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  • danishima
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Same Old Goodbyes- Atsumu x Reader

    this is the part two of “save your tears”

    He was drinking. It was late, probably past 4 am. He was still at the bar they came with his team to celebrate their new win. By now there were very few people left and there was only one reason Atsumu was here long after his friends were gone. That reason being you.

    Sitting by yourself. You came here an hour after he did, yet you still haven’t seen him. Were you purposefully acting like you didn’t or did you actually not spare him even one glance? You came with your friends just like he did. But as the night went on you were left alone. Just like him. Now there you were, rubbing circles on your wine glass as you stared out the window just like you did in the car where he last saw you. Two years, was it? Almost two years since that night. You haven’t changed much since college. Still the same stance you had back than, the one that made people turn to look at you. And the same look in your eyes. He was too engulfed by you that he than realized your eyes met his and you were staring back at him.

    Standing at the bar, not knowing what to do next he decided it was best to leave. He didn’t want to complicate things. He wanted you to be happy, something that could only happen if he was gone.

    He grabbed his coat, payed for the drinks he had and walked towards the door.

    “Leaving without saying a word again are you?” Your voice reached his ears as he turned back in surprise. He didn’t think you would actually talk to him.

    “Ya got me…” You gestured him to come next to you with your head. He sat down on the chair next to you, mind still fuzzy from this sudden interaction and the alcohol. You took another sip from the glass in your hand and wiped your mouth. Feeling uncomfortable, Atsumu was the one talking first “I thought you were ignoring me.” You let out a quick laugh “I didn’t see you until I caught you staring.” “Believe it or not not every women in the world is looking for Atsumu Miya at a bar late at night.” Scratching his neck in embarrassment he also smiled. “Yeah, guess so.”

    “Speaking of which, any news in the romance department? I am very curious what you were up to after me.”

    You tilted your head playfully, it was your mannerisms that made him realize you were drunk. It was probably the reason you were sitting with him right now.

    Then he took a second to think of an answer. He could tell you anything and you wouldn’t remember it so he answered honestly.

    “Not much, no real relationships but yeah lots of one night stands. Though it’s only sex.” He didn’t mean to say the last part out loud. Maybe he was also a bit tipsy. But thinking about it it was true. As much as he hated to say this those hookups meant very little to him and he swore to never think about it again but, in each one you popped up in his mind.

    “How bout you?” You closed your eyes and leaned back

    “Same old, same old...” After saying that you straightened up and sighed

    “Well not the same after you but you know what I mean.” Mouth slightly agape upon hearing you be so honest he nodded.

    You two sat in silence once again. You often found yourself like this with Atsumu, silence but comfortable in a way. But this silence wasn’t comfortable like the ones you two used to have while you were dating.

    The silence was broken by the song playing at the almost empty bar. You recognized the song from somewhere but couldn’t figure it out.

    You could feel yourself getting heavier as your eyelids fought the urge to close. Atsumu must have noticed since he spoke “You are too drunk to drive.” You didn’t say anything and just nodded. “Do you want me to take you home? I didn’t have that much to drink.” Getting up, you said “Sure, you know where I live anyways.”

    Atsumu opened the car door for you to get in as you drunkenly smiled and teased him about being a secret gentleman. He smiled too, but you couldn’t remember what you said. The car ride was short, or you felt like that because you fell asleep the moment you rested your head on the car seat.

    You woke up with gentle hands tapping on your cheek. “(y/n)? We’re here.” You slowly blinked open your eyes as you wiped the drool on the corner of your mouth. “Hmm, once again we are saying goodbye in a car. Should this become an annual thing?” You were still not quite sober yet. Pushing open the door you looked at him once again like you did that night. You waited for him to say something again. And this time

    He did.



    “What if it wasn’t goodbye this time?”

    a/n: this is kinda ass but I like the open ending??? anyways my exams are over and I got a 35 on math! we will try harder next year people!

    #atsumu fic#atsumu angst #atsumu miya x reader #atsumu miya #atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fic#haikyuu angst #dani’s words 📼
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  • shoulmate
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Iwaizumi's mind is racing. You're here.

    You're here.

    There's a dozen different post-game responsibilities he has but he doesn't care. This is more important.

    You are more important.

    He leads you to the JVA office that's thankfully empty. You, the generous person as always, sit and hear him out, his thoughts and feelings leading up to that day when he broke your heart. Why he broke your heart. When he falls silent and gives you space to speak you're not sure what to say so he asks the question he's been dreading.

    "How is your dad?"

    You grip the edge of your seat. "He passed away a few years ago, Haji."

    "I... I'm so sorry."

    You meet his sorrowful gaze with tears. "You should be. You could have been with me, could have loved me and supported me through it. We could've been together all this time." You sniffle and futilely wipe your cheek. "Instead you didn't even consult me when you decided what my future was going to be."

    Iwaizumi's heart is breaking, knowing he made the wrong choice.

    You stand. "I don't have anything else to say, Iwa." You see the hurt in his eyes but you don't let it dissuade you. "Take care of yourself."

    And you're gone.

    Iwaizumi feels the soul-crushing emptiness the same that you must have felt all those years ago and puts his head in his hands to sob, Olympics long forgotten.

    It's chilly.

    The autumn wind cuts through your clothes and you pout. "Geez, dad. You could've at least given me nicer weather today."

    The path to his resting place is a familiar once that's become a walk of meditation. Introspection. And since you returned from the Olympics you've been plagued with the memories of your conversation. Of Iwaizumi. Visiting your dad gives you space to clear your mind and you use the walk think about everything you want to tell him. You don't need to look up to know where you're going.

    The sound catches your attention first. It's soft, someone crying who doesn't want to be heard and instantly pulls at your heart.

    You look up and see Iwaizumi Hajime kneeling at your dad's grave.

    #haikyuu#haikyuu drabbles #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x gn!reader #haikyuu time skip #haikyuu angst #iwaizumi hajime x reader #haikyuu iwaizumi#iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi hajime x you #iwaizumi angst #i def can't tag thia one with any fluff #can i even call it drabble anymore? #part three
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Y'all see characters like Loid Forger, Terushima Yuuji, etc. and think gawd damn this man is hot 💛👄💛


    Eguchi Takuya is soooo fine and cute and funny and tall and oof I'll stop

    One or my favorite seiyuus 💳💥💥😩

    10+ likes(that's all I get lmao 🥲) and I'll make more seiyuu appreciation posts because they're slept on

    #loid forger#eguchi takuya#anime#haikyuu terushima #loid spy x family #spy x family #loid x reader #yuji terushima#haikyuu fluff #spy x family fluff #haikyuu hcs #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fic#haikyuu smut #haikyuu smau series
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago


    now you did, have an amazing day





    This man I sooooo fine just googoo gaga woof woof bark bark grrrrrrr

    #anime #suna rintaro fluff #suna rintaro haikyuu #suna rintaro drabbles #suna rintaro fanart #haikyuu suna#suna rintarō #suna rintaro scenarios #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu fic#haikyuu atsumu #haikyuu miya osamu #haikyū!!
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  • rintones
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Characters -> Miya Osamu, Bokuto Kotaro, Dachi Sawamura, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Suna Rinataro
    author’s note -> this is so self-indulgent and unoriginal I’m sorry. I’m in my Ushijima phase rn ugh <3

    #MIYA OSAMU notices how you can't sleep without a fan running. In all the times he’s slept over, he’s noticed how you had a fan running come rain or shine, winter or summer, you always had it on. So when you sleep at his house he makes sure to always have his fan on, even if he's freezing to death. “Hold on a sec darlin’, gotta turn ma fan on.”

    #BOKUTO KOTARO notices that your dimples are uneven. The right one was slightly higher than the left one and he thought it was the cutest flaw–he would never consider it a flaw because to him you have no flaws– to have. “Aren't you the cutest thing in the world, hm?”

    #DAICHI SAWAMURA notices the way your toes wiggle when you're anxious. It took him a while to even suspect this habit because he never stared at your feet or even paid attention to them. But now that he knows he prides himself on the fact that nobody else could know this about you unless they were as obsessed with you as he was. When you get anxious at home he lifts your feet into his lap and holds them. It never fails to make you blush. “You’re ok baby, I got you.”

    #USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI notices how your eyes are overly sensitive. Well he didn't really notice because you told him after he kept asking why you were upset because your eyes were constantly watering. But now that he knew he always keeps a tube of eye drops with him and he always stops you from rubbing your eyes because he knew they would irritate. “Don’t rub them sweetheart, it'll only make it worse.”

    #SUNA RINATARO notices how you always carry a little plastic bear wherever you go. No matter what, he can always find it on your person. He even turns it into a little game. Everytime he sees you he’ll try to find it and take it from you without you noticing. “Hey pretty, where’d your little bear go.”

    #ˏˋrintones postˊˎ #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #suna x reader #suna x y/n #suna fluff#miya osamu #miya osamu x reader #osamu x y/n #osamu fluff #bokuto x reader #bokuto x y/n #bokuto fluff #daichi x y/n #daichi x reader #daichi fluff #ushijima x reader #ushijima x y/n #ushijima fluff
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  • river-demon-slayer
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sakusa Kiyoomi doesn't likes spicy or sour food. Spicy food makes him sweat a lot (its gross according to him) and his face goes red due to the heat (which he hates), while sour food leaves a weird taste in his mouth (he will brush his teeth multiple times if he has to eat anything sour).

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  • kiyelle
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ♡ 1-800-destiny - [oikawa tooru]

    note: for my lovely caelin! happy birthday bff i love you so much @shoyotime <3

    when it comes to remembering things other than plays or techniques, oikawa admittedly doesn’t have a very good memory. so that’s why he had the amazing idea of writing the number his new coach had given on the back of his hand, until he was able to finally return home to where he had left his phone behind.

    but now he’s found another flaw of his, his handwriting. he still sighs, slightly blowing his hair out of his eyes, as can’t for the life of him discern what the last digit of the number is. an eight perhaps? or maybe a squashed six, who knows? it’s only after staring hopelessly at the scrawled ink on his arm for ten minutes that he decides to just call the number over and over with a different last digit until he finds his coach.

    half an hour later he’s talked to a range of different people, some nice and understanding while others were less… but now he’s down to the last two possible digits it could be, an eight or a nine. he types in the number for what feels like the thousandth time and throws himself back on his bed in frustration as it dials.

    “hello?” you call out through his phone, and oikawa instantly freezes. he props himself up and searches for words but he’s left grasping at thin air. he knows this voice, it’s your voice. “um… is anyone there? i’d rather you don’t waste my time,” you continue while he’s still shocked into silence, “YES! i mean, yes i’m here” he wants to hit himself what kind of response is that, he thinks.

    “alright… so who is this?” you press on growing a little impatient with this mystery man. at this point oikawa’s pacing before his bed, he doesn’t know whether to thank the universe for throwing you back into his life, or to curse it.

    you’re the first person he ever truly loved, and you’ll probably be the last too because no one will ever have such an effect on him. just the sound of your voice after ages of not hearing it has every nerve in his body alight. you dated for a while but conflicting schedules and little time together made what was once beautiful and fun, incredibly sour.

    but there’s no way he’s going to let that happen again, especially when by some divine power you’ve been brought into his arms once more. “it’s tooru,” he finally replies, his whole being a little shaky from the rapid beating of his heart but otherwise his words are firm. “oh, how did you get my nu-” “y/n i want, no, need you in my life again”

    “i feel the same, tooru”

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! #oikawa toru x reader #oikawa tooru #tooru x you #hq tooru #tooru oikawa x reader #oikawa fluff#oikawa scenarios#oikawa tōru#haikyuu oikawa #oikawa x reader #oikawa drabble#oikawa fic#hq oikawa #oikawa x you #oikawa x y/n
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  • hqfeatbetty
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    who’s older (headcanon) FT.haikyuu!boys x fem!reader


    You are older than him. But that’s really not a problem for him. Age doesn’t matter and even when you are 3 years older he treats you like a baby. His baby. And most of the time people mistake and think you are both the same age or maybe he’s older because you are so much smaller (physically) compared to him. And you should see that smirk glued to his handsome face :)

    ➝ Oikawa, Kageyama, Hinata, Bokuto, Atsumu, Futakuchi, Semi, Suna.

    He is the oldest in the relationship. And he finds this little age difference is adorable for some reason. He feels like he have to protect you because “you didn’t live as long as i lived i know so much more about this world than you do” when he’s literally only 2 years older :)

    ➝ Matsukawa, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Ushijima, Akaashi, Kita, Sakusa.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #haikyuu fluff#timeskip haikyuu #oikawa x reader #kageyama x reader #hinata x y/n #bokuto x reader #atsumu x reader #futakuchi x reader #semi x reader #suna x reader #matsukawa x reader #osamu x reader #iwaizumi x reader #kuroo x reader #ushijima x reader #akaashi x reader #sakusa x reader
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  • pink-spiderweb
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ♡. ── OMG, HE'S SO CUTE! | HQ BOYS

    author's note. those are just a collection of random cute thoughts i once had about some of the haikyuu boys. i rlly hope y'all like it! if you have any ideas ask here <3

    with. aone takanobu, tadashi yamaguchi, kenma kozume, bokuto koutaro and ushijima wakatoshi.


    i swear this boy here is the cutest thing i've seen in my life. he makes my heart go 💞💗 yk? well, this time the thing that's causing me go swooning over him is this: imagine him growing an entire little garden with the prettiest flowers just for you. and, when all the flowers have blossomed, he would do one of these options (or maybe even both, aone's heart is just that level of kind ☹️): 1. he goes and picks up your favorite flowies and make a handmade bouquet for u or 2. take you on a date on that garden and spend the evening making flower crowns with his sweetheart while having a warm smile on his face. kiss him for me, pls.


    another shy baby 🥺✨ i'm crying. he ended with all the summer homework and the volleyball team duties, and tada has been missing u sooo much! he texted you last night asking if you would like to have a simple calm date with him in the park. also added for you to wear light and, if u could, old clothes that you wouldn't care if get a lil' dirty. at this point you alredy had a vague idea of what he wanted to do. when the morning arrived, you and yamaguchi sat on the light blanket on the grass. there were a pair of plain canvas waiting to be colored. after some hours, tadashi finished and showed you a surprisingly well done portrait of you with the sunset in the back 😩❤️


    this was something usual for both of you; after some gaming & chill dates, you shared a minecraft world so u could play together 😌 well, the thing is that for the past hour he asked u to not enter in the world yet while he was clicking his mouse in a somewhat aggressive way. after some (long) minutes, he gave you green light to turn on your computer. when the world has fully loaded you were amazed; it seemed a little and vibrating paradise full of life. your houses were decorated with new aesthetic items and he made a personal zoo near the building. his skin was wearing a white suit and beside him was a "will you marry me?" sign 😍


    he's the one that brightens my day 💋 he arrived home shouting a "i got owl plushies!! are u excited?! 🥺" you really had to gently shush him bcs he was loud and you didn't want to see him sad by the neighbors' complains. he hurried to be by your side and repeated this time whispering: "are u excited?" while showing the stuffed animals. one of them looked exactly like him, black and white with golden luminous eyes; and yes, the other one was like you. while giving him a soft kiss on his cheek, you replied "yes, honey. they are amazing 💗"


    it was weekend, so you and toshi were free that day. ushijima may be someone people would describe as dense, but in that momente he noticed you being little stressed. ushijima thought that if you both had nothing to do and his angel was feeling down he might to do something to help you ☹️ so he planned a spa at home night. he prepared a bath for you two and helped u dry your hair. after that he applied oils and creams all over you while massaging your back, shoulders and legs. baby was so gentle 😭 when you both got to bed he hoped for u to feel better, kissed your lips lightly and held you in his big and warm arms 💗✨.

    ©pink-spiderweb 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without permission.

    #pink-spiderweb#female reader#male reader #gender neutral reader #anime #anime x reader #haikyuu!! #fluff#reader insert#haikyuu fluff #aone x reader #tadashi yamaguchi x reader #kenma x reader #bokuto x reader #ushijima x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x male reader #omg he's so cute #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu scenarios
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Asking the haikyuu boys their body count

    Warnings : fluff, crack, suggestive theme at one place nothing too much lol

    "what's a body count?🤨"

    shoyo, kageyama, ushijima, bokuto, lev, aone, daichi, asahi

    "4, but you can make it 5 tonight 😉"

    KURO, oikawa, mattsun, TERUSHIMA, tendou, konoha, atsumu, sugawara, fukutachi


    "damn playboyyyy"

    "oh so you're talking about THAT body count"

    "hollup- 👁️👄👁️👆"

    suna, sakusa, kenma, kunimi, kyotani, tsukishima, iwaizumi, shirabu, semi

    "a lot 😏" (it's a lie)

    nishinoya, tanaka, yamamoto, hoshiumi
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  • rinslove
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    pairing: osamu miya x gn!reader

    warnings: strong language, pet names (1x sweetheart), one of them is a bit angsty.

    autumn's note: the series is back! thought it was time i gave attention to osamu since i only ever give it to atsumu 💀

    #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x gn!reader #haikyuu smau#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu crack#haikyuu angst #miya osamu x y/n #miya osamu x gn reader #miya osamu x you #miya osamu x reader #osamu x you #osamu x reader #osamu x gn reader #osamu x y/n #osamu miya smau #osamu smau
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  • strawberryfrooggoo
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Kiss & Make-up♡ (series)

    —Kōtarō Bokuto [9:15pm]

    genre : fluff!

    warning : none!

    (oikawa, ushijima)

    "LET ME PUT MAKE UP ON YOU!" You barge in your shared bedroom with your lover making them startle and gripping onto their shirt "Oh my- baby please don't barge in like that again..." only smiling closing the door behind you making your way to Bokuto then sitting on their lap "Ehehe~ Love you too, so shall we?" The volleyball player could only smile and agree on your little adventure, you eyes litting up and jumping out his lap then throwing a bunny headband to him

    "Oww you're patting to hard" he pouted only for you to flick forehead "Oh hush~" Kōtarō honestly saw this happen after seeing you watch multiple videos of a person doing their lover's makeup whenever passing by, being cut off his thought by the sudden water being sprayed on them, there you saw your lover smirking "Pervert~" shaking his head then looking where he's been staring off and it was your thighs "Shit- No no no! I was spacing off!"

    Finally next on the eye makeup which he was nervous about, not they didn't trust him but he know you might be planning something "Is the baby overthinking again?" "Hmmn?" Kōtarō then look up only for both of your faces to be close to one another "Don't worry about it! I'm just thinking about 'Tsumu's tardy schedule!" laughing it off but you weren't having it, you dislike him lying and only thinking of work "Babe, relax let everything go for awhile and we'll cuddle after okay?" As much are you're as energetic as he is, never did you let him tire themselves and would take care of him

    "And finished! So what do you think?" turning the chair and looking at the mirror he had to see you had turned him into a colorful of a canvas like her personality; it was a rainbow eyeshadow that reached up to his cheek bone, eyelashes were curled and lastly being compilmented with pink lipstick "I know, I know, I'm such a makeup artist" you said for him to laugh and pulling you by the waist and kissing you "And you really made it as colorful like your personality, I love it~"

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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Which pet would the haikyuu boys own?

    Featuring : Tendou Satori, Kageyama Tobio, Osamu Miya, Akaashi Keiji, Suna Rintaro, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oikawa Toru

    warnings: none, just hq boys being adorable

    Tendou Satori - Lizard

    This guy knows what it's like to be not preferred by people.
    He's had a childhood where people didn't like him for the way he was.
    When he went to the pet shop and saw how almost nobody wanted lizards, he instantly felt connected to this little guy sitting quietly in his cage.
    He would probably name him something funny like "cheetos" (lmaooo) and would probably flex his little friend by posting him on his story almost every day.

    Kageyama Tobio - Fish

    Someone gifted it to him.
    At first he didn't know what to do with it. He once had to go out for a few days because of his match and added too much fish food to the bowl thinking " the fish will eat whenever it'll want to ig". When he came back the fish was almost dead o_o
    Poor boy panicked so hard aww
    Now he asks someone to look after his fish whenever he goes out.
    Hasn't given the fish a name and calls it "fish" 🧍
    He greets his pet like "good morning", "I'm home", "have a great meal" after putting the fish food.
    he once had a dream where he cooked his fish. Woke up the next day and said sorry to it.
    Hasn't had ANY type of fish since that dream.

    Osamu Miya - Hamster

    His favorite movie is 'ratatouille' so ig it's self explanatory why he'd want a hamster (tho remy was a rat but.. anyway)
    can you guess what he named the hamster? Yes, REMY.
    He loves him so much it's so adorable to watch him play with the little ball of floof. Like imagine his big hand and a little hamster in it.
    Atsumu comes by to play with remy and its comical to watch the grown men fight over who remy loves more.
    When he's cooking he prefers to put remy on his shoulder

    Akaashi Keiji - Rabbit

    look at me in the eye and tell me he doesn't look like a rabbit guy
    puts him on his lap while he's reading or doing some work on his laptop
    He has named him "Mr. Snuggles" because the bunny absolutely adores Akaashi and has loved snuggling into him since day one.
    He feels sad when he has to leave him for work every day.
    Lowkey thinking of buying another rabbit so that "Mr. Snuggles does not feel alone"

    Suna Rintaro - Cat

    Suna and cats.
    That's it that's the post.
    Lmaooo but this man loves his cat.
    Rin found it near his house one day in the rain and just couldn't not take it home. Held him in his arms and said "aw, little guy you're all wet and cold. let me take you home and I'll leave you outside when it's warm and pleasant".
    He couldn't send him back. He got too attached.
    He calls his cat "Little Guy"
    But when he's alone he'll go all mushy over this little bean and say stuff like "hey my cutie-putie baby did you mish me?" (voice a tone higher)
    He would come home after practice every day and cuddle his cat to sleep.
    Would hold him up and bump his nose with the cats nose and then kiss it (I'M SOFT for this man ughhhh)
    Him and Osamu often hold play date for their pets

    Ushijima Wakatoshi - Bird

    The usually stoic Ushijima Wakatoshi is all smiles around his pet.
    He's a busy man, but he takes out a good amount of time for the bird.
    Has calls him "Tori-chan" (tori in japanese means bird)
    it's a thing where in the fandom we call toshi a 'farmer boy' but like I think he probably has a garden where he grows some plants like cherry tomatoes, chillies, herbs, etc.
    He takes Tori-chan to the garden and tells him about his plants and often treats him with the fruits and vegetables he grows.
    One day Tori-chan ruined the tomatoes he grew and Ushijima lectured him like a father for an entire hour lmaooooo

    Oikawa Toru - Dog

    He has spent his high school days trying to tame "kyoken-chan" so it's obvious that he's a dog guy lolllll
    He has named his dog"Princess"
    And treats her like one too.
    The best toys? Done. The best treats? Already there. The best accessories? This guy spends a lot of time dressing up his princess.
    Every 2nd post on his Instagram is about his baby. Either entirely dedicated to her or a selfie with her.
    He cried when she fell sick once.
    Has a freaking babysitter for his pet like sirrrrrrr😂
    one time he could not figure out what princess was trying to 'say' and he called kyotani to 'translate' it. (iwaizumi had to literally hold back kyotani in Japan to fly over to Argentina in order to strangle oikawa)



    pls interact with the post ILY, muah<3

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  • alienaiver
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i am once again thinking about iwaizumi hajime (27) athletic trainer falling for you and for whatever reason you want to start working out a bit but you're so afraid of telling him because what if he... tries to control it or goes all in in the same way he does to professional athletes?

    so you keep it a secret. you start small, a few sit-ups and pull-ups before bed - he catches you one night because he finished his shower earlier than expected and without a word bends down to hold your feet as you do the last sit-ups. he praises you like you just run a marathon in front of him and you confess to him about your small work-out routine. he gets stars in his eyes and immediately starts talking numbers but realizes quickly what he's doing and stops himself, embarassingly coughing into his arm, "i'd love to help you but i respect if i'd be... too much. just know, however, that i'll be proud no matter what you do or don't do, because i love you exactly as you."

    #i started working out to try and help my chronic pain and bcos i wanted muscles KSKSKSKS be stronk #iwaizumi hajime fluff #haikyuu fluff #tw work out mention #ALSO this isnt abt losing weight fuck that shit #also this is early in the relationship in my head<3 #he'll become the most supportive boyfriend and NOT ur trainer during ur process <3 be the biggest cheerleader ever <3 #nohr.txt #nohr.hq #nohr.headcanons
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    imagine miya atsumu posting about you on social media with the caption "the only girl who gets to cheer for me during my serves", like woahhh😩💛

    (I've been thinking about this for a long time but I thought about how I don't even have followers who'd interact with my posts lmao. But now I'm like f this I'll just post. But on a side note PLS INTERACT WITH THIS POST if you see this 😂)

    #miya atsumu#miya twins #atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff #miya atsumu fluff #haikyū!! #haikyuu hcs#haikyuu atsumu #haikyuu miya osamu #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu fic
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  • yuutakittie
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    12:32 am

    another time stamp :p anyway i thought i would try out mr. sakusa!
    pairing: timeskip!sakusa x fem!reader
    warnings: use of pet names (pretty, angel), lowercase intentional

    late spring was in full swing. the temperatures are higher, everything is full of color, and the sun rises just a bit earlier, coating everything in its warmth and glow. everything just feels a bit happier; like the earth has let out a peaceful sigh.

    you, on the other hand, have not had the same luxury.

    today was warm, almost too warm for your liking. coming home from work to the thick, stuffy air of an apartment that was just as surprised by the sudden heat as you were, you quickly turn on the AC and kick off your shoes. already feeling a warmth creep up your neck, you quickly hop in the shower to start your nightly routine. turning on some music, you glance at the time:

    12:10 am

    are you fucking kidding me?

    stepping into the shower, you begin to recall the events of your day, allowing them to fall off of your body and down the drain, along with the relaxing stream of water from the shower head.

    you left the house around 7:45 this morning, rushing out the door, catching the bus just in time. arriving to work right on time, you immediately realized that you had dressed for the wrong type of weather. a sudden heat spike today causing you to feel uncomfortable and sticky all day long. the packed schedule of meetings, deadlines, and reports didn’t help. you were tired.

    somehow, you agreed to get dinner with co workers to celebrate the end of a deadline you all worked on together. hours of drinks, great food, and even better company, but you didn’t feel like celebrating at all.

    today is the now 3rd night out of 6 that sakusa would be out of town. you had hoped that being out with some co workers would be distracting, but it was just temporary. it always is. on top of the empty feeling inside, you stayed out way later than you had intended, finding yourself now currently finishing up your nighttime routine at 12:30 am.

    walking out of your shared bathroom, the cool air welcomes you as you start to walk into the bedroom, dressed in one of sakusa’a shirts. the light breeze of the AC causing the hem around your knees to flutter as you shuffle closer to the bed.

    finally sinking into the mattress, your body and mind feel lighter. you’re clean, comfortable, and definitely more relaxed. you’re just missing one thing. your thoughts are quickly interrupted by a slight buzzing coming from the nightstand.

    call from kiyoomi

    “hey, omi. how are you? it’s late,” you sigh into the phone, hitting the speaker button and setting it back down on the nightstand.

    “hi pretty. if it’s so late, why aren’t you asleep?” you hear a slight muffled noise, and the sound of a faucet being turned on.

    “you didn’t answer my question,” you mumble back, turning off the lamp with a click.

    an amused exhale, followed by, “i’m fine, baby. just got out of the shower. our game was just fine,” you can almost hear the smirk on sakusa’s face.

    “and by ‘just fine’ you mean you smoked them?” you quip, a small smile pulling at your lips.

    he chuckles, and the faucet turns off. you can hear him padding over to the bed, the rustle of covers, and the phone being set on a nightstand, just like you. but, not quite. just somewhere further away.

    “you think you’re pretty funny, huh baby?” sakusa’s remark softened as he stifles a yawn.

    “of course i do,” you giggle. “isn’t that why you want to marry me after all?” examining the ring on your finger, you smile to yourself. i wish you were here, omi.

    “oh pretty. i miss you so much,” he sighs heavily into the phone. your eyes close as you try to dull the ache that sits heavy in the pit of your stomach. you’re pulled out of your thoughts by sakusa’s voice.

    “why are you up so late? is everyone thing okay? you know you can always call,” the sound of distant voices of teammates from the hallway of the hotel cause the smile to return to your face once more, picturing the furrowed brow and massive eyeroll that sakusa must have done just now.

    “yeah, i’m okay. it was super hot today, and my team finished that deadline i was telling you about, so we decided to go out to celebrate,” interrupting yourself with a yawn, you then continue. “and i guess we just lost track of time, and since it was late i had to wait a bit for the busses. by the time i got home our apartment was so warm. i forgot to turn on the AC before i left,”

    “like usual” sakusa huffs. but you know he’s smiling.

    “yeah, like usual. i wish you were here in bed with me, like usual,” you sigh. there’s a small pause.

    “i know, angel. i’m almost done here. it will be here before you know it. i promise, when i get home,” he yawns. “i’m jumping right into bed with you.”

    “after a shower, i’m guessing?”

    “obviously,” sakusa chuckles. he hears you yawn again, picturing you stretching and snuggling into the sheets.

    “it’s late pretty. i know you’re tired, let’s go to sleep, okay?”

    “okay omi. i love you so much, please come home soon,” your soft whisper muffled by the pillow you’re cradeling.

    “of course. i love you too angel. sweet dreams.”

    he hears your slow, deep breaths over the phone and smiles to himself. he can’t wait to see the look on your face tomorrow when he gets home early, thanks to the other team cancelling the other matches.

    “i’ll see you soon,” sakusa whispers into the phone before hanging up. getting comfortable, sakusa feels almost too excited to sleep, for all he wants is to see your face and kiss your lips.

    like he said, it will be here before you know it.

    #sakusa x y/n #sakusa x reader #sakusa kiyoomi#kiyoomi fluff #kiyoomi x reader #haikyuu fluff #sakusa kiyoomi x reader
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  • hai1q
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Someone join my pity party! All im going to do is drink and read haikyuu fluff .. imma let my boys comfort me during these times 🤍

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  • rosie-posy
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    Do you ever think that maybe Iwaizumi has kind of trained himself to not catch feelings easily? With superstar Oikawa being his best friend he's used to a few things: being caught in the swarm of pretty fangirls, girls only liking him because of his association with the star player, or, worst of all, using him to get to Oikawa. It's all meaningless infatuation, disingenuous admissions of feelings, empty flirts and pickup lines, ever since his high school years. So when he meets new people, the possibility of the smallest feelings doesn't come anywhere near his brain. He meets you and yeah, he thinks you're pretty. There are things that he generally likes about you. But when you start to touch his arm and giggle at his jokes, even the unfunny ones, he just brushes it off. You'll get bored of it and give up soon, they always do when they realize he's not going to be easily played.

    But then it's been months. And you still bat your eyelashes at him and rest your head on his shoulder when you watch movies and start footsie battles under cafe tables. You're dedicated, he thinks, you must enjoy playing around with him. Maybe you're just naturally flirty with everyone.

    But THEN he realizes that it's only him. You only act this way towards him, he's the only person you give this sort of attention to. Surely when he's not around though, you must flirt with other people. And it brings back sour feelings from his teenage years, rounding corners to see girls he genuinely thought had feelings for him draping themselves over other guys. Overhearing conversations about how if they flirt with him maybe they'll get closer to Oikawa. He'd never take those harsh memories out on you, of course. But they serve as a reminder that he's better off not entertaining the idea of any feelings other than friendship.

    BUT THEN you tell him, after inviting him over for some wine and trashy tv, that you have feelings for him, you've felt that way for a while. He wants to convince himself that it's the alcohol in your system making you say such silly things but you're less than halfway through your first glass. He sits on your couch, his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he can't hold back any longer the feelings he's repressed for so long and they all come flooding through his body at once. He's confused, he admits, isn't sure how he feels because he hasn't let himself freely open up to the idea of a relationship in so long. He needs time, he owes it to himself and to you to know what his true feelings are before he gives you a proper response. With understanding you walk him to the door so he can head home and think without pressure, handing him his coat and wishing him a safe drive.

    It only takes him to the end of your driveway for him to realize how much he loathes leaving you, how much it pains him to walk away from where you are. He's overwhelmed by the desire just to see you, to be near you, and he's spinning on his heel and jogging back up to your door, frantically knocking as if he even needed to. When you open the door and look at him questioningly he can only shake his head before leaning forward to kiss you deeply. Iwa cradles your face gently, but presses his lips against yours like it's the only thing keeping him alive. He felt like a fool to deny himself the euphoria of loving you for so long. He had so much time to make up for, so many things to about you that he hadn't even discovered, but in this moment neither of you could breathe.

    "Please," he gasps against your lips, barely parted from your touch. "If this isn't real for you, don't let me allow myself to love you."

    "It's real," you assure him. "Nothing's ever been more real."

    Years of hurt and disappointment have left him wounded, but one night with you, holding you close and feeling you pour your emotions into him through connected lips, Iwaizumi is finally able to begin healing.

    #idk if this makes sense but i was thinking many thoughts #iwaizumi hajime fluff #hajime iwaizumi fluff #iwaizumi fluff#haikyuu fluff#haikyu fluff#hq fluff
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  • nope-i-dont-think-i-will
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Rough Hands, Soft Touches:

    P3: ASAHI

    I feel like some characters in Haikyuu have rough hands and can be slightly to very insecure about them, so I made a bunch of headcannon dabbles about it. This is P3 that contains Asahi's drabble.
    Haikyuu x reader

    Asahi Azumane:

    -Asahi was always hesitant to hold you, always coming so close before pulling away.

    He was already worried his size would somehow hurt you or make you scared of him, shying away from letting you touch him at all at first.

    You had slowly worked him out of that stage, being able to curl into his side or chest and have him throw a leisurely arm around you without thinking of it.

    But he still wouldnt hold your hand, and wouldnt let his hands lay on your thighs the way you could see in his eyes he wanted.

    And soon you realized why when you saw him fiddling with his hands, he had never directly touched your skin: but when you looked at him you could tell his hands were rough. Another part of him that looked "intimidating".

    You took it into your own hands, cuddling into his side and when he wrapped an arm around you, you moved his hand to your hair.

    He almost pulled away when he realized he had begun to scratch your head, but he couldn't bear to when he heard the pleased noise you responded with.

    When you had switched positions to be on his chest he subconsciously moved his hands away from you, you took one of them back and held it.

    "B-baby are you sure you want to hold my hand?" He mumbled.

    You nodded.

    "Your hands are warm and feel nice. " you mumbled, your hands keeping the one in your grip to your chest.

    "They arent too rough?" He asked in a low whisper.

    "No. It makes me feel like you can protect me, now pull me close and let me cuddle you to sleep or I'm gonna get cranky. " you mumbled out in your half asleep state, Asahi hesitantly following your instructions, a hand finding it's way to your hip while the other ran through your hair.

    He watched you relax even further into his arms until you fell asleep, and he smiled.

    It made him feel giddy inside to know you weren't scared of him.

    You also gained a habit of just walking around with your hands intertwined or kissing his knuckles when he had days of insecurities and he couldn't be any more in love with you for it.

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