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  • hxroic-wxlls
    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    BuryTheLight (Vergil): 'Kasen invited us and I'm here to say Youmu can drop by our server for a break.'

    TheDevilsCry (Dante): 'Always interesting to hear about my brother's student so drop by when there's a chance. We'll send you a link, Youmu. Oh and Momiji too since she helps me put with a few jobs.

    HowlOfTheMountainWolves (Momoji): 'Please take over as admin for the Gensokyo server.'

    TheDevilsCry: 'No way, me and Verg heard true horror stories about being an admin there. And considering two people on that server was arrested recently because one provoked the other. We'll stick to our server.'

    SwordsAreTheBest (Youmu): Oh, hi sensei! It’s nice to see you here! Also, hello, Dante-San! Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to drop by as soon as possible!’

    ShamelessSolMain (Mokou): ‘Well, well, the master himself arrives. Thanks for giving your student the tip to move my cell. I feel much more relaxed now that I’m not trying to punch my cellmate through a wall.’

    SwordsAreTheBest: ‘On another note, that’s probably for the best, Dante-San. Things can get a little...unhinged around her.’

    ShamelessSolMain: ‘She’s definitely right about that. Heck, most of the admins in the server are troublemakers, themselves.’

    SwordsAreTheBest: Lack of a proper admin system aside, thank you so much for your guys’ offer. I appreciate it a lot.’

    #warriorsofcrimsonrealms #{loyal gardener: ic} #{bamboo forest guide: ic} #{ask answered}
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  • pathsofoak
    18.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    Chuck's going to be a builder now I've made up my mind

    #Gally is going to teach him. They're going to build watchtowers and a tree house in the Safe Haven #I am so excited for the treehouse #it's in a tree next to the only 'real' building in the whole place and they built a walkway so Newt and Brenda can get in too #when they're having a low spoon day #it's pretty high up and that structure is already on a hill so from the top they can look out over half the island #Frypan and Aris take care of snacks #Newt drinks because he discovrred the wonder that is fruit juice and he has the time of his life when he's not in the gardens #I have so many plans for the Safe Haven #I mean there's the wall they carve their own names in a la the Maze only this one has more positive connotations because it's kind #of a coming of age ritual to mark they've reached the place #mentally I mean #like they're either old enough (if you think long term) to understand the meaning of the place #or like Thomas theyve come far enough to really *want* to be there (which Thomas doesn't at first) and the name on the wall will signify it #there is also the memorial in the hills #I like the idea of that rock but a constant reminder of all the dead people in the middle of a camp full of traumatized and grieving kids.. #no. So when Newt struggles with grief he starts fostering trees with some kids from other mazes and plans something in the hills behind #the forest #it's a bunch of trees in a spiral from the bottom of the hill all the way to the top there are rocks at the foot of them with names on it #and empty spaces with a patch of flowers for the survivors #its a chronological path from greenie to Alby (working with the movies) from bottom to top #so Alby gets a willow tree-ish thing with flowers in it that'll create a sort of cover over the path and the area on top #where they've put a big rock with a map of the Maze (Minho Gally and Newt carved it together)at the center with Alby's name in the Glade #because he made the Glade work as a safe place he kept it going until he died #and he was the leader of course #I'd have to figure out the order in which they came up in the movies tho because they didn't all come up at the same time #Alby is first obviously #I know there's some comic in which George is 2nd and dies before anyone else comes up #but I'm ignoring the comics #he's still second but there's a bunch after him #Im out of tags the order: Alby George Nick Newt Minho Zart Frypan (george dies) other person Winston other people Gally other people Chuck
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  • chewablepebbles
    18.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago


    #hell yeah i got a 4.0 this semester!!!!!!!!!!!! #and! i will be working with my biology professor to start a sustainable food garden on campus!
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  • spectre-writes
    18.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    So, I watched 'vampire in the garden', and overall I really enjoyed it! But it's definitely not without its flaws, which will be major turn offs for a lot of people. My thoughts under the cut for spoiler reasons.

    First off people hoping for some lesbian romance between the main characters are going to be disappointed. Fine is hella gay (and it's glorious), and I suspect Momo might be too, but while Fine is an adult it turns out Momo is 14, killing any chance of a romance between the two. Plus the show comes with a dose of 'bury your gays' so there's that too...

    Story wise (maybe even character wise) the show suffers from a lack of episodes. We don't get much time watching the friendship between the main characters grow, or to see much of the world as a whole. Given that they apparently travel quite far it would have been lovely to allow that to be shown in more than montages. It would give a bigger feeling of a road trip, and allow us to watch the main characters connect with each other and learn more about one another as they go.

    Again, due to a lack of episodes the side characters don't have the opportunity to be developed. Momo's uncle and his gang are flat, and I still don't understand what Allegro's deal is or his relationship to Fine.

    The evil vampire kid at the end turned out to be a cookie cutter villain, though that's not due to time constraints. Personally if she'd been more morally gray it would have felt more natural and more compelling. Like, if they weren't draining vamps for electricity but something absolutely vital to keep their little town alive... and if they only used vampires who opposed their way of life... Like, if she'd told Momo and Fine that they had nothing to fear from them, because they are peaceful and therefore would never want to harm them... but Momo and Fine still decide that they can't condone torture and act to somehow destroy whatever set up allows it. And the kid is visibly upset and begs them not to destroy the civilisation they've built, and still doesn't want to hurt them but decides she must to protect her town and it's people... yeah, I'd find that much more interesting. But instead she just goes ahead and decided to use Fine as a battery, and when Momo opposes her immediately jumps into villain mode.

    Putting that aside though, there's still a lot of questions don't get answered (again I suspect due to a lack of time). We know Fine is the vampire queen, but we have only the vaguest idea of what that entails. And why are the vampire's so obsessed with getting her back? She clearly doesn't want to rule anymore, and isn't interested in killing humans (which you'd think would be important). Can't they let her abdicate, and pick someone better suited? If not, why?

    Getting more episodes so we could see flashbacks that better show Fine while she was ruling as queen properly would fill in a lot. Plus it would give us the chance to see Allegro and Fine in the past, and understand what their relationship is and how Fine's recent behaviour has strained it. Also, if she was a bloodthirsty queen who killed a lot of humans in her day, seeing the transformation of who she was to who she is now would also be great.

    Also I don't know if Allegro intentionally lied, or if it was a mistake, but he tells Momo that Fine had a human she loved who betrayed her, and she still hasn't healed from it. But what we see doesn't seem to show that? Fine just says that she wasn't able to protect Arya... so I'm still scratching my head over that.

    And I still have some questions as to how the whole vampire thing works. I presume vampires are made, because humans kill people if they get bitten. But we've seen some vampire children. Where they also bitten and changed, or born vampires? Can vampires age? Do they age slowly, or not at all? I don't think it was ever clearly explained.

    And the ending... oh boy, the ending. I get that tragedies can appeal to some people, but it really didn't do it for me. My biggest issue is it seems to contradict what the show was trying to say - that humans and vampires could live together. Because turns out they can't since someone else will always ruin it. Personally I think they should have come to the conclusion that if eden isn't a place they can find, maybe it's a place they can build.

    But instead Fine dies, and it just... irks me. I mean, I would have loved to see her get the opportunity to truely heal. She starts off telling Allegro that she's looking for a place to die, and then by the end maybe she still is, because she basically kills herself. And yes, you could say that it was a noble sacrifice to protect Momo... but is it? Momo's mum sees her at the end. What's to stop more people coming after her? Fine saw an opportunity, a way to justify her end... It would have been far more rewarding to see her choose to live. To stop punishing herself for what happened to Arya. To move forward and build something beautiful.

    And seriously Momo why didn't you sing... After failing to show her friend the music box before she died, there'd at least be some closure in fulfilling Fine's dying wish... but she just cries and Fine is dead before she manages to sing and it just doesn't hit the same.

    Wow, I've just done nothing but complain for paragraphs... I actually still really enjoyed the show! I adore Fine (lesbian vampire queen, hell yes), I love how swept up in euphoria she gets with music, her playful personality, her anguish... yeah I just all round love her. Momo is fine if a little naive, I think she could have been better if the show had time to delve deeper into her dissatisfaction with the world and her issues with her mum.

    The animation is nice, and I cannot get enough of the vampire wing transformations... it's so fluid, and a fairly unique touch. Music is great. Show hits some wonderful emotional peaks. It's good, but with 12 episodes and a few tweaks it could have been amazing. Still worth watching if you're looking for something to try.

    #vampire in the garden #just me rambling #i enjoyed it but the show has issues #I'm so tempted to write a fanfic to fix things #but i promised to focus on my ongoing fics #i'll just hoard ideas for now
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  • jillraggett
    18.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Plant of the Day

    Wednesday 18 May 2022

    The common peony of so many cottage gardens is Paeonia officinalis 'Rubra Plena' which is a robust and very long-lived plant. In many gardens they are the herbaceous perennial that is inherit with the garden and is often shared as grandma’s peony.

    Jill Raggett

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  • christianj787
    18.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Vertical Garden Construction Market Size, Leading Players, Forecast to 2022–2030

    Market Overview:

    Rapid urbanization, industrialization and increased use of automobiles have led to the rise in air pollution. Proliferation in gardens and plants aid in managing these environmental issues along with increasing the aesthetic value of the place. Vertical garden is a technique of growing plants on a vertically suspended panel with the help of hydroponics. These structures can be built on wall as substrate and also as freestanding living walls. Market Research Future (MRFR) has published a report asserting that the global vertical garden market is marked to expand at a notable CAGR of 6.18% during the forecast period of 2022–2030.

    Market Drivers and Restraints:

    Rise in air pollution as a result of industrialization and proliferation in automobiles that are being operated on daily basis have induced high demand for innovative initiatives to keep control on the environmental issues, mainly in developed and developing regions. Increasing construction of vertical gardens at public places and under the flyovers in metropolitan cities are propelling the growth of the global vertical garden construction market. Rise in popularity of indoor vertical gardens in commercial and residential buildings are also fueling the growth of the global vertical garden construction market. However, regular maintenance required for vertical gardens is acting as a challenge on the growth of the global vertical garden construction market during the review period.

    Market Segmentation:

    The global vertical garden construction market has been segmented on the basis of type and application. Based on type, the global vertical garden construction market has been segmented into indoor vertical garden construction and outdoor vertical garden construction. Increased construction of vertical gardens at public places and under flyovers are resulting in the significant growth of the outdoor vertical garden construction segment in the global vertical garden construction market over the review period. Based on application, the global vertical garden construction market has been segmented into residential construction and commercial construction.

    Regional Analysis:

    Geographically, the global vertical garden construction market has been segmented into four major regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world. The Asia Pacific region commands the major share in the global vertical garden construction market owing to the increased emphasis on green construction practices in the emerging economies of this region. The government in countries such as India, China, and Japan are focusing on constructing vertical gardens at public places and under flyovers as a result of increased air pollution caused due to vehicle emission. Initiatives of vertical gardens on roadside walls and pillars and rise in environmental awareness are majorly driving the vertical garden market in this region. Rapid urbanization and increased investments on aesthetic values in constructions are propelling the growth of the vertical garden construction market in the North America region. Growing concerns regarding the side effects of air pollution and its causative agents are fueling the expansion of the vertical garden construction market in the Europe region.

    Industry Updates:

    In December 2018, the Hackensack Meridian Health Medical Center, New Jersey, has installed vertical gardens in its new outpatient care facility on the center’s east campus. These gardens are considered to be durable, sustainable and easy to maintain alternative for traditional gardening techniques.

    In November 2018, it has been announced that Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, India, is planning to build vertical gardens and skating rink under some of the major flyovers of the city.

    Key Players:

    The leading players profiled by MRFR that are operating in the global vertical garden construction market are LiveWall, LLC, Sempergreen BV, The Greenwall Company, ZTC International Landscape Solutions (P) Ltd., Rentokil Initial plc, American Hydrotech, Inc., ANS Group Global Ltd, Biotecture Ltd., Elmich Australia, and Fytogreen Australia.

    Market Research Future (MRFR) is a global market research company that takes pride in its services, offering a complete and accurate analysis with regard to diverse markets and consumers worldwide. MRFR’s approach combines the proprietary information with various data sources to give an extensive understanding to the client about the latest key developments, expected events and also about what action to take based on these aspects.

    Contact Us

    Wantstats Research and Media Private Limited

    99 Hudson Street,5Th Floor

    New York, New York 10013

    United States of America

    Sales: +1 628 258 0071(US)

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  • articlelink01
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Currently, there is a Cup of Caterpillars for Sale online!

    Get your active butterfly gardens hatching kit on our site today! Currently is new about our cup of caterpillars for sale, which you can order and get shipped down as you wish. Butterfly Kit is a fun park for youngsters as well as adults! You’ll like to witness a butterfly life story with this unique child-and-insect-friendly habitation. Observe the caterpillar’s transformation as it matures, changes to the pupa stage, and at long last appear as the painted woman butterfly! The transformation takes three weeks to trip from the caterpillar phase to a butterfly stage. What are the contents of the butterfly garden hatching kit? An entire Butterfly Kit contains a painted and beautiful woman Butterflies with five live caterpillars and a little Popup home ground. Sometimes, it’ll be ten pieces of caterpillars and an enormous Popup home ground. Most times, you order with their food shipped together with your kit. Then you’re sometimes to a FREE-of-charge certificate that you'll be able to redeem to urge your caterpillars on future dates. Are there other vital items to look for in the kit?  Additionally, you will get a man, a butterfly feeder, its sugar, a pipette, directions, and a coloring page. One cup contains 5 caterpillars, while ten are always inside a pair of 5(five) cups.  Is my butterfly safe outside? Retain the mature butterflies inside or unleash them out. They are fully secure if you let them out of the cage into the atmosphere. Consider our Science schemes for youth exploitation through our site’s butterfly kits. Avail the whole pleasure of breeding your butterfly any day at any time through using the Butterfly garden hatching kit! Why buy from us? 100% guaranteed; we tend to guarantee that three out of each five (5) caterpillars will develop into happy mature butterflies. We also ensure that you can unleash our species into thin air when the perceptive temperature exceeds fifty degrees. Ensure you don’t order when it’s less than forty degrees or higher than eighty-five degrees inside your space. If you do this, our live delivery warranty will be void due to orders throughout these temperatures. Ready to nurture butterflies again? Get a lot of caterpillars here! Including everything you’d like, except an internet cage! You will get a man, a butterfly feeder, some sugar, a pipette, directions, a coloring page, and live caterpillars. This could be a satisfying room activity, even for Lecturers Without expertise with active critters. For colleges, organizations, and establishments trying to form buying orders, know that we tend to settle for buying orders through email, mail, or fax.

    We might not accept telephone call buying orders! Please embody your signature from the asking authorization official. We tend to ship orders created by buying orders within 2-5 working days. The dispatch note is enclosed within the package and is additionally armored to the asking contact on the PO. Do you know you can experiment with this idea even in the wintertime? The directions are enclosed within. At Nature Gift store checks out some FAQs on the butterfly garden hatching kit! We ship solely at intervals to the continental USA. You’ll avail lots of discounts online Nature Gift Store site for your butterfly garden hatching kit and other purchase order.

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    #Cup of Caterpillars for Sale Butterfly garden hatching kit
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  • erikajanekeenan
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Its Looking Green Around Here - Spring Garden Update

    Its Looking Green Around Here – Spring Garden Update

    It has been a few weeks now since I have shared an update on the Garden. I lost a few sprouts as I didn’t transfer them in time, live and let learn I guess. Some of our other sprouts have been doing pretty well and it is looking like it might be time to actually move them outside here soon! I started doing some work on our garden beds outside, I will include some pictures below. If you are…

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  • rebswiftscrapsthings
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Today mum helped me put in my first of several planter boxes, getting ready to have a full-on veggie garden ready to go by the beginning of the next growing season!

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  • allthingssoulful-garden
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Found a decently-priced Buddha’s Hand online a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but they were always ridiculously expensive. I’m really happy with this one though. And it seems to be healthy. I’ve had a problem with this when buying citrus trees in the past. They look good when you get them, but a few days after bringing them home spider mites or other pests start appearing. I’ve had this one for a couple of weeks and there’s nothing suspicious on it. It’s pretty small as its branches have been cut short, but the trunk is thick, so it’s not that young. Found a sunny spot for it and now I’m waiting for tiny hands to appear.

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  • bagels-withcreamcheese
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I fucking love this chorus it makes my brain produce all the right chemicals. You ate it up and now you’re all full of batshit!!!!!! Like yea. Also FBI van that I pass every time I go to/from my moms house.

    #anyway I was speeding so fast I literally drove like a maniac I trimmed that nearly 3 hour car ride to under 2.5 LOL #I got home I ran Nessy and her litter box inside in under 2 min #then continued driving like a maniac to work #it paid off though bc I got inside the restaurant at like 4:01 so I was good #I thought there would be more training but I basically was just thrown in. #idk if I’m supposed to take from the left and serve on the right or if I have it backwards like #I know the boss said something like that to me last week when I went in for paperwork but hell if I remember now #but yeah I was basically just left alone at the garden bar today. like everyone was doing their own thing #I just tried to be helpful where I could and the server I was supposed to be shadowing #who didn’t even try training me just off doing her own thing #anyway I think I was just. clearing a table. simple right. #and she comes up and was like actually I should wipe the table like this. and u should hold the tray like this. and u should do this etc #bruh why’s it matter how I fold the rag to wipe the table wtf like she’d just keep correcting me over NOTHING #it’s not like she gave me any sort of direction beforehand even. I was just trying to do what I could without direction #kinda made me upset I rlly don’t think she likes me #they let me try this fancy ube desert back in the kitchen tho it was good but 20$ for a tiny little thing like that WOOF #this restaurant is so fancy. too rich for my blood personally. u will not catch me paying $70 for one entree like ok y’all rich rich #the food is definitely good tho I’m glad I do not have 2 pay for it lmao #tess talks
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  • cybergai
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i cant believe momo from vampire in the garden is a minor like wtf when i watched i though oh she has a job she doesnt go to school she is like 20-22 and that vampire kid just said that she was her age to fool her but ??? its just too low make a wlw series with a 14 old kid with a grown vampire woman idk

    #i have to watch it again just to check #vampire in the garden #also IT MUST HAVE A PART TWO I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW U MAKE A 5 EPS ANIME JUST LIKE THAT JUST TO SHOW SADNESS
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  • ishwarpurigoswami
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Internet Trending Best Garden Pond Ideas

    Internet Trending Best Garden Pond Ideas

     In addition to fire pits and a dining table, garden ponds can bring your outdoor space to a whole new level. Adding one in your garden is a great way to encourage more wildlife into your backyard. You can provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife, including frogs, fishes, and insects. Ponds are a great source of food and water, as well as a home or breeding ground for them to…

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    #A miniature koi pond #Backyard#Bamboo fountain#beautiful designs #Disappearing water fountain #DIY canoe#FIRE PITS#Garden#garden ponds #Internet Trending Best Garden Pond Ideas #Lush and colorful wildlife pond #Miniature wildlife pond #outdoor space #Small deep Koi pond with water feature #Two-tier wood-framed raised pond with water feature #unique backyard#water garden #Waterfall with small koi pond
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  • rnadal88
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    #garden in the morning….. #mygarden #sunrise (at Heerle) https://www.instagram.com/p/CdsANvWN7R3/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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  • allthingsbeingmadenew
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Him: Wanna know something we should do in the future when we have our own place?

    Me: What?

    Him: Get, like, chickens and stuff, on top of planting fruits and veggies and everything.

    Me: 👀

    #it is not happening anywhere in the near future #but this is the first time he has shown an interest in homesteading 👀 #✨attractive✨ #idk how i feel about chickens though #i will obviously eat them and stuff #but cannibalistic animals kinda freak me out ☠️ #i think i would rather just be in charge of gardening stuff and not deal with animals 🙃
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  • perikali
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    “ The Cabin can be delivered in one piece or as a flat pack. For more challenging locations flat-pack is even recommended. The flatpack consists of 26 parts of a maximum of 500 kg each. Plus easy to remove screw-foundation of 14 steel pillars of 1,5 m long. These pillars will be unscrewed from the soil when Cabin ANNA is disassembled and moved elsewhere. Nothing will be left behind in nature. With a mini electric crane, elements are put together in 5 working days with 3 people (and disassembled in 3 days). All elements fit a regular truck and can be transported by land or sea”

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