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    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


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    22.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I am so sorry I’ve pretty much been dead art-wise this year,,, senior year of highschool has been murdering my motivation to draw 😭 So have this huge art spam of Genshin characters bc I love these doodles and am very proud of them!! 🥰✨

    For context; there’s Xiao in an outfit @mickie-mc requested, Xiao as Lilac Cookie, and Lumine as Nezuko from requests uwu

    Also the last two doodles are done with a new sketch pen on SAI and I’m obsessed with the pen hehe-

    #reiny arts#genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #xiao #xiao genshin impact #xiao fanart#ganyu #ganyu genshin impact #ganyu fanart#kadehara kazuha#kazuha fanart#lumine#heizou#shikanoin heizou#heizou fanart#yelan #yelan genshin impact #yelan fanart#modern au #for the xiao and ganyu doodle #btw minor rant: i prefer hoyoverse's official heizou design over fanmade #bc i knew the fandom would be disappointed #like what with happened with ayato 💀 #anyways pls enjoy these doodles ;;;
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  • lynnthegarbagebin
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I finally did it

    #genshin impact #i triple crowned her #can you tell i love women #genshin impact Ganyu #i did not spend any money btw I haven’t spent any
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    21.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    🜸  !  ⸼ ࣪  ۰  𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧 𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬  𔔀  𝅄ׄ

    🜸  7aka_ne11 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐰𝐭

    🜸  𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐮 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭 !!

    🜸  𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞/𝐮𝐬𝐞 ✓

    #genshin impact#genshin aesthetic#genshin mihoyo#genshinedit#genshin icons #ganyu genshin impact #kazuha #barbara genshin impact #jean genshin impact #hu tao genshin impact #keqing #venti the bard #xiao genshin impact #kamisato ayaka#genshin heizou#new character#genshin update
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  • cherry-flavoured-thot
    21.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I'd like to request some Ganyu fluff! I love my goatwife 🥰

    Ganyu isn't sure what she should do. She let you rest your head on her lap, and the two of you were having a nice conversation about how her day had been. But then you had began replying less and less, only for her to peer down and realise you had fallen asleep.

    She attempted to call out your name in hopes of you waking up, but no response. She of course, could shake you awake, in fact she had gone to do so. But she took one look at your sleeping face and decided she didn't want to.

    Eventually she just accepts her fate as your temporary pillow, letting you rest peacefully in her lap. Not noticing that she had also started dozing off until she was asleep too. 

    #ganyu#genshin impact #ganyu x reader #genshin impact x reader #ganyu genshin impact #genshin impact ganyu #my writing tag
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  • elitelisa
    21.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    “Are you okay?”

    No mf i literally kin ganyu

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  • curlie-frys
    21.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    L/Yue is now officially a five-member girl group, with the additional of it's newest member, Yelan.


    Ningguang-main vocalist, leader,lead dancer

    Beidou-main rapper, lead dancer

    Keqing-main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist

    Ganyu-main vocalist, lead dancer

    Yelan- main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist

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  • ali-eats-violins
    21.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    why yes, i did put my two abyss teams in an incorrect quote generator; and here are the results

    Ayaka: We might have gotten into a bar room brawl back in the city. Xingqui: Well, that was entirely predictable. Ayaka: One of them punched a gang member. Xingqui: Raiden? Ayaka: Diluc, actually. Xinqui: Oh, that was going to be my second guess.

    Ganyu: You're smiling. What happened? Zhongli: What? Can't I smile just because I feel like it? Hu Tao: Venti tripped and fell down the stairs today.

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  • actiniumwrites
    21.05.2022 - 22 hours ago


    synopsis: what i think their love languages are

    characters: albedo, kaeya, beidou, ganyu, xiao, ayato, sara, itto, and kazuha (separately)

    warnings: doesn’t have to be reader insert, but i do mention a gn! s/o ( in case you were unsure s/o = significant other)

    note: these are honestly just opinions and were just for fun, i didn’t do extensive character research for this. that being said, i’m sorry if you disagree !

    albedo: gift giving

    loves to make things in his lab and give them to you

    if you’re really interested in his experiments, he’s really appreciative so he likes to give some of things he creates back to you only if it’s safe of course

    he also just loves spoiling you, even if it’s something that he didn’t create but actually bought

    kaeya: physical touch

    it was between this one and words of affirmation, but i honestly think he teases too much to show his love through words

    really loves to hold you or just have any sort of contact with you

    loves to hold your hand and will always hug you when you get home or when he gets home

    if you guys are talking to someone, he loves to keep a hand around your shoulders or on your waist

    loves to let people know you’re his and he’s yours

    beidou: words of affirmation

    this was another tough one tbh

    she loves hyping up her crew and making everyone feel confident and supported through her words and presence so i definitely feel she’d do the same for you

    if you’re feeling down, she’ll give you a really good pep talk that’ll make you feel so good about yourself

    loves to announce how much she loves you to her crew and all of liyue harbor, especially when she’s drunk

    will never, ever forget to remind you how much she loves you

    ganyu: acts of service

    loves to do things for you

    she never feels forced to do so, she just wants to help you

    always offering her help too, even with the smallest of things

    she’ll probably get insecure if you decline her offer

    if you’re out, she’s always doing things for you and helping you out, even if you don’t know it

    always wants to make sure you’re doing okay and will do whatever she can to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed, stressed, or sick

    xiao: quality time

    for xiao, getting to spend time with his s/o is so important to him

    he loves nights up at the inn where it’s just you and him eating your favorite foods and watching the stars

    you guys will go on adventures together and he loves every second of it, every second with you

    really loves it when you pay attention to him, especially if he’s opening up about his past or things that are bothering him, or even just little things like stories he wants to tell you

    ayato: physical touch and quality time

    he doesn’t get much time off which is why he deeply appreciates any second he gets with you

    while he loves hanging out with you, he wants to be able to hold you too

    loves walking around the city and telling each other about your guys’ days, eating dinner together, doing paperwork together, literally just whatever he can get

    kinda like kaeya, he’ll always have a hand on you whether it’s literally holding your hand or resting on your back

    loves hugs, but only with you

    i feel like he’s not a big hugger or person that would be into physical touch in general, but if it’s with his s/o, he’s all over it

    holding you and spending time with you will literally melt his heart

    kujou sara: gift giving

    she’s not really good with things like words or emotions

    but she does have interest in a lot of little trinkets and statues and such cough cough… irodori festival

    if she goes to get something for herself or sends someone to get something for her, she always makes sure they get something for you too

    will also just bring you things like little foods or drinks that you might like

    always blushes and gets embarrassed (spoiler alert: it’s cause she’s scared you won’t like it)

    itto: quality time

    this man is all about fun and family

    he loves to hangout with you all the time

    will always offer to do something fun like swimming at the beach, play fighting, and don’t get me started on beetle fighting

    if you beetle fight with itto, you will have his whole heart

    also loves to take you to visit his grandma, it’s really important that you guys spend time together

    he loves to talk to you as well and feels loved when you really listen to him and indulge in his jokes and stories

    he also really loves just laying in grassy fields with you and watching the clouds while you snuggle up next to him

    kazuha: words of affirmation

    this man’s biggest skill is his words

    will write you endless poems

    he loves writing about your beauty, the things you like, his adoration for you, etc.

    if you’re ever feeling down, he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better

    never fails to verbally show his appreciation for/to you

    will tell people off for you, no matter what, he’ll openly support and love you and make sure people know that him and beidou need to chill


    #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #genshin x reader #kazuha #albedo x reader #kaeya x reader #beidou x reader #ganyu x reader #xiao x reader #ayato x reader #kujou sara x reader #itto x reader #kazuha x reader #these were fun to write #if you’re reading this i hope you win your next 50/50 #let me know if you guys want more of these :)
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  • janaias
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    hope yelans quest just boils down to oh the liyue lesbian polycule is growing at an alarming rate

    #like.... beidou/ningguang/keqing/ganyu/yelan/shenhe so true #text tag#genshin impact
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  • mochi-chanoo
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I just went through the plot with Ganyu and, damn it, how sorry I am for this poor fatui :(

    #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #mochi-chan #ganyu x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact fluff #ganyu
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  • xingqiubeloved
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ₊˚✧⌗ ganyu in inazuma??

    free to use!! no credit needed ☆ ~('▽^人)

    #this is my first time doing these #hope it looks okay! #ganyu#ganyu gifs#ganyu gif#genshin impact#genshin #genshin impact ganyu #genshin ganyu#genshin gifs #genshin impact gifs
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  • luminouscloudd
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ganqing 💙💜

    #ganqing #ganyu genshin impact #keqing genshin impact
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  • 33roda
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    gganyu.. the brainrot is real! she would be so soft and pliant underneath you as you cherish her body,,

    chubby ganyu..... i wanna squeeze and kiss all her chub, from her arms to her tummy to her thighs and ahhjgjhhghh.... she just lays there like a pretty princess allowing you to take care of and admire her, not that I'm complaining. and if you decide to lick her (anywhere) she just shivers a little and giggles, covering her mouth to hide her cute noises *dies and explodes*

    #dom!reader #genshin smut #sub!ganyu
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  • shinzaia
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The baa and the meowmeow

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  • dilucwinery
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    notes: since it's confirmed that xiao is gonna have a rerun in the upcoming 2.7 patch, i'm very determined to get him home no matter what it takes 😤 *looks at xiao* my little meow meow... you will be home. not proofread, dialogue heavy and probably some grammar stuff but it’s 1am so i’m excused. masterlist for this series.

    Standing in front of the podium inside your teapot, you scan across the room with fire in your eyes and determination in your bones. Chatters and confusion stares from your companions are directed at you, but with adrenaline running through your veins, they cannot deter you from hosting this very important meeting.

    You wish you weren't so impulsive, but this is an urgent matter! It is neccessary that everyone must know of your announcement, so you grip the podium tightly and lean towards the microphone.

    "So sorry for gathering you all so late at night for this emergency meeting," you said with a steady voice. "But listen up! We have an important mission to accomplish."

    The seriousness of your voice makes your companions tense a bit and the room falls into silence. “Is there something wrong?”

    Zhongli is the first one to ask the question.

    "Oh, nothing is wrong, Mr. Zhongli—though—I think this mission concerns you as well."

    Okay, the tension in the room becomes so thick that someone can cut through it with a knife.

    A mission that also concerns the knowledgeable consultant.

    The only person who finds this whole ordeal amusing is Kaeya, sitting next to Zhongli and smirking. 'You sure know how to get people on edge,' he thinks, though he has to admit, he would be on edge too if he didn't have the advantage of knowing the content of your announcement beforehand. Kaeya has been through this plenty of times before, so he knows what you’re planning to do: you’re wishing for someone.

    Though Kaeya still doesn't quite understand how that process works, but if he has to make an educated guess, it seems like some kind of contract is formed the moment you send those little pink thingy into the wishing well.

    Heh, how eloquent of the Cavalry Captain. 'Little pink thingy.'

    Maybe Kaeya has spent too much time around you.

    Or maybe because it’s already so late at night.

    He digresses, choosing to focus back to the task at hands. Kaeya asks with a gentle smile. “Who is it this time?”

    You go quiet for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and answer:

    “It’s Xiao.”

    That earned a few gasps from the crowd, notably from Ganyu and Venti while Zhongli’s eyes widen.

    It’s a shame that Xiao didn’t appear right next to you when you call his name.

    Oh he will, alright.

    "Operation: Get Xiao home without losing the 50/50, also known as GXHWLTF. Or for short, operation Gex-hah-whe-leh-te-fur."

    "[Name], please-" Zhongli tries to cut in.

    "Though it isn't confirmed if Xiao is gonna be back BUT we have a lot to prepare nonetheless, and let me say this: I am very serious. This operation can not fail because it means that one of you... will die."

    “[Name], please excuse - wait - die!?”

    “They’re just being dramatic, Mr. Zhongli.” Kaeya cuts in.

    “No no, I’m being very serious 😤 But do not worry, I won’t be yeeting any of you off Dragonspine. But if Mona comes home instead of Xiao…”

    Zhongli is getting nervous.

    “Wait, please allow me to get this clear: we are summoning Xiao?” You nod in confirmation. Well then, this mission does concern Zhongli. He’s been wondering how the Vigilant Yaksha is doing as of late with the Chasm unsealed, but he didn’t anticipate you will be wishing for Xiao to come home this early. “So may I ask what’s the plan?”

    "Aha! Right on cue, Mr. Zhongli, it’s my next point: first, we need a ritual. The best way to get someone home is to be them, however according to my brainstorming session with Albedo, this method won’t work to get Xiao home.

    “We have to do something different this time since Xiao carries karmic debt, and he won’t be easily convinced to come home if he feels like his presence will put everyone in danger, so you, Venti and Ganyu will be joining me.”

    “Wait - me!?” Ganyu stands up the moment you mentioned her name.

    “Yes, you and Xiao are close, are you not?”

    “I- I won’t say we’re close- I mean- Xiao is my mentor, but we were only able to converse with each other because Rex Lapis was there.” Ganyu sits down with a somber smile. “But now with Rex Lapis gone… it has become harder to talk to him… so- I don’t know if he would come home if he sees me.”

    Hold up. Does she… not know that Zhongli is Rex Lapis? You look at the man, confusion in your eyes as you squint and telepathically shoot questions at him. Honestly, you don’t know if mind reading exists in Teyvat but Zhongli, although posing as a mortal now, he’s still an adeptus.

    Read my mind, Zhongli. Read it!

    Did you not tell her?

    My apologies- I couldn’t find the right opportunity to tell her-

    She thinks you’re dead!

    To be fair, everyone thinks I’m dead, even most of the adepti- that’s the whole point of my fake death is it not? To live as a mortal? The era of Rex Lapis is gone.

    I mean- yeah but look at her! If that’s the case then maybe Xiao thinks you’re dead too!!

    Kaeya finds this whole silent eye to eye exchange between you and Zhongli very suspicious as he watches Zhongli's shoulders tense.

    Okay fine. But at least tell them later, please Zhongli. They care about you and they’ll be relieved once they know you’re alive and well, and choosing to live as a mortal.

    The both you sigh and you make your way towards Ganyu. Sitting next to her, you put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure Xiao would appreciate it, to see a familiar face when he comes home. So don’t worry, alright?”

    Ganyu looks at you and she nods.

    “Thank you, [Name], for including me.” She laughs a bit. “The last time we wished for Venti was really fun, too. I like that feeling of anticipation when the wish turned gold.”

    “Hehe, I’m glad it brings you good memories. Now, that brings us to the next point: if what we have right now is not convincing enough for Xiao to show up, then do not fear. We have our secret weapon.” You pause a bit to savour the moment. Ah yes, the grand reveal! “Venti the bard!”

    The bard stands up with a cheery smile and summons his lyre.

    “I know just a song that will get him home!”

    Perfect! With Zhongli, Ganyu, Venti and Almond Tofu ready, this is all going according to plan. Now we just have to wait until the time comes.

    Operation GXHWLTF will be a success. You’ll make sure of it.


    Me: Diluc-

    Diluc: Yes?

    Me: Don’t show up on Xiao’s banner, alright? I don’t want a constellation.

    Kaeya: Haha! Look at you, seems like someone doesn’t want your cons but they’re desperate for mine.

    Me: Shut up, Kaeya 😔 you’re constellations are hard to get ok

    Meanwhile Diluc only answers "alright" and then leaves to sulk.


    Venti: So... Xiao, huh?

    Zhongli: I didn't expect it would be this soon.

    Venti: Now you'll get the chance to talk to him. To be honest, I'm excited for him to come home because I still haven't had the chance to give him this flute! ... Morax?

    Zhongli: Ah, it's- nothing. Do you still have the recipe for Almond Tofu?


    Me: Ah shit.

    Everyone else in the room: What's wrong!?

    Me: We don't have a good weapon for Xiao...

    Me: not even artifacts.

    Me: I guess I'll have to give him all these extra artifacts from the Maiden Beloved set for the time being.

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