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    Sharing dorms with them + their confessions!


    Writer's notes: hey hey, I'm so sorry this took a while, I've been quite busy at school and I've been procrastinating, forgive me 😭😭 I know I meant to write for more female characters, but this one has more male characters since I had more ideas for them 💀💀- but do note that the school au might become a series and I might add more themes + write for more characters :P I also hope that everyone has been doing great and coping well out there! <3 I hope my fanfics could at least make your day better 😹😹


    School AU + confessions

    Xiao, Venti, Hu Tao, Kazuha and Albedo - x reader (individually)


    Ok, living in the same dorm as this guy?? How is it like to live one of my dream 😹😹
    When you first met him, the first thing that came to your mind was emo. I mean. I would too.
    You guys never really talk but when you start getting closer to him, you’ll find out that he’s such a softie, a tsundere in fact!
    I would shit tears if I saw him come out of the bathroom with his hair wet…… that shit must’ve been so breath-taking (STOP THIS WAS ME BACK IN FEBRUARY I WAS SUCH A SIMP FOR XIAO 💯💯)
    He cooks your meals sometimes
    Generally a really cool person to share a dorm with, as long as you’re nice to him, he’ll eventually open up <3

    Your roommate seemed to be a cold person. He was never seen hanging out around other people and he was mostly alone. When you found out you had to share dorms with him, you thought you would have a tough year. You were wrong. So wrong. 

    Xiao looked cold and aloof, but he’s honestly a really sweet guy once you get to know him. That one time when you woke up late for school, there was breakfast on the table made by Xiao. “You woke up late, again. My classes don’t start at this hour today so I thought I could make you a simple breakfast to have on the way.” He states, passing a sandwich wrapped neatly in a paper bag along with your favourite coffee. His hair was in a mess and his voice sounded different… It was like it was his morning voice… Wait. Did he just wake up? Was he worried that you overslept and made breakfast to save your ass? You were about to ask him when the door slammed on your face. You couldn’t help but to grin and laugh to yourself. 

    Xiao is also a really big tsundere. Like seriously. The other time you were out with another classmate and he saw you flirting with them and he obviously did not seem to be enjoying it. He was frowning and pouting throughout. When you got home though, that was when his true emotions started to show. He pulled you to the couch with him and started cuddling with you. “Xiao… are you… jealous?” you teased. He said nothing in return, face however, turning as red as a tomato. 

    “Y-you! Fine… whatever. Just stay like this for a while, Y/N. And… I love you."


    HE’S MINE STAY AWAY. /j we can share him, Venti simps and enthusiasts are welcome here <3
    He’s definitely a class clown. Or he got popular because of his musical talent.
    “Oh hey y/n, ah ah ah, watch the lyre on the ground, don’t step on my precious baby!”
    He’s the background music in your pair work. It’s not pair work anymore it’s just you on your own while he plays on his stupid little lyre. 
    “Oh? Contribute? To what? I’ve contributed enough by playing music! Now, focus, or we’re both failing! What? You won’t do it if I don’t join you? Fine, I'll do my part then!”
    Going to 7-Eleven stores at 3 am at night is pretty normal with him. He either never sleeps, or sleeps like a pig.
    He’s probably the worst roommate you could get. He scores full marks for entertainment but he’s basically useless when it comes to homework or helping around the dorm. He won’t help with the cooking or housework. >:( But he’s cute so you forgive him <3

    Your roommate is an energetic person. He gets annoying every now and then, but he’s still a really nice person. He was well known in school for his musical talent and he often performs during special events. When you found out you were going to share  a dorm with him, you had mixed feelings. It was great that you were sharing with someone like him, but he seemed to have no concern about cleanliness or hygiene, whatsoever. 

    Venti often goofs around and doesn’t think much about the consequences. You thought he was funny though, no doubt. He’d often crack a silly joke that would make you laugh so much your stomach hurt. He’s sometimes a responsibility and you often have to nag at him before he helps out or does his homework. “Venti! This assignment is graded! Stop fooling around and complete it!” “What assignment was that again? H-Hey! Why are you taking off your slipper and holding it up like that- Ow! Wait, have mercy!” He’d often play on his lyre when you were relaxing. (At least he’s thoughtful..) He never cooks or helps out in the dorm. You have to do all the work for him. His room was a mess, clothes would be scattered everywhere on the floor, even his precious lyre would be on the ground. 

    Venti is also a prankster. You should not be surprised to find tons of fake spiders hiding in his drawer collecting dust. (He’s waiting for the chance to prank you <3) You knew he could be rather poetic and romantic, but you never expected him to be that foolish.

    The clock displayed large numbers. 2:24 am. Why was Venti not back yet? You knew he went for a huge party that Childe invited everyone to but you didn’t go for it since you weren’t feeling too well. Suddenly the door slammed open with Venti stumbling in. “Heyy~ I’m baaack….” You gasped. Venti did not look well. How did he even manage to find his way back? “Were you out betting with Kaeya, again? Venti, I told you multiple times not to drink so much just to prove you’re better! Look at the state of yourself!” You said, pulling him to his bedroom. 

    “Y/N…” He said as you helped him onto his bed. You handed him a glass of water and helped him drink. “Thaank you~ Ugh, Y/N! You look especially blurry tonighttt…” He slurs as he grabs on your cheeks, pulling you closer to him. Your breathing hitched as you felt his warm breath against your skin. “Venti… Please… lie down…” You said, flustered. “Hey… Y/N? I… I love you so muchhh… please cuddle with me tonight…” He slurs on his words, pulling you together with him to lie on his bed. You were facing his sleepy face, only centimetres apart. Wait. Did he just confess to you? You got up and threw a pillow at him. “You dumbass! Confess to me when you’re not drunk! Go to sleep!” You stumbled out of his bed and you were about to leave the room when you felt his hand grip onto your wrist. 

    “Y/N… Please… at least sleep with me tonight…”

    Hu Tao!

    She’s basically Venti, but better. I bet her room would be cleaner at least.
    She’ll annoy you until you pay attention to her
    Horror movies and horror games. She loves to see you getting frightened out of your guts as you grab onto her arm in fear.
    Prankster. If you get scared easily, you’d be doomed.
    She probably scores mostly D’s in class…
    I like to headcanon that she’s actually pretty good at art. It’s just the art she produces is unique… and scary….
    She would cook sometimes, and her cooking often looks suspicious and tastes odd, but you still consume it either way, because you’re such an amazing friend. (Spoilers, you'll be stuck in the toilet for the next couple of days)
    She may goof around often but she’s always in your back on call and she’s really loyal.
    Study sessions with her would turn into dumb conversations about your classmates and teachers.
    Dark jokes or dumb ones that make you want to beat her up
    A really fun roommate to have, she’s loyal to you and she’s really nice. Treat her well.

    Your roommate is a prankster, she enjoys watching your reactions. You’re often on your toes, unknowing of what she’d do next. She can be really sweet though, and she’s really adorable. Nonetheless, she’s one of the popular girls in school. When you found out you were going to share a dorm with you, you had mixed feelings. You were excited for sure, but at the same time you had your doubts, knowing what she’s like.

    Hu Tao has an interesting style and sense of humour that usually sends shivers down your spine, but you can tell she’s trying her best to fit in while being herself. She often reads her poems to you and they leave some sort of impression on you, because her poems have… some sort of dark meaning behind them.

    She does help around the house a little, not much. She doesn’t cook though. The reason is… very special for her case. Don’t be surprised if she serves you a plate of suspicious looking spaghetti with meatballs decorated to look like eyeballs… (which she has only served once because you fainted at the sight of those ‘meatballs’) She also enjoys pranking you tons, especially by jumpscaring you. You could just wake up to use the washroom and a freaky mask of some sophisticated monster would greet you right after you open the door.

    Interestingly enough, though you knew Hu Tao was talented, you never realised how amazing her art is. Though they’re often a display of darker shades like black or mahogany red, her pieces often turn out really pretty. “Hey Y/N, could you grab me a couple of paint brushes from the art room today and pass them to me? Huh, me? Stealing? Who says? Is there a rule that says that students cannot borrow art supplies from the art room for their own personal use?”

    You know that Hu Tao would often drag you onto the couch with her to watch really gory horror movies, but you never realise what her true plan was behind all of that. It was about 1 am in the morning when both of you were both huddled together on the couch, eyes glued onto the television. “Tao… this is scaring me…” “Come on Y/N! Just a little longer! This is the part!” You squeezed your eyes shut as you covered your ears and huddled closer to her. You could hear the muffled sounds of the television and Hu Tao’s giggles. You felt her warm hands suddenly grab onto both your wrists and pull them apart from your ears.

    “Relax, Y/N. Scoot over if you’re scared, I’m here, you’re not alone. Thank you for watching this movie with me even though you obviously don’t enjoy this genre of movies. I appreciate it and.. Well uh, I know this is an awkward time to say, but I really love you, Y/N.”


    He’s probably one of the popular guys let’s be honest, he’s literally perfect
    You were surprised to hear that out of everyone, he was sharing a dorm with you.
    (let’s say you had a crush on him, because why else would you be reading this.)
    He would cook your meals like the malewife he is.
    You loved his cookings, they were usually fish but they tasted amazing and his cooking technique for every meal would be different
    Oh god imagine movie nights with him… and he’ll let you lean on his shoulder…. Awww….
    Perfect roommate. He’s not messy, respects you, gentleman, sweet, good looking, cooks your meals and even studies with you

    Your roommate is soft-hearted. He was good looking and well known in school. You admired him a lot. Many girls swoon over him and you felt as if you were out of his league and thus never tried communicating with him. When you found out that he was going to share dorms with you, obviously you were exhilarated. Your crush, sharing a dorm with you? You’d die for that opportunity!

    Kazuha is a true gentleman. He cooks and helps around the house. He even studies with you and treats you nicely. He’s talented in Literature and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear his dulcet voice reading beautiful poems. He usually is the one that cooks your meals, and the dishes often had fish in it. You weren’t complaining though. You loved eating fish, and this was cooked by your crush after all. When studying with him, it always felt refreshing. His voice was calm and soothing, you always felt safe when you listened to him read out some of the notes. Bonus, you got to see his hair down. Which was something no one got to see, other than you. You loved that you got to see sides of Kazuha that nobody could. You felt special.

    You know that Kazuha is a romantic person. You’d get jealous over the love letters and poems sent to him by a bunch of girls trying to catch his attention. He’d usually look through them in the living room, and you’d often roll your eyes over the stupid little poems those pink letters with tons of hearts contained. Kazuha was observant and picked that up almost immediately. He laughed lightly. “Y/N? What’s with that reaction? Jealous that you don’t get any love letters? Or upset that I’ve been getting too many love letters but you want my attention?” Your heart stopped. “Me? Oh, no well uh… I…” You just ran off to your room and slammed the door, hiding your face in your hands. Kazuha grinned, much to his amusement.

    On the next day when you got back from school, you had the biggest surprise of your life. Kazuha wouldn’t be at the dorm as his classes started later than yours, which means he would be back in about three hours, much to your relief. You did not wish to see him after you’ve embarrassed yourself. You went to your room and shut the door. Slouching on your chair, you sighed. You got up to get food when you noticed a pretty red envelope on your desk. Beside it was your favourite flower and a maple leaf. You grabbed the envelope and took out the letter. You gasped at its contents, turning red.

    As these maple leaves fall,

    It reminds me of it all,

    Gracefully, you entered my life.

    And I fell in love at first sight,

    But I stayed quiet until that night.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

    Let’s soar high in the skies,

    With our hands intertwined together.

    Allow me to stay with you forever.

    And I’ll love you until the end of time.



    Rounded glasses!
    He’s probably hella quiet but once you get to know him, it’s pretty fun.
    You’re probably his only friend because he practically talks to no one, and he doesn’t just have casual talk with stupid people. (you’re smart in his eyes <3)
    3 am study sessions…. Because I said so.
    Falling asleep on his lap as he studies is pretty normal
    Y'all just eat instant noodles or McDonald's…
    He probably never leaves his room, so you camp in there to disturb his busy ass
    "Ah Y/N, I assume you have come to annoy me once again, haven't you? Well, don't be shy, make yourself at home. Just don't ruin my experiment, that'd be awful for me to clean up."
    He tutors you. If you're terrible at science, like straight up terrible, he's gonna make sure you get on his level in a month or so. He's scary.
    Can we talk about Albedo fanart real quick??
    Anyways I think he'd be a good roommate. He's not the most entertaining person to be with but he definitely tries his best to make you laugh.

    Your roommate is intelligent. He is soft spoken and often locks himself in the laboratory to work on his experiments. You admit, he’s good looking and that made him quite well known in school. There were often people crowding outside the laboratory, eyes glued on him in awe as he worked on his experiments. When you found out that you were sharing a dorm with him, you didn’t really have much of a reaction, you just thought that you two wouldn’t communicate with each other at all.

    You were half correct about that. At first, Albedo never leaves his room, you were worried for his sake and you often ordered food for him and placed the meal on his desk whenever it was mealtime. Until one morning, he was the one that came into your room with food in his hands. “Oh, Y/N, I prepared some food for you. I know it’s not the best, but I just wanted to repay you for helping me order all those meals. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be starving until midnight daily.” You glanced at the plate of scrambled eggs with a side of bacon paired along with a scrumptious sandwich. “T-This is for… m-me? I wasn’t expecting this at all… Thank you, Albedo, I really appreciate it.” You smiled as you took the plate in your hands. You were surprised to hear the next thing he said; “I know I don’t ever hang out with others, but you’re always welcome to study with me, just come into my room as you’d like. Also, I would love to get to know you more.” he comments, closing the door gently, leaving you alone to your own thoughts. Albedo? Wanting to be friends? You were punching the air in joy. You just won the attention of someone everyone wants to be close with.

    After that day, you’d often barge into his room without consent, lie on his bed and watch him study. He’d often roll his eyes as you do that but he smiles sweetly, he seems to always enjoy your presence whenever you enthusiastically share about your day to him. He would also allow you to lay on his lap whenever he was studying. You also became the only person who could enter the laboratory when he’s occupying it. Of course, many rumours spread that Albedo has a secret lover, and many people were jealous of your friendship with Albedo, but you never took it to heart.

    You were laying on Albedo’s lap (as per usual) and you were rambling on about your day and how tired you were. He smiles and laughs lightly, “Y/N? Tired? Sounds like an unusual match, you’re usually very energetic.” You pout at his statement. “Hmph! If you say so, I’ll sleep then! Good night!” You say, eyes fluttering shut. You were dozing off as you heard a muffled giggle and you felt a hand running through your hair.

    "Well, it’s been quite a while I’ve been wanting to say this, but I wouldn’t dare to. I love you Y/N. My feelings were there even before we shared dorms and I have always had the urge to talk to you, but I didn’t know how. Are you truly asleep? I wonder. Sweet dreams, Y/N.”


    Ahhh okay!!! That took so long to edit and write istg. I'm so sorry once again for my procrastination and slow drive to complete my fanfics 😹😹

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    If RaNnetXinYun are in a unit, I think XinYunLingTaoFeiSchlBaraElleCrose should be in a unit as well. The name? MOON. ( like yk, Monstadt being " moon city" and Liyue being " glazed moon"). Their debut song could be "Shine". Pun kinda intended.

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    A little suggestive Hu Tao for funnies

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    My team!


    Hu tao

    Kujou Sara


    Note: Hello Hello~!

    Team Comp: Noelle, Hu tao, Kujou Sara and Sayu

    Sara didn't remember how many times she sighed after she was placed on this team. She didn't get Hu tao’s eccentricities really and occasionally found them annoying. But as long as the girl was serious in her fights it wasn't like she could complain here. Sayu that girl is always sleepy and when you are gone the girl would always hide away sleeping instead of training but Sara knew the girl’s potential, helping them in their time of need with healing and such. Noelle is the only girl that Sara respected to a high standard when she heard about the girl’s training regiment.

    Really that day was the day when all the soldiers under Sara started to suffer so much. Sara had asked Noelle for a list of things that she does for training so that Sara could pass it to the soldiers telling them it was their new workout. It was for the sake of the Raiden shogun and you, after all, she has much faith in her soldiers that when they become strong they too could protect you.

    But really the team is a mess sometimes, when Hu Tao would try to drag Noelle into the crazy things that she does and occasionally when you are not there and the team gets into trouble Sayu isn't there to help with healing and support when Noelle couldn't. Sara sighed again, but at least... at least they are serious when you are around.

    #genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin fluff#genshin#genshin sagau #self aware genshin #genshin cult au #genshin impact sagau #genshin self aware #genshin impact cult au #genshin x you #genshin imagines#genshin scenarios#platonic yandere#sagau noelle #sagau kujou sara #sagau hu tao #sagau hutao#sagau sayu#platonic
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    For SAGAU: May I have the reactions of Xiangling and chefs of Teyvat react to a notoriously picky eater? I may or may not have been inspired by the latest event.

    OMG GREAT IDEA TY *kneels for good food*

    Hope you like it <3


    Category: Fluff (main dish) <3 and minor crack (appetiser)
    Characters: Xiangling, and mentioned Shenhe/Zhongli/Hutao/Ganyu/Paimon/the Traveler twins/chef NPCs
    Cw: nothing except mentioned Shenhe (local woman knocks mean employee unconscious)
    By the way, ‘You’ is used for SAGAU God!Reader. (hinted God status from the ‘your Grace’ and everyone trying to appease your tastes.)

    Your newest kitchen hire was knocked unconscious by the vengeful Shenhe, for insulting your pickiness to their food.

    “That was the last one okay chef we had- and now we have no head chef…”

    “Need a hand, need a hand? We have ‘buy one get one here’ coupons~”

    Ah, Hutao. She knows he’s alive—Ganyu just checked his pulse. Her ghost friend only snuggles up to you.

    “They just passed out, it’s alright-“

    So your councillor Zhongli suggests a public contest. Whoever can cook up a scrumptious storm gets hired, and participants get paid.

    “Can Paimon- I mean WE, eat what you don’t like?” Her quick cover-up earns your genuine laugh, as you tousle her soft hair in agreement. “Sure.” The way the baby-faced fairy perks up immediately is adorable.

    The twins distantly comment on their ‘emergency food’ being the glutton while you get dressed to announce the news.

    Xiangling’s dealt with a sufficient amount of fuzzy eaters in her travels, but your unique requests sparked even more enthusiasm. Your tastes are unusually specific, and a good chef lives a challenge.

    Especially when you’re holding the first Cooking Contest since your arrival in Teyvat.

    (Her innovative ideas are going to dominate this cooking challenge, and the nearest competitor shudders. She’s radiating competitiveness, and he knows Chef Xiangling’s culinary prowess is renowned in Chihu Rock.)

    Xiangling’s eyes are burning with the most determination Chef Mao has seen for a while, and he grins as Guoba scampered into the kitchen, head balancing an abundance of new ingredients.

    A familiar Crux crewmate heaved some fresh catch over to the shoddy table, and nearly tripped on a fallen pile of culinary notes.


    “GOT IT!”

    As the new kitchen stove roars, he wonders if his daughter having a Pyro vision would bring a blessing or a disaster. At least she isn’t experimenting with a hilichurl stove again.

    She ends up racing to your table with a surprising variety of new dishes, every single one sprinkled with a brand-new spice and with different meats, vegetables, or fruit. Didn’t like the first one? Try the other! She might dim a bit when you dislike some, but it’s super worth her work, when you find the one you’ve been drooling for in your dreams.

    The other chefs, you say? Well- they’re happy with the generous pay for their time, and they’ll move on from the rejection eventually. You try not to be harsh to protect their reputation and career. “Just not to my tastes”, you say.

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    They said to become noticed you need to post fanarts. So here is a messy picture of HuTao (that I don't like much somehow but it was a request, so...).

    I need to draw Dainsleif 🦋

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    Xingqiu's brain: no thoughts, head empty, only chongyun

    #fanart#digital art#art#doodle#comic#genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #chongyun#xingqiu#xingyun#drawings #genshin impact xingqiu #genshin impact chongyun #xiangling#hutao
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    fashion in teyvat!

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    I made this sometime around last October last year for Halloween and was playing a lot of COD WWII. After seeing this weapon inspection anim and getting Hu Tao on her rerun banner it felt appropriate to make these.

    #hutao#hu tao#genshin #hu tao fanart #genshin impact#genshin fanart #hu tao has a fucking gun
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    modern au! things you guys actually do in the back seats of computer class.

    — watches porn ironically


    — take photos for insta


    — on ao3


    — writing on ao3


    — passed out


    — high and just vaped in the bathroom


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    (with short hair)

    #fanart#digital art#drawings#art#genshin impact#doodle #genshin impact fanart #hutao #genshin impact hutao
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    #hu tao fanart #digital art#fanart#genshin fanart#genshin impact#genshin#hutao #hu tao my beloved #genshin impact fanart #love her
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    i really wanted to use hu tao bc of the ghost

    (pt 11 or 12 (idk anymore) of my friends’ texts as genshin characters)

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    Hey bestie 👹 How are you doing it’s been a while. I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing some headcanons about hutao. Just like some domestic wlw fluff if you could <3 Hope you’re doing well !!

    - 👹

    notes: omg hi 👹anon <3

    Hutao x fem!reader HCs

    you better be prepared to be pranked. to her, everyday is april fools

    waking up first morning, thinking it’s going to be a good day, but then you find she used thickener in the milk, completely ruining the calm morning atmosphere

    if she decides you are worthy of not being a victim, you two have a nice morning

    she’ll have breakfast from wanmin restaurant sitting on the table with a giant smile on her face

    kicks you under the table constantly

    when she goes to work she’s gone the entire day, so you try to make the most of your mornings and nights

    loves cuddles 110%, once she’s home she does not remove herself from you— good luck

    you two often go on little walks outside Liyue together just to see the environment and be alone

    she’s a really loyal girlfriend, once she picks you, that’s it, you’re hers forever

    loves matching rings‼️

    has your name engraved in her favorite ring, got you a matching one

    sleeping and eating with you are something she cherishes immensely, just the domestic moments she can share with someone she loves

    works really hard to keep you happy, so you should do the same

    #genshin impact fluff #genshin imagines #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #hu tao headcanons #genshin hutao #hutao x reader #hutao fluff
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    #genshin hutao #hu tao is so cute #art
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    — random genshin layout headers 🦋🍃

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  • reisu--art
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    Hu Tao Commission

    Drawing by me. If you're interested in a similar commission contact me 🥰
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    Game Genshin Impact HuTao Swimsuit Cosplay Costumes

    #Cosplay Clans#cosplay#cosplaying#cosplay clans#cosplayer#cosplay costumes#cosplayclans#costumes#cosplaycostumes#cosplay wigs#Game#genshin impact#HuTao #HuTao Swimsuit Cosplay Costumes #Genshin Impact HuTao #HuTao Swimsuit Cosplay #HuTao Swimsuit Costumes #Cosplay#Costumes #Genshin Impact Cosplay Costumes #Genshin Impact Costumes #Genshin Impact Cosplay #Game Genshin Impact HuTao
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    i wonder when hu tao will make her comeback

    #hutao#hu tao#genshin impact #hey! listen! ☆⌒ヽ
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