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  • foxchainships
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Request for lazarusanime

    If you want me to draw your favorite ship, send over a DM :)

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  • lumineferous
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Chapter 2 of Sunseeker Cafe has been posted!

    I’d really appreciate and reads, kudos and comments you have!

    Chapter Summary: Aether hopes his sister is doing well, and Lumine gets her first customer! A fiery and cute one, at that. Hopefully, she sees her again! (AmberLumi meet!)

    #lumiharem#lumine#genshin impact #lumine genshin impact #aether#amber #amber genshin impact #aether genshin impact
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  • chocoshake99
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    i tried to main her but i can’t aim for shit -_-


    #genshin#genshin fanart#genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #amber genshin impact #amber#amber fanart#anime#art #artists on tumblr
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  • chaosinanutshell
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    H m so I just rlly got back to my usual sched of genshin (yes I redownloaded and am back on that gacha addiction) and I wonder

    Do you think that Tevyat celebrated the return of the creator?

    The warm returning of the sweet voice that will wake them once more.

    Suddenly some of the vision holders that the Creator had not used yet were getting blessed with artifacts (as not so good as they were). They were getting stronger and they could hear their Creator as they celebrated their damage output and beautiful bursts.

    The first people to be blessed with upgrades were Diluc, Xiangling, and Amber.

    Amber was filled with joy when she her gear was given to her. It was rare for her to be acknowledged properly. When she heard the creator mumbling about giving her a better weapon that she deserves, she burst out crying as soon as the creator was not looking. It was her lucky day.

    Xiangling too was happy when she was getting better gear. The creator had moved on from her when they got used to Tevyat a bit more and had more vision holders, she understood it but was greatly saddened. Finally she was feeling the warmth of the creator's smile once more.

    Finally, Diluc. Diluc had only joined the ranks a few months ago and was not able to receive artifacts as he joined. He too understood, his arival was abrupt but he was not scorned for it. In fact, the creator's voice was heard clearer, the joy and surprise was truly something he wanted to protect. As he felt himself getting stronger with the sudden attention, he finally felt accepted among (*vine boom*) the vision holders

    Yeap thats what Im doing rn on my account :P

    I dunt wan slep naw

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  • t-tobby
    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Eula x Amber ❄️🔥 (+ referencia)

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  • terrytellyetales
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Leave Y/N Alone!

    Howdy! it’s been a while. I dunno if anyone’s done something like this before (there’s probably a few), but here’s how I imagine things would go if someone dares to mess with you. Not a lot of characters since I'm feeling a bit out of touch with Genshin (hence the absence of any posts). I’m gonna try and get back at it slowly.

    If you want to check what else I’ve written, here’s the masterlist!


    You just finished with your commissions and decided to do some errands before heading home. Your first stop was the general goods store to pick up some flour and other things. You enter the shop and immediately spotted the flour. As you were about to grab the last sack of flour, another customer swiped it away without sparing you even a glance. That was kind of rude of them, but you thought nothing of it. You still had enough to make bread for tomorrow anyway. Moving on, you went to get a stick of butter to go with the bread you thought of baking. As you were reaching for one, someone else got hold of it and you were left with the deformed one. It looked like the same guy, but you thought nothing of it. “No matter what shape it takes, it’s still butter.” You grabbed your sad looking butter and headed over to the other side to get some eggs. You saw there was one tray left, so you quickly grabbed it before someone else did. Success! “Finally! And these look bigger than the usual too. Lucky~” You were headed for the counter when you heard a huff. “Hey you! I was gonna buy those!” You turn around and see the guy that’s been swiping literally everything you’ve tried to get hold of. Ignoring him, you continue heading for the counter to pay for your goods and walk out the store. You could still hear the guy calling out to you in an annoyed tone. Not wanting to deal with this stranger, you make your way for the fruit stand you frequent.

       “Ah (Y/N)! I had a feeling you’d show up. Just in time too. I was saving these for you.”

       “Were you now? Haha. These look really good.”

       “Of course! Only the best quality for my favorite customer.”

       “Flattery will get you nowhere, sir. Haha! That's 50 Mora, right?”

    You hand the vendor the payment for the fruits as he hands you your purchase only for it to get snagged away yet again by an unpleasantly familiar hand.


       "I'll take these in exchange for the eggs."

       "You again? Look, I don't know what your deal is, but that belongs to me."

    You were too busy arguing with the guy to notice another familiar face appear behind him.


    Being an Outrider, I assume she has really good eyes. She'd probably be gliding while on patrol within the city (even though gliding is not allowed there, lol) when she spots you. She can tell something's off and immediately descends to come to your aid. She approaches the two of you and calmly asks questions to better grasp of what’s going on. Following the Knights of Favonius handbook, she would speak in a very polite way despite her feeling ticked off by how he’s treating you. Would find a way to calm things down rather than use violence.

    Arataki Itto

    THE Arataki numro uno Itto and his gang got your back! Gonna intimidate those bullies with his size and their numbers. If the bullies move on from you to them, this guy’s got a heart of gold and nerves of steel. If they start throwing a bunch of foul balls his way and hurting his ego, brooo you awakened something you shouldn’t have. Itto would probably stop you before you do anything rash.


    I imagine she was just on her way to get a drink after a long day’s work when she notices you. She’ll make her way to where you are and position herself slightly in between the two of you, so that the guy is not uncomfortably close to you. He’d immediately recognize her as someone from the Lawrence Clan and start spouting insults about why you were taking what was rightfully his. Uh-oh. It's fine if she's the one being talked down, but when it comes to you, EULA. WILL. NOT. HAVE. IT. Let's see how long they'll last running away and fending off the attacks of the Spindrift.

    Hu Tao

    She'd probably be skipping happily in the busy streets of Liyue. She’d either be looking for you or on her way to who knows where to write poems. She spots you at the fruit stand and notices you look quite ticked off. Pranks are fine, but bullying is a big no no. Hu Tao won't resort to violence, but would pull off the biggest prank she can for the next few days with a target in mind.

    Sangonomiya Kokomi

    You can bet your bottom Mora she’s walking around Watatsumi surrounded by the people who adore her and need her help. She’d probably be talking to someone about preparations for some big event when her train of thought is interrupted by the sound of your angry voice. She pushes through the crowd and makes her way to the two of you. As much as she’d like to get angry for your sake as well, she has to remember her position and remain calm. She needs to have an unclouded mind to be able to properly assess the situation and handle it the way a Divine Priestess of Watatsumi would. Being able to plan for every scenario she can come up with, she’d have a comeback for whatever “excuse” (and insult) this guy throw at you. When the matter is settled, she’ll ask you to meet with her at her hideout where she’ll lose it (just a little bit.) You’re an important friend, after all. Of course she’d be upset for you.


    It was one of those days where Lisa had to go outside and retrieve some overdue books herself. She wasn’t in the best mood because of how much effort it took to retrieve some of them. She was on her way back to the library for a well deserved break when she spots you. The sight of you seemed to melt some of her troubles away. She thought of inviting you over for some tea when that big brute came in and snagged your apples. Her mood took a shift for the worse (again). Who would dare cause problems for you right in front of her eyes? She continues making her way towards you, electro energy filling the air, causing the sky to darken and hairs on your skin stick up. She lightly taps on the man’s shoulder and commands him to unhand you in a stern voice. He was about to tell her to mind her own business when he turns around to see the usually smiling Librarian had a scary look on her face. It was then he noticed the bolts of electricity filling the air and her fingertips. Realizing it wasn’t an empty threat, she gulps, places the bag of apples in your hands, and runs away as fast as he can.


    This legal advisor was just out on a stroll in the night market when she overheard the two of you arguing over some eggs. Regardless if she recognized you or not, she’d go investigate to see if there’s mora to be made anyone in need of her services. She’d approach the both of you and ask what the problem was. She’d listen attentively and take note of every detail. Even if you two are quite close, she’d make sure to handle this like the pro she is. Seeing how this isn’t your fault (as she suspected) she would give him a good lecture about laws related to ownership of purchased goods and the such until he backs off. What in Teyvat would you do without her?


    She’d make very good use of her chatty personality. She’d most likely be chatting away with someone within the area when she’s interrupted by the shouting. Would probably act as a mediator and encourage you to talk things out, to clear out any misunderstanding or whatever caused this predicament you’re in. Seeing how he refuses to cooperate, she won’t give up. Yoimiya believes in the power of words and that communicating is the key for everyone to get along. It would come to the point where she struck something within him and he just starts opening up about his troubles and what could have caused him to act the way he did. (Yoimiya the couselor, lesgoo)



    I’m so excited for her release!!

    Kuki Shinobu

    She’s probably out looking for Itto when she hears the commotion. Thinking the oni was involved, she’d quickly look for the source and see you. Seeing how you’re in a bit of a pickle with a complete stranger, she’d reach down for her sandal and send it flying towards the guy’s head to get his attention off of you. Confused, both of you would check the direction the sandal flew from and you’d see a familiar green haired girl wearing a mask with a very scary look in her eyes. Welp, it was nice knowing you, sir (not really). RIP.


    Thanks so much for taking the time to read! As always, comments and suggestions would be appreciated. If you’ve read this far and want to make a request... I am still thinking about it since I’m not too confident how well I’d be able to meet anyone’s expectations... My asks are open though (I think? I know I fixed that!!) so feel free to drop something there. Until next time!

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  • heizou-proship
    20.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Xiangling x Amber (Genshin Impact) moodboard 🔥

    #genshin impact#xiangling#amber #xiangling x amber #proship safe#moodboard #request! 🔍 #i messed up in two places but i touched one mistake up i hope it still looks good #ALSO these images are all free from the website called Unsplash #forgive me for not linking them all #official art (yes its official!!!) can be found on ambers or xianglings wiki page
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  • metro34
    20.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    2021.05.26 アンバーちゃん🐰


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  • sango-haveaniceday
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapters 8 and 9 update!

    A severed head and an empty Vision.

    An observing crowd, cheering, pleased with the result.

    A satisfied smirk upon the bloodbath of a flame-red-haired figure.

    A pilgrimage for a wish, a battle to earn a name...

    Her bloodstained hands were proof that she didn't need a name.

    Freedom was not worth earned that way.

    #diluc#kaeya #lisa genshin impact #genshin impact #venti the bard #genshin #jean genshin impact #amber genshin impact #eula genshin impact #itto#zhongli#kazuha#beidou#my fic#fanfic #noelle genshin impact #noelle #rosaria genshin impact #albedo genshin impact #kaeya alberich #kaeya and diluc #diluc ragnvindr#diluc angst#kaeya angst#kaeya fluff#diluc fluff #diluc smut (eventually) #kaeya smut (i wish lol) #venti #kaeya x reader
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  • zynclori
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Honestly I actually love Amber, she’s underrated af

    #genshin impact #genshin impact amber #eulamber #eula cameo it's just her hand lol #baron bunny #yes I specifically coloured the gloves cause I didn't want people thinking it was diluc or something #bonus baron bunny cause i wanted to colour something at least
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  • i-wish-i-was-consistent
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    question, did most people choose lumine as their starting character? 'cuz i chose aether. not for any particular reason other than it looked like lumine had a bow and arrow while aether had a sword.

    #i suck at long-range attacks #i can never aim right #i dont use amber unless i have to just cuz i'm that bad #genshin impact
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  • suourus
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    KLEE, JEAN gunnhildr, KAEYA alberich, AMBER
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  • basils-phot0-album
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Regressor!Amber Headcanons

    Has a wide age range, going from around 3-10 years old

    Very high energy and is constantly jumping and running around

    Talks a lot, she says whatever comes to mind and will tell anyone about any fact that she suddenly learns

    LOVES piggyback rides, especially if the person carrying her is running around

    Her favorite game is probably Hide and Seek! She also loves scaring people in the process

    Is a huge fan of fruit punch and apples, it's her favorite snack

    She likes to play pretend spy, her most common victim is Kaeya or Jean. Sometimes they'd be walking around and suddenly hear some quiet giggles coming from behind them and quiet but quick footsteps retreating when they turn around

    Her favorite place to play is in Wolvendom, Razor always keeps a close eye on her and protects her from any danger

    She also really enjoys coloring and hand-painting! It's always a necessity to have cleaning tools nearby to prevent any colorful stains

    Hates bedtime, she will hide, run away, make up excuses or do anything to get away from it, she'll keep going until she eventually tires herself out and gives in to exhaustion

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  • trav-elle-er
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Destroy the bedrock keys, Zhiqiong said. It will be easy, she said.

    #genshin#genshin impact#Amber#geo vishap #adventures in the chasm #surreptitious seven star seal or whatever tf the name of the quest was
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  • bunnyshot
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    “We understand now! All we needed was a stronger wind to fly. In reply the Anemo God said: What you lacked was not wind, but courage. It is courage that has allowed you to become the first flying birds of this world.”  
                      ╰─▸ ❝ @bunnyshot 《  independent 𝗔𝗠𝗕𝗘𝗥 from ᴳᴱᴺˢᴴᴵᴺ ᴵᴹᴾᴬᶜᵀ  》                                                                                                 Adored by Gwyn.
    #genshin impact rp #genshin rp #amber genshin rp #self promo. #( I am LAZY and am using the header I just made for the promo also because .. I liked it skfjdhg )
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  • genshinresource
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Genshin Impact LINE Stickers Vol. 2: Mondstadt Characters (1/2)

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  • oofmilk
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    [lips to the mic] beiguang parent trap au. kazuha and amber are the twins. kazuha went w/ beidou, amber went with ningguang. kazuha and amber have kazuha’s white hair, they just dye it differently (kazuha’s red streak vs amber’s brunette) they both have red-brown eyes. kazuha lives on the alcor with beidou while amber is liyue’s little menace and frequently accompanies ningguang to mondstadt on political business

    #not 2 like. be insane. but yknow #beiguang#genshin impact#jupiter text #inspired by my ning and amber found family brainrot #anyway. imagine the chaos #kazuha going to cut amber’s hair and he’s like. dw i cut the crew’s hair all the time. when they’re drunk enough to let me #and amber’s like HUH. HEY KAZUHA MIND REPEATING THAT FOR ME?
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  • spiderlilysilk
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    god i adore heizou so much im thinking about his idle animations

    #.txt #SORRY he's like. my ultimate genshin fave next to hu tao #in a selfship sense ofc #klee and amber take the top place otherwise #r: heizou x vivian #r: hu tao x vivian
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  • mz4nolove
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago



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