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  • apollinariafh
    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I really liked the that video of Miss Lore about vampires! Wanted to draw Elvira and Jessica in enemies-to-lovers dynamic, because honestly i just think these two are having too much passion between them Thank you for making your videos i love to watch them!

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  • mayax81
    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #mypost#full moon #the moon is not bigger there is just less shadow on it. #psychology#self-fulfilling prophecy #you are literally the thing you observe
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    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


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  • biomic
    19.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i've had enough of you two

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  • xsfet
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I am gonna be on Marc’s page for a wee and then come back to destroy you all ! Nah, joking, I am too full to do that - anyway, here, enjoy Jake with a beard .. AGAIN !Β 

    #mun's mind #be back when there is a full moon #saw gifts of this mini tv series and boom saw something that made me laugh a little :D #gifts ? i meant gifs boom #to be deleted
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  • whatdoyoumeanitsnotcanon
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Not entirely sure if you are still taking requests interested but if you are, would it be fine for an NSFW HC for the Rennala/Radagon and Marika/Godfrey poly? (Seperate)

    Feel free to ignore this part in particular, just some rambling. But I like to imagine the third person/consort of the poly with Marika and Godfrey being similar to VarrΓ© (though leaning on being more tired and scarier than him), like some sort of parallel to MohVarNished.

    Do have a wonderful day/night!

    Morning, anon. Hope your day is going well!

    Sure I can give some headcanon. Seriously, why did I even think of the name MohVarNished? Sounds like some brand of wood varnish, to be honest.

    Without further ado:

    For the Godfrey x Marika polycule:

    You're dealing with a couple who are always on the go, Godfrey more so than Marika and as a result, you would be a grounding, objective presence in their daily lives. You'd balance their love languages and would teach Marika how to be much more affectionate in her personal life.

    Marika is a busy body. Well of course she is, she's a literal god but even she needs some downtime, yeah? Her lovely consort gives her full-body massages. And it never fails to turn to sex.

    Their consort's favorite parts are her breasts and hands because they are so perfect and soft. And she has long, slender fingers, too, so hueheuheueheuheuehe

    Marika's moans are melodious.

    Very rarely does Marika blush but when she does, it's so adorable, especially after a good orgasm and she gets a little ashamed for being so loud and 'coming out of character' (see what I did thar?)

    Is actually quite shy to initiate, surprisingly, especially when it comes to intimacy without sex. AND THEN GODFREY–

    Y'all, his consorts will never not be pleased sexually.

    Those thick fingers of his are godly.

    Surprisingly, whenever he returns from a campaign, sex with his consorts is gentle and life-affirming. He needs to feel them, feel their love again.

    He's actually afraid to get rough during sex and even if his consorts ask for more, harder, he'd ask 'are you sure?' multiple times.

    After those sessions, you'll be good for a couple days.

    Favorite non-sex activity for this polycule is soaking in the bath, Godfrey's arms around both his spouses.

    For the Radagon x Rennala polycule:

    This pairing is so sweet, I have cavities. Pleasure will be had by all.

    Best way to help her de-stress? Oral.

    Oooooh boy, your Carian queen loves a good oral session.

    Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

    You will be sandwiched between them. And oh, are they so warm. And they will cover you in kisses from head to toe.

    Imagine you and Rennala teasing and pleasuring Radagon because he does soo much to keep you all safe and loved.

    Rennala showing their lover the erogenous zones on Radagon's body that make him go wild.

    Radagon fingering one consort will giving the other oral.

    He will make sure you have at least two orgasms apiece.

    One of ya'll watching the other two fuck and succumb to their orgasms.

    Rennala gently holding you and cooing in your ear as Radagon fucks you to orgasm.

    The intimacy afterward, trading kisses and snuggles; you're in the middle again. They will not let you go. But it's not like you'd want to, eh?

    The knowing smiles they give you in public that make you blush.


    #nsfw. #godfrey the first elden lord #queen marika the eternal #radagon of the golden order #rennala queen of the full moon #poly palooza. #2sweet4me. #elden crack. #crackcanon.
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  • susukathemyth
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The moon showed itself, surprising me. It was an unexpected hello.

    Oh, it’s mesmerising beauty.

    Surrounded by an halo of glow, of its own light.

    Peeking boldly, through the thin layer of clouds that flocked.

    And I had my eyes locked on it, I knew this mutual entanglement wouldn’t last.

    As the dog walking in front of me, pulled on the leash I held.


    But I know this time will come again, of an unexpected hello.

    Oh, it’s mesmerising beauty.

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  • ist-das-kunst-oder-kann-das-weg
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago
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  • realboutfatalfury
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ok played through every melty guys' crescent style i really like arcruied, kohaku, ryougi, miyako, kouma and honest mids michael <- i like calling him that

    #the two neco arcs are also pretty fun(ny) #still gotta try um half and full moon o(-< #this is what i get for wanting to test everyone out before actually gaming #playing everyone was pretty fun honestly but those guys i just think are more of my kind of guys #oh and sion is pretty fun but i knew i would think she is (she is in unib) #i forgot which lame guy with black hair that i wanted to play orz it was either tohno or nanaya.......... ough
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  • rrasado
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Could I make a headcanon request of the demon brothers with a MC who thinks they aren't good enough for the exchange program? Like they think they're too slow at learning magic and that there's nothing special enough about them to justify everything Diavolo expects of them and all the praise they get. If it could be romantic but like the very beginning of a relationship? Like they just started dating or they're at that stage where they've both acknowledged a crush but haven't quite started dating yet.

    β€’ Second Thoughts β€’

    Gomen for the late serving I caught a nasty cold that kept me away from my device screens TwT. I think most MCs have at one point thought of whether they deserve to be where they are in the story, doubt is normal as we are, all human. I hope that even without the context of this request we can all one day learn to appreciate our own self worth regardless of who we stand next to. There's never a perfectly similar set of lives and I think the space for variety is what gives us all our own unique navigation in life.
    When you're having doubts about your place:

    The avatar of pride had only ever felt doubt few times in his whole life, first was the fall, second was the deal and third was the sudden divide among his brothers. Otherwise, his sin keeps him level headed and clear with his logic hence the seldom doubt. That and he had many things to keep himself assured...but you, well...

    This of course only applied to him, his partner on the other hand was human, beings prone to equal ends of sympathy and loathing. This double edged humanity you possess is what helped him and his brothers yes but it simultaneously hindered your self reflection, a sight far from how Luci viewed you after coming into terms with his fostered affection for you.

    It started from hushed curses under your breathe, the gaze you give to the other exchange students whenever they display their prowess for an assignment or a minor problem- easily fixed as opposed to your simple self who might’ve taken longer. He's skillful in reading people given how long he's been doing it and someone who painfully lacks pride is an easy thing to catch for him.

    He subconsciously began giving you a bit more praise for your efforts, especially for projects he knew you poured so much attention to. Perhaps it was your nature that led you to become more meticulous to detail compared to the angels and the wizard. And when you two finally admitted the mutual pining you've been keeping, he'll be able to actually do more for you as opposed to his restricted methods before.

    He's not one to outright spoil you, that's more of Asmo's forte. Whenever you two are alone or close to eachother physically, secluded somewhere. He subtly reminisce on your arrival, how he felt the faintest of a tug when he first reviewed your document after the wind slipped your paper on his desk.

    "Fate...you'd assume I'd loath it and on some days I do, but loathing doesn't mean I regret what I've experienced... if anything it gave me you, here by my side."

    White lies are something he'd never give, teasing he does on some days. But Lucifer is a man who never pities for pity's sake. He's a man who holds what he deems he wants close to him far from the world's cruelty, far from fate's canines that have already dug scars on his back.

    He doesn't let you go that day, not until you realize that you're where you are now because you never deviated from your moral code, never giving up on him or his brothers. The assurance he gives is straightforward but are all meant for you and you alone. The one who managed to catch the affections of the Avatar of Pride, and his pride was also his to share with you.

    Mammon is our idiot in shining tinfoil and we adore him for that, he's taken aback by your patience or rather your endurance throughout your stay here in the program. The fact that you stuck by him even when he first attempted to get the best of you? Maybe humanity felt nice after all!-

    Then just like on other certain nights where he'd sneak over to your room as per usual, your muffled doubts of not deserving to be here as an exchange student stopped him in his tracks. What the hell were you going on about?- then mammon proceeds to out himself by accidentally stumbling through your door.

    Tragically failing at pretending he just got there before going on his tangent of how the great mammon would never ever make a pact with an undeserving human that's definitely not pertaining to your prior dilemma- Shh dear we get your point and you did appreciate his attempt.

    The sentiment was there and knowing how he usually is, that's currently the highest praise you'd get from him. But the demon of greed still sensed your second thoughts. After all it takes one to know one right? He doesn't spill his own problem of being disrespected despite being the 2nd eldest but he's in his position because of his own doing. Just like how you're diligently marching forward in the program.

    His rant may have stopped but whenever another lower class demon poked fun at your simple nature at RAD mammon is already by your side chewing them off hoe that's THE great mammon's human they're making jabs at, the human that's passing classes in spite of having setbacks compared to other students who fail in the same class.

    "So what if they can't summon great beasts fast like your bunch huh?!?! They don't need one when the great Mammon is here for them!"

    You had to pull him away before a physical fight can ensue (not like he'd lose-) but still. Him defending you was one of the things that made you lean your affections on him and when you two were finally far from the scene he can't help but to ask why you tool him away when he wasn't done enumerating why they suck compared to you.

    Mammon has his own problems but that's precisely what made him more capable at assuring you albeit contorted behind his tsun nature. The avatar of greed may not be the most infamous at sharing but this similar burden you two have is something he'll gladly shoulder just to make you realize that being by his side here in hell is not a mistake.

    It's no secret that Levi doesn't hold back with his jabs, it tends to loose its edge due to his stammering delivery but that didn't mean he actually meant every word he spills in defense.

    They're exactly that, a defense mechanism against any potential retort against him. So imagine how he felt when the exchange student in the House Of Lamentation began to look worse for wear. It felt like seeing a forbidden scene scrapped from the final production, you were progressing nicely as a typical protagonist with your situation and your setbacks so why-

    He knew why, this wasn't a shounen series, you were a real person with genuine feelings that can either push you forward or back. Perhaps he's been toggling on a fictitious image of you for too long via his envy but if he can do anything to help well, a password to his room is unneeded.

    Levi cursed himself for somehow managing to offer you some help, as far as he knew the only thing he can help with was textual assignments and such, but that didn't mean he'd outright give up in helping you with practical magic like spellcasting or whatnot.

    It was awkward at first but he just reminds himself why he was doing this in the first place, after all the hero Henry reached his goals because he was aided by companions so why can't he do that? That's likely also the time he realized you chose him out of all his brothers for help. Affection was realized a tad bit later but he couldn't reject the feeling that perhaps this was his moment, a moment with you set up by fate's design.

    "I- know I called you awful things before but the tbh I wouldn't have any other h..human lodging with us. N-nor do I wanna help someone else because only you can manage to make it this far"

    Pressure isn't kind to both of you either, this leads to him subconsciously tugging yourselves away whenever he feels the praise and ramble of what you can achieve in the devildom from the prince get too much. Levi says that getting game achievements isn't a speed run and that the in between content is what should be prioritized.

    Whatever you don't believe in, he's there to spew what he believes of you, not expectations high and mighty but assurance that in your raid party of two he's there to offer support and buffs.

    As far as the Avatar of Wrath goes, he's likely the best person when it came to analyzing your assets. It can be compared to books and artifacts, these things vary in their own right some may be powerful despite the ruined visage others can be regal in every angle yet be as useless as any decoration put up for show.

    You were not eye catching, at least compared to the two angels and Sorcerer. Then he chalked it up to "variety" since- can they really call Solomon human?/lh But the more he got to know you the more he felt immersed in your narrative, after all it's not often he got to live with a human right? The most he got was via history lectures or stories from your kind.

    To him your simplicity was bliss, it taught him slowly to appreciate the smaller things one has to offer because at the end of the day it's those small things is what the mighty fail to learn. But when his growing affection for you led him to catch your vulnerable state, face in your textbooks and a painfully fatigued expression well..

    He's in front of your desk in a blink. Leaning down and looking at the unit you're studying, oh? This should be easy for him to explain- and explain he did. This was once, it became twice, the next week was thrice and so on it became a routine where either of you two go to the other's room. This routine earned his place in your affection and it definitely helped bringing you two closer.

    But on days when the doubt really dwells on your mind, he won't force you to study with him, he's always disliked being pressed under Diavolo's thumb and knowing his wishes for you as the second human in the Devildom, light whispers of assurance are spilled with his arms around your figure.

    "You've come farther than most care to try for...and I find that admirable of you, and knowing that I'm here to at least ease the burden... then that's something I'm willing to do until you realize just how appreciative everyone is of you being here."

    Exam season tend to end in you two taking a trip to a nearby cat Cafe, he deems you bother very deserving of a reward and the refreshments along with the critters definitely felt rewarding especially seeing your eased smile reflected by the cafe lights.

    Satan learned to be patient in order to keep his sin at bay, and he'd still be patient if it means seeing you slowly see just what sort of narrative you have at play in your book, one where the cover houses a story of discovery only you can finish at your pace. You're a human and to him this was your greatest quality he came to cherish.

    Asmo was rather, quick to catch your second thoughts. It's uncanny how he might be second to the first born and do you want to know why? He pays a bit more attention to you to see if there's anything he can use to charm himself into your abode.

    Not the most righteous reason but his intentions started as that, he took it as an opportunity to be buddy buddy with you and hey he's close to Solomon so it's an easy referral should you need help! You have him for seductive speechcraft needs and when it comes to Alchemy aligned subjects- his years of conducting the perfect makeup for his skin isn't something to laugh at.

    Getting close to you did start from a promiscuous intent but overtime the bond became something more meaningful than he intended, he doesn't realize until he's subconsciously asked Solomon if he can take a snap of his notes for your lecture needs. Technically you haven't revealed whether you needed help in that area but Asmo's thoughts beat him to it.

    But here you were alone in one of the RAD laboratories, hunched on an Alchemy project you really needed to perfect by the end of the day, when you heard him open the door Asmo couldn't help himself from feeling over the moon due to your sudden shift in expression.

    You looked, genuinely glad he was there. Not the lust he's grown used to relishing in but rather a genuine affection reserved for him and his acts...he's come to question whether he's still acting anymore, is he? With how close he's holding your face to his yet never taking your kiss well..

    "You're one of a kind darling and it feels normal hearing it from me huh~...well I meant it, and I wouldn't have it any other way, dearest"

    You exceeded what he initially thought of you as and that was the greatest mistake he made on his end. You and all you had... he holds it not in the shiniest regard, but in the most valuable way he could. Whenever you question your right to stand as a representative of your race- Asmo is there to assure you amongst the threshold of butterfly kisses and sweet words he reserves for you and not his former partner in bed.

    What you lack is where your strength lies, you know the pain and the empathy that comes with it is what keeps you better than those no name bastards of the lower demon population. Your place in the exchange student program is locked with your blood sweat and tears each one he'd kiss away anyday if it meant offering you a time of rest.

    Unlike Mammon, your doubts are something he can relate on a specific degree. After all he's always questioned what could've happened had he been a bit stronger, faster or wiser on that day...

    But, your doubts were justified. Not in a mocking sense but Beel has seen how some people act when put in an overwhelming situation. You probably didn't plan on falling into literal hell months ago but here you are, pushing every task forward with all your might even if sometimes your unaided strength alone wasn't enough. Even then when he sees you stagnant in place unsure what to do he never once looked down on your hardship.

    Hoping to offer some sort of coping he offered for you two to grab a bite after a particularly hard class, your initial protest was understandable but he then goes on to explain how taking your mind off the material would probably help clear your build up of confusion. Whether he believes in this logic or not is unclear- he just learned to make many excuses for food before.

    He isn't the smartest among his brothers (compared to his academically inclined nii-sans sure) but when it comes to your form and stance during practical subjects, he's able to give a word or two. This routine sandwiched between your talks over food gradually became something he looks forward to during his free time.

    One day when you didn't show up on time on your agreed location, he went ahead and ordered your usual favorite (something he picked up after eating with you on numerous occasions.) After ordering his own portion only then does he go on a hunt for his eating study partner. He found you staring off into space while leaning against the student council office doors. A meeting with the prince perhaps?

    "Hey your food will go bad, c'mon let's get you somewhere we can eat at, hm? Just eat, yes "

    He saves the concern for when you two are far from the RAD vicinity, near the ruined brick lining on its campus he discovered before when he went looking for Belphie at one point. Once you two are settled he hands you your (albeit partially eaten) snack, only then did he spoke again going on small bits of how he's really glad you're here showing everyone what a human is capable of even without the flare of magic you so desperately wished you're good at.

    If anything, that only made your victories more authentic. Beel even from a food or sports perspective, sees you for what you're determined to do among the countless demons who took their skills for granted. That admiration became a romantic string that tied him to you, and when all was said and done he never thought of what could've been with you.

    The irony that he of all people felt impacted, but compared to Levi his guilt lies more on the fact that he may have deepened those wounds of self doubt at one point. You've done so much for everyone even before the dust settled on your reveal and yet you still saw yourself as someone unworthy.

    Belphegor isn't the most vocal among the brothers but he's one of the more brutally honest, give or take. And he does agree that your fellow exchange students are flashier in comparison but he does softly bring in the thought that, being the least strongest doesn't mean being weak if that makes sense.

    As the seventh among the brothers he does have an inkling as to what its like, but that doesn't inherently get him to say that he fully understands. And so in order to fix that he simply let's himself lay near wherever you are. Perhaps it was lilith's blood in you but even that reason didn't feel right for him, Belphegor felt at ease when he sleeps near you and it ends with your hand on his head.

    When you're overworking yourself to revise notes or review lectures he does pull you away from the lamp's light, snuggling to you close and murmuring how you've done enough work for that day. He managed to balance the expectant force that lingers on your mind everytime you study,and that managed to lull you into a peaceful slumber.

    In the morning when you try to leave he doesn't let you and as much as you two began to be closer (and more in tune with a festering love deep down) the action garnered a scoff on your end- you needed to do things how else would you be able to catch up and make up for what you lack. Your voice cracks when he suddenly reached to cup your face.

    "Make...up? H... you've done...more good than.. what anyone in this house managed to do for...this..family...and I think, had it been anyone..else, they wouldn't have ...accomplished...what you did.."

    It was evident how taken over he was with morning daze (then again when is he not) but he's said what he said and this wasn't a farce he's feeding you, no not after he's said he'll make it up to you. To hell with what the Devildom prince says and to hell with what the first born expects-

    You're singlehandedly one of the few good things he's gotten and he'd be damned if he's letting it slip under his watch. Belphie isn't Asmo but physical touch is his way of showing he loves you and what you already do for everything.

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    19.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Late night musings...

    PS: Doesn't the moon look like a PokΓ© Ball?

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    Moon man with posable arms. Made from polymer clay and Acrylic paint.

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    SΓ­ me extraΓ±as debe ser en noches como esta cuando mi amiga eterna e Γ­ntima te mira desde arriba que me debes buscar. En su punto mΓ‘s enorme estarΓ© bailando en su redonda superficie, girando para ver mi propio vestido elevarse tambiΓ©n. EstarΓ©, te juro que estarΓ©, libre, jugando infantilmente escondiΓ©ndome con ella entre las nubes Γ³ plena mirΓ‘ndote junto con ella. Un ciclo debes esperar cada que me extraΓ±es y necesites verme. En ese tiempo no me busques aunque me extraΓ±es, estarΓ© dormida arrullada en sus crΓ‘teres, acurrucada con los conejos. Espera solo el ciclo y ahi estarΓ©, hasta que tΓΊ [email protected] subas tambiΓ©n.

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    𝑺𝒍𝒆𝒆𝒑 π’•π’Šπ’ˆπ’‰π’•. 𝑩𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒅 π’•π’Šπ’ˆπ’‰π’• π’Šπ’ 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓'𝒔 π’–π’Žπ’ƒπ’“π’‚. 𝑺𝒍𝒆𝒆𝒑 π’•π’Šπ’ˆπ’‰π’•. π‘­π’Šπ’π’… π’π’Šπ’‡π’† π’ƒπ’š 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓'𝒔 π’‚π’Žπ’ƒπ’†π’“.

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