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  • thepaintedchateau
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    ...find your happy place...

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  • le-nid-du-poete
    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Vous entendrez ces accents accompagnés et répétés par les torrents de dix mille flots de feu battant contre les rochers auxquels le désespoir éternel a donné la dureté du diamant !

    Melmoth ou l’Homme Errant, Charles R. Maturin

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  • lulady030
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    - The Witness - 

    #Inspired by the song Yoru ni Kakeru by Yoasobi #(background text is the french subtitles of the song's MV) #my art#My Avatar #Yoru ni Kakeru #hewwo ! I am back into business and trying out new things :O #btw would you believe me if I said I made half of this with a mouse
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  • pierremichelofavignon
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    some more fencing au thoughts bc i was fencing last night and therefore had more thoughts:

    joe and nicky, because they fence sabre and foil respectively, do (jokingly) argue about the merits of foil vs sabre. every time a new fencer decides to try sabre nicky sighs dramatically and complains about losing all the foil fencers to the dark side (sabre). and vice versa for joe. they have a whole thing going on. it actually gets worse once they've gotten together. they unite to bully booker, however, who is an épéeist and a french grip user

    thought about backstory stuff for some people. joe was a very energetic child so when he was 10 his parents signed him up to a local fencing group just to give him something to do with all the energy and he loved it. when he was 11 his coach let him try sabre and he has never looked back once. he fenced competitively in college/university (a little bit in high school) but didn't take it any further than that and now just does it for fun. he's a translator for his day job (subject to change if i decide to) and an artist when he has time

    he's a very experimental fencer he just likes to Mess Around and see what happens. he's difficult to beat partially because it's difficult to tell what he'll do next. he uses balestras and flunges a lot bc he thinks they're neat (esp. balestras bc they ARE neat. but kinda hard). because he's a sabreur he's Fast

    nicky was the opposite, very understated, started fencing when he was 8-9. his parents took it incredibly seriously and he started to do the same. he trained with a whole lot of different coaches (one of them being andy, who tried to encourage him to Chill Out) and was training for the olympics with the italian national team when he either got a fairly bad knee injury or developed some kind of chronic joint issue. idk yet. but either way that coincided with a bunch of other stuff w/ his family and he left italy and stopped fencing for a while while he recovered. andy bullied him into joining her group the second she found out he'd moved to the uk (and was an instrumental part in helping him work through his injury + complicated feelings about fencing after it. eventually he realised he is just allowed to have fun with it)

    nicky is a less experimental fencer but because he's been trained by so many coaches he knows a lot of different styles and he uses almost all of them. he's the sort of person who will pull out a weird move you knew was possible in theory but have never seen a person actually do before. he's very strategic + precise. he also uses an italian grip (nile teases him about it (for being an old man and using a grip that is technically legal but definitely not common) and joe is just surprised because he's never seen one before)

    andy is a foilist and was an olympic / world championship fencer, #1 in the world for a little while. she met quynh at said olympics/world championships and they had a whole enemies to lovers thing despite fencing entirely different weapons (foil vs sabre). she retired from international competition after she and quynh got married, largely because she got tired of it. she and quynh formed the old guard because despite retiring from competition she still gets antsy when she doesn't fence. she's a terrifying coach but also a very good one

    i haven't worked out a lot of quynh's backstory yet but she's a sabreur and she's very good.

    nile picked up fencing in college (/ the military but idk if that's a thing in the american military) and competed at that level in foil. she and jay and dizzy were on the foil team together. andy may have also helped coach her for a while before moving to the uk, and when nile moved for work andy immediately got her to join the old guard

    nile's style is. very american. she's also picked up a lot of tricks from andy (weird stuff that nobody does anymore) and nicky (overly complicated forms) who are the two other foilists in the group. she also fences joe in sabre for fun and practice sometimes. they are, in this au as in all of my others, best friends.

    merrick is my least favourite kind of fencer who learned it at private school and thinks everyone else is beneath him. he is, unfortunately, a foilist, which makes me (a foilist) annoyed on principle but this is just so the final showdown can be andy or nile vs merrick. his style is very old fashioned british. and he uses a french grip unfortunately

    #neon has thoughts #the old guard #fencing au #anyway yeah uh. i offer you this #merrick is vaguely inspired by a few fencers i have unfortunately met before #andy is also vaguely inspired by a (very intimidating) coach i met once #the foil vs sabre argument is something i joke about with the sabreurs i know #the french grip épéeist thing is just me being me #long post #more thoughts bc i wasn't done actually: i think it takes a long time for nicky to relax when it comes to fencing #he loves it but his parents were also very strict about it so he took it incredibly seriously #when andy met him he was in his late teens-early 20s and very tense + very stoic. she coached him for a year or two #as part of a small group with some one on one bits. he was very good but wasn't very good at taking losses well #(his parents really wanted him to be the best and weren't very good at hiding their disappointment when he wasnt. so he internalised that) #she did give him some advice (largely telling him to just calm down a bit) #after he got injured/diagnosed with whatever he couldn't fence for a while and that was a pretty big thing for him. he struggled with it #for a long time. + especially after leaving italy he had some difficulty with thinking about fencing at all (lot of complicated feelings #about how much pressure his parents put on him and whether he really wants to keep fencing) #andy helped him get back to where he was especially with his injury. it was largely one on one. for a while he was doing just seated #to practice bladework and eventually got back into footwork. she also helped him realise that actually he can #separate his feelings about his parents from his feelings about fencing on its own and by the time andy finally persuades him to fence with #other people i.e join the old guard he's almost 30 and doing a lot better than he was #he ends up doing the same thing for joe that andy did for him when joe gets injured during the au
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  • frenchiepal
    04.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    4.5.22 🌥️ my friend and i went on a study date just to check out this cute french café and it was definitely worth it!

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  • frenchfrywrites
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Guess whos brain has finally given them another thirst idea~

    So, this is definitely inspired by your Diavolo April showers fic because semi public pissing? Sign me the fuck up 🤤

    I can't remember if it's fanon or canon but I remember reading somewhere that Simeon likes to go on hikes or like out into the wilderness to explore to get inspiration for writing. So on one of the times he invites you out with him he's adamant about staying hydrated and brings plenty of water without really thinking about anything but his pure intentions. After walking with you for a while he begins to feel the pressure oh his bladder and he also knows that he's too far out to turn around and find a toilet so he just carries on like nothing is happening until he starts to reach his limit and you notice his restlessness. He tries to deny anything is wrong, but quickly accepts that having to pee outside is inevitable and sheepishly tells you he has to pee really badly.

    You lead him off the path and he asks you not to look, so you glance away, but being outside peeing so close to you makes him tense up and he's unable to go. You gently wrap your arms around him, one hand on his dick, the other gently pressing and rubbing circles into his bladder and gently praising him to help him relax enough to go. Finally you feel him lean into you a bit as he takes a few deep breaths and releases a long stream with a few soft moans escaping his lips. The whole situation excites him and you feel him get hard in your hand. He apologizes but you're more than happy to help him get off. After he cums, the two of you decide to hurry back because the poor angel is overwhelmed by it all.

    (I'm realizing that the peeing part is like the exact same as the other Simeon piss thirst that I sent a while back but I can't help my desire to gently hold him from beind before getting him off)


    I agree so much anon, Simeon deserves to be gently held from the back as you get him off 💖😇

    I don't know if it's canon either (i havent played om in ages help :'() but I love this scenario!! Simeon is babbling about the inspiration he's getting out here as you two hike, but he stutters and stumbles when he feels a twinge on his bladder. He's trying so hard to get push it out of his mind but it becomes too much to ignore!

    Once you two get off the path he has to press his legs together to stop from wetting himself. Simeon rushes to pull down his pants when you turn around, but to his dismay he finds he can't pee! He'd get a bit panicky then, calling out your name shakily, so frustrated and desperate. And then when you hover over him and take him into your hand he'd be so cute! He's all embarrassed, but he's leaning into your touch even so, relaxing just a bit from your touch alone. The feeling of your hand on his bladder would be torture until he finally lets go, and then it feels heavenly (oop). I think he'd tremble a bit in your hold, unable to contain the relief of finally letting go.

    And then he's hard and he's even more embarrassed!! He's sweating and shaking like a leaf, so anxious about getting hard in your hand and what if someone comes by?! You reassure him (you haven't seen anyone else on the trail all day), slowly stroking him. He- so exhausted from the emotional roller coaster he rode for the last few minutes- lets himself accept your touch. His hips jerk erratically into your hand until he cums on the ground atop the wet spot on the ground formed from his piss <3

    unless of course you want to be particularly generous and take him into your mouth to get him off faster. In that case he's cumming down your throat, biting his hand to keep quiet.

    mmmm anyways pissing in (semi) public + simeon pissing are very very fun things to think about 🤤

    #im glad my fic inspired u ! :D #this thirst is *chefs kiss* mwah! #french fry replies #spice#thirst#p/iss#🌟 anon
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  • karrova
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    no offense but I think a lot of met gala spectators and critics are confusing historical American fashion with historical European fashion 

    #like I see peoples mood boards and it's a lot of like French rococo inspired looks #and Italian renaissance inspired looks #which I do love but it is not on theme.
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  • thesimplyluxuriouslife
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    328: 15 Ideas to Savor Paris

    328: 15 Ideas to Savor Paris

    A dream has been realized, to experience being in Paris in April, and that is what we were able to do for a couple of days this past month. Granted, many others wished to do the same thing, and as it was the first spring since 2019 as the past two years travelers were not able to visit the City of Light, the crowds were abundant. But I did not mind a bit. Arriving on April 13th in Paris after…

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  • thesimplyluxuriouslife
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    TSLL's Classic Chocolat Chaud, Parisian Café-inspired

    TSLL’s Classic Chocolat Chaud, Parisian Café-inspired

    The best hot chocolate is a chocolat chaud. In other words, the French do it best and there is nothing like it. Why? It’s all about the high-quality chocolate. And it is quite simple to make. Once you have sipped a chocolat chaud while resting your feet at a café in Paris, you slow down, sip gradually so as to make the cup of chocolate goodness last as long as possible. It is a luxury and a…

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  • fkk-0ff
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    It's very solid. It's titanium.
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  • zu-is-here
    28.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Cross I dare you to French kiss Dream. I bet you don’t have the “guts” to do it.(says with a confident smile that he can’t do it)

    #zu art #post dark cream #cross!sans #dream!sans #gASP what are you talking about ​he doesn't even speak French! xd #clack clack #almost forgot how to draw :'D #thank you for the inspiring ask! <3 #undertale#undertale au#utmv
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