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  • ghostlyanon
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Kuki Shinobu's shrine maiden apprentice phase.

    #i thrive in sleep ( ooc ) #delete later#genshin spoilers#genshin leaks #about kuki shinobu's hangout story quest especifically #I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY IT AND UNLOCK ALL THE ENDINGS #I wanna know more about Shinobu #WHINEEEES
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  • claitea
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    a handful of heizous

    #genshin impact#shikanoin heizou#genshin heizou#genshin spoilers #genshin leak spoilers #genshin impact leak spoilers #<- just in case??? i dont think the fact he's a melee like fighter is Officially Announced yet. as far as i know #clai's art #i really really love what we know about heizou rn he seems so neat #I LOVE HOW HIS PLAYSTYLE LOOKS OOOOO IT LOOKS SO QUICK #i'm pulling for xiao in a week and i'm pretty much guaranteed so after i build him and jean i might do a lil heizou prep #please help i have no anemo ascension gems left. i had to use the azoth dust to convert other elements to prepare for xiao
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  • bosmermage
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    klimt and genshin for the ask meme of course

    for Genshin 🥰

    and for Klimt

    #aaposting#dgs spoilers#dgs2 spoilers#listen #genshin klimt and holmes mikotoba investigations WHEN #those four need a canon appearence together
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  • converselyintrigued
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    new theories are out!

    klee first banner

    WITH heizou

    in 2.8

    was just dropped that Heizou would be on first banner



    until we have more information not to mention are well into JULY-

    do not PANIC.

    banners can change between NOW and THEN.

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  • gosen-kun
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Genshin divination session

    *Based on leaks - possible spoilers*

    The Sumeru Archon - Lesser Lord Kussanali is going to be the Elemental mastery equivalent to Raiden Shogun with Energy Recharge.

    The two last off field electro applicator (Yae Miko and Kuki Shinobu) both have some Elemental Mastery buffs in their kit, and it leads me to believe what seems negligeable now, will become quite useful in the future.

    Maybe one passive of the Dendro Archon will be something like: for every party member with more than 150 EM, x buff applies to all party or sum like that.

    I also think that EM will be even more crucial for Intensified (Dendro + Electro reaction). Maybe taser teams with a dendro character will become the meta for sumeru.

    I'm also looking foward how pyro shields (Thoma, Xinyan and Yanfei) will interact with dendro. And if I inhale a large amount of copium I can still try to believe Dendro will help shred Anemo and Geo resistance, LET ME DREAM.

    Forseeing a change for the Hydro resonance?

    The current Hydro resonnance increases incoming healing by 30%. However, all Hydro characters except for Childe have something related to HP in their kit (we see the trend with Ayato and Yelan). Hence, I believe that with 3.0 and the release of the dendro resonnance, they will tweak Hydro resonnance so it gives an HP bonus which would benefit Hydro healer and Hydro damage dealer alike. It could also be use to indirectly buff shielders like Zhongli, Thoma and Diona.

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  • bedos-blossom
    24.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Hahaha I feel the same about lil shithead “villains” for me, it’s Reno from Final Fantasy VII 🤤 - e

    Ps. How have you been? I’ve been meaning to come on here more 😫 but school and work has me tied. I can’t wait for Genshin updates. Idk if you follow beta leaks but 2.8 looks so?$?! Jdhdjealdjhdjsn I’m so excited

    i googled him and oof he is hot, like a redhead Cloud, i like it

    I've been alright! Job hunting and just trying to keep my shit together! the school and work combo can really beat your ass, pls take care of yourself

    cw: 2.8 spoilers

    I've seen a few 2.8 things!! I'm mostly excited for the Diluc skin coming up and Heizou!!!! its gonna be so gooooood!!! Heizou's idle animations im gonna sob

    #as a diluc haver i NEEEEED that SKINNNN #2.8 spoilers #spoilers#genshin spoilers#asks#e anon
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  • purpleheroine
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Genshin impact Kuki hangout spoiler!!

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  • yxuesity
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ok but sagau and the "when u dream its just ur alternate reality selves" au from dr strange and the multiverse of madness thing

    #[☆]moon's whispers #and then you dream of yourself in genshin.... #dr strange spoilers #sagau brainrot
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  • dcndrohina
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    They've just shared some possible leak, update on Golden Apple archipelago being available again at some point, which ties with rumor of it but hard to tell wheter it should be genuine for a return or not.

    #ooc#genshin spoilers #that said there is a tiny leak video of it
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  • converselyintrigued
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ok so we have names for the new skins

    dilucs is called a red dead of night and fischls is the german version of a “an ever nights dream” basically from shakespeare which fits her to a T.

    the islands did i mention this yesterday? oh well here it is again

    it’s possible the new islands coming are going to be permanent ? but STC it’s not 100% certain yet

    WE HAVE HEIZOU GAME PLAY! and like most catalysts looks like he’ll need a shielder cuz the beta user tried showing off his elemental burst and it got cut off mid way

    also anyone else saw the numbers from the video pls realize the beta version is bugged

    overall he looks pretty good. a little slow but not as slow as klee so he’s got that going for him.

    uhhh other than that not a whole lot being leaked currently

    and no more mentions of dendro/sumeru (yet)

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  • converselyintrigued
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    really glad i’m not putting the new red sword on kazuha cuz not only is it ATK based but also it’s base number went all the way down to 510 vs. 540 or whatever it was originally. i have no idea who can use that sword given if can’t be refined and it currently fits no one other than an ATK based character which :/ there’s better swords out there for that. guess it’ll sit in my inventory like the clam catalyst, the fish claymore and dodoco tales

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  • the-gayest-sky-kid
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Gorou, scaramouche, kaeya, and itto :P

    i am in love with gorou fhhfhd i love his design but ive got to know why he doesn't wear a shirt dhdhsh. i need to genuinely know why he's a dogboy though is it like the kätzlein??? you know why i need to handbag him

    scara is my little meow meow character and i do occasionally get mentally ill about him. he's wasted potential until he becomes playable bdhdhd mhy get on that. i am on my knees begging for scara on screen bc the lore is immaculate. horrible little man ❤️

    kaeya is a contradiction but who am i if not a hypocrite? i am very mentally ill about him and his story, especially the mondstadt part of it!!! we need more kaeya screen time and we need more ragnvindr family stories >:/// both lisa and kaeya should be 5*s im not even joking. kaeyas design goes hard but it's also so confusing whyyy.... also i want to know a) why the khaenri'ans have the star pupils and b) why kaeya stopped dressing like a victorian catholic fbhrfhdhs

    itto is deeper than he seems but he's also just like... a guy. hes just a fun guy. nothing he does is wrong. he wouldn't do anything wrong anyway. im not gonna put not enough screentime bc 2.7 but i do think we should always see more itto 💛

    #longer post#genshin spoilers#aethers asks #i went on a bit w kaeya fhehehsj
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  • probablynotcy
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    genshin impact spoilers ahead!

    some genshin x dbd fanarts once again made me think about what a collab between these two games would look like. (weird, lmao.)

    if we look at dbd first, I thought scara might be a good fit as a killer - I don't think I have to explain myself on that one, lol. but signora is probably even better, because if the entity snatches her out of teyvat right before she dies it won't even have consequences for her own world. I think the entity could manipulate her quite well; in the end, it was the one that saved signora's life, & because she's now in the entity's realm she could use her powers without consequences.

    I'm honestly not to sure about who could be a survivor; at first I thought about aether &/or lumine, because they're the mcs + they're familiar with ending up in different worlds. but their disappearance would change a lot of things in teyvat - not that the entity cares but I do, lmao. but they would be a perfect fit; they have a strong will, they help others a lot and give them hope ... the entity would like that.

    genshin doesn't really have super anxious characters. sucrose is rather shy & stuff (a little bit like claudette, now that I think about it) so she might be another option for the entity. or maybe bennett with his bad luck. he's usually unsure & worried that his bad luck could influence those around him; the entity could make use of those emotions which would become even stronger in a life & death situation.

    (okay but now I can't get sucrose & claudette becoming friends out of my head wjnndind)

    not sure what a map could be ... if the killer is signora it could be tenshukaku which is the place she died at.

    they could change the map up so that it has a similar & more darker atmosphere like the yamaoka maps.

    the border could look like the one on the newest map with all those big rocks flying around, simply because it looks sick as hell, lmao.

    the city of mondstadt might be another option because it's signora's home town & she probably connects a lot of memories - positive and negative ones - to that place. & all the possible survivors I mentioned have a connection to mondstadt as well so even more emotions are involved.

    okay, but what about the genshin side of this. who would end up in teyvat? maybe mikaela (& not just because I love her to the moon & back, lmao).

    she has supernatural abilities so maybe she could make use of these somehow + she's used to seeing weird shit. one of her perks is a healing perk so she could be a character who focuses on healing & maybe confusing the enemies in some way (like she can do with her 2nd boon perk). she would probably use catalysts & get a book similar to the one she reads in her idle animation as her signature weapon.

    I'm also imagining her becoming friends with lisa. the two would drink tea together & talk about magic & stuff. & her & mona would probably get along pretty well too!

    (if I could I would draw this shit, but I'm bad - which doesn't stop me from trying, but I'll probably never upload the results, lmao.)

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  • jadethelizard
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I hate yelans clothes,their so hard to draw ☹️☹️

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  • ventirain
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    #—kissing the silver ocean #genshin spoilers
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  • converselyintrigued
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    according to leakers mainly ubatcha1 it’s possible the islands in 2.8 will be a type of permanent ? there is no time limit or lock on them

    but nothings for certain til we have the special program !!!!! it could just be it’s in beta right now and mihoyo doesn’t have that specific time lock on the event

    also there’s some fragment data files suggesting we might be getting a bigger boss version of the knight things we fight in The Chasm????

    but nothing solid on that

    other than just more glimpses of heizou in game

    no actual game play yet

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  • witch-hazels-musings
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Hi Hazel! This is my first ask for one of your events 🥺❤️ Can I have a reading of Temperance, Magician, and Emperor (reverse) with Dainsleif? Thank you, I’m looking forward what you’ll make from this reading

    The Magician (transformation), Temperance (confidence), The Star (destiny), The Emperor (rev) (misunderstandings) :: dainslief x Khaenri'ah !gn reader | destined fate
    warnings: Khaenri'ah spoilers, dain holds knife to readers throat (misunderstandings), higher wordcount (1.5k) | terms: breastplate (chest piece), gardbrace (shoulder armor) 
    The hallways echoed with every footfall. Your armor clattering, ringing, alerting any who might be just around the corner. Annoyed, you shifted under its weight before catching a glimpse of someone familiar leaving one of the barred rooms you weren’t authorized to enter. Your breastplate rattled as you pressed yourself to the wall, hands curling around the hallway corner, eyes piercing to ensure the figure was who you thought it was. 
    Dainsleif turned slowly, head bowing to the occupants inside the room. He waited for so long. Head tilted forward, spine bending to show proper respect. Whoever he was conversing with must have been high ranking for a display like this. Eventually, he lifted himself, stared at the presumably closed door, and made his way further down the hallway. 
    He turned the corner but before you could take a step after him, the air behind you vibrated and a voice caused you to jump. 
    “Spying again I see.” 
    Twisting as fast as you could, you straightened out to meet the extraordinarily tall man who you were just creeping on. His face as radiant as ever, lush, blue eyes piercing as you stumbled into a stable position. “N-No, I just --” you pointed toward the hallway behind you but didn’t know how to finish. It didn’t matter much since the smile rising on his lips told you he didn’t really care. “Ugh, Dain, If you keep messing with me I’m going to have a heart attack.” 
    “If you aren’t vigilant about where your eyes and ears lie, there won’t be any use for them when needed.” 
    Dainsleif turned around as silent as the shadows that stretched across the floor and you followed him with every rattle and clank possible in your bulky, uncomfortable suit of armor. “That’s an eerie threat.” 
    “Truths often are,” Dainsleif glanced at you but you tried not to notice. “That looks terrible on you.” 
    He laughed, the back of his hand moving to cover his lips but, in an instant, he was back to his normal self as a noble turned to head down the hall the both of you occupied. Like the well trained knight of the guard he was, he closed his eyes, stepped aside and bowed at their passing. You did too of course, just not as gracefully. 
    When they were beyond earshot, he positioned himself near your side but slightly ahead so he could fuss with a bit of your armor you didn’t even know was there. “This won’t do. A proper knight must have attire that fits lest they be defeated too soon.” 
    “I know, but this was all they had.” 
    “I’ll see about that,” he hummed, fingers sliding under the loose gardbrace. The action made you chuckle involuntary which you wished you’d brought your helmet to hide behind. “Let us be off then. Wouldn’t want to be late.” 
    You watched him move down the hall with ease, his elegance pulling you in. After a moments distraction, you followed as quickly at you could. 

    It had been hundreds of years since the fall of Khaenri'ah. A lost civilization no one remembered or, if they did, dared to recall. A taboo of a city resting on in the ashes of divine intervention; you knew the risks of brining it up but still you sought for answers, dug for information, and fought back against those who wished to silence you. 

    There were mornings you’d wake up in a fright as you painfully relieved the destruction. The screams, the fear, the confusion and the pitiful efforts your fellow knights put up against the power of the Archons. It was horrible and no matter how hard you tried to forget in once the morning came, the scent of the atrocity lingered in your memory. 

    Most people loved the Archons but you hated them, and for good reason. They took everything from you and for what, all because your people didn’t worship them. What spiteful beings they turned out to be. 

    Now, you found yourself just outside of the city of freedom, a bitter taste rising in your mouth. You held it in because just beyond the gates you’d finally get a taste of the revenge you desperately needed. 


    It took you no time at all to pick the brains of the citizens. They seemed more than willing to offer you information about their Archon but, as you listened, you started to hear other rumors. Rumors of a dark figure who kept the city safe - how childish, you thought - whispers of strange happenings, stories of great dragons threatening their livelihood, but one stood out as the most intriguing. 

    “There’s been this strange sort around lately,” one of the citizens shared with you, brows furrowing over their drink. “He’sa’ quiet fella, often sits by -imself but that’s not the strangest bit about him. He’s been asking the same typn questions as you -- odd bunch that is.” 

    Confused, you pressured the man further just to see if there was anything else he might be able to share with you. It was a chore to pull clear answers from the growing drunk but when he stumbled out the name of the stranger you felt the food in your stomach turn. 



    That night you stalked the tavern the gentleman mentioned. Waiting had become a common thing for you, a pastime you were rather comfortable with. Right now though you felt like bugs were crawling under your skin. The sensation was irritating but you blocked it out as best you could.

    It wasn’t possible that Dainsleif survived. No way you’d ever see him walking without a worry into an establishment like this but, if there was even a small chance ... 

    Just then, the doors opened. You held your breath as a man stepped through the threshold. Blond hair, dark black and rich royal blue garbs decorating him. A strange eye patch covering half his face but when he turned toward the tables you knew. There was no mistaking the color of those eyes: Dainsleif was alive. 

    Your throat dried up at the sight of him. Your heart felt like it would explode, your stomach twisted and writhed. It was hard enough to take in a real breath let alone stop the urge to vomit. This couldn’t be true, it wasn’t possible. Dain was alive. He was alive. 

    Suddenly, as if he could feel your gaze, he turned to you. It was like being hit with an arrow because as soon as his eyes locked onto yours, the chair you were sitting in toppled to the ground as you ran for the back door. 

    “How stupid!” you berated yourself when the cool air of the night hit you. “Way to be inconspicuous.” 

    With haste, you made your way down the steps and toward the docks in a desperate attempt to get away but, just as you passed through the archway, the air around you crackled and a cold, dangerous blade touched your throat. 

    “Who are you?” their voice rattled your bones, sent a chill down your spine. It was unlike anything you’d ever heard before but, then again, you’d never heard the sound of a ghost in your life. 

    “N-No one.” 

    “Do not lie to me.” 

    There was no way he’d remember you. Out of all the soldiers he helped train, all the knights he oversaw, you were just one of thousands. Even if you did tell the truth he would hardly have a reason to believe you. Still, you knew Dainsleif, you knew how he felt about lies. So, you told him the truth. “I’m-I’m from Khaenri'ah.” 

    “This falsehood will cost you your life.” 

    “Truths often do,” you whispered, the words falling from your mouth before you realized their significance. It was painful to have the man you trusted holding a knife against you, torturous to have him forget you and the time you spent together. Even if you considered him a friend, or, in your wildest dreams more, he had moved on. Did the Archons take that from him too?

    The knife slipped away from your neck but you didn’t move, not until he spoke and called out a name no one had said in five hundred years; your name.  

    You turned slowly, eyes stinging and heart pounding. When your gaze fell on him you saw hints of the old Dain hiding behind the mask. Time had not stolen the beauty of him but it had made his gaze distant and face weary. You could tell he’d seen far more than you. Of course, that was to be expected from someone of his skill. 

    Pained by what you saw, you wondered just how much pressure weighed on his shoulders. Did he carry the burden of Kahaenri’ha himself?

    “Just what have you been through, Bough Keeper?” you whispered, hand moving on it’s own to touch his covered cheek. 

    He was stunned, confused, shocked, but so were you and as soon as your fingers touched his skin the knife in his hand fell to the dewy grass at your feet. His vacant eyes filled with memories as he gazed at a face he didn’t expect to see ever again.


    You swore destiny cursed you to live a life of immortality but, as you stood gazing up at the man who once meant the world to you, you wondered if the fates had brought you a blessing instead.

    Fate Made Event (May8-31) | Anthology

    #hazelsevents#fate made#genshin impact #genshin impact X reader #genshin impact musings #genshin impact fiction #dainsleif #genshin impact dainsleif #dainsleif x reader #genshin dainsleif#spoilers Khaenri'ah#genshin Khaenri'ah#Khaenri'ah#genshin spoilers
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  • ttinyizu
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    • Diluc wouldn’t mind being big spoon or little spoon, as long as you both enjoy it.

    • If he’s the big spoon, he would give the top of your head kisses. He prefers big spoon because it makes him feel that he’s keeping you safe and protected. 

    • If he’s small spoon, however, he’d only do it for you. He wants to make you happy and enjoys seeing your smiles. He wouldn’t mind it either way because he loves the affection he receives and the little gestures such as laying your head atop his. 

    • He loves to see you slowly doze off. It makes him feel happy inside, it also relieves him. 

    • Very warm and comfortable to cuddle, like a lil soft teddy bear! 

    • He enjoys the feeling of you nuzzling into him or playing with his hair. He’d often times let you play with his hair, but it only happens in private. He hates others seeing how soft he can get. 

    • Attention and Affection is a need.. this boy just needs it. He’s touch-starved, so any affection he receives, he secretly wishes it could’ve lasted longer. 

    • He wraps his arms tightly around you, but not to the point where it makes it hard for you to breathe. He gives you a bit of moving space and prefers cuddling positions where you two are close together. 

    • He’d be so comfortable to cuddle, you could just sleep right then and there as you cuddle. He can be so cute, but in public it’s just his normal, stoic expression.. 


    razor, signing off

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  • ttinyizu
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    ✯ He absolutely loves cuddles. He loves any affection he receives, especially hugs and cuddles. 

    ✯ Bennett would be comfortably warm, his ecstatic personality adds to the cuddles. His reactions are the best, nuzzling his head into you with his arms wrapped tightly around your figure.

    ✯ He loves to be small spoon because of all the love, but if you want to be small spoon, he’ll gladly take big spoon. 

    ✯ If he’s big spoon, Bennett would love to hear that he makes you feel safe. Anything good is something he always wants to hear. He’ll pull you close to his chest, telling you some of his stories. His personal favorite is talking about the Benny Adventure Team..

    ✯ If Bennett is small spoon, he will nuzzle his head into you, his arms lightly wrapped around you. The happier he gets, the more the grip tightens. His grip wouldn’t get too tight, so you wouldn’t get hurt, though sometimes he can’t realize how tight he’s holding you.

    ✯ There are times where he feels lonely, try your best to cheer him up. Affection, adventures, talking. Anything. 

    ✯ Small cutie. His green eyes practically sparkle, he wants all the attention and love he can receive. All. Of. It. 

    ✯ Confident lil’ boy. If he needs cuddles, he won’t be afraid to ask you. “Hey! Can we cuddle today?”

    ✯ Puppy.. an absolute puppy.


    waaaah this was so so shortt

    razor, signing off.

    #bennet gif#bennet#genshin bennet#bennet genshin #bennet genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fanart #genshin impact#genshin spoilers#genshin fanart #genshin x reader #genshin scenarios #genshin x you #genshin fluff#bennet hcs #bennet x reader
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  • gierosajie
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Playing a story quest right now and man it's so wild to watch Lumine talk with an old man voice sjdhdkfnfk

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