in a bookstore because there are too many books. So much for being a super deadly assassin.

    Then again, though, Bucky Barnes is not the Soldat. At least, not anymore. And he’s not a monster. He never was. He’s just someone who wants to re-read his favourite book, hoping that it brings him some kind of peace or a connection to his past, and to the person he used to be. Bucky just doesn’t know where to start. With the book, or his recovery.

    “Can I help you? You look lost.” A voice asks from beside him. Bucky can hear a small giggle too, but it doesn’t feel like the laugh is mocking him. It’s more of a cheerful, friendly laugh. Bucky turns to face the woman. For a moment, all thoughts of finding The Hobbit and re-connecting with his past are gone. The woman is gorgeous, with a big smile and friendly eyes. A name tag hanging from her lanyard reads “Y/N.” 

    “Y/N. That’s a nice name.” Bucky thinks. The woman, Y/N, continues to look at him, waiting for his response. Bucky’s cheeks flush pink. What was that about him being a scary boogeyman? The woman smiles. “Oh, sorry. For a second, I was lost in thought. I’m actually looking for The Hobbit, but….”

    “You don’t know where to start?” Y/N answers for him, and Bucky nods, making the pair laugh. “Don’t worry about it, honestly. I get lost in here all the time, and I own the place! Lucky for you, I know exactly where The Hobbit is! I usually read romance stories, but this book is still one of my favourites. Just follow me.” She sets off, and Bucky follows her throughout the shop until they reach the shelf they need. “Here you go, one copy of The Hobbit.” Y/N announces, handing it over with another smile. For a split second, their fingers brush against each other, and both Y/N and Bucky feel their cheeks flushing. “Oh, sorry.” Y/N gasps.

    “No, no. It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Bucky reassures her. His heart already feels like it’s doing backflips.

    “Um….” Y/N trails off, frowning as she clearly tries to find the words to say but turning up empty. Bucky tries to think of something to say too, but his brain goes blank. This is weird, right? You’re not supposed to feel like this with someone you’ve just met. And yet, something about Y/N is intriguing to him, and he wants to get to know her better, and to see her more. He just doesn’t know how to ask to see her again without appearing weird. “So, have you read The Hobbit before? Or is this a new adventure for you?” Y/N asks, breaking the silence between the pair. Bucky chuckles, recognising that she’s probably referencing the book. 

    “I read it a long time ago actually. Decided to get it again to refresh my memory.” Y/N smiles.

    “I love that. It’s so great to rediscover a book again after a couple of years. I always think that it helps you find new ways to look at the story.” Bucky nods. Y/N doesn’t have to know that it’s far past ‘a couple of years’ for him. More like eighty years, actually. 

    “Yeah, I hope I can rediscover some things.” He chuckles lightly, hoping she doesn’t prod further. But before Bucky is reminded of his bloodstained past once more, Y/N asks him another question, cutting through his thoughts. 

    “Have you read any other Tolkien books, like The Lord of the Rings trilogy? I think we have those in stock if you’d like to read those?” She offers. Bucky thinks it over for a second, then smiles and nods. “Sure.” Y/N smiles, turning back to the shelves and looking through them. As she does so, Bucky tries his best to grapple with his new, confusing feelings towards the bookstore owner, and to work up the confidence to speak to her about anything else. Before he can though, Y/N turns back to him. “Actually, I don’t think we have The Lord of the Rings in stock after all. Sorry, I thought we did. God, I really need a better organisation system in here, it’s-” 

    “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Bucky reassures her, cutting off her rambles. Y/N smiles gratefully. Despite the rain outside, her smile feels like sunshine.

    “If you’d like, I can order it for you and you can come pick it up?” Already feeling excited at the prospect of seeing Y/N again, Bucky nods and follows Y/N to the till, watching as she types a few things on her computer. “Okay, so I can have this in stock for you to collect this Friday, if that’s any good for you.” Y/N tells him.

    “Yeah, that’s great, thanks. I can’t believe you can do that. Technology has definitely changed from what I remember.” The words leave Bucky’s mouth without a second thought, but as soon as he’s said them, he regrets it. He couldn’t have sounded more like a 106-year-old man if he tried. Of course, that is Bucky’s age, but it’s still not the best way to admit your age to the cute girl you just met and that you might have a crush on. To his surprise, however, Y/N laughs again. The sound of her laughter makes a smile grow on Bucky’s face.

    “That’s very true. I’m still a novice at it, to be honest.” 

    “That makes two of us.” He mumbles.

    “I just need a name for your order, please.”

    “Bucky Barnes.” Bucky braces himself, expecting her to say something. Expecting her to ask if he’s actually Bucky Barnes, the Avenger, and if he’s really responsible for so much pain and torment. However, the question never comes, and instead she simply says:

    “Okay, Mr Barnes, that’s you all set for Friday.” Bucky almost winces at his surname being used. It sounds so formal, so professional, and he’s definitely not used to it. Then again, he’s been called The Winter Soldier for decades now, so part of his dislike must be because he’s simply not used to hearing his actual name yet.

    “Oh, just Bucky is fine. Please.” He adds, stressing the last word a little. Y/N picks up on his tone, and nods without another word, ringing up his book.

    “Okay, Bucky, that’s you. See you on Friday!” Y/N smiles, handing over his bag.

    “Can’t wait.” Bucky smiles. 

    It’s going to be a long few days.

    Even after picking up his book order, Bucky still continues to visit Y/N’s bookstore at least once a week. His visits have become so regular that Y/N has even started keeping books aside for him that she thinks he’ll enjoy, leaving him a note each time. Bucky also helps Y/N out where he can, mostly lifting boxes and tidying shelves from time to time. Bucky’s excuse for his regular visits is that he’s a quick reader who has little to do other than read, which is true, but it’s mostly because of his gradually deepening crush on Y/N. Every time he goes back to her store, Bucky finds himself falling harder and deeper in love with Y/N. Being with her makes him the happiest he’s ever been, and he wants it to continue forever, if possible. Bucky’s been trying his best to work up the courage to ask her out for weeks now, but is still too nervous to. 

    Because what if she doesn’t feel the same? What if, after reading all those stories of romance, adventure and happy endings…Bucky’s just too boring for her, or the wrong person? After all, he’s been the villain of so many people’s stories. He may not be the villain anymore, but a part of him still feels that’s what he’s always destined to be. It hurts, of course it does, but if that’s how it has to be, then so be it.

    “How’s the book?” Y/N asks him one day, placing two cups of coffee on the table and sitting across from him. 

    “Hold on, I’m a few pages away from the ending and things are just getting exciting.” Bucky replies with his nose still buried in the book. Y/N laughs and waits until he’s finished.

    “If I knew you liked horror books so much before today, I could’ve given you some from the beginning.” She tells him.

    “It’s alright. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like horror books as much as I do, considering-” The words leave Bucky’s mouth before he can stop them, and he quickly clamps his mouth shut.

    “Considering?” Y/N frowns, waiting for him to continue his sentence. Bucky knows he can’t just drop that he’s surprised he likes horror because his life has been a horror story ever since he went off to war. Y/N’s a sweet girl, and he doesn’t want to scare her off. Because, like Bucky said, he was the villain of that story, and the last thing he wants to do is to be the villain in Y/N’s story too.

    “Oh, um…I just have a lot of nightmares about my past.” He replies, and Y/N doesn’t ask any more, sensing it’s a subject he doesn’t want to go down. Well, he wasn’t lying, at least. He is still having nightmares. Y/N just doesn’t have to know why, or what he does in them. 

    “I see. Maybe for this week, I’ll cool it with the horror then, and give you a break.” Bucky smiles at that. God, she’s so kind to him. And he totally doesn’t deserve it. As Y/N sorts through some new books, Bucky wonders how Y/N would react if he told her the truth about his past, and the person he used to be. She’s so loving and kind to him, but what if that all goes away once he tells her the truth? What if she’s scared of him? “Are you alright? You look deep in thought.” Y/N asks, and Bucky nods.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about that plot twist.” He lies. Thankfully, Y/N doesn’t pick up on the lie, and she nods.

    “I know, right? It’s crazy.” As she continues to talk about it, Bucky’s mind drifts back to his past, and his inner conflict about whether to tell Y/N about his feelings. Ultimately, he decides not to tell her. 

    It’s better this way. He knows it is…so why does he still feel so bad about it?

    Despite Bucky trying his best to hide his awkwardness and crush from everyone, Sam soon notices Bucky’s new hobby, and how weird he’s been acting. 

    “Okay, spill. Who’s the girl?” He asks one day, taking a seat across from Bucky. Bucky frowns, putting down his book.

    “The girl in the book? Her name is Daisy Buchanan, and-”

    “I know, I’ve read The Great Gatsby before. I didn’t mean her though. I meant the girl at the bookstore you have a crush on.” Oh fuck. Bucky tries to act like he has no idea what Sam’s talking about, but Sam rolls his eyes. “Oh please, don’t act like I’m stupid. What, you just so happen to pick up reading as a hobby, somehow make it through each book in a week, and get every book from the same store? What else am I supposed to think?” 

    “...Some people like reading Sam!” Bucky argues back, but he already knows that Sam has figured everything out, judging by his grin. “Ugh, okay fine. Yes, I have a crush on her. Her name’s Y/N, and…god, Sam, she’s so beautiful. It’s not just that though, she’s so kind and friendly too. She leaves me little notes in every book, and whenever she sees me, she has this big smile on her face. And her smile makes me feel all warm inside. It’s like sunshine.”

    “Wow, she’s shattering your grumpy exterior. She must be special then.” Sam jokes, and Bucky glares at him. “Sorry! Sorry, had to. Are you gonna tell her how you feel then?”

    “I don’t know.” Bucky sighs. “She’s always reading romantic stories. I think those are her favourite. What if she’s expecting someone like Mr Darcy or Romeo? Aside from the death, that is.”

    “Oh shit, you have been doing a lot of reading. Well done.” Sam praises, and Bucky nods. “Well Bucky. I think it doesn’t matter if she’s expecting people like that. Maybe the fact that she’s reading a lot of romance means that she just wants something simple. Maybe she’s just looking for someone who’s right for her.”

    “I just don’t know if that’s me, Sam. I’ve been a monster and a ghost story for decades. Y/N doesn’t even know about my past. She thinks I’m just a guy who likes to read. I can’t even tell her about my past. I thought about it, but I don’t want to scare her away. What if I’m still the villain, not the hero?” Bucky sighs, and Sam sighs.

    “Bucky, I know it’s hard to admit your past and what happened to you, and I don’t know how she’d react to it either. But trust me, the way your face just lit up when you were speaking about her tells me everything. That warm feeling inside? That’s called being in love, Buck. Villains don’t feel like that, and they don’t want to atone for their past as much as you do. It’s so obvious to me how much you like her. And how you’re feeling is just like how they describe it in those stories. Maybe you’re her Mr Right after all.”

    “You think?” Bucky asks, and Sam nods.

    “And to be honest, with the notes she’s been leaving you and keeping books aside just for you…I think she might feel the same. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?” Bucky nods, already feeling a little better about the situation.

    “Thanks, Sam.”

    “You’re welcome, man. Also, no offence, but now we’re on the subject, please stop giving me the books as gifts once you’re done with them. I appreciate the gifts, and I know you’re in love with the owner who keeps giving you them, but I’ve already read most of them and I’m running out of room for them all.”

    A few days later, Y/N and Bucky sit in the bookstore, eating takeout and chatting. The store closed a few hours ago, but once again, Bucky offered to stay behind to help Y/N finish unboxing her delivery, an offer that she greatly appreciated.  

    “You know, I really should get you a name tag, Bucky. I feel awful that you help do all this work for me for nothing in return.” Y/N sighs. 

    “Nah, that’s alright. I’m glad to help you after all the books and adventures you give me. That’s more than enough payment in my eyes.” Bucky replies.

    “Are you sure? I don’t want you feeling like I’m taking advantage of your help.” She asks, and Bucky nods. Like she could ever do that. Bucky’s convinced Y/N couldn’t even hurt a fly. “You know I appreciate you, Bucky, right? Because I do, so much more than you could ever know.” She asks. Bucky’s heart feels like it’s doing flips again. People rarely, if ever, say things like that to him.

    “You…do?” He asks, still slightly in disbelief. Y/N nods.

    “Yeah! You’ve done so much for me, as evidenced by tonight and all the other times you’ve helped me. Above all that, though, I love seeing your reactions and hearing what you think about the books. I love how reading can make people feel, and how it can transport you to all these different places. It makes me so happy. That’s why I opened this shop, actually. To let people be transported to a new world, and to a new dream.” If only Y/N knew that Bucky thinks she’s his new dream. As Y/N continues to talk about the joys of reading, Bucky can’t stop himself from smiling. It’s so endearing how devoted she is to reading, and to her job. Her enthusiasm makes Bucky think that if the world was as cheerful as Y/N, it would be a better place. He knows he said that if he wasn’t the one for her, then that’s how it has to be, but fuck, it hurts to even think about a life without her.

    The words “I love you” almost slip out of Bucky’s mouth, and he has to stop himself from saying them. Even though at that moment, Bucky Barnes has never been as sure of anything in his life. He’s in love with Y/N.

    “You know, you do a lot for me too, Y/N.” He tells her. “I mean, thanks to you, I finally have something to do to pass the time, and I think the reading is helping with the nightmares a little. You don’t have to recommend books to me and leave me notes every time, but you do, and I don’t know…it just makes me feel special I guess?” Y/N’s face softens.

    “You are special Bucky. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Bucky swears his heart almost stops when he hears those words. He wonders if she feels the same about him as he does for her. Surely not…right? Still though, his hope rises, and Bucky thinks he should tell her the truth after all. Both about his feelings and his past.

    “I never used to think like that about myself.” He admits, and she raises a brow. “I’m not ready to go too into depth, but I did a lot of bad things in my past, and hurt a lot of people. That’s why I have nightmares. I was the villain in the story, let’s say, and it’s still taking me a long time to get used to it.” He chuckles awkwardly as Y/N sits, listening to his every word. “But being here with you makes me feel so much better, and now I feel happier about my future. If anyone’s special here, it’s you.” Y/N smiles, almost crying at his words.

    “Thank you Bucky. That means a lot.” She whispers, her voice almost cracking. “Oh, wait. That reminds me. I have a special book recommendation for you this week.” She announces, disappearing into the maze of shelves before Bucky can ask her what it is. When she returns, she passes over the book. Bucky peers down at it quizzically. 

    “The Princess Bride.” He reads the title before turning the book over to read the blurb.

    “It’s one of my favourites.” She explains. “It’s a romance book, but I think you’ll love it, too. There’s a lot of action and drama, too.” Bucky chuckles.

    “What, do you think I don’t like romance?” He asks with a joking smile.

    “It’s not that. Okay, maybe it was a little, but still. I think you’ll really enjoy this one.” Bucky opens the book, flicking through the pages. 

    “You didn’t leave me a note this time.” He frowns, disappointed. Y/N always leaves him one, so he’s grown to expect one. Now there isn’t one, he’s worried he’s done something wrong.

    “Yeah, that’s what makes this one special. Because you know what my favourite part of this story is?” Y/N asks, and Bucky shakes his head. “It’s the bit where the main character realises who she’s in love with, and then everything falls into place for her.” She replies, her voice soft as she gazes over at Bucky. “She realises he’s been right in front of her this whole time.” Y/N steps forward, looking pointedly at Bucky. His mouth drops open. 

    “Wait, does that mean….” Bucky trails off.

    “I’m in love with you, Bucky.” Y/N replies. Bucky’s heart soars, and that warm feeling comes back, this time stronger than ever. “I’ve read so many stories about falling in love that I thought I knew what it felt like, but falling in love with you was entirely different, in the best possible way. And it was so much better than it is in a story.” She explains. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this honestly…probably just in the hope you feel the same, and-” Bucky cuts Y/N off by taking her hands.

    “I do feel the same. Honestly, I think I have from the moment I walked in here.” Y/N smiles, and Bucky pulls her into a kiss.

    “This…isn’t doing work. But I don’t think I mind.” Y/N murmurs when the pair pulls apart. Bucky chuckles.

    “Me neither.” He replies, pulling her close once more. 

    He came to Y/N’s store trying to find a connection to his past, but now Bucky Barnes knows that he’s found something so much better. A new beginning. One that’s full of happiness, love, and healing. And of course, lots of books.​

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  • justiceamberheard
    22.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Amber Heard’s testimony, part 7.

    Day 16.

    Amber Heard is asked about the first time she alleges Johnny Depp hit her. She tells the court: "You never forget it, it changes your life forever, you never forget something like that. I just had the date wrong." She has changed the date of the original incident, which she says happened during an argument over Depp's "Wino Forever tattoo" in early 2013. Heard now says she believes the first act of violence actually took place in 2012.Heard goes on: "I'm embarrassed to say I would have liked to believe I wasn't hit so early in the relationship and stayed."

    Heard testifies she reviewed journals, diaries, text messages, calendars and therapist notes to determine the timeline of her relationship with Depp and the alleged abuse.

    Amber Heard tells the court that: "Violence became normal towards the end [of the relationship with Johnny Depp]. It's hard to say now, but the brain does with trauma what it does - puts it away as best it can."

    Heard testifies the word "couch" acted as a safe word in her fights between Depp. Jurors heard this word repeated on audio recordings of the pair's fights. 

    Heard testifies she found a folder on Depp's computer labeled "No Fun for JD," that included red carpet photos of her wearing revealing clothing.

    Amber Heard says that after Depp had had his hand surgery (during which the tip of his finger was re-attached), he had managed to "get clean" that she thought "we had finally done it, we were clean and never going back".She says: "We fell deeper in love than we had been before, we were talking about the future, about having kids." She says her parents came to visit and all went well, and when they went back to Australia, they were talking about "babies, buying a farm, and looking at homes in California. It was wonderful. Wonderful". She calls times like this "beautiful and peaceful" .

    Heard says: "He could not even mean to kill me..." She says she often feared he would kill her during one of their arguments without meaning to. She goes on: "I remember looking down on him... Clawing at him trying to get his arms away from my neck. At one point I remember him ripping my shirt, and one of my breasts became exposed... I pulled at his lapel and his shirt tore... He ripped it off and put it around my neck." (July, August 2015)

    Amber explains why she said: I was hitting you audio.

    Amber Heard explains, “I did start a physical fight” was an act of reactive violence after Johnny Depp had pushed a door over her toes and was charging violently at her.

    Amber Heard tells the court that there were periods when Johnny Depp would be with her, or she would be talking to him on the phone, and he would be "talking to people who weren't there".

    She describes a time in February 2016 in LA, when she feared he was in a confused state and would "think he was mad at me" even though she says they weren't arguing at the time. The court is then shown a video of Depp in the green kitchen of his apartment in Sweetzer Avenue, and he can be seen violently slamming kitchen cupboards and smashing glass in one of the cabinet doors as he thrusts it shut.

    Amber Heard is describing her 30th birthday in April 2016 and a fight she says she and Johnny Depp had on that evening after her party. During it she says Depp "chest bumped me", "pushed me to the ground" and "grabbed me by the pubic area". She says he would often grab her there, and ask her if she thought she was "tough, like a man".She says during the fight he told her: "'All this will go away', while pointing at my face or body, and that my t*** would sag, and no one would ever love m."She says Depp left, then returned and screamed 'Happy f****** birthday'. She says "also left a note to that effect". She says he then left.

    the poo incident.

    We move on to the period after Amber Heard's birthday in April 2016, after which she says she and Johnny Depp didn't see each other for around a month.

    She says Depp was furious with both her and Io, saying he was: "Calling Io every horrible imaginable name you can imaging calling an LGBT person, some really nasty stuff."She says Depp shouted down the phone to him: "If you want to have my woman now, you can have her," before throwing the phone at "what felt like my eye".She says Depp then grabbed her, "trying to expose my face" and doing "a mocking taunt as he's yanking me around the room". She says her friend Rocky Pennington came in, at which point she says Depp let her go.

    pictures taken after May incident, 2016. (bruises)

    pictures of the damage.

    New audio played in court of Johnny Depp shouting and screaming at Amber Heard.

    Jurors hear audio recordings of a conversation between the couple after Heard filed from divorce from Depp. Heard then testifies about what Bredehoft calls a "smear campaign."

    Another recording played for the jury of Amber Heard telling Johnny Depp he is an abuser.

    Heard gets emotional on the stand, testifying, "I don't want anything from him, just don't call me a liar."

    Amber Heard just wanted to be left alone and Johnny Depp wanted to humiliate her and ruin her life.

    The lawyer asks: "Why did you ask for a domestic violence temporary restraining order?"Getting emotional, Heard says: "I wanted to change my locks, I wanted a good night's sleep." She says security "would always let him in, no matter if I begged them not to let him over". She says they would let him into the building  even if he was "mad or drunk or high".Heard describes the affect this had on her, telling the court: "I was losing hair, I was losing weight, I got really sick, I had shingles, I couldn't sleep, I was having panic attacks all the time, I was falling apart and I was scared and very conflicted as the person I was scared of was also the person I loved."

    Ms Bredehoft asks Heard to describe the image. She says: "It's a picture of my face while I was sitting at the court house. I was wearing nothing, not a stitch of make up."The lawyer asks what she did there: "I provided testimony, and sat their and cried." She confirms the court granted her a temporary restraining order at that time.She then describes leaving the court: "I walked out to a sea of paparazzi and photographers... They just surrounded me and screamed horrible things at me". She says she had never seen so many photographers surrounding her before.

    about the make up routine.

    The lawyer asks Amber Heard why she accepted the $7m divorce settlement.Heard says: "I didn't care about the money, I was told if I didn't agree to a number it would be overturned... so I took far less than what they were offering and what I was entitled to."She goes on: "I promised the entirety of [the settlement] to charity because I was never interested in Johnny's money... I wanted the truth, I wanted him to clear my name, and I wanted him to leave me alone. I've been saying that since 2016".She explains she pledged $3.5m to a children's hospital in LA as she had worked there for 10 years as a volunteer and the same amount to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as she was a supporter and agreed with their aims.She says she agreed to "pay in instalments" as she was receiving her divorce settlement in instalments, in order to to get the tax benefits of doing it like that.

    Heard explains that she lost opportunities following her application for a temporary restraining order. However, she said she worked hard after the divorce to build her career back up. She says: "I fought to keep my job, and the biggest movie opportunity I had to date was Justice League, with the opportunity to be part of Aquaman."

    about the op-ed. She says she knew her attorney, Eric George, as he had previously represented her when she objected to a body double of her being used in a sex scene in the film London Fields (this was discussed earlier in court). Heard says she made all the edits Mr George suggested, and didn't ignore any of the changes or edits he requested.

    Amber Heard says she appeared in Aquaman 2, but that it "was a very paired down version of the role".She says: "I was given the script, then given different versions of the script... they basically took a bunch out of my role.

    #anti johnny depp #johnny depp #i stand with amber heard #amber heard
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  • momocedro
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    Bear the Pain

    Pairing: Rosalie Hale x (Human Wife)Reader

    Original Request: If i haven't already sent this request could you do a Rosalie hale x human wife reader where reader and rosalie are trying for a baby and when reader finally becomes pregnant it results in the same complications as Bella's pregnancy in breaking dawn and it almost kills reader and all rosalie can do is listen to reader's screams and smell reader's blood when reader goes into labor

    Summary: Science is constantly changing as technology advances. You and Rosalie have been trying for a baby for the longest time. However, after finally getting pregnant using Rosalie’s bone marrow to make the sperm, the term of carrying the child turns out to be much more than you expected.

    Warnings: Labor (similar to Bella’s in Breaking Dawn): C-Section birth, blood, 18+ NSFW: (Top!)Rosalie x (Bottom!)Reader, strap-on s3x

    A/n: Okay hear me out, I don’t usually write (Top!)Character x (Bottom!)Reader smut so I tried :)

    Key: +*+ = Time skip


    It had been awhile since you had the talk with Rosalie. Wanting to have a child of your own. With her. You wanted it to be a special night between the both of you. You decided to take her away to one of your family lake-houses down in Lake Tahoe, California.

    “Rosalie,” You call out to your wife

    No response...

    “Rosalie!” You call again, with a little more power in your voice

    Still, no response.

    Rosalie had been avoiding people, specifically you, even agreeing to go vacation with you, it had only been the first couple nights there and you’ve been sleeping along in bed. You get Rosalie not needing sleep anymore but, you were growing tired of going to bed alone and waking up alone. Sometimes it felt like that you were the only one on vacation. 

    Rosalie I swear to god...

    But, oh how you were excellent at tracking her down. You were a regular human, but your intuition always led to where exactly Rosalie would be; in the bedroom this time.

    “Rosie,” You sit next to her, “There you are, I’ve been looking for you.”

    “You know you can’t hide from it forever,” You say, “You also were the one that wanted the kid in the first place.”

    “I’m... Nervous,” Rosalie says, “I don’t want to hurt you.” 

    “Since when did you ever hurt me Rosie?” You ask

    “Last year...” Rosalie says, shamefully

    “R-Rosalie Hale that was my first time doing anything intimate,” You say, “It was supposed to hurt the first time.”

    “How was I supposed to remember that?” Rosalie sighs into her hands

    You sigh as you hook your leg over Rosalie’s thighs as you situate yourself into her lap. Rosalie picks up her face and looks up, immediately but slowly coiling her hands around your waist.

    “Now,” You finally smile, “Are you still willing to make this child with me?”

    Rosalie nods.

    “And we already talked over who’d carry the child; me,” You explain, “They already extracted your bone marrow to make the sperm needed.”

    “And?” Rosalie asks 

    “All that’s left is the... experience for making the baby...” You say, trying to act innocent about it

    You attempt to subtly gyrate your hips in Rosalie’s lap; to no avail. You let out a gentle gasp when you felt nails digging into your ass.

    “So needy,” Rosalie teases

    “Oh you’re just as needy,” You tease back, “You’ve always wanted to see what it was like to dick me down.”

    Rosalie puts the palm of her hands on your waistline as she tosses you onto your back. 

    “Don’t push your luck now kitty,” Rosalie says, “Stay here... No moving...”

    Rosalie gets up from the bed and walks into her closet. You wait there patiently like she had ordered you to. Rosalie comes back with a strap on.

    “Good kitty,” Rosalie smiles

    You lay there awkwardly as Rosalie begins stripping her outer layer of clothing, revealing her luxurious lingerie that’s hugging her body in the right way. 

    “What re you waiting for an invitation? Take off your clothes for me,” Rosalie orders

    You hop off of the bed to stand directly in front of Rosalie. Not taking your eyes off her one as you also strip your outer layer of clothing and revealing your lingerie. They’re less luxurious but the look in Rosalie’s eyes told you otherwise. You only unclip your bra and toss it into Rosalie’s face. 

    “Like what you see?” You flirt, shaking your ass

    Rosalie’s eyes narrow as her eyes trail down from your bottom half to the top. The corner of Rosalie’s lips curve into a wicked smile as she presses you to sit back onto the bed as she begins placing the fake dick onto her hipline. Your fingers begin unconsciously reaching down to your clit as Rosalie adjusts the strap to fit her. 

    “No no no,” Rosalie pins your hands above your head

    She easily slides her hips between your thighs. Her body flush against yours as the dick on the strap gently rubbing against your already wet panties.

    “No touching,” Rosalie growls, “That’s my job.”

    “I... I thought your job was to fuck my brains out...” You say, trying to act innocent

    “That too,” Rosalie giggles, “Now keep your hands up there.”

    You nod as Rosalie drops her head into the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent. You felt Rosalie’s breath on you as you lay there, unsure of how she wants you under her. You continue to fight the urge to run your fingers through her hair as she continues to kiss, lick, suck and bite her way down your body. 

    “You're so stiff little bat,” She coos as she places kisses down your stomach 

    “Believe me, I want to squirm,” You whimper, “But mommy said not to move...”

    “I revoke that,” She says, “you can move now little bat.”

    Your hands immediately bolt downward into Rosalie’s hair, tugging at it.

    “Easy there love,” She coos, growling at the small form of pain, “I haven’t even scratched the surface yet...”

    You felt her long nails gently scratch down your stomach. You let out mouthed whimpers as your back arches.

    “Open your mouth baby,” She says, “I want to hear you.”

    As soon as your mouth opens, Rosalie latches her mouth onto your dripping core. You let out a yelp as Rosalie lubricates your clit with her tongue. 

    “Ahh... R-Rosalie...” You moan

    Rosalie lets out a low, guttural chuckle as she coils her arms around your hips. She gently presses her palms on your stomach to keep you from bucking your hips.

    “R-Rosalie I... I can't,” You squeak, “N-Not before you-”

    “Don’t worry, I’m getting it all ready,” She coos

    You watch her stand on her feet whilst she begins applying lubrication to the strap.  Your hand unconsciously reaches down to your clit as you continue to watch Rosalie begin to insert the sperm into the dildo. 

    “You ready baby?” Rosalie asks, tossing the now empty bottle onto the floor.

    You nod, too head over heels to form words. Rosalie’s lips curved into a wicked smile as she presses both sides of the bed and leans down to you. Your masturbating hand releases itself from your wet womanhood as they slowly wrap around Rosalie’s torso. For the first time in what felt like ages for you, she gently caresses your cheek as she leans down further; closing the gap between your faces, capturing your lips in a very delicate makeout session. 

    “Rosalie...” You moan her name in between kisses

    “Y/n...” She replies back

    You were going to open your mouth however, only a squeal comes out when you felt the strap slow lying sliding into you.

    “Fuck,” You hiss

    “Does it hurt?” Rosalie asks

    It did however, although you were no longer a virgin, you underestimated the size of the dildo Rosalie decided to surprise you with.

    “A little,” You sigh, whimpering when you feel Rosalie thrust, “You’re... Just...”

    Your hands snake into Rosalie’s hair, tugging her down for her lips to hover over the crook of your neck but for your lips to hover around Rosalie’s ear.

    “So big...” You whisper

    Rosalie chuckles, her breath tickling your neck.Your hands go back to scratching at her back when she begins thrusting faster. You felt a jolt of pain when you felt Rosalie beginning to suck on your neck. Though you didn’t feel her bite into you to draw blood. 

    “God you’re perfect y/n,” Rosalie whispers

    You couldn’t help but let out a giggle. It wasn’t because of all the euphoria you were experiencing, it wasn’t because you thought of all the jealous men who could have Rosalie but here she is with you; a woman, it was because of how she could absolutely rail your brains out but all be sweet and caring at the same time. 

    “How’s that?” She stops gyrating her hips to look down at you

    “Faster...” You breathe, not breaking eye contact with her 

    She smiles as she lifts her body away from you to remove the bra she was wearing. 

    “You’re so soft,” You state, trying to not squeal 

    Vampires were notoriously beautiful; golden eyes, porcelain-like skin... Rosalie was no different. However, among any of the Cullens, you found your attraction to the most stubborn yet beautiful vampire in all of Forks, Washington. 

    “Perks of being a vampire,” Rosalie smirks, “I’m going to make you cum as many times as I want.”

    “Challenge accepted,” You say, feeling bold

    “Ohhh,” Rosalie hisses, “You’re so cocky.”

    Your head leans back into the pillow as Rosalie firmly thrusts her hips against you. Rosalie hooks her arms underneath your knees, lifting them over her shoulders; giving the dildo further access into you.

    “Oh god R-Rosalie,” You squeal, digging your nails into her back

    Rosalie doesn’t answer as she continues to screw the daylights out of you. You weren’t sure how to make her feel aroused, remembering that she didn’t receive head like she did for you.

    “R-Rosalie wait...” You breathe heavily 

    “What's wrong?” She asks, panic beginning settle in, “Did I hurt you?...”

    “N-No it’s just,” You begin, not knowing how to be straightforward with what you want

    “Baby, you can be honest with me,” Rosalie calmly tells you, caressing your cheek, “I can stop and I can insert it to you normally.”

    “No it’s not that it’s just...” You trail off

    Rosalie waits for you to tell her what you want. Too embarrassed to use your own words, you push Rosalie’s arms out from under your legs and hook them around her waist and shift yourself over; putting you back in Rosalie’s lap.

    “I want to please you like you do for me,” You finally find the confidence to confess, “You always give it to me good.. I want to do the same for you.”

    “Oh baby,” Rosalie starts, “You already please me. More than you know.”

    “I want to please you my way,” You say

    You bounce your entire self onto Rosalie’s step; Rosalie watching your bare breasts bounce. However, you already felt yourself falling over. You actually never been in this position before, so seeing Rosalie under you was a new experience. You place the palms of your hands press against Rosalie’s stomach as you felt yourself falling forward. However, Rosalie’s hands catch your hips, using her thumbs to straighten you out. 

    “I got you,” Rosalie coos, “I got you baby.”

    You sit there nervously, unsure of how to continue. Seeing Rosalie under you made you feel embarrassed. 

    Me and my sudden boost of confidence...

    “Hey...” Rosalie sits up, her body pressing against yours again

    She tenderly wraps her arms around your torso, looking up at you.

    “You’re doing so good baby,” She compliments you, “You being mine absolutely sets me on fire...”

    Your heart practically leapt out of your chest. You knew Rosalie would be able to hear it too.

    “Oh so you just needed some confidence boost huh?” Rosalie smirks

    “Don’t push your luck Rosie,” You pout, “You know I never topped before...”

    “Oh you haven’t?” Rosalie asks, acting like she doesn’t know

    “You know that I haven’t,” You say

    “I know,” Rosalie smiles, “I just like messing with you sometimes.”

    “Meanie,” You pout

    “What are you gonna do about it? Huh?” Rosalie asks, almost taunting you

    You take both of Rosalie’s hands and place them on your perked breasts. She gives them a firm squeeze as you let out a sigh.

    “You’re beautiful,” She smiles as she runs her tongue gently on the surface of your nipple before taking it into her mouth

    Rosalie’s other hand goes back to your hip, gesturing you to continue riding her. You run your fingers into Rosalie’s hair as you pick up your pace. 

    “Rosalie,” You moan as you felt a small pain dispersing all over your body from your torso, “Easy kitty... You just might make me bleed.”

    “We don't want that do we?” She asks, looking up at you

    “Definitely not,” You reply, continuing to ride her into oblivion

    Your fingers tug on her hair as you felt your inner walls begin to squeeze on the strap and you felt strong tingling sensations beginning to travel up your legs.

    “Rosalie I’m... I’m cumming,...” You moan

    “Oh are you now?” She asks

    You nod. You gasp when she gets on top of you again and begins thrusting again. 

    “Make me cum mommy,” You beg

    “Mommy?” She asks, smirking, “That’s new.”

    “I should be calling you that often,” You flirt, smiling, “Make. Me. Cum.”

    She presses her body against yours as she makes her thrusts faster. One arm curls around your hips as the other reaches down towards the strap.

    “Rosalie I’m gonna...” You moan, a breath hitching in your stomach

    “Cum baby,” Rosalie growls in your ear

    Your fingers dig into Rosalie’s skin as you unravel yourself under her. As you were coming down from your high, you open your eyes to Rosalie’s golden eyes looking down at you. You couldn’t help but crack a smile. Your hands move from the underside of Rosalie’s arms to caressing her cheeks.

    “What?” Rosalie asks, smiling

    “You’re about to be a mommy,” You giggle

    “You keep calling em that and that will be the only thing I’ll think about when our kid calls us that,” She says

    “Oh you’ll like it either way,” You continue giggling

    Rosalie smiles with you as she closes the gap between your faces, a soft kiss ensuing.

    “I love you y/n,” Rosalie says

    “I love you too,” You smile


    What you weren’t prepared for was how weak you felt. It wasn't the typical morning sickness type of weak. You felt... drained. 

    “Does she need blood?” Rosalie asks, turning to Carlisle

    “I don’t know,” He answers, “We’ll have to find out.”

    Carlisle disappears into the house while Rosalie and Esme come sit around you.

    “Hey hey,” You smile as Rosalie puts the upper half of your body into her

    Your fingers slowly snake their way onto her jawline as she curls her arms around you like the protective wife she is for you.

    “I knew this was a bad idea...” Rosalie whispers

    “What do you mean?” You ask, tilting your head upward, “Like I said before Rosie, you and I throughly talked this through, you aren’t able to carry the child but I can.”

    “But... What if... What if something bad happens to you and...” Rosalie begins attempting to think too much

    “Hey... Rosalie...” You try to calm her down, “Rosalie look at me.”

    Turning onto your stomach to kneel next to her, you take her face into your weakening hands. The only thing keeping you steady was Rosalie’s proactive hands.

    “We’ve talked about this too,” You say, “Should anything happen to me, turn me.”

    “I know but-” Rosalie tries to think, “I want you to live a life... One where you don’t have to become a monster like me...”

    “Rosalie Lillian Hale,” You address her by her full name, “Look at me.”

    Rosalie stops mid sentence, realizing that you had said her full name. She was surprised, even in your weakened state, you still manage to gather enough energy to firmly address her.

    “All my life, I’ve wanted nothing more than to find my soulmate,” You say, “My soulmate being a vampire was the last thing I expected but that’s besides my point. My point is, is that I would rather become a monster if it meant I could be with you forever... I don’t really have any family left... Except this one... So, please... Turn me if something happens to me while giving birth to our baby...”

    Rosalie reluctantly nods. She's never had to turn anyone before. She especially wouldn’t want you to experience the pain of turning.


    Over the next several months Rosalie never left your side, even if she needed to feed she never left. 

    Time was irrelevant.

    Because after the beginning of the fetal development, you’ve felt fine. The blood Carlisle was giving you was giving the developing fetus substance whilst you were still able to eat regular human food.

    “I’m impressed,” Carlisle writes in his journal, “When Bella had Renesmee she was only able to have blood.”

    “It’s as much of a mystery to me Carlisle,” You say

    Though, you still felt weak physically. Weak enough that Rosalie had to practically be at your side to take you to certain places in the house, to which she’d often be carrying you everywhere. 

    “Rosalie you do know that you don’t have tp be carrying me around right?” You ask as she continues giving you a bath

    “I’m not about to let you fall over y/n, possibly getting a miscarriage,” Rosalie says

    “You need to go out and feed too you know,” You add, “you’ve been cooped up in here the last several months with me.”

    “So?” Rosalie asks, “Carlisle is willing to bring in food for me. You also think I’m going to leave you alone?” 

    You turn in the chair you were sitting in and press your now bony palms on her cheeks

    “No but, I don’t want the sole focus being on me if you don’t get to do things for yourself,” You say

    “The things I want to do for myself are with you, and them,” Rosalie says, gently  pressing her forehead onto yours

    As subtly as you could, you take a handful of water and splash Rosalie with it.

    “Y/n!” She gasps

    You hear her growl when she turns her head back to you. But, she also knows she can’t be mad at you.

    “Shower with me,” You say

    Rosalie lets out a long sigh, but her mouth curling into a smile as she stands up and strips her now wet clothing. She takes your hands as she slowly makes her way underneath the shower head. However, as soon as you sands, you immediately begin falling to the ground. However, you feel a [air of arms wrap around you tightly.

    “I’ve got you baby,” Rosalie says, pulling you back up, a smile curving on her mips, “I’ve got you.” 

    Still holding onto you, Rosalie takes one hand and turns on the shower head. As it heats up, you lean your head against her shoulder. 

    “Rosalie,” You call her name

    “Yes y/n?” She replies

    “I love you,” You say

    “I love you too,” She replies, placing her hand on your head


    You were sitting in bed, reading a book, Rosalie’s head in your lap, gently caressing the baby bump. You motion for Rosalie to sit up in order for you to go to the bathroom. Rosalie hops off of the bed to help keep you steady. 

    “You’re going to be okay?” Rosalie asks

    “I’ll be fine,” You smile

    You give Rosalie a quick kiss before you slowly shut bathroom door, leaving it unlocked in the case that you actually need her. You grip too some of the appliances in the bathroom as you make your way to the toilet. You began doing your business, you believed it was going well for a while until you felt a scrunching pain in your stomach. You quickly finish and attempt to reach for the door.

    “R-Rosalie!” You yell

    Almost immediately Rosalie bursts through the door; seeing you nearly on the floor.

    “The baby,” You groan, “Get-get me in the bathtub...”

    Without a second to think Rosalie sweeps you into her arms and rushes you to Carlisle.

    “Carlisle!” Rosalie calls for him, “Y/n’s going into labor!”

    “Get her on the table,” Carlisle immediately springs from his chair

    Esme follows behind him. Rosalie places you onto the table as Carlisle begins feeling around your stomach.

    “Rosalie I need to inject morphine into y/n, I have to do a C-section,” He says

    Rosalie frantically searches for the fluid, as does Esme. Carlisle begins setting you up to an IV as fast as he could.

    “Hurry!” He yells

    Esme hands a syringe to him and he looks at the label.

    “Good,” He says

    He injects the morphine into your system however you begin squealing in pain.

    “The morphine is spreading too slow!” Rosalie says, “We have to get the baby out now”!

    “We have to give it a couple more minutes,” Carlisle tells Rosalie

    “No, she’s right,” You groan, “I don’t know how log it’ll be until the baby wants to come out...”

    “We can’t risk you losing too much blood.” Esme says

    “There’s no time!” Rosalie panics

    Seeing the terrified look on Rosalie’s face. Carlisle reaches over to the tray of scalpels. 

    “Do it...” You beg him

    As soon as you felt the blade run across you're stomach you let out an ear piercing scream of agony. However, when you look over at Rosalie, her eyes turned dark, most likely from the smell of your blood.

    “Esme get Rosalie out of here!” Carlisle tells his wife

    Esme immediately grabs a hunger-crazed Rosalie and practically drags her out of the room. As much as you wanted Rosalie to be by your side, you didn’t want her to give into the temptation of drinking human blood. 

    “N-no... I have to be there for her!” Rosalie says

    “Your eyes darkened Rosalie,” Esme tells her daughter, “You can’t be around her right now... I’m sorry...”

    Rosalie attempts to break out of Esme’s embrace and run back into the room. But, Esme was stronger.

    “Emse let go!” Rosalie tries to fight 

    “You know I can’t do that Rosie”! Esme argues

    “Y/n... Y/n!!” Rosalie yells

    “Rosalie!!!!” You scream your wifes name in pain

    Rosalie suddenly stops fighting... Hearing her name out of your mouth in such a painful tone sent something else in her brain. She begins to sink down whilst still being in Esme’s grip and begins sobbing. 

    “I’m sorry Rosie...” Esme comforts her, “I’m sorry...”

    Rosalie continues to sob into Esme’s shoulder as she continues listening to your screams of pain.


    Rosalie wasn’t sure how long she was crying for but she hears Carlisle clearing his throat. Rosalie slowly breaks away from Esme’;s arms and wipes her tears. 

    “Go in there,” He says, “I’ve cleared as much of y/n’s blood as much as possible.”

    The moment Rosalie had calmed down, she heard two heartbeats. she immediately bursts through the door and stops to stare at the sight; You were moved onto a different bed, pale, weak, but you were still alive. Alive enough to hold your newborn baby. The baby holding onto your index finger. You shift your head to look up and smile.

    “Say hi to our baby boy,” You say

    Rosalie slowly makes her way to the bedside. She looks down at the baby, then to you.

    “Have you thought of a name yet?” Rosalie asks

    “I was thinking... Mylo,” You say

    “Mylo...” Rosalie thinks, “I like it. Milo Hale...”

    Rosalie takes Mylo from your arms, allowing you to rest.

    “Hi,” Rosalie coos, rocking him

    “Y/n will have to stay in here for awhile Rosalie,” Carlisle comes in, “I need to keep her on the IV.”

    “For how long?” She asks

    “Couple weeks to a month, at most,” He says

    “Hey,” You place your hand on her thigh, “It’s going to be okay...”


    You wake up from a nap from god knows how many days you’ve been stuck in bed after finally leaving the raggedy hospital bed, but the only difference was that you got to wake up next to Rosalie.

    “Morning sleepyhead,” She smiles, “how’d you sleep?”

    “Couldn’t move a goddamn inch,” You groan at your stitches

    “I’m sorry,” She kisses the side of your head, “Carlisle said it was a miracle that you survived. considering that you gave birth to another hybrid. You get to stay human.”

    “Yeah...” You say, but sighing

    “What’s wrong?” She asks

    “I’m still a human...” you say, “I’m going to grow old and die eventually while you continue living immortally...”

    “Who said about keeping you human for very much longer?” Rosalie says

    “What do you mean?” You ask, looking up at her

    “Well... Once Carlisle does more research on our son, to see if he’ll end up like Renesmee, there’s a possibility of discussion of turning you...” Rosalie explains, while twirling a strand of your hair between her fingers

    “Really?!” You ask

    Your body attempts to sit up but immediately stop when you felt unfathomable pain shoot all over your nervous system.

    “Ah shit...” You groan, laying back down

    “Easy there little bat,” Rosalie giggles, “We still have time...”

    “Time flies though...” You say

    “hey,” Rosalie coos, placing her delicate fingers on your chin, “Once Mylo gets a little older, and you’re fully healed; stitches gone and everything, we can talk then. Okay?” She asks

    You nod, pulling her face towards yours for a kiss.

    “I love you... Y/n Hale,” Rosalie says

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  • nexusnyx
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    hi! i love your writing so much! idk if you’ve done something like this before, but could i request a bucky x reader imagine where the reader is really high maintenance? if not, that’s okay! xx

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader

    Summary: He knows that when he takes his girl out, not forgetting his wallet is important. There are many things his baby is—sweet, witty, smart-mouthed, a little bit of a freak; among the big list he's compiled so far, 'cheap' is nowhere to be found. It takes a lot to keep her happy. Bucky loves the challenge.

    A/n: Feedback is really important to me. Tell me what you think and I'll adore ya forever :)

    Word count: 3.1k

    Warning(s): This work is intended for 18+ audiences. Minors, DNI. I also do not allow for my work to be copied, translated, or reuploaded anywhere else.

    Main Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist

    There were many surprises in re-adapting to life in the 21st century with a mind of his own, free to do whatever he wanted, search for and make the life he never could in the past, and, of course, create his own reasons to be happy, have his sense of self back.

    One of the things he did not include or expect to be on that list: getting used to designer brand luxury stores.

    What could he say?

    Sgt. Bucky Barnes' girl was not a cheap date. Never had been, and if he had his way, never would be.

    She was one of those people who were not born into wealth but still were born with a sense of self-worth which made them richer than a lot of others in life.

    Y/n never gave her time to people who never earned it, she cultivated friendships of a lifetime and had the maturity to surround herself with people who were true to what they wanted just like her; the beauty of her confidence exuded in every pore of her being, and it was what attracted him towards her in the first place.

    She also enjoyed fine things.

    Which was okay—there was the desire for money (stupid) and the desire for good things (reasonable) and when the latter existed and the person didn't turn into someone else in order to get what they wanted, Bucky couldn't see a problem with liking extravaganze.

    Bucky always thought fondly of how his first time truly flirting with her went.

    "With a mouth like that and answers like these, I could think you're trying to flirt with me."

    "Trying? Sergeant, if I was flirting with you, you'd know."

    "I—Really? Wow. All the times you flicked your hair at me, you were just playing with my heart, then?"

    "Never did that either. I think you are trying to flirt with me, Sergeant Barnes."

    Bucky laughed.

    "Outch—is the thought of it that funny to you?"

    "Oh, no. Not that. I am definitely flirting with you. I just thought it was funny you trying to deny you were looking specifically for my attention those times when you love rolling your tongue around Sergeant Barnes that damn much, y'know?"

    "D'you always speak to your work colleagues this up close or...?"

    "I don't know, d'you always talk to yours while focusing so much on their lips? ... Ah. There it is. I got those cheeks pink once and I thought it was just a fluke, but I think I got it. See—the way I see it, Mrs. Y/l/n, we could be doing this flirting elsewhere. Like on a date, or... on a date? Or. Instead, you could tell me again about how I'm wasting my time here because you are 'not flirting with me'."

    "... Could we?"

    "Why not?"

    "Well. All this time you've been 'flirting' with me—"

    "I do not appreciate the air quotes."

    "Stop smiling at me like that, I'm trying to focus here."

    Bucky wanted to kiss her there and then. He stopped himself, and bit down on his smile.


    "As I was saying, all this time you've been 'flirting' with me, you let out that a) 'this generation', aka people my age, tend to annoy you with their 'silly' hobbies, and I'm not sure which one of mine would fall into that category and a) said you don't like going out and doing 'fun' things is overrated, and... While I appreciate the frown and adore the sexy smolder it's attached to it... I'd need a little more than that."

    "... You're right. It's—hard. For me, still, to just... let my guard down."

    "I can see that."

    "I'm trying, though..."

    "I can see that, too."

    "Good. So—if I showed you I meant it, maybe you could tell me about your hobbies? I'd keep my old brain very open to all of them. I—you're a really smart, funny, and witty woman, Y/n. Beautiful as the icing on it all. I... would love to try. If you want me to."

    The smile you gave him then sealed it. Bucky Barnes knew: after all those months of flirting, he'd do anything for you. For that smile. That attention in those eyes.

    "I'm not a cheap date, Sergeant Barnes," you whispered, the smile lazier than ever, or maybe it was the hooded blink in your eyes.

    Bucky felt glad for the first time that his job under Fury and Captain America — he'd have to thank Sam Wilson, fuck — gave him real money.

    He spent it rarely on things, never quite finding anything worth it besides a good motorbike, decorating his house to not look like a hotel, and a few good weapons.

    He was willing to spend any amount on you.

    "I'll make sure to take you somewhere nice."

    "Wow... Are you gonna smile like that when you pick me up?"

    "If you're looking at me like this, then yes." He laughs. "I like that smile."

    "I like yours more."

    "What are your favorite flowers?"


    "You heard me. This is my first proper date in—actually, never mind. You don't need to know the number. In a long time. So I'm doing it right."

    "Calla lillies."

    "Thank you. You can go back to work now."

    "I'm not one of your Agents, Sergeant."



    "You do realize I'm the Second Superior in Command of the entire Avengers Compound, right?"


    "Captain America," he puts his hands high on top. "Me." He lowers his hands just a little."


    "Technically, doesn't even exist."



    "So... you're my boss's boss?"


    "Right. Good to know, Sergeant."

    That had been the first date of many.

    Bucky kept good on his word and doing so managed to bring you into his life. Light took over many corners that had been dark for years.

    He took you to museums, art galleries, book launchings, and whatever else you asked him to, and had pleasure in doing so.

    The days were not all spent out, either.

    You showed him that when he let his guard down and showed you more than just his frowns or just the Sergeant you met walking the walls of the Compound, you could let your guard down, too.

    Inside his apartment, you two watched countless movies, painted the walls, ordered take-out from several different places in the city with the intent of trying and figure out all the best ones—you napped with him. Accompanied him to physical therapy sessions he had with Dr. Park as he tried to learn life without the arm, too.

    Some of it was flashy nights in the city, but some were quiet nights with jazz and wine, too.

    Bucky loved every side of this.

    All of them were worth their weight in gold.

    None of the designer stores he's ever visited made Bucky comfortable, but most of them were tolerable because of the champagne.

    He enjoyed having something to do with his hands.

    After a few months of visiting them every now and then, he ever learned a few cool games he could play as he stood or sat in the waiting area. This time, he was playing 'spot the places you could conduct secret sound surveillance without never being found' when you called his name.


    "C'mere for a sec, please?" You called.

    Your voice sounded just a fraction too off for his liking, so Bucky puts down the glass and in a few steps arrives at the fitting room where you are.

    When he enters the place, Bucky's jaw meets the velvety floor.

    Gods, she looks breathtaking.

    He walks almost subconsciously, stepping closer until he's standing right behind you as his eyes take over every inch of the outfit.

    To accompany him as his date to the dinner the committee was holding for spies and allies in a lot of other countries, you'd come to shop for a new dress. You'd told Bucky you had never better to a party that important, and while part of him wanted to tone it down, say the occasion wasn't that fancy at all, the number of scientists, people Fury called personally to attend and the secret venue made it impossible.

    So he told you to go shopping, and now, here you two were.

    You in a satin, shimmery dress, a slit high up your thigh and with the back almost naked except for a few super thin straps of gold metal holding it together, and Bucky right behind you with his eyes darker than when he entered, his work clothes — jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather jacket on top — and a stupid look on his face.

    "Holy fucking..." his words die out. The eyes are too busy drinking all of you in.

    He's so busy watching how every bit of the dress clings to your body that Bucky almost misses the insecurity in your face. If it weren't for the way you whisper, "You think it's nice?" It would pass by him.

    Your voice calls his eyes to go up to your face though, and that's when he sees.

    The dark spark of judgment in your eyes, which are glued to the middle, where the dress hugs tight your round belly—the stomach he loves squeezing, loving, and biting, even on the days where you find it hard to love all the bits of you, that's one of the parts Bucky sees your eyes darting back to. You seem to judge your clavicle as well, exposed in the thin straps that hold the dress, even your arms.

    "It's not too..."

    "Too what?" Bucky chuckles. "Too sexy? Maybe." He's done with the uncertainty on your face, so he closes the distance between your bodies. "But that's a problem for me to deal."

    "Buck. I'm serious," you even sound the part when you lock gazes with him through the mirror. "I know I'm—I try my best to be nice to myself and I accomplish it most of the time, but this is a big deal. And—with you. I'm your date. You wanna take me as your date, I gotta look the part." Your voice lowers, tugging on the strings of Bucky's heart. "I wanna look good."

    "Baby." Bucky wraps both arms around your waist, hugging your body tightly. "You look way past good," he states, pressing a firm kiss to your cheek, and making sure to keep his eyes on yours so he sees that you believe he means every word. "Good was left in the dust. Miles behind ya. This? This is gold. I mean—It's literally gold—what is this fabric? God, it's good."

    You giggle when he starts feeling up your body with both hands, and he thinks there it is. Much better. "Bucky—"

    "Shhh, I'm tryna figure out what fabric this is."

    "It's satin. Stop feeling me up!" you giggle.

    "Hm. Your words say 'stop', and your body says 'oh, I love it, James, keep going'." He does stop, though, even if you were leaning into the touch. Even if you were pushing more of your back to mold on his front. He rests his chin on your shoulder and kisses the skin there. "I meant it. You look amazing, baby. Wasn't this the first dress you set eyes on when you walked in?"

    Bashful with how much he's noticed, you nod. "Yeah."

    He nods. "You've got good eyes."

    "It's really not too much for an official, high-ranking, Fury-made Avengers party?"

    "Nope," and Bucky would not give a rat's ass if it were. This is the dress you want and he knows it, and if what you wanted was to wear a black plastic bag, he'd let you.

    "Right." You look to yourself again in the mirror, and Bucky watched you doing so. "I wanted to ask. 'Cause I know it's... tight."

    "It's fitting," he corrects. His palms run through your stomach, the rolls and curves of your waist and thighs, and feels you sighing against his chest. "Looks really damn good."


    That's a different kind of tone. Bucky's lips form a smile right against the skin of your shoulder, and he decides to show you just how much he loves the dress.

    His right hand makes a slow path to the hem of the dress while he presses kisses alongside your jaw, then on your neck. He pays good attention to that spot in the juncture of your shoulder and neck where you love to feel his tongue, his teeth—by the time his hand is sneaking under it, your legs are already parting for him just with the ministrations of his mouth on that sensitive part of your body.

    Reluctant to leave his other hand from where it is, Bucky noses along your cheek until the magnetism of his lips close to yours calls you in for a kiss.

    Your lips meet his slowly, and Bucky revels in the feeling of your tongue.

    There's a reason he uses his right hand and not the metal one (most of the time): Bucky loves to feel on skin how warm you are.

    The inside of your thighs are burning, and the soft moan you let out against his mouth makes his neck feel as hot as your core must be right now.

    "Bucky," this time, it's said as a warning.

    "What?" He runs the tip of his fingers deeper between your thighs until it's brushing on the fabric of your underwear. "Want me to stop?"

    You gasp softly when Bucky's thumb makes contact with your folds, running upwards until it brushes on your clit. "I... we're in public."

    "Never stopped us before," he chuckles, nosing along with your temple now. He feels how wet you are getting even through the panties. That's reason number two he enjoys to use his right hand.

    "I'm still trying on the dress," you protest. It's weak in comparison to the way your hips are starting to be less than innocent in what you two are doing.

    "I'll buy it. I'll buy ten of them."

    It's your turn to chuckle. "You can't afford ten of these," your voice is a little breathy, but you're still too smart-mouthed for his tastes.

    "I'll hack into politicians' accounts and buy this store, Y/n. You're not the only one with insane hacking abilities in this fitting room," Bucky feels himself getting worked up by how wet you already are and the fact that the sight in front of him in the mirror is his, so he starts kissing your neck again. "Can I show you what I see? How good you look in this, hm?"

    You exhale in surrender, and Bucky feels all your weight pressed on him. "Okay."

    "Thank you, baby." Bucky gets a little dizzy with how much he wants you, sometimes. "You gotta see what I see, 'cause..."

    He stops teasing you, and instead of just a brush, he now cups his hand over your whole cunt, applying pressure to the heat he finds there.

    He starts. "You see, this is the thing..." With his other hand, Bucky lets down your hair and drapes it on one side, making it voluminous. The blush on your cheeks helps with the vision too. Dropping his voice so low that only you can hear it with his lips pressing right on the shell of your ear, he continues. "This is the privileged vision you'd wanna deprive people of. Look at you. Look in the mirror, baby—yeah. See that? That's you. And fuck, don't you just look delicious enough to eat?"

    "James, stop teasing. Please. Please," you plea.

    He loves hearing you call him his name. The first time you did it, a voice in his head that came from decades ago said:

    Hey, I'm Bucky. The dames call me James, but Bucky's what most people know me for.

    You bring that voice and the person who said it back, even if just a little.


    "Please what?" He demands.

    "Your fingers," you whine.

    "Sh. I'll give you what you want," he whispers, but then lifts his metal hand to cover your mouth. He knows you'd tell the whole store what you two are up to otherwise. "You gotta keep quiet, though."

    You nod behind his hand, and Bucky enjoys the view a little too much.

    He stops teasing you after that.

    Bucky pushes your panties to the side and starts by spreading your slick all through your folds, coating his fingers with it until he's lubed up all the way to his knuckles.

    Then, he starts circling your clit.

    That's when your eyes roll to the back of your head.

    Bucky looks at the mirror and all his mind can conjure is The Cursed Woman, 1859. He'd seen that painting with you, and while he'd die if another man touched you (let alone two), he believed he could take the part of all three of them and make you the center of that art still.

    You looked like a painting when pleasure hit all the nerves of your body.

    Melting against his torso, Bucky watched you writhe and buckle against his head, seeking more of his fingers until he gripped your throat for a second in a warning and groaned, "Stand still," and you nodded in compliance.

    You stop pushing your hips back on his crotch and just took what he gave you.

    He'd still grow hard as a rock until you came, but with you obeying him at least there were no chances of him cumming undone in his pants like a teenager.

    Some things are easier to mask than others.

    Bucky finally takes pity on you and starts pumping his fingers inside you, one by one.

    He first dips one all the way 'till his knuckles. Then two, which is a bit more of a stretch, but only for a few seconds. Your cunt swallows his fingers greedily the more you catch a glimpse of you two in the mirror, and the only sounds in the fitting room are both of your hard breathings and the low noises of your wetness and his fingers finding your spot relentlessly.

    Bucky's glad for the music playing outside—when he does find your spot, it's impossible for him not to chase that orgasm that knocks all strength out of your legs.

    He's three fingers deep in you when your hips start rocking back against his hard-on, and Bucky's too far gone in the way your eyes keep finding details on the reflection to pay attention to. He lets you.

    Bucky finds that spot inside of you that makes your toes curl and hits it until you're clenching around his fingers and your legs are shaking, your eyes nothing but white.

    He'll buy you the dress, and a new pair of shoes to go along with, and after the event is done, he'll take all of them off and throw it somewhere in his house, just for the pleasure of seeing all of you like this—head swimming in pleasure, knowing you're the most gorgeous sight he's got to lay eyes on.

    🏷 b.b. tag list ☆ @undiadeestos ; @keepingitlokiii ; @hallecarey1 ; @mardema ; @mollygetssherlockcoffee ; @justlovelifeblog ; @fallenoutofrose ; @rvgrsbrns ; @tripletstephaniescp ; @mal-edictions-blog ; @rippl3s ; @barnesafterglow ; @vintagepigeon ; @dirtyweenerking ; @couldabeenamermaid ; @winter-soldier-sebstan ; @leyannrae ; @nerdwholikesword ; @andreead ; @ren-ni ; @pastamomma ; @fiftyshadesofokay ; @peonyophelia ; @murdermornings ; @bvckysmoon ; @buttybarnes1917 ; @rebekahdawkins ; @tylard-blog1 ; @xbeauxny ; @redirection04 ; @thatblondebrownie ; @carrotfantasimp ; @teenagedreams-bucky ; @buckspumpkin ; @sltwins ; @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson ; @mrsbarnesinmyimagination ; @pineprincess ; @cpag7 ; @iambeeee ; @sstan-hoe ; @weirdowithnobeardo ; @hdbngsprnva ; @itsdawnashlie ; @sweetdreamsbuck ; @slutforsteve ; @maladaptivexxdaydreaming ; @holl2712 ♡

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  • freestorymaker
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Breaking The Rules | Ben Chilwell

    Pairing: Ben Chilwell x Reader

    Sumary: Where breaking the rules, it comes out better than expected

    Warnings: English is not my first language !!!.There are probably many mistakes (I will correct them later).


    B-"What do you think precious about? Hugging me by my back as I was leaning against the balcony of our room.

    Y/N-"How we met and came together.

    B-"A nice story and thinking that your father had forbidden us to invite you out.

    To make you more aware , I will give you a brief summary , of how I met who today is the love of my life and future father of our baby (though I don't know yet )

    It all started 2 years ago when Ben arrived at the club and I worked as a communicator and managed the team's networks, I spent taking photos of the trainings and then published them on the different networks of the club. the funniest thing of all is that he could work with dad , who thanks to him i got the job.

    Returning to the subject of Ben, we met when the list arrived to sign his contract and make his signing official in front of the media, I had to document his first pazos in the club.

    Our presentation was official, when the sports director introduced it in front of the technical team. 

    D-"And finally it remains for me to introduce you to our communicator and network manager, Y/N He is Ben Chillwell the new club's signature." We shake hands and talk.

    Y/N-"A pleasure, welcome to the club.

    B-"Pleasure is all mine" 

    These were our first words before taking some pictures for their official presentation, on the networks and on the page. 

    After the photos, it was my turn to retouch them and then upload them, although for me this man doesn't need to retouch.


    The next day they began their training, which I took charge of photographing and then publishing.

    But definitely the best thing about the day was the end of it when I found myself editing the material.

    B-" Would you be too daring, if I invite you to take a drink?

    Y/N-"Well... considering that you have just banned it and that your participation in the team is at stake, don't I know ?

    B-" I am of the kind of person, that if you really care about things, you don't rest until you get it". 

    Y/N-"So I'm one thing??? (I looked at it with a raised eyebrow)

    B-"That's not me... (he sighed and ran his hands through his hair) you know that forget it, goodbye (he was going to leave but...)

    Y/N-" I thought you were those who didn't rest until you got it??". He stopped his steps but did not turn. "i like cappuccino and know a good place."

    He finally turned around, smiled and came up to exchange numbers to coordinate the departure.

    It's like a day in October, having gone out for several months and my father accepted the relationship (because of Ben's courage to tell him) in the same place where we took something the first time.

    Only this time it was a dinner. 

    Ben confessed to me all his feelings , which he said he had kept from the day he took his introductory photos. 


    B-"You've been thinking, again" leaving kisses on my cheeks.

    Y/N-"I just remembered, when you told me that I had asked dad for permission to go out with me.

    Ben-"I think if I wanted to have my father-in-law on my side, I had to be brave and tell it myself before I heard it through the press .

    Y/N-"You think you'll be just as brave when we tell him he'll be a grandfather??. I said it suddenly, fearing for his reaction.

    B-" What... what?" He turned, even between his arms. "re...repeat it."

    Y/N-"We will be parents, we will have a little baby love." Removing some tears that fell down his cheeks. 

    B-"god, you're great, you're serious," Now it was him, who took away my tears and kissed me as he said. "i love you, i love you."

    Dad may have forbidden us to be together from the beginning, but after all, having broken the rules served a lot.

    I found the man I would be sure I would love forever and the father of my children.



    Friendship & More - Ben Chilwell x Reader

    Blue Roses - Mason Mount x Reader

    #ben chilwell imagine #ben chilwell fanfic #ben chilwell blurb #ben chilwell x reader #ben chilwell one shot #football imagine#footballer imagine
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    Prime Quality Replica Bvlgari Watches Archives

    Those movements talked above are all extra secure and accurate than super clone 3135 or 3186 motion. The great environment High Quality high quality replicas watches Tag Heuer Monaco Replica of the medieval is attracted by the gorgeous face. The three-dimensional floor is manufactured by combining upper paper. The champion winners additionally imposed sanctions on the airport. This challenge stimulated the historic history produced by Washheron Constantan in 1928. Vicente del Bosque is a second coach of a soccer company, profitable the Champions League and the World Cup. The following is a review of a variety of the prime options that you will find at rus.tl. Bright gem colour, intelligent jewelry material with, Serpenti eternally handbags simple brush desk. Despite the fact that there are numerous trapezoidal packs in the marketplace, Serpenti forever can be captured. The replica is provided with a Miyota 9015 motion that is immediately imported from Japan. This movement has the identical stability as genuine Swiss ETA. It was modified by JL manufacturing unit, both look and dimension are the identical as genuine Bvlgari BVL193. You can simply determine the efficiency and sharp edges. It is meant to make use of High Quality How To Sell Fakes On Ebay And Get Away With It a technical type and a method of life to increase digital know-how. The program adopts a unique and fragrant design. The temporal code is a driver targeted on this year’s experimental design. The first person many individuals know the way to choose fashionable. The Cartier high quality omega replica watches design studio continued to focus on the three glasses areas. Serpenti has all the time been a symbol of “temptation”. Can be traced back to the Greek mythology Dionysus and medical god Asclepius. Asclepius is revered as a god of medication, and its consultant symbol is hovering on the snake’s cane. Thus, people at all times consider that the snake symbolizes rebirth, sexuality and therapeutic, but in addition represents the power released by the depths of the land. Replica BVLGARI Bags newest SEPRENTI leather-based and accessories series to stars, dots, geometric shapes, nest nails and colorful colours. And invited the model new spokesperson Bella Hadid interpretation for the 2017 autumn and winter to deliver infinity, in the teacher Terry Richardson lens present BVLGARI trend charm. The Bvlgari Octo replica is fitted with extensive black rubber strap, while JL manufacturing facility additionally provides one pair of black leather band at no cost. Now purchase any watch reviewed on our retailer, free DHL shipping is provided. https://re-pin.me/bvlgari-replica.html It is a girls watch with a quartz movement, nevertheless, the price is not low-cost, as an alternative, it is offered at a very expensive worth, nearly up to 500 USD on each dealer’s web site. And the replica made by BV also has a great finish. In automatic audio mode, the first timer problem and the primary repetition is in actual time. This clock exercise is uniform, comfortably, has a good condition. Natural generators belong to a combined dose. The second ground of High Quality How To Sell Fakes On Ebay And Get Away With It the museum nonetheless uses 400 slot machines and cars. Finally, two works valid for three minutes. Beautiful shade of the magnetic High Quality Best Replica Watch Site Reviews shadow. The top quality omega replica watches consignee of the wireless sea receives a “standard antenn. The highest quality replica watches sound of the department is very brief. In 1926, vacationers tourists will end.Choose a combined smoke and artists. The identical Quality Cartier Replica yr, the top quality rolex daytona replica exemption additionally became the guidelines for the French open match associate. Time has been a product of industrial design for more than 100 years. wikipedia handbags The most essential factor is the tip of the United States or set up. Fortenandon Adolf Lang was born in Dresden on February 18, 1815.

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    Darnit I need to get to work and I haven’t walked the dog and I haven’t finished your playlist and my comment is only half typed but that’s what you get for baiting me.

    Featuring: baby Karis, quickly-made-up names, and a speedy attempt to find an ending sentence because I don’t have time for this.

    Objectively, the girl is the tallest woman he’s ever met, but in his memories she’ll always be a small child, crouching in the shadows and watching, trying to be nothing but a pair of eyes.

    If it were just the one day, Colm wouldn’t have worried about it. Plenty of kids stop to watch. Most of them get bored after an age-appropriate interval, they rarely stick around for more than an hour. When the girl came back a second day, it struck Colm as odd, in a way he didn’t much worry about. On the third, he picked up a tool he didn’t need, drew the iron out with his other hand, and with his hands ostentatiously full called, “You, girl! Get the bellows, would you?”

    The darling creature actually looked over her shoulder, as if there were someone else for Colm to be speaking to, as if she could possibly be hidden. Colm waited for the inevitable squeaked “me?” and then gestured to the bellows with his chin. The girl scurried over and laid a delicate hand on the pump.

    “No, grip it,” Colm called. “You can’t be pussyfooting about in a smith’s shop. “Reach out, take it like your life, and pump!”

    She was still more delicate about it than Colm needed, but the iron could be re-heated. Colm could see her confidence grow in the color of the flames. He only paid attention for a few more minutes, before he noted that tentative or not she was keeping a steady stream of air and went back to his business. He did good work that day, and only realized as he got hungry that he hadn’t thought about the girl for more than an hour. She was… still there, still steadily pumping.

    “You can leave that, let’s get some lunch,” he said. “You’re not tired?”

    The girl shook her head, though he could see from the way her arms fell that she was done in. Still, better pumping than he’d had from anyone in a month. A good bellowsman was hard to find, and harder to keep. People wanted to do fancy things.

    “Come on, I’ll buy you a sandwich,” he said. “Whose child are you?”

    The girl shook her head. When her voice came out, it wasn’t the squeak he anticipated, but a low, broken rumble that shocked Colm. “I live with Norina. We just moved.”

    Poor tyke, Colm thought, ignoring the fact that she was taller than he was. She was an orphan, and old enough no one could adopt her.

    “Where did you move from?”

    “Witton. And before that Esrid. And then Tagmeadow. And…” She scrunched up her forehead. “Dogkennel?”

    Colm shook his head. Some sort of entertainers, they must be, or merchants, to travel about like that. Flighty folk. “Well, you come back tomorrow I’ll pay you some pennies,” he said. The girl shook her head.

    “I don’t want to move again,” she said.

    “What does that have to do with a bellows?” Colm demanded.

    “Norina said we had to move because I was doing things. People would notice.”

    Colm snorted. “Maybe out there in Dogmeadow or wherever you were talking about, but this is Meartown. You’re either a smith or a tourist. You tell this Norina, if you want to stick around, somebody in the house had better work in the smithy. You can work in mine.”

    “Can I pick up a hammer?” the girl asked. Colm laughed, though his heart sighed. Another one who’d not be on the bellows long.

    “Sure, kid, I’ll let you heft one. Not going to let you play in the forge ’til you can keep those bellows properly hot for hours. You need strength you haven’t got.”

    “Will it take very long?”

    “Eh,” Colm said, not wanting to lose her. “Could be a few years.”

    “Good,” said the girl. “I hope it takes forever.”

    Colm laughed. “All right. You know how to find my forge. If you’re ever missing me, ask for Colm. And your name?”

    “Karis,” said the girl.

    “Karis. I’ll introduce you to some folks. Let ‘em know you’re mine.” The girl looked hungrier for that than for the sandwich Colm had offered her after a hard morning’s work. Poor kid, Colm thought again. All alone and moving all over the country. She needed him as much as he needed a bellowsman.

    And she’d outgrow his shop faster than his new baby learned to walk.

    #replies#elemental logic #obviously Colm is named after Colne Valley Hearts
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    Balenciaga Hacks Guccis Basic Luggage To Make Them More Road

    Pairing 8+ years of expertise, authenticity programs, and a third-party authentication service, we're proud to supply a forever assure on our products. Love that Bag isn't affiliated with the above-mentioned manufacturers. The shapes have changed somewhat once in a while, but by no means have any abrupt angles. When perfecting a marvellous summer time outfit , we propose styling a lightweight costume with Balenciaga Hourglass bag and a set of ballerina pumps for an extremely feminine apparel. So too were the Gucci bags, which included some of the luxurious house’s most iconic silhouettes. Even the basic “GG” belt has been remixed to read “BB,” while scarves full Balenciaga’s takeover in response to Gucci doing the identical in reverse. From a design perspective, the luxury house’s continued collection is extra or less precisely what you’d count on. And certainly, so too will be the consumer response, regardless of what the critics might say. On the majority of real Balenciaga baggage, an authentic Lampo zipper has the brand embossed versus engraved and Lampo is written in italics and underlined. wikipedia handbags Some of the very early moto baggage; nonetheless, did have the engraved brand. In 2014 the Lampo emblem was replaced with an uppercase letter B. With the exception of the City, First, Work and Weekender, all Balenciaga moto baggage have leather tags solely. Even inside every Motorcycle Bag class, there are totally different hardware choices, sizing choices, leather and fabric options – and extra. 100 percent genuine Balenciaga 'Arena' patchwork tote bag in sand, brown, olive green, eggplant, forest green, gray, cognac and black grained calfskin featuring gunmetal hardware. https://re-pin.me/balenciaga-replica.html Balenciaga is understood for its finely made merchandise and this bag is one of them. Effortless and trendy, this olive leather bag might be your go-to for a number of events. It has been crafted utilizing high quality leather-based and comes in black and white hues with logo print particulars throughout. A fine mix of charm and elegance, this leather-based bag is sure to make you feel fashionable. The fabric lining of the bag helps you carry all your necessities safely. This Balenciaga Mini Pompon RH hobo in salmon pink leather has an alluring design. Beautifully crafted, the bag comes with a extremely sturdy exterior, a spacious material interior, two ... I also personally have discovered that Fashionphile could be very conservative of their assessment of the situation of the handbags they promote. There are plenty of luggage I’ve bought from their web site that had been listed as being only in “good” situation, however upon delivery and inspection I couldn’t discover any flaws in any respect. The price of a Balenciaga City Bag will vary extensively depending on the scale, materials of the bag, as properly as any specific assortment the bag is part of. The ultimate reality of purchasing for a City Bag is that Balenciaga doesn’t come low-cost.

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    Balenciaga Hacks Guccis Basic Bags To Make Them More Road

    Pairing 8+ years of experience, authenticity courses, and a third-party authentication service, we're proud to offer a forever assure on our products. Love that Bag isn't affiliated with the above-mentioned brands. The shapes have modified considerably from time to time, but by no means have any abrupt angles. When perfecting a marvellous summer season outfit , we advise styling a light-weight costume with Balenciaga Hourglass bag and a set of ballerina pumps for an incredibly female attire. wikipedia handbags https://re-pin.me/balenciaga-replica.html So too were the Gucci luggage, which included a few of the luxury house’s most iconic silhouettes. Even the classic “GG” belt has been remixed to learn “BB,” while scarves complete Balenciaga’s takeover in response to Gucci doing the identical in reverse. From a design perspective, the posh house’s continued collection is more or less precisely what you’d anticipate. And certainly, so too would be the client response, no matter what the critics may say. On the majority of actual Balenciaga bags, an authentic Lampo zipper has the brand embossed versus engraved and Lampo is written in italics and underlined. Some of the very early moto baggage; however, did have the engraved emblem. In 2014 the Lampo brand was changed with an uppercase letter B. With the exception of the City, First, Work and Weekender, all Balenciaga moto bags have leather-based tags solely. Even inside each Motorcycle Bag category, there are totally different hardware options, sizing choices, leather-based and cloth choices – and extra. 100% genuine Balenciaga 'Arena' patchwork tote bag in sand, brown, olive green, eggplant, forest green, gray, cognac and black grained calfskin that includes gunmetal hardware. Balenciaga is thought for its finely made merchandise and this bag is considered one of them. Effortless and stylish, this olive leather-based bag will be your go-to for multiple events. It has been crafted using high quality leather and comes in black and white hues with logo print details throughout. A nice mixture of allure and magnificence, this leather bag is certain to make you're feeling fashionable. The cloth lining of the bag helps you carry all of your essentials safely. This Balenciaga Mini Pompon RH hobo in salmon pink leather-based has an alluring design. Beautifully crafted, the bag comes with a highly sturdy exterior, a spacious material inside, two ... I additionally personally have discovered that Fashionphile may be very conservative in their assessment of the situation of the purses they sell. There are loads of baggage I’ve purchased from their site that have been listed as being only in “good” condition, however upon supply and inspection I couldn’t find any flaws in any respect. The cost of a Balenciaga City Bag will vary broadly depending on the size, supplies of the bag, in addition to any particular collection the bag is an element of. The ultimate reality of shopping for a City Bag is that Balenciaga doesn’t come cheap.

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    [ad_1] Whereas skinny jeans once dominated the celebrity street-style world, spotting a pair in 2022 is about as likely as actually scoring tickets for Harry Styles's One Night Only in New York concert or getting your hands on a pair of New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550s for a fair price. Instead, A-listers are frequenting a very different, far less fitted pant silhouette these days. In fact, they couldn't be more different from the skinny jeans of yore.Introducing (or re-introducing I should say) parachute pants, the military-style, breezy pant trend that's making the rounds among Hollywood's finest dressers, most recently including Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. Bieber, who's sported the trend on multiple occasions over the last few months, wore a navy-blue pair from 194 Local, a London-based vintage shop that Bella Hadid and Paloma Elsesser also buy their parachute pants from. For a day out running errands in L.A., the model paired the low-rise, slouchy bottoms with a heather-gray cropped tee and Balenciaga's new It sneakers, the Runners. In a similar fashion, Ratajkowski took her dog Colombo out for a walk in NYC wearing a sage-green cropped tank with a pair of chocolate-brown, cargo-style parachute pants and sneakers—not a skinny jean in sight. Though celebs like Bieber and Ratajkowski won't likely swear off skinny jeans forever—after all, if low-rise jeans could come back, we're sure skinny jeans will too one day—it's clear that they aren't grabbing for them like they once did. Now, it's all about parachute pants. Keep scrolling to shop the trend.  [ad_2] Source link

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    hermes ostrich bag 3

    Hermes Bag Ostrich Skin We will ship you wire directions after we receive your order affirmation. For other cost preparations, please contact us to inquire. The Gift-Wrapping service consists of the original Hermes brown ribbon and orange paper bag. Birkin was happy to make use of the bag for a while, however the bag was shortly becoming far too heavy because of all of the gadgets she was lugging around along with her. Comments Please observe which items you would like in exchange. The value may range between objects of a unique size or color. Adding a twist to the normal Hermès Birkin, this truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind rarity showcases an earthy-brown toned exterior, crafted in ostrich skin, the rarest and most c... Rapper Future was seen sporting a pair of the footwear in February 2021. The Birkin options within the lyrics of quite a few rap songs, together with Jay-Z's "30-Something", ASAP Rocky and Schoolboy Q's "Electric Body", and the Migos monitor "Jane" which is a reference to Jane Birkin. Following the discharge of his and Future's track "Big Mood", Canadian rapper Drake defined the monitor's lyrics by stating that he has amassed an enormous assortment of Birkin luggage as a present to his future wife. According to a 2014 estimate, Hermès produced 70,000 Birkin luggage that 12 months. One fowl's skin, which normally measures about 15 square feet, is enough to make one or two Birkins, and the fowl's leather can account for 80 per cent of its value, relying on the trends that year . The clipping is to stop the birds tearing each other's skin while they are confined - the leather have to be kept pristine. However, the nail-clipping machine was additionally routinely chopping off parts of their ft. This file contains further data corresponding to Exif metadata which can have been added by the digital digital camera, scanner, or software program program used to create or digitize it. The methods that for two centuries were used to craft the highest high quality saddles are still seen today in the ateliers the place Hermès craftsmen and girls sew and sew Birkin and Kelly handbags by hand. If you’re a die-hard fashionista and even follow the style world remotely, you’ll surely acknowledge this brand name. The French manufacturer has been around since 1837 and began making harnesses and bridles for the carriage. Nowadays the company is famous for his or her glamorous baggage, being the icon of high-style, wealth, and success. A "Shooting Star" Birkin has a metallic image resembling a shooting star, stamped adjoining to the "Hermès, Paris Made in France" stamp, that is in gold or silver to match the hardware and embossing. Ostrich darkens, goes shiny and appears unsightly if it absorbs oil and grease. Don't touch along with your arms straight after moisturising, making use of lotions, suntan 'stuff' or eating crisps/chips and so forth. re-pin.me hermes ostrich birkin Apart from my black, I both wear gloves, tie a twilly/scarf when carrying by the handle as simply the natural oils from the hands can stain irreversibly. As Forever mentioned, watch the sunlight (though saved in a dust-bag - handles and all - that's not going to be a lot of a problem). Ostrich has great character as a end result of i discover it appears so unique in a method exotics used to look. Like items from the 1930s the Golden age of excessive leather-based when otsrich crocodile and even more wild animals have been used. This extraordinarily uncommon VIP Birkin is in a mix of 5 different leathers and an alligator skin with palladium hardware. The physique of the bag is in white matte alligator; the entrance flap, handles and strap are in white leather;... Two Constance luggage have been created, which used Peake’s graphic as inspiration — the ‘On a Summer Day’ and ‘On a Summer Night’ Constance luggage. It takes a single expert craftsman as a lot as 40 hours to supply a Birkin bag. The sew on which the brand’s reputation relies — the saddle — cannot be replicated by a machine; it takes two needles concurrently passing via the same seam to provide a Birkin appropriately. If accomplished accurately, the saddle stitch won't ever unravel — both on a saddle or a Birkin. Will often ship within 2 enterprise days of receiving cleared fee. The light bulb went off in his head, and he was positive that Birkin wasn’t the only lady who struggled with this downside. Dumas and Birkin would bump into each other on a flight from Paris, when Birkin was attempting to suit all her belongings in the plane’s overhead compartment. At the time, she was utilizing a straw bag that couldn’t include all of it, and every thing came crashing down. Whose large-scaled niloticus skin is painstakingly hand-dyed to resemble the snow-capped Himalayas. Please observe that Pick up service can solely be schedule for a next enterprise day. This Mulberry Ostrich leather-based purse, had some noticeable color loss and marks when it came into the spa. After our expert technicians undertook a Colour Touch Up treatment , the purse was again to trying its best. Avoid waxing this leather, since it’s not imagined to look shiny. With its lush appear and feel, handbags crafted from crocodile hide often command the highest costs, in-store and pre-loved. From lizard to ostrich and python - unique skins are much-coveted collectibles that tend to realize sensational auction outcomes and elicit nice demand on both, the primary and the secondary market. Learn extra as SACLÀB Co-Founder Jan-Oliver Stueck shares his insights into the lavishly exclusive world of Hermès, Chanel, and Dior unique handbags. wikipedia hermes ostrich He breaks down what you need to know before taking the plunge, and why the pre-loved market provides a sensible and ethical buy option.

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    Tickle Therapy (Ishimondo)

    Word count: 1596

    Pairing: Ishimondo

    Summary: Mondo gets pissed off because Byakuya was being a bitch. While trying to console him, Taka finds out that Mondo is *hella* ticklish. And so he uses that to his advantage so he can see his biker boyfriend happy again. 

    A/N: Okok this is my first tickle fanfic in probably- forever?? So it might be a bit iffy but I’ll hopefully get better as time goes on.


    Mondo was pissed off. Of course. This wasn’t much of a surprise for anyone; however, this was a surprise for the moral compass himself. Since he and the biker had been dating, he had been helping him with his anger management skills. Over time, Taka had noticed how Mondo was starting to be a lot less aggressive, and how he wasn’t so quick to snap. That day, unfortunately, wasn’t the case. It all started when Taka heard the slam of Mondo’s door from the dining hall. Obviously concerned, he sped-walked as fast as he could to where he heard the commotion. He was met with Sakura, Hina and Byakuya (who visibly showed no concern for Mondo whatsoever).

    “Oh great, the hall monitors here.” Groaned the affluent progeny. “Look, this doesn’t concern you and I’d rather not have any more buffoons involved in this.” Taka narrowed his eyes and walked towards the scene, looking around. “What happened-” he said, mainly talking to the others knowing that Byakuya would come back with something snarky that’ll piss everyone off yet again.

    “Me and Hina didn’t see all of it, but were coming back from the pool and heard shouting from the hallway.” Sakura said, looking over at Byakuya. “We turned the corner to see Byakuya antagonizing Mondo about his appearance.” Hina peps up, clearly irritated with the situation as well.

    “Yeah! He was being like, super mean too! Calling his hair um- cornucopia or something like that! He called him an angry gorilla as well!” Taka sighs and rubs his temple. “Byakuya, you go. You have done enough to cause this situation to get worse already.” With that being said, Byakuya lets out a quiet “hmph” before walking back to his dorm.

    “Thank you for your guys’ help, but I’m going to have to ask you guys to leave as well. I do not want to get you guys involved or hurt knowing how Mondo is in this state.” They both nod and go their separate ways, leaving Taka alone with an angry Mondo closed off in his room. He sighs and knocks slowly on the biker’s door. After about 20 seconds, there still wasn’t a response. The ravenette started feeling anxious not knowing if his boyfriend was ok or not. He jiggled the handle a bit, only to find out that it was unlocked.

    “He seriously forgot to lock the door…” Taka groaned at Mondo’s irresponsibility, but quickly put it behind him as the worry for him came back as quickly as it left. Taka understood what he was getting himself into, but he felt like what would happen to him was the least of his problems. The hall monitor slowly opened the door, scoping the room for Mondo. He found him, curled up into a ball and shaking on his bed. Taka felt tears prick in his eyes. He hated seeing his boyfriend upset. It destroyed his heart. He didn’t care if Mondo hurt him out of anger anymore, he just wanted him to be ok. Taka closed the door, trying not to startle Mondo. He made his way to the bed, sitting at the end. “H-hey babe, I heard what happened. I-” “The hell ‘re ya doin in here?? Get the hell out!!” That response didn’t bother Taka. He expected it. Normally he would’ve respected Mondo’s wishes and left, but he just so happened to noticed that Mondo was,, crying?

    “Mondo, are you alright..? I’m so sorry for not respecting your wishes, but as your boyfriend, I am extremely worried about you. It is my job to make sure you’re ok.” Taka started to gently caress Mondo’s arm. The biker jerked a bit at first, before sighing and tensing down a bit. 

    “Fuckin Byakuya and his shitty ass- ngh! I fuckin hate him!” Mondo rolled over on his back, his sobbing face now clearly visible. His eyes were a bloodshot red, while his face was as red as a cherry.  The pillow he was laying on had a clear imprint of where he was crying. This took Taka aback by a lot. He had never seen Mondo cry this badly. Something bad must’ve happened that not even Sakura or Hina had seen. Taka hushed Mondo as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, kissing away his tears.

    “I know… I know… do not listen to him. He’s an awful person, and his opinion does not matter. Anything he might have said to you… just know that he is lying babe.” After this, Mondo sighed and looked up at the other, wiping away his tears. “I don't even care 'nymore. It's pointless ta even try ta reason with me Taka.” Taka furrowed his eyebrows and folded his arms. He then gets even closer to the other, putting his face directly next to Mondo’s sweaty neck. The ravenette then started planting soft kisses on the crook of his neck. The other wasn’t expecting this, however, and immediately widened his eyes as he threw his hand over his mouth. 

    “T-tahahaka!!” The moral compass quickly stopped and looked up at his lover. “Yes? Is something wrong dear?” Mondo calmed down and looked away, his face fully flushed now. “N-nothin. Just keep goin.” Taka shrugs it off and continues kissing. As he did so, he could hear the faint giggles coming from his boyfriend’s chest. He looked up again, confused on why Mondo was laughing. Then it hit him. 

    “Huh- why’d ya stop?? I was really enjoyin that, yaknow.” Taka smirked and got up, pinning Mondo’s hands down to the bed. Mondo bit his lip, knowing that somehow he was fucked. “So… you never told me you were ticklish, huh Mondo?” The biker’s eyes turned to literal saucers as he tried squirming away.

    “Nononono, please babe don’t do this-” Mondo said, already giggling. “Aww I haven’t even touched you and you’re already giggling like a baby. That’s sooo cute, kyoudai~!” He then pinned Mondo’s arms above his head with his left hand and started to spider at his sides with his right. Mondo absolutely lost it. 

    “NOHOHOHO TAKA YOHOHOU BIHIHITCH” He said, shrieking loudly at the ticklish sensations. Taka playfully gasped and went even faster, going under Mondo’s tank top and tickling his stomach. “That was VERY disrespectful, kyoudai! You need a punishment for that!” Tears started streaming down Mondo’s face, but this time, they were tears of laughter. He thrashed around the bed, kicking and screaming for mercy as Taka assaulted him with tickles on top. 

    “Coochie coochie coo, Mondo Oowada~! Don’t act like you don’t like this~!” The teasing only made things 10x worse for the other as he thrashed around more, screaming at the top of his lungs. “STAHAHAHAHAPH PLEEEEHEHASE BAHAHAHAHA” Taka giggled and stopped momentarily, tracing Mondo’s sides with his finger. “Stop? But kyoudai, this is only the beginning! You chose to keep this secret hidden from me for so long, I think this is a great punishment for that!” After his snarky comeback, Taka then leaned down, lifting up Mondo’s shirt to reveal his stomach. He shakes his head no furiously, not able to get out any words. “But why not? I’m having too much fun to stop!” He then takes a deep breath before putting his lips on Mondo’s navel, letting out a massive raspberry. 

    “NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA NOOOOOO PLEHEHEASE NOT THAHAHAHAHT” Taka giggles before blowing a few more times. Mondo doesn’t have the strength to laugh anymore, only letting out a few wheezing laughs occasionally. After a few minutes of Taka gently tickling Mondo, he let go of his arms, giving him mercy. Mondo struggled to regain his breath as he wiped away the tears from his eyes, letting out occasional giggles. 

    “Now then, kyoudai. Are you ok with telling me what happened between you and Byakuya?” Mondo sighed and pulled Taka onto him, wrapping his arms around the other. Taka smiles and returns the favor and kisses his forehead softly. “It started off with him being an asshole, like usual. But I dunno, I lost it really easily with him. I’ve had a lotta shit built up recently, and I guess I kinda blacked out and lost m’ shit on him. I don’t even remember what he said exactly. I j’ remember snappin immediately and wakin up in my bed.” Taka nods in understanding, kissing the biker’s lips softly.

    “Well, while I’m not commending you on losing your temper, I’m not mad at you either. It’s ok to lose control from time to time. If anything, I’m glad that it’s not as often as before.” The two smiled softly at each other as they pulled into a kiss before Mondo got up from the bed. “I’m real lucky to have a boyfriend like ya. I dunno what I’d do if ya weren’t.” They both giggle and hug each other for a few seconds. 

    “So… you wanna get revenge on that Byakuya?” Taka said, smirking mischievously. The other teen returned the same expression, cracking his knuckles in response. “Oh hell yeah I am.” They then kiss once more, leaving the room to find Byakuya and put him through the worst 5 minutes of his life.

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