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  • trekkiedean
    28.05.2022 - 53 seconds ago

    honestly though like. we need to just stop asking actors who aren’t even involved in destiel about it. this is not me saying jim’s answer wasn’t stupid and offensive, of course it was. but what insight could he have possibly given in the first place even if he hadn’t been homophobic about it? I get it, we want some fucking answers! we want someone to just fucking acknowledge it because they’ve spent the last year and a half trying to pretend they didn’t do it and we deserve some goddamn answers. and the people we really deserve answers from, the writers and producers, aren’t going to cons and aren’t talking about it, so we’re left to try and get answers from the people who are available. but even then the only people who are going to have anything remotely relevant to say are jackles, misha, and, in his capacity as a director, speight.

    #and frankly given how jackles smiled and nodded and applauded jared's shitty rant and echoed the whole #'oh cas's love is just too pure and advanced for us to label' shit and the best he's ever given us is to say it's 'open to interpretation' #I wouldn't really have high hopes of him either #con content
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  • chaoshe
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    i think very often about how jester's love heals people, not in a 'i need to fix them' kind of way but in a 'i'm going to be a warm, steady presence at your side and see the good in you until you can do it all on your own', and the distinction is very important to me.
    #artagan. essek. #i think one of the reasons she finds it so hard to get along with vm in the beginning (beyond the whole #gilmore is my friend and you treat his like shit stuff) *is* because she doesn't know what else to default but this #when building a relationship with others. and frankly she didn't have the energy. besides they were already a group when she met them #with the m9 it was different because they were all on equal footing
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  • heartyearning
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    experiencing autistic boredom and brain damage what if i make another side blog and then stop using the 5 blogs i already have for the foreseeable future before ending up with Yet Another dead blog with content i care too much abt to delete

    #im normal btw <3 #ok but the boredom tho. like whats happening. sometimes i also dont know where the line is btwn depression or like #whatever it is thats linked to autism that makes me want to throw and break shit because im understimulated #like am i depressed. i dont THINK so. but i dont get a lot of joy from things. #<- other than wrestling which is what the sideblog would be for LOL ! #think i might watch the blood & guts thing w the pinnacle v the inner circle tn it sorta depends on how the footie game pans out #UGH and also you know what ive never been into smth where my timezone mattered that much but being in2 wrestling is SHIT #bc it means i basically just will not be able to watch DoN until like. at the earliest tuesday #but frankly i shouldnt watch it tuesday either. but thats also partially an issue of Oh Its Finals and ive developed An Interest
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  • jesterfiend
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Reminder that hairy people are gorgeous and stunning and I love them so much

    #grrr.. the hate of body hair is so stupid #it’s natural and quite frankly I think it makes you hotter. sorry
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  • minimoonwhispers
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    (for the ask thing) ganyu + keqing? if i may :)

    you may, my dear friend <3 for i shall answer!

    (the ask ally is referring to is here, just so others know!)

    contrarily to popular belief, gangqing isn’t my favorite dynamic. while i do enjoy the development of rival coworkers to admiration to friends, i don’t have much interest in it romantically. that isn’t to say i don’t enjoy content of them (i enjoy it a lot) but. They’re not a ship i actively search for content of.

    if anything, i view their dynamic as friends or even queerplatonics! personally, im more invested in their development as rival coworkers who don’t understand the others point of view till they see the flaws in their own mindset that make them go. “oh. i understand now .” that sort of thing, yknow? i think that’s more interesting in my opinion than the rival-to-lovers dynamic they got going on.

    it could also be i haven’t seen content that makes me go “oh. oh . i see the potential now” because often, i need that one piece of fan art or fanfic that makes me do that. that’s what usually gets me into a ship. from sucrose/beidou, to albedo/mona, to yae miko/sara kujou i need that thing that hooks me in, like a fish to bait. and i’ve yet to find that bait yet

    but… if you have some reasoning, or continuously give me food (hcs, fanfics, content) i’ll slowly get into the ship till you actually hook me in! it’s not particularly hard to get me into a ship as a result. but even if i somehow don’t well… i’ll always be interested in hearing what you have to say, regardless !!

    hope this answers your question and is an adequate response :33

    #allixirr#asks#genshin impact#genshin keqing#keqing #keqing genshin impact #ganyu #ganyu genshin impact #genshin ganyu #omg that’s an alliteration :0 #genshin impact? more like genshin ganyu #anyway hope this makes sense #i don’t have strong feelings against it but i don’t have much for it either #it’s more of the neutral category if that makes sense! #i prefer other ships with them like keqing/ningguang and ganyu/beidou bc it brings different sides to them and i guess there’s less content #like. Theres less content so there’s less restriction as to what their dynamic /should/ be like yknow? #as compared to popular ship dynamics like beiguang or gangqing which might actuallt be why i’m invested in those ships more #and seeing ganyu’s protective side for beidou is rlly interesting overall plus beidou’s more easygoing nature to ganyu’s strict one #similarly for ningguang and keqing plus they’re both pretty powerful women being pathetic over each other and frankly? #love that #plus i prefer the aesethics of that more hehe #and one of my fav artists drew fanart of them which i’ve been obsessed since as a result so hence why i ship it #either way i hope this makes sense
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  • sstage4
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    animeboston and a sox game going on today and i’m on the t please kill me

    #frankly i would like to see more weebs on this train tho. like it’s all sox fans and i KNOW animeboston is now #come on now add some enrichment (a sasuke cosplayer) to my enclosure (this train) #text#my post#mobi
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  • whatohitsonfirewelp
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    So many thought about Steve Harrington that I actually might start sharing

    #like I know we say he was a bully #but I feel like a that not the word to describe him??? #I feel like more than anything he-along with everyone other person in high school- might say something a bit mean #but that’s all #like overall I feel like he was more or less oblivious to everyone else and was mostly concerned with his sport or his two best friends #like Nancy did not get with someone who was beating kids other every other day or something #or someone who would constantly be cruel to her best friend or herself #but like I’m sure he WAS a jerk #I just feel like bully was never the right word? #we could use the whole Johnathan thing as an example sure #but y’all I don’t take Johnathan’s side with that one #I’d have broken his camera too #I do think Steve absolutely went overboard with how he spoke but he was angry and I understand why #now the whole thing Nancy in s1 was also absolutely messed up #yes he fixed it and he apologized to both and all that #but to me that was just like oh yeah that relationship will never work #also!!! #just #the fact that he truthfully does not need to be a part of ANY of this? #he came back all on his to the giro who frankly broke his heart and the boy who beat him up badly #and ever since he’s #kept coming back when he doesn’t have to like he’s not overall connected to everyone #whatoh back at it again #steve harrington #I love him
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  • idlesuperstar
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Conrad Veidt in his first scene in his first British film, Rome Express [1932] casually scene stealing by eating a banana in the background. 

    #rome express#conrad veidt #a perfectly enjoyable film #written by sidney gilliat #I love a 1930s train #the more german silent films I watch the more it boggles and delights me to see things like this #when you've been intro'd to connie via casablanca and the archers #it's mad thinking he was one of the legends of german expressionism #and then he just does stuff like this #he's a peach quite frankly #my wee gifs
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  • rubyjean-jacket-blog
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    you know what i want from mcu tv shows? lower stakes.

    you heard me. the stakes? lower them.

    i don't care about the world ending anymore. it's too much. the world has ended about a million times in the mcu. i'm sick of big stories about superhereos and supermagicians and superimmortals and superaliens and whatever.

    give me a show about an insurance company in the mcu, or a jeopardy-esque quiz show about alien trivia. a comedy special from the perspective of an ex-construction worker in new york. give me a road trip movie across land scarred by radiation and invasion. give me a mutant whose power is so mundane that they go into government or public service.

    just give me stories about people, dude. i'm tired of the superhero standard.

    #mcu#mcu disillusionment #superhero movies are morality plays that i quite frankly am tired of #mcu tv shows #they're just movies broken into small parts! #what's the point of marketing it as a tv show??
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  • pissfizz
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Popularity doesn't equal good writing. They are decent world builders, which is why it's popular. I love the world building so much I'm obsessed with it. But good writers? Sorry, sadly not. I say that with huge pain in my heart. I wish this wonderful world was located into better hands :/

    Popularity doesn’t mean good writing but it means it appeals to a large audience. Good is subjective. I think the live action dora the explorer movie is good and my best friend thinks it sucks. It’s subjective. Popularity is a way to determine that.

    #i was gonna type more but honestly !! i don’t care !! #I’ve established multiple times that I don’t see the writing as perfect but it’s frankly disrespectful to call it flat out bad !! #so I’m just gonna say again that I respectfully disagree !! #asks #also gonna stop tagging this in the main tag cuz it doesn’t need to go there #st
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  • vivennazure
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Just watched a Tiktoker, whose been making awful videos about the trial, mention that Elaine was sobbing in the bathroom after closing arguments. Apparently she’s left work most or all days and cried at home. The tiktoker was acting shocked, and to their credit they were remorseful. But what did they expect?

    People have very deliberately been making awful memes, videos and snide comments about the law team since the beginning of this damn trial. Trashing them, using little clips about ‘mistakes’ they made in court, taking things out of context and turning them into memes. Implying they’re bad at their jobs. Obviously my heart breaks for Amber most of all, but the way people have treated everyone and anyone on Ambers ‘side’ has been truly awful and disgusting. No one deserves this.

    All the lawyers in this case, both sides, have made mistakes. Doesn’t mean their bad at their jobs, just human. I might not be a lawyer but one thing I do know; court in real life ain’t like what its like in the movies. Yes lawyers are gonna make mistakes, it happens. They’re also not public figures and are not used to this kind of scrutiny. Ben and Elaine are good lawyers and screw anyone who tries to say otherwise. All because of this one case they worked on, when they’ve been doing this for a while and could have worked on hundreds for all we know. I don’t know if it’s true that Elaine has been crying every night but if it is I truly hope both her and Ben are getting love and support from the people close to them.

    Also, Elaine reminds me so much of Marcia Clark and the shit they put her through, it hurts. It really hurts watching history repeat itself during this trial, even after movements like me too, free Britney etc, and movies/docs like the OJ Simpson series, Unbelievable on Netflix and so much more. Like we’ve truly come nowhere and still doing the exact same thing different decade.

    #anti johnny depp #i stand with amber heard #I don’t really care for commentary about how good/bad any of the lawyers have been #I frankly don’t care #does not excuse anyone from making hateful comments about the law team #or implying their bad at the jobs
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  • candydos
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    in case it doesn't show up in tags, the King's Tide (TOH S2 Finale) link is up! (click link to go to the original post)

    #the owl house #toh season 2 #toh season finale #candy links #i don't know if it's up and frankly i'm too scared to check
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  • daenerys-targaryen
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    anyone else organized in a disorderly fashion? my room is a wreck to my mom. but I know that the triple antibiotic ointment is behind the lamp on the floor. I know that my drawing pencils are in the corner of the room under the plant display. it’s easier to keep them where they are than to move them and have to remember when I can just see them

    #🤡🤡🤡 #my mom says I’m a guy #in terms of my… house habits #cause I don’t clean like I should #which is frankly a bit 1950s if you ask me #but she’s always saying I live like a pig lol #BUT ITS ORGANIZED TO ME its just messy to her #feeling this has something autistic to do with it #hmm#leah rambles
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  • sleepnoises
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    terry pratchett made a joke of body of work = ouvre = oeuf = egg in i think witches abroad and that is in my head forever <3 thanks sir terry <3

    #he also made a crack at women potters who think it's fine for something to be bad because it's handmade #in feet of clay #and that one was frankly unnecessarily misogynistic but it's also in my head forever #most of his work is really.
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  • zehecatl
    28.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    the fact that some people are genuinely bothered by the term allosexual is so baffling to me, because it'd be like being bothered by the terms neurotypical and neurodivergent, or cis and trans, like

    it's literally just a term to refer to non ace people, like if you're bothered by that, it sounds like you're the problem here

    #ze.txt #like y'all don't understand what it's like to be ace and we don't understand what it's like to be allo like it's Okay #allosexual is not a bad term just like cis isn't a bad term #and people's obsession with someone 'being the bad guy' is frankly unhealthy #like men isn't the root of evil just like cis people aren't #it's okay to be those things #anyway i just had to say that i'm going to sleep now it's fucking 4:30 goodbye
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  • musherum
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    and the perspective switching stuff isnt as affecting as in book one where it was like, all different parts of essun from different parts of her life that shes clearly like, compartmentalized and wants to pretend are separate people to kind of like, leave that shit behind her and help repress the pain thinking about her history brings her

    #i think jemisin is trying to do some ~magic~ stuff with the perspective switching just judging by the little preample every time we switc #h from one character to another #and its just not as interesting frankly :/
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  • gonzobuckley
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    can i please make a formal request for someone to gif the scene of steve ripping the bat apart and biting it im begging u thank

    #st4 spoilers#st spoilers #stranger things spoilers #st4 #i just like. i need it for carnal reasons frankly
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  • lafortis
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Every once in a while I see my colleagues from sister companies doing concerts and get kinda jealous but then think about the few times I've ever actually touched things approaching concerts and how rough they've generally been (and this is relative, like my baseline for rough shift is pretty fucking high at this point) and I live with just seeing other ppl LD concerts and be satisfied with making my money lmfao

    #my life is hard but roadie life is frankly harder
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  • sophelstien
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #sophie.txt #classic rock talk #the gender of this look frankly
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  • arcticrime
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago


    #tbd #frankly in the mood to write some deeply weird dynamics #but idk the vibe here yet so i'm just like 🧍‍♂️
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