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  • qveenpoppy
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i don't even watch this show why am i squealing like when my timeless otp kissed for the first time

    #they really got into that kiss too oh geez #ALSO TIM'S FACE AFTERWARDS AHHH #the rookie#chenford
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  • watermelon-converse
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    joke time. why did the person have trouble cleaning their glasses?

    because they couldn’t see.

    it’s funny because my vision is terrible

    #I don’t know how to tag this #glasses#vision problems#four eyes#goggles#spectacles#eyewear#eyeglasses#hankerchief #Clean your glasses #HOW TO TAG #geez #posts melon is mildly proud of
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  • grimalealkin
    15.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I’ll Let You Find Peace in My Embrace [Morgen & Dimimi]

    starter for @elegiac-boar !!

    Morgen didn’t find themselves confident in their dancing skills, especially in the dress that they wore right now. It was long and covered their feet so they couldn’t see them beneath the hem. It made Morgen nervous, that they wouldn’t be able to catch themselves if they were to stumble and trip, all because they couldn’t see their feet. Which was exactly what they did, right in front of their house leader. How embarrassing! They had known that they were going to humiliate themselves at this ball. Sitting on the floor in front of Dimitri made them flush bright red, staring up at him. Oh damn, from this angle he looked quite attractive. Their face flushed even more at that thought. 

    “Uh... hey there Lord Dimitri.” An awkward smile crept across their face; it wasn’t their fault that they had fallen right in front of him! Really! It was this stupid dress’ fault! 

    “How’s it going? Having a good time? Great, me too.” God, they sounded so awkward. But what else were they supposed to do? Acknowledge their humiliating fall? Yeah right, not in a million years. Never ever, not even if their father asked them to. And that was saying something. Another awkward smile forced itself on their face as they stared up at Dimitri. They were never going to live this down; were they?

    #ic posts #ic: a big step closer to achieving my dream! #thread - i'll let you find peace in my embrace #threading: give me time and i'll be the best piece on the board #supports: i'd just like to spend more time with you! #support: dimitri #𝒃𝒐𝒂𝒓 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒍𝒖𝒆 | 𝒔𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕: 𝒅𝒊𝒎𝒊𝒎𝒊 #toaball2022 #events: a blow to the head with a big tome is no joke! #elegiac-boar #((chilling with the house leader)) #((geez they're just dancing :eye roll:)) #((you can refer to morgen with either she/her or they/them pronouns! she doesn't care)) #((i just wanted to use they/them for this post because i've been referring to morgen with she/her this whole time but morgen feels the close #st to me so i used she/they pronouns for her))
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  • paramounticebound
    15.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Today is a wheelchair day, and I was just complaining to my partner about how inaccessible the bathrooms are at Barnes and Noble. Someone waited in the restroom for me to finish and made sure to hold the door open for me because it would've sucked trying to do it on my own and my faith in humanity is restored just a bit. 😭

    #x: still asleep (ooc.) #geez i want to cry about how nice that was
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  • mythhbane
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    mentally i am shaking cc!sausage WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS

    #alsmp#alsmp spoilers #idk if that death was intentional or not BUT PLEASE #you're not only killing yourself but me as well!! geez!! #this is all /lh btw #i just dont want sausage to be the first one out of afterlife yknow
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  • ethernalium
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    wtf is this ask received, all of the gifs of my blog, past ethernalium and alrauneking is mine, seedicks and snak-e-eater too and madragoraeprince, I made all of this sewer, just because I don't use a fandom avatar doesn't mean I can't do gifs or whatever you thinking, I'm a gifmaker in this site since like 2015/14 you can even search for my watermark I used in my old account 🤧😤 literally hated this doubt it's like I'm a thief when I always fought those weirdos stealing other people fanwork and gaining popularity on our backs

    #in fact my icon is a fandom thing #since I did demon fiend tattoo on my face on paint for shitpost asdzgdh #cmon geez #maybe it wasn't your intention of being a fcker but you should measure your words
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  • bootheghoul
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Woah what a small world! I remember you from your like on my tf2 tiktok video [Thanks a bunch by the way!] And somehow you came across my tumblr dash? That coincidence is very funny-

    Anyways, I really love your art! [And tiktok vids lol] The colors, your style, shading, backgrounds. It’s all so wonderful and amazing I wish I could just smooch your art lmao platonically of course ✨

    Hope ya have a fabulous day and have fun with making more great and funny art! <33

    Waaaaah, Thank you so much for your kind words! It seriously means a lot to hear that. And no problem for the like, I wish I knew which one it was but I guarantee I enjoyed it! I hope you have a swell day too :^)

    #ask #geez seriously thank you ;-;
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  • vampsilk
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    U obviously edit your body u fucking loser

    if i photoshopped my body i would give myself a third eye + bat wings + an extra set of arms + make myself like 5 inches taller

    #don’t fuckin call me a loser bc i’m gnna think ur flirting w me #t(>.#vamp asks
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  • braveandsnipe
    15.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i still haven’t watched 1000% crisis with subs...

    all i know is that kuroto pulling a fully framed photo of masamune out of his jacket was one of the funniest things i’ve seen

    #geez i need to stop thinking #but i’m so bored ahhh #kr#ex-aid #we're staying at the lotus inn
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  • that-is-not-milk
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    when niko was talking with twm and they broke down crying because they were so exhausted and scared that they couldn't keep up the cold persona anymore... when it was revealed just how much they hated themself and wished they were dead for the whole game... when niko listened to them vent and then told them just how loved and cared for they were despite everything... when--

    YEAAAAAAAA im screaming and crying abt it

    #oh man oh geez #oh niko i love you :'(( #oneshot#oneshot game
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  • emmacornell
    15.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project

    LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project

    NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.

    [insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project

    THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it

    BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project

    POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

    ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh god why did i do this

    I i don’t my writing it s not good enough for all this

    Oh god oh no oh god oh fuck oh okay okay fine i’ll try i guess

    This is going under a read more because thats TOO GOD DAMN MUCH and also because potentially nsfw christ god help me

    This is all from an unfinished Raditzxreader piece im working on inbetween Radship week prompts.

    Also HA you didn’t send a prompt so I don’t have to do that one


    After days of digging through a labyrinth cave system the red clay walls broke down to a carved out room, the floor covered in loose gemstones and jewelry. Bands of gold and silver, necklaces with beads of delicate shells and pearls, everything glimmered and shined off the lights of their headlamps.


    With a yelp he staggered backwards, rubbing his eyes with a frustrated growl.
    “What was that— hrng!” His voice caught in his throat.


    He fell to his hands and knees before you, body shaking with each ragged breath he took.

    The End—

    I already have an ending outlined. Reader is a Monster Girl Encyclopedia inspired Anubis monster and per that monster’s entry Raditz becomes her “husband” (boytoy, concubine, pet, any one works) in the end. Don’t worry he is very happy with this ending.

    Before the Beginning—

    Oh god ok i’ll try

    Vegeta and Raditz were the only ones taking the old man’s ranting and raving seriously, too focused on his words to bother waking Nappa and Goku when they started snoring at their seats.
    “I swear it! The staff of Anubis has to be here!” The old man slapped a spot on the archaic map on the table.
    “And if my men find it,” Vegeta pulled a pen and notepad from his coat pocket, “how much are you willing to pay for it?”


    Am cheating cause nothing else happens to anyone

    While Raditz is getting bullied by a dog girl Nappa and Goku are digging for more treasure.

    #wheeze #can’t believe you did this to me #reblogging that ask meme was a MISTAKE #oh god oh geez don’t look at me
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  • fireproofwaterwitch
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wait, what!?

    I cannot be unmade




    SELF-LOVE RIOT🫶🥰😍😘🤩🥳🖖

    #PERFECT#evolving #saturday night’s alright to fight your inner demons #hi i’m alive #hunted myself down #found me #geez i was buried back here #whew #just in the nic of thyme #howdy yall#jailbreak#art#heart eyes#beautiful 🤩#handsome#so cute#gorgeous#hell yeah#omr
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  • blueparadis
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I came here to update a few things and I can't reblog, save drafts neither send asks :)

    #paradistalks#like geez #Tumblr is really having hard time #like meeeee #ALL MY TAGS OF FIC REC ARE GONE #i can't even send asks 😭 #this is unfair #so posting works?
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  • jillianajones
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #wowzers I have been spending a lot of time just tearing myself apart for my ways of existing #things I’ve never been able to control no matter how much I try #and geez is it not good! #I need to be careful #personal
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  • riku-stonebriar
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto Lyrics

    Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is sweet!

    Yes, I'm cooking for my son and his wife It's his thirtieth birthday Pour berries into my bowl Add milk of two months ago "It's moldy mom, isn't it?"

    I don't give a flying fuck though

    Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat! You know my love is sweet! Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is sweet!

    It's food nouveau It's food nouveau It's the shape of love Beat it! Beat it up! Beat it! Beat it up! Extra sugar, extra salt Extra oil and MSG Extra sugar, extra salt Extra oil and MSG Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is sweet!

    Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is sweet!

    You were born in the sixties We made a war with the Vietnamese!

    We loved LSD,

    We died easily

    Can we just say...

    C'est la vie?

    So what! Say what! For your own sake Do you have a headache or heartbreak? Are you made or broken by the birthday cake?

    You may be slow on the uptake

    I pour pot in the birthday cake So what! Say what! For my own sake Watch out yo! Here I come yo! I'm gonna change to a rattlesnake Turn up the TV! Do you agree? Yeah, I'm talking turkey Take it from me I'm gonna show my love for my dove

    "But it's moldy, mom, isn't it?"

    Extra sugar, extra salt Extra oil and MSG Extra sugar, extra salt Extra oil and MSG Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is sweet!

    Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat!

    You know my love is very sweet!

    #cibo matto#song#lyrics#funny #how is this retro now geez i'm old
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  • zekkogoggles
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    they are actually sick in the head for this

    #amphibia spoilers #they came up with the most painful way to show her “death” geez
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  • schmope-is-dead
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    everyday I think about how edgeworth puts his hands in his fitted suit pants pockets. you go you amazing slut

    #charlie.txt #arguably the slutty men clothes are fitted suits #like geeze whatd you need it fitted for. to accentuate your arm chest and ass
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  • myfirstandlast
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    camerawork was especially trash this episode like to show the part in im queen’s practice where they’re like we’re doing the part with the straight arm that’s rlly hard and then on stage we get a close up of heejin’s hand like

    #any other time maybe? or never considering there’s 5 people filling the stage to focus on? #so annoying need to find those alternate youtube angles #all the stages got ASS work tho tbh like GEEZ
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  • missegyptiana
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i’m embarrassed to be a swiftie because twitter swifties are considered “swifties” LIKE THE WAY THEY TALK TO TAYLOR BACK THE FUCK UP

    #like calm down #geez #i hate them sm #well dislike a lot #hate is a strong word #isabella speaks#swifties#twitter
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  • therevengeoffrankenstein
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    if i had a nickel for every time i based a tabletop rpg character on hammer victor frankenstein, i'd have two nickels. which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

    #the second time i had totally forgotten that i'd done it before lmao #the first one was for my dad's starfinder campaign and i love him. his name is geeze and he is wonderful. #the second one was for an original rpg campaign i was making for my brothers and i needed a villain basically. so i made wilhelm. #the characters themselves aren't too too similar appearance or personality or backstory etc. wise so it's not a problem. #just something i realized earlier today. #myevilposts#my ocs
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