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    The fact that every time I type “fuck off” in a microsoft word document it tries to suggest “go away” instead...

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    #gates mcfadden#lavar burton #Star Trek TNG #star trek the next generation #star trek: the next generation #dr beverly crusher #Beverly Crusher #geordi la forge #my gifs#my edits#gmedits#stedits#sttngedits #star trek Babes #tv edits #tv : Star Trek #I know this one is very random but every time I watch this episode I can't help but say BABE!!!
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    I love her.

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    mel + mirrors
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    i made so many serpent gates memes but here's one that didn't make the cut (into my serpent gates powerpoint)

    #the serpent gates #the thousand eyes spoilers #definitely have theories about why she put it on #but most of them are just like because she is friendly :)
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    From this angle I think the wig looks a lot better. I still don't love it, but it doesn't look as granny as before.

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    taurus sun capricorn moon and idk what my exact rising is but idk my exact birth time but websites told me im also a capricorn rising so ill go with that

    kiss just because we’re both capricorn risings :) also i love tauruses

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    First and Last appearances (3) 

    #amphibia#amphibia spoilers#marcy wu#general yunan#lady olivia#king andrias#amphibia marcy#amphibia yunan#amphibia olivia #amphibia lady olivia #amphibia andrias#toadcatcher #marcy at the gates #the plantars check in #the hardest thing #amphibia finale #I know that Andrias was in Marcy at the Gates but he didn't fully debut until The Plantars Check In
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    ill just drop some niche fan art of the bestest evil boy....

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    Happy Friday!  A new set; probably not what you were expecting.

    Prisoner’s Cart (AtPH Expansion VI)

    A small set including one new cart with cart components, a couple of add-ons for the flatbed cart, and some new accessories. Obvious big red warning label: depicts deprivation of liberty and implied non-con secks stuff. Clicking the link implies that you have read and acknowledged this. The link redirects to BHSA Pixel Smut (no explicit images because Wordpress).

    Prisoner’s Cart (AtPH Expansion VI)

    The upload is mirrored at Pillowshart (Explicit images).

    Prisoner’s Cart (AtPH Expansion VI)

    #sims 2 #sims 2 objects #Barbarians at the Gate #Blue Heaven Sims Adult- Pixel Smut
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    Idk if this has been done, but if it has could someone please tag me in it.

    That scene from Monsters Inc where the mom in the car is like "I'll just be here listening to my tunes", but with a Eden's Gate cult song (preferably Oh John) playing is running through my head.

    If I had any skill with video editing I would make it myself, but I'm really hoping someone else has had the same idea and actually made it 🤣

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    I’m here thinking, surely you want to get back to business now that you’re active, right Casca?

    “Actually I want to kill someone! :)”

    #someone calm this man my god why'd you come out of the gates IRRITABLE #smh don't catch my bad mood sir smiiiiiiile #;ooc
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    @gilesian​ said:   “I didn’t do that on purpose.”

         John had always been warned that terrible things would happen to him if he didn’t learn to make more noise when he walked. That retribution finally happened, in the form of iced coffee being splashed across his chest. Thankfully, he was still just wearing a tee-shirt, but the sudden temperature shock made him gasp. Rupert’s mortified look and apology made him grin despite the moment’s awkwardness.

          “Course y’didn’t,” John grinned at him before he pulled off the partially sodden shirt. “Reckon it was a happy accident.”

    #gilesian #MAIN | rake at the gate #⛧ | in every generation (Buffy continuity) #❧ | our love-lines grew hopelessly tangled (Giles/John)
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    ok but like

    imagine a sagau au where the reader isn't recognized by the acolytes

    but they aren't being hunted down by them either

    and in this au looking like the creator isn't a sin it just warrants a "damn must be truly blessed by the creator to be blessed with their face"

    and the reader just kinda wants to see how long it takes for everyone to realize

    also venti is the first to know and the reader literally begs him not to tell anyone

    and they both just kinda

    vibe as gods in disguise

    Say My Name

    In where you begin your journey in a fairly dull way, but that doesn't make it any less exciting.

    Characters: Barbara, Noelle, Venti

    Notes: Once again, I have made Venti a prominent character in a fic. I have grown far too attatched to him :( AND I WANTED TO MAKE THIS MORE ABOUT NOELLE BUT I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM BECAUSE VENTI'S FAT ASS TOOK UP ALL OF IT. And I didn't want to shove something in at the end, I thought it was a good stopping point so I didn't stretch the fic on longer than it needed to go. Anyways this was fun to write either way :)

    warnings: fluff, cult behaviors, comical

    Considering how extravagant and lively Teyvat is, your arrival was fairly dull.

    You were freaking out of course, your heart beating out of your chest and breathing erratic. What were you supposed to do when you wake up in your favorite game? What was the right course of action?

    Frankly, you thought you were dead or about to die. Teyvat is crawling with high level monsters. Maybe this was all a big fever dream?

    You sighed, clutching your head, so many thoughts whirling around and yet none of them stayed long enough for you to get a good grasp of the situation or the best course of action.

    But one thought remained consistent as your eyes drifted over to the path laid out before you. Mondstadt.

    The moment you lay your eyes on the bridge leading to the Mondstadt gates you can't help yourself, running past Timmie's birds, shouting out a quick sorry to him, and sprinting as fast as you could to the gates. You slowed as you neared them and Lawrence - the gate guard - stopped you in your tracks.

    "Greetings strange but respectable traveler!" He saluted, his eyes wide staring at you and you assumed it's because of the odd way you dressed, "May I ask what business you have in Mondstadt?"

    "Oh! Just visiting." You grinned, feeling a tad bit dizzy at hearing his voice right in front of you and not just through your headphones. Not to mention the fact that his hair looked so real and nice.

    He hummed and nodded, "Alright then, just don't cause any trouble." He waved you off.

    That was easy... you mused. Though you didn't dwell on it and marveled at the wonderous city adorned with the high-noon sun and pretty flowers.

    You could hear the humming of bards and birds, the sound of Flora selling her flowers, and of course Donna simping over Diluc.

    It was all so familiar, from the people to the music and the tiles on the floor, it all felt like the beginning of your journey. Almost like home, you couldn't help but hum along to the merry music.

    You passed by Katheryne and she waved at you knowingly but didn't say anything. You decided not to question her about it - Katheryne knew a lot of things anyways so you decided this was pretty in-character for her - and you waved back with a grin.

    You wandered meaninglessly through the calming streets, still humming the tune. You came upon the fountain in the plaza and paused. Usually, you'd climb up the wall to get past but now you had to actually walk.

    You chuckled, you weren't sure why but this was such a nice feeling and you sprinted to the left until you came upon a set of stairs. You climbed up them and made your way to Venti's large statue.

    When you made it, you craned your neck up to take it all in, an awed smile on your face.

    "Ah, are you a newcomer?" A nearby nun asked you, snapping you out of your dazed state.

    "Oh! Uh- yeah I am!" You grinned sheepishly.

    The nun hummed, smiling warmly, "You must be truly blessed to look so similar to our creator. You can go into the cathedral if you want to see our offerings to them." She nodded towards said building, "Hope you enjoy your stay in Mondstadt!" She waved, now even allowing you to get a word out before moving along.

    You stared after her for a minute before whispering to yourself, "What the fuck-"

    You turned back around and stared cautiously at the cathedral. What did she mean by creator? Stuff like this has never been mentioned in the lore before...

    You'd been in the cathedral maybe a hundred times and had never seen anything that could be attributed to some... creator or whatever she meant by that.

    So, naturally, you had to go and investigate.

    The moment you entered those cathedral doors (with no loading screen separating the two anymore), your eyes immediately caught onto the shrine built on top of the rotating door. Two pairs of stairs leading up to it.

    You gaped at the shrine, grand and well-kept, but what caught even more of your attention was the sheer amount of offerings left out at the base below the shrine. There was so much food and random shiny objects, some of which looked more than what you were worth.

    Your jaw hang open at the sight, and you noticed you started to get some odd stares. You fixed your face and donned a more neutral expression, looking on at the shrine curiously.

    "Ah, first time in Mondstadt's cathedral?" said a soft and familiar voice.

    You whipped your head around to face Barbara, her sparkling eyes fixed onto you.

    You composed yourself - both at the scene in front of you and the fact you just met Barbara face-to-face - "Yeah, it is."

    "You look so much like our beloved creator!" She exclaimed, "It must be such an honor to be blessed with their lovely face!"

    "U-uhm..." You stuttered, sending her an awkward smile, "I suppose so."

    Her eyes shifted and you felt a jolt of unease in your chest, sinking into your heart, "Sorry, I'm just not used to Mondstadt's customs. We practice things quite differently where I'm from."

    "Oh! Sorry then," Barbara frowned, "I didn't mean any disrespect, I just wanted to make sure you weren't disrespecting our creator in any ways. I suppose in the end it didn't do any good."

    You hummed non-committedly and gazed back upon the shrine. There was a statue of the supposed creator upon there and unconsciously you took steps towards it. As you gazed up at it, it was as though you were looking into a mirror.

    The statue was an exact replica of you, in every way shape and form it was you.

    "It truly is remarkable how alike you two are," Barbara smiled up at the statue, pure devotion in her eyes, "It was an honor to look upon you and see an image that so wonderously reflects our creator's." She smiled at you.

    You nodded and she left with a wave. A few moments later you left the church.


    The problems in this perfect world arose when your stomach started to growl and you realized...

    You had no mora.

    "Goddamnit I'm having a Zhongli moment," You cursed the gods (specifically Venti and Zhongli) for not giving you mora when you arrived to Teyvat.

    Although you didn't have to worry about that for long, oddly enough. When you were eyeing Good Hunters, a kind little lady approached you.

    "E-excuse me," Her cute voice cracked and your eyes met with Noelle's, "Are you hungry? I could um-" Her eyes diverted away from yours but always seemed to come back to stare into your eyes, "I could make you something if you so wish."

    You gasped, your face lighting up in a smile that reddened Noelle's cheeks, "Really? Oh! I'd love to try some of your Tea Break Pancakes- oh! Ah, nevermind. You don't have to." You waved her offer off, "I don't even have any mora on me."

    "That's fine." She grinned, "Consider it... a gift to our creator. A celebration of how much you look like them."

    "Ah," You couldn't help the surprised smile that tugged up at the corners of your lips, "That's- I mean I appreciate it but I'm sure there's much better uses you could use with your time-"

    "Nonsense! I insist," Her resolve was as sturdy as the sword you'd given her, "A little treat of mine."

    "I-" Your stomach interrupted any argument you were going to make, "Fine..." You sighed, "But I owe you okay? If you ever need anything just ask me."

    She agreed and made you the meal, which you excitedly watched her make. It was so surreal watching Noelle make the pancakes instead of just pressing a couple buttons.

    Even still she made those pancakes in record time, you were impressed.

    "Thank you so much Noelle! Really, you're carrying Mondstadt on your shoulders." You giggled.

    Her face flushed a bright red and she waved her hands dismissively, "Oh no no no, I don't do that much. I'm... not even a knight yet." She frowned.

    "Well," You said in-between bites, "You do as much if not more than the knights do. Don't put yourself down just 'cause you're not official yet."

    Your smile, a replica of the ones on the statue but brighter and more personal caused Noelle to feel nearly dizzy.

    "You're far too kind... Oh! Dear, where are my manners?" She huffed, "What's your name?"

    "Oh! It's (Name)." You held out your hand but she didn't take it immediately.

    She tilted her head, her eyes narrowed in confusion, "Isn't that... the creator's name? Did your parents name you that?"

    Your mind blanked. Why the hell does this creator person have my face and my name?

    You chuckled, "They did."

    Noelle hummed and nodded along, "It's a bit unusual but not like it's against the law or anything," She shrugged and took your hand, "It's nice to meet you (name). I'm Noelle, though it seems you already knew that..?"

    You nodded, "Yeah, I've heard of you. You're the best maid in Mondstadt. Who knows, maybe the best maid in all of Teyvat." You chuckled as her face bloomed into color once more.

    "Truly, you flatter me too much," She fanned her face in an attempt to get rid of the heat, "...have you really heard of me outside of Mondstadt."

    Without hesitation, you nodded while biting into the pancake, "Of course!" You technically weren't lying. You'd heard of her outside of Mondstadt... and outside of Teyvat... in your world. So it was technically true.

    She covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes lit up in wonder, and a soft giggle escaped her throat, "Aha, I'm so happy..."

    Without thinking, you reached over and patted her head. She had stars in her eyes. "I'm glad," You said, "You deserve it."


    You and Noelle had talked throughout the entire day. She had often went to go and help people and you tried your best to help her as well. Finding stray cats, helping children find lost items or getting them down from high places, collecting and delivering items for people.

    You did your best to nudge Noelle away from accepting every little thing that came her way, but majority of the time she'd end up helping the person. So you settled for helping lessen her load by helping her complete the tasks instead.

    When night time finally rolled around Noelle finally bid you good night and you were hesitant to leave her because...

    You had nowhere to stay.

    The dark Mondstadt streets, only lit up by the few streetlights still lit by candles and night owls still awake inside their houses creeped you out.

    Where would you stay? You couldn't stay outside for too long, it was freezing and you only had the clothes on your back.

    Maybe you could sneak into Angel's Share and sleep in the rafters? That way you'd stay warm and they were open 24/7 you believed.

    Maybe you should just tell someone you got transported here from another world. That's what the Traveler did and now they're a renowned hero with a teapot to live in...

    Teapot... Teapot! If you could find the Teapot...

    "Shit! Where did I last set it down..." You scrounged through your memory, praying it wasn't in the inventory. You had no clue how to access that or if you even could access it.

    You recalled... teleporting to Windrise to grab some crystalflies and heal up... and opening up your teapot. That's where it is then. Or at least you hoped.

    Even if it wasn't there, sleeping in the big Windrise tree didn't sound like a bad idea. So long as you didn't freeze to death.

    With that in mind you set out to begin your walk to Windrise, sending a wave to Katheryne as you left. She wished you good luck which made your heart swell. Her eyes always seemed to know too much... but in this case it was quite comforting.

    You also waved goodbye to the guards outside Mondstadt's gate, and they saluted with kind smiles.

    You hummed, tiredly making your way across the bridge once more. What a lovely day in Mondstadt, you mused to yourself, humming the quiet nighttime tune.


    Your legs were jelly by the time you made it to Windrise, silently thanking the gods that you weren't attacked on the way there. Tiredly, you looked around the statue and the tree for any sign of your teapot and...

    nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    With a groan, you sat down at the base of the statue, burying your head in your hands, too tired to hold your head up on your own.

    You just needed to shut your eyes for a moment...


    You blinked your eyes open as the sun glared at you. Squinting up, you noticed you were now laying at the base of the statue.

    You paused as a melody filled your ears, close by and unfamiliar. You turned your head to see a bard - your bard - playing the lyre and humming a tune.

    "Ah, you're finally awake." He grinned, "What were you doing sleeping outside by the statue?"

    You groggily sat up, "Venti?" You groaned, "I was just... traveling and ended up falling asleep."

    He hummed, "You know my name?"


    You nodded, "Yes, you're quite the famous bard aren't you?" The excuse flew naturally off your tongue, it wasn't necessarily a lie either.

    Venti giggled, his fingers idly plucking a tune, "Quite the charmer aren't you? Though, can't say you're entirely incorrect. I am the best bard in the world! Most famous though? I can't really say." He leaned in, his face nearly touching yours, "So, how do you know me hm? You just arrived to Mondstadt yesterday after all and I don't believe you ever caught my name or even saw me."

    "...You were watching me?" You questioned, your eyes narrowed.

    Venti faked an offended gasp, "You make me sound like a criminal! I was merely observing my surroundings. I saw you, an odd looking traveler, and had to observe you for a bit of time. Can't blame me for being a little curious." His grin was sly and it made you roll your eyes.

    "Still a bit creepy if you ask me, especially for an apparently not-so-famous bard." You challenged him, your eyes sharp as they dug into him.

    He shrugged, "I gotta watch over Mondstadt. I love the city with my life, you know. Now answer the question, how do you know me?" His eyes were so playful for such a scathing question.

    You hummed, surprisingly calm given how wrong this could go, "How do you think I know you, bard?"

    He giggled, "Asking me the questions now are you?" His fingers switched up and started playing a much more familiar tune. One he shouldn't know, "Perhaps you've been watching me for a long time now. And whenever I saw your eyes I just knew they were the same ones that had been watching me for countless months. Hm?"

    Your eyes shot open, "How do you know that song?"

    "I know every song," His teal eyes sparkled with mischief and glee, "Past present and future."

    Your jaw slackened, but you couldn't help the grin that tugged at your lips.

    "I suppose I wasn't aware of just how far your knowledge reached, O' Anemo Archon." You snickered, and jokingly bowed.

    Venti giggled, his fingers stopping his playing so he could mockingly bow back, "And I suppose I wasn't aware of how stubborn you are, O' Great Creator."

    "What?" Your playful nature halted in its tracks as you stared at Venti, dumbfounded.

    He blinked, confused, "Huh?"

    You shook your disbelief away with a shake of your head and a laugh, "Did you just call me Teyvat's God?" You chuckled, "Then should I call you your friend's name?"

    A flash of hurt took over his eyes, he whined, "Huh? What do they have to do with this, your grace?"

    "What?" Dread crawled into the back of your throat, "Cut it out Venti, don't joke like that."

    "But I'm not joking, your grace. Did you- did you not know?" His eyes were wide and glassy, "I'm sorry..."

    You blinked owlishly, "Wha- you're serious? I thought- I thought I just looked like them!"

    "I thought that was your intention!" Venti cried, "I thought this was like- a test of loyalty or something!"

    "No! What? Am I actually-" You couldn't force the words out as you stared Venti in the eyes, stunned.

    "Y-yes!" He shouted, "You're the creator! I can sense it! So can the slimes and animals. Don't you see?" He pointed to the nearby birds, their gaze turned towards you, "They like you! The monsters don't attack you and this statue calls out to you! Don't you feel its warmth? It's probably why you didn't freeze last night."

    You were silent as the information processed, "So- so wait!" You turned your body fully facing Venti, "That shrine in the cathedral... was for me?" You asked, bewildered.

    He nodded, "Yeah! Did- did you really not know?"

    Immediately you were wildly shaking your head, "No! I just- I dunno! I thought I was like the traveler or something that just got dropped off here one day."

    "The traveler came here of their own free will, (Name)!" Venti sighed, "I just- You look exactly like them too!"

    "Listen! Denial is a powerful think, okay!" You huffed.

    "Fine, I get it." He rested his head on his hands, his eyes meeting yours, "So... are you gonna tell the others?"

    "... Dunno." You shrugged, "What would happen if I did?"

    "Well..." Venti tapped his finger against his face and used his other hand to hold up his pointer finger, "Zhongli would go batshit. He's got a whole log up his ass when it comes to you and how to 'properly worship you' bleh." Venti stuck his tongue out, "Then there's Baal, she'll probably also go insane over you. She's like a lost puppy." He held up a third finger, "Then there's Jean and the knights. I think they'd be... alright. If you told them they'd try and throw huge festivals for you and worship you. Oh, and the church would triple their worshipping for you, obviously."

    You roughly sighed, "So... I won't be treated as a human is what you're saying."

    "I mean- well- yeah." He frowned, "Don't worry, I get it if you don't wanna do a whole grand reveal. It's stressful. Too much work, y'know?"

    You hummed in agreement, "The thing is..." You frowned, "We don't have any mora."

    Venti scoffed, straightening his back with a proud grin, "Speak for yourself! I have a mora."

    You snorted, "A mora."

    "Hey, better than what you're doing," He took off his hat, "It's right in here-"

    You both stared at the hat that was almost as empty as your souls.

    "Okay well," Venti put his hat back on, "Nothing a little begging can't do. Not like I haven't played music for money before."

    You stared at the ground hopelessly, "...so... how do you think Ningguang would react to me telling her I'm the creator?"

    Venti snorted, "I like the way you think but... she'd be grand. I think she'd make you live in the Jade Chamber and give you every little thing you could ever want. She can keep a secret though I'll bet."

    You hummed and stared at Venti, living a life as free as a bird. Even with the status of the Anemo Archon, he was as free as his people, and just as happy as them as well.

    "Not really the life I wanna live... what about Childe?"

    Venti shuddered, "I love you (Name), but no. He makes... quite a spectacle of things. And, well," Venti frowned, "He'd probably leave a few corpses at your doorstep."

    "Ah," You grimaced, "Okay so... we're fucked."

    "Ah ah ah," Venti waggled his finger comically, "Don't you remember what I said? I can sing for money, and I'm sure with you, the creator's look-alike right by my side helping me with my performance, we'd make double the money! I mean," His eyes were alight with mischievous glee, an expression on him you were coming to dread, "That Noelle girl yesterday had no problem giving you a free meal just cause you look like the creator! So I'm sure we'll pull in lots of cash!"

    You frowned and then a lightbulb went off in your head, "Wait a minute," Venti raised a brow, intrigued, "If I'm the supposed creator or god of this world... then those offerings at the altars and shrines are meant for me... right?"

    Venti nodded with a tilt of his head, "Yes? ...Oh... Oh!" His eyes lit up like Christmas lights, "You mean-?"

    You grinned, "So that means that if I were to... let's say... take the items and sell them, it wouldn't be wrong right?"

    Venti tilted his head back and laughed, "No, I suppose it wouldn't be, your grace."

    Your grin was damn near evil, "Then I suppose we have our plan then."

    Venti nodded, "I suppose we do!" He hopped up and grabbed your hand to help you up as well, "Though I think my singing idea was pretty good." He kicked his legs up like a child as you both made your way back to Mondstadt, "Who knows, I might even become the most famous bard in all of Teyvat with you by my side!"

    You hummed, smiling fondly at the silly bard at your side, "Perhaps."

    #unrelated but the city gate guard Lawrence kinda hot #sagau#sagau venti#genshin sagau #genshin impact cult au #genshin cult au #self aware genshin #genshin impact sagau #venti#noelle#barbara #ONCE AGAIN I HAVE MADE A FIC ALMOST TWICE THE LENGTH IT WAS MEANT TO BE #me a clown: at the most it'll be like 2k words #me two hours later with a 4k word mess: :D? #god i love it when i get in the zone for writing and i stop switching tabs every two seconds #i wrote for a solid 10-20 minutes i think without stopping #once i can get my shit under control and do that more often i'll rule the damn world #ACTUALLY- it might be the genshin ost #CAUSE LET ME TELL YOU THE GENSHIN OST IS SO <3 #and i was listening to it while writing over half of this #it really gets you in the zone to write me thinks #or at least it does for me #not me going off in the tags again i'll leave for now i might write a part two to that vampire fic thing next no promises tho okay bye ily
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    Speaking of the dozens of expecting moms and kids, I sure hope they weren't in John's bunker when Dep blew it up 😬

    Unfortunately... I think they all died.

    New Dawn tried to retcon that and “revealed” that John’s Gate was simply damaged (especially the water system, which is why the silo was eventually flooded) and that cultists took shelter in it. They were “damp and sick and starving”, according to a note left by one of them, but they survived until Joseph came out of “his” bunker and found them (seven years later, theoretically).

    But in Far Cry 5, several NPCs said the bunker was destroyed, unusable, and that the people who were inside when it blew up died. So, yeah, we totally killed all the children when we “saved” the people who were in John’s Gate 🥲

    #the game makes it look like all eden’s gate members were fighters but that’s just the tip of the iceberg #there were many innocent families #the resistance didn’t care about them I guess #far cry 5 #far cry new dawn #far cry 5 spoilers #far cry new dawn spoilers
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    I miss overwatch a LITTLE bc I was like, insanely good at Hanzo

    #remembered the time my friend James watched me play and I did a bit going ohh nooo what do any of these buttons dooooo #and like. spun around rapidly while jumping #and then the gate opened and I did a 360 headshot on a junkrat within the first 2 seconds of the match
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