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  • giriduck
    25.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Music for lonely piano wizards.

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  • i-am-1142
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Fighting Practice

    Word Count: 628 (Character count: 3398)

    Warnings: N/A

    Link looked down through the blood in his eyes. Everything was blurry, he couldn’t even see the sparkle of silver from his dirty sword. He drops it.

    “I give up!” he yelled. “I can’t do this any longer.” 

    He collapsed to the floor, out of breath. He takes a bottle off his belt and sets a pink fairy free. Even though his wounds were healed, he was still tired, still weak and dampened; he can’t do this anymore. 

    Sheik stood towering above him. 

    “Again?” he said. “This is the fourth time you paused during training. If you can’t defeat me, then how can you defeat Ganondorf?”

    Link said nothing, too tired to speak, too tired to think. Sheik’s face went pale. 

    “Are you… alright?” he said.

    “Heh, no.”

    Sheik sits down beside him.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap like that-”

    Link pulls his weight and sits up a bit. He scratches his arm and tilts his head, irritated. 

    “It hurts.”

    “What does?”

    “This-” Link says, taking off his gauntlet.

    Sheik underestimated how heavy the Master Sword was, especially to use it without rest.

    His hand, though the fairy healed him, didn’t look well, it was red and weak. Sheik takes his hand and hums a tune, a lullaby. 

    Link started to fall asleep, resting his head on Sheik’s shoulder; barely awake, he realized what Sheik was singing. 

    “That’s… That’s the princess's song.” he murmured. 

    “It was.” 

    After a while, Link fell asleep. 

    Sheik got up and took a walk outside in the desert. The leevers ignored him as he walked by towards the hole under the rock. Looking around before he goes inside, Sheik takes out his harp and plays his lullaby on it. The rock collapses and he goes in; the rock builds back behind him. 

    The hall in front of him was dimly lit, with a fountain right at the end. This was where Sheik went to pray. He takes off his bandages and sits down next to the fountain. 

    You can see the remnants of the Princess he used to be, with fair face and gold hair. But so much has changed, his eyes are no longer the bright blue they used to be, his hair cut short and his fingers numbed. 

    He puts his hands in the water and starts praying when he’s interrupted by a piercing giggle.

    “Wonderful girl,” the voice said. 

    Sheik jumped to his feet, looking around for the voice.

    “I’m right here,” the voice said. “Right behind you.”

    Sheik turned. Standing behind him was a woman over three times the size of him. She had a harsh, yet pleasing smile, if you could see it behind all those vines she dares call clothes.

    “I haven’t seen you before,” Sheik said, angrily. “What are you doing here?”

    “What am I doing here?” the woman mocked. “Why, I LIVE here!”

    Sheik stood down. 

    “What’s your name?”

    “No name,” she said. “I only go by what others refer me to.”

    Sheik was confused. What was this person saying?

    “And what’s that?”

    “A blessing, a curse,” she said, giggling. “A fairy, a ghost, so many many things.”

    Sheik was even more confused than before now. He decided he’d leave this person alone, take his harp, and leave. 

    “Zelda?” The fairy said.

    Sheik stopped. What do I do, what do I do, what do I do. 

    “Who?” He says, dumbfounded. 

    “Zelda,” She repeats. “You are her, aren’t you?”

    Sheik says nothing, neither confirming or denying it. 

    “Zelda,” She said again. “It’s time to go.”

    “No, it isn’t.” Sheik said, tears in his eyes. “He’ll die.”

    “Who will?” Link said, standing next to him.

    “Link!?” Sheik exclaims. “What are you- what are you doing here?”

    “I’ve come here to pray,” he said. “Have you?”

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  • ask-phantom-ganon
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Sir! You've been gone for quite some time! Your presence was sorely missed. I, uh... I think I just wanted to thank you. Ten years ago, nearly to the day, I found your temple, and all the people in it, and made friends that I still have to this day. Like a little family. Your presence, I suppose, spurred me to be who, where, and with whom I'm with today. Sooooo... Thank you! It's good to see you again! Happy Ten Year Anniversary of Friendship! ((Howdy from thalia-and-lestat!))

    -I cross my arms, looking to the distance as I think back.- I still remember it like it was yesterday. You were a poor stuttering little thing in need of a place to stay when you arrived on my doorstep. I was honestly reluctant in allowing you admission. Which I suppose is how all of you ended up residing at the temple. You became my family and I do not regret it for the most part. -I chuckle lightly with a playful smirk upon my face.- Thank you dear Thalia for your kind words. It is nice to see the confident young woman you have become and it pleases me to have had some hand in it no matter how small.

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  • ask-phantom-ganon
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    He's here to annoy you get so many pets! He's missed you so much!!

    -My face remains flat as I raise my brow to the expectant Felicid. I would have never had to go through this with a properly trained wolfos but I knew this look all to well, even with my absence. There would be no getting around it. With a heavy exhale I kneel to your level and begin to ruffle my fingers through your fur.- Who’s been a good pup?

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  • ask-phantom-ganon
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. You’re a blast from the past! Glad to see you’re still kicking old man!

    Oh look, it’s the reason I left. You didn’t waste a moment in reaching out.

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  • giriduck
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    The Breath of the Wild topaz earrings feel like an homage to Ganondorf’s OoT drop earrings. Nice touch.

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  • mushroom-winners-proof
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Can I request Xemnas as Ganondorf?

    i gotta hunch these are related

    #snap chats #anyways no because i somehow read these as 'can i request xemnas smashing ganondorf' and i cried
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  • inkybirdy
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    (alright this took over my brain the other day so a follow-up happened - )

    “So? What are you thinking?” 

    Zelda’s hand is linked in Ganon’s and their other arm is hooked to Nabooru’s as they walk through the Hyrule Castle gardens, the cacophony of the ball muffled by the peace of fireflies and foliage.

    “Deya is close to Lake Hylia and the river - there’s potential for an irrigation highway there, if you focus on the elder’s family,” Zelda continues, spurred on by Ganon’s inattentive hum of acknowledgement, “Your grandmother made a good point - you and Granté have always gotten along, and it would give you territory in Akkala as well as access to Robbie’s resources and researchers. Similarly with Auntie Purah, a few of her students could be suitable. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for influence in Necluda, Hateno has--” “My grandmother was wasting her time,” Ganon interrupts gently, his gaze following along the flower bushes as he offers Zelda’s hand a little squeeze, “I’ve got it sorted, already.”

    Nabooru rolls her eyes. Ganon, however, is unfazed. “She’s not gonna let it go.” “She’ll get over it.” 

    Zelda tilts their head toward Nabooru, who offers them a shrug and an enunciated, teasing, “Farm boy.” 

    Despite the sharp look he shoots at her, Ganon seems pleased at his mention. Perhaps even a little smug. “You’ll like him,” He informs Zelda with all the graceful and victorious confidence a sixteen-or-so prince can muster, “He’s clever, and very sweet. He’s responsible, and generous, and animals and little kids like him, and he takes care of his uncle-” “And he’s cute.” Nabooru adds, claiming her opportunity to smirk at Ganon’s reddening cheeks, “That’s - Yes.” “And Ganon ditched him.”

    “Ganon.” Zelda implores, finally, as they swiftly duck under his attempt to reach over and whack Nabooru over the head. They resign themself to their companions fighting it out, for the moment, only slightly jostled by the way Nabooru insistently hugs onto their arm - not that they mind. 

    “I did not ditch him!” “I saw you do it!” “You saw wrong!” Ganon’s face is red still, but quickly being overtaken by anger, “I kissed him--” “And ran away--” “I went to tell mom my intentions!” “And did you tell him?” “Of course I told him! I told him-- I said--”

    Ganon pauses, mouth half-open, as his fury sinks into consternation. He releases his hand from Zelda’s in favor of tugging at one of the beautifully-beaded braids that hangs at his shoulders. “I… I said…” He begins, a couple of times, “I told him that… I…” Chewing his bottom lip, brows furrowing, Ganon quiets. 

    Nabooru, ever ruthless, gives him a flat look. “You didn’t tell him shit.” Her crass reaction jabs at him again, and he snarls. 

    “It doesn’t matter!” Ganon insists, despite the undignified and harried squeak to his voice, “He knows! He definitely knows!” “Does he?” Nabooru arches her brows in a challenge, “Because it sounds like you threw yourself on him, and then ditched him.” “That’s not--” “He could see it that way! Who knows? He could be crying into the arms of some half-decent stablehand right now.” “Shut up!” “Alright, sure - maybe a garrison squire. Or one of his not-cousins.” 

    Zelda is distantly relieved they decided to wear low-heeled boots, as they duck and slide out of the way when Ganon tackles Nabooru to the ground. While Gerudo finery like the pieces their companions are wearing is notoriously difficult to tear or taint, Zelda takes a few steps back to spare their cape and embroidered vest from the dust kicked up by the sudden brawl. Fingers neatly knit in front of them, posture settled straight, they watch.

    It doesn’t take long for Ganon and Nabooru to wrestle each other into a stalemate - it never does. No-holds-barred Ganon might have his sorcery on his side, but he’d never bear to risk damage to the garden, and otherwise he and Nabooru are quite evenly matched. 

    Heaving a breath as he finally wriggles from his and Nabooru’s mutual pin, Ganon shakes a few leaves from his hair and glowers. “I need to write a letter.” Usually one might assume Ganon means to take out a hit on somebody, with the way his tone resembles a set of freshly energized embers - but the red on his face reaches the tips of his ears. Zelda knows better, as does Nabooru - their intense and darling prince is flustered. This time when he runs off, it’s likely to make an utter mess of any parchment or stationery he can scrounge up in his guest quarters. 

    Zelda watches him go and silently wishes him well, a little doubtful that his precious farm boy will be able to read his panicked handwriting, and offers a hand to Nabooru.

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  • zelldaslullaby
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i imagine after a time it gets rly tiring fighting those weird blonde kids all the time

    #ganondorf#ganon #the legend of zelda #tloz#loz #legend of zelda #loz art#digital art#marart
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  • wutheringmights
    24.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Can't stop thinking about your comment of Time hating Ganondorf too much bc of the possibility of him not only seeing OoT Ganondorf but also the HW one while in the war, but also too scared that asking if there will be any interaction or comment on that with Mask could be a spoiler

    #an even bigger book that says CTB if Time went to Gerudo Town with the gang #Time hates Ganondorf exclusively because of what happened in OoT #it's just that unlike the other heroes who fought Ganon #for time it's PERSONAL #me rambling#ask#lu ctb#linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu#lu mask#elegyofemptiness
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  • askganon
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    That's still pretty close all things considered, especially since Zant didn't seem to know jack shit about magic before.

    He was also your devotee, does that make him a priest of sorts?

    Of sorts, I suppose. Do priests usually pledge their fealty to a deity in exchange for power and the promise to rule?

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  • sapphic-loser16
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Happier sketch of baby Gan

    #i mean #technically he’s not a baby #but I have classified this man’s life into two segments #baby Gan (ages 0-13) #and sad Gan (ages 13 and on) #the legend of zelda #legend of zelda #chiaroscuro doodles #i want to squeeze him #ganondorf
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  • sapphic-loser16
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #legend of zelda #sapphiedraws#chiaroscuro doodles#ganondorf#loz demise #WHOOPS THIS IS TECHNICALLY A SPOILER BUT I DONT CARE
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  • ro-blaze
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    For the slightly angstier ship meme, I am required by law to ask about Zelgan.

    laughs hysterically

    send me a ship and and i will tell you:

    (this is not going to be Belief specific, but I will throw in some extra Belief thoughts because I’m Like That)

    who is more likely to get injured doing small tasks

    Zelda. She is very hyper-focus and single-minded when she’s doing something, and long skirts tend to be a tripping hazard. Also, Gan is more naturally durable.

    who worries more about the other

    They both worry about each other a fair amount, actually. Depending on the incarnation, they can both be kind of worrywarts? I think I’m going to give this one to Zelda, because she generally has a lot more to worry about.

    who is more afraid about the other leaving them

    Both, but you cannot spell “Ganondorf Dragmire” without “abandonment issues”.

    who is more likely to leave (for any reason)

    Does dying count? Because I think it does.

    Zelda is by far the more flighty one (a consistent personality trait I’ve noticed about my Zeldas is that they tend to be the kind of person who’d rather step away from their problems and try to solve them indirectly instead of facing them, if she can avoid it, or sometimes just straight run from them,) but she’s more likely to run circles than legitimately leave, unless pushed (coughOcarinacough).

    Gan is extremely bull-headed and stubborn, but if he puts his foot down, he does. So this one could go either way.

    who is more likely to drunkenly confess

    Zelda. Lower alcohol tolerance. Belief Zelda especially is hilariously lightweigh, and she gets incredibly cuddly and touchy, as you will shortly see.

    who is more likely to push the other away (for any reason)

    Okay this is a difficult one, because I think it very much depends from incarnation to incarnation:

    Ocarina Zelgan? Zelda. Poor social skills, uncomfortable with intimacy, extremely flighty to the point they’d rather leave than engage.

    Twilight Zelgan? Gan. Traumatized, sad, angry - he would snap and yell at her and then feel incredibly guilty about it, ala Beast from BatB.

    BotW Zelgan? Gan. Lots of guilt over the Calamity + a short temper + not the most empathetic person.

    Belief Zelgan? Absolutely Zelda. You will see what I mean.

    who picks fights more often

    They’re both relatively mature people who don’t really pick *fights*, but I would say it’s usually Gan, because he’s the one with the more harsh temper. Some Zeldas (Ocarina and BotW come to mind) do have a shorter fuse, but they tend to cool off quicker as well. Gan’s temper is usually the dangerous kind.

    who usually apologizes first

    Zelda. Ganondorf Dragmire does not apologize, usually.

    who is more likely to withhold their feelings for the other

    I want to say both are a possibility, but Zelda is more likely, because she’s the kind of person who thinks she might survive suffering that in silence.

    who is more likely to lash out at the other

    Depends wholly on the incarnation. I would very slightly give the edge to Gan, because he may be less careful with his words and generally more likely to go on the offensive. Zelda is more the passive aggressive type.

    who gets more jealous

    Both. Incredibly. Not because they don’t trust each other (they do), but because they are both obnoxiously territorial and would murder you if you touch their person.

    (For Belief, it’s Zelda.)

    who is more likely to support the other in a relationship with someone else “as long as they’re happy”:

    Zelda. Zelda is self-sacrifical like that.

    #ro writes#zelda#zelgan#ganondorf#ganon#princess zelda #otp: some divine prank #i have a lot of feelings on them #thank you!
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  • triforce-princess
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #lozgraphics #legend of zelda #super smash bros melee #ocarina of time #link#oot link#gif#ssbm gif#zelda#ganondorf#oot zelda#oot ganondorf #flashing lights warning
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  • katerdaddy
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don’t know when I’m finishing this so here’s a wip of a breath of the wild art. I figured I’d post it here

    #my art#fandom #katertots character design #aestheitcs#art #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #link#botw link#botw 2#zelink#Zelda#ganondorf #the great calamity #zoras domain#sheikah#goddess hylia
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  • its-him--splat-sim
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #the sims 4 #ts4 #the legend of zelda #fire emblem#ganondorf #felix hugo fraldarius
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  • askganon
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    You do know that the great sea lived on past your death right and the two children went and founded a kingdom somewhere else. They deal with a much less impressive Demon King who is easier to defeat and doesn't seem to have the point or presence you do. I don't think they even worship the same goddesses.

    Do you not hear the absolute humdrum of your own statement? I remain unconvinced that I did anything less than what should have been done.

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  • ghosttcryptids
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What are some cool things going on in your fic right now?

    The two lads just got attacked by a group of bokoblins, leading to Estrin having to use his magic to defend Ganondorf, who was asleep when they were ambushed.

    Estrin doesn't like using his magic, brings back a lot of trauma for him but he's good at masking and so Ganondorf knows nothing about it.

    #*slaps estrins head* this lad can hold so much trauma and so many secrets! #Ganondorf has no idea that estrin has any form of magic #benrey answers #sheikah magic is kind of a well kept secret in their universe
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  • paragonoflust
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Continued from here


    Though she had to admit to herself, it had been a while since she had a proper bath given her traveling personality. She couldn’t help but feel just a bit suspicious about his potential intentions. However, she knew that she would at least feel a lot better after a good cleaning, so she reluctantly agreed and slowly followed behind him to his large bathroom. 

    Glad that she accepted his offer. He went into his large bathroom and undressed. His discarded clothes being put into a neat pile before he started the shower. Making slight adjustments until he was satisfied with the temperature. Before he got in and simply enjoyed the feeling of the water against his bare skin at the moment.

    #a girl named angel #muse: ganondorf
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