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  • squeeze-lemons-in-my-eyes
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    This was in my memories and I just wanted to send a little positivity your way :)

    I really needed that this morning, thank you 💜

    Right back atcha!

    #my H E A R T
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  • kucherovv
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    funny how once i fell in love with hockey, i immediately attached myself to the lightning, but to my misery, once i opened tumblr, i realized everyone hated them ))): we've got the cups, personality and overall great vibes. what's not to like?

    omg i absolutely agree with you, like i'm really not sure why no one likes them that much. i get that they did the cap loophole last year which rubs some people the wrong way, and that people want another team to win the cup, but i feel like if the average hockeyblr user looked into the team a little more they would latch onto them.

    also, i feel like the players are so beloved coded? like, cannot imagine looking at kuch or point and not immediately falling in love sorry! and they're so talented it's unreal! the bolts fandom is so fun to be in because they're GOOD.

    instead people just hate on them relentlessly and it's insane!! like they literally have done Nothing wrong this year imo. why do the literal chicago bl ackhawks have a bigger tumblr fandom than the bolts. it simply doesn't add up for me at all.

    #honestly have a theory that a lot of hockey fans r miserable bc their teams dont win #but whatever i will not go into that here! #ALSO i get a lot of ppl are [email protected] fans which like its fine to hate the bolts there imo #like if a team beats u in the scf. ok u can hate them its ok #<- [email protected] fans too but martys on ur team now soo i think u have to be a bolts fan a little bit #asks#anon #tampa bay lightning
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  • spymeister
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    🤝 I can't remember if I sent this so ignore if I have!

    He wishes he could say this is the only time he's ever seen Ratchet in the med-bay on his own table. It's not, and he knows that it won't be the last. It's not for spark burnout, thankfully- but getting over cosmic rust is just as bad. He'd been watching pieces of the mech fall off, watching parts of him disintegrate even after Drift had managed to give him the antidote and antivirus.

    They'd managed to save him. Managed to get Pharma's hands and give them to a mech that far better deserved them. Drift had given him the entire story, backed up, and collaborated with First Aid. They'd lost a few mecha- and some of them hadn't survived either the trip there- or the rust after.

    The other former 'Con had been taking shifts with him, with Drift earlier in the day- and he in the night. It had fit their natural alert cycles- with the speedster being more of the mid-day and morning mechanism.

    And himself- primarily nocturnal.

    Even now, Ratchet is just bare struts and wires in a containment unit as they work on manufacturing his new armor. Aid assures him that everything is fine, that the frame integration will be all right- and that the nanites will migrate just fine. It doesn't mean he doesn't still worry, that he doesn't have that anxiety clawing at the back of his throat, even as he reaches through the containment unit's stasis wall and takes one hand.

    He feels the tingle of disinfectant as it does so- killing off any microbes that could infect the slumbering medic. Gold optics flick up to the hovering, transparent holographic displays that show the mech's bio-stats. He can't understand half of it, but no alarms are blaring- so that's reassuring.

    The tip of his glossa flicks out to wet his lips, voice soft and low in the dimness. His vents inhale with a slow shudder, making his plating rattle silently for a half-bream. His voice is a little shakey, but it strengthens- even as the words flow out and the volume remains low. 'Don't forget about me. don't go where I Cannot flow. Don't leave me here. cause I'm nothing without you.

    I'll learn to be better. smarter and stronger stay here sooner. more and longer just don't leave me here. cause I'm nothing. Without you."

    'Don't forget about me. don't go where I Cannot flow. Don't leave me here. cause I'm nothing without you.

    without you."

    #original song (badly) by me #j a z z [ hireath a home i don't know anymore ] [ and a peace i can't have ] #r a t c h e t  // healer & protector \\ the medical hierophant #v:: far and away #sorry for length!
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  • bread-vs-blue
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Woohoo I’m almost done with the AMV I’ve been making

    #it’s wash & maine/meta #not necessarily a ship #i just really liked their relationship and how it changed throughout the show #especially from comparing Recreation and the freelancer seasons #i honestly have no clue if the AMV is any good at all #but I’d say it was definitely a good starting point #i know what to do differently next time lol #aka make a better plan of action than ‘hmm.. this would be neat.. let me screen record every single clip of these two characters!’ #my camera roll and storage are h u r t i n g rn #it doesn’t help that I can’t delete the clips even once I have them in the program #ne ways #i just need to check over it a few more times- crop some things to proper size- and make sure I don’t completely hate it #and then download it to my camera roll lol #I hate that part too #bvb #bread vs blue
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  • raincxtter
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    *shakes you* SAKURA HARUNO

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  • spymeister
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ‘you know i love you,  right?’

    He hums softly from where he's perched on top of a supply cabinet. It's strong enough to hold him, high enough to allow him to survey most of the medical bay and supply closet, and watch the comings and goings into the bay better than any security system. His claws dangle over the side- amused at having even managed to startle Ravage when they'd come in earlier.

    Still, his attention is diverted to the two medics below him. It's only once First Aid leaves for his own quarters- and the occupancy is reduced to just him and Ratchet in the dim bay that the old medic finally speaks. His audials tune into that voice, watching him putter here and there- turning down berths and restocking supplies.

    "Depends on how ya mean that, Ratch-" the former spy murmurs, loud enough to be audible- but not loud enough to carry. "We talkin' jus' friends, friends with benefits, or somethin' a lil deeper than that."

    The Poly indulges in a stretch, resting his chin on his arms once he's done- still observing Ratchet's actions below. His optics are uncovered, as they often are around the older mechanism- a sign of that utterly unwavering trust.

    "Cause ah know how ah feel, but ah don't know how you feel."

    He knows what he'd like, but he's lived long enough through this war to realize that people like him don't get the things they want. They don't get the happy ending, the riding off into the proverbial sunset and the mech at the end of the orn. They get aches and pains, joints that don't work right and recharge fluxes that end in terrors. They get shoved out of the military and told what a good job they did.

    But the institution they'd given their functions for doesn't care about them.

    No, he knows what people like him get.

    #r a t c h e t  // healer & protector \\ the medical hierophant #j a z z [ far and away — L o s t / L i g h t ] ┘[stowaway]┌ #v:: Come Sail Away
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  • ind1c0lite
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    oH speaking of actually- updated my toyhouse a lil bit! Dylan, Lillian, Charlie and Anya all have profiles and a small lil bit of info on them! Marcus and Zyra have profiles too finally but no info on em yet HJGKHLJ;

    #Listen ma n writing h a r d and turning the more nebulous thoughts on characters into words is ha r d sometimes GHFGJKHLJ #luna lrambles
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  • wrensfeatheredpen
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    [ @multimuse-rp asked : Linda had found his sketchbook lying on the nightstand. She had started idly flipping through it, but now, she could see how dark and twisted everything had been. Her eyes widened as she stared at the pages, unable to tear her gaze away — that is, until she heard footsteps. Looking up to see her husband in the doorway, she quickly closed the book. “I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snoop. I just… I saw it, and…” She took a deep breath. “Henry, are you okay?” (we love pain here) ]


    Henry had stopped in the doorway. He'd been about to speak — but the words died on his tongue as his gaze fell to the notebook in her lap.

    A weak chuckle preceded the reply that he struggled to form. " I wasn't hiding it from you. You should know. " A small shrug, and he walked closer. " I didn't know how to talk to you about it, I guess. It's not something that's exactly easy to explain . . . " Taking a seat beside her, he reached over to the notebook and opened to the page she had been on before. In gesturing to the page filled with scribbled writing and sketched drawings, he continued. " Writing it down was the easiest way for me to try to organize it all. "

    He'd picked up the notebook not long after he'd finally made his way home. It was an old one, one which he'd never found a use for. One of the many empty notebooks near his desk. Knowing he needed a way to keep track of it all, he'd begun logging what he could remember whenever he thought of it. The entries were sometimes muddled and out of order. Other times, they were filled with vivid descriptions, from events he remembered as though they had only just happened. From some points of view, they may have.

    " . . . how much have you read ? I don't want to repeat what you already know, " he said, attempting to be light.

    #// to anyone seeing this without context } #// i have a hc that henry has a sketchbook/notebook in which he wrote down everything that happened to him during the loop } #// it's filled with entries and sketches } #// everything about what happened in the Studio } #// my h e a r t } #{ : ̗̀➛ ✎ there's only one thing to do. press on. ;; henry stein } #[ multimuse-rp ] #|| thread ||
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  • realmdelusion
    17.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    most of the time my hallucinations arent disturbing but the moment i go out alone to smoke brain just has to summon all kinds of creachures .....

    #.4 #.1 #+h #-_- n make me hear footsteps etc like girl why r u torturing yourself <3 just dont do it
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  • lostglassguitars
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    I look so fucking pog and cool I am epic

    #my posts#my life #G E N D E R  E U P H O R I A #i have the power within me to just like. obliterate a planet now #i feel so good abt myself and the lady who did my hair was really nice and I feel amaaazing #:)
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  • buzzbeeutiful
    17.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    How jimmy is fighting so bad for someone so annoying? Ask demar!! So in love with the little guys bullshit

    A king fallen in love with his jester... we feign surprise but really... we Know 🤭🤭

    #demar went from 'kyles flipflop grievances against the world anger me. i dont want to step 6ft near that little mans presence' #to 'hes my poor little meow meow 🥰🥰' #the tumblrfication ..... #he rlly just did that #and the world let him! #in fact the world HELPED him ! #there IS no timeline where kyle lowry does NOT become a poor little meow meow #it's UNAVOIDABLE it's FATE it's a mandatory in THE MATRIX!!! #BUT JIMMY IS FIGHTING FOR SOMEONE ELSES MEOW MEOW !!!!! #THATS NOT R I G H T ‼️ #someone STOP THAT MAN !!!!!!! #demar is watching his jester get swept away by the duke of dickinson !!! and is seemingly powerless to stop it ! #all caught up in the professionalism of his tower and kingly liege #HE NEEDS TO REMEMBER HE CAN HAVE FUN! HE NEEDS TO REMEMBER HIS SILLY LITTLE MAN !!!! #he needs to remember his JESTER ‼️‼️ #ted asks #SO true anon SO true #that is D E M A R ' S silly little man #and his silly little man antics #which are utter bullshit but demar loves anyways #kyle/demar#jimmy #jimmy dming me everyday begging me to stop attaching his name to this godawful ship like the miserable hater he is
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  • wrensfeatheredpen
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    [ @multimuse-rp asked : Linda hadn’t seen him in days. Henry was constantly working late; oftentimes, he would come home late. As of recently, he wouldn’t come home at all. And even though it wasn’t his fault, Linda couldn’t help feeling a little… neglected.

    But despite this, she smiled widely at him as he entered the room, banishing those intrusive thoughts from her mind and giving him a quick kiss. “Hi,” she murmured softly. “I was just making dinner. I wasn’t sure if you’d be back tonight…” She paused. “I’m assuming work has been stressful?” ]


    Henry hadn't been home in days.

    Home. It was something that felt so foreign — and it pained him deeply to know that.

    Mustering a smile, some of his perpetual tiredness seemed to wash away at the sight of Linda's smiling face. What would he do without her ?

    She was what kept him going. She was what had always kept him going. She was his light; the light that guided him, that kept a hope in the darkness.

    " ' Stressful ' feels like it might be too kind of a word for it, " Henry said with a pained chuckle. Removing the bag from his shoulder and setting it aside near the door, he left any supplies from work from where he entered. None of that needed to invade his home. Not now.

    " It's like I can't get a break. As soon as I have one thing finished, three more have appeared. "

    Joey demanded a lot from his employees. He always had.

    " I'm home now, though. I couldn't wait to see you again, you know. I've been thinking about you all day. "

    Among other things; but that discussion could wait just a little longer.

    #// my h e a r t } #{ : ̗̀➛ ✎ there's only one thing to do. press on. ;; henry stein } #[ multimuse-rp ] #|| thread ||
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  • spymeister
    17.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    ”When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you learn.”

    He didn't start out how to learn to do triage, but here he is- one claw buried in the messy internals of hitching, bleeding mechanism. He's holding the line closed with one set of claws- while reaching for the emergency clamp with another. Random coding strings of medical knowledge pop up on his HUD to tell him to apply how much pressure at which joint for so many breams or microseconds so that air doesn't get into energon lines.

    He swipes them away as soon as the task is done, only to come up with another set immediately to detail the after-care and follow up once he's got the line crimped. The next list scrolls by as his hands work on auto-pilot, crimping here and pinching there- one clawtip heating up like a soldering iron to seal an open weal. He ignores the mewling vocalizer underneath him.

    There's not enough pain chips to go around, after all- and neither is there enough blockers to aide either. By the time he's finished the preliminary list, he comes out of his working fugue to realize that not only has he provided first aid.

    But the mechanism underneath him is likewise stable and ready for transport.

    The spy-turned-impromptu medic pauses, resting back on his thigh-plating as he watches the young mech be loaded onto a hovering travois and then guided towards a waiting medical transport. His claws are still covered with energon, mostly dried now— and he stares down at them mutely. He can't remember a time when they DIDN'T have some form of energon on them- but not like this.

    Not for this reason.

    His optics are wide behind the visor band, slightly confused as he looks up at the hand that rests on his shoulderstrut. His gaze follows it up to the tired, familiar faceplates- Ratchet's smile twitching upwards at one corner of his mouth.

    "You won't do as a forged nurse," he murmurs, teasingly- tiredly. "But you might just do as a medical aid. Stuff like this isn't downloaded or upgraded, mech- it's learned."

    That hand slides off his shoulder to under his arm. The Polyhexian shifts as he's hefted up with easy grace, the medic's hidden strength making it's presence known in the leverage that hoists him onto his pedes. He sways a little once he's standing, regarding Ratchet with clearing confusion.

    "So, t'stuff on the datapad?"

    Ratchet shrugs, beginning to walk with the mech at his side. His arm remains looped through Jazz's.

    "Wanted to see who the coding took to. Wanted to see if there was any natural aplitude. I do need the refresher on strut-surgery from that text, but I wanted to see how your basal coding would react to it. Turns out," the mech's handsome, severe features soften into a proud smirk. "Had absolutely nothing to worry about."

    The shorter mech gives him a hard stare, before his face clears in a wry snort- with something approaching impressed, and a bit fond.

    "Anyone ever tell ya yer a fragger, Ratch?"

    He's rewarded with a snort, and a gruff "Every damn day, brat. Every damn day."

    #j a z z [ s p e c / o p e r a t i o n s ] tic spymaster #r a t c h e t  // healer & protector \\ the medical hierophant
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  • spymeister
    17.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    💬 - for my muse to directly say a secret or confession

    There's a faint twitch from the Polyhexian's mouth as he exhales forcibly. Drift is regarded with a wry expression, felt- rather than seen because of the visor. Optics lid quietly as he racks his processor, attempting to fight the compulsion.

    Eventually, not even he can stand it for too long.

    "I've kindled twice-" he spits out, finally. "First one wasn't strong enough to form a support feeder and dissolved while I was still with the 'Cons."

    He turns his helm away- glancing upwards for a moment as he considers his next words carefully.

    "The second one was almost ready to be implanted in a frame, but didn't survive a Decepticon attack on the outpost I'd planted myself at. I'm pretty sure they were pissed I'd shifted sides, and either got me by chance- or tracked me there. Regardless, I woke up in the medbay with half my frame missing and no memory of how I got there."

    The smile that is given is somewhat brittle and edged with something sharp. His claws idly flex as he rests them on the table in front of him- before reaching for the glass of strong engex. He won't get inebriated, but at least it'll take the edge off of it.

    #j a z z [ hireath a home i don't know anymore ] [ and a peace i can't have ] #p a r i a h d r i f t // d e a d l o c k ┌ who is in the mirror ┘and who is the real me #content warning#trigger warning#baby mention #baby death mention #death mention
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  • eliaspetteysson
    17.05.2022 - 14 hours ago


    #w*nner's room is probs the best trope h*ckey r/pf has given us okay #what i'm saying is the battle of alberta: stanley cup playoffs edition better feed us well #bc i do need more m*ttdrai w that trope #b y e
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  • n3cr0t1z3
    17.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    you guys are killing me.

    i had written 1400 (!) personal posts on my old tumblr, none of which ever had gotten any notes or interaction at all...

    and now theres SO MANY of you already here bc of my damn furby?! IF I ONLY HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO THAT HE CAN BAIT PEOPLE uhjdrtghdfiufjnhiojoihjf

    its amazing, really.

    #necrothings #i only very recently found out #that theres such a t h r i v i n g furby fandom here #genuinely had no clue at all
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  • whipplefilter
    17.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    sexy dreams about sally 🤣 does lightning know what his manager thinks of his girlfriend

    For someone who tends to have very vivid dreams, Lightning does not often think about what anyone else dreams about, nor would it occur to him to discuss dreams with anyone. You wake up, and you're immediately a mile away. (Cruz talks about dreams a LOT, though. Funny dreams, creepy dreams, weird dreams.... you name it. So that's a new experience. Treating dreams as though they'd be a subject of conversation on this plane of existence.)

    But I digress. Lightning does not know and has never wondered what Harv dreams about. Harv thinks almost as little about it. Sally's attractive in many ways; of course she'd come up in a dream at some point. Harv's had a lot of sexy dreams, and Sally's is not one he lingers over. He doesn't wake up yearning and it's not something that comes to mind any time he and Sally have a waking interaction. It was a casual dream and Harv is zero amounts self-conscious about having had it. Channel-surfing, as it were.

    Even if Lightning were somehow to come into this information he probably wouldn't be all that pressed about it. Sally happens to find Harv one of the least appealing parts of her workweek, and it's not as though appearing in a dream would improve her opinion.

    "Oh, no, no. I'm feeling that subconscious pull. Completely at the whimsy of someone else's fantasy! I can see it now! The wedding! The glamor! The--pre-nup!" Sally swoons dramatically.

    "Ha. Ha. Can we go now?"

    "Do you think he's a Vegas man or a Hawai'i man?"

    "You're enjoying this, aren't you."

    "Or Dubai--"

    "Transparency! they say. Oh sure, a 'cornerstone' of--"

    "Can't talk now, Lightning. I need to call a caterer. For the wedding. In Dubai."

    "You're gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one, aren't you."

    "Would you like to be the ringbearer?"

    Lightning sighs. "Oh, sure. If you can afford my fee. Standard appearance, maybe a 15% friends and family discount. More off the top if you let me park the merch trailer on the midway. You know, I wouldn't have pegged you for an 'institution of marriage' kind of car."

    "Well, for tax purposes, it's a no brainer," Sally replies loftily. Then she turns to him. "What about you, Mr. Empty Cup?"


    "Your feelings," she says, eyes locked on his. "On the institution of marriage."

    Lightning flushes. Somewhere, in the deep recesses of his consciousness, a fan kicks on.

    "Nothing but a diamond lugnut?" she suggests.

    "I, uh--"

    "You have plenty of time to decide," she says, and kisses him slowly.

    "Long flight to Dubai, after all. Harv and I still need to write our vows, and for your pricetag, I'm going to expect you do write a speech, maybe do a burnout. You know, it's a ring, you're a ringbearer--"

    #harv #my man harv #the world's greatest agent #H A R V #lightning mcqueen#sally carrera#cars fandom#pixar cars#asks#salqueen
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  • florapaws
    17.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i’m a kazuaki apologist. kazuaki did nothing wrong. he’s just a poor little meow meow. i could fix him. i think he’s just really cool and smart for his holiday star plan and i support him all the way ❤️

    #YES this is obviously slash h #pls i seriously doubt hato ppl on tumblr r really that easy to bait but yeah #he’s able 2 be criticised for sure but i’m not interested in that conversation #hatoful boyfriend
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