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    based on @EdSindemann's art

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    The question is: fanfic worthy, yes or no? (8)

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    21.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    Commission for @annasdewitts 💗💀 Featured are her OC Holly & Frank Castle from the Punisher series 🎀
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    I’m not the person from the letters post but tell me about you and Frank!!! I don’t know much about him, I’m super curious!! 💖💖💖

    Awwwwww well I dont know what you mean about Frank and I. But I will indulge you into who he is. Frank Woods is from the Campaign side of Call of Duty. Its in Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and Cold War (i skipped 4 because fuck 4) Hes a badass dude thats a (im pretty sure) is a sergeant, he cares very deeply for those around him. In Black Ops 1, during one of the first missions, Mason mentions Woods almost crying when a young private under his watch was killed in front of him. He also would do anything for those close to him. He sticks by Masons side the entire time he can, and doesnt judge him for how he acts with the brainwashing that occured. Basically, hardcore man that has a soft spot has my heart

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    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    {Resolved} Question...

    Does anyone remember seeing that video edit on here a while ago of Woods, Mason, and Adler shopping for a lady? - The one where Woods says, ‘’Was up shawty bae? I’m in le bra section’’.

    If someone could link/message it to me that would be great, I was gonna show it to a friend but can't find it anywhere X'D

    A wonderful user found it for me lol

    https://actuallyilya.tumblr.com/post/665361684116979712/here-have-this-this-is-all-the-content-you-will X’D X’D X’D

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    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Norway is nice in the summertime

    Part 2: 1988

    Male ‘Bell’ x Male OC

    Ilya ‘Bell’ Goncharov x Tanner ‘Mac’ McCreery

    Ilya and Bell escaped from Adler in the spring of 1981. After seven years, he finally tracked them down in Norway, and he wants answers. And, personal vindication, but tying up loose ends sounds better on the official paperwork. Hudson just wants to get home to his family for Christmas, and Mason is still struggling to come to terms with some things. Luckily, he has Woods to help him.

    Buckle up for angst, Adler being a piece of shit again, and more angst because I replayed Black Ops II.

    Part One: 1981

    Spoilers for COD: Cold War.

    Warnings for swearing.

    17th December, 1988

    National Security Agency Facility, USA

    Room 9

    Tanner was still holding my hand. He was anxious. Spent a lot of time on the other side of the table for the CIA, but never this side. Spose that’s fair. Probably never expected to find himself here.

    And, it was a big fuck you to the figures moving around behind the glass overhead. They’d tried to separate us, sustaining a few injuries while doing so, and eventually they’d just chucked us into the same room together. First victory, Ilya and Tanner.

    If I had to guess, this room was usually used for something else, reserved for something else- there was old, rarely used but well cared for equipment moved to the sides of the room, folded and tucked out of sight. You could glean glimpses- a chair with restraints for multiple limbs, IV stands - could this be where Adler brainwashed me? It looked different from the few memories I had of the experience, but there were many more I hadn’t recovered. I could’ve been here, once.

    Now the room just had a table with three chairs around it, two on one side, occupied by myself and Tanner, the third opposite us, empty. Ready for whoever was going to be addressing us.

    They’d let me have a cigarette, singular, offered one to Tanner too, though he declined, cause he doesn’t smoke. The guy’s voice sounded familiar, but I didn’t get a good look at his face so it was hard to be sure. Voices can blend together easily.

    CIA likes playing the waiting game. Trying to get us on edge, push us inside our own minds. Thing is, usually only works if the person is alone, and me and Tanner weren’t. The warmth of his palm contrasting the cold of the table was a constant reminder of that.

    Then again, the waiting might not be intentional. The two people behind the glass were having quite the argument, clear just from their movements and gestures, perhaps concerning given that this was supposed to be some kind of observation room. Maybe they were trying to decide what they should be doing, given that we almost certainly had history with the people who’d been assigned to us. Hell, if I could bet on it, I’d say he’d probably gone out of his way to personally make us his problem. Loose ends, or something.

    My guess proved right, as when the door swung open and revealed Adler.

    Older, greyer, but still scowling and still wearing a pair of sunglasses indoors.

    “чувствовать себя знакомым?”

    He didn’t rise to that, I didn’t expect him to, but I couldn’t resist. Sometimes you just have to get those jabs in. Tanner squeezed my hand lightly, their bold placement on the table the thing Adler’s eyes lingered on before he finished looking at us to glance at the windows overhead, waiting for something. The person silhouetted there moved, giving whatever signal he was waiting for.

    He placed the file onto the table but didn’t sit, standing over us with a displeased downturn to his mouth.

    “Bell and Tanner McCreery. Or, Leiv Eriksen and Josef Tveit, or Kai Simonsen and Erik Holm. Whichever it is you prefer.”

    “Cliche way to start things.”

    Tanner shifted in his seat, grip tightening momentarily on my hand. Probably instinctively thinking that not saying anything would be the way to go, but I wasn’t going to take that risk again. Adler brainwashed me before, I’m sure he’d have no qualms about doing it again, and to Tanner too. Besides, this time was a little different.

    Adler snorted lightly, tapping his fingers against the file. “We tracked your movements. Paris til November, England for three months, West Germany, four months. You kept yourselves moving, til you ended up in Denmark, where you stayed for a year, then Norway, where you’ve been for the last six.”

    “You want a congratulations?”

    “Did you think you’d gotten away with disappearing that quickly?”

    I shook my head. “We really liked Norway. We always knew you’d find us eventually. What took you so long?”

    “Was busy dealing with some of your old friends.”

    “Sure, til ‘84. Means we did a pretty good job, I’d say. Did you get him?”

    “Killed him myself.”

    “Bullshit.” I laughed. “Cancer got him before you could, didn’t it?”

    His jaw tightened. I was right. “Got your friend Stitch though.”


    “You expect me to believe that you don’t know the person who took over Perseus? He must have been important to be that kind of replacement.”

    “That’s not how Perseus used to operate.”

    “So you’ve had no contact with any of them for the past seven years?”

    “Course not. By the way, what happened in Denmark? Something to do with the forgery ring, right? Since you introduced us with the false IDs, that must be how you tracked us down.”

    “Got busted six months back. A report was sent to me in September, a few gentle enquiries in Norway, and you fell right into our laps.”

    “Happy your little pet project finally got a break, huh?”

    “You were a pet project. You on the other hand,” he finally turned to look at Tanner. “You really caused us some problems. Running off with a Russian spy, meant we had to question every bit of work you’d done, in case you’d been a red all along, or if this was a spur of the moment defect to join them.”

    Tanner stared back at him. I squeezed his hand, meaning to intervene, stopping when he gripped my hand tightly. He wanted me to wait. It was his turn now.

    “I think I’d respect you more if that was actually the case. Then, at least, it would be for a country’s cause, some fucked up greater good. Not going awol because you’re ‘in love’. Whatever you have with him isn’t love. You felt sorry for a fucker we fried beyond relief, and because you’re weak, you gave in to the pity and took him away so you could feel good about yourself. Like you were doing something good in the world, because just sitting behind your desk and doing your job wasn’t enough-”

    I shifted my weight suddenly, meaning to get up, lunge across the table and hit him - no one talks to Tanner like that. Tanner hauled me back into my seat.

    “He’s not worth it. Just a jealous piece of shit that doesn’t understand that because you’re incapable of forming a meaningful, loving relationship doesn’t mean no one can. He’s jealous of what everyone around him has, me and you, Hudson and Jenny, Mason and-”

    Adler slammed his hand on the table and reached over the table towards Tanner. I was on my feet, reaching to intercept his hand, a distorted voice over the intercom stopping us.

    “Adler. Up here, now.”

    Adler met my eyes as he slowly stepped back. I stayed up, leaning in front of Tanner. His gaze flickered up towards the windows, then he turned and walked out of the room. I only sat when the door had closed behind him, turning towards Tanner.

    “Are you alright?”

    “Of course.”

    “Nice job.”

    “Thank you. Couldn’t even track us down, huh? Had to get lucky.”

    “Yeah.” I laughed. “Would’ve we got away with it much longer regardless?”

    “We’ll never know.” Tanner shrugged, reaching out to straighten my shirt collar. “I’m just glad we got as long as we did.”

    “Worried about what they’ll do to us?”

    “I don’t know what they’ll do. Could be prison, torture. Maybe they’ll just shoot us and leave us in the woods.”

    “The CIA really does that?”

    “No idea.” He shrugged.

    I nodded, gently taking his other hand. “Maybe they’ll let us go. We could still go on that skiing trip next summer.”

    “I doubt that.”

    “Nothing wrong with hoping for the best.”

    “Oh…. you. Quoting my own bullshit back at me.” He laughed.

    Tanner was unique amongst the people I’d met. In this kind of game, everyone was in it for some reason, wanted to be here. Tanner hadn’t. He wanted out, felt out of control in his own life. Two people, on opposite sides, found each other in the middle of a mess, and got out together. Moved around, went where we wanted, when we wanted. Staying up late into the night in each other’s company, fun, impulsive things I never would’ve thought to do before, purely because there was no one to stop us.

    Tanner was my freedom, just as I was his.


    He’d calmed somewhat on the walk up the stairs, staring out at the couple who were talking in Norwegian about who knows what.

    “You said you could keep it together.”

    “I know.”

    “Adler. You insisted on handling this yourself. I’m putting my ass on the line for you, again. The least you can do is keep your shit together.”

    “Or what?”

    “I’ll find someone else who can.”

    “Sure you will, Hudson. Can I go back?”

    “You calmed down?”

    “What does it look like?”

    I waved my hand over my shoulder. “Fine.”

    He left the room again. Maybe I should just cut this here and get someone else to handle it. Someone who didn’t have history with these two. Hell, I’d probably be a better choice, given that McCreery was officially in my hands before he went off. That had been a nasty incident on my record, one I now had the ability to correct, even though I’d given up on it a few years ago due to lack of leads.

    Adler hadn’t let it drop. He’d become obsessed with these two after picking up the files whilst in recovery from the numbers, and had refused to let it go, even when threatened with being sent home permanently.

    The door opened in the room below, Mac and Bell turning back towards Adler as they finished their conversation.

    “Why drop the CIA for him?” Adler turned to Tanner again, knowing he wasn’t going to get anything out of Bell, no matter how hard he tried.

    “I love him.” Mac replied, tilting his head to one side. For someone who’d never been trained to deal with this, he was handling it well. Bell probably taught him what to do, if he really believed they’d always get caught.

    “Do you know how I joined the CIA?” Mac interrupted Adler part way through his repeated question.

    “You were drafted, then recruited after your drill sergeant noted your skills.”

    “I was born in ‘57, Adler. Do the math.”

    “You were recruited in ‘72?”


    I’d not been behind the cover story for Mac’s recruitment, but I’d spotted the inconsistencies immediately to ask after them. Fucked up, what they did. Could’ve waited those few years, easily. The track Mac was on, he probably would’ve joined the military of his own accord anyway.

    “How is that relevant to this?”

    “It’s relevant to your understanding that I, as a child, was recruited, by force, into a full job that chained me to a desk for ten years, leaving with no say over my own life. I never wanted to be here. Least you’re here by some kind of choice.”

    “So, this was all what? Late blooming rebellion?”

    “I suppose you could call it that. And, I hated every part of this job and just about everyone I’ve ever had to work with.” Mac’s gaze turned upwards to the window. He knew it was me, up here, watching.

    After he’d left and I’d been stuck sorting the mess out, I’d had to go through all of his work and belongings. His early work had been dotted with the notes and doodlings of a kid way out of his depth. It only made me feel worse, made me think about Mark and Louise. If they’d been treated in this manner…

    Adler reentered the office, shaking me from my thoughts. I reached for the phone.

    “I’m going to chase that translator again.”

    “It’s not worth it. They’re not dumb enough to think a different langauge will protect what they’re saying.”


    I dialled the internal line, listening to the receiver as I watched Mac and Bell talk, still holding hands. Adler was right, these two aren’t stupid, but I just needed for this to be tied up in some form so that I would still be able to make it home for Christmas.


    20 July 1989

    Bell was the first one to wake up. He immediately reached for Mac, pulling him close as he looked to where he was.

    “Easy. It’s me.”

    He recognised me, settling back against the seat as he looked around outside. I kept half an eye on him in the rearview mirror as he looked at how Mac was doing. I’d only known Bell when he’d been under Adler’s influence, a few conversations around the safehouse and then in Ukraine. Just that mission had told me enough how dangerous Bell was, or at least, how good a shot he was.

    It was quiet until Mac woke up, not long after. Bell immediately started talking to him, gently taking Mac’s hands to reassure him.

    “Hey, Woods.” I glanced over my shoulder to see Mac sitting up.


    “Where’re we going?”

    “I’m getting you out.”


    “CIA was planning to move you to a different facility. They had you sedated, I took the opportunity.”

    “Why would you take that risk for us?”

    “Mason asked me to. After we found out about Bell, he quit, for good, so he says. He felt like he couldn’t sit by when all you two want is to get out and live your lives, and he asked for my help. And, fuck knows what fucked up shit they were going to do to the two of you, after what’s been done before.”

    Mac nodded, sitting back with Bell’s arm around his shoulder.

    “By the way, Happy Birthday, Mac.”


    “It’s July 20th. Your birthday was a few days back, right?”

    Mac nodded.

    “July…” Bell sighed. “Guess I was a few weeks off.”

    Silence fell in the car again, leaving me wishing I had just any music with me. Problem with stealing a random car, you don’t get to be picky about what’s in it. Least it drove and had a full tank of gas.

    “Was it Mason’s idea to cover for us in Berlin?” Bell asked.

    “What?” I glanced back at him. Mac was dozing on his shoulder, tucked into Bell’s side.

    “You saw us leave. You must have covered for us, or else they’d’ve caught us instantly.”

    “Yeah, we saw you. First, I assumed it was just you, but Mason put the two of you together. He wanted to do something, but… I don’t know. He didn’t want to be the one to suggest it or something, so I did. We’d just say we didn’t see anything.”

    “Thank you.”

    “‘S nothing.” I looked back to the road, looking for the turning I needed to take.

    It wasn’t long until the headlights lit up the other car waiting in the dark, Mason leaning against the driver’s door. He walked over as we got out.

    “Were you followed?”

    “Wouldn’t be here if we were. We’re good.”

    He nodded, turning to Bell and Mac as they got out of the car.

    “You alright, Mac?”

    “Been worse.” Mac nodded as Mason placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “And…” Mason hesitated as he turned to Bell.

    He blinked, then his eyes widened. “Ilya. Ilya Goncharov.”

    “Ilya.” Mason shook Ilya’s hand, and I did the same.

    “Nice to meet ya.”

    He nodded, taking Mac’s hand as Mason gestured towards the other car.

    “There’s some basic stuff, clothes, food, some cash, false IDs for you. Should be enough to get you started.”

    “Thank you.” Mac nodded.

    Mason shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.”

    We went our separate ways, splitting into the two cars. Mason was quiet, watching in the rearview mirror until the taillights of Ilya and Mac’s car disappeared.

    He sighed.

    “Thank you, Frank.”

    “You’d do the same for me.”

    Mason held out his hand over the middle dash. I took it.


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    ʀᴜꜱꜱᴇʟʟ ᴀᴅʟᴇʀ + ꜰʀᴀɴᴋ ᴡᴏᴏᴅꜱ :: ᴍᴜʟᴛɪᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀ ꜱᴋɪɴꜱ

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    “Heh, don’t worry about a thing, I got this shit on lockdown.” Frank Woods had to let out a small chortle

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    I love that mcr and waterparks are both fun little bands made up of the dilf girlboss lead singer with fun colorful hair, that one really tall and kinda quiet guitarist, and a fun little guy that just bops around.

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    Frank Woods

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    Back at it again with my Fancasting...

    Karl Urban as Frank Woods

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    Ya'll the prospects that we could be getting new mcr and waterparks albums soon is so amazingly awesome

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    gay people, nd all that

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    “funeral grey is better than foundations of decay!” “foundations of decay is better than funeral grey!” why do we gotta pit two bad bitches against each other

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    This is what Woods and Mason sleep on

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    MCR and Waterparks dropping new singles on the same day was not something I was prepared for

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    quick doodle

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