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  • leiathosebuns
    08.11.2019 - 2 years ago

    @garfieldloganlovesrachel​ i don’t even like gabriel, the one i call wes lite. the only reason i laughed at it is because asher is kind of a weak ass bitch and he actually thought he was the one to get in some real severe hits when he clearly hasn’t looked at himself. this whole wes lite vs asher was ridiculous from the get go and their petty bullshit is really unwarranted. it’s tiresome and was stale on delivery.

    #wes lite is still frowning in the courtroom #htgawm #how to get away with murder #leia replies#garfieldloganlovesrachel#lol #i didn't like gabe from the beginning #but asher isn't much better
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  • theravennest
    01.10.2019 - 2 years ago

    garfieldloganlovesrachel replied to your post: “The less said about Titans 2x04 the better but… Garth and Donna’s...”:

    We have aneoisode later called Jericho

    Then they should’ve named this episode Joey or Adeline and focused on them.

    #garfieldloganlovesrachel#replies#titans #Literally does not make any difference in what I said but ok.
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  • imthepunchlord
    27.07.2019 - 2 years ago

    garfieldloganlovesrachel replied to your post: simplystefanie-rae replied to your post: ...

    I thing she will BECOME his boss! I mean she already proved to be more active more dangouress and more daring in geting the miracules

    I would rather that she was his boss immediately for that was what she was built up to be. She was promised to be worse than HM, she was promised to make him look like a baby, she was promised to be his boss. All this suggest that she was going to be a new, immediate danger. Someone to be scared of. Someone even Gabriel was going to be scared of. 

    She was supposed to be a new immediate threat. A new, real danger. Someone who was really going to up the ante for the show, which it really needed, cause HM is a boring villain, the akuma of the day eps have long since gone stale, and this show’s pace and story, a snail moves faster than this show. 

    This, this is what a lot of us were looking forward to. It is annoying that a new female villain is described to be worse than HM who is instead described to be tragic, but this needed some real danger so I’m up to see what Paon/Mayura could’ve brought. Over was she a new threat? What was her power? How was she going to overpower Gabriel? I was ready for a real fight between two villains determined to get a leg up on one over the other!

    And what did we get? Another Volpina and Rena Rouge. One was built up, setting standards and something we can all get excited for, and what we got was lackluster and disappointing. We got a knock off butterfly and Nathalie is in love with Gabriel completely out of nowhere, to a point she’s willing to use a deadly miraculous for him and help him in his mission to revive the woman he loves. And by this set up, how she’ll become his boss is probably because she’ll be a woman scorned, rejected and unable to get over that rejection, so she’ll aim for the wish so she can wish that it was her that Gabriel is in love with, and she’ll be worse because she’s forcing Gabriel to help her get that wish to force him to fall in love with her.

    Not something I really care to see. If they wanted Nathalie to be the new Peacock and eventually take over, I would’ve rather she becomes so from being power hungry, out of spite of his incompetence, or to protect Adrien because Gabriel is making things risky and sloppy. Not this dumb love triangle no one wanted. 

    What we have is a huge disappointment and boring and just keeps to the status quo, and even if she does take over, it will still keep to the status quo and still be boring and we’ll still be rolling our eyes bored. 

    Mayura (someone new, Nathalie, or Emilie) could’ve been just what the show needed, make things more dangerous and real. To up the ante. To be the immediate threat that she was promised to be. 

    But she isn’t. 

    She’s boring and irritating. And I’m already unimpressed for the possible day of if/when she becomes the new boss. cause it’ll still stick to the status quo and it won’t be anything new or exciting. 

    #garfieldloganlovesrachel#ml salt#ml spoilers #honestly this show isn't worth watching anymore #with how boring it is #with how it treats all of its characters #its just better to stick with fanon #canon's boring and not worth it #and will piss you off most of the time #its not worth it
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  • wildlyminiaturesandwich
    12.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    garfieldloganlovesrachel reblogged your photoset and added:

    A question if you have seasons instaled sunburning and suntaning will be hqppening in other worlds to right?

    Seasons doesn’t really have anything to do with it, it’s dependent on having Island Living and the loungers and towels.

    Your sims can click on either a lounge chair, a floating lounger or a beach towel and choose to sunbathe, if they stay too long they might get burnt instead. But you HAVE to have Island Living specifically, otherwise as far as I’m aware, your sims won’t be able to tan or burn even with the free lounger that’s coming in the patch.

    SimGuruMorgan confirmed it does work in other worlds on Twitter though:

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  • dailymanifestnetflix
    17.02.2019 - 3 years ago

    Not a request but do youthing in future seasons people negativly effectet by the return will try and fight to get they famalies back together some in more compromising ways some in more aggresiv ways they atleast tease this alot. I can see alot of the. 828 haters being angry people who just lost tgey boyfriends and girlfriends and adoptet children becaus of it. And do you see dannie joining the haters 🤔

    hi :) sorry for the late reply but i only watched the episode yesterday!

    yes, absolutely! like you said they teased this a lot in the last episode. they showed us that people who are coming back in 5 years, 1 week, a few days or whenever can use their callings negatively, so for their own cause or for bad things too. that's the mystery that's still out there. are they callings always out there to save/help someone? we at least saw that michaela can't trust the returned ones blindly!

    and ofc it's also the other way 'round that the 828 haters who weren't on the plane take advantage of that too and respond in more agressive ways to that. as for danny idk? but that's a very interesting thought you have. right now we see the stones as a family again and if olive pulls away from him too there's a possibility he joins the haters.

    anyway i'm curious where this is going and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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  • ilwinsgarden
    15.02.2019 - 3 years ago

    garfieldloganlovesrachel replied to your post “Stormy Weather 2… are you kidding?? I mean was that some joke for a...”

    The thibg is you ned to watch episodes in production order this episode is suposed to forshadow majour statues que changes by the end of the season

    Well, if it is so (why they didn’t air it when it was supposed to be then? I mean it basically already done right... :/ (But to be true I don’t think I would feel better about it if I saw it earlier)), it only corresponds with that they seem to be not caring about fans at all. *shrugs*

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  • shaloved30
    07.02.2019 - 3 years ago


    replied to your post

    :Another thing about All American- after tonight,...

    Yk im so sure billy is spencers Bio father caus Why would he owe spenvlcer something plus its so obvius that grace is his true love caus he lets everything laying for her. Like comeone he only moved ob like 90 percent but 10.percent will. AlwYs be for grace. Like they just is this difrent energy compared to his loving wife. I kinnda smell. A love triangle with them in the future if we get s2  But damne i want the whos the real father mistery to be solved caus no way they trick us the whole season only for it to be tge guy who left what if he left caus Spencer locked to much like Billi plus in rl Spencer was Helped by his father so obviusly they had to creat drama around it

    They already answered that more than once. Billy is not Spencer’s father. Corey is. Billy still has something he has to answer for that clearly was a part of Corey’s leaving and that’s the mystery, He and Grace both do. That was pretty obvious in the flashback last night.

    This has nothing at all to do with this actual post but I had to answer you cause clearly you’ve missed some things

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