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  • anyanary
    25.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Today I humbly offer you these, that’s it have a good day 🧎‍♀️

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  • panickedshrieking
    25.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    Gorou, waking up: *stretches*

    Itto: Oh biiiig stretch!

    Gorou: You have ten seconds to start running.

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  • worriedvision
    25.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    Here is part 2 of the angsty unrequited love with Gorou, fluffy ending. Was going to have the reader die in this part but nope not today!

    Gorou looks over at the shrine maiden, and something feels off about the conversation. Nothing suspicious like a possible spy, but rather the idea that the initial crush on the person in front of him was only physical attraction.

    "Hey, I enjoyed our time together but..." Gorou trails off, not wanting to offend the shrine maiden.

    "I think we aren't as good a match as we thought..." The shrine maiden finishes off the sentence, looking down at the now empty boxes. "...Listen, I wasn't the one that set this up. It was _."

    Gorou nods, seeming to just take in the bare minimum.

    "They're a really good fri-"

    "Gorou, I need you to know something." The shrine maiden stands up, brushing down their clothes before looking at Gorou who also moved to stand up. "The way you looked at me is the same way they looked at you. The only difference, is that they know more about you than I could." They bow before leaving Gorou to process everything.

    In the midst of his thoughts, he hears a familiar friend show up. Without turning, he knows it's Kazuha.

    "How much of that did you hear?" Gorou asks. Turning, he notices Kazuhas shaking his head.

    "Every word." Kazuha responds. "I'm here about them, as a matter of fact."

    "Look, I only see them as -"

    "That's not what I came for." Kazuha states. "The information I wanted to relay is significantly more concerning."

    Gorou freezes up, fearing the worst. Kazuha gestures for Gorou to follow, to which he does, as he begins to relay the news to him.


    You return to base, deciding to ask your fellow soldiers what you should say to Gorou in regards to being moved to another unit.

    "Oh, you're getting bored of us?" A soldier teases. "Were surprised it took you this long."

    "What do you mean?" You ask.

    "It's just...we could tell you felt hurt when you realised Gorou didn't like you in-" another soldier continues the thought more thoughtfully.

    "That's enough!" You clear your throat. "But yeah, after today I realised the feelings just won't die down."

    "Well, we have been assigned an urgent case where we were to wait for General Gorou to receive orders. Since he's likely enjoying his date, we thought we would wait for you," the first soldier begins. "The next best candidate! Consider it your parting task."

    "...So what's the actual issue?" You state.

    On the way to the hilichurl camp with a suspicious nature to it, the first soldier begins to explain exactly what they were told. This hilichurl camp was spotted with a sole hilichurl that seemed to be fixated on two 'interesting looking weapons'.

    Upon arrival, you realise just how strange the camp was. Several barrels around the area, one hilichurl and four abyss mages. Thankfully, three of them pyro, however the electro mage was problematic. Turning to face the soldiers, you relay a plan, only for them to encourage you to take it on yourself. Reluctantly, you agree. 


    Gorou arrives on scene as you are out of earshot, and he is absolutely horrified. 

    There you were, approaching a camp by yourself, your teammates standing by and just watching. One soldier has a horrific smile on his face, almost as if he was looking forward to whatever was going to happen. The other soldiers, however, seem to realise how bad this was going to end, however it was too late to intervene without alerting the enemy away from where you intended to lure them. Before Gorou could start reprimanding the team, however, he is horrified to hear what you yell out before a large explosion happens. 

    “It’s got two delusi-”

    Gorou widens his eyes in horror at the sight. The way your body just flew across the sky as the hilichurl bashes the two delusions against each other like a coconut. The hilichurl dies before it could react, and the abyss mages were unlucky enough to be unshielded when the explosion occurred, killing them as well. 

    Gorou and Kazuha sprint towards your body, checking your vitals to make sure you were still alive. By some miracle, you were still breathing. Gorou takes you into his arms, rushing to get you  into a bed to recover as he leaves the team to get a real fright from Kazuha’s silent wrath. 


    You wake up in a bed, surprised that you weren’t actually mortally wounded by the explosion that happened after those two delusions reacted with one another. You look over, only to feel your chest ache at Gorou who had clearly been worried about you. When he realises you’ve woken up, he grasps your hand which only makes you feel worse. 

    “You’ve recovered, it appears.” Gorou smiles, breathing a sigh of relief as he does so. 

    You nod, and you remember what you had to say to Gorou. Closing your eyes in thought for a moment, you slowly open them up again, looking at Gorou awkwardly.

    “I know this isn’t the best time but I wanted to ask before I forgot.”“ You start. “...I want to change to another unit.”

    Gorous ears flatten at the idea. 

    “Why? Was it something to do with what happened yesterday with that camp? Because I wouldn’t have let that happen!” Gorou protests, only for you to shake your head.

    “I can’t put aside my feelings anymore. It hurts to see you, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to feel what I feel for you.” You smile sadly. “But it would be selfish for me to ask you to break things off with them. I know they make you happy, and that’s all that matters to me.” 

    Gorou shakes his head, encouraging you to hear him out.

    “I realised yesterday that I didn’t know that much about them. We didn’t have anything in common.” Gorou explains. “Before they left, they told me you were the one who set up that date spot, who sorted out the food, planned the entire date. It was a really nice date, and after thinking about it, I’d like to take you for a date. I might have just been fixated on their appearance, but that attraction didn’t last.” He spouts off, subconsciously squeezing your hand. 

    “I don’t want you to feel like you have to fake anything with me.” You softly state. “I have to move on, it was delusional of me to believe I had a chance.”

    Gorou frowns lightly, clearly not happy with your self-deprecational language. 

    “I’m going to take you on a date. If you still feel that way, then I won’t hold you back from moving to another branch.” He negotiates.


    The date is relatively relaxed, Gorou seeming to worry that you may need to have a days rest before you could do too much. You two decide to go for a walk around Watatsumi island, Gorou showing you some secret spots that he sometimes would go to for a moment to himself and watching you gasp at the beauty of the spots with amusement. After a walk, you insist on making a meal, Gorou also insisting on cooking. After some mild bickering, the both of you agree to collaborate on a meal. No onions, you know not to chuck that in after seeing Gorou tear up after accidentally giving him a meal that had onion incorporated. 

    You complete the soup that you both made, Gorou stirring it with a comfortable smile on his face as he inhales lightly. 

    “You’re a really good cook, you know.” Gorou gushes, a blush forming on his face.

    “You’re the one who taught me how to make this, you know.” You reply, a giggle as you see Gorou smile brightly.

    “Remember that day?” Gorou started. “One of the newer recruits managed to lose all the supplies, and we had to go scavenger hunting. Everyone else was too tired, insisting on sleeping, but you sided with me.” He blissfully sighs. “I remember that little yelp you let out after I pointed at that -”

    “Hey, if you bring up that detail, I’ll remember when you almost woke everyone up by-”

    “Okay, okay.” Gorou backs off from embarrassing you. “But still, that was a really nice night. The weather was ideal to enjoy the outdoors, and it was just the two of us. Nobody else seemed to have enough energy to stay awake for longer than needed to finish their soup.” He chuckles to himself. 

    “That was a good night.” You admit, a big smile on your face. “I think it was that night that made me realise my feelings for you. It just felt... right to have it just be the two of us.” 

    Gorou nods, seeming to finally realise what he felt.

    “You know, I think you know your emotions better than I know mine.” Gorou confesses. “...Because I can’t stand the thought of never seeing you again.”

    You look at Gorou, who has now stopped the stirring of the soup. 

    “Is this a ‘you’re a really good friend’ moment, or?” You slowly ease out, not wanting to get your hopes up.

    “I have the same feelings you do.” Gorou finishes off your thought before you could take back the question. “I’m not just saying that because you’re reliable - I’m saying that because I feel that same sense of comfort and relaxation I did that night.”

    Looking down at the bowls, you grab one before filling it up and handing it to Gorou. Before you can grab the second bowl for yourself, however, Gorou begins to hold the soup to you, encouraging you to drink from it with his help. You give a look of understanding, slowly starting to drink the soup. Looking behind him, you realise his tail is comfortably swaying, something he would often restrict himself from doing for the sake of maintaining the respect he required to be a general.

    “So...” Gorou starts, pulling the bowl away to let you speak again. “Do you still want to move to another-”

    You shake your head no, putting your hands up. 

    “No.” You reply.

    “Good.” Gorou smiles, before putting on a serious tone in his next sentence.

    “But don’t think just because you’re my lover you can slack off, got it?” He states, nudging you before laughing lightly and having some of the soup himself.

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  • fusaex3
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Gorou | Sucrose | Qiqi 

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    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A bit of horny

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  • baizhusconcubine
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Genshin Quotes #119

    Gorou: This is horrible! This is the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me!

    Aether: Oh-? Even more humiliating than-

    Gorou: We are not doing this!

    Yae Miko: We do it!

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  • yoyodoesart
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    they have my heart

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  • pinksandss
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Cyno x Reader in which reader hails from Mond and has half-Inazuman roots, a tragic backstory, immensely good fighting skills and would do anything for their loved ones (that they have left; coughcryocough) and Cyno being grateful for their direct and honest manner of speaking? Becoming a lil smitten in due time of working together?

    Me thinks yes.

    #he’s not out yet but #has that stopped me lol #he’s in the manga so I mean #cyno x reader #genshin impact cyno #genshin gorou
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  • ir-dr
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Day 3324 - 25 May 2022

    🐾🐾🐾󠀠 󠀠


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  • railroadz
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    u guys can see my brain rotting in real time. ough

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  • noodles-n-soba
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Genshin boys headcanons with a S/O that likes to cuddle up listen to there heartbeat to relax or vice versa?

    I'm so so sorry for the late reply, school's being an ass >:|.. But this idea is SO adorable!! Okay okay so..

    Scenario: Genshin boys cuddling with you and vice versa :)

    Characters: Bennet, Tartaglia, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Razor, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Zhongli


    Whenever this guy comes home, he tells you about his day

    Mostly it's about how many accidents happen, but also that he successfully finished all his tasks

    Can be upset because of all those accidents..

    You always tend his wounds while he talks about his day, pressing kisses on the bandages to make him feel all better

    You also calm him down by making one of his favorite dishes and…

    What's better than cuddles?!

    After you're done with this, the two of you always head off to a place to lounge, like a bed or the sofa

    Lays on your chests and immediately forgets how unlucky he is

    "At least I'm lucky to have you.."

    You play with his hair while he listens to your heartbeat..

    Knows nothing will go wrong at the moment and completely calms down..

    Falls asleep while focusing how your chest goes up and down

    When you lay on HIS chest he's actually nervous that something will go wrong

    I mean, he knows he's such an unlucky guy..

    "Benny, don't worry."

    You always try to settle him down, so it actually costs a bit of time to convince him that you'll be alright

    You actually hear his heartbeat pounding so fast.. But when it starts to slow down you enjoy it so much

    It settles you down to hear his heart slowing down and to realize he's getting more and more comfortable


    This man's life is really tough.. So you always try your best to be there whenever he needs to vent or just needs comfort

    Whenever he doesn't joke around, you know something's up

    So, you take over every task he has in the household and finish them up quickly..

    And invite him to the bedroom..

    "(Y/n).. I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood right now.."

    His lifeless eyes look at you just laying there in your cute bear onesie and some snacks

    This made him smile so much and dive just right into your arms

    Tells you about his day and struggles as his arms embrace your waist..

    He hears your heartbeat and slowly starts to calm down..

    Till he eventually falls asleep :')

    Whenever you feel angry or sad, he always notices immediately

    Always tries to flirt with you or joke around to make you feel better.. But it just doesn't work.

    So, he decides he'll just pull out your favorite snacks.. Don't ask him where he got them from..~

    Carries you like a bride to your shared bedroom and lays down together with you.

    "Now, rest."

    Kisses your forehead before he hugs you tight

    You lay on his chest..  Hearing his heart beating slowly.. Your breath matches with his heartbeats


    You slowly drift asleep as he caresses your back


    The two of you just arrived at the Dawn Winery after he had to work till 0:00 in the pub and you finishing your commissions.

    He had been roughed up by work, being a little down..

    When you ask him how his day went, you receive a grumble.. Well, this conversation is getting nowhere huh?

    Knowing his day probably sucked and he did not enjoy being the barman, you grab his hand and head to your private rooms in the Dawn Winery.

    Just lets you do your thing.. Hes too tired to even say something

    When the two of you settle down on the bed, his head resting on your chest and your heartbeat audible, he makes himself fully comfortable in your presence

    You gently play with his hair, untying it from his regular ponytail and look at the masterpiece laying on you.

    It doesnt take a second or two or hes already drifted off to sleep

    Whenever he isn't tired he's quite talkative when you lay on his chest


    Makes comments like "You look cute..", "Today's been quite rough for you hm? Well, I'm here now.. Rest assured.."

    His body's so warm.. He's your personal heater in cold seasons, but it could form a problem in the summer.. Heh

    His heartbeat is always so consistent, its really REALLY calming to listen to

    Most of the time you drift off to sleep so quickly..

    He'll make sure to cover the two of you in a blanket and watch that you sleep without making any sounds or face muscle twitches, which indicate you're having a nightmare (yes he knows you that well..), before closing his own eyes.


    The occasion literally never matters..

    This guy will ALWAYS cuddle with you.. Legitimately always.

    Gets so excited when he comes home, just because he knows he gets to cuddle with you

    Will beg you to stop with what you're doing and ask for cuddles..

    The amount of tailwagging is absolutely insane geez-

    Especially if you give him a rub between the ears..

    Even though he would never allow someone to do this, he loves it when you do it..

    When you're still busy with something, will drag you away and head to your shared bedroom

    "I'll finish that later (Y/n).. You need some rest.."

    That while HE is the one that wants to cuddle with you

    He literally is such a big softie when the two of you are alone…

    Whenever he lays on your chest his wagging tail slows down and follows the beat of your heart…

    While you watch him slowly drift asleep, you gently play with his hairs.. Careful not to touch his ears before he whimpers (although, you're tempted-)

    Whenever you feel sad, he allows you to cuddle up with his tail..

    His tail is so FLUFFY I cant-

    Like, you love to lay on his chest, don't get me wrong.. But this man's tail. It's literally the best pillow ever.

    Whenever you feel like laying on his chest, his face somehow always turns a shade of red..

    Is a bit flustered if you'd ask me.. But that’s so adorable.


    Another absolute PILLOOOW

    Okay but like, you enter your home.. It has been a long day of work and you're literally so tired

    Before you can even shout that you're home, this guy jumps out of the closet and easily scoops you into his arms.. Carrying you like a bride to your bedroom and plops you down on the bed

    "I missed you..!"

    A little pouty, but will easily place your head on his chest as he embraces you with his arms

    Being absolutely SOLD by the view he tells you how beautiful you are while you listen to his heartrate increasing

    Mumbles under his breath that you should've come home earlier.. So you'd have more time for cuddles.

    His heartbeat is always so quick to be honest! Makes you question if he's okay..  But he's just like always, incredibly excited.

    Whenever it's his turn to relax on your chest he's literally a baby..  But like, extremely

    His cheek always squished, a pleased smile on his face and his eyes always closed when he relaxes while listening to your heartbeat

    One of the few moments he's silent.. Since he's completely captivated by the moment~

    Will tell you thousands of times how comfy it is to lay on your chest.. Till he falls asleep.

    You'll hear him quietly snoring when he's asleep, and you don't even need to worry about waking him up by moving or making sounds because this man is such a deep sleeper.. My lord..


    Never admits it, but he absolutely loves it when you completely surrender to him.. And he literally loves it if you lay on his chest.

    Isnt the type to lay on your chest..? Only if he feels that needy, which is rarely the case.

    He will always be open for cuddles, like always. Will tease you about it first

    That is, if you're in a good mood.. If you're in a bad mood, he won't even try

    Once he teased you about asking for cuddles because of a bad day, which you literally shouted at him that you had enough of his bullshit.

    This left quite an impact on him.. Of course, the two of you apologized to each other and life continued. At least he knew to be less playful with you when you asked this stuff from him if you were sad..

    Whenever you cuddle up with him, he loves to run his fingers through your soft hair.

    Will treat you like a prince/princess to be honest. Will do everything for you at that moment, since he's reminded how vulnerable you are at those moments..

    Whenever he lays on YOUR chest tho.  That means he wants something from you..  And you would have to guess what.


    Like Gorou, the occasion literally doesn't matter. My boy will ALWAYS be in the mood for some cuddles

    Growls whenever he's in your arms, burying his face in your chest or the crook of your neck.

    Physical touch is his kinda love language, so he'll be entirely swooned by cuddles and your touch

    Listening to your heartbeat makes him calm down and think about the woods.. His running pace matching your heart rate, dreaming about his pack and him hunting..  Being with you feels like another home to him.

    You literally always run your hands through his hair, it's so fluffy..

    You like to braid strands of his hair since it's so long..

    While you play with his hair, he'll fall asleep

    Whenever you don't play with his hair, will anxiously ask if somethings wrong.. Which you answer no on- ofcourse. This baby never does anything wrong.

    The first time he was absolutely confused when you laid on his chest.. Like, what was he supposed to do..?

    Now, he'll pull you on his chest whenever he feels like it, of course with a sign of permission from you than.

    Knows that you're uncomfy when just sleeping on the grass, so he doesnt mind at all

    He finds it adorable when he sees you falling asleep on his chest, his need to protect you gets triggered once he sees you in this state.. Wrapping his arm around you

    The coldest winters don't matter, rain or snow.. You'll somehow always feel comfortable and warm when laying on Razor's chest..


    Don't even try this man laying on your chest..

    The first time you suggested it, he gave you the most aggressive "no" ever..

    Of course, you knew that he was embarrassed to the core.. So you didn't took it too personal.

    Scaramouche has a habit of laying on your chest or placing himself in your arms in general when you're asleep..

    For some reason he can cope with this. But he just doesn't like people knowing he's somewhat a simp for you..

    Harbinger this, harbinger that. Well, forget that status when he's around you.

    Will melt in your touch once you wrap an arm around him in your sleep, listening to your heartbeat calms his raging mind down..

    Before he even jumps in your open arms, will make sure if you're asleep in the first place by calling your name a few times..

    When you wake up, he normally is gone.. But it has happened that you caught him laying in your arms, or that he was about to jump in your arms.. But you just pretend to be asleep ;)

    Will allow you to lay on his chest tho..! But will act like he absolutely hates the idea..

    While in fact, it makes him think like you're dependent of him.. Which will make him feel proud,.. And to be honest, normally he would think people dependent of him are annoying.  SO, feel honored.. Please.

    Will wait till you fall asleep before starting to talk to you and complimenting you.. Yes, he actually does that.

    Will eventually drift asleep too.


    Whenever he doesn't have anything to do in the Kamisato Residence, he'll snuggle with you..

    I feel like he cuddles and holds you like the world is ending-

    Loves cuddles so much, like will literally nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, in your chest, belly.. Everywhere.

    He LOVES to listen to your heartbeat, whenever he's tired he'll immediately fall asleep when laying on your chest while listening to your calm heartbeat

    Knows that he's safe whenever he's with you.. And that you'll probably warn him if Ayato needs him~

    Most of the time you're really tempted to play with his small ponytail, but you won't let the impulsive thoughts take over.. (well, sometimes.. But who could resist)

    When you lay on his chest, you have an habit of playing with his army soldier tag (assuming it's that, or it's a regular necklace :) )

    He always has the gentlest smile on his face whenever he sees you dreamingly staring at it.. Just you in general laying on his chest-

    When you decide to take a small nap on his chest, he always caresses the back of your head or plays with your hair

    He absolutely LOVES it when you lay on his chest, like pf- this man.. He just loves having you around him in general I cant-

    When he sees you peacefully sleeping on his chest, will feel a rush of cuteness fall over him.. Like, he thinks you're so so adorable-


    Whenever his man falls asleep on your chest, he's normally drunk and really really needy.

    After you dragged him out of the bar and back to your house, he's really clingy

    You try to finish one thing? Nope, get back here. Venti DEMANDS cuddles, kisses and soothing words.

    Will literally lift you up with his Anemo powers to get your attention

    When you can't concentrate on what you're doing anymore.. Well, his mission succeeds at that exact moment

    When he lays on your chest, will fiddle with whatever you're wearing

    Will be a tease even when HE'S the one demanding loves and affection

    "Oh? Your heart is racing (Y/n)? Do you find this SO exciting? Heh.."

    Even though he hears your heart is racing, he falls asleep and won't move a centimeter till morning~

    Okay, we talked about him teasing you when he wanted cuddles.. Now, when YOU are the one who asks.. He still teases the living hell out of you.

    "Ehh, my little (Y/n) is feeling a little lonely?"

    Again, this guy likes to lift you up gently with his Anemo powers, so when you're walking somewhere.. He does that and you fly forward..

    ..Only to land on him : )

    There you go! And you won't move a meter.

    His heartbeat is always really slow, making you calm down immediately as your flushed cheeks slowly return to their regular color

    Showers the top of your head with kisses, afterwards he'll stare to the ceiling with a smile on his face and thinks about life..


    A God doesn't need cuddles… If you want them, sure.. But he?

    Well, you know in fact that the opposite is true. Whenever he lays on your chest, his mind comes at ease INSTANTLY

    Most of the time when it has been a busy day his face expressions are restless..

    You decide to invite him for some cuddles in bed, which he politely refuses..

    Knowing he'll make his appearance in a minute or two you just head to the bedroom, waiting for him there

    And you were absolutely right.. In about a minute he already stands in the door opening

    "My apologies for intruding your personal space my (Y/n).. However, I came to realize I felt quite lonely.."

    Doesn't even hesitate to admit it, afterwards he gently and carefully climbs into your embrace.. His head resting on your chest

    His breathing slows down and you feel his body finally calming down while he listens to your heartbeat..

    Even though he's tired, will make sure you are asleep before he himself falls asleep

    He doesn't have a problem when you ask him if you can lay on his chest.. In fact, he finds it quite enjoyable being so close to you.

    His chest is a pillow. Absolutely yes. It's so comfi and beefy- (help-)

    He always observes your face whenever you're resting.. Compliments you with his gentle and soothing voice..

    Tells you tales about Liyue, makes sure you're never ever bored

    Since his heartbeat is really slow, you fall asleep quite easily..

    He's really calm on these moments, his body barely moving so you won't wake up

    Will treat you like you’re his most precious gem…

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  • chongyuniisms
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i stepped away briefly to use the restroom. and before i could sit back down, i heard my boyfriend yell, “you have a cat asking for advice in your game.”

    i went to look and he’s talking about gorou.

    #/ ᴇᴠɪʟ ᴍᴜsᴛ ᴄᴏᴡᴇʀ ɪɴ ғᴇᴀʀ / ooc #gorou is a cat now i guess
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  • chongyuniisms
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    “I’m really sleepy, could I possibly nap against you for a bit?” Chongyun’s gaze is hopeful, lingering on that soft....fluffy....tail....

    #ic #pspspsps gorou come here
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  • chongyuniisms
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i too am a gorou lover.

    #/ ᴇᴠɪʟ ᴍᴜsᴛ ᴄᴏᴡᴇʀ ɪɴ ғᴇᴀʀ / ooc #i'm doing his next! #me: who should i unlock next #literally everyone: GOROU
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  • catsuki-bakutoe
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago


    and...hes...cute 😭💖💖💖

    His name's Gorou right?

    *adds him to my list of fictional Husbandos*

    #Genshin impact#gorou #he gives off major deku + kirishima energy and I lovehim
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  • delvalentine
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    shot through the heart

    [reader x gorou]

    Getting shot by cupid's arrow (literally) accidentally triggers a cascade of ancient, carnal breeding instincts within your beloved half-canine General.



    QUOTEV / AO3

    #shot through the heart #reader x gorou #gorou x reader #gorou x you #genshin#genshin gorou#genshin fanfic #genshin reader insert #genshin impact#gorou#general gorou#chye's fics#ao3#fanfic#gorou smut #genshin impact smut #gorou in heat
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  • cafes-et-friandises
    25.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    ✧ Happy Birthday

    TYPE | One-Shot

    INTERÊT | Gorou

    GENRE | Fem!Reader | Couple | Dégoulinant d'amour | Kokomi & Yae complot

    WARNING | Suggestif, mais friendly | Des mains baladeuses

    NOTE | Joyeux anniversaire Gorou ! Vous pouvez voir cet OS comme la suite du One-Shot : « Gorou - Puis-je te caresser ? ». Bonne Lecture ! ❤️


    Le rendez-vous avait été donné depuis quelques semaines maintenant, et aujourd'hui, c'était l'heure de votre traditionnel thé de l'après-midi. Ce thé où les ressentis de vos lectures rempliraient votre conversation, celui où serez, seules, toutes les deux, entre amies à papoter. Un rendez-vous vous faisant toutes deux le plus grand bien, vous changeant les idées. L'air marin balaya avec douceur ta chevelure (C/C) lâchée pour l'occasion, appréciant la vue sur les profondeurs du lac central de l'île de Watatsumi, menant à Enkanomiya d'après les dire de Kokomi. Attendant patiemment l'arrivé de cette dernière, tu étais reconnaissante de cet instant hors du temps, remplis du calme et du ruissellement de l'eau au loin. Tu sursautas à l'ouverture frappante de la porte contre le mur de cette petite terrasse.

    Une visite surprise ? À l'encadrement de la porte, se tenait la silhouette essoufflée d'un soldat revêtant l'amure rouge traditionnelle de l'île, un rectangle blanc à la main. Sa visite fut de très courte durée, avançant sur la terrasse, celui-ci te remit rapidement le carré blanc en main propre. Une lettre, te semblait-il. Le remerciant quand il se doit, le soldat s'éclipsa rapidement d'un dernier regard en ta direction, un sourire malicieux sur les lèvres loin d'être méchant, à vrai dire, plutôt amicale et reconnaissant. Intriguée, tes doigts ouvrirent l'enveloppe, veillant à ne pas trop déchirer l'emballage où ton nom était magnifiquement inscrit d'une belle et élégante écriture.

    { Ecoutez, je n'ai aucune idée de la façon dont mon penchant pour les sucreries a été découvert par les soldats de l'Île de Watatsumi. Résultat, ils m'ont tous préparé un gâteau, en insistant sur le fait que je n'avais pas d'autres choix que de l'accepter... Les ressources de l'Île de Watatsumi sont peu nombreuses et je me dois de faire preuve de retenue en tant que général... Mais si je refuse, j'en serai encore plus gêné quant à l'attention qu'ils m'ont portée. J'essaie de voir les choses sous un autre angle. Que conseillerais-je à une personne se trouvant dans la même situation ? « Partagez ce gâteau avec vos soldats et vos amis. Ce qui arrive de bon à l'avenir se doit d'être partagé. » Voilà ce que je dirais ! Venez donc prendre une part de gâteau avec moi ! }

    L'enveloppe de couleur blanche reposait sur la petite table basse trônant fièrement sur la terrasse extérieure du sanctuaire. Elle n'était occupée que durant le temps libre de la stratège de l'île, soit très rarement. Un sourire remplit de douceur se plaça sur tes lèvres en lisant les lignes strictes de ton petit général. Tu ne pus t'empêcher de rire en imaginant la mine décontenancée de son amant en voyant le gâteau devant lui, complètement perdu de la réaction à avoir.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Il semblerait qu'une bonne chose te soit arrivé, (T/P) ? »


    Ton regard se redressa vers la jeune femme aux longs cheveux rosés qui partageait ton après-midi. Assise en tailleur sur les tatamis du sanctuaire de Watatsumi, le sourire attendit qui avait pris place sur tes lèvres, avait tiré un air satisfait à la jeune femme qui s'installa avec élégance face à toi. La lettre blanche et parfaitement rédigée reposante sur tes cuisses, les mains tenant encore les rebords du papier, tu ne pus t'empêcher d'être amusée par les propos de la prêtresse.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Je suis persuadée que tu n'es pas étrangère à mon humeur. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Oh. » Fit faussement surprise Kokomi portant avec grâce la tasse servit tantôt à ses lèvres, pour y prendre une gorgée tiède de son infusion. « Si tu fais allusion à mon stratagème pour récompenser le valeureux général de l'arme de Watatsumi, je ne peux pas plaider mon innocence. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Kokomi... ? » L'appelas-tu, rangeant ta précieuse lettre dans son enveloppe, un sourire amusé aux lèvres. « Tu passes peut-être un peu trop de temps avec Yae... Gorou risque une crise cardiaque si tu t'associes à elle. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Pourtant ces idées sont plutôt amusantes. » S'égaya la rosée, s'amusant grandement avec la kitsune, ne parlant visiblement pas que de livres ou de relations politiques entre leur île respective quand elles se voyaient. « Mademoiselle Hana, celle tenant la newsletter, organise une séance de dédicaces dans quelques semaines. Tu devrais y faire un tour, je suis sûre que tu apprécieras son caractère. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Oh, pourquoi pas. Itto en est fan dans mon souvenir, je lui demanderai de m'accompagner. Je ne suis pas sûre que ça plaise à Gorou ce genre de chose... »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Je ne peux pas vraiment dire le contraire, surtout que Yae sera présente pour la présenter au monde. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Raisons de plus alors. » Raillas-tu, l'imaginant sans mal avec cette envie de fuir à toutes jambes loin de la renarde. « Je suppose que j'ai l'autorisation de m'éclipser et rejoindre Gorou ? »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Sans aucun problème. Merci d'être à ses côtés, (T/P). »


    Ta bouche s'arrondit sous la surprise, ne t'attendant pas à un tel sentiment de gratitude venant de la prêtresse. Kokomi avait ce don de veiller sur les autres, mais pas forcément de l'exprimer pleinement avec des mots. Accueillant son remerciement avec bonheur, comme si la mère de Gorou te donnait sa bénédiction pour aimer son fils, tu ne pus que lui répondre un sourire remplit de gratitude à ton tour. Abandonnant ta tasse vide, tu t'éclipsas rapidement de la terrasse, te rendant au petit village où avait élu domicile la plupart des soldats de l'île après la fin de la guerre.

    Les exclamations allaient de bon train tandis que joyeusement, les soldats se félicitaient d'avoir convaincu leur vaillant général de prendre une pause. Le camp en effervescence, tu cherchas ton amant du regard jusqu'à croisé celui d'une vieille connaissance t'indiquant une direction, sûrement là où devait se trouver Gorou. Contournant les soldats ivres et leurs chansonnettes, tu t'éclipsas rapidement dans la direction indiquée. Ça ne manqua pas. Au loin, confortablement allongé sur une branche d'arbre, trônait ton amant complètement détendu, ses cheveux caramel se balançant avec la brise. Il était adorable ainsi allongé.


    ­ ─ ­ ­ ­« M'as-tu attendu ? »


    Le jeune homme allongé sur sa branche d'arbre sursauta en entendant ta petite voix venir sur sa gauche. Le brin d'herbe entre ses lèvres fila avec le vent, accompagné du petit papillon aux ailes d'or, tandis que sa bouche forma une expression de surprise en te voyant rayonnante au pied de son arbre choisi pour se détendre. Que fais-tu là ? N'avais-tu pas du travail à Narukami ? Perdu, le jeune général resta sans voix en te détaillant de la tête aux pieds pour vérifier qu'il ne rêvait pas. Il aurait presque pu se pincer l'avant-bras pour vérifier. Sa queue se balançait avec vigueur derrière lui, une joie débordante inondant son cœur de t'avoir avec lui en ce jour si spécial.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « (T/P) ! Que fais-tu là ? Je ne rêve pas ? »


    Gorou sauta de sa branche, se réceptionnant avec élégance sur l'herbe verte du camp, ayant encore du mal à réaliser ta présence. Son cœur battant à cent à l'heure, le jeune garçon pressa ta main entre ses doigts gantés. Tu ne pus retenir un gloussement amoureux en voyant ses yeux pétillants de bonheur rien que de te voir, inondant ton cœur de chaleur. Attendris jusqu'aux bouts des lèvres, tu lui rendis son étreinte accompagnée d'un sourire rempli d'affection, appréciant le calme de la petite clairière derrière le camps. Vous étiez seuls et c'était loin de te déranger.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Que devrais-je faire pour te faire comprendre que ce n'est pas un rêve ? » Lui demandas-tu tentatrice en te penchant dans sa direction, approchant ton visage du sien, tes yeux (C/Y) plongés dans son regard lagon. « Je suis contente de te voir. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « (T/P) ! » Marmonna-t-il dans un cri étranglé ses yeux ouverts largement rond comme des billes alors qu'il ne pouvait s'empêcher de les passer sur tes lèvres. « Que fais-tu ? »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « J'attire ton attention pour avoir ton affection. »


    Ses pommettes prirent une teinte plus colorée de rosé, son cœur accélérant dans sa poitrine. Déglutissant avec force, ses yeux ne pouvaient plus te lâcher, appréciant cette intimité que tu avais créé. Sa main dans la tienne, le petit général passa un bras le long de ta taille, peu sûr de lui, mais entreprenant. Ton être étroitement lié contre le sien, il sentait une douce odeur de fleurs émaner de toi. Son regard lagon détaillant tes traits, il se sentait comme dans un livre à l'eau de rose, voyant tes cheveux flotter avec la brise printanière. Tu étais envoûtant à ses yeux. Comment pouvais-tu être si belle ? En complète adoration, Gorou entremêla tes doigts aux siens, laissant ses lèvres choir sur les tiennes avec une tendresse infinie. Il se sentait intimidé d'avoir fait le premier pas et pourtant si heureux de sentir tes croissants de chairs se mouvoir contre les siens.

    Doux comme un pétale de fleur, ses baisers devinrent plus profonds, il se sentait emporté dans une spirale de plaisir et de passion. Caressant tes lips avec retenu, te rapprochant encore plus de lui de son bras ferme, désireux de te sentir t'abandonner à son étreinte chaleureuse. Ta main libre remonta le long de son biceps nu, glissant sur sa peau avec tendresse, acceptant le doux et agréable ballai de vos langues. Tu te sentais fondre dans sa douce étreinte amoureuse. Ton cœur rata un battement, une exclamation de surprise à la bouche bien vite étouffée dans votre échange, quand inconsciemment la main de ton amant glissa de ta cambrure à la rondeur de ton fessier rebondit. Ses doigts s'y agrippaient, le flattant de douce caresse vagabonde te tirant des frissons d'impatiences.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Gorou... »


    Le souffle allaitant, tes yeux brillants d'une passion dévorante. Les nombreux assauts du général réveillaient en toi une demande qui voulait être assouvie. Tu ne pus t'empêcher de l'appeler d'une voix murmurante de gêne alors que tu t'agrippais de tes doigts à son biceps. Ton bas-ventre te démangeait petit à petit, alors qu'instinctivement et innocemment, il prenait plaisir à caresser la rondeur de ton postérieur, sa main bien trop baladeuse pour ton propre bien. Dans l'incompréhension la plus totale, le jeune homme arrêta de dévorer tes lèvres rougies sous ses envies, contemplant ton visage bien trop érotique pour lui. Que se passait-il ? Ses doigts se crispèrent sur l'un de tes monticules de chair, amenant tout ton corps à tressauter et ton visage à se cacher dans le creux de son cou. Comment faisait-il pour ne pas s'en rendre compte ? Un mystère que tu n'arrivais pas à comprendre.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « (T/P), tout va bien ? »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Ta main. » Marmonnas-tu alors qu'un frisson parcourut ton échine en le sentant si proche d'une zone si intime. « Je n'étais venue que pour le gâteau à l'origine. »


    Ses oreilles s'aplatirent sur le haut de sa tête, ses joues prirent une teinte rivalisant avec les pommes de Mondstadt, sa respiration se coupant accompagnée de son cœur tambourinant durement au creux des tempes. Comment avait-il pu faire ça ? Ses yeux tressautaient en voyant sa main agrippée à cet endroit, qu'il trouvait si moelleux et accueillant, déglutissant avec force, il retira sa main d'un grand geste. La passion dévorante lui avait-il fait perdre le contrôle ? Ça lui était effrayant. Il n'était qu'un novice en amour. Comment avait-il pu perdre en un instant son contrôle de lui-même ? Comment avait-il pu laisser son bien-être et ses instincts prendre le dessus ?


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Je- Je suis désolé (T/P) ! Je ne voulais pas ! Je l'ai fait inconsciemment ! Pardonne-moi ! »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Oui. » Répondis-tu faiblement, tout aussi gênée que lui, laissant ton souffle peindre son cou lui tirant un frisson. « Juste... Préviens-moi la prochaine fois que tu m'invites pour ce genre de chose. Que mentalement je sois prête. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « O-Oui. » Gémit-il en réponse, de la fumée sortant de ses oreilles, jusqu'à-ce que son cerveau percute à tes mots. « Invité ? J'ai fait ça ? »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Tu m'as écrit une lettre. Je n'aurai sans du doute jamais la voir, mais un de tes hommes me l'a amenée pendant mon rendez-vous avec Kokomi. » Lui appris-tu toujours prise dans son étreinte, mais retirant ta tête de son cou pour le regarder droit dans les yeux. « Je suis contente que tu ais pensé à passer ton anniversaire avec moi... Même si tu es encore un poil trop tendu dans tes courriers. » Gloussas-tu attirant une moue encore plus gênée à ton homme, si c'était encore humainement possible. « Tu sais, je n'ai pas détesté sentir tes mains... Là-bas. J'aime que tu sentes assez en paix pour te laisser aller avec moi. »


    Une erreur s'est produite, le général Gorou n'arrive plus à réfléchir clairement devant ton être beaucoup trop adorable pour son bien-être. Gêné à son paroxysme, le jeune homme ne s'était jamais senti aussi chaud de sa vie depuis qu'il avait entendu ces mots. C'était comme si tu venais de lui donner la permission d'être intime avec toi et son imagination ne pouvait s'empêcher de s'emballer. Voulais-tu sa mort ? Savais-tu depuis combien de temps il se retenait ? Savais-tu ce que tu venais de créer en lui ? Lâchant ta main, ses bras encerclèrent ta taille, nichant son nez dans ton cou, il essayait tant bien que mal de garder un minimum de contrôle sur lui-même.


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Ne dit pas des choses comme ça. Je risque de mal comprendre. » Gémit-il complètement dépassé par les événements, à deux doigts de vouloir s'enterrer à cause de la gêne intense qu'il ressentait. « Je suis content aussi que tu sois venu. »

    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Tu n'as pas mal compris. »


    Comment achever le général canin ? Visiblement, tu étais passée maîtresse dans l'art. Le jeune homme sur le point de mourir sous l'imagination débordante de son esprit, il ne put que gémir en réponse. Les joues en feu, tes mains trouvèrent place dans le dos de ton amant, lui laissant le temps de digérer l'information. Tu étais si audacieuse, mais tu te sentais intérieurement mourir de gêne d'exprimer à voix haute votre envie à tout deux de plus. Depuis le temps que vous étiez ensemble, tu t'étais dit qu'il serait peut-être temps, te sentant prête. Ta respiration chancelante, ton cœur battant à tout rompre dans ta poitrine, la bouche sèche, tu ne parviens à dire que quelques mots :


    ─ ­ ­ ­ « Et si nous mangions une part de ce gâteau ? »


    Gorou hocha la tête. Le gâteau plus que bienvenue pour lui changer les idées. Celui-ci inspira un grand coup, cherchant son courage pour affronter ton regard. Ne frappant décidément pas à sa porte, celui-ci resta fermement accroché à toi. Il allait lui falloir encore quelques minutes, il allait être long à venir... Au loin, à l'angle d'un arbre, Taroumarou regardait la scène avec amusement alors qu'à côté de lui se tenait Thomas, le visage choqué, livide de la tête aux pieds, ses doigts se resserrant autour de la tasse de thé qu'il avait préparé. Mais quelle idée formidable avait-il encore eu à aller chercher le général ? La gouvernante des Kamisato morte de l'intérieur, décidément, Thomas avait toujours l'art et la manière de se retrouver au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment...


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