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  • tsukithida
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Rewatching atla and. Less than ten minutes into the first episode I am already wanting to punch all of the characters VWFHDH

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #I forgot how young the characters are #also aang’s first appearance PFFF #‘and this is katara - my flying sister’ #gah damn
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  • rieia
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    started watching s4e1 for stranger things but fellas i dont think i can do it

    #lb #i love steve and robin but at what cost. gah.
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  • dreamydiamond
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i had a dream where a fictional character kissed me but i feel like saying who is embarrassing...

    #no one cares dreamy #it felt nice though! the way we were positioned it felt like we were about to/ just stopped a dance #and he smiled; leaned in and pecked my lips #... gah ///u\\\
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  • mistersharidan
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #horizon forbidden west #hfw#hfw spoilers#aloy#gaming#guerilla games#kotallo#ps4 video#ps4edit #when he's being a grumpy cinnamon roll #he doesn't want to talk aloy okay? gah #its really the first time someone gives her shit
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  • ghoulboyexe
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    i hate that i get so upset over stupid things. oh, you find someone attractive who isnt me? looks like im gonna split on u and completely shut down, thanks.

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  • stevebisexual
    29.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    welcome to raccoon city is on but I don't want to watch it because the glare on the tv from the lights is so bad :^(

    #dinner is being made so I can't turn them off...gah
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  • bubbybug
    29.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    i wonder if that bonus is smthn relating to the movie (since it's releasing in early august)

    I WOULD LOVE SOME MOVIE CONTENT,,, but im still a lil skeptical abt it rlly premiering in august,,, we definitely need more info and content on that front thats for sure !!

    im personally thinking more along the lines of a teaser of some sort either for the whole season or for Evolution !!!!!!

    #miraculous ladybug#txt #regarding the movie tho #i guess if they haven't said anything abt it's release date again there's def a chance that it indeed premieres on august !! #otherwise they'd have cleared it up again probs #but even then im still hmmmmmm abt it #also ty for the ask i LOVE having opportunities to talk abt ml with ml fans <3 #gah that should have been in august ** not on august srry
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  • campfire-collective
    29.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    when i say "brain says no more stress" i also mean positive emotions i get overwhelmed at positive emotions too and it sucks

    #mine#mod sparrow #trauma holder problems #emerald and hearth are talking aabout halloween for pigeon #it's not even halloween times #gah
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  • everyizuna
    29.05.2022 - 11 hours ago
    #naruto#uchiha izuna#chapter 598 #gah... #another strong contender for the blog header
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  • thebuttsmcgee
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    OH NO


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  • kentoangel
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    roma, for the sleepover asks: if you’re comfy, share with us one of your favorite memories with your bf :)

    ooh! such a fun one! >_< i have many memories with my boyfriend, but one of my favorites has to be slow dancing in my living room with him :( we were kind of tipsy and we had stuffed ourselves with chocolate soufflé! we had dressed up that day (gah i was wearing a pretty, red silk dress with a dainty pearl necklace ⸝⸝ʚ̴̶̷̆ ̯ʚ̴̶̷̆⸝⸝ and he was wearing a suit and all, but we were both barefoot) and were kind of tired, but one thing led to another and we ended up dancing! he was twirling one of my curls with his finger and telling me about what he wants to do for the future sobs

    #⋆*。୨ lovely anon #gah i love him! thanks for asking this :’)
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  • greencarnation
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    one of the scenes i loved the most (and related to the most) was the scene in episode 1 with steve and robin in the car, and steve says something like "we're in the same situation, i ask girls out all the time and get turned down so you can too" and robin is like "well no, it's not the same situation, because if you get rejected your pride suffers a little, but if i do and she tells people then it will ruin my life"

    because that!!! i have had a conversation similar so many times, and i think it really hammers home the differences between straight men and lesbians. cause like yeah we like the same gender so wooo solidarity, but there is such a huge power difference there that it's kinda cool to acknowledge

    #idk if this makes any sense #and i know it's not the 80's anymore and things are very different now but like. it's not that different #especially if you belong to a more conservative community #anyways i'm so glad that scene was included and it was pointed out #it meant a lot #gah i love them #stranger things #stranger things spoilers #stranger things season 4 spoilers #stranger things 4 #steve harrington#robin buckley #steve and robin #lesbian#wlw#lgbtq
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  • madebycoffee
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    i need to know who was in charge of deciding that tales of ba sing se and appa's lost days were back to back because it deals me so much psychic and emotional damage every rewatch ;__;

    #madebycoffee speaks #iroh sings a single NOTE in tales and im already delicate #but appas lost days deals me SO MUCH damage #gah
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  • padfootdaredmetoo
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    ✨ Dreamy ✨


    #gah this is so pretty #feel free to add on everyone #peaky blinders#tommy shelby #asks are open #especially for cute shit like thisss
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  • catboyprinterink
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago


    #miza.vtf #I CANT FOCUSSS I NEVER CAN #gah i hate that they barely diagnose comorbid disorders #i got only diagnosed with autism #i rely on energy drinks now
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  • wannabedad
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I was a little concerned that we were only six months along and you already looked ready to pop, but seeing you waddle around with that big heavy bump was so sexy that I just shrugged and accepted it. It was cute how much it was affecting you— both of us were already spending our days more than a little distracted.

    When we see all three babies on the ultrasound, I can hardly believe it. I’m stunned speechless, more nervous than anything at first. Four newborns when we were both going to be first-time parents living on our own would be…. A lot. Overwhelming to even think about. But then I saw how happy you were and couldn’t help but be happy too. We would make it work. This whole relationship was being built off of just figuring it out.

    The night after our ultrasounds, I lay on the praise nice and thick. It’s my own way of processing the news, too. My three lovely babies growing inside of you, already stretching you so much, making you so full and round. It’s all you can think about, isn’t it? All these sensations in your body. The way we’re both so eager to shed our former lives, to just stay inside and focus on savoring every second of our pregnancies. My mouth, my hands, the skin of my own bump runs over every inch of your body, the room filled with gasps and praise and as much body worship as I can dictate. I told you I was going to fill you up, and I meant it. You and the three babies I put into you, and the fairly large one that you had seeded in me. The five most treasured people in my life. We wouldn’t sleep that night; we would cum, we would cry, we would cuddle and cradle the life inside of us, trading names and plans and so many “I love you”’s.

    You would grow. We would grow. As you suspected, our growth spurts were brutal. I hadn’t expected how much I would fill out, both my belly and the rest of my body, swelling me up like it was trying to catch up to you. Not that there was any contest there. You had already looked full-term at six months, and the more time goes on the bigger and bigger you get. The rest of your body tries to keep up but you’re still *so* massive and struggle so much. My babies are big, and they’re active, and I’m more protective than ever seeing how phenomenally round they’re making you. I’m keeping the both of us plenty round too, because now that I know you’re eating for four I pretty much never stop stuffing both of our faces with food. I have a whole hoard of snacks for you at a moments notice, and even have an eating schedule for when I’m away, making sure to tell you how important it is that all four of you stay nice and full. I need every single one of my lovelies to stay healthy for mommy, okay? And if you don’t eat all of it by the time I get home, then I’m not doing anything else to you until I’ve personally ensured you’ve made up the difference. I know, I know, you feel so heavy and tight that you don’t think you can move. But you don’t have to move, honey. Just lay there like a good boy and let me take care of you. I know for a fact you sure don’t mind watching me waddle around myself to take care of you, telling you all the amazing ways your baby has been making me feel.

    I don’t mind being the one to do so much of the work, but the further into third trimester we get the more I can’t help but think about how these births are going to work. We’ve been pretty in synch so far, but.. surely we won’t go into labor at the same time, right? Yours is going to be so much harder, I need to be able to focus on helping all of you get through it. I start silently praying to your baby every night that it’ll be fine staying inside until after it’s siblings are born.

    God, I’d be exhausted by the time the third trimester hit. With a belly that big, I’d be taking as much time off from work as possible, maybe even starting my paternity leave early. Every time you get home you look… so good. You wear the baby weight well, you look so official in your work clothes when you waddle in the door to greet your immensely pregnant boyfriend. I’m sure I’m incomparable, bulging out of my biggest shirt, my now plump thighs barely fitting in my sweatpants. Even through my warm, happy smile, the shadows under my eyes from restless nights make it painfully clear just how tired I am, your babies are just so heavy and active. I’ll be so high maintenance all the time, I’ll need food and rubs from you the moment you get home, with me providing the same of course.

    By the time we reach month 9, I don’t leave the bed very often anymore, only waddling around when I hear you come in the door. My feet are achy, my back is killing me, and your babies won’t let their father have any rest. I’m so ready to give birth, come cuddle with me, plan my labor and birth while I melt into your arms, making the tiniest of whines as your babies squirm.

    #asks#M&S anon #this is so lovely #gah I’m gonna melt!! #🫠🥰🥺 #all time favies
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  • wannabedad
    28.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    The idea of us knocking each other up is turning me on so much more than I thought it would. We both knew the risks, but we just didn’t think it would happen. What are the odds, right?

    But as soon as the sickness rolls in, my pants start getting tight, I’m getting heartburn like crazy, my period is suspiciously skipped… I know. I don’t even need a test. On one hand I feel miserable, because these early symptoms are a bitch and I’m nowhere near ready to be a parent… But on the other hand, I kind of secretly wanted this, didn’t I? I think we both did. That’s why we didn’t bother with protection, why I could have sworn we both slipped out “mommy” and “daddy” once or twice, like it was already on our minds. I should feel pissed at you for doing this to me, but all things considered I’m actually kind of glad that if I got knocked up by anyone, it was you.

    I consider not telling you for a while, but as soon as I see your name on the screen it just kind of slips out. I’m pregnant. It’s yours. That’s when you tell me, too. All the same symptoms, at the same time. You’re pregnant. It’s mine. And god, even as sick as I’ve been, those words get me so fired up that I can’t stop myself from going back over to your place.

    I don’t care that we’re barely showing, I don’t care that we both aren’t feeling very good, I am so insatiably horny. I need to be able to kiss my way down your happy trail now that I know what’s growing just beneath it. I need to be able to squeeze your ass and tell you how plump it’s going to get as my baby swells your entire body up. I need to feel you inside of me, to have you fuck me as much as we can take it, knowing that we’ve already claimed each other’s bodies but have awoken a particular craving that will be hard to satisfy. I’m not thinking about the logistics, I’m not thinking about how much our lives are about to change, I’m just taking this in stride knowing that no matter what’s about to happen to us, we’re going to go through it together. Mommy and daddy, and at least two amazing babies.

    Mmh, after that night of passion, both of us lovingly running our hands over each other’s flat bellies and dreaming about the day we’ll plump up, I offer to let you move in with me. It’s not a huge apartment, but if you share a bed with me, we can convert the office space into a nursery?

    Gah, two or three months would pass, we’d both develop little bumps. Even though they’re still well-hidden by our shirts, at home when we strip down, it’s obvious we’re having each other’s babies. I can’t keep my hands off of you, and you’re probably struggling to do the same. The fact that I’m showing this much on my bulky frame though… I think you might’ve put more than one in me…

    Mmh, I am begging you Anon, let’s keep this going, write a little ask-respond story together. This is lovely!

    #asks#anon#mpreg #gah this is so nice #I love it #🥰🥰🥰#M&S anon
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  • piglinmania
    28.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    okay but what the hell is mojang doing with the wild update

    this isnt a Wild update, this is a "heres a lot of features we said we would add but didnt yet, all together (minus most of them)" update

    1.19 is clearly unfinished. there is not enough content to even constitute as a proper update and mojang are STILL. rushing it out for june/july so that they get that summer holidays hype and gather in as much income as possible when game interest peaks

    i would not have cared if 1.17 took a very long time, if it meant it came with all the features and functionality they promised. i would be perfectly content waiting a year for 1.17, if i knew i was waiting for good quality updates, and we had snapshots along the way

    although yes, honestly i like the change of splitting caves and cliffs into two: it was because of the state of the world and i cant blame mojang for that, not to mention it worked well for them with splitting the new features and worldgen into seperate updates. 1.18 is an INCREDIBLE update, they revamped the entire cavegen and added so many awesome features. i give mojang credit for that, they deserve it! 1.18 is a banger update and i love it!

    but what actually bugs me the Most is that they took the warden, and the deep dark - features that were planned for 1.17, and then 1.18, - and shoved them into a new box, the "wild update", coupled together with a bunch of other random things they said in the past that they would add that do not go together At All

    they could have taken their time on 1.18. they could have pushed back the update and released it with all the features they promised. but instead, unfinished 1.18 features were labelled as part of this New, Exciting Update and shoved and packaged together with plans for this other update they had ready, except half of those plans were still concept art and not at all fleshed out because they were still working on 1.18 and not the wild update

    and so they showed concept art and their initial 1.19 ideas to minecraft live, and then couldnt deliver, and then the community backlashed, for obvious reasons! because youre taking 1.18 features, putting them in a new box, smashing them together with other features, and not even adding those features completely??? it doesnt make sense, its a rushed and messy job and i think mojang needs to slow down and be more careful

    i would be fine waiting an entire YEAR for a new update if we got consistent teasers, some snapshots, and a final product that makes more sense than whatever the hell the mild update has got going on

    mojang keeps announcing updates, struggling to meet their deadlines, dropping or pushing back features to meet those deadlines, and what we get out of it is something rushed and unsatisfactory

    if im honest i dont even think they should be Trying to meet those deadlines in the first place. heck, the modding community hasn't even fully settled into 1.17 and theyre already pushing out 1.19

    this constant stream of new updates is too fast. mojang is so desperate to release the things they promised on time, theyre cutting out core features (birch forests, for instance) in order to release unfnished updates

    give us time to catch up. give us time to enjoy what the current updates have to offer. give us Time before releasing new updates and most of all give Yourselves time to put together all the features you showed us so the community and devs are both happy with the result

    i think 1.20 should be a quality of life update. bedrock parity changes, catching up with pushed back features (fletching table, bundles, etc), patching bugs and smoothing out gameplay or performance issues

    they fix what theyve got, and then after 1.20 is out, they can start on a clean slate with 1.21

    what with all the other controversies surrounding mojang at the moment (rtx on bedrock for instance) i sincerely hope they just. take their time. and stop trying to push out new updates that arent fulfilling

    i think they should step back. work on what theyve got

    take it slowly for once

    #minecraft #the wild update #rant#discourse #gah sorry im just pissed off #i know this post is pretty selfish i apologise #they mean best but it frustrates me
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  • yourbleedingh3art
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #uploads #Fr shake it off and move on #blog post#Gah
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  • ozzystar2
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago


    #gah why am i such a jealous possessive asshole what the fuck is wrong with me #vent
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