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    27.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago
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  • 1-800-fa1ryl4nd
    27.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    diluc breeding his cute little wife pls!!


    # — 𝐚/𝐧 : ofc !! i hope you enjoy ! :) love me some good ol' breeding 🙏 not proofread so excuse any mistakes made thx !!

    # — 𝐜𝐰 : nsfw !! breeding, impregnation, pussy drunk diluc, praise, he adores his lil wife amen

    # — 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 : [ @illumislover per request !! ]

    "i love you."

    you said softly, the atmosphere was hot, your bodies were flush together, diluc's thick cock was nuzzled deep inside your weeping cunt. your hand tangled in his pretty red hair, gently tugging on the red locks. a sweet moan slipping past your lips at the stuffed feeling.

    diluc's lips traced over your neck, his slightly chapped lips making you shudder, diluc had his arms wrapped around you, keeping your body flushed against his own. his tone chest pressing against your breasts, a soft hum left your husband, he pressed a kiss on your skin, it was soft — a silent way to appreciate your body. "i love you too, darling." he replied, his voice was a bit raspy, yet love filled.

    you replied with a soft whine, slowly rolling your hips upward against his own, a moan slipping past your lips feeling his cock rub against you, his veins tracing your velvety walls, making you putty below him.

    diluc let out a shaky breath at the feel, your wet walls made him dizzy, delirious even, it was like a drug and he was addicted. his hips pulled back, rolling against your own in slow but hard thrusts, both of you savoring each other's body.

    diluc pulled himself up, enough so he could loom over your face.

    he rested on his forearms, having no problem in holding himself up due to his well built body, his crimson eyes stared into your with such adoration and love. you gave him a loving smile, that pretty smile that diluc fell in love with. he didn't know how he could survive without seeing your pretty face in the mornings when he wakes up and in the evenings before he falls asleep.

    the need he had for you was unmatched, he was absolutely enamored by you, his pretty little wife. he'd do anything, he'd kill for you, live for you, and give his own life it it meant keeping you safe.

    leaning down, he placed his lips against yours, you were quick to melt into his touch, your eyes slipping shut as you kissed, your hands moving to wrap around his neck wanting to feel him as close and you could possibly have him.

    the kiss was truly a lovers kiss, it was filled with love yet so much fiery passion.

    the two of you had been together for years now, your marriage was the talk of the city, your relationship easily seen as an example of a perfect relationship. diluc, the most well known face in the city, having such a gorgeous and loving wife at his side. the two of you were unmatched, people wanting to be in such an ideal relationship.

    as the kiss progressed, diluc's hips kept pistoning against yours, his pace gathering more speed as the seconds passed, not that you minded. your moans slipping against his lips, combining with his own noises of bliss.

    eventually both of your lungs started to burn, the need to breathe overcoming the two of you. pulling away from eachother, soft pants came from the two of you, but diluc kept his forehead pressed against yours, his eyes slipped shut his eyebrows furrowing together in overwhelming pleasure. you occasionally rolled your hips up to match his thrusts, your body felt warm and comfortable, his presence making you feel secure no matter the situation.

    "diluc.." you whispered, you said it in a slurred tone, pleasure overwhelming your own senses. he hummed in reply, his eyes opening to look into your own.

    "i want to have your baby." you spoke, that sentence making diluc shudder, a shiver going down his spine. "yeah?" he replied back, his cock throbbing at the mental image of seeing you round with his baby growing inside you, letting everyone know that your his and his only.

    you nodded your head, your hands cupped his face, your hands caressing his flushed skin. "yes.. i-i want to have your baby.. please breed me, love." you moaned, you looked at him with pleading eyes, fuck. you were driving him insane, you had him perfect wrapped around your finger and if you wanted a child, he would give it to you, he would give you as many kids as your pretty little head could want.

    he moved back slightly, he pulled your legs and threw them over his shoulders, adjusting his position.

    your thighs pressed against his broad shoulders, he had you folded over his cock, his cock felt like it was deeper inside you, pressing up snug against your cervix.

    diluc didn't take too much time before ramming his hips against your own, making you cry out in ecstasy, your cunt was wrapped around his cock nicely, milking his cock for his cum and it was working.

    one of his hands came down to your cunt, his fingers toying with your unattended clit, the feeling of his fingers on your clit had you sobbing. his cock being shoved in and out of you didn't help the overwhelming pleasure you felt.

    your hands gripped the bedsheets, mewls and moans slipping past your lips effortlessly, you gasped his name out desperately; slipping past your lips like a prayer. diluc let out some moans, your cunt was so wet around him, his balls slapping against your behind, your slick was drooling over his cock. the slick having made a mess around his pubic bone too, not to mention how it was dripping down your thighs.

    "i'm.. ngh — c-close—" diluc stuttered, stumbling over his words in a pussy drunk haze, his eyes rolled back in pure bliss, he swallowed thickly feeling your walls flutter around him. you were moaning out like a whore, your breasts bouncing up and down at his thrusts, your head was facing the side. your nails were digging into the soft cotton of the bedsheets.

    you barely had time to tell him how fucking close you were, his fingers were still toying with your puffy clit, making your body feel feverish, he was going to make sure his little wife came before him, he wanted to see you break under him before he could stuff his thick cum inside you.

    a sharp broken sob left your lips as your back arched, your climax washing over you so wonderfully, you were practically left drooling under him. small tears built up in your eyes at the overwhelming wave of pleasure that hit you. your cunt had gotten so tight and slick, diluc had watched you unravel like he was starved.

    seeing you break under him in such a way made pushed him closer to his climax, the primal need to shove his cock as deep as you could take before stuffing you nice and good was intense.

    diluc moved his hand away from your clit, letting it rest on the bed to have more stability, his other hand moved — he took a hold of your hand, his fingers intertwining with yours before he squeezed your hand, another non-verbal way to expressing his love towards you. "i'm gonna cum, d—darling, m'going to stuff you nice and good, okay? make sure you get nice and round for me, yeah? that's what you wanted right?" diluc babbled, his words slurred and strained, his words made you mewl, nodding your head but not being able to form a proper sentence, all you could so was let out a small broken 'yes' and multiple pleas for his cum.

    such a needy girl, so needy for his cum, it's alright through, he would so anything to please you.

    finally, his cock shoved deep inside you, he put his body weight on top of you, his cock throbbed before heavy spurts of thick cum coated your walls. leaving you nice and stuffed.

    after the initial high relaxed, diluc laid beside you, but he left his cock snug inside your stuffed cunt, making sure to not waste any of his cum. he pressed small kisses on your skin, sweet praises leaving his lips, making sure that you were okay.

    your eyes slipped shut and you nuzzled into your husband's hold, his toned and scarred arms holding you nice and flush against his chest, sharing your body heat.

       © 1-800-fa1ryl4nd 2022 : don't steal or repost my writings !!

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    27.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Hamilton anon here (if that’s alright with you it’s shorter than “the anon from the Hamilton ask) one more thing (for now) Bennet as Philip

    SAGAU: Take a break! Ft Bennett Note: Hello again Hamilton anon! Requests are open, currently we have 5 inbox waiting to be written. It takes time for me to write them cause I’m a college student but I will write them. Warnings: none Masterlist

    Razor stood at the waiting room backstage with Bennett who was starting to get nervous again. The wolf raised child doesn’t really have an idea about what the musical is and why Bennett is dressed in knight-like clothing. “Bennett, you need to sit down. You’ll get tired.” The pyro vision bearer continued walking around with the paper that contains his lines all crumpled in his shaking hands. 

    What if he trips on the stage? What if he forgets his lines midway the song and what if he makes a complete fool of himself in front of everyone? Everyone knows that he is unlucky and probably the unluckiest person alive in whole Teyvat. He wishes fervently that he won’t embarrass himself in front of their creator who asked him to play the part. 

    Xingqiu, who is in charge of the stage settings, poked his head at the door. “Bennett it’s your turn.” 

    The tension on the stage is getting real. As Diluc knows, they are already entering the dramatic parts of the story. He’ll be lying if he doesn’t admit that Razor and Bennett have been in his wing for a while now. Not really under his wing but more on under his watchful eyes to ensure that both boys will be safe. Though both of them can fend themselves well, Diluc can’t help but worry from time to time. 

    “Philip, take it away!” 

    Jean took a step aside and a visibly nervous Bennett entered the stage. The poor boy stood there frozen in front of everyone including his adventurers’ guild fathers. Bennett found himself staring at your form sitting with the crowd. He felt as if he messed up already with the stage being quiet for almost a minute now. As his eyes made contact with yours, the world around him suddenly became transparent and mentally he heard a voice saying ‘you can do it!’ 

    And then he is back in the present, in front of everyone on the stage. Diluc gave him a rare soft smile and you gave him a thumbs up. His signature grin slowly formed in his face, his hands warm with determination to make you proud. 

    “Daddy! Daddy look!” He cheerfully started even though the shakiness from nervous still hasn’t left his voice. The audience started picking up as the boy that they usually avoid sang with fervour, akin to his pyro vision. Diluc’s small smile formed into a smirk, proud as the boy finally found his footing. 

    “I have a sister but I want a little brother!” 

    Little Klee made her way out of the waiting room and into the stage. She waved at everyone before smiling and running off. Because Jean is playing a role, no one is there to catch her if she runs off. 

    “My daddy’s trying to start America’s bank!” He pointed at Diluc as he said that word ‘daddy’. “Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!” Bennett jumped from his position on the stage unleashing a thumbs up shaped fire mark on the ground before running off excitedly. 

    “Take a break!” Guess they have to fix the stage after this song. 

    Taglist: @chihawari @zurithegalaxywolf

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  • binsoojun
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    love in first punch

    im guessing this is a submission for a drabble lots of love for u bedo anon (and yes i know its you) so heres a modern! au drabble for xiao mwamwa


    "is that all you got!? come on, try and hit me again!" the buff oni exclaimed, you huffing out in exhaustion due to this man's hard muscles on his chest and abdomen.

    "you're bigger than me! why would i throw a punch again?! i'm exhausted already!" you shout out in frustration. itto laughing at you while looking down to your height.

    "just one more and i'll stop, i promise!" he replied putting his hands up in defeat, "i'll stop picking on you if you hit me with your greatest strength!"

    were onis really this difficult to communicate with?

    stepping back, you readied yourself to launch another punch onto the man's chest. your fist curling, making your knuckles turn white.

    just as you were about to run and hit the white hair, a grunt was heard.

    "ugh, what the fuck do you want?" it was xiao, the boy you had your eyes on in the campus. he was rubbing the side of his arm from your hit, cursing under his breath by the sudden hit.

    childe was laughing hysterically in the background saying that you fell for the oni's trick and that you were dumb enough to hit a random person without looking infront of you.

    his cursing stopped as he realized who he encountered with.

    who thought that he could fall in love in first punch?

    #drabble#xiao#adepti#adepti xiao #xiao x reader #love in first punch #x reader#genshin imagines#genshin#genshin impact#genshin xiao #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader
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  • xylomane
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    A twinge of worry

    This is a series of Genshin characs getting worried of you and this is part 2.(Gender Neutral, nothing violent, no trigger warnings)

    Part 1: Ningguang and Beidou is here

    .*.*. This part includes: Chongyun

    Coming soon:  Razor, Diluc, Bennett, Xingqiu, Kaeya, and Albedo .*.*.

    It's rainy when I wrote this and I got really cozy T-T Enjoy.

    Chongyun The Exorcist

    It is a good day in Liyue Harbor. The sky is as blue as his eyes & the air as cold as the popsicle he's chewing. The view before him is a pleasing picturesque. The last time he looked at this view, the person most special to him stood in the middle of it.

    That's when he starts to wonder, "Where are you?" Expecting your presence.

    He asks the locals in Liyue Harbor but only Katheryne of the Adventurer's Guild was able to give him a specific answer...that you were in Monstadt hanging out with some guy named Bennett.

    Why didn't you tell him? He thought, slightly confused.

    Katheryne talked about Bennett for a while and he was able to get to know him. He thanks Katheryne for this & leaves, happy for you to have a new friend & wonders when you might be able to come back.

    He doesn't get too worried at all. In fact, he happily eats one of his popsicles on the way home.

    Until one week, two weeks, then three weeks... has passed & you're still not in Liyue Harbor. From a calm mind, to a storm of unfortunate thoughts.

    That's when the wave crashes down on him. Did you forget about him? Was he even on your mind when you left? Why haven't you come back? Did you get sick? Were you done with him? Was he tiring to be with? Did he do something wrong? Or perhaps, you and Bennett got unlucky?

    He can't keep still. He's frantically pacing here & there, convincing himself that 'it's okay, just breathe slowly' and to 'just eat popsicles'. However, he is still very worried of you, his other piece, his sunshine. You didn't send him any letters. Something bad must've happened and he needed to do something as your friend.

    He prays to the Gods that you will come back & never leave him again, anxious as he runs his fingers through his hair.

    He plans to help your friend Bennett too, determined to get rid of his unlucky energy. Cute (> o <)

    Katheryne suggests him to use the way points, which he does use and instead of enjoying the free winds of a nation new to him called Mondstadt, he pays no heed to any of it and proceeds to ask locals if they spotted you. You were all he had in mind.

    One said they saw you laughing with a white-haired kid just outside the entrance of Monstadt. Another said they were saved by you when a ruin guard came after them during their ruin research. He asks if you ended up being fine, concern written all over his face, but they said they had already ran away but he shouldn't worry because you were with a guy who seems to have a pyro vision.

    His feelings were sort of playing him. He feels assured but he also isn't sure. He feels replaced.

    He then walks across the noisy pavements of Monstadt, his heart sinking at every step & his lungs feeling tight with anxiety. He's pouting.

    He walks up to a knight, asks if he has seen you & he replies that you were with Barbara in the cathedral being aided.

    His heart drops. His body tenses with shock & he immediately taks out his popsicle as the knight stares at him confusingly. He explains to him with a few deep inhales & stutters, making an effort to control himself correctly.

    He explains that he is an exorcist from Liyue. Although the knight sees this bizarre as there's nothing demonic about you, he starts understanding when he says that you two are very close people.

    He asks the knight about what happened to you & he says that you catched a fever. Deep down, he feels so sorry that he isn't there for you.

    "I hope their fever isn't so bad." He whispers to comfort himself, wishing the Gods heard it too.

    Before he enters the cathedral, he lets out a big sigh. His body releases the stress but his mind might've not. His mind seemed too busy of you.

    The doors were pushed open, his hands cold as ice. His heart beat loudly against his chest as he walked across the row of empty seats and then he sees you, sitting on a wooden bench, safe.

    There was a rush of joy within him after seeing you and it felt like snuggling under warm blankets on a rainy night.

    He then hurries to question your situation with so much worry, his arms ready to envelope you with warmth & love.

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  • noctilucous-sunni
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    hands ~ (sfw fluff)

    warnings: probably like one dirty joke implied in there but only if you REALLY squint close enough, reader flusters diluc lmao

    info/tropes: mainly soft fluffy fluff, gn!reader

    notes: a short piece on hands that i randomly wrote instead of my sagau wip??? i just wanted something soft and fluffy and self indulgent hehe. actually it was MEANT to be short, but now its not really lmao. i originally meant to do other characters as well but i got carried away. probably will do another part with other characters and maybe a suggestive version as well! enjoy :))

    feat. character(s); diluc

    DILUC …

    Raises your hands to his lips and kisses them softly like the gentleman he is

    His hands are always warmer than yours so if you suffer from cold hands constantly you sometimes just slip your fingers into his hands and he squeezes them. (also this always reminds me of thermodynamic equilibrium lmao, exam brain😭)

    since he doesn’t show a lot of affection in public, this is what you and diluc mainly do, whether you’re enjoying a walk in mondstat or doing something else together, especially when he notices your hands stuffed into your pockets and then cautiously links your hands with his, looking into your eyes asking “may i?” in a low voice while you just smile at him sweetly 🥰🥹

    his hands are so gentle when hes with you wtf

    takes off his gloves when he's alone with you and sometimes on a rare occasion, he lets you take them off for him

    the way his hands cradle and cup your face so delicately i- ahsgsggsgsshgs

    he would probably make or get someone to make (matching?) gloves with pyro fused into them so that when he’s not there to warm up your hands, you won’t be suffering from cold hands

    when his hands wrap around you lightly possessive and protective when someone tries to flirt with you and you consistently try to tell them to back off but after the third time it’s getting nowhere and diluc notices and steps in and you glance at him relieved

    the way his hands rub up and down your shoulders when you wake up in bed

    or when you’re making coffee in the morning and he comes from behind rubbing his hands up and down your shoulders before leaning his head on the back of your neck, lips barely grazing your skin

    also!! ALSO!! when you’re having a nightmare and then wake up gasping, he EVER SO GENTLY threads his fingers through your hair, softly humming and whispering that it's going to be alright AND IT'S JUST SO SOOTHING and eventually you are able to fall asleep again

    and if you often have trouble sleeping, he also does this, simply threading his fingers through your hair, petting it until you get more and more relaxed while his voice sends you to sleep

    Despite it being a sunny afternoon in Mondstat, you shoved your cold hands into your pockets to gain some warmth, Diluc walking briskly beside you, looking over a business contract in his hand.

    “So, should we go home or are you going to take a shift at Angel’s Share today?” You muse, turning to look at the wine master. Your question makes him stop in his tracks as he moves his attention away from the contract he held.

    “Oh. We’re just going home, darling, there's something I’d like to show you.” He says, a gentle smile gracing his lips, only for you.

    You raise your eyebrows in interest, and then you smirk. A light pink blush starts to spread on his face when he sees you smirk, knowing you all too well. Before he gets a chance to speak again, you start instead. “Is it something that I’ve see-”

    Clearing his throat abruptly to cut you off, which he almost never does, he sighs and shakes his head. Despite his face being almost the same color as his hair, he continues. “It’s… nothing of the sort! You’re almost as bad as Kaeya, hmpf. He’s a bad influence.”

    You finally let your laughter out, after suppressing it for a while. “Oh, Diluc. Sorry, my love, I simply couldn’t help it. Let’s go home, then. I’m sure it's something fantastic.” You say, grabbing his free hand, and squeezing it. Ah, his hands were so nice and warm. He sighs yet again, raising your hands to his lips, kissing them sweetly as you both resume your walk home.

    Little did you know that a pair of special, custom made gloves awaited your arrival at home, intended for your constantly cold hands. These were created lovingly by your beloved pyro vision holder, Diluc. He hoped that you would like them.

    a/n: and thats it!! my very first writing post hehe 🥰 - tbh i didn’t think this would be it but it was so spontaneous and here we are :)) any thoughts?? i would love to hear them!! will be replying thru my main @sunni-the-sunflower

    #sunni writes #first written post - how we feeling?? #fluff#genshin impact#genshin fluff#genshin diluc#diluc#diluc headcanons#diluc imagines #diluc x reader #diluc x gender neutral reader #diluc ragnivindr x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact x reader #WAKE UP BESTIES NEW WRITING DROPPED AND ITS DILUC MY BELOVED
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  • chiyatozinhos
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Love. ੭

    ⋆ notes: hi! I got really excited about this work, I hope it's good and sorry if I ended up distorting some personality. By the way, I ended up taking a while to post this one, besides being long, I had a job to do yesterday.

    ⋆ warning: bruises and blood (?). If there is another one, let me know!

    diluc x reader

    you are sleeping in your shared bed with Diluc, until you feel a soft kiss on your cheek. It woke you up slightly, but you didn't quite open your eyes. Shortly after that, you hear the door open and close again. You don't know how much sleep you slept afterwards, but all you saw when you opened your eyes was Diluc and a tray with a cup and a plate with scrambled eggs.

    "Honey? Are you awake?" you hear diluc's voice and feel the bed sink beside you. "[Name]?" he says. You slowly wake up, rubbing sleep from your eyes. "Good morning, Diluc." you say softly, sit down and still rubbing your eyes, Diluc takes your hands, puts them down and says: "Good Morning. Don't rub your eyes so hard." he says looking at you and then at your hands. He intertwines his hands in hes and gives her a kiss on the back of he hand.

    "I brought you some things to eat, before I left for work." Diluc released your hand and went to the table where the tray was. He takes the tray and places it on the table next to his pillow. Diluc looks at the clock on the wall. "Right, um, I need to go to work now." Says Diluc, giving you a quick kiss on the head. "Byee." you say, with a gentle smile on your lips.

    You slowly got out of your shared bed and sat up, still processing the scenery around you.

    You were used to your routine, Diluc always woke up earlier, but it was rare for him to have time to make you breakfast, whenever he does, it makes you very happy.

    Stretching out and getting out of bed, you went straight to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. Soon after, you started to eat, dressed in a presentable manner, and walked to the door of the house. "Good morning, Miss! Are you going out?" one of diluc's maids says grabbing a coat since it was cold outside. "Good morning! Ah, yes. I'm going for a walk around Mondstadt." you take your coat from her hands, put it on and walk out the door.

    The sky is overcast, but you would find it so rude to accept a drink request with your friends and not go. Well, now there was no way out, when you realized it, you were already halfway there.

    When you arrived in Mondstadt, you arrived being frightened. A quick blow in her ear and you could see Kaeya with a playful smile as her hands were over your ears. "Kaeya! You know I hate it!" you say with an angry tone to Kaeya. "Sorry! You look beautiful mad, [Name]!" he says laughing a little at you, as you turned your face to the adventurers guild. When you looked at the adventurer's guild, you saw Katheryne wave at you, so you waved back. "What do you do here? It's usually in Liyue, isn't it?" Kaeya's sentence catches his attention. "How do you know I'm going to Liyue? We don't even talk properly!" you answer. "Secret." Kaeya says winking at you. "You didn't answer my question, hm?" you look straight ahead, still feeling Kaeya's gaze on you. "I'm here to spend the afternoon at the tavern with friends." Kaeya takes your hand, pulling you to the tavern. "Great! I'm going there too! Come."

    Kaeya has always displayed a lot of physical contact when it comes to you. However, you find it strange, as they are not such close friends.

    Kaeya arrived at the tavern along with you, when Diluc saw you he was so happy, but when he saw Kaeya he frowned again. Honestly, Diluc didn't care about your friendships, even if you were friends with Kaeya. Of course, he didn't like Kaeya, but he trusted you.

    As soon as he saw his friends, he waved goodbye to Kaeya and walked over to the table. While Diluc did everything, his eyes always fixed on you, every detail of you, every smile or laugh of yours.

    "You are really in love." Kaeya says laughing a little at Diluc. "Shut up, Kaeya. It's not like I'm going to talk to you about it." Kaeya just gave him a smile.

    You were having a great time, it was already late at night, but you only had two glasses of wine. When you went to look at Diluc, he wasn't there anymore. You were thinking of asking Kaeya, but he left a few minutes ago. You told your friends that you were leaving, but everything was perfect. You took out of your pocket some moras, to help pay the cost you gave.

    You walked up to the man who was talking to Kaeya earlier. "Hey, do you know where Kaeya or Diluc went?" the man looks at you, with a neutral expression. "Kaeya returned to her office. I didn't see Diluc leaving." he replied. "Right, thanks." you say, leaving the tavern.

    Your return to the vineyard was calm, just you and the moon, or sometimes you heard the thin voices of children with their parents. The wind caressed her face calmly.

    You arrived home and were greeted by two other maids who were talking at the door. "Welcome back, miss." said the two maids, and one of the two helped him to take off his coat. "Oh, hello girls, and thanks." you stood still and asked: "Is Diluc in the office?" the two maids look at each other, look at you again, one of them responds: "No, miss, Master Diluc hasn't arrived yet." you frowned and looked at the floor, then he eased his expression looking at the girls. "Right, thanks." You said, dodging the girls and sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for Diluc.

    you were restless, worried. You were absolutely sure that Diluc could fend for himself, but still, the worry completely tainted his body. Okay, you didn't stop still, you ran out the door and when you went to look for Diluc, you saw him with his face scratching, and your right arm holding your left. Your eyes widened and you immediately went to him. "Diluc! Are you okay?! How did you get those bruises?!" you said checking every little detail on your body, your hand reaches the belly where there is a pool of blood. Diluc is just looking at you calmly. "We can't hear your answer now, come in." you said pulling him slowly so as not to hurt him. "I'm fine, I just need a shower. The blood in my belly is not mine." You didn't answer, you continued with him on the way to the bedroom.

    You made him sit on the chair. "Alright, I'll run your bath." you said quickly going to the bathroom. Diluc was quiet, there was no convincing you when he was worried. After a few minutes you came back with a towel in your arms. "It's all here. Now show me you're really not hurt." Diluc widened his eyes. "[Name], that would be embarrassing, it's small cuts, yes?" you put your hand to your forehead, not wanting to make Diluc uncomfortable. "Right. Can I see this after showering?" Diluc thought for a moment longer. With a sigh he said: "Ok, but it's nothing." he gets up, walks over to you and takes the towel in your arms, then goes into the bathroom.

    While he's in the bath, you prepare some bandages to help him with his cuts. Oh no, you didn't ask why he was in that state, he would tell you if he could.

    After a few long minutes, Diluc comes out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist. He is quiet and has a neutral expression. You are looking out the window at that moment, arms crossed. He took the opportunity to put on comfortable clothes.

    After putting on his clothes, Diluc said drying your hair with the towel: "It was just an oversight." "Yes, I know." you took a break. "I'm just worried. Can I help you with this?" you say pointing to a recent small cut on diluc's neck. "Right."

    Diluc knows you were looking out for him, but he couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

    Diluc took off his shirt and you can see some tiny cuts. He sat on the couch waiting for you, you went next to him and examined some cuts. "By archons, you're right. I'm glad it's just an oversight." you said giving a quick soft kiss to one of your scars. Diluc got his hair color. "Hum, yes." that's what Diluc ended up muttering.

    Diluc didn't say, but he loved you taking care of his cuts. You were so beautiful angry and worried at the same time, you looked like a mother. You continued tending to your wounds for a few more minutes, very calmly.

    After finished, said: "Okay, Diluc, you can put your shirt back on." Diluc got up, took his shirt off the bed, and put it on. Then he walked up to you, held out his hand for you to get up and kissed you on the head. "Thanks." Diluc said before placing another kiss on your head and pulling you into bed.

    You just let Diluc snuggle into your chest and hug your waist, he didn't leave you until morning to go to his office. <333

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  • ashy-lyn
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ⇨ chemistry with the enemy

    short enemies to lovers scenarios !! -> spicy kissing scenes
    includes: childe, scaramouche, la signora -> x gn!reader

    CHILDE's mirthful gaze tangled with yours, infuriatingly beautiful eyes raising a subtle challenge. Your hate for him was flaring; twisting and turning in the pit of your stomach, like dozens of lashes from a whip.

    His neck was untouched; a beautifully clean slate. Your blade rested snuggly beneath his adam's apple perfectly, as if meant to be there, fingers curled around the rough hilt. You had trained for this, awaited for this day so eagerly. But now looking at him this close, feeling his hot breath fanning against your warm face, noticing his eyes momentarily flicker from your eyes to your lips, you weren't sure if it was hatred or love that stirred like a storm between the two of you.

    His chilly palm reached to cradle the bottom of your jaw oh-so-gently, angling your face so his eyes pierced yours. Raw emotion churned in the depths of blue, no words had to be exchanged. The silence was deafening. His face inched closer, the knife nicking his skin and drawing blood, however, he didn't seem to notice or care. He was enraptured by your face, absolutely dazed, lips barely hovering over yours, drinking in your beauty, before pulling you into a heated kiss. His soft lips moved in sync with yours, cherishing the feeling of both you connected, together, alone. A breathy sigh escaped your lips, hands reaching to hold his cheeks, his sly lips quirking up in the slightest. You realised that whatever... feeling this was that stole your breath and flushed your face a deep red, you absolutely revelled in it.

    "You've stolen my heart, darling. It only makes sense if I steal yours too."

    SCARAMOUCHE seems blissfully ignorant that you're a breath away from taking his life, even though the tip of your weapon hovers inches from his chest. His triumphant smirk and teasing eyes capture your own, kindling a violent rage that makes your hand tremble in barely controlled anger. There’s fire licking the ground around both of you, screams and cries and unbridled chaos ensuing everywhere. But you’re deaf to it all, and so is he.

    He lies beneath you, bare and vulnerable, yet he grins as if he has won. You want to wipe that stupid look off his face, you want to witness his fear, his utter helplessness. Your palm is slick with sweat but firmly latched on the weapon. He must see your resolve to kill him, he has to. But it doesn’t work. Of course, it doesn’t work. You’re powerless even though you control his death. His smirk quirks up dangerously, his mouth opening to spit out another one of his sickening insults. You've had enough of him.

    You're mouth latches on to his, devouring him in a bruising kiss. Your weapon drops from your hand, instead fisting his collar, bringing him deeper into the kiss. A pleasantly dumbstruck expression is etched on his features, eyes glazed in surprise and arms limp before he slides his hand at the back of your neck. The other reaches to cradle the back of your head, meeting your lips with an equally passionate vigour, tasting the metallic tang of blood and lust; both of you lost in this unending battle of chaos.

    "I hate you so much, it makes me go crazy."

    LA SIGNORA’s crimson-painted lips curve into a sly smile, gloved fingers tracing your arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Her eyes gleam brightly against the darkness of her chamber, like stolen ambers. It leaves you breathless.

    Your eyes divert as she looks at you, feeling warmth crawling up your throat and the tips of your ears. Being intimate with the La Signora was clearly not a part of the assassination attempt, and you knew you had to get out before she pierced you with whatever weapon she secretly possessed.

    Your hand suddenly feels empty of the cool feel of steel, a small thud heard as your weapon drops. Signora holds your wrist delicately, as if it could crumble under her hand. The other reaches to flick the loose strand of hair, tucking it behind your ear before her fingers reach to trail trace your lips. For the nth time, your breath is robbed that night.

    She whispers something you're not able to catch because the next moment her lips meet with yours, tasting of sickly sweet cherry. Her hand pins both of yours to the wall, the other snaking around your neck. Your eyes close, a breathy sigh reverberating through your throat. Her scent clouds your senses, the taste of cherry the only distinction you're able to remember; crumbling into the kiss.

    "You walked into my trap, little mouse. Now come and play."

    finally!! so glad im done w this, its been sitting in drafts for a while now :(

    anyways,, i hope you all liked it! leave a note or reblog to be rewarded with an automatic kiss <33

    #order up!! #genshin#genshin impact#childe#scaramouche#la signora #childe x reader #childe imagine#childe scenarios #la signora x reader #la signora scenarios #la signora imagines #scaramouche x reader #scaramouche scenarios#scaramouche imagines#genshin imagines #genshin x reader #genshin scenarios #enemies to lovers #??!!
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  • hiraya-rawr
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Loyalties 01

    ( Diluc x Fatui Reader ) Mini Series

    synopsis !! A series of events where you fall for him and he falls for you but you're a Fatui spy.
    cw !! this fic contains mature content (brief torture, dark themes), hurt diluc & reader
    note !! dear archons, i crave violence and angst tonight. I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT!
    genre !! angst/comfort..? idk tell me what genre this is after reading pls
    Navigation !! Series m.list !! Loyalties 02

    • • •

    "I'm only going to ask three times," Diluc says, voice low and on edge. He's hovering over you. "Where is the distribution center?"

    You blink, forcing yourself to stay grounded as you fade in and out of consciousness but the creeping dark spots in your vision only seemed to increase.

    "Again," He states clearly, trying to snap you out of your trance in frustration, "Where are you distributing the delusions?"

    His voice is far away. You're underwater. You aren't but it feels like you are. Drowning, blubbering as liquid fills your lungs and ears and you try to reach out but you don't know who to grab on to — not Diluc. Don't grab on to him. Don't let his voice ground you back.

    You're sitting on a wide chair — belted to its sturdy arms and legs by leather straps that dug to your skin. It's a chair made to keep people still, unable to escape.

    You hear teeth grinding. "Y/N, third time now. Where are you keeping the delusions? Where are you distributing them? Y/N, where— gods damnit, Y/N!" He pushes your shoulders harshly, your body jolting back from the force and your head hitting the wood from behind, "The delusions! Where in Mondstadt are you Fatui scum keeping them!"

    He's frustrated, it's obvious, yet it seems so bland for an interrogation. This isn't an interrogation, he's just yelling at you for answers. He should do more damage — he could do more damage yet he's acting like a cold turkey keeping his hands to himself. It almost makes you snort were it not for your own exhaustion.

    You realize you're whimpering, whole body aching in pain from being strapped down for so long– how long? How long has it been? A day? More than a day? You aren't sure, it's difficult to keep track when the only thing that could indicate time was your number of heartbeats. Time seems to have muddled together ever since he dragged you down here, a basement of a building you didn't -couldn't- see. It's probably one of the dozen properties owned by the Ragnvindr name. You could die here and no one would know.

    Well, except Diluc, but it wouldn't exactly matter if he's the one who kills you anyway.

    Diluc sinks to his knees, clearly as exhausted but you think you're in a worse state than him. You blink away at your fading vision again, wondering if asking for some water would be okay? No, no, that's against Fatui protocol in interrogations.

    "If they starve you, then starve." Your mentor once said, "Never disgrace the Tsaritsa because of your own weakness." You recall nodding along obediently, a fresh recruit at the young age of 13 that time. Forget the dryness of your throat, how much it hurt for you to breathe — weakness was intolerable in front of the enemy.

    Except, this was Diluc.

    And you have always shown him the weakest parts of you.

    • • •

    "Thunder? Seriously?" You swear you could hear the amusement in his voice as you peek out of your blankets, glaring at him. He's sitting on his bed, an eyebrow raised and a barely visible smirk on his stupidly perfect face. Contrary to popular belief, the "stoic" gentleman was a menace.

    "It's loud, okay! It's loud and it's violent, I hate that!" You whined, gripping at the sheets, "I'm only scared when it's particularly stormy, otherwise I'm fine—" You screech as a loud cackle reverberate in the sky, followed by several more bright flashes from the windows. Curse Dawn Winery's exceedingly large windows.

    Diluc has to bite down to avoid chuckling, swallowing down his amusement as he tries to lure you out from your shield of blankets. Noticing that you wouldn't budge, he opts to grab the whole bundle in his arms.

    "Come on. . . come here," He lifts you up over to his lap, embracing you. Somehow, even through the thick cocoon of comforters, you could feel his warmth. "Sorry for laughing, I just– didn't expect you to be scared of thunder."

    You huff, if you could turn away from him, you would, but you're trapped in your self made shield. He smiles before resting his chin on the top of your head, making you snuggle closer in his embrace.

    When another flash of light coats the sky, he brings his hands over your ears and blocks out the noise, intending to make you focus on the low hum of his voice instead– you recognize it as a folk song of Mond, something they sang in festival nights over wine and beer.

    He smells of grapes and pinewood, and a little bit like a fireplace. He's warm – so, so warm.

    ". . . I lost my home during a thunderstorm," You mutter quietly after a while, resting on his chest. He makes a sound, gesturing you to go on.

    "I was 12 at that time, I think. The snow- the avalanche carried my home away," You breathe in deeply, "You'd think I'd be scared of snow instead but snowstorms are the norm in Snezhnaya. It was the thunder that I really remember. Loud and roaring. . ." You sigh.

    "Were you okay?"

    "Oh, we were fine. My family made it out, but we struggled to get back on our feet. Financially."

    "Is that why you started helping in the merchants guild early? 13 years old, was it?"

    You hum in agreement.

    "Pretty impressive, you know. To help your family like that. N-not that I'm saying it's good that you had to, I meant– It's unfortunate, but, that's good–" You cut him off with a giggle, leaning in to peck his cheek. He could be so bad at explaining sometimes.

    "I understand, 'Luc."

    A light pink dust his face as he coughs, ". . .Thank you. For telling me this." He exhales, "It seems there's still a lot I don't know about you."

    You smile.

    An opportunity.

    "I'd like to know more about you as well."

    "Is that so? Hm, where do I start. . ."

    • • •

    "It must have been so amusing for you, wasn't it." He hisses in contempt, red eyes seemingly illuminated in the basement's darkness, "How easy it was to play me. . ."

    He grits his teeth. It's been a few hours since he asked you three times where the delusion stock hold was, now his anger was paving the way to fatigue.

    ". . . People will die, you know." He states coldly, voice devoid of emotion, "Those delusions. They kill. I've seen what they can do."

    He tries not to think of his father; Father, drenched in a thunderstorm, the dead body of Ursa the Drake a little ways away. Father, crumbling down in pain as that wretched crystal stone clinks to the ground. Father, who didn't even have the strength to say anything as Diluc shakily holds him.

    "How could you just. . . allow that?" His jaw clenches and he feels his anger resurfacing, "You acted so kind and caring– what a joke."

    Perhaps it was your own exhaustion; or your pain willing you to at least defend yourself as you feel your own lips move.

    "They. . . it," You rasp, voice unused. He stills.


    You try again. "They. . . chose it. Chose the delusion."

    Diluc wouldn't understand. Of course, he wouldn't. You pitied the people who succumbed to the power, but in the end, it was their choice, wasn't it? They wanted power and they were granted it. Power had hurdles. Power had responsibility. You were 15 when you were granted power in the form of a delusion, and though it cost you your physical wellbeing, it pulled you through poverty and protected your family.

    This was the generosity of her highness, the Tsaritsa.

    "They. . . chose it," Diluc repeats slowly like a rhetorical question, seemingly baffled by your way of thinking things, "You— Two teenagers found dead, delusions in their hands and you say they chose it! Three more in critical condition, and another missing somewhere in the woods!" He pauses, rage within his eyes and you wonder if you hit something personal.

    "I tried being reasonable, Y/N," He stands with renewed irritability, approaching a small table. Laid on top were various instruments and tools you've recognized in Fatui labs.

    Fatui human experiment labs.

    In fairness, you wondered why he hadn't reached for them earlier. The Dark Phoenix (his code name dubbed by the Fatui) was never one to hesitate when it comes to prying out information, whether it's scorching the life out of his enemies or pushing needles between their fingernails, he was meticulous, cruel, but most of all – efficient.

    "But you're testing my patience." The heavy metal wares clink around as he brushes them with his gloved fingers, "I ought to thank you, though. You made me realize that you're nothing like the person I know."

    You wonder what kind of person he knew you as. Prior to this.

    Who are you to him, now that you're strapped down, identity revealed? Who were you to him the day prior, when he'd woken up in bed with you wrapped around arms? Who were you to him the day you first stumbled into the tavern, shyly asking for the non-alcohol menu?

    • • •

    "You're special to me," He tells you this one evening, on the fifth month of your mission.

    You're standing at the back door of the tavern. The noise from inside robust and rowdy, but it was drowned by the buzzing of your nerves.

    You were nervous, every part of you felt burned by the way his eyes scanned over you. Bright, beautiful, piercing red eyes. Pink blush filtering his cheeks and yours. Your heart thumped loudly; next to it, your hidden Fatui insignia felt electric.

    This wasn't how it was supposed to go but oh archons, did it felt right.

    "I'm only going to ask once," Diluc says, voice low and gentle. He hovers over you, your back almost against the tavern door, "Do you like me the way I like you?"

    note !! Next chapter would include Kaeya and how MC gets caught (hint: it takes a spy to know a spy) so do look forward to it!
    I'm so excited to finally post this mini series! HOW IS IT AND I DO HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THE START, it's been on my mind for so long I'm glad it's finally out there!!
    taglist !! @absolut-wildflower @boundedbyfate @sadlonelybagel @eissaaaa @coleluuviida @nejibot @milkypompon @bloodreaper08 @irethepotato @x-zho @roriver @mich-cola @mxsomn @ackrylik
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  • ayo-chaldeux
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Dear Genshin Players I thought Itto's voice was hot.💀

    When I first played FGO the male servants voices were ✨simpable✨, I sometimes like imagining them whispering in my ear making me want to get stepped by them, take out dilf knight lancelot, and when I first saw itto's character I was like "He definitely got some cool, handsome, simpable voice as well, but then it was the opposite of what I thought it sounded like💀.

    Like why the heck is his birthday song beatboxing?!😩 I then remember the beatbox birthday song I found on tiktok a few months back...💀

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  • sakuraoora
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Map of Teyvat - Miscellaneous

    Welcome to the Miscellaneous section of our map, where the main characters, Aether and Lumine, reside along with a few others. Warnings are below the fanfic links, and the fanfic order is from oldest to newest. Enjoy your stay!

    Genshin Masterlist

    L U M I N E

    coming soon!

    A E T H E R

    coming soon!

    #genshin masterlist #genshin impact x reader #genshin#genshin impact #genshin impact x gender neutral reader #genshin impact x you #genshin fanfic #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin fanfiction#genshin fic#genshin fluff#genshin headcanons #genshin impact fanfic #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact scenarios
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  • journey-to-the-attic
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    here she is!!! i will say that i’m very happy with how cool the weapon turned out, and also i’m now being reminded that i was going to add some patterns to her jacket thingy, but i can’t be bothered to go back and do that so just imagine them

    the scythe design is based on polar star and ik also has an earring that matches childe’s, since i enjoy the bond that the original anon proposed!! her mask has that bird-ish design because anon mentioned her being columbina, the ‘little dove’

    #if she was a playable she'd use a polearm but i thought she'd be cool with a scythe #the scar on her face is from that initial encounter with the adepti (she's partially blind in that eye which is why it's sorta greyed out) #the scar goes all the way down her body but obviously you can't see it #her cryo vision is in a liyue frame since that's her home nation and is also where she was when she got it #the harbingers probably offered her a regular snezhnayan vision frame to transfer it to but i think ik does still miss liyue a little #so she keeps her cryo vision in the liyue frame #she hasn't been back to liyue since running away but one of the harbingers brought her back the tassel when they visited #when ik puts her mask and hood on at the same time she looks like an abyss mage #or a cicin mage too actually #harbinger ik#art#genshin impact#jtta ik #i reckon ik can do the genshin thing where she makes her weapon disappear and reappear as and when she needs it #imagine mammon's surprise when he makes a jokey threat in the early days and she busts out that massive blade on him #it's both super sharp and super heavy but given all her training ik wields it well #she lets levi hold it because he thinks it's cool and he immediately almost cuts his own foot off
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  • tarohu
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I love, love your content, is sooooo good, gosh. So I was wondering if you could do something like first kiss/first night with genshin characters? Slemthing spicy, if you don't mind with Tartaglia, Xiao and Kaeya.

    Thank you!


    [★] taking your virginity drabble

    [✰] oh my... im so sorry this took so long afsjsdj but i hope u enjoy it huhu

    gender neutral reader, virginity loss, breeding, body worship, begging, light teasing, hinted degradation, gushing, use of some pet names


    gentle type of rough with you. his being a harbinger is a given for the rough part but his more humanly side gives off a natural impulse to be considerate with handling you. you're akin to that of a sweet angel in his lap, twitching from the previous orgasms and gasping into his lips as he kisses you sweetly, his heated kisses distracting you from his very cock stretching out your hole filled with his seed. he's obsessed with the way you come, squealing as thick, white liquids cream around the girth.

    "just a little more, doll, need you gushing around me just like that again."


    tries to be very gentle, treating you like a fragile piece of glass in his hold. in other circumstances, whereas you're not a virgin, he would be rougher; however, this is a different case. he'll pepper saccharine, chaste kisses across your jawline followed up by his red tongue dragging against your soft skin as he worships your body. his dick is filling your viscous crevice perfectly, it doesn't even feel sinful when you hear his cool praises pass through your ear.

    "mngh— look how well you take me... le'me have more of you, angel, promise i'll make it worth your time..."


    adores how flustered you get in his arms as he sensually rolls his hips up to cause his girthy cock to reach the deepest of your sopping, wet hole, stretching you out just right all for him. he'll lightly tease; not to degrade you (yet), but to make you writhe and moan in the delirious state of lust, his cold lips contrasting against your hot ones. the room is filled with the lewd noises of his name dripping off your tongue and the heaviness of his balls smacking against the curve of your ass.

    "oh, baby, don't get all weak on me now, we're just getting started,"

    © tarohu 2022 do not repost, plagiarize, modify or post my work across different social media platforms ZzZ$!

    #[💣] vivi writes #[✉️] vivi's mail #[👩‍🍳] filler post #gender neutral reader #genshin impact #genshin x you #kaeya x you #xiao x you #childe x you #tartaglia x you #genshin impact smut #genshin imagines
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  • drifters-destiny
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    living in fiction | chapter 2

    Summary: You unknowingly get teleported to the world of an otome game as the antagonist who foils the romantic relationships of the main character. To avoid a series of ill-fated endings and a chance to get back to your own world, you decide to take matters into your hands and forge a happy ending for everyone.

    Simple enough, right?

    Pairings: Thoma x F!Reader, Childe x F!Reader

    *Story Masterlist*

    A/N: A UPDATE!!!!! I have an initial plan of how this story will play out and well...this is going to be a long series lol just wanna give you a warning. Anyhow, the dialogue without the quotes in the italicized section is supposed to be the characters' inner thoughts. Just wanted to clarify that! Hope you enjoy the chapter. Please excuse any typos 😩

    Today’s the day.

    My first day of school at the prestigious Favonius High is finally happening. For so long, I wanted to attend this school, but I always thought it was impossible since I lived in Inazuma and after my clan crumbled within the weight of the Yashiro Commission, my dreams of ever attending Favonius High because more impossible. Thanks to my family, however, they’ve given me the motivation to reach my aspirations.

    I sigh, thinking about my parents and brother back in Inazuma City. I miss them so dearly.

    Ayaka: “Right, I mustn’t let them down!”

    I’ll achieve my dreams and make them proud!


    Nobody likes me. I thought no one would care about my social standing, about my past, but everyone…

    Mean Girl A: “Why do you look like that? Are you about to cry?”

    She sneers while her other two friends laugh and mock you. Why is everyone so mean? This is only my first day here. Why?

    Mean Girl B: “You think everyone is going to like you if you become the top of the class? You must be joking! Even the Princess doesn’t want to even take a second look at you.”

    The Princess? Oh right, the Princess of Favonius High, the beautiful girl who sits next to me in class. I heard her talking to my other classmate about becoming the top of the class once more, but I…

    Mean Girl A: “You’re in for a world of trouble when the Princess doesn’t like you.”

    Ayaka: “Does she hate me for beating her?”

    My voice comes out meek as I try to hold back my tears. I don’t want anyone to hate me.

    Mean Girl C shoves me as I hit my back against the wall, laughing in the process.

    Mean Girl C: “What do you think? You just dethroned one of the richest, if not the richest heiress in this whole school, from her number one spot. Of course, she’ll despise you. Just do one more thing to piss her off and she’ll make your life a living hell.”

    Mean Girl A: “It’s always the quiet ones you must be careful with. That’s why no one dares to cross her.”

    Mean Girl B: “Unlike her though…”

    She grabs my hair and yanks my head towards her as I let out a yelp, tears streaming down my face. The girls just laugh at me.

    Mean Girl B: “We won’t be as kind to wait.”

    The three girls laugh as they went on about how to make my life miserable. I don’t want to do this anymore. I thought I could achieve my dreams, but I don’t want this anymore. I don’t…I don’t…

    ???: “Hey! What are you doing!?”

    The grip on my hair suddenly releases as I fall to the floor and the girls run out of the classroom. I continue to cry, bringing myself to the nearest corner of the room and pulling my legs to my chest. I wanted to thank the person who saved me, but I can’t even say a word.

    Thank you, thank you…I want to say thank you.

    Warmth suddenly engulfs me, and I look up meeting the gaze of my savior, green eyes filled with compassion. He doesn’t even have to say a word and I feel safe, knowing at least for now, I don’t have to worry.

    I’ll be okay.

    Not knowing what else to do, I bury my face in the crook of his neck and quietly sob as he pulls me closer, his embrace giving me an escape from my sorrows.


    ________: Thoma, where are you?

    ???: “Looking for your prince, Princess?”

    The young lady doesn’t even bother to look back, already knowing who they are.

    ________: “Go away, Ajax! You’re annoying!”

    Ajax chuckles as he catches up and walks with her down the main hallway.

    Ajax: “Why are you here? Not able to eat lunch without your prince?”

    ________ scowls at Ajax, wanting to say more until…

    Thoma: “Hey! What are you doing!?”

    Ajax turns to the girl beside him as hurried footsteps are heard coming from the second-year corridor.

    Ajax: Hey, wasn’t that…

    Before the young man can even finish his sentence, ________ runs to her classroom and leaves him behind.

    __________: What the heck happened!?

    The young lady continues to run down the hallway until she reaches the classroom. When she looks through the doorway, her heart drops.

    ___________ sees Thoma hugging Ayaka, the girl who earned the top grade in her class, who dethroned her from her top spot and now…

    Ajax: “Hey, why do you look like that? What’s going…”

    Ajax sees the scene transpiring before them, immediately knowing what made the girl beside him react the way she did. Though she doesn’t say a word, the emotions on her face are shown so clearly.

    Heartbreak. Sadness. Disbelief. Resentment. All at once.

    Ajax pulls _______ by the hand and pulls her away from the scene, taking her as far away as possible. She doesn’t react at all when he does this, instead unconsciously follows him until they make it to the courtyard of the school.

    Ajax: “Hey! Snap out of it, _________! Hey!”

    The young lady blinks out of her daze, slowly regaining her composure as he has her sit down at a bench beside him. She looks at him with such despondency.

    __________: “That was Thoma, right? The one hugging her?”

    Ajax is hesitant to say anything, not knowing how she would react, but he answers her.

    Ajax: “I don’t know what the hell happened back there, but yeah…he’s the one hugging her.”

    __________ begins to cry, letting out a small laugh absent of mirth. She doesn’t know why she feels this way. She doesn’t know what happened. She’s overreacting, but the resentment within her grows. She feels betrayed, but she shouldn’t feel this way.

    Unable to see her cry like this, Ajax proposes something. He may regret this, but he hates seeing her this way. He hates seeing her crying over someone who doesn't love her as she loves them.

    Ajax: “Hey…we can make her life miserable, you know?”

    The young lady looks at the boy beside her in shock, speechless by his proposition.

    __________: Make her life miserable? Does he mean bullying her?

    __________: “But…I don’t think that’s…”

    Ajax: “I’ve been meaning to make some trouble anyway. Why not start now than later, right?”

    Ajax looks at her expression, hesitancy graces her features. He smiles in wonder.

    Ajax: So beautiful.

    Ajax: “I’m doing this because I want to, nothing else.”

    Ajax: It’s because I like you.

    Ajax: “You just happen to benefit from it. So, what do you say?”

    Ajax: I made the promise to myself to make sure you don’t get sad, that you’ll always be happy.

    Ajax: “Wanna join me in the fun?”

    Ajax: No matter the cost.


    “NO!” You wake up with a jolt as Thoma leans over and enwraps you in his arms, immediately assuring you you’re okay. Your eyes dart around, and you see that you’re in the backseat of a car. His driver Pallad, though remains focused on the road, has a look of worry and asks Thoma if he should go back to your place. You’re not surprised by his proposition. You’re breathing erratically and you’re sure you look like you’re about to cry.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” promises Thoma, his gentle voice soothing your racing heart, “Do you want to go back home? I’ll explain to Miss Adelinde about everything, so you don’t have to.”

    He’s too kind! Maybe avoiding falling for him is harder than I thought. No! Don’t think that! Thoma’s just a friend! A friend! Have some resolve!

    You pull away from him and muster up a smile, “I’m okay. I can go to school.”

    “But are you sure Miss Ragnvindr? Maybe you should heed Mister Thoma’s advice,” Pallad advises, but you shake your head.

    “It’s quite alright. I’ve given you enough trouble as it is,” you insist, “And I really want to go to school. I must take the placement exam after all.”

    Unable to argue with you any further, Pallad nods and glimpses at Thoma before facing the road, hoping that maybe he can talk some sense into you.

    “I’m okay, Thoma. It was just a nightmare,” you reassure before your friend can convince you otherwise, and he frowns, his arms still encased around you. “I was just a nightmare.”

    “Do you want to talk about it?”

    You shake your head. “It’s okay. Thank you for comforting me.”

    Pulling away from you, Thoma leans back against his seat and smiles, “You don’t have to thank me for that, you know? We’re best friends, remember?”

    You smile back at him, “Right! We’re best friends.” And I’ll make sure to give your a happy ending!

    But thanks to your dream, you completely forgot the unexpected variable to your plan: Ajax. He’s the reason why your character turns into the antagonist in the first place. To be honest, that’s why you hated Ajax when you played the game. Sure, he did it out of love for the antagonist, but it cost her everything. Sure, he also endured the repercussions of his wrongdoings as well, but not as bad as the antagonist.

    Okay, that’s settled. Everyone will get their happy ending except Ajax. From toying with Ayaka’s heart by pretending to like her to hurt her to leading his so-called love to her demise, he shouldn’t get a happy ending. You should at least do that for the antagonist.

    “[Y/N], are you okay?” Thoma breaks through your thoughts, gazing worriedly at you, “You look stressed. Are you sure you don’t want to stay home?”

    “Nope, I’m fine,” you say with a smile, “I’m just thinking about my plans for the school year. That’s all.”

    You suppose you must intervene a little to steer the story into a good ending, but you just have to avoid doing anything that will lead to your bad ending.


    Why the hell did I do that!? I’m so stupid!

    “Princess, did you really think you can get away doing something like that without dealing with the consequences? How naïve can you be?” Ajax leans closer to you, his forearm blocking your only way out. His cheek is still red from…that, but it probably shouldn’t hurt anymore, right? Right? You really want to kick yourself for acting so rashly, but you couldn’t help yourself.

    However, you should’ve. You should’ve controlled yourself. You don’t recall the antagonist ever doing that and now…maybe this will end up being your demise. Your bad ending.

    “What? Got nothing to say to me?” he smirks, his blue eyes gazing over your face before settling on your eyes. “Say something, princess…I’m waiting.”


    A/N: I'm not sure if it's clear or not, but the events that happened at the start of this chapter are events that happened in the otome game itself! That's why the format is a bit different compared to the rest of the chapter.

    And...the next chapter is going to be the first day of school for real akjsdhfjkfh you’ll see what led up to that last scene

    Tag list (please message me if you want to be added!): @fo-love, @chosomybeloved, @aliberosimphq​

    #thoma x reader #childe x reader #Genshin Thoma x reader #genshin childe x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin imagines#genshin impact
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  • sumeru-academy
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    hello ! could i request lisa, beidou, and noelle's S/O who was supposedly "dead" coming back a few years later ?? sorry if this is too vague/not descriptive enough (。•́︿•̀。)


    synopsis: you are supposedly dead.

    character(s): lisa, beidou, noelle.

    warning(s): mention of death and grief, kissing, vomit, heavy drinking.

    note(s): female reader.

    ⎯⎯mod chewie 🪑


    Lisa had been surrounded by death her entire life. When she met you she made sure to hold you closer than anything. You were a delicate rose, the everlasting bloom in a glass case. Meant to be forever seen and never touched. 

    You were beautiful like that. The countless hours you’d spend in her company as she would explain formulas or any sort of text she could find. You favored narratives, so she’d find light novels from Inazuma to keep you busy. She adored you. 

    Somehow, she mustered enough courage to ask you to close your eyes to kiss you. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so happy when you leaned back into her. Your hands go to her neck to guide her deeper.

    Happiness and excitement bubbled in that library, even when your person was missing. Lisa cherished this adoration and love which made her heart race. It all came to an abrupt stop.

    You hadn’t come on that day. It was a weekday and you weren’t a few hours late, you just didn’t come. After another two days had passed, Lisa heard the news. There was a storm, north of the main town so it never passed over them. However, a landslide had occurred and the knights had found your home along with your parents all dead. They never found your body, but they found remnants of your personal items and even a severed limb. 

    Lisa blamed herself everyday since she saw the headline in the papers. She blamed herself every time she sat down at one of the tables in the library. Never your table, she never sat where you used to. She could still feel you, as if you were still in the room. She could hear your scribbles on paper, carefully writing down every detail your brain could spit at you. 


    If she had never met you, you’d still be alive. She wouldn’t have cursed you with her eternal misfortune. It’s all her fault.

    “Lisa, you're shaking.”

    If Lisa never spoke to you, you’d still be able to finish the novels you were so excited to read. It’s her fault. It's all her fault.


    The cold grip of reality jolted her awake. Lungs pleading for air, as if she was being held underwater, cold sweat sticking to her skin. Grandmaster Jean stood over her, in her uniform, however her hair was still down. 

    Lisa grabbed at the fabric covering her chest and pulled on it, “I can’t breathe,” she wheezed out.

    “I know, practice the breathing exercises we went over. In…” Jean inhaled deeply, using her hands to go through the breathing motion, “Exhale through the nose…”

    The devastated woman followed, her hands shaking in her lap. She tried making out the details of your face in the nightmare, but the more she recalled the more distorted your features had become in your mind. 

    Jean crouched by the bedside, “I really think you need to take a break. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard for a whole two years, it’s been hard, I know. But, you really need to stop this, your insomnia is only going to get worse.”

    Lisa didn’t reply, she only stared at her shaking hands. Two years? Two whole years you’ve been gone? The time had all blurred together, it felt like yesterday she had received the news for the first time. A constant loop of unheard agony and her core feeling hollow. Jean left her, with a somber look, closing the door behind her with a small click. 

    “(Y/N)… I wonder if they make books in the afterlife,” Lisa mumbled to herself, eyes becoming glassy with tears, “Did you know? They released the new volume of the series you were so invested in back when you were around. I can’t read it. Not anymore. Just seeing the spine of the book is enough to send me into a breakdown.”

    “Can you see me?” She was having a full on conversation with herself now, warm tears dripping down her jaw as she looked to her ceiling, “Can you see how pathetic I’ve been? I’m so sorry, my darling, I’m so sorry for killing you.”

    Choked sobs rang from her throat, face buried in her hands and smeared the warm liquid on her face. Gasped and stuttered apologies wailed from her form, she was helpless against the endless cycle undying torment. She had no choice but to embrace the new eternal emotion. 

    ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 🔖

    The Traveler visited Mondstadt on a sunny weekday. Lisa couldn’t remember the month or the day, time didn’t come together like it used to anymore. Everyday was the same, the tapping of the rain and the chill of the snow was all monochromatic. Today she was listening to the locals gossip about the silliest of things, forced out of the facility due to her lack of sunlight to the point where she could become chronically ill.

    Traveler was followed by Paimon and yourself, who were dressed in ruffled clothes, Sumeru garb. Your hair was knotted in some places, a bad case of bedhead with a matching pair of bags under your eyes. Brows furrowed while your eyes had dashed back and forth around the city entrance, as if on the lookout for someone specific. Traveler quietly accompanied you up the stairs, stopping at the Guild for probably longer than needed. 

    The news that you were dead had spread across Mondstadt like a wildfire. You were paralyzed, the bones in your legs were nothing but sharp shards digging into your muscle. Founded by Sumeru immigrants who had offered their aid, using magic attached to alchemic histories in order to heal you. You went through the process for a year and a half, and the physical therapy for another 6 months. 

    You were terrified of running into someone you knew, like a former friend or Diluc. Just the thought of his approaching you was enough to make chills run up and down your arms. You didn’t know why the Traveler had insisted you come along, especially after you had explained your situation. You stopped arguing, and followed submissively, like a dog.

    Your heart stopped pounding in your ears when a familiar shade of purple had invaded your peripherals. You almost stopped breathing as a chain reaction, you were too scared to even move. Traveler moved ahead of you, and greeted Lisa with a smile. She followed with a much more forced grin, looking up from her novel she made small talk with the duo while you slowly backed away. You made the mistake of looking her in the eyes, as if she were some magnet, and you felt time stop entirely once you saw her green orbs fixated on you as well.

    There was no escape from her gaze, she was locked on and you were trapped in her feverish nightmare of a stare. She wasted not even a second before grabbing you by the sides of your face and forced you to look at her. You felt weak in the knees, no amount of physical therapy could ever prepare you for the amount of guilt flooding over you. 

    “(Y/N)?” She whispered your name, your face felt so soft and so real, “(Y/N)? Is it really you?”

    Lisa couldn’t recall the last time she spoke your name with joy bubbling in her, before she could express her undying happiness that you were alive you had taken the lead and smushed your lips against hers. It was the definition of an amatuer kiss, but she melted into your touch and leaned in like a second nature. 

    She found you.


    Beidou was in love with the ocean, in love with the rocking of the boat which lulled her to sleep under the endless stars of the night sky. The spray who kissed her face every waking moment, and the salty aroma of the infinite sea. No amount of time on land could ever compare to her years spent on the ocean, she was the happiest while her face was flushed red with intoxication and whenever her legs would rock to the rhythm of the waves. 

    Until she met you.

    Beidou was only ever on land for at most, a week. Being on stable ground felt so foreign after months on the ship. You were her treasurer, handling the expenses attached to ship repairs, food, and managing every small little thing. She knew of you, she’d heard your name and seen your reports through formal documents which she had never properly gone through. Beidou finally met you on the docks, you were vomiting into the ocean of Liyue Harbor under the influence of rice wine and the sway of the boat. Motion sickness was a beast, she realized that when she laughed and rubbed your back while you spilled the contents of your stomach into the water.

    You were a serious person, not so much you couldn’t take a joke, but still serious. Similarly to Ningguang, you managed business flawlessly and left little to no mistakes in your wake. Beidou liked to comfort your long nights where you would fight the seasickness with your head tilted over the edge of the ship. She’d rub your back and tell you about star navigation, describing to you how the constellations sprinkled the dark sky because you couldn’t see it yourself– you were too busy throwing up. Somehow, that next hour, you didn’t vomit once. Beidou was laid against the deck with her back to the floor, looking at the stars with the sail flags in her peripherals. 

    “Close your eyes for a moment,” you said, your voice hardly above a whisper.

    She obliged. Shutting her eyes as if she were about to doze off, but she felt the soft pressure of your lips against hers in a sort of frenzy of adrenaline. Before you could pull away, the hand on the back of your head guided you right back into her. The taste of burning acid was still on your lips, but Beidou was too drunk off your touch.

    This love was foreign. It wasn’t like her passion for the endless blue beneath her, it was a passion for touch and joy. She knew you were in pain when you threw your head overboard and allowed yourself to throw up, but she treasured every gag and cough.

    However, the ocean wasn’t as merciful as she was. 

    Inazuma storms were ruthless, multiple of her men were thrown overboard within the frenzy of lightning and roaring of waves. You were thrown off, you could swim fine, but the panic blurred your vision and your muscles froze. A great wave forces you under, pressure forcing you underwater again and again. There, Beidou watched you take your last breath, unable to fish you out of the water. 

    “We need to go back and get her!” Beidou screamed at her remaining crew, tears blending into the salty wetness on her face, “Please, she can still be saved!”

    Huixing flew her arms up to calm her captain’s panic, “We’ve lost too many people today, her study is still intact, we can still recover her papers.”

    Rage smoked her chest and invaded her nerves before she could even think, a fist mashed into Huixing’s jaw. The people around Beidou protested wildly. 

    “You’re joking, (Y/N) just drowned in front of me. And you’re concerned about papers? This isn’t about the money, it’s about her!”

    “She’s been in the sea for over an hour now. There’s no going back to the storm, only more casualties will be in place.” Xu’s voice of reason was enough to dissolve Beidou’s violence.

    “To hell with this, to hell with all of you!”

    Those were her last words to her crew before she got off at the Inazuman docks and got blackout drunk at the nearest place that served drinks. Minutes felt like seconds, hours felt too short to count, days and weeks distorted into a single hue of silent despair. Kazuha sat with her most of the days, but as each month had passed he had been appearing less and less. Inazuman alcohol was mediocre, it burned with rice and wasn’t enough substance to keep the intoxication buzzing inside. It was never long enough, as soon as she started actually enjoying the high it all came crashing down into a nasty hangover. 

    ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 🔖

    It was cloudy in Ritou, teasing the locals with a brewing rain that never seemed to come. Kazuha sauntered into an inn where Beidou was spread like a starfish over a disheveled futon. Softly, he shook her awake.

    “Beidou, guess what day it is,” he mumbled, her body shifting under his touch.

    She groaned into her pillow, a pounding headache and sore limbs minimalizing her motion. 

    “Buzz off.” Beidou demanded.

    Kazuha replied with a smile, and more gentle shoving, “It’s February 14th, your birthday.”

    A wave washed over Beidou mercilessly, “Oh,” she mumbled, Kazuha hummed, “That means it’s been… Over a whole year?”

    “Since when? Your last birthday?” He asked with a cocky smile.

    She shook her head, “No, since she died. Were you there?”

    “No, you told me about her. (Y/N), right? She died three years ago, you’ve been in Ritou for that long.” “Oh.”

    “Do you miss her?”

    Beidou’s mind went blank, the image of your face and voice came into her pounding mind. She missed you so much, just thinking of you was enough to make her chest feel an intense hollowness.

    “I miss her so much. I’d trade anything just to be happy with her again.”

    She couldn’t remember the details, her mind buzzed from the remaining alcohol still in her system. It’s a miracle she hadn’t gotten some sort of liver disease, the swaying of her movements reminding her of her glory at the sea. Somehow Kazuha had guided her to the docks, the sound of her heels clicking against the wood of the floating platforms was filled with nostalgia. 

    “Look up.”

    Kazuha’s voice was so soft, so welcoming, the former captain could hardly process his silky words. She did as he requested and shifted her gaze from her feet to the horizon of the ocean, to the figure sitting on the ship's helm. Sitting on the very edge.

    You hadn’t seen Beidou yet, you were too busy fighting the anxiety bubbling in your stomach at the thought of encountering her again. Would she scream at you for not telling her? Would she get upset? You were forced to swim back to Liyue’s harbor, with nothing but a large plank of wood, whatever fish were idiodic enough to come close, and the rain. With the Crux’s crew disbanded and in shambles on the Inazuma border at sea, you weren’t allowed contact with anybody. 

    So it wasn’t all your fault. 

    Kazuha called your name, out of instinct you turned to him. Beidou's dangerously pale figure came into view, both of your hearts stopped. You smiled at her, and yelled as loud as your vocals could muster.

    “Happy birthday!”


    Watching you train was like a magical experience that was to die for. You handled the claymore, a weapon close to 150 pounds, like it weighed nothing. Noelle begged you to teach her yourself when she saw you pummel the training ground like it was an accident, she was even more surprised when you agreed.

    “When you handle a hand held sword, you’ll be told to use it as an extension of yourself. The same goes with the claymores and greathammars. Have you ever seen Eula Lawrence fight?” You were in a low cut shirt with loose pants, sweat glossing your forehead as you instructed.

    Noelle shook her head, “No, I’ve heard of her though.”

    “She uses her claymore a lot similarly as a dance, using the weight guides in her legs to direct the sword and letting gravity do the hard work. The biggest thing with wielding claymores is raw muscle, it’s a heavy instrument and you won’t be able to rely on gravity to lift it up.”

    She nodded and followed your movements, while you wielded a real claymore and she held a mock claymore made of heavy duty wood. You guided her through the motions day after day, weeks blurred into months until she held a real greatsword in her palms.

    “Try a real one, try the motions again. Don’t strain your arms, treat it like a synchronized dance.”

    She did as you said, she always did. You clapped and cheered her on, face gleaming with pride. Noelle had never felt so happy. She never recognized the fluttering feeling in her chest as love, not until she had seen you talking with other maids and knights. The only time she had ever experienced jealousy. You were just so mature and so ahead of her, the thought of lovers, being equals, felt out of the question. Noelle fantasized about the notion nonetheless, deep in the nights wishing she was hugging your sleeping form rather than a stiff pillow.

    You found her in the library when you had finished the “session” going through maps and international geography. She’s such a hard worker. Noelle and yourself weren’t far from age, you were only half a year older and happened to be talented enough with a sword and a decent amount of reputation allowed yourself to join the Knights. You sat next to her, too focused to notice the noise of the chair being pulled back and the shuffling of your clunky uniform.

    Patiently, you watched her work. It took her a whole 5 minutes to notice you were there. 

    “Oh Archons, how long have you been there?” Noelle’s voice was hushed, a hand flying to her mouth as if relaying a secret.

    You smiled and held up five fingers and she seemed to nod and understand. A few moments of silence passed before you made conversation again with flushed cheeks.

    “I’m afraid I haven’t been completely honest with you,” you started, voice also hushed but loud enough to understand, “I think, I want to be more than just a ‘trainer’. More than friends.”

    Noelle could feel her heart race and her face heat up before her brain could even digest the few sentences you had said to her. 

    She accidentally squeaked, and yelled out, “Me too!” 

    Lisa shushed her with a gentle bonk on the top of her head using the spine of a hefty novel.

    Her hands flew to her mouth with wide eyes, you smiled. You were officially girlfriends as of that day. Training sessions were the same, Noelle may have been more nervous than usual but it didn’t hinder her performance too much. She lived for your praise, she lived to one day fight beside you.

    Those dreams, those passions, all of it suddenly crashed down into unrecognizable metaphorical rubble and debris. You were sent out on an emergency patrol mission with only a few other soldiers as backup. Noelle had never had the courage to ask you to kiss her, you hugged her, and showered her with praise, but she wanted to kiss you goodbye. She never got the chance when you left that sunny day, pigeons making way for your shimmering form.

    You never came back, there was an unexpected camp of fatui members that counted over 10 delusion wearing soldiers. With only two inexperienced men to rely on, you called retreat while you were torn apart. 

    Noelle was one of the first people to hear the news, your blood staining the hands and boots of the remaining duo of men that came back. Eyes bloodshot and eyes glossy from seeing their leader get slaughtered before their eyes. You were dead, they brought the journal which fell out of your pocket as proof of their loss. They couldn’t recover your body, once more experienced Knights made easy work, your carcass had been discarded. At least, that was what they put in the papers.

    Noelle, distraught and hopeless Noelle, was absolutely determined you were still alive. You were fully capable of handling yourself against the Fatui, sure you were outnumbered but who knows the truth? She was given your journal by your late mother, and Noelle remembered every page and line word for word. She’d recite it like poetry in her head, like a play she had to memorize. She worked harder, for you, to find you. 

    She engraved every word, every former criticism in her swordwork and perfected it. She became the living memory of what you once were, and she’d do anything to find you. Training until she passed out, spluttering up the contents of her stomach and skipping meals. Grandmaster Jean had to interfere multiple times and drag her home.

    “You’re going to get worse, if you allow your health to decline your skills will surely follow.” The Grandmaster’s words fell on deaf ears as she guided the exhausted teenager home, her tears mixed with the salty coating of sweat on her face.

    Noelle was physically incapable of lifting her claymore one day, she spent hours crying as her muscles screamed in absolute raw agony. She felt so useless, so she dove into the endless books on the art of swordships and memorized motions with her mind. 

    “Miss Noelle, please take a break. You’ve been awake for far longer than you should be,” Lisa bent down to her sitting height, “Your overworking is really concerning for everyone.”

    “Please leave me alone.”

    She’d tune out complaints, until Grandmaster Jean had dragged her away again. This had become a daily occurrence until Noelle could manage to lift her greatsword again, and practice her motions while her health rapidly declined all over again. It was an endless cycle, Jean had rejected her applications again and again, explaining that Noelle needed to get her mind straightened out before they could even think about letting her into the Knights. 

    ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 🔖

    There was something that pulled her out of the city walls, a pull that tugged on her chest. She carried her aching legs to Springvale, and took solitude in the snapdragons blooming in the back of the village. The dazzles of dew on the early blooms made her think of your glossy eyes, and how sweat glistened off your skin. 

    “(Y/N)... Are you really out there?” Noelle had mumbled to herself.

    She never expected an answer.


    Noelle shifted her head to follow the voice that had answered to her comment, she’d come face to face with someone who was so familiar but so distorted. 

    “Oh. It’s you.”

    Your soft voice was hushed, Noelle was convinced the ruthless heat waves were making her hallucinate yourself in front of her. Reality was, you were in front of her, despite all odds. You were real, she knew you were real by the sun kisses on your skin, your jawline sharper and more defined. You looked more like a woman. 

    When you had ‘died’ you were fortunate enough to find an escape from the merciless group of Fatui that had tried to gut you like a pig. You weren’t allowed to die. After years of relentless fleeing and losing the will to return to Mondstadt. 

    Noelle’s voice was hardly audible, “You’re actually here? Actually alive?” 

    You tried your best to be sarcastic without letting your voice crack and break down with guilt, “Something like that, sort of crazy, right? I wasn’t hiding from any of you, so don’t worr—“

    You couldn’t get your last syllable out before her arms carefully made their way to your sides, she looked back to you in absolute shock and buried her head in your chest again. You were warm and you were breathing, Noelle could feel her heart pound when you wrapped your arms around her and apologized again. 

    But it was okay…

    #mod chewie 🪑 #lisa minci x reader #beidou x reader #lisa x reader #noelle x reader #genshin lisa x reader #genshin x reader #lisa minci#beidou#noelle#genshin noelle#genshin lisa#genshin beidou#genshin fluff#genshin imagines#genshin headcanons#genshin fanfic #beidou x you #beidou x y/n #genshin
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  • teyvattales
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Come Back to Me

    GENSHIN IMPACT Character x GN Reader Angst Stories

    Characters: Scaramouche
    Pairings: Scaramouche x GN Reader
    Warnings: 16+ for violence. TW- reader death please PLEASE read at your own risk. You have been warned.
    Click below if you're ready to suffer.

    As the storms begin picking up, the rain and wind violently whipping at your face soak you to the bone. Your eyes, stinging from the tears that started to fall at the sight before you, glossed over as you struggled to push forward. You seemingly call out towards nothing but a purple hue in the distance, glowing luminously, like a single star in the night sky, "Kunikuzushi! Please. . .do not make me do this!" You plead, your heart shattering with each word, "Please. . .I love you. I don't want to do this. ." You continue, reluctantly unsheathing your blade with a flick.

    The purple hue in the distance grew closer with each unwilling footstep of yours. The grip of your sword grows tighter as you finally face your foe, The Balladeer, Scaramouche, your lover. Kunikuzushi's eyes are not the same as you remember, blackening and glazing over with a cruel gaze as he grins wickedly at you. Glancing him up and down, you notice the Delusion had taken a further hold on him than you were expecting.

    Like a gloomy vine, the Delusion begins taking up half his face, much to your anguish, "Y/N, it's a shame you can't feel this surge of power. With the Gnosis and my Delusion, I'm indestructible. And yet I see you're prepared to go against me. ." Kunikuzushi says with seething resentment.

    "Kuni-" you start

    Before you can finish your thought, Kunikuzushi shouts bitterly, "DON'T. Don't you dare use that name. I am The Balladeer, Scaramouche," the bitterness now turning to animosity.

    Closing your eyes and taking a deep painful breath, your tears still falling, you finally open them, meeting his indignant eyes, "So that's your choice then. . .I see." Your eyes felt hot, like white-hot daggers. Feeling a surge of remorse at your lost love, you raise your blade, preparing yourself, the rain still lashing the two of you in the face.

    Lunging forward with your sword, you attempt to strike down Scaramouche. Still, he swiftly evades your blade with a sinister laugh, "Haha, I truly didn't think you had it in you," he says, feeling a prickling surge of electricity coursing through his veins as he readies an attack. The tips of his fingertips begin generating a purple ball of electricity, launching it towards you with a loud crackle.

    Just barely dodging the quick attack, the electricity orb lands mere inches from your feet, causing a ripple to expand on the wet ground, shocking you. You groan from the sudden shock, feeling it buzzing through your body, but that wasn't enough to knock you down. Raising your sword to Scaramouche once more, you finally reply, "That's where you're wrong."

    In a brilliant display of swordsmanship, you step forward, swishing your blade viciously. Like a game of cat and mouse, you finally, after what seems like hours, land a cut on his face. Wincing as blood trickles down his cheek, Scaramouche scoffs, blindingly letting another electro orb fly your way, "Oh, my dear, you made a grave error," he laughs, abruptly teleporting behind you as you dodge his ball.

    As he strikes you down, for a brief moment, you see him. Kunikuzushi. For a split second, you see him fighting with his Delusion, a look of anguish distorting his face, his once lavender gaze pleading with you. Dropping to one knee, you cough up blood, reminding you of where the two of you now stand, "Hng. . .Kuni- I know you're still in there. . please COME BACK TO ME," you say, not giving up as you wipe the blood from your lips.

    Again you see his eyes flicker. Standing up clumsily, your hands now shaking as you struggle to hold your sword, you finally drop it with a mighty clang of metal hitting stone. You extend your arms outwards, begging him to come back to you, "Kuni, please. ." you plead weakly. With every tired ounce of your being, you begin moving closer to him.

    With a whack of your hand, Scaramouche grabs you by the throat, "I warned you. ." he says viciously, slamming you to the ground, knocking the wind out of you as his grip on your neck grows tighter.

    Seeing your life flash before your eyes, you desperately reach towards his face, stroking his cheek, and with your last breath, you say, "I've always loved you. . ."

    As your body grows limp and your eyes become lifeless, Scaramouche releases his grip, a painful surge shooting up his body as the last ounce of Kunikuzushi breaks free, "Hey, Y/N. .why are you so quiet. .this isn't like you. Throw complaints, yell at me, scream like you normally do. . .No, no-no-no. .Archons, please. ." he pleads, eyeing your body up and down and discovering the painful marks on your neck; a storm of guilt washing over him, "What have I done?! I'm so sorry, Y/N," the tears begin to fall as he desperately holds your body close to him, "Please. .come back to me."

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    You're entranced at the simplest things; listening to the brushing of leaves, watching a lamp grass billow under your breath. Every animal you come across earns a pointed finger and a hand to grasp at his shoulder--and just like that, you glow with excitement. Silly things like that are enough to make you happy.

    A song babbled by the rushing children, the smell of food wafting from inns. Everything makes you wonder, question and smile.

    It reminds KAEYA of something, but he doesn't know what.

    Either way, it fills his chest with a warmth he had forgotten. So that's good enough.

    He's watching you, one afternoon, napping under a spot of sunlight. The thick winter curtains would've been drawn by now, but he doesn't have the heart to make a move. Kaeya understands you're not like them. You're not like him, or anyone else. Not when you glow as bright as where you sleep. Not when you fill his head with your dreams.

    He has seen them by now; Spiralling towers of glass and steel. Of smoke. Of starlight that can't reach you. Of air thick enough you can't breathe. Of oceans black as tar. You refuse to speak of the world you came from, but he sees the beginning of a shiver. You avoid his eyes and politely fold your hands in your lap.

    And then, you cover the matter entirely with a smile, like a mother hiding a plate of greens so her child won't bawl.

    He doesn't ask again, and you grow mellow and warm. Like sunlight.

    He tries to hold your hand one day.

    At the market, over the hubbub of peddlers and merchants, his fingers close over your hand when you stray a little too far for his liking--pushed apart by the flow of passersby that suddenly grow forgetful of walking conventions--Again, you're at his side.

    He says, "he's bound to find you, even if you hide." With a crinkle in his eye and a syrupy smile not even his father had seen, (unless bribery was at hand) Kaeya keeps you close for the rest of the trip.

    What's surprising to him, you don't let go.

    He glances downwards a few times from the corner of his eye, perhaps in disbelief. His thumb brushes across your skin as he lets himself be pulled by whatever has called your attention, like a shadow to tail your star. Isn't that what you are?

    He ends up buying a knick-knack from a Liyueren merchant while you beg him not to. It's a puzzle, small enough to fit in your hand.

    You spend the afternoon hunched over it, sitting over the same sun-spot. His chin rests on your shoulder, and sometimes you take the time to play with his hair when you grow frustrated. He holds you when you lay against his chest.

    Kaeya thinks it's love.

    You don't complete the puzzle that day, and it stays at the centre of his desk--so you won't forget where it is.

    He stares at it while doing whatever paperwork Jean has dumped on him. An excuse to snatch you away. The Grandmaster has grown indulgent since your arrival.

    Eventually, you click the pieces in place. You don't think it important enough to show him, but Kaeya believes otherwise. He hugs you that  day and keeps you close enough to feel your heart.

    If you had one, anyways.

    You let him, running your fingers through his hair. Your eyes well up, and you whisper how everything feels like a dream. Kaeya doesn't have an answer. But you don't need one.

    After that, whatever held him together snapped.

    He holds your hand more often, even in front of the thing that calls itself an archon. The disguised bard looks partial to strangling, especially with his intestines, but doesn't act on it beyond a strained smile and immediately turns his eyes on you.

    Unfortunately for him, (and half of the acolytes you've amassed), Kaeya doesn't leave your side much as of late.

    He's even gone as far as to sit you on his lap while working. You've felt him shift under your weight, the silks of your cloak don't cover the bulge swelling between his legs, but you don't make much of it. Not when you squeak and grasp at his thighs at the feeling.

    Kaeya smiles and feigns ignorance when you glance at him. 

    He resorts to rubbing himself off later that night under the sheets, biting into his knuckle to avoid waking you up. His hand can't hold a candle to you, to how soft and warm you'll be, how well you'll suck him in once he gets hold of you. His cum drips down his stomach once he's done.

    He's gasping, trembling for air, and holds himself ice-still when you whine and shift in your sleep.

    It feels honestly pathetic. To have you right there, right at hand's touch.

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    They impulsively kiss you (Part 2)

    → Masterlist

    → Part 1 (Albedo, Ayato, Itto)

    Summary: They finally gather the courage to kiss you.

    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe x (gn!) Reader (separate)

    Warnings: Fluffy! Mentions and description of injury and blood (Childe). Mentions Childe's real name. Overall the description of the kisses are very detailed.

    A/N: Part 2 is finally here and thank you all for your crazy support of Part 1! I'm sorry for the long wait but I think it paid off. I gave this my all and the kisses are even more detailed now and the length of the individual chapters is longer, too. I would absolutely love to hear what you think. My ask box is open, run it in if you need to. ♥ Also - yes I still have creative ammo for a third part! :3


    You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you set down the basket full of grapes on the table in front of the entrance of the Dawn Winery.

    "Our best helper is back with another big basket I see." Adelinde, who stood behind the table, remarked with a content smile while she weighed the basket and scribbled the amount down in her notebook.

    The yearly grape harvest had come around and like every year, you and many other Mondstadt citizens had volunteered to help, too. The Winery already employed a lot of staff but during the harvest time most of them were needed for the actual wine making process, so the winery looked for short term workers every year that were in turn rewarded with a precious sum of Mora as payment and for the one who harvested the most grapes during the time, a crate of high quality vintage wine - and who were you to say no to that? Such an opportunity was hard to pass, especially since money didn’t grow and trees and as a self-employed artist it was good to accumulate some savings for bad times. 

    The "starving artist" unfortunately wasn't just an idiotic romanticized figure in novels, there was a little too much truth to it - you knew as much now. Your monthly income solely depended on the amount of commissions you got, and as a one-man-business there naturally was only a fixed amount of them you could accept at once. Plus, of course, the amount of commissions that came in fluctuated throughout the year. And all that summed up was precisely why you were here every year around the same time and helped out - that and you got to see and talk to the vintner himself a little bit if you got lucky. 

    You knew Diluc through your line of work, he often commissioned paintings from you when he needed a gift for an important business meeting or various other occasions. In fact he came around for commissions so often during the past six months that you could consider him a regular by now and although thus far, your relationship wasn’t more than just mere business acquaintances, you always found yourself attracted to him and had the strong desire to to get to know him better and get a glimpse of what he hides behind that rather cool and distant demeanor.

    "Are you sure you don't want a permanent position as an employee here, dear? I think no one ever manages to harvest as much as you do and you even have an eye for the fruit, always picking the ones with the perfect ripeness."

    "Well, I am flattered, Adelinde, but I think I love being an artist too much."

    "It's a pity! But Master Diluc really is fond of your art so I’m sure he would be devastated if you stopped painting, he is basically a collector of your work at this point… Oh my, I’m talking too much - It's past noon already, I’m sure you want to take a break for a little while. No one will be able to catch up with the amount you have harvested anyway. I would say the crate of wine is guaranteed again, my dear."

    “That’s what I like to hear!” You chuckled before saying your goodbyes and started to head for your usual place for your lunch break down by the lake.

    Basically a collector by now, huh? It had just been a brief gossip with Adelinde but that sentence kept on playing on repeat in your head. Was he interested in you, too? No, that would be foolish to assume, he just admired your work, that was all. Right?

    When you were strolling down the path and your spot came into view, you were surprised to see that it was already occupied by someone else today. A familiar figure of a man with flaming red hair was sitting under the tree by the lake, his coat evenly spread underneath him and his back was leaning against the bark.

    “Fancy seeing you here!” You said and decided to sit down on the grass next to him. “You’re sitting at my lunch spot, I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”

    “Not at all.” He responded and gave you a small smile. “How is the harvest going? I can’t help but notice that you help us out every year.”

    “It’s going well and it looks like I have the honor of getting a crate of your finest wine this year again.” You said in a singsong voice and smiled at him widely to which he just huffed in response, the corners of his mouth twitching up ever so slightly.

    “You know, you could just ask me for wine if you want some.”

    “Oh, I couldn’t possibly afford that normally! So working and getting wine as a compensation? Perfection!” You giggled and lay back on the grass, looking up at the clouds, missing the adoring glance he threw your way.

    “How are you doing?” He asked after a short silence.

    “Huh?” Taken aback by the sudden question you looked back at him. “What do you mean?”

    “Well, I’m just asking how you’re faring.”

    “I am… good. You know just… living life, doing art.”

    “You seem so surprised.” He chuckled at your reaction with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

    “I guess I just didn’t expect you to ask me that, you always seem so…”

    “Distant? Cold?” He asked while looking below himself plucking some blades of grass out of the ground with a pensive expression.

    “Yeah… I don’t even mean it in a bad way, you just always seem to maintain a professional distance, I’d say. For example, I couldn’t imagine you hugging or even kissing anyone...” Once you had finished your sentence you leapt up from your lying position, eyes widening in shock about your own words and you got the urge to slap your hands over your mouth. You were talking way out of place and who were you to lecture Diluc Ragnvindr himself about his mannerisms?

    “I’m so sorry, please forget what I said, I–”

    “Thank you.”


    “For your honesty. I feel like a lot of people hold themselves back around me out of politeness, but never you.” His crimson eyes met yours and you could see that he wholeheartedly meant what he had said and you felt your cheeks heating up. Before the awkward silence could fester and before you could say anything, he rose back to his feet, brushing some dirt off his clothes and swinging his coat over one shoulder.

    “Well, I should get back to work, I have a few important meetings coming up. Thanks for joining me.”

    “Of course.” 

    After helping out a little while longer on the vineyard until the sun was setting, you returned back home. You were still confused about the encounter earlier in the day and wondered why Diluc hadn’t been angry with you. In fact, he seemed more like he was genuinely brooding about what you had said and you couldn’t shake the feeling that you had somehow struck a nerve.

    You decided it was best to get your mind off of things for the rest of the day and since you actually had some commissions you needed to get done still, you started getting lost in some painting while the sun sunk further below the horizon and the amber color of the sky soon turned into a night blue. The only noises you could hear were the gentle brush strokes on your canvas, the calming pitter-patter of the rain that had started to fall outside not too long ago, and – a knock on your door.

    You snapped out of your creative trance at the sudden noise and wondered who would knock at your door in the dead of the night. When you opened it, you found none other than a very drenched Diluc Ragnvindr standing in the rain front of your door.

    “Master Diluc? What–? Come in, you’re going to get sick!”

    “Pardon, I– uhm…”

    You looked back at his form as he began to speak, not moving an inch from where he was standing and scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. His hair was sticking to his forehead and he had the same pensive look that he had earlier when you had spoken but there seemed to be some nervousness mixed into it now. He opened and closed his mouth a few times in an attempt to speak, before letting out a huff and smiling to himself, his eyes pointed to the ground.

    “Is everything alright?”

    “I just… thought about what you’ve said to me earlier and, I’m sorry but, I just can’t seem to get it out of my head.”

    “That was incredibly rude of me to say, by Barbatos, I should never have–”

    You stopped talking mid-sentence because your train of thought was interrupted by Diluc taking slow steps in your direction, looking you right in the eyes now. He was enamored by your appearance, he always has been. He noticed the little paint speckles on your cheek, giving away that you had been painting, the lively glow in your eyes that made him fall in love with you the moment he first laid his eyes on you and your homely smell that comfortably numbed his senses every time he came in contact with it. You were like an invisible force that kept pulling him in. 

    He was now standing right in front of you in the entrance of your home. His hands found their way to your hips, squeezing them gently as his eyes darted between your eyes and your lips with a sensual expression. What happened in milliseconds felt like an eternity to you. The touch of his hands made you feel a tingling sensation all over your body, and you could hear the drumming of your heartbeat in your ears.

    When you looked him back in his eyes he suddenly lifted one of his hands to your neck and brought his face down to yours, pressing his body flush against yours and uniting your lips into a passionate kiss that made you close your eyes and tumble back a few steps against the wall behind you, gripping his coat for stability. Your senses were so overwhelmed you couldn’t even feel how the water in his clothes seeped into your own, all you could think of was the taste of your shared breaths and how silken his lips felt when slotted against yours.

    Diluc, too, only felt the addicting feeling of your soft lips against his, making him completely blind to the world surrounding him, as he was completely lost in you. He had taken interest in you a while ago and your talk earlier that day had been his wake up call - he needed to make a move if he wanted this - if he wanted you. The fact that you thought he seemed distant and cold had bothered him all day since, and he wanted to prove to you that he could be more than that. The feeling of kissing you now and feeling your soft skin under his palm caused a comforting warmth to blossom in his chest. He could feel that the hole in his heart he sought to fill all those years was slowly filling up with a painting of your image.

    “Do you still think I seem too distant now?” He whispered against your lips with half-lidded eyes.

    Your reply was wordless as you moved your hands to his neck and pulled him in once more to unite your lips. If this is what Diluc Ragnvindr’s love was, you were ready to get drunk on it until the end of time.


    "I want you to go to Dragonspine to patrol the eastern area of the mountain, I’ve marked it on your map. There have been reports of unusual activity there and we need some information about what exactly is going on over there. However, stay vigilant, it could very well be that the Fatui are behind it. If that is the case, head right back here and we will discuss how we will progress further."

    "Yes, of course, Acting Grandmaster." You exclaimed and bowed your head at the Blonde in front of you. 

    You'd been called to Jean's office first thing this morning when you had arrived at the Favonius headquarters, and much to your surprise, you had already been given such an important patrol. 

    “Excuse me for asking, but am I supposed to go alone?”

    “Indeed. Will that be a problem?”

    “No… no of course not.”

    It had only been about half a year since you had joined the Knights of Favonius and your training was going well, in fact, more than well. You'd been told by multiple other knights that your skills were outstanding and that they'd never seen someone pick up fighting skills as fast as you had. It was of course great to know that all your efforts and training sessions were paying off but to be given the order to go on patrol on Dragonspine, while you were basically still wet behind the ears, felt like it was still a number too big for you. But it wasn’t like you had much of a choice now anyway.

    "Great! Make sure to pack accordingly, I'm sure you're well aware of the dangers the mountain harbors?"

    "Yes, ma'am."

    You bowed down one last time before heading out of the office. The nervousness was basically written all over your face and your stomach felt like it wanted to rid itself of the meal you’d eaten a bit ago. As you headed out of the office and closed the door behind you briefly overheard Lisa, the librarian of the Knights, who had been present during the whole meeting, asking Jean if she really thought you were already fit for patrolling there, which made your heart sink to your stomach even more than it already had.

    You slowly made your way to the Recruit’s office, where you and the other recruits had their equipment stored and began making a list of what you had to pack in your head. Your feet suddenly felt as if they were glued to the ground and every step took all your willpower. 

    There were plenty of stories surrounding Dragonspine and since your childhood days the only thing that always stuck in your memory till this day was to not go there ever, especially not alone. 

    You opened your locker and grabbed a couple of your belongings that you stuffed in a bag and attached your sword to your belt. What else would you need? A warming bottle wouldn’t be possible since it needed time to be crafted and Starsilver to have it made and you had neither of those. 

    "What’s up with that frown, sweet pea?" A sultry voice stopped your thoughts that were racing 1000 miles per hour and instead made your heart race at the same pace.

    “Captain! I… It’s nothing.” You shook your head and tried to avoid his gaze because his presence had somehow started to make you nervous recently. He leaned on the doorframe close to you with his arms crossed over his chest and followed your every move with his ice-blue eye.

    Kaeya had been your mentor ever since your first day here and he was also the one who taught you most of your sword fighting and recently you had noticed that you have started to become uncharacteristically fidgety whenever he was around. Your heart always started racing, your stomach started feeling fuzzy, your palms started sweating and your thoughts became more and more blurry and you felt like you were unable to string words together properly. For the first while you had tried to ignore it and get your act together and thought it would eventually pass but you had to start being honest with yourself, you had begun to develop feelings for him. 

    It was hard not to, in all honesty. Due to his always flirty behavior he had wrapped you around his little finger faster than the wind could blow through the streets of Mondstadt on a stormy day and you found yourself thinking about him more and more throughout your day.

    “Well, in that case we can head off to Dragonspine soon, I hope?”

    “We?” You asked flabbergasted. “B-but Jean–”

    “Jean told you that you were supposed to go alone. Yeah, I know that already. Lisa told me and since I am coincidentally free, I have made it my task to accompany you.” He smiled at you flirtingly and you swore you were about to pass out on the spot.

    “Won’t you get in trouble for leaving your post, though?”

    “Ah, well, maybe. but once I can tell everyone that I saved our sweet little recruit from becoming a popsicle I’m sure they will actually thank me. Don’t worry so much about me or I might start thinking you have feelings for me, hm?” He teased and walked away with a big smirk plastered on his face which caused your face to violently heat up. Did he know?

    On the evening of the same day when you both had already been wandering around Dragonspine for a couple of hours, the sun was beginning to set on the horizon, engulfing the mountain in an orange light. But with the fading light the mountain also grew even colder than it had already been all day. The wind felt like tiny needles that pierced your skin and your hands and feet began to go numb. It soon became clear that you wouldn’t be able to reach east Dragonspine during the remaining hours of daylight.

    “C-C-Can we find some shelter for the night?” You shivered and desperately tried to keep warm.

    “What’s wrong? Can’t handle the cold?” 

    It was truly amazing how unbothered he looked in his regular clothes while you on the other hand were a shivering mess even though you were wearing about seven layers of clothes. But then you shouldn’t be too surprised given that he was a Cryo vision wielder. 

    You threw him a scolding glance before turning around and walking towards the small hole in the cliff face that you had just spotted. “Over there seems to be a ca-cave, let's take some shelter there.”

    The cave had enough space for you both to comfortably lie and sit in. You both set up your camp for the night and sat down next to each other on your sleeping bags. Although you were now shielded from the biting cold of the wind outside you didn't seem to get any warmer. Your fingers were already feeling extremely stiff and neither blowing hot breath on them nor rubbing them together did anything to ease that feeling.

    "Could you make a f-fire?" You asked Kaeya with chattering teeth.

    “What do you want me to make fire with, sweetie? This?" He sarcastically asked and motioned towards his vision to which you just replied with a roll of your eyes.

    "Very f-funny! I know you packed flintstone earlier."

    He smirked at you and started to light a little campfire soon after. You scooted closer to it and held your hands up against the crackling flame that dimly engulfed the both of you in a warm orange light. As you rubbed your hands together some more and tried to get the life back into your fingertips, Kaeya watched your every move. How your lips formed a barely noticeable smile due to the warmth and how the light of the fire perfectly framed your face. In his eyes you were so perfect he wanted to scream it off the peak of Dragonspine for the world to hear. When you looked up at him with a content smile, his entire world stopped spinning and all he could think of was you. 

    He moved a bit closer to you until your shoulders touched and you could feel the body heat he was emanating. He suddenly grabbed your hands and took them into his surprisingly warm ones, squeezed them and blew his warm breath on them in an attempt to help with the cold. He truly wasn't affected by the cold at all. You looked up at him with a mix of disbelief and surprise because of the sudden gesture and your face heated up violently, even more so when you saw the caring look in his eye and the way the corners of his mouth started to shift upwards into a smile.

    He slowly inched closer to your face, until you could feel his warm breath ghost over the skin of your lips. He was so close you could smell his cologne. He was looking at your lips with a desire you’ve never seen in his eye before and you noticed that his breathing had become erratic. The moment felt like it lasted an eternity and your heartbeat quickened. You almost didn’t dare to breathe anymore. Your heart was beating so loud in your chest you were sure he must be hearing it.

    "What…?" You began to ask but you didn't get far because your words were cut off by his lips that hungrily crashed into yours. He intertwined the fingers of his right hand with yours and cupped your cheek with the other. The time felt like it had stopped at that moment and the cold that had been picking at your skin all day was completely forgotten, in fact, you probably had never felt so warm in your entire life before. You inhaled sharply from the sensation of his lips moving against yours. The endorphins started to rush into your bloodstream, sending your mind into a spiral and making the coil in your stomach burst into a million butterflies as you leaned back into him and returned the kiss. 

    Kaeya, too, felt the emotions crashing in like a tidal wave. He had imagined this moment for so long already and now that it was finally here it was even better than he could have ever imagined. The way your lips moved against his was addicting and the way they tasted was intoxicating. He wished he could ingrain this feeling into his memory forever. 

    “You like me!” He cooed and it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. 

    You could feel him smirk against your lips. But behind his cocky façade you saw that he felt the exact same way about you, the way he had whispered the words just now was another proof of that.

    “Shut up and kiss me again, you idiot.”

    You didn’t have to tell him twice.


    You looked over to the clock on the wall - 10 p.m. it had gotten quite late already. They were supposed to be back by 6 p.m

    You were walking nervously up and down in your office, waiting for that familiar sound of the main doors of the headquarters opening. 

    Today was the day the Harbingers were supposed to get back from some kind of secret mission. So secret in fact, that even you, as their personal physician, could neither know about it, nor travel with them like you usually would. You only hoped everyone was alright.

    Actually, if you were being honest to yourself, you only hoped that Childe would be alright. He had been on your mind every single day since their departure two weeks ago and you had started to realize that he might be more to you than just some random guy you had to bandage or patch up occasionally. You knew he had the tendency to rush headfirst into fights at any given opportunity and sometimes, even though it was rare because he was a capable fighter, he overestimated his abilities and ended up getting hurt in some way.

    You sat down at your desk antsily, flipping through the pages of some magazine without actually taking in the contents of the pages and bobbing your knee up and down. You thought that if Childe could see you being so worried about him now, he’d probably have a snarky comment to make about it and huffed to yourself. He’d be fine. Right?

    Thirty more minutes passed until you heard the front door finally open with a familiar creak. You immediately jumped up from your chair and rushed down the hallway, almost stumbling and kicking over a vase in the process.

    “You’re back!”

    “We are.” Signora sighed nonchalantly, throwing her cape into the hands of one of the lower ranked Fatui walking by her side and motioned him off without uttering a single word and you wondered why she had to always act so high and mighty.

    You quickly began scanning the group but no matter how often you counted, there were only eleven of them, not twelve and the one face that was missing – was Childe. At this moment you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

    “Where is Childe?” You asked with evident worry in your voice.

    “Why? Are you into him or something?” Scaramouche mockingly replied, donning an mischievous grin.

    “Scaramouche!” Signora admonished making him just shrug. “Well, doctor, we actually don’t know. He got into a fight on our way back here and told us to go without him and that he’s got our back. Which is actually why we are late - there have been some… unforeseen incidents”

    “And you just let him stay there and fight alone? You’re supposed to be the most powerful and highest-ranking Fatui officers!” You almost screamed and felt dread seeping into every fiber of your body at Signora’s reply.

    “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine”

    “How can you be so sure, Signora? Where was he the last time you saw him?”

    “Well, even if I wanted to tell you, I couldn’t do that because then I’d unfortunately have to kill you.”

    “Stop this nonsense, he will be fine. He always is.” Dottore chimed into the conversation, flinging his arm around Signora’s shoulder and letting out a mad cackle. “Now, I haven’t had anything for dinner yet and I can become nasty if I don’t so let’s stop dawdling around.”

    They started moving down the hallway again, brushing past you now completely ignoring you. They didn’t even seem remotely worried about the fact that they have possibly sent Childe, their own comrade, to his death. Unbelievable, you thought to yourself before heading home even more worried than you had been prior.

    It was pitch black and cold outside, thick snowflakes were falling from the sky creating a white blanket that made the world appear muted. The only sound you could hear was the steady crunch of the snow under your feet. Fitting weather for how you were feeling if you were quite honest.

    You unlocked the door to your home, wondering if you’d manage to get a minute of sleep tonight, already pondering on how you could make any of the Harbingers tell you the location of Childe’s last whereabouts. They would surely be alarmed as well if he wouldn’t be back by tomorrow morning, right?

    Still lost in thought you switched the light on and hung your coat on the coat hanger by the door, carding through your hair with your fingers and exhaling in frustration because you couldn’t get over the reaction of the other Harbingers. How could they care so little? Or were you maybe being too paranoid?

    “You’re home late, doc!”

    Startled by the sudden voice you dropped the keys you were still holding and flipped around screaming. Your heart was heavily thumping in your chest and your eyes widened in shock until the realization started to seep in.

    “Childe? Huh… what? How did you get in here?”

    “I picked the lock on your back door.”

    “What? Why would you do that?”

    “You weren’t home.” He shrugged with a shit-eating grin on his face, leaning against the doorframe leading to your living room.

    “That’s not an excuse to break into my house! I was waiting for your return at the headquarters.”

    “You were waiting for me?” His grin grew even wider for the flash of a second before he suddenly let out a raspy cough and almost toppled over as his face contorted into a pained grimace.

    “Childe?” You panicked and hurried over to him. “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s nothing, doc. I’m fine.”

    Upon closer inspection you could see that there were big beads of sweat forming on his forehead, making his auburn locks stick to his skin. He was paler than usual as well, his breathing seemed labored and –

    Drip. Drip. Drip.

    You looked below you and saw thick, red droplets of blood trickling down, staining the carpet crimson. Looking for the source you saw that Childe was holding his side with one hand and a not quite irrelevant amount of blood was oozing from in between his fingers.

    “Lie down immediately!”

    “I’m fine!”

    “You’re literally bleeding!”

    “I’ve been through worse.”

    “Don’t be so pig headed, do what I say!”

    You made him lie down on your sofa and grabbed some medical utensils and helped him remove his shirt to be able to get a look at the wound. It was worse than you had even imagined, the wound was deeper than you thought and was colored in a deep red crimson.

    “Shit, this looks bad.” You cussed.

    “You should see the other guy.” Childe chuckled and immediately hissed in pain.

    “This is not funny, Ajax!” 

    You had never called him by his real name before and he immediately noticed it as well, effectively shutting him up. He wondered what it had to mean; were you genuinely worried about him? Did you care for him or were you just acting because of the Hippocratic oath you'd sworn? 

    He closely observed how your eyebrows furrowed as you were cleaning and stitching up his wound when it suddenly struck him, that you were the first person in a long time who he felt safe with and who he could turn to no matter what. Lying on your sofa listening to your concentrated breaths almost made him forget the pain that was shooting through his system.

    “Alright, that should do it.” You said, tying a knot after the last stitch “This is going to leave a nasty scar.”

    “Just another one to add to the collection.”

    He didn’t miss how your eyebrows furrowed further after his statement but you didn’t comment on it. You stood up and grabbed some bandages from your cabinet before sitting down in front of him on your coffee table again.

    “Sit up and lift your arms, I need to dress your wound.” You commanded, not missing how his trained pectorals moved when he did as you told him. Curse him for being so distracting by just… existing!

    You fixated the bandage, looking up at his ocean-blue eyes, fearing you’d drown in them any second not missing that they looked unfamiliarly lively right now and there was a dust of pink to be seen on his cheeks.

    “Sorry for bleeding on your sofa.” He almost whispered.

    “Don’t worry about it, a sofa can be replaced but not… you.”

    You barely had any chance to finish your sentence when he leaned forward and pressed his slightly parted lips onto yours, putting one of his hands on your waist and the other cupped your cheek, rubbing small circles on your skin with his thumb. You relished in the feeling of his soft lips being pressed onto yours as a thousand fireworks exploded in your mind and your heart felt like it was set on fire and close to combusting. 

    You instinctively locked your hands behind his neck, gripping on a handful of his locks as if your life depended on it – as if it was the only anchor that kept your heart from sinking into the endless ocean of feelings that crashed over you like a tidal wave.

    He moved in a little closer as your lips continued to move in perfect unison only letting out a small groan in pain, but he was not going to let his wound ruin this moment for him now. He’d dreamt of this moment for so long, his heart longed for you, his body craved your touch and his soul yearned to be with you.

    “Please stop getting hurt.” You silently begged as your lips parted, looking deep into his cerulean eyes.

    “What if I just get hurt to be able to see you again?”

    “You don't need to get hurt to be able to see me. You never did.” You could see his lips form into a smirk before they were united with yours once more.


    Let me know which one was your favorite. I always love interacting with you all! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

    Characters I have noted down for a third part so far are Xiao, Thoma and Zhongli (my love) btw.

    I ramble way too much in the notes, don't I? Guess that's my brand at this point lol!

    Tagging: @x-zho since you asked to be tagged ♥

    Do not repost, copy, translate or edit - © dustofthedailylife

    Maple dividers are mine - do not copy.

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  • lyingbeyondreality
    26.05.2022 - 22 hours ago


    Summary: How you look after Diluc when he goes through an uncomfortable shift one night.

    Pairing: Diluc x GN!Reader 

    Word Count: 786 

    Warnings: Just a bit of bones breaking but not in full detail, feral! Diluc, Diluc being touch-starved.

    A/N: This is my first ever post but I wish to write more, let me know what you want and which characters you want me to write.

    This poor boy absolutely doesn’t want to bother you with what he calls the ‘Ragnvindr curse’.

    He’s known of his family history before he could walk and talk: his father had been proud to talk to him about their family’s bloodline, yet the older Diluc got, the more he saw his bloodline as inconvenient.

    He’s barely at the Dawn Winery: always out most nights until the early hours of the morning, where he slumps back into bed to greet you, body flushed and broken, kissing your forehead and muttering a tired apology for taking so long.

    You don’t like seeing him in pain or agony: it breaks your heart to listen to how he describes shifting and what it does to his body, his cries of pain in another room if he ever locks himself in his office. It makes you want to help in any way possible, even when he protests not to.

    Diluc loves you dearly—he doesn’t know what his wolf form would do to you or any other person if they got too close. It is something that he holds dearly to him—if he was to ever hurt you or worse, he would never forgive himself again.

    The heavy, jerky movements and objects crashing in the other room were enough to make you twitch with comfortability, heart heavily laced for your lover. The sounds of bones shifting growls and howls of pain broke your heart, finding yourself rushing to the young bachelor’s office, pondering what was the right thing to do in consoling him.

    The doorknob felt heavy like lead in your hands as you twisted it as if it was stopping you from going in, but to no avail, you pushed your way through, taking in the torn-through room.

    It was dark and impossible to see, desk and chair shoved across the room, papers scattered. You could feel your heart pounding, and no doubt, you knew Diluc could hear it too.

    Within the darkness, the only light that you could see was the faint glow of the full moon, darting out between the crimson curtains.

    It helped to show the faint glow of red fur through the darkness.

    The dark shadows moved and grew, and before you, you finally could see the hunched over form of what you knew was Diluc, back turned from you, hands cradling his face.

    You made no move to him at first, gingerly speaking in a faint whisper to gain his attention. “Diluc.”

    The large head of the wolf turned with a snarl from his curled lips, snarling with a sharp bite, bright red eyes glaring back at you through the abyss. Your heart dropped as if your body was hanging by a small thread over a drop, waiting for the fall and scream. You watched his every movement like a hawk, and he mirrored you.

    “Leave.” His voice was warped to a deep, harsh tone, body rippling with fur and muscle, standing to a tall, towering height, watching you silently to wait for you to obey.

    “No,” you took a hesitant step towards him, wishing he would simply accept your love, your touches of reassurances, and not push you away, “I’m here for you.”

    “I do not…” he snorted through his long nose, mixed with a snarl, “I do not wish to hurt you.”

    Your heart pranged a horrid stab to your chest that made you feel as broken as he must’ve been feeling. “Oh, my love. You would never hurt me.”

    You stepped closer and closer towards him, until he stood inches away, the rolling steam from his warm body radiated off of him, his wolf form almost twice your height and accessing your next moves.

    Your hand reached to him, waiting for him to move to you and not vice versa, and finally, the warm suffocated you whole, the fur on his head coming into contact with you as he slowly welcomed your touch.

    Diluc seemed to melt under your warm and tender touches, body slouching in both relief and exhaustion, his body leaning closer and closer into you as you cradled him just how he wanted to be cradled.

    Neither of you spoke a word, but you could tell your lover appreciated your touches, gentle and fond, reminding him that he would not have to do this alone ever again. His fur was soft albeit snared with a few knots and tangles, smoothly running your fingers from the back of the nape of his neck down towards his spine, eliciting a shudder that didn’t go unnoticed.

    “I’m here for you,” you kissed between his brows, soft red eyes nearly looked teary from being so touch-starved, “I’ll always be here for you.”

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