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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    this song only makes me think about MIYA ATSUMU

    #haikyuu fluff #miya atsumu fluff #miya atsumu#miya twins #atsumu x reader #haikyuu atsumu#atsumu fluff#msby atsumu #atsumu x you #haikyuu miya osamu #Spotify
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  • hqtarotproject
    26.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    Two weeks left until our interest check closes!

    So many responses already and there’s still two weeks left for the Interest Check! If you still haven’t responded, this is your sign to do it! 🪄♣️

    Interest Check Link - https://forms.gle/7ZPECvqGKhEFbcrs9

    clickable link and carrd for more information is in our pinned post!

    rbs appreciated!

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  • awshire
    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    Lev isn’t a cat. Lev is a friendly wolf being raised among cats.

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  • peach-pot
    26.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    my bf and I ranked all the class 1A kids by how interesting they’d be as a member of a hypothetical future big 3 and then we gave a bunch of haikyuu!! characters quirks (or made them quirkless) it was very fun!!!!

    #we did it a bit ago but I think about it all the time so it’s still on my mind #we were watching haikyuu and we just reference the little quirks we gave them while watching #oh that character would have used their quirks in this scene <- like that #when I get back to my essay ranking all the characters as hypothetical members of the big three it’ll be so good !!!!! #cause now we’ve talked it all out :-) I know where I’m going with it a bit more #hannah talks sometimes #<3 lexicon
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  • ryusxke
    26.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago


    a kenma kozume × reader smau

    description: what happens when your management wants you to fake date another streamer for publicity? seems easy, if you didn't have a crush bigger than your storage

    remember: male implied reader but can also be gn with he/him preferred pronouns! steamer smau! blank & ageless blogs dni or im blocking you ^^

    warnings: swearing, suggestive themes at times cause my two favourite idiots r main characters, slight angst, mostly fluff, 1 homophobic comment on y/n tweet

    taglist: @shusbby

    note: and they finally meet! well kinda but we’re getting into the story ehehe enjoy!!

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    ryusxke 2022. reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated. please do not repost or modify on this or any other platform.

    #🎮—hs2c #kenma x gender neutral reader #kenma x gn!reader #kenma x male reader #kenma x reader #kenma kozume smau #kenma kozume x reader #haikyuu x gn!reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x male reader
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  • shoyotime
    26.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    🗗 LOVE AND OTHER CHALLENGES | k. akaashi

    precis. a tale of you and akaashi intertwined in strings of marriage and yet experiencing love for the very first time. or maybe, it's second.

    genre. arranged marriage, friends to lovers, fluff, minor like very minor angst, humour ( wc. ≃ 5.37k )

    warnings. fem ! reader ( sry bffies ) characters are aged up, some smooching at the end so slightly suggestive, mentions of food, lmk if you find anything else !

    note. very impulsive, very self indulgent, very much word vomit, i dont know what this is please i was half asleep when i wrote eighty percent of this so bear with me. i'd still tell you to read this, though. missed my sleep for this so you better reblog :‹ also this whole thing would make a tad bit more sense if you know the meaning behind all the flowers mentioned here :›

    it’s been a while since you last saw akaashi.

    well, that is if you ignore the fact that he’s sitting right in front of you, next to his parents while your parents are sitting next to you, the fragrance of strawberries and vanilla spinning in the air along with soft giggles and fluttering gazes.

    there’s a bouquet of irises, daffodils and certain other flowers you couldn’t seem to identify resting in one corner of the table. the clinking of glasses and spoons is distinguishable above the faint melodies of tchaikovsky’s playing in the background. but above all raises a question, one that pulls both you and akaashi out of your trail of thoughts.

    “do you want to talk among yourselves?”

    oh yes, please.

    and with one nod at his mother, you both excuse yourselves to a table resting in the last corner of the restaurant, away from everyone’s eye. well, away from your parents’, at least.

    “so how have you been?” is the first thing akaashi says, after thirty minutes of marriage discussion between both the families.

    you smile. “good, i suppose.”


    you can swear you and akaashi were better than this in high school. well, to sum it up, your conversations never ended with an awkward silence back then; and that would’ve been the case if you were sitting in front of him right now, meeting him like, five years later, thanks to an arranged marriage proposal brought up by your parents.

    “are you—”


    you both speak in unison, a series of laughter following soon after as you feel the atmosphere lighten.

    “you can go first.” he offers, and you gladly take the proposition.

    “are you okay with this?” the question catches him by surprise. honestly, you too think it’s a little awkward to bring it up abruptly. however, your parents are sitting a few tables across, probably guessing the names of their grandchildren, and you were never the type to beat around the bush. “i mean marriage, keiji. i know you didn’t expect to see me years later just to get married, none of us did.”

    another set of silence follows, but this time it’s not awkward. probably because you’re expecting the rejection. and honestly, who wouldn’t? even if it were you in his place, you would refute the proposal, despite the fact that you two have known each other for years or whatever. however, his next words leave you wondering if your ears are working perfectly or not.

    “i am perfectly fine with it,” he says shooting you a sweet smile, one that stirs a familiarly unfamiliar feeling in your stomach.

    “you don’t have a girlfriend?” now, this is when you lose your composure, coming out as an idiot to him but being your friend for years at least made him realize that ages ago.

    he chuckles. “what makes you think i do?”

    “only fools reject that face,” where’s the lie? anyone who has seen akaashi ends up with two conclusions. one, he already is in a relationship and second, he’s not interested in one. anything apart from those two seems out of character and overall, just doesn’t make sense.

    your brows furrow as he lets out a playful laugh, averting his eyes to the window next to your table. and you notice the way his eyes crinkle up into a crescent shape, his blue irises peeping through the gaps.

    “it’s not funny, keiji.” you deadpan. “as much as i’d like to marry someone i know, i also want you to be comfortable with this relationship. i know this can be hard for you so please, be honest.”

    he nods at your words and it seems so sarcastic, as if he finds humor in your concerns about a relationship that isn’t even official yet.

    “what about you?” you look at him with a curious gaze. “is it not hard for you to marry someone you don’t love?” and oh boy, where do you even start from?

    “i had a crush on you back in highschool.” that is everything that takes him to look at you with eyes wide open, his heart accelerating a little for an unknown reason.

    and talk about timing. before he could utter a single word, you see both of your parents approaching the two of you. you feel your cheeks heating up a little because of the recent confession and if you’re not wrong, if your eyes aren’t deceiving you, then there’s a faint tint of rose dancing on akaashi’s cheeks too.

    “did you talk?” your mom asks

    “we did,” you reply with a smile, taking a look at akaashi before setting your eyes upon your parents again. “however, we need a little time to decide.” you could hear the dads whispering, an unnoticeable frown resting upon your mom’s face which you manage to notice easily.

    “that’s fine! we’re not running out of time, are we?” and that’s a blatant lie. time might not be a problem, but akaashi is. and knowing him, he has several contradicting thoughts about marriage. you’re not trying to be a ‘know it all’ about him, but as someone who has witnessed him paying no attention to romantic aspects of life, you can at least guess that the major reason behind this proposal is not your mother, but his mother who probably complained about her son’s lack of interest in love.

    you shoot her a thankful smile, finally bidding your goodbyes before akaashi interjects the departures.

    “wait,” he interrupts a little too loudly, having a few stray gazes floating at him. “i’d like to marry y/n.”

    and there’s only one way to describe your amusement — the woman was too stunned to speak.




    “oh god, this sounds like one mov—”

    “kaori.” you cut in through his rambles about how much of a love ridden movie your life sounds like. “this is not a movie, it’s my life. i’m having a crisis over here!”

    “what’s the issue, yn?” the atmosphere gets heavier for a second. “didn’t you want to date akaashi?”

    “i wanted to date him, not marry him, especially after years of no contact!” you whine in a hushed manner, afraid that your mother will hear you. “besides, i have a feeling this won’t work.”

    “you can start by dating, though.” she suggests. “look, it’s not like you both are complete strangers. plus, akaashi seems to like you— platonically i mean— and that’s better than marrying someone you’ve never heard of in your entire life.”

    well, that’s true.

    “yeah, i know—” and then you hear your mom calling you downstairs, an exhausted sigh escaping your lips. “mom’s calling, let’s talk later.”

    you rush downstairs, only to see akaashi sitting in the living room with a bouquet of pink camellias and a saccharine smile dancing on his lips. and you remember asking ‘didn’t we meet just two days ago’ to yourself before greeting him with an soft ‘hello’ and taking a seat next to your mother.

    “i was wondering if we could catch up a bit,” you look at him with pure amusement. a part of you is panicking because your parents are right here, hovering their gazes over you and akaashi as if he’s asking you out on a date.

    unless, it actually is one.

    “of course, she can!” and you hate it when your mother answers the questions meant for you. “she has nothing better to do except reading that weird manga the whole day.” too much information, mom, too much.

    however, you’re glad she doesn’t remember the name of the manga. because imagine calling a manga weird when the writer is sitting right in front of you, and is about to marry your daughter in a few weeks.

    anyway, you excuse yourself to your room, shuffling through the closet for a decent dress, applying light makeup for the sake of looking presentable. you almost call kaori again before realizing that you certainly have better fashion sense than her.

    you rush downstairs once again, this time with a slightly flustered face because what if you don’t look good? however, the look on akaashi’s face says otherwise.

    “you look gorgeous.” filter, keiji, where’s the filter. your mom giggles under her breath, eyes your dad about something you fail to figure out. your parents are more excited about your marriage than you, and it makes you wonder if marriage is just a plan and they just want akaashi in their household. ( let’s be honest, they always liked akaashi a tad bit more, only because he doesn’t read manga all day, but who’s gonna tell them? )

    not a word is shared after that. both you and akaashi walk out as he offers you the flowers he bought, you assumed they were for your parents.

    “so, how have you been?” this time, you break the ice, striking up a conversation which doesn’t feel as awkward as the one held two days ago.

    “i’ve been working on a new manga so things are a little hectic,” he replies, leading you inside the bakery down street, pulling a chair for you to sit on. “but besides that, everything is good.”

    and it’s the manga once again. you chuckle, scanning through the menu. “i wonder how my mom would react if she knew that her favorite boy writes manga.”

    “let’s not tell her that,”

    and then what follows are the beads of laughter and tales about all the years you’ve lost. you learn that bokuto plans to ask his partner out, which is some kind of ‘big boy decision’ if phrased in bokuto’s words. akaashi tells you about a certain yellow haired setter— and he’s not the point of the conversation anymore. it’s his brother, all because akaashi loves the onigiris at his restaurant. and that’s the only lovesick expression you’ve ever seen on his face.

    akaashi being a love sick fool for miya onigiri. yeah, sounds about right.

    “we should go there someday,” he offers, more like he’s saying you must go because he loves that place and you would too. “you know, after getting married.” now that, you didn’t expect that.

    “i still don’t get why you want to marry me.” and it’s an honest question. people may call you a fool for trying to sabotage your seemingly perfect future married life, but you aren’t taking risks. well, that’s what we learnt from all the mangas we’ve read, right?

    he sends you a blank expression, trying to hide his smile. “because you like me?”

    “don’t bring that up!”

    “are you embarrassed?”

    “stop!” you cover your face with your hands, trying to calm your heart down. you’re regretting confessing to him that day. and thinking about it now, it was another one of your impulsive decisions that you regret. “besides, i liked you.”

    a dramatic gasp escapes his lips. “so you don’t like me anymore? what’s the point of getting married then?”

    oh, and you’re sure he’s teasing you, so you decide to give into his little games. “let’s say it’s because of the mangas.”

    another trail of laughter follows, another series of both of your hearts skipping a few beats, another piece of memory floats into your mind. you recall how you and akaashi met in a comic store, wanting to buy the recent edition of a manga that had only one copy left. so just like any other smart person, you both divide the price, proceeding to read it together at the nearby park.

    that day, you arrived home late— very late. so late that you received an earful from your mother. but you could care less. that was the best manga reading session you’ve ever had, and even better than best meet cute or whatever they call it in the stories.

    and just like that, the morning passes by in usual conversations. suddenly, akaashi doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore. well, he never was, but meeting him two days ago made you feel like you aren’t meeting the keiji you once knew. there was an unfamiliar haze in his eyes, and even though you knew the person sitting in front of you, you didn’t feel like knowing him at all.

    however now, there’s a familiar smile on his lips, one that made you fall for him, a knowing glint in his eyes, one that made you drown in his eyes every time you looked into them. the fuzzy feeling in your stomach returns, and you thought it was easy to bury someone’s feelings.

    “do you really not have a girlfriend?” you tease the question again as you both walk out of the bakery.

    “i don’t, yn!” he whines. “how many times should i repeat that for you?”

    “oh c’mon, a crush, maybe? there’s no way you don’t have someone you like.”

    “you’re right, i do have a crush.” a pause. you didn’t expect that. or maybe you did, that’s what you’ve been wanting to hear, because there’s no way the akaashi keiji doesn’t have a crush. so why is your heart aching so much? “but i’m marrying you, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

    and there it is again, the butterflies and all, and an eye roll initiated by you. you don’t know what to do, but one thing is for sure— akaashi has a crush, he’s marrying you, so in short : your relationship won’t work out.

    that’s how you muster up the courage to speak your next words. “let’s call off the engagement.” you look at him with dull eyes, still managing to pull a pleasant smile. “don’t give up on the one you love for me.”

    it hurts so much, you’re sure saying that took ten years from your life span.

    “hm, is that so?” and then you see him inching closer, one hand resting on your shoulder while the other reaches out for your hair, making your heart pick up a higher pace. on the cue, he pulls out a leaf stuck from your hair, taking a look at it before setting his eyes on your again. “i don’t think i’m giving up on the one i love by marrying you.”

    and then you zone out for a good ten minutes.




    “i hate him, kaori! i hate him so much!” you yell into your pillow— her pillow, actually, while she’s sitting on the other side of the bed, watching you exhibit animal behavior ( her words, literally )

    she sighs for the tenth time. “do you, though?”

    “gosh, i’m in love with him!” you exclaim into the pillow again, squealing and giggling like a five year old kid who got her favorite figurine in her happy meal. you’re sure you hear her saying ‘pick a struggle’ but honestly, you’re busy thinking about akaashi to even respond to her.

    you were such a fool to think it was impossible for old feelings to return. well, it’s just a family gathering. what could go wrong? you remember concluding this the day you were getting ready to meet his family. and much to your surprise ( or maybe not ) everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

    it took you everything to not call akaashi hot. wait, actually, akaashi has always been hot. the girls in high school didn’t fawn over him for nothing. but akaashi keiji, 22, shonen manga editor who has been publishing mangas under a pen name is hot.

    in those five years, akaashi had the glow up ( again, not like he ever needed. more like glow ups need akaashi, really ) and that’s when you knew that ‘it’s impossible for your feelings to return’ was bullshit, because the moment he stepped in, your heart started having a field day with those damned butterflies.

    “i don’t know what he means by that, though.” you sit up, looking at your friend who’s painting her nails, tired of the mess that your life is. “he says he loves someone, but he’s also not giving up on them by marrying me. what do you think that means?”

    kaori sighs. “you’re so dumb, it baffles me.”

    “hey!” you slap her arm, pouting at her response as you slide under the covers. “whatever, i’m going to sleep.” another lie, because bold of you to assume you could sleep when you have akaashi keiji hovering all over your mind.

    kaori’s right, maybe you’re stupid. it’s really stupid of you to marry someone who clearly has a crush, someone who clearly harbours feelings for someone and oh god, you feel so selfish. but maybe that’s what love does to you. for once, you think, being selfish isn’t as bad as people make it to be. after all, with love comes several other challenges, and one of them was making him fall in love with you too.

    oh, well, everything side, you need to sleep. that’s the most difficult challenge right now, considering your brain won't stop playing the previous events with akaashi.




    nothing helps, you need to be brainwashed.

    how does one even fall so deep in love that it’s hard to sleep?

    anyway, you make your way to the balcony, careful to not wake your friend up as you slip into your cardigan. you wonder if it’s actually colder than usual, or if it’s just your mind. maybe it’s just your mind. because you look at the sky, the moon looks prettier, the sound of wind hustling through dry leaves feels like music to your ears. you pull the cardigan closer to your body, a smile dancing on your lips. however, a notification from your phone interrupts your sweet moment.

    akaashi :

    you should sleep — 3 : 37 am

    you :

    how do you know i’m not sleeping? — 3 : 37 am

    akaashi :

    look to your right :) — 3 : 38 am

    and then you see him waving from a distance, standing next to a lamp post as a faint gasp escapes your lips. you run downstairs, cursing as you almost drop one of the antiques resting on a table in the living room.

    “what are you—” you’re cut off by akaashi wrapping his scarf around you, a wisp of air emerging from his lips.

    “you should stay warm.” he whispers, cheeks adorned by dust of red tints because of the cold winds engulfing the two of you. “and you should sleep, too.”

    you chuckle at his words. “you’re one to talk.” chortles back, offering you to put your hand in his as you both begin on your little stroll.

    it’s cold, it really is. you feel the cold breeze penetrating through your silk trousers, and you curse yourself for thinking it would protect you from the temperature outside. march has never been this cold, but no one can predict weather, can they? all you can say is that you’re glad akaashi’s holding your hand inside the pocket of his jacket, a faint blush waltzing on your cheeks as you smile against the soft scarf.

    it smells of calendulas, a fragrance almost similar to how you’d describe home. akaashi always had a sublime taste when it comes to fragrances.

    “what are you doing here, though?” you ask when you finally recall the reason why you hurried downstairs anxiously.

    “is it wrong for me to see my fiancée?” he responds with a smirk, eye you through his peripheral gaze.

    you take it back when you said akaashi feels familiar. he does not. seventeen year old akaashi didn’t have the confidence to tease you about everything you do. to be honest, it was the other way around. and you can imagine him saying, ‘oh how the tables have changed’ with a smug grimace. you wonder if he has been spending time with kuroo or one of the miyas.

    “is your mom aware that her son is out here with his fiancée instead of sleeping?”

    “she wouldn’t mind,” well, he’s right. “she really wanted us to get together ever since high school.” and you feel your cheeks heat up at his words again. actually, scratch that, it’s not the words. it’s the cold.

    yeah, it’s definitely the cold. because nothing else seems plausible.

    “you’re flustered,” his words pull you out of your thoughts, your eyes wide open at his statement. “do i fluster you, yn?”

    such a tease, you curse in your head. “you? fluster me? the delusion is high.” and you’re such a liar for speaking those words as if they’re nothing but the truth.

    you both stop in front of your house— again, it’s kaori’s house. he looks at you, you look at him, and the time freezes. there’s a comforting sensation in between you two. while everything around is shivering in cold, the calloused moon watches your heart melt at his sight. you wonder if it’s obvious that you’re still in love with him, even after all these years.

    “and when i do this?” he steps towards you, inching closer as his head dips down towards your lips, halting a few centimeters away. your heart is pacing infinitely, as if it’ll jump out of your chest. if that wasn’t enough, his hands find refuge on your waist, pulling you closer than you already are.

    and you’re only thinking about kissing him when he chuckles, stepping back, leaving you perplexed with a flushed face. “i think you should go back.” and that’s all he says before bidding you a good night as you watch him walk away through the dimly illuminated streets.

    you smile.

    maybe sleeping isn’t on tonight’s list.




    the next week almost feels monochromatic.

    you haven’t even heard from akaashi. no calls, no texts, let alone hanging out together. while he has quite a tight schedule considering the busy person he is, but you couldn’t help but wonder if he’s spending time with the so-called person he has a crush on.

    the calls from his parents don’t stop, though. his mother hits you up every one to two days, asking if her son is treating you well, and you couldn’t help but just smile and say that yes, he is. well, you certainly can’t tell that you haven’t heard from her son in three days now, and everything makes you feel a little anxious about the marriage proposal.

    so, even when reading manga doesn’t seem to calm you down, you decide to seek comfort in an old friend.

    “just so you know, yn,” he says after much consideration, taking a sip from his hot chocolate. “akaashi isn’t the type to play anyone, especially you.”

    “i know,” you sigh, resting your arms on the table in front of you. “but i’m scared.” he puts his hand above you, rubbing soft circles on the back of your palm in an attempt to provide you solace.

    tanaka would know something about love, considering he spent a major part of his life pinning over kiyoko. and if there’s something you learnt from his story, it’s persistence. a major part of why you are still willing to have your shots at akaashi is tanaka and his forever inspiring story regarding his love life. ( honestly, it’s something he’s very proud of )

    “hey now c’mon, this isn’t the yn i knew in university. cheer up!” you smile at his words, receiving one back in response too. the universe may have deprived you of a potential love interest but it definitely gave you the best friends you could ever ask for. “shit— i have to go. but call me if you need anything, okay?”

    and with that, you both walk out of the little shop, him bidding you a soft goodbye with a kiss on your temple before hugging you, something that you appreciate a lot.

    they say that if things are set to go wrong, they will go wrong. there’s no stopping. just like now, when you turn around, your eyes rest upon akaashi as he stares at you from across the street. only ten seconds are left before the signal turns green again, and it makes you feel like you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff; only ten seconds to pull up, ten seconds to save yourself, and after that is just an empty void.

    but you’re smarter than the girl running across the road in front of you. you’ve always been the smarter one. so you pull out your phone, dialing the number on top of your contact list.

    a few rings pass, the signal turns green. akaashi picks up.

    “keiji i can ex—”

    he cuts you off. “let’s talk later.”

    a bus passes by, and akaashi is no longer in front of you.




    day five without akaashi.

    both the families are busy with the preparations and now that the engagement date has been finalized, tons of responsibilities have been bestowed upon you.

    however, everything feels like it has been built upon a pillar of lies. you’ve been tiptoeing around your friends and family, making sure you don’t make it obvious that there’s a huge misunderstanding between you and akaashi. something that can ruin everything.

    so, you keep feeding everyone with lies, a little too afraid that you'll make one mistake and you’d shatter everything into pieces.




    you’re not sure when the later comes for him. but every second ever since that incident feels suffocating. the thought about calling off the engagement slides into your mind. a part of you agrees. you can maybe postpone the engagement, at least. while another part of you keeps telling you to text akaashi.

    maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

    what if he’s busy with work? what if he’s busy with someone? well, what happened that day gives him a perfect reason to not marry you and instead, spend his life with the person he truly loves.

    and you keep staring at the ceiling, sighing occasionally before your mother comes in.

    “yn, are you busy?” you roll your eyes. if staring at the ceiling is considered working then sure, you’re busy; very busy. “keiji’s here.”

    suddenly, you aren’t busy anymore. hundreds of questions flood into your mind as you send your mom out of your room, proceeding to fix your look before following her ghosted steps.

    “um, my mom sent some takoyaki for you,” you’ve never had a more awkward conversation with akaashi before. you smile, the takoyakis are appreciated, but the flowers in the bouquet are not. you wonder if he actually picked a bunch of yellow carnations with a few daffodils because of their meaning or if he randomly chose them because they’re pretty.

    you wish it’s the latter one.

    there’s nothing left to say. so you mutter a soft thankyou before leading him out of the door, the atmosphere beckoning that there’s something that has to be addressed before it’s too late. and so, you take the initiative.

    “he’s just a friend,” you break the ice, making him look up at you. “tanaka, i mean. we’re close friends. he’s married.”

    akaashi doesn’t say a word. all he does is nod before taking his leave and driving away from your place. you wonder if you said something wrong. but there’s something you don’t know, and it’s the smile on his face that accompanies him through his drive back home.




    time feels slower when he’s not around.

    it’s hard to not panic about the situation when you told him everything, and all he did was nod and leave as if nothing really matters anymore. you can hear kaori calling you dumb for thinking this, but what if he’s in fact disappointed that you weren’t in a relationship, all because he couldn’t be with his crush?

    maybe you are dumb, especially for making akaashi sound like worst of the antagonists in those romance mangas.

    i need to see him. you whine again and your eyes settle on the scarf he left you almost a week ago. a pause in your inner monologue. yeah, you need to see him.




    “it’s 10 pm.” is the first thing he says after opening the door, offering to come inside. you raise your brows looking at his apartment, which is a little too spacious for someone who has been living alone.

    “i just wanted to return this scarf,” he takes the bag from your hand, mumbling something along the lines of ‘you could’ve returned this tomorrow.’ but honestly, a scarf is just an excuse. “by the way, thank your mom for the takoyakis,”

    “for sure,” he doesn’t even look at you because his eyes are too busy typing something on his phone. you wonder if it’s the love of his life.

    “so how are things between you and your crush?” he looks at you with eyes wide open as if he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. and you feel so stupid for asking that.

    “we didn’t talk for a few days but i met her today so we’re good,” he responds with a sweet smile and you can swear, it sounds a little too familiar for some reason.

    a trail of silence fills in the room along with the fragrance of hot chocolate that’s emerging from the kitchen. you’re left wondering if you should still agree to this whole proposal. he seems happy with her, you think. and despite all the years you’ve spent pining over him, you have no right to ruin their relationship.

    your heart aches, but it’s fine as long as he’s happy.

    “you know,” you speak, taking the cup from his hand. “i’d love to meet her some day.” you notice him trying to hide his smile as he takes a sip. and you wonder if there’s something funny about this situation.

    “she’s here, as we speak.”

    your brows raise in astonishment. “really? where?”

    a chuckle escapes his lips— one that you fail to notice— as you whip your head around, looking for her. akaashi thinks you’re cute, especially for being impossibly clueless.

    he places his cup aside as he leans against the counter, pulling you closer by your wrist before resting his hands on the corner of your waist. “right in front of me.”

    “oh,” and then you look at him with a stunned expression. “wait, what?”

    and then cue him laughing at your face as you look at him in disbelief. you step away from him, still processing the situation, because akaashi did not just watch you make a fool of yourself for over a week straight, not only in front of him but also two of your friends. ( your friends don’t even count, honestly. they’ve seen worse )

    “i hate you, keiji!” you exclaim, smiling uncontrollably at the relief that sets upon your heart, because no matter how much of a prank it was, the ‘crush’ really did have you on your toes.

    he laughs. “do you, though?”

    “shut up!” yes, and you still regret telling him about your crush on him that day. to be honest, you regret it even more. “and what if i tell you i cried myself to sleep everyday because of your silly prank?”

    he shrugs. “i’ll make it up to you,”


    and all he does is pull you closer once again, capturing your lips with his as his hands rest on your hips, smirking as you kiss back right away. you’re mad, you really are, but you can never be mad enough to not kiss him back, and snake your arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

    it feels euphoric the way his lips move in synchrony with yours, fitting like puzzle pieces. akaashi tugs you closer by your waist, a faint gasp escaping your mouth that dissolves immediately into your breaths mingling together.

    he pulls back, much to your disappointment, looking at you with love sick eyes and dust of pink sprinkled on his cheeks. “is that enough?”

    you press your lips into a thin line, pretending to think before planting a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. “hm, not sure. let’s do it again and then i’ll see if i can forgive you.”

    akaashi smiles, kissing you again, this time with a much slower pace as the moonlight graces you both with it’s magic. he tickles your neck, a series of giggles spinning around as you pull back, playfully slapping his arm. he stares at you for a brief second before reaching for your lips once again, mumbling a gentle ‘i love you’ against them as you give dwell into the kiss once again.

    and you remember thinking, maybe you shouldn’t forgive him at all.

    send an ask to join my hq taglist !

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  • hello05sworld
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    What should I write?

    Pov outsider from an OC of Haikyuu!! In which the OC ‘plays’ in the female team and it’s their age. And the OC is aroace. So no thirsting nor crushes.

    Soulmate au in which you have half an orange tattooed in your body that represents your soulmate. And the first time you touch the oranges will combine perfectly and the tatoos will change to two half oranges together.

    Jjk and Bnha crossover in which both exist in the same universe and it’s just characters meeting at different times of each series. Maybe it will develop into a plot. And itadori-centric (because he is much more depth that what people give him credit for).

    Instrospection on Kenma and burnout, with many metaphors and incorrect video game info. With many platonic relationships.

    Pov outsider in the straw hats where the OC gets into their ship to scape her home island full of marines and starts loving them little by little.

    Pjo time travel fic where Percy and Annabeth travel to when they are 11 and mess things up.

    Or should I just continue with my pov outsider for pjo?

    #pjo#one piece#haikyuu#hq kenma#ao3 #i need heeeeelp #i don’t know what to do #ao3 fic#pov outsider#soulmate #half an orange #is that a Spanish thing only?
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  • whatisreggieshortfor
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Getting Lost Can be Okay

    Your best friend had insisted on coming, something about one of the boys playing being a friend from middle school, so now here you were, searching through the different gyms and halls trying to find the one Karasuno was set to play in. You’d been wandering aimlessly, your friend refusing to ask anyone if they knew where it was until you eventually got separated by the crowd. When they had texted that they managed to find the right gym, you were about to give up and just go home when finally you caught sight of a black volleyball jacket. Knowing the colors you were looking for, it was easy to decide to follow him, but what caught you off guard were the whispers you heard around him.

    “That’s the grown man on Karasuno’s team!”

    “He looks so scary! Is he gonna hurt us if he catches us staring?”

    “I heard he’s been to juvie so you might be right.”

    The guy’s head seemed to burrow further into his shoulders as the whispers continued and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes before calling out, “Yo! Man bun!” He turned so slowly, like he was afraid you weren’t actually talking to him, before gesturing at himself shakily, and when you nodded he looked visibly more nervous. What were people afraid of exactly? He stopped moving, allowing to catch up to him, “You’re Karasuno, right? Cause I can’t find the game.”

    He nodded, clearly trying to gulp down his nerves. “D-did you want me to show you where it is?”

    “That’s exactly what I’d like you to do.”

    “A-alright!” Was he so nervous that he was losing his volume control? That response was so much louder than the other had been. As he turned to lead the way, you grabbed onto his sleeve, making him freeze and glance down at your hand.

    You just raised your eyebrow, “What? You might be tall as hell but I don’t want to lose you and be even more lost.” He nodded, but with the way he was shaking it was almost like he was vibrating with the movement, you looked around at the curious but scared faces before talking softly to him, “So, are you always this….for lack of a better word- frightened? No, that’s not it…anxious. That’s a good word for it.”

    He nodded again, and you noticed how he was trying to ignore the way people would glance at him and then hurry out of his way as he walked. “I- Uh- I have anxiety. Most people can’t really tell because I’m- I’m different on the court.”

    “And people think you’re an adult?”

    “Yeah, I- uh- I’m a third year but people think I’m older a lot.”

    “Well, that makes us about the same age. I’m a third year. So, have you been playing volleyball a long time, number three?” He looked confused that you still wanted to talk to him.

    “Yeah, I’ve been playing for most of my life at this point. And, uh- you can call me Asahi.”

    “What position do you play, Asahi?”

    “Oh-“ his eyes widened like he didn’t expect the question, “I’m…well, I’m a spiker.” You tossed that answer around in your head, you didn’t know much about the sport even though your friend was a player at your own school.

    “They’re the ones that jump and slam the ball down, right?”

    “Sort of,” the tall boy laughed, and you could see him relax a bit, “People on both sides of the net tend to jump when the ball is slammed down. The spiker, who is offensive, and the middle blockers, who are defensive. But during a match both players could end up doing both positions.”

    “So, you could block when the other team is spiking?”

    “Exactly.” He gave you a nervous smile as he came up to a set of gym doors, “Our game is in here, who- uh, who were coming to watch?”

    “Oh shit….” You smacked your forehead trying to remember his name, “Daichi, I think? I got separated from my friend, but he wanted to come see him play since they played together in middle school. You guys beat our team, but he was talking about formidable players on your team.”

    “Daichi is our captain, one of my best friends. Your friend was probably talking about Hinata and Kageyama. They have a quick attack that everyone loses their minds over.” He looked at the floor, why did he look sad?

    You shrugged, “Are either of them referred to as Ace?”


    “That’s who was a big deal to my friend, because he was busting through their blocks or something. It was why I agreed to come. It sounded cool.” You looked around and found the stairs up to the viewing area before you bowed to him, “Anyway, thank you for leading me. I’m excited to see you win.”

    “You think we’ll win?”

    You stood up straight and gave him a smile, “You’d better. If my school lost, it better be to someone that makes it to the finals.” You waved before he could reply, making your way up to the stands and your friend who was waving his arms for you to spot him.

    “Hey, Y/N! You ready to see this thing?”

    “I’m ready to see someone in action.” You smirked and turned to where the teams were warming up.

    It wasn’t long before the first set was over and the boys were breaking for water, and you could tell from the crowd’s reaction reaction when the quick attacks the spiker had told you about happened, and you could also see what he meant about being different on the court. He appeared confident down there, braver. Who could blame you for the cheers that ripped from your throat when his spikes scored? Apparently the guys behind you.

    “Are you like his sibling or something?” At first you just ignored it, figuring they were talking to somebody else, but that blew out the window when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

    Exchanging a glance with your friend, you turned around, “Can I help you?”

    “Just wondering why you were cheering for the crows. Nobody is expecting them to make it very far, so are you like dating the guy or what? Is he just robbing the cradle?”

    You blinked at this guy, “I only met him today, but we’re both third years?”

    “So what then? Did he scare you into supporting them?”

    “Why does it matter so damn much to you?” The guy almost recoiled at your tone, and your friend looked like he was torn between laughing and panicking about the situation. “You do not know me, and you do not know Asahi, so why do you care who the hell I’m cheering for? Why do you care about the why? Nobody asked for your damn input.” The crowd around you was damn near silent as your voice overpowered their conversations, “Karasuno clearly isn’t as ‘flightless’ as I keep hearing about, so if you can’t shut your fucking mouth and let us just enjoy the game, go sit somewhere else or I’m gonna take one those volleyballs and shove it right up your ass.” The guy grew red in the face, eyes darting at the players and spectators that stopped what they were doing as you yelled at him before he got up and shuffled away to a further corner of the stands, and you almost ignored the whole situation until you heard the short boy with the blonde streak on the team.

    “Wait, that’s him!? Asahi, you undersold it!!” You turned back to the court to see Asahi turn bright red before he buried his face in his hands.

    “Ha, cute.”

    Your friend just blinked at you, opening his mouth, only to be interrupted by two blonde girls running up to you, the older one was clearly bolder, “Hey! I’m Saeko, and this is Yachi. She’s a manager for Karasuno. We saw the way you stood up for the boys, and I’m glad you did because I would’ve said something if no one else did. You got guts, kid! So, we were wondering if you wanted to join us to root them on!” Did- did she even breath during that?

    “Uh, sure, I guess?”

    “Great!” Before you could even stand up on your own, Saeko grabbed your wrist and your friend’s and started to drag you both toward their seats. There were a few older guys in the seats around them, but the way Saeko fell into easy conversation with them, and the way one kept praising one of Karasuno’s players’s serves made you realize that you’d found their very small fan club. You took a seat next to the nervous blonde girl, Yachi you think she was called, and waved at Asahi when you saw him glance where you had been sitting. When he looked your way, you nudged Yachi and the two of you gave him double thumbs up, that he returned with a nervous smile and a shaky one of his own.

    “S-so, you, Uh, you met Asahi today?”

    You blinked before you turned to the younger girl, “Yeah! I was having trouble finding the gym, but I saw him and asked him to show me the way.”

    “He- he didn’t scare you?” You frowned at the question, and she quickly shook her hands in front of her, “I just mean that his appearance! He usually scares people when they first meet him! I screamed there was a murderer at the gym the first time we met!”

    You laughed at that, giving her a smile, “I think he’s really nice. I don’t see how he scares anyone with how anxious he is. Kind of like you.” You looked at the way her shoulders stayed tense and her fingers jittered about in front of her, “You have anxiety, too?”

    The poor girl squeaked, “Yes! I’m sorry!”

    You just patted her shoulder, “I know you feel the need to apologize, but anxiety isn’t your fault and you don’t need to be sorry about it, okay?” She gave you a shaky smile, and you grinned right back at her, “You both are just adorable.”

    Your friend let out a laugh as Yachi stiffened and her face flushed, he leaned over and whispered loudly enough for her to her, “You shouldn’t do that to the poor girl, Y/N, at least tell her you’re gay if you wanna sound flirty.”

    “Ah, yes. The dilemma of not being able to dress in rainbows all the time.” You chuckled, “Sorry, yes, I am gay. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

    She nodded, seeming more relaxed, and you wondered if she was scared before because you were older…or because you were a guy?

    When the second set ended, everyone in your section was on their feet screaming as Karasuno won the match. Just like before, Saeko grabbed your wrist, pulling you toward the stairs and toward the team, before she dropped it to jump on the boy with the shaved head. A grey haired boy sporting the number two came up to you, “You’re the one Asahi led here?” You nodded cautiously, but the boy just grinned mischievously before he leaned in to whisper loudly in your ear, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but when you yelled at that guy, Asahi said he was in love.” Before you could fully process his words, the boy that seemed to be the captain grabbed number two’s jersey.

    “Suga, leave them alone. You’re gonna give Asahi a heart attack.” You followed the dark haired boy’s gaze to where the taller third year was staring at you with the same bright red face he had earlier.

    Your friend just snickered, “And now he’s gonna die.”

    Daichi just seemed to smirk as you walked over to Asahi, grinning up at him, “You did really good out there, Ace.” With a wink you leaned a little closer, “But you looked even better.”

    And that’s how Asahi died.

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x male reader #azumane asahi #asahi x reader #asahi x male reader
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  • danishima
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Same Old Goodbyes- Atsumu x Reader

    this is the part two of “save your tears”

    He was drinking. It was late, probably past 4 am. He was still at the bar they came with his team to celebrate their new win. By now there were very few people left and there was only one reason Atsumu was here long after his friends were gone. That reason being you.

    Sitting by yourself. You came here an hour after he did, yet you still haven’t seen him. Were you purposefully acting like you didn’t or did you actually not spare him even one glance? You came with your friends just like he did. But as the night went on you were left alone. Just like him. Now there you were, rubbing circles on your wine glass as you stared out the window just like you did in the car where he last saw you. Two years, was it? Almost two years since that night. You haven’t changed much since college. Still the same stance you had back than, the one that made people turn to look at you. And the same look in your eyes. He was too engulfed by you that he than realized your eyes met his and you were staring back at him.

    Standing at the bar, not knowing what to do next he decided it was best to leave. He didn’t want to complicate things. He wanted you to be happy, something that could only happen if he was gone.

    He grabbed his coat, payed for the drinks he had and walked towards the door.

    “Leaving without saying a word again are you?” Your voice reached his ears as he turned back in surprise. He didn’t think you would actually talk to him.

    “Ya got me…” You gestured him to come next to you with your head. He sat down on the chair next to you, mind still fuzzy from this sudden interaction and the alcohol. You took another sip from the glass in your hand and wiped your mouth. Feeling uncomfortable, Atsumu was the one talking first “I thought you were ignoring me.” You let out a quick laugh “I didn’t see you until I caught you staring.” “Believe it or not not every women in the world is looking for Atsumu Miya at a bar late at night.” Scratching his neck in embarrassment he also smiled. “Yeah, guess so.”

    “Speaking of which, any news in the romance department? I am very curious what you were up to after me.”

    You tilted your head playfully, it was your mannerisms that made him realize you were drunk. It was probably the reason you were sitting with him right now.

    Then he took a second to think of an answer. He could tell you anything and you wouldn’t remember it so he answered honestly.

    “Not much, no real relationships but yeah lots of one night stands. Though it’s only sex.” He didn’t mean to say the last part out loud. Maybe he was also a bit tipsy. But thinking about it it was true. As much as he hated to say this those hookups meant very little to him and he swore to never think about it again but, in each one you popped up in his mind.

    “How bout you?” You closed your eyes and leaned back

    “Same old, same old...” After saying that you straightened up and sighed

    “Well not the same after you but you know what I mean.” Mouth slightly agape upon hearing you be so honest he nodded.

    You two sat in silence once again. You often found yourself like this with Atsumu, silence but comfortable in a way. But this silence wasn’t comfortable like the ones you two used to have while you were dating.

    The silence was broken by the song playing at the almost empty bar. You recognized the song from somewhere but couldn’t figure it out.

    You could feel yourself getting heavier as your eyelids fought the urge to close. Atsumu must have noticed since he spoke “You are too drunk to drive.” You didn’t say anything and just nodded. “Do you want me to take you home? I didn’t have that much to drink.” Getting up, you said “Sure, you know where I live anyways.”

    Atsumu opened the car door for you to get in as you drunkenly smiled and teased him about being a secret gentleman. He smiled too, but you couldn’t remember what you said. The car ride was short, or you felt like that because you fell asleep the moment you rested your head on the car seat.

    You woke up with gentle hands tapping on your cheek. “(y/n)? We’re here.” You slowly blinked open your eyes as you wiped the drool on the corner of your mouth. “Hmm, once again we are saying goodbye in a car. Should this become an annual thing?” You were still not quite sober yet. Pushing open the door you looked at him once again like you did that night. You waited for him to say something again. And this time

    He did.



    “What if it wasn’t goodbye this time?”

    a/n: this is kinda ass but I like the open ending??? anyways my exams are over and I got a 35 on math! we will try harder next year people!

    #atsumu fic#atsumu angst #atsumu miya x reader #atsumu miya #atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fic#haikyuu angst #dani’s words 📼
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  • shoulmate
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Iwaizumi's mind is racing. You're here.

    You're here.

    There's a dozen different post-game responsibilities he has but he doesn't care. This is more important.

    You are more important.

    He leads you to the JVA office that's thankfully empty. You, the generous person as always, sit and hear him out, his thoughts and feelings leading up to that day when he broke your heart. Why he broke your heart. When he falls silent and gives you space to speak you're not sure what to say so he asks the question he's been dreading.

    "How is your dad?"

    You grip the edge of your seat. "He passed away a few years ago, Haji."

    "I... I'm so sorry."

    You meet his sorrowful gaze with tears. "You should be. You could have been with me, could have loved me and supported me through it. We could've been together all this time." You sniffle and futilely wipe your cheek. "Instead you didn't even consult me when you decided what my future was going to be."

    Iwaizumi's heart is breaking, knowing he made the wrong choice.

    You stand. "I don't have anything else to say, Iwa." You see the hurt in his eyes but you don't let it dissuade you. "Take care of yourself."

    And you're gone.

    Iwaizumi feels the soul-crushing emptiness the same that you must have felt all those years ago and puts his head in his hands to sob, Olympics long forgotten.

    It's chilly.

    The autumn wind cuts through your clothes and you pout. "Geez, dad. You could've at least given me nicer weather today."

    The path to his resting place is a familiar once that's become a walk of meditation. Introspection. And since you returned from the Olympics you've been plagued with the memories of your conversation. Of Iwaizumi. Visiting your dad gives you space to clear your mind and you use the walk think about everything you want to tell him. You don't need to look up to know where you're going.

    The sound catches your attention first. It's soft, someone crying who doesn't want to be heard and instantly pulls at your heart.

    You look up and see Iwaizumi Hajime kneeling at your dad's grave.

    #haikyuu#haikyuu drabbles #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x gn!reader #haikyuu time skip #haikyuu angst #iwaizumi hajime x reader #haikyuu iwaizumi#iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi hajime x you #iwaizumi angst #i def can't tag thia one with any fluff #can i even call it drabble anymore? #part three
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  • kit-is-a-weeb
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Oinoya again

    I'm probably gonna have some more art of them done this weekend if I don't get insanely busy

    I have so many ideas >:D

    #oinoya #haikyuu!! #anime rarepair #work is killing me #i promise you i'll try
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  • zbops
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    This started as one idea and quickly ran in a different direction

    Tendou Satori x Reader; not explicit smut, but it is mentioned; fluff; gn!reader, reader's sex is not mentioned or alluded to, nor are their genitals; switch!Satori; switch!reader; mentions of/ideations to missionary sex, public sex, assisted masturbation


    Tendou's the kind of boyfriend who will nuzzle into your face with his nose, the tip of it running across your temple, your cheekbone, your jaw; it all depends on where he is beside you at the moment. Don't worry, he won't make a scene or embarrass you in public with the nuzzling. He pays super close attention to the citizens around you, if you're both out and about. Japan isn't big on pda, but Tendou sure is lol

    The man wants to be touching you 24/7, not because he's a pervert, but because the two of you don't get to see each other much. Your job keeps you in Japan and his in France. You have no idea how often he dreams about living in the same apartment together, going grocery shopping, reading manga, you name it, he's had The Dream ™.

    You're in bed together, tangled up in each other, Satori balls deep inside you, his nose pressed into your temple, his breath hot on your cheek when you mention a job opportunity in France. His long, thin dick flexes inside you as he pauses, his breath caught in his throat.

    "I'll have to go through the interview process at work, but if I get it, that means I'll be moving within the year," you say, slightly out of breath yourself, "so we would be able to see each other more, if you wanted."

    Tendou moaned. He couldn't believe how lucky he was, how cute you are, asking him for his permission to move closer to him like he hasn't wanted to climb into your skin since the first day you walked into the classroom and laughed at his jokes in high school. As if he didn't already want to kiss you silly without needing to plan an entire plane ride around it. As if he hadn't impulse bought a bunch of kitchen appliances because you mentioned some food at restaurants that sounded good that he wanted to try to make for you.

    Tendou placed his forehead against yours to look you in the eyes. "Please do. Please," he begged, running the tip of his nose against the bridge of yours, rolling his hips slowly into your pelvis, impaling you gently over and over, caressing your insides and your face as he kissed you senseless.

    The waiting was the worst!! The two of you waited for the interview, waited for the second interview, waited for the results, waited for the location, waited for the tickets, waited for the flight. Fuck waiting for the apartment, Tendou's got a perfectly good one 45 minutes from your office! You don't even have to drive, the metro is right there and it's always on time!

    Your boss gave you a month to prepare your living arrangement, but since it was already taken care of, you got to enjoy a little vacation with Tendou. Sure, you had to go buy a couple things from the store, but honestly, Satori went out and bought a TON before you even bought the plane ticket. Hell, he even made the guest bedroom your office, moving his smaller manga bookshelves into the den. Both of your parents could stay in a hotel nearby when they came to visit, at least until the two of you decided on a bigger apartment (maybe) or bought a hideaway bed (also maybe).

    Thank goodness France was more accepting of pda, because even at the store, Tendou couldn't keep his hands off you. Whether it was a wide palm on your lower back, his fingers wrapped around yours, his nose against your cheekbone, Satori needed to touch you or he might just DIE.

    Okay, he was exaggerating, but knowing you were with him for the long haul meant he got to hold you every night and his brain was drowning in endorphins, begging him to cling to you harder and longer. It took everything he had not to wrench your clothes off of your body right there in the middle of the office supply store and fill you with his fingers, to feel your pulse jump, his face buried in your neck.

    You'd barely made it to the few reservations you set because he would cling to you, wrapped around you like a koala, stealing every ounce of heat from your vulnerable body laid out so comfortably in your shared bed. And how could you scold him when he looked up at you, his fox-like eyes so bright and dazzling that you wanted to make them glitter all day every day, as you stroked his cock shallowly with one hand because he couldn't stand to disentangle himself from around your side.

    While not every day could be bliss, it was hard to focus on the bad when you got to come home to each other, a warm bed, eager hands, and hot meals shared between you both.

    With you by his side, every day felt like paradise.

    #satori tendou smut #tendou satori smut #gn!reader #haikyuu smut
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  • hannahshouyu
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! HES JUST SO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    #hq!! #haikyuu 402.1 #i’m crying FORREAL #ive missed them all so much #kuroo tetsurou #i love his dumb lil face
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  • iwaoiincorrectquotes
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    iwaizumi: did oikawa just tell me he loved me for the first time?

    matsukawa: yeah.

    iwaizumi: and did i just do finger guns back?

    matsukawa: yeah, you did.

    #iwaoi #haikyuu!! incorrect quotes #iwaizumi hajime#oikawa tooru #oikawa x iwaizumi #haikyuu iwaizumi#haikyuu oikawa #haikyuu!!
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  • iveebeenthink
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ★ haikyuu layouts (つ≧▽≦)つ •

    like or reblog if you save
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  • osamuplanet
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Haikyuu Boys drawing a heart with their tip pt. 2

    Characters: Nishinoya, Kageyama, Hinata, Atsumu & Kenma (x f!reader)

    #haikyuu fake texts #haikyuu x y/n #Nishinoya#Kageyama#Hinata#Atsumu#Kenma#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu smau#hq smau #hq fake text
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Y'all see characters like Loid Forger, Terushima Yuuji, etc. and think gawd damn this man is hot 💛👄💛


    Eguchi Takuya is soooo fine and cute and funny and tall and oof I'll stop

    One or my favorite seiyuus 💳💥💥😩

    10+ likes(that's all I get lmao 🥲) and I'll make more seiyuu appreciation posts because they're slept on

    #loid forger#eguchi takuya#anime#haikyuu terushima #loid spy x family #spy x family #loid x reader #yuji terushima#haikyuu fluff #spy x family fluff #haikyuu hcs #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fic#haikyuu smut #haikyuu smau series
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  • inuokk0
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i can't stop thinking about this au: spyxfamily but bokuaka as twiyor and kagehina as damianya. akaashi as twilight/loid, bokuto as yor, hinata as anya and kageyama as damian. JUST IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES, THE CAOS, EVERYTHING

    #sxf #spy x family #haikyuu!! #hq!! #haikyuu#bokuaka#kagehina#twiyor#damianya #i would be so fun #hinata is chaotic enough to be anya #betty is kenma #idk who could be emile and ewen tho #KIYOKO IS THE HANDLER KIYOKO IS THE HANDLER #i won't write nothing about it bc i don't have the focus #spyxfamily
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  • osamuplanet
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Haikyuu Boys drawing a heart with their tip

    Characters: Kuroo, Oikawa, Osamu, Suna, Terushima, Matsukawa & Hanamaki (x f!reader)

    A/n: This is a repost from my old blog that got flagged @/akaxosa, I hope this one won't get flagged as well

    #i added Makki too bc i love him #haikyuu fake texts #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #Kuroo#Oikawa#suna#osamu#Terushima#Matsukawa#Hanamaki#haikyuu smau #hq fake text #hq smau
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    now you did, have an amazing day





    This man I sooooo fine just googoo gaga woof woof bark bark grrrrrrr

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