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    Senior in high school vs sophomore in college

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    fat ass = good ass

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    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Button

    Johnathan’s Friday night routine was the same tonight as it had been since forever. Come home from work, grab himself some dinner from the local fast food place, and log onto his favorite gainer website and browse through his feed as he put on the TV and ate his dinner. Johnathan had been a part of the community for a while, but only very recently came to terms with his desire to get fat himself. And at 5’10 and 152 pounds, you could barely even tell that he’d intentionally put on around 6 pounds in the past 3 months, despite the new lack of definition on his midsection.

    Opening his phone, Johnathan opened the gainer website and began to peruse through the multitude of fattened bellies that flashed across his screen. In the past, Johnathan had made a few posts of his own displaying his beginner pudge, but much preferred to admire everyone else’s bulging waistlines. He slowly got hard as he kept scrolling through his feed, especially when he saw his online crush- Dawson. Dawson was a software developer by day, and a dominant feeder by night, with bulging muscles all over his 6’3” body, tan skin and tattoos highlighting his sexy body. He posted a selfie in only his jockstrap, with the comment reading, “Which one of you fat boys need to get fattened up tonight?”

    To say Johnathan was enamored by him was putting it mildly. He wanted nothing more than to be stuffed by Dawson until he couldn’t possibly eat any more, treated like a fat pig, and then… Johnathan got hard just thinking about it. He reposted his post onto his account, adding his own reply, “Anything for you, sexy,” and kept scrolling as more bellies flooded his screen.

    Suddenly, Johnathan noticed a new notification pop onto his screen. Clicking it, he could barely believe what he saw.

    “Hey handsome,” the simple DM from Dawson read, quickly followed by, “you really looking to get fattened up tonight?”

    Johnathan could hardly believe his luck. Was this real? Dawson wanted to feed him? Tonight? He quickly typed back, “Hey, stud,” and then, “Depends, what do you have planned for me?”

    The two quickly began to text each other back and forth, the conversation becoming steamier by the minute. He was even more flirtatious as Johnathan had hoped, jerking off as he read what Dawson wanted to do to “blow him up beyond control,”

    Eventually, Dawson asked if Johnathan was down to hook up. As Johnathan sent Dawson the address to his apartment, his eyes drifted towards a brightly colored advertisement in the bottom of his phone screen. “Gain 30 pounds fast! All at the tap of your screen!” the bright letters announced, coupled with a picture of a man clutching his beer belly. Hm, Johnathan thought to himself. It’s made by the same company as this website, he thought to himself as he clicked the ad, taking him to his phone’s app store. And the reviews look promising, he thought to himself, cock getting harder as he read testimonies of people suddenly growing fatter. He looked back at the conversation with Dawson. Plus, I could always be a little heavier before he gets here, a devious thought entered his brain as he tapped the download button. He watched as the app loaded in record speed, and Johnathan opened it with a trembling finger.

    The app interface was quite simple: an all black screen with a bright red button with the word FATTER written in big black letters. “Am I really about to do this?” Johnathan asked the empty room as he hovered his finger on top of the button. Slightly nervous but driven by how horny he was, he clicked the button.

    At first, he didn’t feel anything change, until a warm feeling suddenly overcame his body as, sure enough, fat slowly began to grow on his slim body. He watched in a horny daze as his midsection slowly began to expand outwards, immediately losing the slight definition he had left. As he grew fatter, his shirt began expanding outwards, failing to hide his expanding belly. His chest also grew softer, swelling slightly to match the growth of his new belly, and covering any muscle he may have had with a layer of soft fat. He could feel his ass grow a little softer too, beginning to stretch the seat of his shorts. His arms and legs also grew soft, unable to escape the wave of fat running through his body. As he watched his body swell, his cock grew harder as he watched as a soft beer belly grew on his formerly thin frame. As his growth spurt slowed down, he looked at his new belly, round and soft, in stark contrast to his slim frame from only minutes ago. As his belly stopped growing, a devious thought entered his brain. Without pausing to think, he pushed the button again.

    Johnathan watched in sheer excitement as his belly began to expand again. He moaned as he felt his belly grow heavier, hands caressing his fattened belly as pound after pound of fat pushed it farther and farther. His ass grew fatter as well, stretching his shorts as they slid down slightly. He moved his hands up his body and felt as his moobs grew fatter, teasing his nipples as they grew softer. His shirt had now began to ride up his belly, which was growing past the size of a basketball, exposing his hairy treasure trail. Johnathan could barely believe how fat he’s gotten in just 15 minutes, and went to find his bathroom scale. Standing on it, he watched as the number slowly kept trickling upwards as his second growth spurt began to slow down. He laughed to himself as his transformation ended. As the app promised, Johnathan had just gained a total of 60 pounds in a half hour, pushing him from a thin 152 pounds to 212 pounds of soft belly. 200 pounds! Johnathan thought he’d never see that number on the scale. Looking down at his new body, he began to jiggle his new belly when he heard his doorbell ring. Dawson!

    Johnathan opened the door to a view from straight out of his dreams: Dawson, dressed in tight clothes, hands full of fast food bags, smiling directly at him. “Hey there, big guy,” he said in his beautifully deep voice as he entered Dawson’s apartment. “Looks like you’ve gotten pretty fat since we texted,” he said admiringly, dropping off bags of food onto Johnathan’s table as he slapped his belly. “Looks good on you, fatty,” he continued, hand unashamedly inspecting Johnathan’s fattened body.

    “Yeah, I did,” Johnathan said quietly, showing his phone screen to Dawson. “All because of this app I found,” he said, as Dawson grabbed the phone and smiled.

    “Ah, so you downloaded the app I made!” Dawson said, eye gleaming as he looked at Johnathan. “the app where if I did something like this-” he said smugly as he clicked the button, “you’d gain thirty pounds!” Johnathan looked down at his fattened body and saw as his belly began to grow outwards again, this time slightly faster than before. “I’m glad you enjoy it so much, fatty!” Dawson said as he began to unwrap the first of the six bags of food. Johnathan’s new belly rumbled, and Dawson smiled as he pushed the first of many burgers into Johnathan’s mouth. “Open wide, big guy,”

    Johnathan chewed around the massive bite that Dawson shoved in his mouth, barely believing that this was happening. Working his was through the first burger, Johnathan didn’t break much of a sweat. Dawson pushed himself close to Johnathan, placing the second burger into his mouth as he finished the first one. “That’s right, fatty, eat it all up for me,” Dawson muttered, hand reaching to poke his belly. The second burger also disappeared in a few bites, and Johnathan was left with the last burger in the first bag. “Yeah, keep eating,” Dawson encouraged as Johnathan took the first bite from the burger. Dawson’s hands didn’t leave Johnathan’s belly as bite after bite of burger entered Johnathan’s belly.

    Johnathan swallowed the last bite of his burger and let out a burp. Three burgers down, and he was still feeling slightly hungry. “Good job, big guy!” Dawson encouraged as he grabbed the second bag of food. “And here’s your little reward,” he said, slyly pushing the red button on the phone. “For each bag of food you finish, I’m pushing the button, fatty.” Dawson said, pushing the next burger into Johnathan’s mouth as his belly began to grow again, making his shirt even tighter and exposing more of his bulging belly. “You’re gonna get huge!”

    Johnathan’s cock grew hard at the thought of expanding so big as he ate. Sure, a small voice in the back of his brain was nervous he’d grow too fat, but that voice was completely overshadowed by the hunger in Johnathan’s belly and dick as another burger was forced into his mouth. Tearing into the second bag of food, Johnathan let out a small burp as he felt his belly surge forward, straining his shorts. His belly kept swelling as he ate the next two burgers, finally stopping right before any buttons were popped. He could feel Dawson’s abs pushing against his belly, as he grew into the empty space between their bodies.

    And so Johnathan truly began to stuff himself full of burgers. Sure to his word, Dawson pressed the button twice, then three times, then four times as bag after bag of food ended up in Johnathan’s swelling belly. As a result, Johnathan was nearly unrecognizable as over a hundred pounds of soft fat flooded his body. As Johnathan ate, his belly grew from the size of a basketball to past the size of a large watermelon, expanding even bigger than a beachball as Dawson kept shoving food into his mouth. Johnathan could feel how heavy he was becoming as his body expanded further out. His shirt had absolutely no chance of fitting him anymore, riding up significantly past his hairy belly button and straining around his moobs as pound after pound of soft fat settled on his belly. The button on his shorts popped after the third bag, flying across the room as his belly surged further into his lap. Dawson particularly found this hot, and Johnathan could feel an increasing fervor in his feeder’s demeanor. His ass was forcing the back of his shorts to slide down as it grew, exposing the top part of his ass and straining the chair he was sitting on. His moobs were also growing fatter, now significantly larger and softer than Dawson’s defined pecs. As his belly grew, so did his lovehandles and his thighs, rounding him out and making him look even fatter. As he kept eating, Dawson was getting more physical with his feeding, perching on his receding lap and pushing food into Johnathan’s still full mouth. “God, you’re so huge, look at you,” he said, his hands slapping and prodding and rubbing his belly, feeling as they traveled farther and farther as Johnathan grew. “Keep eating fatty,” he said, “I’m making you so fucking fat, man.” Johnathan was sluggishly shoving food into his mouth, burping and moaning due to the sheer tightness in his belly. “Here we go! Last bag, fatass,” Dawson said as he held it up to his mouth. Johnathan moaned in pleasure and pain as he took a sluggish bite out of the last burger. As he chewed, he felt Dawson’s strong hands move around his body, teasing his moobs, rubbing his belly, poking his ass.

    “And that’s the last burger, Fatty!” Dawson said finally as he pushed the last burger into Johnathan’s open mouth. He slapped Johnathan’s tightly packed belly as he began to chew. Johnathan moaned around his last burger as he felt Dawson’s hand explore and massage his whole body with more force. After a few moments of rubbing and chewing, Johnathan finally swallowed his last burger.

    “There it is, big guy!” Dawson said proudly as he pushed the button for the sixth and final time. “You ate it all!” The surge of fat began again, and Johnathan moaned in pleasure as he watched his fattened body blow up even more, as his tightly packed stomach expanded further outwards as thirty more pounds of jiggling fat grew on his belly, ass, and moobs. As he grew, Dawson reached out both hands as he felt up Johnathan’s fattened belly. He fingered Johnathan’s growing belly button, jiggled his belly, moved his hands upwards to cup his moobs and tease his nipples, and rubbed his hands over every roll on Johnathan’s sides. “Look at how fat you are,” Dawson whispered into Johnathan’s ear as he burped. “You like it? You like what I did to you?” he asked, his impressive cock pushing against his jockstrap. “You like how fat I made you, fat boy?”

    Johnathan moaned as Dawson’s strong hands began to migrate lower and lower. “I love it,” he said slowly, burping again as he grabbed his belly and shook it. “It’s so hot how fat you made me,” he continued, making eye contact with the impossibly hot man who was fondling his sensitive underbelly. Slowly, Johnathan grabbed his phone. “I need more. Make me bigger, Dawson,” he said, passing him the phone with the bright red button still in the middle.

    Dawson grabbed the phone as an evil smile flashed on his face. “Oh I’ll make you fatter, big guy,” he said, pushing the button as he stood up to take off his jockstrap, flashing his 9 inch cock to Johnathan. “I’ll make you much, much fatter.”

    Moving to the bedroom, Dawson quickly forced Johnathan on the bed. “Jack off for me, fatty,” Dawson commanded Johnathan, finger hovering menacingly over the button. Johnathan did what he was told, and tried reaching around his big belly as he grasped his dick. He started to jerk off as Dawson stuck his huge cock in front of Johnathan’s face. He put Dawson’s cock in his mouth and sucked him off as Dawson slowly began to moan. “Yeah, keep doing that for me, fatty,” he moaned, slapping Johnathan’s belly. For a while, Johnathan kept sucking on Dawson’s cock as he ran his hands across Johnathan’s belly, unashamedly grabbing at rolls and bulges across his body.

    Dawson pulled his cock out of Johnathan’s mouth. “You said you want to be fatter, big guy?” he said as he teased his fattened nipples. “We’ll I’ll make you fat, all right!” he said as he finally pushed the red button again. “I’m gonna make you fatter than you’ve ever wanted to be,” he laughed as Johnathan’s belly began to surge forward yet again.

    “Fuck Dawson, I’m so hard,” Johnathan said as his belly began growing again. His belly was absolutely globular, a perfectly round, hairy, soft mass that stuck out from his fattened body as more fat blew it up even bigger. Once he felt himself swell again, he started to jack off again, realizing that his belly was slowly pushing his hand away from his dick. He felt as his grip slowly weakened, until finally he let go, his dick completely unreachable under his growing belly. “Dawson, I can’t reach my fucking cock anymore,” he said, trying in vain to suck in his belly to touch his dick again.

    “Fuck dude, that’s so hot,” Dawson said, jacking himself off as he pushed the button again, not waiting for the last growth spurt to end. “Keep struggling, fatass,” he said, watching in excitement as Johnathan kept trying to reach his dick, belly quivering and growing fatter with each attempt. Right as Johnathan got close to reaching his cock, Dawson pushed the button again. “Have fun trying to reach your cock now, fat boy!” he laughed as Johnathan’s belly swelled even bigger. “I made you too fat!”

    Despite not being able to reach his cock, Johnathan was still hornier than ever. “Get on me,” Johnathan said, jiggling his whole body in an attempt to jack himself off. “I need to feel you on top of me,”

    “Only if I get to do this,” Dawson replied, pushing the button yet again. He lowered his thick cock onto Johnathan’s jiggling fat belly as Johnathan moaned as another wave of fat bloated his body. Dawson began to thrust his cock into Johnathan’s fat belly, making his entire body jiggle as he sped up. “You’re so soft,” Dawson said as he kept fucking Johnathan’s growing belly. Johnathan could only respond in moans, his belly exploding in size, as well as his moobs and ass growing to match his massive midsection. As Dawson kept fucking Johnathan, he slowly felt as an orgasm began to grow inside his massive cock. His moans grew louder as he kept plowing Johnathan’s expanding belly, orgasm growing until he couldn’t stop himself. Dawson moaned one last moaned as he gripped Johnathan’s love handles and pressed the button on Johnathan’s phone once, twice, three times as he let out one of the largest orgasms of his life. Cum left his dick and covered Johnathan’s gut, dripping down into his belly button and making his entire belly slick. The two men moaned as Johnathan also came, the sensation of fat jiggling against his cock as his belly exploded in size as Dawson fucked his belly becoming too much for him, and they both moaned and breathed heavily as their cocks pumped shots of cum. Dawson immediately got up as he watched as Johnathan’s belly grew even faster than ever before. Any hope of Johnathan ever being able to reach his cock were long gone now, his belly too wide and heavy to even think of reaching around. His moobs began to swell as well, sagging gently as they rested on the top of Johnathan’s massive gut. His ass and legs were blown up too, barely able to support Johnathan’s new heft. As Johnathan grew, his moans grew until slowly, his belly began to slow down and he finally stopped putting on pounds.

    For a while, all that penetrated the silence was their heavy breathing, until a burp from Johnathan brought Dawson back to Earth. “Look at how fat you are, fatass,” he mumbled quietly, inspecting the fat gainer that stood before him. “How much do you think that all weighs, big guy?” Dawson asked as he pushed the scale close to Johnathan’s feet.

    Johnathan could barely believe what had just happened to him. Only a couple hours ago he was a slim guy, and now a massive belly he could barely support jutted out from his frame. The hottest man in the world has just watched him gain hundreds of pounds. And he loved every minute of it. Finally getting up from his bed, he waddled towards the scale, and he couldn’t even see the number that flashed underneath him. But Dawson could. “No fucking way, fatass,” he said incredulously. “562 pounds!” he said, reaching around Johnathan’s massive belly to kiss him.


    It had been a while since Johnathan had posted a picture to his account on that gainer website, and a lot had changed. Specifically, over 400 pounds of fat. Johnathan had just taken a bathroom selfie, surprised at just how hard it was to get his entire body into the frame. Logging on to the website, he decided to make a new post and uploaded the selfie, alongside an old picture from his skinnier days, captioning it with some vaguely corny caption (How did you know I cancelled my gym membership?).

    One of the new changes Johnathan had to make was how he jacked off. Gone were the days where he could reach his cock with just his arms. Sticking his cock in between the folds of his lower belly, he started to rock back and forth as he felt his warm fat massage his cock in just the right way.

    Notifications immediately began flooding in as people interacted with his post. As likes poured in, one stood out in particular.

    A repost from Dawson, with the caption, “Would love to feed you again some day, big guy,” Johnathan smiled as memories from that night flooded his brain. I’d like that, Johnathan thought to himself as his stomach growled.

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    stuffed after a huge taco bell binge 😈

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