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    Whoever wrote this, I love you. THIS STORY WAS TOO CUTE. please send all of your love to the author!!

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    it is no surprise that shikanoin heizou intentionally acts like a little shit.

    the lazy grin on his face is full of amusement as his eyes trail you pacing around his office, a frown on your face that steals his interest. although he knows why you’re so occupied with thoughts, he acts oblivious—raising an expectant eyebrow when you finally turn towards him, ready with the usual chastise and lecture.

    “why do you always run around without my permission?” narrowing your eyes, you place a hand on his desk to abruptly lean forward. he, annoyingly, only smiles and welcomes the intrusion of close proximity, holding eye contact and simply waiting for you to continue. “i keep getting complaints that you're bothering innocent inazuman civilians and dragging them into your little detective problems. care to explain why?”

    “innocent liyue citizens,” he calmly corrects with a head tilt, and you have to hold back the urge to smack the audacity out of him with a sucked-in breath. “and i finished my work. and i was bored. and maybe they weren’t oh-so innocent?”

    you can’t help but glare. “and what is that supposed to mean?”

    “what it means,” he starts, with the know-it-all look you pretend you don't love so much; standing up from his chair and leaning even more towards you. you can feel your whole face and body warming up when heizou practically gets nose-to-nose with you, completely casual like he does this everyday. “—is that i unintentionally got myself a new case, and fortunately dragged my cherished manager into it.”

    you step back quickly with both confusion and fervor—and to your absolute dismay, it’s evident that your flustered look generously feeds into the detective's amusement as well. the only thing you can do is to scoff to hide your fluster and mess of composure.

    “fortunately?” you go right back to glaring to act like your little crush on heizou doesn’t exist. you fail miserably. “d-don’t you mean unfortunately?”

    he hums in thought. your eyes carefully track him as he steps away from his desk, tensing up when he stands right next to you with that cute grin that looks like his eyes are smiling too. heizou puts his hands behind his back as he tilts forward, throwing personal space right out of the window.

    “fortunately. because i get to stay and work with you.”

    (he’s way too smug for his own good... and for your own, too.)

    #repost :) #heizou x reader #genshin x reader #heizou fluff#genshin fluff#bookuya
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    Your eyes...

    warning: scaramouche being scaramouche! ⊹ notes at the end!

    Scaramouche trusts you a lot, even if he doesn't fully show it. But, one of his ways to show affection is by letting you touch him or doing something with him.

    "God, stand still!" Scaramouche said holding her chin, while her other hand was busy lining her eyes. "It scratches my eyes! I'd rather do it on you." you said trying to get his hand off your chin. "Are you retarded? You said you wanted me to do your eyeliner and you would do mine!" he said still firm in holding his chin. "Just be quiet. I'll get this over with." he said as he focused again on her eyes.

    This time you were quiet. You two were quiet, a comfortable silence. But Scaramouche's face, always with an angry or totally serious expression. Don't get him wrong, he's not mad at you, he's focused. "Fuck." it blurred a little. "Wait. I'll fix it." Scaramouche took a cotton ball and some eye cream. After he finished cleaning, he started again. "Are you getting hit by the eyeliner?" you scoff, smiling, still with your eyes closed. "I've never done that on other people. " you still had a smile on your face. "I'm sure! I'm glad I'm the first." you said with once more excited.

    After a while, Scaramouche said: "I finished." He dropped your face, waiting for you to open your eyes. You open your eyes and look into the mirror beside you. "Scara! It's beautiful. you are very good at it!" you said throwing yourself on top of him. "Do not do it! I-I just made a line!" he raised his voice, he was still surprised, it was very sudden. You smiled. "Yes I know! But was it you, hm? The boy I like helped me make an eyeliner!" you said kissing him on the nose. "Oh Archons, stop it!" he managed to get out from under you. You too got out of his chair and went back to your seat

    "Sit in front of me, I'll make one for you now." you said with a gentle smile on your lips. He sat in front of you. "Your eyes are pretty." He widened his eyes. "Will you be praising every part of me? First my fingers, now my eyes?! Are you testing me?" You threw your head back laughing. "No, Scara! I'm serious. I just like your beauty, I think it's necessary praise you." You look at him. His eyes relax and he frowns again. "Is weird. Why do you do this knowing I don't care?" her smile drops a little at his response.

    When he sees your smile fall, he says it before you answer. "Look, don't get me wrong. I think I like your compliments. But I don't know how to react to them." he says avoiding her gaze and looking to the side. "I know that's not what I meant. You don't have to react to them, just accept them." you said smiling.

    "Changing the subject! Look at me, let me do your eyeliner." you said grabbing your face and rubbing the eyeliner over scara's eyes. Scaramouche was so quiet that you sometimes suspected he was dead. I only knew he was alive because his breath hit his hand. "You are quieter now. Where's the Scaramouche who complains about everything?" you said still concentrating on her eyes. "I don't want you to smudge like I did. I go to work with this."

    "aww how cute!" you said with a smile on your lips. "Stop." he said with his eyes closed.

    notes: yes, scaramouche again. Sorry for the repetitive writing, I'll try to write another way!!
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    soooo since I have severe writers block- could you guys request some genshin boys to add to my 'holding hands collection' ??? no pressure ofc hehe i love you all

    #genshin x reader #genshin x y/n #genshin fluff #genshin impact fluff
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    umm why do you tag a lot of your posts as smut when they don't contain any i'm so sorry if this sounds rude but it's a genuine question i have.. like does the genshin smut tag have a lot of engagement or ??? (i'm embarassed typing this so feel free to ignore😭)

    yeah it’s bc then itll get onto the like page for ppl to find my acc.and dw I DONT KNOW WHY ALGORITHM DOES THAT BUT

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    — with an s/o who’s taller than them

    FEATURING: scaramouche, albedo, xiao, kazuha, venti and aether

    WARNINGS: might contain some grammatical errors, and typos…either way it’s all fluff

    NOTE: this is very shitty and i feel like it’s not good enough... well anyways, new writing layout?!?! anyways, happy 300 followers to this blog!

    do you want to go back to masterlist | navigation?

    ➤ scaramouche

    he got very offended at first, especially when you helped him reach some things that’s on top of some shelves. but don’t worry—he’s just being very dramatic.

    the type to ask you “how’s the weather up there?” but would get very irritated and annoyed when you answer something back like “how’s hell down there?”

    if you wear some sort of necktie, best believe that he would pull that down to kiss you on the lips—but would accidently kiss your lower lip, and he won’t stop there.

    the type to laugh at you when you accidentally bump your head against something but if your forehead somehow bleeds, he’ll go to serious-mode and call some of his trusted healers.

    when he’s feeling soft and cuddly, he would shyly tug your shirt and would quietly lead you to his office, where he would ask you to sit down on the couch just to lay on your lap. he doesn't care if his hat is on the ground but he does care if a single speck of dust was on it.

    ➤ albedo

    you’re his unofficial tall assistant where he would ask for your help to get something he can’t get because it’s on the very top of something.

    sometimes, he would stare at you for a good five to six minutes before asking questions such as “how do you get tall?”, “are there some benefits for being tall?” and more. he would also ask if you inherited it—in which you gladly answered all of it.

    the type to wrap his arms around your waist as he rests his head on your chest, incoherently mumbling something along with the lines of “rest” and “you feel warm”.

    FOREHEAD KISSES!! he loves those very much! please kiss this man’s forehead thrice a day or he’ll quietly sulk in his camp.

    give him some back hugs too! but do it when he’s not holding something fragile because he might drop it, especially when it’s a part of his experiment :( but don’t worry! it might not seem like it but this man is down bad for you so he’ll probably forgive you even if you accidentally ruin some of his works.

    ➤ xiao

    you’re tall? okay. i’m the conqueror of demons and I would like to conquer your heart /j (xiao making moves?! *not clickbait*)

    the type to not care about it but gets really insecure when he sees you talking to someone who has the same height as you. please reassure this man and tell him that you still love him even though he’s short! he’ll go back to his duty after that with a not-so-visible smile on his face.

    for him it’s “your hugs, cuddles and forehead kisses >> everything”. he especially likes it when you kiss the little diamond on his forehead—it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    play with his hair too! he likes how good it feels and wouldn't realise that he’s leaning into your touch, sighing out of pleasure.

    the type to kiss your neck (if he can reach it) or just the back of your hand. as long as his lips can reach it, he’ll kiss it—just to indirectly tell you how much he loves you.

    ➤ kazuha

    it might not look like it but he’s head over heels for you, especially if you do things that make his heart skip a beat.

    sometimes, he’ll stare at you but not like albedo—instead, he has this lovesick smile, sighing as he continues to stare at you. beidou definitely saw it and she swore that she saw floating hearts and flowers around kazuha.

    definitely the type to use his anemo vision to make himself float. he’ll look down at you and smirk. it’s pretty annoying but you can’t do anything about it—he looks too pretty in your point of view.

    loves it when he can see your head whenever you guys are in a place where it’s crowded. he’ll try to swim through it just to hold your hand and when he can’t, he’ll just shout your name.

    the type to sit on your lap (1) i just know that he does that to tease you but you don’t mind cause he’s very warm and he looks so soft! you’ll unconsciously wrap your arms on his waist and rest your chin on his shoulder.

    ➤ venti

    he’s officially your baby now. this guy likes to be carried, to be pampered and is a very clingy and needy type of boyfriend.

    very LOUD and whiny if you forgot and didn’t give him his daily kisses. he likes how you have to bend down a little just to kiss his forehead or cheeks. i don’t really know why he likes it but you do you, venti.

    doesn’t care about it, actually. in fact, he finds it…cute? this anemo guy is very weird but you still love him, nonetheless.

    he also likes to rest his head on your chest because he can hear your heartbeat! i won't even be shocked if he beatboxes in the middle of it.

    the type to sit on your lap (2) but he doesn’t do it for funsies. instead, he only sits on it when he’s bored or he wants you to play with hair…or YOUR hair.

    ➤ aether

    this man is very thankful because not only he got a new travelling companion, he won’t also feel lonely because you’re right on his side!

    definitely likes to snuggle and bury his face to your neck when you guys are cuddling! also, piggyback rides! especially when he’s hurt or tired! he can't get enough of it and he might even act tired so you can carry him.

    the type to ask you “bend down a little?” so that he can put the flower crown he made with his and your favourite flowers. after that, he’ll giggle and suddenly tackle you into a hug.

    he also likes laying his head on your lap! for him it’s the “perfect pillow” and he won’t let anyone take it away from him.

    a very needy person when he’s sleepy. he’ll ask you to lay beside him and when you do, he’s fast asleep. he likes how warm you are!

    © raidengaile 2021. do not repost, copy, translate or claim my works.

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    GAILE’S GUEST LIST: @willowedwisteria @solaaresque

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    𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐜 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐠𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐭 + 𝐌𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐧 𝐀𝐮 (MINORS AND AGELESS BLOGS DO NOT INTERACT.)

    Warnings for NSFW part # Dacryphilia - overstimulation - mommy/daddy kink - minors do not interact with the nsfw ones, if you did then don't come into my asks and have a little bitchfit.

    Warnings for SFW part — none.

    Extra/Important # Italic text means it's in your mind


    ʚ Hates tall people who tease him with all his heart but never shows it

    ʚ Gets called scaramouche built ass alot by the internet 😔

    Especially by his brother kaeya

    ʚ Is 5'2

    ʚ The first time he met you he thought you were going to grab his stuff and put it high in the air but no

    You were actually quite surprised and had an excited look on your face. Now he was expecting you to squeal like an annoying fangirl but it's actually quite the opposite

    You acted like a normal human being with human decency, he could sense the nervousness in your tone.

    "ah um hello sir, my apologies for accidentally bumping into you I should've been more careful" you said looking down at him, he stared at you with a open mouth trying to say something but nothing came out

    He was, astonished by your height

    What can I say, he has never seen such a huge skyscraper in his life!

    You looked at him weirdly and in discomfort on why he was giving you such a creepy like face and you waving your hand near his face pulled him out of his paralyzed position "A-ah I'm dearly sorry for staring at you-" diluc bowed a little as to not drop his stuff "-I am just

    Quite.. astonished by how tall you are and i mean no offense by what I just said

    But my name is Diluc, Diluc Ragnvindr" he said with elegancey and proudness "Ahh, the son of Crepus!

    I remember you, we used to play the knight and the princess when we kids!" You said loudly, chuckling at the little memory while diluc stood there embarrassed and confused "ah, well i seem to have quite literally no idea on what you may be talking about but may you quiet down about saying my name out loud sir/madam..?" You took off your mask (i mean the masks we wear in the pandemic) "Y/n L/n" you said smiling ear to ear and giving him a peace sign

    He gasped in a low tone

    ʚ From there on your friendship started to bloom more and more every second you two hung out

    ʚ It would soon bloom into a loving wholesome yet teasing and intimate relationship

    ʚ Your first date was at Liyue where he had a concert, if you know how to play the electric guitar really good then he will personally fire the person and give you the job.

    After the exhausting concert he would have a huge fancy and clean hotel which makes you feel like your in a loving home <33

    ʚ Separate room?

    Oh no no no no hunny, diluc will the workers make up an excuse to say that there isn't Anya separate rooms left and have only a room that has one king sized bed

    Don't blame him he's just to say that he wants to sleep with you okay :(

    ʚ The small spoon who hums you to sleep, the shorty who's protective song and talented and cares deeply about your whole existence, health and body

    ʚ Did I say he can cook?

    ʚ He will wake up at 6a.m to cook you the best of the finest meal ever with some fine old vintage wine while singing just the two of us

    ʚ All his dreams are about you hugging him from behind while he's cooking you food so pls hug this touch starved baby from the behind :(

    ʚ You are the only one who can tease him about his height and pick him up or put him on your shoulders <3

    ʚ He will write so many songs just for you and will give you some spoilers of it by humming it or sharing a small small sample of it

    ʚ If you show it to the internet, say goodbye to your relationship

    Playing...Blue moon by Dean Martin

    You were woken up in the middle of the night from the calming and vintage like music coming from the kitchen, each step nearer to the kitchen you smelled a divine and nourishing smell of (food name) entered your nose

    There you faced diluc's back

    You saw two plates with utensils on the dining table "aww he's preparing a little inside date for me!

    Better go back to sleep to not ruin his plan" you thought to yourself excitedly and happily

    ʚ It was true that diluc puts quite a lot of effort in dates and such even though he have never been to one and know how it's like

    But hey at least, google exists

    "You know, you don't need to pretend to go back to sleep" he said coldly, head turning slightly to look at you

    You flinched at him and slowly turning back "a-ah am sorry.. for ruining the date which you put s' much effort in.." your voice sad and guilty, muttering the last part but loud enough for him to hear "it's quite okay darlin, you didn't ruin anything there's nothing you need to worry about" your aching and nervous heart softened and fluttered around in happiness and love

    Such a caring and loving voice with a caring soul who loves you endlessly

    Oh how you wanted to marry him <3

    He walked to you and the next thing you know, he's standing on his tippy toes trying to kissing you

    But instead of kissing him back you backed your head away from him in a way to tease him "aww someone is needy~" oh how he wanted to punch your mocking face lovingly and then kiss you

    He let out a faint growl and angrily walked to your bedroom but before he could you picked him up and made him face you "come on luc~ you don't need to be such a tsundere!" Your voice mocking and teasing as ever, God you're worse than kaeya!

    "Shut up." He looked away from you flusteredly, face red just like his hair making you chuckle at that

    His face became more flustered when you said "oh you are just too cute.." in a loving and deep (sexy) voice and gave you a snarky remark "then kiss me coward."

    Just when you were going to put him down and eat the food with him he had to come up with that, now he's pinned to the wall with you kissing him passionately and getting some tongue action in there ‼️

    His fault tho <3

    ・⁀➷ ˖˚₊ Nsfw minors dni

    Nsfw, minors dni.

    ʚ There was something about the way he whimpered when he was under your gaze

    It was like, he submitted to you the moment he saw you again

    He submitted to you like you were his master from the beginning

    He submitted to you like you were his one and only Goddess

    ʚ Such a bratty baby when he doesn't get enough attention or love <33

    ʚ He acts like a little bitch so he can get punished by his one and only master/mistress <3

    ʚ But when he's in a good mood he will be such a obedient dog!!

    ʚ He praises you instead of you praising him, mindless babbles of praise would come right out of his dirty mouth and so much filthy whimpers, groans and moans of your name slips out of the stone hearted stoic diluc <3

    ʚ Sloppy kisses only.

    ʚ When he overheard you sayin you love feminine men he dressed up as a maid, a bunny, a cow and wore mini skirts with jewellery and ears of the representative animal <3

    ʚ I feel like singer diluc would moan lewdly into your ear when your stuck in dozens of work just to get your attention

    ʚ Wants to give up on being stoic and just cuddle on your chest and cry about how beautiful and kind you are to him

    ʚ Rides your strap/dick like a bitch in heat!!

    When i say he will not stop he will not and even if you threaten him with a punishment he still won't stop

    ʚ breed kink yes mommy/daddy, if your a female he would beg you to make the dildo squirt cum

    He would beg you to breed him so hard that he passes out <33

    The room was heavy with groans and pants from the singer "just a little bit more baby" was said by you plenty of times, he knew you were gonna keep him up all night and oh how he wished he didn't tease you after you kissed him "p-plEASe~~ m-mORE~ haHHh..!" He felt the pace fastening up and the grip on your shoulders tightened. You could see the little tears forming in his beautiful eyes, you kept on fastening your pace and he could practically feel his hole bruising

    His mind overtaken by pleasure, his mouth babbling incoherent praises, his eyes rolled back and tongue out like a dog <3

    The sight of you breaking diluc would be something everyone would pay for, oh he's just so pretty!!

    ʚ I feel like his love juices would warm and salty but also has a hint of sweetness

    He would never look at you after he cums, even if you two have done the deed so many times he will look at you after <3

    He's just so embarrassed!!

    "Mmf i want you so bad baby iwantyousososobaf!~ mMM-aHhh!~" you could practically see his pupil turning into hearts with a lovestruck emotion trapped in them "your doing so good baby~ your taking it so greatly, I will reward you if you can go a little few minutes without me" your chuckle at the end indicated something sinister, he could feel the aura coming out of you "w-whAT does that meeean!~" you ignored his question and pounded into him more and more hard "ha-aaAah!~ i-if yOU doNt st-stop i will~..!" "Cum if you like princess" your eyes had a devils trapped inside them, hungry ones that want to fuck him up real good while you pound into him and reduce him to a little cheap whore <3

    He would be glad that you're feeling nice today, or else he would have to put up with more evil things of yours. Your pace fastened at hearing his moans about wanting to cum, you were desperate as well

    You wanted to ride his dick like a cowgirl you really do but his pathetic face just makes you wanna fuck him more and more!! "Oh you're so cute!~" you said with redden cheeks and lovesick eyes "mm!~ i-I wANna! CuuUm~! aHHh!~" his love juices shooting out of his swollen dick and landing on your face and chest, the smell of his semen aroused you more than ever

    You slurped up the thick cum while he looked away from your piercing gaze, you (for fems: moved the strap and threw it away and) simply laid on his chest with your arms around his neck pretending like nothing happened "Do you want a bath baby? I'm sorry I was so rough.." you said muttering the last few words, he nodded and kissed your forehead reassuring you that he loved it when your rough with him <333

    ʚ Aftercares with him is the BEST <33

    ʚ He will be so bubbly and cheery, almost like a child. He's a adult baby i swear <3

    ʚ Please let him lay on your chest. Pretty please.

    This man just loves your chest so much <3, it's almost like his own personal pillow

    ʚ Did I mention he likes to play with your hair after you two are done doing the deed?

    His hands will be tangled in your hair and he would REFUSE to let go. Oddly enough he wants you to use his shampoo

    ʚ Your face and neck would be SMOTHERED in kisses, kiss on your cheek, on your nose, on your lips, on your forehead and his plushy soft lips would attack your neck with soft comforting kisses that screams 'I love you so much baby I never wanna let go of you, please hold me like I am a delicate doll and tell me how much you love me.'

    Lucky for diluc, you were kind enough to make the bath warm to his liking and had his favourite bath bombs ready

    You went back to your birthday to pick diluc up bridal style and when you did he muttered grumpily and embarrassingly making you kiss his forehead to embarrass him further.

    You gently put him in the warm water and played some music

    Playing now.. Ad Oblivione By Yu-Peng Chen, Zach Huang

    Diluc moved for you to get in and water escaping the bathtub as you did. He faced you and laid on your chest, tangling his hands with your hair while you press gentle kisses into his scalp "oh how I missed your body…" you said "I missed you so much myself love.. there is something about you that is so alluring but I can't figure which part of you is so addicting.." you laughed at his response "your so cheesy sometimes~" he let out a playful huff in an jokingly offended manner "how dare!" He said loudly, almost like fischl when she's offended by someone

    It is quite amusing to see him being a child and changing out of his stoic mask, you embraced him into a hug which put him in surprise

    ʚ His shock will slowly fade away and embrace you into a hug in return

    ʚ Would 100% mutter words of love in his language into your chest

    ʚ (for fems) Did I mention that he will get extremely flustered and a little hard when you use your boobs to wash his back

    ʚ He would kiss you in your lips, which would turn into a soft make out session where he's in charge

    ʚ After the small aftercare he would lay on your laps and ask you if you will sing the song he sang to you yesterday

    ʚ He literally falls asleep to your beautiful and majestic like voice.

    Do not steal, repost, copy, post on other media.

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    © All content belongs to taorose.

    #tao's.brainrots #diluc x reader #diluc x gn reader #diluc x fem reader #diluc x male reader #diluc x reader fluff #diluc x reader headcanons #diluc ragnivindr x reader #master diluc#diluc#diluc Ragnvindr#genshin diluc#diluc genshin #genshin x reader #genshin x reader fluff #genshin x gn reader #genshin x fem reader #genshin x male reader #genshin #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x male reader #genshin impact x fem reader #genshin impact x gn reader #genshin impact x reader fluff #genshin impact#genshin men#dckz
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    The taste of early autumn. [1/3]

    summary : a day of cooking with your partner, scaramouche.
    cw : soft scara ; meticulous chef scara ; clumsy ? reader ; he feeds the reader!
    genre : fluff ; domestic
    series : main dish [kuri gohan] ; side [ebi no tempura] ; dessert [hojicha latte]

    “polish the rice until the water is cloudy, and be gentle with it.”

    you nodded your head, stirring the pot of uncooked rice before you with your hands. scaramouche’s voice was firm but gentle- a tone he had preserved for you and only you. he observed you from behind, head hovering over your right shoulder. you could feel his chest barely grazing your back. he was close- very close- and your heart was almost beating in your ears.

    “not so bad, [name]. i’ll grab the chestnuts, they must be ready to peel by now.” scaramouche stood up, leaving you with the sloshing of the rice.

    honestly, this was not what you had expected when you suggested a cooking date with your lover the week before. you thought he would be a hands-off person, really just there to eat and maybe wash a few plates. the man, however, insisted on cooking traditional inazuman dishes for you- with you- and he intended on doing so the right way. so here you were, washing rice on the wooden veranda behind your house.

    a clang of a pot beside you took your thoughts away. “you can put the rice aside for now. i’ll teach you how to peel the chestnuts.” scaramouche was now sitting beside you, separated only by the steel pot of soaking chestnuts. he offered you a small knife by the handle. oh. it had your initials engraved in it, painted a shiny gold. “this knife... when did you...?” you looked up at him. “yesterday, after work. it’s just a small gift.” you tried to hide your grin. “thank you,” and you took the knife from his hand. he nodded. not much else to say there.

    he then took two chestnuts from their bath and passed one to you. positioning his knife, he began instructing you. “to peel these...” he started, “we use the edge of the knife...” he demonstrated, “to get the outer skin off.” he concluded in one fell swoop. your eyes could barely catch onto his actions. “then, you pare down the inner skin-” and he positioned his hands once again- “to get its sweet flesh.” he faced you expectantly, waiting for your hands to move. 

    so move your hands you did. the edge of the knife, you recalled, pressing down on your newly acquired blade. “not too much force there,” he cooed. get the outer skin off, you tried, turning the chestnut as he did. “that’s not where your finger goes,” he commented. right. the edge of the knife, you attempted again- but your hands had gotten sweaty out of nervousness. in the bout of securing your hold on the chestnut, the blade sweeped right past it. “[name]!” you froze. you turned to look at your lover. his eyebrows were furrowed, blue eyes wide, and mouth agape.

    with a sigh, he scooted closer to you, grabbing your wrist along with your chestnut. his grip traveled to your hand and his fingers were positioned above yours. “i’ll do it with you just this once. pay close attention.” again, his voice was firm but soft. his hands were much more softer. his movements were slow, careful, and dare i say, loving- almost as if he did not intend to let go.

    the brown outer skin of the fruit dropped onto your lap, and all that was left was the sweet and cleanly pared flesh. but you noticed none of that. in fact, nothing had been accessing your brain for the past minute or so. nothing other than your the warmth of your lover’s hand enveloping yours. nothing besides his slender fingers guiding yours, thumb pressing on your flesh ever so gently.

    a trance, this was, and you were stuck in it.

    a cough caught your attention, snapping you out of your daze. “you haven’t been paying attention.” you bashfully bit your lip at that. “do i really need to show you how to do it again?” his tone was critical- but when you turned to look at him, you beheld a peculiar, special sight. scaramouche was blushing, cheeks red and so were the tips of his ears. his eyes travelled far and wide around the veranda, visiting every area of his peripheral vision except your face.

    “yes,” you answered, your smile evident in your voice, “i’d like another tutorial please, chef!” that seemed to score a critical hit. scaramouche, the fearsome man he was, was blushing profusely- head hanging low and all. his face had contorted into a mix of emotions.

    with his face still facing downward, he held your hands again- a lot more stiff than gentle this time. “i... as much as i’m enjoying this, we’ll have to make haste, got it?” he used his free hand to pick out another chestnut, “no playing around. we have two other dishes to make.” you nodded. while his voice was firm, his face was as red as the setting sun.

    and that meant that you were technically allowed to play around. just a little. so as you slowly managed to peel the fruits (albeit a bit... awkwardly), you popped one or two in your mouth. he caught on to that.

    “where’d the one you just peeled go?” you glanced at him from the corner of your eyes, hiding the nut in your other cheek. that elicited a skeptical eyebrow raise from him. a shrug, and you grabbed another chestnut like nothing happened. careful not to chew. “[name].” act natural. “look here.” keep peeling.

    and in a split second, his fingers gripped your chin, bringing your whole face into his view. there it was, a mysterious protrusion in your cheek- obviously the size of a chestnut. “you’ve been eating the chestnuts?” cheekily, you shook your head. you felt a smile crawling into your lips. the man in front of you was obviously taken aback, perhaps even annoyed, but he was holding back. cute were the expressions on his face. “open your mouth, before i open it for you.” well, now you were visibly grinning.

    your lips parted to reveal a saliva-soaked chestnut, waiting to be consumed. a long sigh left your lover’s lips. but he seemed to have given up when he asked, “is it nice?” to which you nodded an enthusiastic yes! 

    he shook his head, possibly trying to shake his small, sneaky smile off his face too. the both of you continued your mission in comfortable silence, until the very last chestnut was picked up by him. “this one looks like it’d be very sweet,” he stated, and you watched his knife glide through the inner skin. “close your eyes, [name].” confusion was the first thing that knocked on your mind’s door. but his tone was too authoritative to question, so you shut your eyes.

    in the darkness, you felt his fingers grace your chin- then your lips. his thumb swiped your bottom lip, gently tugging it open. a chestnut was slipped into your mouth. he guided your lips to close before sealing it with a hasty kiss.

    “i’ll cook the rice with the chestnuts. we’ll prepare the tempura after that.” your eyes were still closed, but you could imagine your lover’s face.

    he was right- that chestnut was particularly sweet.

    #scaramouche x reader #scaramouche fluff#scaramouche#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact fluff #genshin fluff#genshin imagines#kunikuzushi #kunikuzushi x reader #kunikuzushi fluff#domestic #genshin impact fanfic
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  • sweetestcelia
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Imagining that childe is really into soft touches. Just hugs and holding pinkies.

    #genshin impact scenarios #genshin fluff#genshin#childe #genshin impact fluff #childe fluff
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  • avalynnemarie
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Welcome to my blog!

    I am Avalynne Marie and I recently got into writing after dumping it for 2 years, I have both improved and lost some of my writing skills so please be patient with me. If you'd like to know more of my blog please read below, it is required to read the rules before requesting, thank you for your time.

    About my blog

    I am a new genshin writer while I have wrote BNHA for years.

    I do better with angst and tragedy but I always do my best in fluff and romance.

    I am still expanding my vocabulary and I'm currently finding my writing style, I actually planned to spread my writing page to TikTok but I was having second thoughts because I might get hate.

    I do genshin x reader/BNHA x reader.

    I do not write the specific gender of the reader if not requested, I mostly do gender neutral or female in my original fanfiction or series. (That doesn't mean I can't do male, I struggle with it too much)

    Rules for requesting

    Make sure to follow the instructions below, if none are followed then your request will be ignored. (sorry)

    Please include the gender for Y/N.

    Make sure to write the genre (fluff, angst).

    Properly state your plot in the request, please be straightforward.

    I do:






    Short fanfiction

    Character x Character (depends)

    Fanfiction based on songs

    I don’t do:

    I don’t do:


    Reason: I'm sorry for the disappointment, I'm only 13.

    I'm actually planning to do an original series of Scaramouche and GN!Y/N's daughter, the genre is angst/tragedy/no comfort and the first chapter will be released somewhere around June, if you wanna read it ASAP then comment on this post or do the form for my taglist. Thank you.

    Hello, I realized that I might've sounded too serious or rude, I'm sorry.

    #bnha #bnha x reader #bnha x y/n #bnha angst #bnha x gender neutral reader #bnha x self insert #bnha fluff#genshin angst#genshin imagines #genshin x reader #genshin x female reader #genshin x male reader #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin fanfic#genshin fluff#genshin tragedy
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  • solarrue
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    In celebration, I’ll be posting daily from today till next Wednesday! So just send in your requests, and maybe I’ll use one of your ideas. 😉

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  • flyingtomyneverland
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    lips like lemon cake - sharing a dessert with your lover and... tasting it from their lips -

    --> summary: gn!reader x diluc. sharing a dessert with diluc ragnvindr, scenario, romantic fluff, kisses

    --> reader and character are in an established relationship
    word count: 4533
    tw: none

    it's those evenings you wish to hold so dearly in your heart, that it almost hurts to think that one day even this memory shall be forgotten.

    it's those evenings that are utterly and whimsically unique. in an indescribably exciting way, heart leaping and stomach dancing - that can only be shared between two lovers.

    it's those evenings, with diluc ragnvindr.

    on one of those evenings, you settled on a wooden bench near the dawn winery, far enough so that no one may disturb you. if it weren't for the sparse, yellow-gold light of the small lanterns, the shadows would hide both your faces in the darkness. but on this evening, which soon turned into this night, he is - the warm curl of his lips, the way his fiery red locks fall over his shoulder, the expression of his eyes as they wander over the night - all for you, only for you.

    you hold a delicate porcelain plate - all for you - a piece of lemon cake, which you had prepared thinking of diluc.

    " try it. ", you whisper softly after a while of pleasant silence, directing his gaze from the vineyard back to you. and there it is- the little flame in his eyes, which lets your heart flutter like the little crystal fly's wings above you.

    " after you. ", he leans towards you, his fingers ghosting over the edge of the plate, but you have already taken the fork in your hand, holding it in front of his lips.

    " i made it thinking of you. ", you confess and move closer to him. " please have the first bite. "

    how could he possibly resist this heartwarming request and the sweet sight of you under the starry sky?

    his soft, enviably rosy lips enclose the piece and you cant help but notice the little bit of whipped cream that sticks to his bottom lip. his lips curve upwards and you are rewarded with a warm smile.

    " you made that for me? "

    nervously, you watch his reaction. fingers shaking slightly. " is it... to your liking? ", you ask cautiously. diluc reaches for your hand, his wrapping around yours, holding you tightly.

    diluc's breath gently escapes his mouth- akin to a soft sigh. " y/n.", warm fingers brush over yours as he takes the fork from your hand, leaving behind tingling shivers. he leans in further, your noses touch and you feel your heart skip at the loving touch.

    your breath catches as he meets your lingering gaze. even after all the time, you are still not used to the way he manages to take your breath away. you nod slowly. " i wasn't certain if sour things suited your taste - so i just... well, if you don't- i don't mind, you can tell me. "

    " it is exquisite. "

    your heart warms at that.

    " truly? it's not too..."

    "... it's perfect.", his words are quietly spoken- the way his mouth smoothly moves is almost hypnotic - before his other hand rests on the back of your head. the feeling of his teasing fingers trailing down your neck surprises you, your eyes widen as diluc pulls you closer, sweet breath fawning over your lips.

    " how about i give you a taste? ", he speaks, almost absently. your heart races as his gaze falls on your lips and- is that a winning smile gracing his handsome features? had he planned this all along?

    " i would like that.", you say, warmth filling you up to your fingertips.

    as diluc pulls away, he leaves you behind with flushed cheeks and the urge to run your tongue over your lip.

    a small, deep chuckle. there's not enough time for you to process how ridiculously beautiful the sound of his rich voice is. his lips press against yours and your heart leaps like a young bird. at first, it is as if pure warmth envelops you all around and all you smell is him. him, the comforting, secure scent of fresh grapes and old leather. and then, as his hand relaxes and spreads on the back of your neck, he was commanding your lips to open and you willingly let him as he skimmed his tongue over the inner part of your lip and you feel like you might faint as slowly but unmistakably, the sweet sour taste of lemon and sugar creeps in.

    " well - have i convince you of this magnificent flavor? ", you look at him and suddenly you have to giggle, hands on his chest.

    " i wouldn't mind if your lips always tasted like lemon cake."

    he joins in your laughter.

    " mhm, i see. i suggest then we try that again, my dear? "

    #genshin x reader #genshin diluc #diluc x reader #genshin scenarios#diluc scenarios#diluc #genshin impact scenarios #diluc fluff
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  • cookiefics
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    OK HI UH FIR THE 50 KISSES THING (that is, if you write fir him) CAN I GETT A #1 WITH AETHER FROM GENSHIN???


    SURELY! thanks for asking!

    1. Small kisses littered across the other’s face.

    You only needed to look at the sky to know Aether was on the terrace. He specially liked nights like this, when the sky is clear and the stars illuminate the city of Mondstadt, under his feet. Opening the terrace's crystal door, you found Aether sitting on the edge, legs hanging from the floor, with the city as a background. It was his favorite place of your home, and he let you know it since you two searched a quiet house to move.

    Every night like this, it's normal for him to leave to the terrace, without wanting to wake you up, and he takes his time outside. He thinks about his country, about his sister and the goddess that took everything away from him. Even when his worst nightmares make him stay awake all night, he doesn't want to wake you as well. He firmly believes you shouldn't worry for him, because you're way more than he deserves.

    And you try hard to make him believe that's not true. That he deserves all the good things the world can give to him. He deserves all the caresses, the kisses, the good words and the hugs he's so scared to receive. And, little by little, you're making him believe it.

    Even when you walk as soft as you can, Aether looks at his back, finding you, barefoot and covered with a blanket. Taking a seat by his side, you pass half of the soft cover above his body, avoiding him to catch cold. He smiles softly.

    "Sorry for waking you." he whispers. You shake your head with a smile.

    "You didn't. I just noticed you weren't in bed."

    Silence is comfortable as you both share a blanket and look at the sky, arms so close they touch and legs casually tangling from time to time. You won't push him to talk, but remind him he has you there if he needs to talk.

    "I just... I miss Lumi." he says. You heart breaks a little more. He has searched his sister for years, and he's still unable to get her. Your hand sneaks quietly up, taking his cheek, making him look at you.

    "Have faith, Aether." you whisper. He sighs, and his face moves towards your touch, wanting more. Silence is still between you two.

    "I'm alway grateful for having you by my side." he says, low tone while he fixes his eyes on yours. "You're way more than I deserve."

    Taking his face with both hands, you put your face closer until your lips touch his forehead. "You don't. You're amazing, Aether." Parting, your lips kiss each of his eyelids, softly. "You're strong, both physical and mentally strong." Your lips move to his cheek. "You're sweet." The other cheek. "You always know how to make me smile." His nose bridge. "You care deeply for your loved ones." Your lips press slowly against his jaw. "You're the most wonderful boy I've ever meet." Finally, your lips find his. "I love you so much, you can't even imagine." as you press a kiss on his mouth, Aether's cheeks blush because of the beautiful words you've said to him. Once you part, your boyfriend smiles towards you, taking your face as well.

    "Let's see who can win covering the other's face with kisses and compliments." his tone is competitive, but his smile is so true and full of admiration and love you can't do anything more than receive his hundreds of kisses under the stars, as you share love and reassuring words to the other.

    50 types of kisses

    #aether x reader #aether x you #aether x y/n #aether fluff #genshin x reader #genshin fluff #genshin impact x reader
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  • luvmotel
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    hi! congratulations on 300 followers! 🎉🎉

    I would love a match up if there are slots left, preferably male! Thank you so much! Congratssss!



    ₊ ° . ɞ — note : hope you had a great stay and thank you for choosing for luvmotel !

    a glass of apple cider in your hand as you chug onto it , kaeya’s presence known as he takes a seat next to you , his own glass of wine halfway there to being empty , he is drunk , and drunk kaeya is not a good sign , he’s rather flirty than he already is — a flirt drunk is what everyone calls him.

    the pale moonlight showers in through the window of the tavern , the smell of sweat and alcohol is distinct , your table with Rosaria is soon occupied with a almost drunk Eula , a totally drunk kaeya and a bard who is knocked out , the cool apple cider calms your anger as you chug onto it as kaeya slings an arm around your shoulder , you don’t seem to care , you’re used to this side of him after all you only lead him back to the headquarters to be taken care.

    “hey pretty , ya seem lonely tonight , wanna tag along?” a sigh erupts from the depths of your throat just like a volcano that was ready to erupt into magma and let it all out and we’ll you were , you were about to erupt into flames and engulf kaeya alberich but someone did that before you.

    red hair , red eyes , veiny and muscular hands hold onto the blue haired man’s collar , there is this glint of jealousy and anger in those red eyes and you are not far wrong from recognising them — they belong to none other than diluc ragnvindr and then his clash with yours and sparks erupt from his soul and all emotions of jealousy and envy are washed away and his own throat lets out a sigh.

    “I’m cutting your drinks here , take him to the tavern please.” the voice is laced with nothing but concern and maybe a bit monotone for the thinking that he dislikes his brother , he sighs as he watches his half-brother bump into people as guards hold him up and even flirts with every living to non-living being around.

    “that was quiet an act.” you mumble bringing the glass of apple cider to your lips as he watches , he has always been the watcher in the case of you and his brother , always so close unlike him who would want human contact but stepped down when given the opportunity and you were one but he never chased. he hated running but running and chasing after you didn’t sound bad , after all you were what he adores from far away.

    “you go pretty deep in thought , diluc.” your voice cuts through the almost awkward silence like a knife , his heart is on top of the world when he hears you speak his name , an utter idiot to feel this way he thinks but he likes his name rolling from your tongue rather than his own brother.

    a chuckle escapes the male’s throat and never in your lifetime being with these two you had ever heard a single ounce of laughter or any sort of happy thing erupt from his throat , your huge eyes look at him in amusement maybe a glint of adoration as well , “i will , if someone as pretty as you sits in front of me , I would also have possibly imagined my whole life.”

    and you had never felt heat rise up so quick nor have your heart thumping against your chest rapidly as a wide eyes drunk Rosaria almost falls of her chair and Eula who was almost taking a sip chokes on it , and a bard now fully awake looking between you and the grumpy tavern owner , who had a gentle smile on his face , ah , so his dear wine giver likes this fine maiden.


    © luvmotel 2022 ! All right reserved , plagiarism is a crime and do not translate my works without my permission!

    #☆ . stamped ! #☆ . drabbles ! #genshin impact #genshin impact scenarios #genshin scenarios#genshin drabbles#genshin fluff#genshin imagines #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x y/n #genshin zhongli fluff #genshin zhongli #genshin zhongli x reader #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #zhongli fluff#zhongli scenarios#zhongli drabbles#zhongli imagines
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  • ayxtokamisato
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i'm sure of it pls 💍

    Are you, heh… presenting me a ring?

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  • rhas-writes
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    How an Alchemist Feels - Albedo x Reader

    Another addition to my Fallen Archon Reader! (I like this title better) thoughts. However, can still be read as a standalone.

    Spoiler's! for Albedo's lore.

    Content? Fluff, falling in love, strangers to friends to something. Format? Bulleted headcanons/imagines. Pronouns? You/Your.

    Synopsis: Little scenarios of Albedo's overall relationship with you.

    Extra: Reader is a fallen archon in this, but it kinda? doesn't matter.

    - - -

    There's an uncanny sense of familiarity when Albedo first meets you. It's like he already knows you beyond your moniker of Mondstat's Eastern Breeze. But that's impossible, he's never met you before. Surely he would remember someone as striking as you.

    How curious. He questions himself for days on end, wondering if he truly did see a knowing smirk on your face. Did your eyes dance with amusement upon seeing his visage? Did your chest swell with pride upon hearing his unknown past from other members of the Knights of Favonius? Did any of this really happen? Or was he just overanalyzing his interaction with you?

    What a challenge it is to impress the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius in his field of study, but oh you do it without trying. Your splash potions are a marvel - concoctions of pure elemental energy that make up for your lack of a Vision.

    Albedo never thought he'd have ease in conversing with someone but you happily ruin his theory. You just understand. Be it alchemy, history, or just a mundane topic, a conversation with you is always comfortable.

    Surprising himself and his students, Albedo allows you to help with many of his experiments. Typically, he detests any possible distractions. But that's just it. You're not a distraction. You keep him focused, determined. Experiments that go for days on end and yield no result aren't a waste if it's time spent with you.

    Over many nights spent together in his beloved lab, Albedo learns more about you. In turn, you learn more about him. Both of you jot down information about each other in your respective notebooks. Perhaps it's a bond between researchers, but there is an innate trust between you and him. Neither of you really keep the truths about yourselves a secret from each other.

    For the first time since his master abandoned him, Albedo feels like he truly belongs. A creation and a creator camouflaging among humans. The two of you are a pair of outsiders in a nation that welcomes all.

    Although you fear Albedo only grows closer to you out of his attachment to your friend, Rhinedottir, he reassures you this is not the case. Sure, there is comfort in knowing you once spent time with his mother but he seeks your presence for you alone.

    Albedo does not think much on his friendship with you until you're gone for a three month-long expedition. He waits for a response to his rambling only to turn to an empty stool placed next to his desk. While knee-deep in an experiment, he wordlessly reaches a hand out. His brows furrow as Sucrose awkwardly asks what he needs. It's only after he blinks a few times does he remember you're not the one assisting him. The scent of decay fills his lab before he remembers to change out your flower bouquets. He should be annoyed another task has been added onto his long to-do list, but he misses you less after doing part of your usual routine.

    As the weeks drag on, he finds himself doing more things that remind him of you. He finally reads those light novels you suggested and enjoys them. He practices cooking your favorite dish as a surprise for your return. He visits your favorite places regularly, even the ones not on Dragonspine. He plays with Klee more often knowing she's missing you too. He writes about his day in a journal, just in case you both need something to talk about (which is doubtful but he's prepared nonetheless).

    When news of your return reaches Albedo, he is pacing in his neglected office in the Knights of Favonius' headquarters. You were three days late and he was preparing to go on an expedition to look for you. He runs to Angel's Share where your welcome party is being held, caring not of the odd stares he receives.

    Seeing your tired but smiling face brings an overwhelming relief he's never felt before. You're here. You're safe. His stomach flips and his breath hitches when you look at him. Although he's not one for social anything, he takes a seat in the tavern. He doesn't contribute much to conversations, he just wants to be near you again.

    At the end of the night, when most have gone home or are too drunk to listen, Albedo takes your hands and locks eyes with you. "Please refrain from going on such a long expedition again. If you must, allow me to accompany you. Two minds are better than one, no?"

    It's odd. Albedo knows of the many feelings humans are capable of having, but is he experiencing them as well? His symptoms cannot be sickness - he's not even sure he can get sick, he should really test that one of these days. Increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweaty palms, all are indicative of many emotions. Perhaps, the most likely emotions is love??

    Love...Love? Love?! Does he love you? He's unsure. He doesn't have enough data. What would loving you even mean for him? Love isn't an automatic gateway to a relationship. Does it matter if he loves you? Testing. More tests need to be done. But...how does he test if he's in love?

    All Albedo is certain of is he cares for you. The way his shoulders tense hearing you've been injured, the soft smile curling his lips watching you play with Klee, the accidental sketches of you on research papers, the longing for that brief warmth of your hand brushing against his - all of it and more tells him he cares. To what extent? Well, only time will tell.

    - - -

    Published: 24 May 2022

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  • myaaki
    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    everytime i hear the song 18 by anarbor , i think of xiao

    but imagine xiao dating y / n thinking they aren’t really in love with him but he goes with it anyways. in reality , y / n is so head over heels for him and just <33

    it takes xiao a little minute

    #myaaki#genshin impact #genshin x reader #xiao x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin#genshin fluff#genshin imagines#xiao fluff#genshin headcanons#genshin xiao #genshin xiao x reader
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  • qinxin02
    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Stolas | Venti x M! Reader

    Part 6, No Warnings, fetishizer's dni.


                   Venti slowly pulled the taller male towards the door that leads outside the said man's office, the latter just nervously following him, wandering where he's taking him.

    They walked through the long hallway of the floor they're currently in, [y/n] decided to ask the smaller bard despite his fear of his wrath.

    "Uh Venti where are you taking me?"

    They abruptly stopped, unknown to [y/n] Venti had a deadpanned expression on his face, he nochalantly looked at the Dendro Archon in which the latter just looked at him in confusion.

    "Where's your bedroom?"

    Silence befalls them—

    "I-it's on the other way..." [Y/n] laughed out as he pointed the other direction, opposite of where they're currently going and Venti sweatdropped before starting to pull the taller male again but this time to the direction the said male pointed.

    They passed by multiple doors, Venti sighed, already starting to get tired from walking and constantly pulling the taller male.

    "This is the room..." The Dendro Archon muttered.

    Venti twisted the door knob and the door opened with a creak.

    He pulled the taller male and just slammed the door close...

    "Venti! Wait, wait—oof" [y/n] let out a soft 'oof' as he was pushed into his giant queen size bed, making the bedsheets and pillows shuffle lightly and the bedsheets crinkle.

    [Y/n]'s eyes were closed as he felt his back hit the soft mattress.

    He opened and his eyes and see Venti giving him an amused expression.

    "You're going to sleep whether you like it or not." The bard sternly said and [y/n] just groaned in annoyance.

    "But I'm not tired!"

    "Tell that to your eyebags!" Venti replied as he crossed his arms and the Dendro Archon pouted and looked away.

    Venti sighed as he was muttering himself.

    [Y/n] didn't look at Venti, the pout still present on his face. He felt shuffling and then felt a weight slowly crawling on top of him.

    Pink immediately dusted his [s/t] cheeks as he realizes that the anemo archon is on top of him.

    He noticed that his green cape is missing, he must have removed it.

    "Venti w-what are you doing?" He stuttered out and Venti gave him a smirk, "Well I'm about to sleep of course~"

    "I'll be laying on top of you so that you won't leave." The bard deadpans as he leans his ears against the taller male's chest.

    'thats odd... Why... Why can't I hear heartbeat?' Venti worriedly thought and he looked back at [y/n] who had a face as if realizes something, his [e/c] eyes widened in shock, then the male's expression turned to something... Something sad.

    [Y/n] looked away, praying that Venti didn't notice but of course the Bard did notice.

    "[Y/n]..." Venti calls out softly and [y/n] flinched slightly, still not looking at the bard.

    "I want to ask you something... I hope... I'm not overstepping things..."

    [Y/n] sighed as he braced himself for the inevitable.

    "Why... Why don't you have any heartbeat...?"

    [Y/n] looked at him, shame and sadness present on his face, "Isn't it obvious?" He started before taking a deep breath, "I don't have a heart."


    Venti can only look at him in shock but his heart broke when he sees the broken expression of the man he adores, [y/n] closed his eyes as he sighed, "I can still feel emotions but I have trouble differentiating them or understanding them... I relied on books to learn to understand other people's emotions through body language, I memorized the book... It's really useful if I'm talking to people but it's completely useless when it comes to my emotions..." He breath out, his voice shaking. He slowly slid his hand on to his chest and clenched the fabric of his polo shirt.

    [Y/n] doesn't understand his emotions, only he knows that fact. As of now, he doesn't understand the emotions he's currently experiencing; Anger? Sadness? Shame? Guilt? Fear? Or all of the above? He doesn't know, all he knows is that he's feeling something, something not good to feel.

    Venti watched as small tears gathered in the Man's [e/c] eyes, his heart clenched as he watched a familiar liquid ran down the man's [s/n] skin.

    Venti cupped [y/n]'s face, using his thumbs to wipe away the Archon's tears, "hey... hey... It's okay, it doesn't make you any different..." Venti murmured as he leaned his forehead against [y/n]'s.

    [Y/n] looked away, both from shame and how close Venti is.

    Venti stared at the Dendro Archon's eyes, he just realized how beautiful it is up close, not just his eyes but all of him.

    [E/c] colored eyes shining like jewels, his long eyelashes, smooth skin and soft [h/c] hair that he could just comb his fingers through.

    Venti mentally gasped in realization, he loves [y/n], the man who has been a long time companion of his, the man who has waited years for him to wake up from his slumber, the man he calls as his best friend.

    Venti knows he's been in love with the man for a long time, he just realized it.

    For a bard, he's fucking oblivious to his own feelings but congrats to him for finally realizing it.

    RIP Himmel you'll never be forgotten.

    "Do you want to talk about it?" Venti sighed as he leaned again to the [h/c] man's chest before he wrapped his arms around the taller man's torso, and in which the latter buried his face on to his black hair with green highlights.

    "I... I want to talk about it..." The Dendro Archon murmured as he too wrapped his arms around the smaller male, warmth enveloped them, keeping each other comfy while the ac was softly buzzing.

    "Take your time, we both have all the time of the world."


    Not many people fully know about the god of knowledge. Common people can only the see the first layer of who he actually is—his companions on the other hand, they know him well enough to consider him a lifelong friend. The god's companions doesn't know him enough to know about his origins—where did he come from? who made him? who was he before he became an archon? No one really knows, his companion's chose not to ask him about it, afraid that they might be asking him something he's not comfortable with answering—they decided not to pry.

    Stolas, it's a name his creator or creators have given him, it's a name he doesn't like using or a name he is forced to use as an archon. This name of his is symbol of who he truly is—a child of celestia, a heavenly being handcrafted by heaven's rulers themselves. The god was created in Celestia's Laboratory, The Heavenly rulers wanted to create a perfect god. Unlike Morax who was once an Adepti, unlike Barbatos who was once a spirit. A god made in the laboratory of Celestia itself, stardust flows in genes like ichor. He is a being higher than Archons but lower to Celestia.

    When Stolas has first opened his eyes, he was child filled with wonder and curiosity—although he didn't went through the same life stages as a human, when he first opened his eyes he already looked a teenage human. The curious god went through a lot during his time in Celestia, Celestia is harsh and cruel to him—countless punishment he went through everytime he made a mistake; the curious eyes that used to have shine now has become dull—he rebelled against his creators and the heavenly beings got tired of his rebellion, they marked his name with a 'Failure' and soon he was cast out of celestia, He fell from the heavenly palace like a shooting star coming down into Teyvat. Here's what they don't tell you, Stolas laughed as he fell. Threw his head back and yelled into the winds, arms spread wide, teeth bared to the world. He's like Lucifer that was cast out of heaven, falling down like meteorite, creating a large crater when he had landed harshly on the Teyvat ground.

    Even when he's no longer in the heavenly palace, Celestia itself still has their eyes and ears on him, with gnosis or not—it's not an exact freedom from the place but Stolas will accept anything just to be far from it, even if the higher beings have to listen to him from above.

    [Y/n] [L/n] is name he chose to go by, a name that held his once abandoned dreams and inspirations. [Y/n] is someone Stolas sees as 'human' as someone who is 'free', someone that is the exact opposite of him, someone of who he used to be before Celestia took that away from him. [Y/n] is just an act of his that is enough to fool his people, his companions, but not to himself.

    Freedom, a name that taste foreign to his tongue. It's something that the god knowledge won't ever understand. Because of this, he took an interest to the god of freedom himself, Barbatos. The freedom god was the first one to approach him, in hopes of learning a synonym of a word he wanted to use and the god of knowledge decided to humor him and soon after the two became good friends. You might think that Stolas might be envious of the said god of freedom—yes, you are absolutely correct. The god of knowledge envies the god of freedom, because Barbatos has something he cannot have, which is freedom. Envy, what a bitter word, it left a foul taste in the god's tongue. He decided to lock that feeling deep inside his non-existent heart.

    Surprisingly, the envy he once felt bloomed into admiration. The many days both gods accompanied each other, the bitter emotion morphed into a sweeter one, as the god of knowledge finally got to know the free spirited god better. The god of knowledge was surprised to know that he is capable of experiencing such feeling, he didn't know that he is capable of such emotions when he lacks a heart like the other Archon's have. He doesn't have the red muscle that beats, or he did used to have but what was replaced with a glowing white orb; a star, no it does not have five angles, it merely look like a glowing orb—a symbol of his heavenly origin.

    When he first landed on Teyvat, he was confused and lost—with the help of his knowledge that he learned from the kingdom he once hailed at, he managed to survive the archon war, unknowingly made lifelong friends in the process.

    During the archon war, actively hid, using his Dendro powers, he managed to create a safe place together with his knowledge with ancient magic—the time he spend burying his nose in Celestia's Library finally paid off. Trees that can't be easily cut off or burned down by any means surrounded his safe place, a magic circle glowing brightly underneath the grass that activates a protective dome whenever an  unknown demon or god would attempt to pass by. At that time, other beings thought that the forest just randomly grew, they didn't know it was the work of the Archon of Dendro.

    Since he was a god, he didn't require food or water to survive. He only leaves his shelter to scout the area around him, to hunt for books of course. He met spirit's that were almost gotten eaten by demons and some of these spirits unknowingly became his devoted followers that turned into lifelong friends. He gave them a second chance in life, a second chance of freedom—yet the spirits chose to follow him, to pray for him.

    Sooner, the war stopped and he became one of the last surviving gods, so naturally, he was given one of the seats of the seven archons.

    He also envied Morax, he remembers the times the god of contracts showed off his scars, the scars he has gotten from his feats back during the archon wars, the scars he had gotten from defeating demons and corrupted gods alike. The god of contracts can only look at it in both envy and awe, he turns to look at his own skin—his blemish free and pristine skin. The other Archons once saw him bare, and they thought he was lucky to have no scars decorating his skin, the god of wisdom just forcefully laughed. Unknown to them, if his skin was just like theirs, it would've probably had more scars than them, scars would litter everywhere in his body. Why you may ask? Because Celestia is ruthless.

    To other humans and other beings, the god of knowledge—to them, the god is ethereal, but to the god himself, he just see himself as someone who is undeserving to live, someone who is not special, someone who is an ugly flower in a field of beautiful flowers. No matter how many people tell him that he's good-looking, he just can't seem to see it, he'll just nod and awkwardly laugh.

    "Are you my creator?" Wide curious [e/c] eyes with diamond shaped star in them stared at the bright and tall figure infront of him, he cannot see their face due to how blinding they are.

    He heard them chuckle, their voice sounding multiple, the chuckles echoing in the said Laboratory of the Heavenly Palace.

    "Indeed you are correct little star child." The voice replied.

    "Then what am I?" The newly born god questioned his creator as he played with his halo, "You are a being created from stardust from stars itself, a being higher than Archons but lower to us celestial beings." The new born god can only look in confusion before he felt their hands gently grabbed his wrist. "Come now little star child, we have so much work to do." The ethereal being pulled the newly made god, his three pairs of wings gliding across the marble tiles.

    "Work?" He asked, voice evident with innocence, the being chuckled, "Yes, little one. We still need to teach you, but do bear in mind that mistakes aren't acceptable here."

    "So please do learn from your mistakes little one, it must only happen once. Do you understand little star child?" The being sternly said, voice still echoing and ethereal.

    "Yes, I do understand." The newly made god said, in fact, he does not understand, his innocent mind is far too afraid to deny the higher being.

    Thus, his life of constant lessons and punishments began.



    (n.) Heartfelt sorrows.


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    YOU MIGHT BE SLEEPING. — jakob ogawa ft. clairo

    Baby, when you're near It's warm inside sometimes when you stare our hearts entwine.

    a/n — HHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH so as u guys can see I deleted my thoma smau 😁🙁 I didn't have it planned out and I lost motivation for it,,, BUT NOW SINCE SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER UR GIRL IS BACK W ZHONGLIIII <3


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    001: don't crush my hopes and dreams

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