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    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #gwynriel#THE POTENTIAL#IM SCREAMING #lucien’s easy™ tho oh my god elucien training &&&&&& &!)$$(($$($+($$(
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  • gothicbabydollz
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    thinking about azriel using his shadows to overstimulate your clit while fucking your pussy and then giving you the best aftercare 👀

    Back arching off the bed, a loud cry escapes your throat as Azriel tosses you over the edge of pleasure for the 4th time. Your nails have sunk into his skin, your last grip on control. “Please, please, please,” You manage to beg, your voice barely more than a shrill squeal, “I can’t cum again, I can’t!” Your cunt is throbbing, dripping with a mix of yours and Azriel’s release. You can feel every inch of Azriel’s cock as he continues to rut into you, every vein and ridge dragging against your sensitive, clenching walls. You try and squirm yet Azriel’s towering body draped over yours is restricting your movements. You only succeed in grinding against his thrusts. And you’re gasping, your clit brushing his pelvis, causing Azriel to smirk.

    “You’re going to give me another one, bunny,” Azriel grunts, his pace never faltering. A warm hand slides under your head, lifting until your forehead is pressing against Azriels’. Those hazel eyes of his have darkened, you notice as they lock with yours. “I can see it. You want it, bunny. One more, give me one more.” You whine, fighting to keep your eyes open. Something tickles the skin of your thighs, yours hips. Soft whispers of Azriel’s shadows caress your skin, swirling closer and closer to where you’re connected. Another string of whines tumble from you as his shadows curl around your bundle of nerves, tears prick your eyes from the sensitivity. “Quit whining, bunny. Or i’m not stopping.”

    Swallowing your responding sob, you cling onto the male harder. Eyes never leaving each other’s as he keeps pleasuring your already trembling body. His shadows are making you feel things you never have before. They’re swirling and toying with your clit, sending delight spreading across your body. The feeling surpasses the sensitivity and soon you’re moaning wildly, bucking your hips up to meet each thrust. Chasing your high. “That’s it, bunny. Feels good, doesn’t it? I know you want to cum on my cock again.” You’re nodding, so close to your next high. His cock hitting that spot inside you paired with his shadows stimulating your swollen clit have your muscles going taut. The near painful coil in your belly snapping into little pieces.

    You’re babbling, “Azriel! I’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m- fuck, fuck, fuck!” You sob, eyes rolling back, you’re losing control, shaking beneath the weight of his body. Azriel curses, the mere sight of seeing you let go triggering his own climax. He holds you close, whispering in your ear while he rides out his own high. “That’s it, there you go. That’s my good little bunny. Good job, baby.” Whimpering softly, you bury your face into his warm neck, waiting for the aftershocks to subside. His shadows now stroke your skin softly, soothing you, a contrast to their pleasure assault on your bundle of nerves. Azriel pulls out of you slowly, dragging a whine from your throat at the loss of his warmth. He shushes you, kissing your forehead before he’s winnowing out of the room.

    He returns in a few moments, a wet cloth in one hand. “Come here, bunny,” Azriel is moving your body, slipping in behind you and pulling your back to his chest. “You did so good, took me so well,” His lips rests against your temple, hot breath fanning over your skin. You hum in response, settling back into his warmth. You feel his hand sliding between your legs, the cold cloth drags over your centre and you squirm away. “Az,” You begin to complain yet his free hand covers your mouth. The male laughs under his breath, “Let me take care of you,” Azriel peppers your face in kisses and you can’t help but laugh despite your efforts to struggle against him. He cleans you up and you both fall into a comfortable silence, wrapped in each other’s heat.

    It doesn’t last long. As the big, scary Illyrian warrior at your back has turned into your own playful puppy. He doesn’t get like this often, so you can’t help the small smile spreading on your lips knowing he’s comfortable around you. You can feel his grin against your shoulder and his shadows wrapping around your middle. “Don’t you dare.” His shadows are already beginning to tease your waist and ribs, exactly where Azriel knows you’re ticklish, “Azriel.” He feigns innocent, nuzzling his nose against your pulse point. “I’m not doing anything, love.” Shaking your head, you tense, bracing yourself to endure the torture of godsdamned tickling.

    #drabbles ❥#azriel #azriel x you #azriel smut #azriel x reader #azriel x reader smut #azriel shadowsinger x reader #azriel x y/n #acosf azriel#azriel acotar#acotar azriel#azriel shadowsinger#elriel#gwynriel
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  • alinx
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Yours, Mine

    “All I want is that every damn creature on this land get to know that you are mine, and that I am yours.”

    A.N: Okay, I genuinely didn’t expect to feel included in the fandom so fast (It’s the first time I ever use Tumblr, still learning some things) but since some of you liked my daydreams about a modern gwynriel au, here’s an one shot from an incorrect quote. Please don’t take it too serious, it’s supposed to be funny. And also, sorry about the writing, I’m not that good and English is not my first language. Anyways, hope you’ll like ; )

    — Gwyn! Let me help you with this! — The Priestess already knew who was it, even before turning to the visitor who has erupted into the library. 

    Hair dark as the night and the traits of his father. But when he smiles… Nyx was all of Feyre. The Night Court heir ran to her and got some of the books that she balanced in one arm. Gwyn noticed that the boy was already tall enough to reach the top of the pile and couldn’t stop a smile. He was growing up so fast, seem like yesterday when Nestha brought the nephew to introduce to her friends. 

    Gwyn was immediately enchanted, the wings, hands, fingers, it was all so tiny and perfect! Wrapped him into her arms like it was porcelain made. Emerie, otherwise, loved to caress his little pointy ears and watch him laugh, but when it was suggested that she took him, the Illyrian seem a bit terrified by the idea, holding the baby how you would usually carry a bag of rice during a few minutes. She didn’t took long to return it to his aunt, allegedly afraid of letting him fall. That returned to Gwyn, who was already arms-open to take him.

    The boy, obviously unaware of Emerie’s discomfort, keeps on laughing, finding a lot of fun on being passed between arms among the three Valkyries.

    Nowadays Nyx was a little man, and Gwyn almost misses having him running through the rooms when at the House of Wind.

    — Gwyneth, my darling, you shouldn’t carry so much weight — lately, Nyx had turned out into a real flatterer. 

    Not surprising, given who was his father. But the little one seemed to not notice that he was just a child. It was so sweet and Gwyn wanted to bite his cheeks at every gentlemanly behavior.

    — You’re right, thank you, darling.

    At the moment they got to the table Gwyn would take place, Nesta erupted by the same door that his nephew had before. 

    — Why I am not surprised? — she raised an eyebrow watching Nyx put the five books he took from her on the table. — Not sure of whom of the two I’m supposed to be mad with. Nyx, for trying to take my friend from me, or Gwyn, for trying to steal my nephew!

    It was a fact that — of all his aunts, uncles and his parents friends — Nyx was especially fond of Gwyn, she suspected that this was due to the long hours admiring him as a baby. 

    She greeted her friend and started to organize her belongings to finally begin the analysis and decoding of those books when Nyx sit on the table — not on the chair, on the table — beside her and hold her cheeks with the tiny hands to make her look at him.

    — Gwyn, one day you’re marrying me, right? — she couldn’t stop the shock with his claim. The impulse of laughing came but she knew that this could offend him so she stopped herself. — My mom and Dad have centuries of age gap, what are a few decades? I’m sure you can wait for me.

    Now she had to effectively bite her inside cheek to stop the laugh. Mother! He was actually arguing in favor of this absurd idea!

    — Oh, sweetie. I mean, nobody knows about the future, right? I- I’ll do as possible — she assured him e could only beg for him not had learned with his father the habit of bargaining too. 

    Nesta, blessed were, choose this moment to clear her throat. Turning to her direction, Gwyn found the blonde one biting her lip, as red as a tomato, and knew she heard the little chat and was trying not to laugh too.

    — Nyx, your mother’s arrived, she’s waiting for you upstairs.

    The little boy jumped and ran excited, but not before throwing his aunt and Gwyn a kiss, and to Azriel he only made a gesture that she assumed it was intern joke between them. 

    Azriel, the shadowsinger was so quiet Gwyn didn’t even noticed he was there. Since when? His countenance was serious and she asked herself what could’ve happened. Maybe the shadows brought him some bad news? It wasn’t odd a visit of the High Lady, but this plus the frown in Azriel’s face got her worried.

    Was taken away from her thoughts by Nesta’s laugh, who teased about her being able to enchant even childs. Gwyn rolled her eyes but laugh too, pushing Nesta out of the library before Merril came to kill one of them, maybe both.

    Azriel kept quiet, now messing with the books on her table.

    — We should have a mating ceremony — He let it out.

    — What? — She wouldn’t have thought he would make of a ceremony a point to officialize their mating, even because they were together for months now, everyone who were important to them knew. — Why?

    He shrugged. 

    — Don’t you want one? The females use to like these sort of thing — said simply. 

    Well, thinking by this side… Gwyn had never really reflected if it was a wish. With Azriel everything was so… unexpected and perfect. It wasn’t missing a single thing in their relationship. 

    — Humm… I can’t see the needing, can you? 

    He grumbled, leafing though another book just to keep his focus on something else.

    — Az... — she realized something but couldn’t believe it was the bad mood motivation. — You’re not mad about what Nyx said, right?

    — You said you would do as possible! Why haven’t you said you already have a mate?! — he couldn’t take no more.

    — Azriel! He is just a kid! — Gwyn tried to stop the laugh mas it came anyways. It was all so absurd!

    Hearing the sweet sound, Azriel expression’s softened. He abandoned the book and headed to her, interlacing her waist his arms. Gwyn passed her owns by his shoulders and her finger though his hair on the back of the neck, kissing him chastely on the lips no longer frowned in frustration. 

    — I think all I want is that every damn creature on this land get to know that you are mine and I am yours — whispered against the smiling lips of his mate. 

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  • tato-acm
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    sábado - 28. 05. 2022

    Gwyn asked Az, her teal eyes bright, “What do we get if we finish the course?”

    Az’s shadows danced around him. “Since there’s no chance in hell any of you will finish the course, we didn’t bother to get a prize.”

    Boos sounded. Gwyn lifted her chin in challenge. “We look forward to proving you wrong.” - acosf, ch 60

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  • the-bookish-valkyrie
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Some of you are real mad about the Valkyries’ bond and how good it is and it shows.

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  • kimstclair
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Gwynriel Headcanon

    Azriel has an obsession with Gwyn's cheeks.

    I mean, her cheeks are just so freckled and round and rosy that he simply gets mesmerized by them.

    The shadowsinger often found himself staring at her flushed cheeks during training and wondering if they feel as soft as they look like.

    One afternoon in the private library they are reading and sharing a blanket. And they are so close in the couch that if Azriel turn his head to the side his lips might found her cheek.

    And that's what he do.

    But once his lips found her soft skin Azriel can't help it, he gave her a gentle, loving bite in the cheek.

    And when he pulls away he's so flushed, but Gwyn lift a hand to cup his jaw and asks "Can you- do that again?" and Azriel gladly obeys, pressing kisses and small bites all over her cheeks the whole night.

    After that he can't hold himself, everytime he sees Gwyn he has to give her a small bite on the cheek when nobody is looking.

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  • headcanonheadcase
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I felt terrible for leaving you all at the cliffhanger last week, so I posted Chapter 8 of my Gwynriel fic today as a bonus! Chapter 9 will be up on Wednesday.

    If you haven't read any of the story yet, Gwyn has been given an important research assignment. She's been looking into the legends and lore of Gwydion and Truth-Teller and seeing what she can learn about a mysterious Horn.

    You can catch up on AO3.

    Here is a teaser for the latest chapter:

    A few hours into their work, Bryce sucks in a breath. “Holy Hel,” she mutters. “I’ve seen this illumination before.” She flips the book around. Gwyn leans in to inspect the picture. It shows a Fae male forging a sword. The blade lies across an anvil; his arm raised aloft, ready to strike. Lighting crackles all around, filling the sky, flowing through the hammer down into the blade. “I remember this. I saw it at the theater with my parents. There was this frieze. I remember it because I thought it looked like Hunt. So did my dad. It was called The Making of the Sword. I sent Hunt a picture of it. We joked about his abs; whether his were better than the Fae’s.” There is a hollow, haunted quality to her voice.


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  • thebluenickel
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Chapter Thirty-Eight of ACORAS is now up!

    The Manor in the Forest; the Palace Underground

    The Autumn Court, for how little Gwyn wants to be here, is admittedly beautiful. Massive, round stucco buildings with gilded rooftops that glare the sun back at itself; life and death dancing in tandem at all times, blue skies and brown rot; honey, cinnamon, and wilting petals on the wind. The sprawling waterfalls and rivers wending through the forests and fields are only stopped by the massive, jutting structure of the Autumn Court Palace.

                More widely, and humbly, known as The Forest House—it’s not a house. It’s a mountainous iceberg, wending endlessly in every direction, including down beneath the earth. Cecelia called it, a big ass ant hill; Lucien called it a prison; Azriel called it an inescapable trap of plush mazes. Aihm called it, tacky.

                All of them are correct. Lucien tried to give them a layout of the house before they left, to ensure none of them could be lost—which is a disconcertingly common affair—but even he could only conjure up half of the structure.

                They’ll have to find a single missing male in that place. Gwyn already shudders at the thought of the sheer impossibility. No doubt those that go missing, or are lost, are not simply so. Taken, killed, discarded, more likely.

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  • lost-in-fictionn
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    There's this gwynriel headcanon in my head, it's like,,, my comfort hc. Imma share it with you guys


    One morning, before the training starts, Cassian tells the trainees that today they are going to fight with either him or az, with their chosen weapon. If trainers win nothing happens, but if the trainee wins whoever they fought with (az or cass) will owe them a favor. Whoever they fight with is decided by picking a stone from a bag. There are two stones, one blue and one red. Red obviously means cassian and blue azriel. Whoever drops their weapon first loses.

    One of the trainees shouts "Is cheating allowed?". There are chuckles and then azriel says "If you think cheating is gonna help you then why not?"

    So the game begins.

    A few priestesses fight, some with cass some with az. They all lose, some even with cheating in different ways. Nesta picks the red stone and fights with Cass. Cassian gives her a smug smile when she loses despite all her dirty moves. Emerie picks the blue stone. Azriel shakes his head as if to say another time when she loses. And then Gwyn picks the blue stone.

    She looks at azriel and says with a big smile "Ready to lose Shadowsinger?" Azriel, with a little smile of his own, says "Sure."

    They fight. Gwyn tries a few dirty moves too, but they do not help her disarm him. After a small eternity of fighting she finds an opening and gets closer to azriel. So much closer than an opponent should. She kisses azriel's cheek and he stills in shock for a few seconds. When he's aware of his surroundings again, his sword is on the ground and all the trainees are laughing and congratulating gwyn on her success.

    Gwyn looks at him with an even bigger smile and says "You owe me a favor!"

    Azriel, who is still feeling faint, clears his throat and says "It appears so."

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  • lady-riel
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Gwyn: *sadly* I can’t believe you’re leaving for five days. What if you need to emergency kiss me?

    Azriel: Emergency kiss you?

    Gwyn: Yeah.

    Azriel: What kind of emergency would this be? 

    Gwyn: The really bad kind.

    #incorrect acotar quotes #gwynriel#azriel#gwyneth berdara #gwyn x azriel
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  • lady-riel
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Gwyn: When you get drunk, do your shadows get drunk too?

    Azriel: No.



    Shadows: No Of CoUrSe NoT

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  • scin-tilate
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    wait... so e/riels call Gwyn, who currently has a very strong presence in the series and has been foreshadowed to play bigger roles in the future, a mere side character and a tool to bring some ship together but then act like Vassa, who’s had a grand total of like three lines and has made less appearances than the freaking bone carver and, hell, the mf suriel (I love her to death but this is the truth), will get the final book?🧍‍♀️

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  • arcturustarlight
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I came across a post which said that we shouldn’t ship Gwynriel because we believe that Gwyn is capable of healing Azriel and Elain isn’t. which I totally agree… somehow.

    I ship the couples based on whether they can handle each other or not. For example, (since we’re talking about SJM’s books) Chaol was never capable of handling Aelin and he’ll never be. That’s why I never shipped them and had to go through torture during Crown of Midnight.

    When Rowan came along, I could totally see him handling Aelin. Aelin is wild and free and fire itself, and when Rowan showed he had wind power (icy wind or something) I think all of us knew that they were gonna end up with each other.

    Because they could handle each other through everything. Love, rage, depression. And that’s end game worthy.

    Back to ACOTAR. Yes, it’s not an enough reason to ship Gwynriel only for Gwyn can heal Azriel’s dark soul, in a way Mor or Elain never can. But, it is important to consider whether the couple can handle each other or not.

    I love Elain and I’m really waiting for her development. Yet I truly don’t think she can handle Azriel’s darkness. But that doesn’t make her or Azriel a bad person. It just shows that they’re not suitable for one other.

    So I believe Gwyn can handle Azriel’s darkness and that is one of the reasons that I ship them.

    Just like how I ship Elucien for I think that Lucien can bring out the real Elain out of the shell she’s seeming to be.

    Happy note: All of this is my opinion and I respect every one :))

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  • southsidestory
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I reblogged One (1) E*riel post with reasonable, respectful, non-combative commentary with a genuine question. In response, I'm about 75% sure I got vague posted, in which my reading comprehension was insulted for acknowledging an obvious SJM statement for its overt meaning. Even though I was nice and sympathetic, and respected that everyone can have their own reading. Guess I didn't deserve the same courtesy?

    Now tumblr is suggesting E*riel posts from people I do not follow left and right.

    Never again. Never.

    50% of the posts I see from this fandom is just Gwynriel bashing with an occasional side of Elucien bashing. To be fair the other 50% is mostly absolutely gorgeous fanart lmao. Kudos to the fanartists. Fuck everything else.

    I liked E*riel when I finished reading the books! I was interested in it, even though I have the wits god gave a goose and can see it's not going to be canon. Idgaf what's gonna be canon. That never affects what I ship or don't ship.

    What I do give a fuck about is the culture within a fandom, and I just don't enjoy the ship enough to engage with anything about it now.

    So. I'm done. Gonna focus on Nessian, Feysand, Elucien, Gwynriel, and all the rando rare pairs and crackships that bring me joy. And if I find that any other big ships have that much negativity, I'm just gonna retreat to the rare pair playground where people are nice, before my interest in other couples gets nuked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    #actoar#fandom#gwynriel#elucien#e*riel #I have given this fandom grace because I have run into a few nice people #but it's just not worth it
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  • lovelyscarts
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I forgot my password for Instagram so art is going to go through here for a bit 😂

    Beautiful gwyneth 💙

    #acotar#gwynriel#gwyneth berdara #azriel x gwyn #gwyn x azriel #acosf
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  • veenavna
    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Az and Gwyn hugging each other for the first time. His arms wrapped around her thin waist - her fingertips touching his smooth hair while her other hand lies on the muscles of his back. Their bodies completely glued, her breasts firmly pressed to his broad chest. Both of them feeling their heartbeats sync. That's it. They.

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  • ahkhnn
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Fuck the whole shipping war bs. The purpose of the bonus chapter was to show how much Azriel’s mental state is sinking and reaching all times low. It’s about him and him alone first before anything else.

    #now do I think some details lead to one ship? yes #but the primary purpose was about him #azriel#azriel shadowsinger#azriel acotar#acotar#acosf#gwynriel#acotar thoughts #a court of thorns and roses #a court of silver flames #my posts
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  • s-tormwitch
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Gwynriel or E/riel?

    I don't care enough to take sides. overall I wish Azriel died so they would stop fighting over him who only has three lines in the 5 books and is not that special 😁 since I know he won't die and I care even less about Gwyn, I'd rather he stay with Elain.

    but I think it would have like the four couples to happen overall, both elriel and gywnriel and elucien and vassien.

    you will probably see me sharing arts from all the couples because i just don't care what happens.

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  • the-bookish-valkyrie
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    It’s the fact that Clotho never opened the necklace box when Az gave it to her and yet already knew what was in it, and that it was something beautiful that would make Gwyn happy, for me.

    #clotho#azriel#gwynriel#acosf #I’m just saying clotho is the name for one of the fate and she saw it all happen and she ships gwynriel
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  • simpingfornestaarcheron
    28.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    not sure if you're taking any requests but okay hear me out gwyn as a swimmer who entered into the field in honor of catrin and tHEN HE MEETS AZ BECAUSE THEY ARE APPARENTLY PAIRING ATHLETES WITH THE A+++ STUDENTS 🤯

    you can do whatever az wants to do but like pls make gwyn a swimmer that would be 🥹 thank you thank you i sooo loooove love love your works!! 💕


    Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoy my fics!! It means a lot 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹

    I’m always open to requests, but there’s no guarantee I’ll end up actually writing fics based on the prompts y’all send me lol🤭

    I really like your idea but sadly I’ve never written gwynriel before and I don’t plan on doing it until after their book is out (assuming there’s going to be a gwynriel book idk). I also don’t know much about swimming/sports in general so I would probably do a terrible job anyway💀

    There’s plenty of Gwynriel blogs here, I’m sure someone will be happy to write this fic for you <3

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