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  • han-shinsuke
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Send some Shoyo thirst in my ask box plsss 🥺🔞

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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Asking the haikyuu boys their body count

    Warnings : fluff, crack, suggestive theme at one place nothing too much lol

    "what's a body count?🤨"

    shoyo, kageyama, ushijima, bokuto, lev, aone, daichi, asahi

    "4, but you can make it 5 tonight 😉"

    KURO, oikawa, mattsun, TERUSHIMA, tendou, konoha, atsumu, sugawara, fukutachi


    "damn playboyyyy"

    "oh so you're talking about THAT body count"

    "hollup- 👁️👄👁️👆"

    suna, sakusa, kenma, kunimi, kyotani, tsukishima, iwaizumi, shirabu, semi

    "a lot 😏" (it's a lie)

    nishinoya, tanaka, yamamoto, hoshiumi
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  • strawberryfrooggoo
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Kiss & Make-up♡ (series)

    —Kōtarō Bokuto [9:15pm]

    genre : fluff!

    warning : none!

    (oikawa, ushijima)

    "LET ME PUT MAKE UP ON YOU!" You barge in your shared bedroom with your lover making them startle and gripping onto their shirt "Oh my- baby please don't barge in like that again..." only smiling closing the door behind you making your way to Bokuto then sitting on their lap "Ehehe~ Love you too, so shall we?" The volleyball player could only smile and agree on your little adventure, you eyes litting up and jumping out his lap then throwing a bunny headband to him

    "Oww you're patting to hard" he pouted only for you to flick forehead "Oh hush~" Kōtarō honestly saw this happen after seeing you watch multiple videos of a person doing their lover's makeup whenever passing by, being cut off his thought by the sudden water being sprayed on them, there you saw your lover smirking "Pervert~" shaking his head then looking where he's been staring off and it was your thighs "Shit- No no no! I was spacing off!"

    Finally next on the eye makeup which he was nervous about, not they didn't trust him but he know you might be planning something "Is the baby overthinking again?" "Hmmn?" Kōtarō then look up only for both of your faces to be close to one another "Don't worry about it! I'm just thinking about 'Tsumu's tardy schedule!" laughing it off but you weren't having it, you dislike him lying and only thinking of work "Babe, relax let everything go for awhile and we'll cuddle after okay?" As much are you're as energetic as he is, never did you let him tire themselves and would take care of him

    "And finished! So what do you think?" turning the chair and looking at the mirror he had to see you had turned him into a colorful of a canvas like her personality; it was a rainbow eyeshadow that reached up to his cheek bone, eyelashes were curled and lastly being compilmented with pink lipstick "I know, I know, I'm such a makeup artist" you said for him to laugh and pulling you by the waist and kissing you "And you really made it as colorful like your personality, I love it~"

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  • theaureategallery
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Pairing: Atsumu x gender neutral! Reader

    Warnings: Angst

    “ We need to stop lying to ourselves”

    Footsteps echoed in the lonely parking lot, each thud bouncing off the hollow bricks. Circles of light were deformed as the shadows were cast. The hollow cold wind made it even harder to stay outside without any warm clothes. But at times, when you are high on emotions, you don't feel anything, be it the scorching sun or the shuddering cold.

    Atsumu  paced around, mumbling words incoherent to you. You wanted to say something to him, but there were no words. It was almost felt like cotton balls were stuffed in your throat, that you couldn't  get a mere whisper out.

    Perhaps he was right. Maybe we do need to stop lying to ourselves. We couldn't work this out, something you haven’t come to terms with. Maybe it was not meant to be? Maybe it was just the right place at the wrong time. Or maybe you both  were meant to be lovers once but not throughout your  lifetime.

    You giggle as you slump against the wall, tears running across your cheeks.” Why are you laughing?”. You turn to look at the blonde. All you could see were the same eyes full of happiness when you agreed to become his girlfriend, replaced now with colors of despair. Eyes red from all the tears, drowning the dark brown in a pool of glaze.

    Why couldn't this work out?

    “ yn” you hummed, letting him know you were listening. “ You never told me why you were giggling?”

    “ oh, I was just thinking about which tragic romance trope we were ,you know. Whether we are the wrong time, right person trope or something else.”

    Laughter echoed. No, it wasn't the one where you could sense the person was happy, where they had tears in their eyes from exuding such immense joy. Rather it was the one where  it was filled with uncertainty, tinged with some comedic relief. It was  laughter that would soon turn to crying. It was  laughter that reminded you of the end of beautiful times.

    All rights reserved © theaureategallery. Please refrain from copying, reposting, translating or modifying my works in any other platform.

    #aureate.haikyuu #aureate.writes #haikyu x reader #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu angst#atsumu angst #atsumu x gender neutral reader #atsumu drabble#haikyuu atsumu #atsumu x reader #miya atsumu #atsumu x gn!reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu scenarios#haikyu scenarios
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  • kuromitos
    26.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Dense at love pt2: Electric Boogaloo

    Kageyama Tobio (1st year) x Reader

    Summary:You find out that Kageyama has been telling other that you two are an item when that's not the case. The time has come to confront him about it. Will you clear up the misunderstanding and just be friends or play pretend to save his feelings?

    Content: Stupid teen being stupid at life and love. Wrote it all at once. No proofread and no edits. So might have bad grammar and spelling errors. You have been warned ⚠️


    Ever since you know Tobio Kageyama, there was many things that stood out about him.

    He's quiet.

    He's extremely passionate about volleyball.

    His resemblance to a blueberry.

    But the one thing that stuck out to the most was the fact he was dense. Especially concerning his emotional state. So much so, you always felt you had to help him in those time where he just couldn't get the hint. Which was often. Whenever ask how you don't get irritated, you just say that it was one of his charm points and you're the only one that can help him out.

    Well, you can't say that anymore with this new piece of information given to you by Tsukishima.

    "What did you just say?" "I said he told everyone that you guys are dating now."

    "And who told you that excatly?" "Who else? You're new royal dog. Kageyama. Tobio Kageyama. "

    "You sure you didn't just miss heard him?" "That's not something you mishear. Especially when it comes from the socially inept person like him. Besides, I have witnesses who heard it too. The entire volleyball team"

    Your mind was running on hyperspeed at that point. Questions going all over in your brain just to get a firm grasp on this situation. 'Why does he thinks that?' 'How could he think that?' 'Why didn't I noticed?' 'Why tell some many people?' 'When did he even start liking me in that way?!?'

    That's when you realize...the moment that may have started this crazy rumor.


    "Honestly Tobio! Do you always have to practice so late!? On a top of that its freezing out tonight! Geez~"

    "You're acting like I made you walk with me. Could of left whenever you wanted."

    "And hear you whine about leaving you the next morning? I rather not."

    "When have I ever whine? "

    "Middle school-"


    ".... but I'm happy you stayed with me tonight."

    "Of course you are. You trying to get some of my mom's cooking tonight. "

    "That's not it! I got something to tell you." "What's up?"

    Silence was the reply due to Kageyama's nerves getting the best of him. These nerves that he only gets on serious games. The nerves of this confession ruining your friendship and you not wanting to see him again almost makes him back out. But the nerves he get when the idea of another guy stealing you away from him pops in his head makes him ready to risk it.

    "Tobio-" "I REALLY LIKE YOU Y/N!"

    The words echoes through out the neighborhood that some dogs starts to bark because of the noise but he doesn't care. He just wants to hear your voice. Your response.

    "Why you shout? I like you too, stupid."

    "You do? You're serious!?"

    "Duh I'm serious. If I didn't, I wouldn't be with you this long."

    Hearing the harsh approval made him smile. He let it okay and made his feeling known. In return they were accepted. Or so he thought.

    A different thought process was going thru y/n. How happy she is he was able to say his emotions so clearly. Rarely does he express himself so vocal to her so this is a great step in their friendship and he finally breaking out of his shell.


    Dread flood thru you all day due to how stupid you were. Everything was so obvious back then and you should of took the hint. Who gets that serious to tell their friend they like them in a platonic way? That's stupid.

    But you got the worst feeling when you realized something esle. Having to set him straight. You can't let him continue thinking you two are an item when you're not. But the thought of having to break his heart just breaks yours. Confessing is hard but Confessing to a friend is harder. He must of thought over that multiple times, probably did his funny thinking face a couple times. That image made you smile, even a small giggle slip out but you were reminded of the bad thing again. It also got you thinking.

    You never really thought of kageyama in that way before. You were always busy looking out for him that the thought never pass your mind. Sure you did think he was handsome but that was a given, I mean he got some good genes. There was the occasional time you chest would randomly hurt at the sight of a girl say she likes him but it would go away. And yeah, you may get happy seeing his name on your phone screen and hearing his voice thru the speaker but you only thought of him as a friend.

    'The best thing here to do is to set the record straight and tell him we aren't dating. Right? Right.' You thought as you start heading towards his house. Then start sidestepping towards yours instead. 'Maybe I'll do it tomorrow when he's better. No it's best now. ' you head back towards his house again. Only to turn around again. 'He's sick in bed let's not bum him out anymore.' You sure this time? Let's hope considering your way on the route home. Then buzzing from your pocket stops you, it's your phone with a message from Kageyama.

    'I want to see you. Can you come over,please? :)'

    Guess you gotta go now.


    Part 3?

    #anime #haikyuu!! #haikyuu kageyama#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fluff#kageyama imagines#kageyama fluff #kageyama x y/n #kageyama tobio x reader #kageyama x reader
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  • mae-gi-writes
    26.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Kenma's photo gallery would include 🌸:

    Kuroo's face (wasn't that obvious)

    Kuroo's face in every angle possible

    Blurry photos of Kuroo trying to take selfies with Kenma (and failing)

    Cats cats cats CATS

    Also paw pics because deep down Kenma's a simp for cute thingz

    The Nekoma team spam photo selfies during volleyball practice

    Screenshotd of Kenma's wins on his PC games because he's secretly so proud of it

    The first photo of you he has is actually blurry because you were busy arguing with Yaku about who was shorter. At the time, Kenma had taken this shot to send to Kuroo.

    Photos of his possible merch designs when his youtube starts getting recognition

    Slowly, screenshots of his game wins turn into screenshots of a comparison of your scores (he obv wins)

    Photos of you angry whenever he wins a game (you're a sore loser)

    Photos of your face squished up into the camera just to piss him off (Kenma doesn't like your germs over his stuff)

    Photos of you drooling in your sleep

    Screenshots of your conversations bc he secretly re-reads them at night

    Screenshots of you asking him if there's something betw you bcoz he sends them to Kuroo POOR KID DOESNT KNOW HOW TO REACT AHKDDJDKDKD❤

    Kenma's gallery slowly filling up with pictures of you gaming in his seat, all day everyday

    A LOT of secret photos of you when you're not looking; waiting for the bus, at the Amusement Park, when you're on coffee dates, you with multiple bags of popcorns during movies etc...

    The kid just loves remembering the things you do

    Selfies of you and him when he's busy gaming and doesn't "want" to look at the camera

    Spam selfies of you and him, cheeks squished together and you taking this opportunity to pepper kisses across his face

    Selfie of his one eye, with you in the background wearing your wedding dress

    A pic of Kenma (taken by Kuroo) practically losing his composure as he waits in suit and tie.

    And the pinned photo at the top of Kenma's gallery so that he can open it everyday; the photo of the two of you smiling at each other, totally candid as you cut into the wedding cake.

    And Kenma loves playing with his ring as a small smile graces his face in affection.

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  • strawberrykake
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    ⁂ Ignoring ur bf prank ⁂

    warnings: mildly suggestive (Semi’s)

    —Suna, Tsukishima, Semi

    🍪 sad little fox 🍪

    “Hey, babe, can you—”

    “What was that? You need some help?” You walk to your friend who’s in the kitchen making cookies

    Your boyfriend, Suna decided not to pry with you and your best friend’s quality time

    but from here and there he would make subtle appearances

    “Those cookies smell really nice, guys.” You and your friend look at each other’s cookies, ignoring him.

    He doesn’t catch on until he asks you a question, waiting for a response

    “Babe, where’s my collared shirt?” When you don’t answer, he continues. “The one with the navy designs on it?”

    “[Y/N]!! Look! I made a heart shaped cookie!” Your friend calls to you, assisting you in this little charade

    “What the fuck…” he mutters.

    He walks over to you.

    Sits on the stool in the kitchen across from you.

    He basically stares you down.

    You try your best to ignore his presence, sweating a little from anxiousness

    As tensions begin to rise, your friend couldn’t hold in her laughter so you bursted out laughing, too.

    “What’s so funny?” Suna asked, looking between you both, eyes squinting out of suspicion.

    “Isn’t this cookie so funny?” You point at a random cookie on the plate that you and your friend made.

    She laughed so hard she had to leave the room.

    Your words make Suna roll his eyes

    They’re definitely ignoring me on purpose, he thinks to himself.

    As you were trying to contain yourself since you were now alone, Suna suddenly appears next to you.

    “Whatcha laughing about, huh?” he wraps his arms around you.

    He lays his chin on your shoulder.

    “Are you ignoring me?”

    You hear his voice soften and that makes you succumb.

    “I’m just pranking you.” You turn around facing him and cupping his cheeks.

    “You shoulda seen your face!” You place kisses on his cheeks before placing one sweetly on his lips.

    He pouts. “No more of this. I hate it.” He looks down to your lips again.

    “Aw, of course. No more, I won’t do it anymore.”

    “You promise?”

    “I promise.”

    The very next day he plays this same prank on you

    “You hypocrite!” is what you told him before he broke down laughing and apologizing with multiple kisses

    You immediately forgive him, though

    It was hard to stay mad at him when he’s smiling so much

    ☕ petty af ☕

    You told yamaguchi about your grand plan and he agreed to take part in it

    As your tall blonde bf sits on the living room couch reading a book, you walk to the kitchen where Yamaguchi is making tea but just for you both

    “Mm, that tea looks good, Tadashi,” you say a little louder than usual, hoping that Tsukishima can weigh in on the conversation from the other side of the room.

    “Yep, I added a spoonful of honey just the way you like it,” Yamaguchi smiles, winking as a secret message.

    “Remember, don’t put sugar in mi-” Tsukki shouts from the living room but is interrupted by you continuing the conversation.

    “Did you know some people add lemon or milk to their tea? Or like, no sugar at all. Can you believe that?” You say, stifling a laugh.

    Yamaguchi, himself is laughing with a hand covering his mouth to silence the noises he’s making

    Just when you hear footsteps approaching, you both fix your postures and grab your mugs of tea to cover your smiles

    “Didn’t you guys hear me? Wait…” Tsukki’s eyes scan the counter looking for a third mug. “Where’s my tea?” He asks.

    Yamaguchi was the expert out of all of you in making tea and would always insist on making them for everyone

    But today, he singled out a person (by your request)

    “Yamaguchi?” He asks, arms folded over his chest.

    The green-haired guy lowers his eyes, pretending to not notice Tsukki’s presence

    Tsukki looks over to you.

    And you take one big sip of the nicely made tea.

    “Mm! Tadashi, you never fail to amaze me with your tea-making skills!” you say after a swallow.

    “Oh, you flatter me.” Yamaguchi smiles.

    “Okay, you guys. What’s going on?” Tsukki says tapping his feet. His head turns to you, specifically. “Are you mad?” He places a hand on the table.

    “I wish Yacchan was here. If only she wasn’t busy with her project, we’d finally give her this mug that she’s always liked,” you say, turning around to grab a pink floral mug from a top shelf

    Tsukki uses his height to his advantage, grabbing the mug before you could

    Shocked, you turn around with your mouth agape

    “Ha! Caught your attention now, didn’t I?” He smirks.

    You didn’t want to lose so you pretend to see a ghost instead.

    “Tadashi?” you ask, putting a hand over your mouth.

    “Yeah?” Yamaguchi slowly looks between you and your bf

    “Why is the mug floating?” You say, with a fake shaky voice.

    “Oh, cmon! Really?” Tsukki makes a “tsk” sound, arms falling to his sides in defeat. “Whatever, I’m gonna go mind my business.” He walks off, sulking.

    “[Y/N], he’s definitely grumpy now. Only you can fix it, though,” Yamaguchi whispers to you.

    You laugh silently before going over to your bf who sits in the same spot on the couch he was reading in

    He had his arms crossed, eyes closed and brows furrowed in annoyance.

    Feeling a but guilty, you creep up behind the couch and drop your arms around his shoulders, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek.

    “Kei~” you say cutely. “I’m sorry~”

    “No, you’re annoying,” he responds, cheeks getting pink from your closeness.

    “I promise to make it up to you?” He turns to you batting your eyelashes.

    Your bf grunts, not answering.

    “That’s fair,” you say, giggling before placing another kiss into his neck.

    “Tea with no sugar! Freshly made for Tsukki!” Yamaguchi shouts, bringing the requested tea.

    At first, Tsukki looks away, pretending to not want the tea

    But after a short while of you and Yamaguchi having a conversation, Tsukki slowly takes the mug

    casually slipping himself into the conversation, making you both smile out of content

    ♟ welp he tried ♟

    You, shirabu, Goshiki, and Tendou are playing scrabble waiting for your bf to arrive to the group gathering

    But before he did, you had told everyone of your grand plan to prank him

    Tendou thought it was a lame prank but still wanted to contribute

    “I will take your ‘mental’ and make ‘fundamentally’!” Tendou shouts as your boyfriend, Semi finally enters the room.

    Every bone in your body wanted to jump up and into his arms and greet him with the biggest kiss.

    But you had a plan.

    “Hey, guys!” He chirps, plopping his bag down on the couch. “What’re you guys up to?”

    No one answers, pretending to be immersed in the game.

    “Shirabu, it’s your turn,” Tendou comments, his hand on his chin.

    “Oh, right,” The setter answers, looking through his set of letters.

    “Wow, you guys are really into it, huh?” Semi wonders aloud, making his way to your side of the table.

    “Hey,” he greets you, giving you a kiss on the cheek.

    Uh oh, here we go…

    This is probably how he finds out

    You blatantly ignore him, leaning over the board, and pretending to read the other set of words.

    “[Y/N]?” he tries to get your attention, feeling a little suspicious. He tests something out.

    “Tendou? Shirabu! Guys?” He tries calling to the others, who only continue playing.

    “I made the word ‘turn’ to ‘turning’!” shouts Goshiki and you give him a high-five, praising the prideful boy.

    “Okay, real funny,” your ignored lover says, scoffing and getting up to sit by himself on the couch.

    “I see how it is,” Semi grabs his phone and earbuds. “Two can play at that game.” He closes his eyes and sighs.

    *ignores you back*

    The other guys turn to you, wondering what to do next.

    You mouth to them “just keep going”

    Not even five minutes in, Semi unplugs his earbuds from his ears and rushes back to your side

    and hugs you

    “I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t” he mutters into your neck. “Please, [y/n].” He has no shame in showing this side to his buddies

    How could he, when he misses you already?

    The other guys quietly watch your actions, wondering what you will do next

    “Eita,” you bring a hand up to comb through your bf’s hair, sighing in defeat. “I miss you, too. I don’t even know how I lasted that long!” you exclaim, hugging him back.

    It makes everyone sigh out of relief, not wanting to continue this charade

    Semi holds you close as he looks back at the others.

    “I forgive [y/n], but you guys…” he keeps a stern look on his face. “No.”

    “Hey!” Shirabu exclaims. “This was all [y/n]’s idea!” He points a finger at you, making you scowl at him.


    “It’s true.” Tendou nods, a grin appearing on his face as he admires how cute you two were.

    Semi turns to you, eyes wide in surprise.

    “Yep,” you say, popping the ‘p’.

    “You are so going to pay for this,” he mutters, only for you to hear, making you giggle as you lean forward to kiss him.

    “Okay, guys, get a room,” Shirabu groans.

    And Semi pulls you up as he stands. “Alright, we will.” Then takes you to the isolated room up the stairs to make up for lost time.

    #i feel like a snake w the amount of S’s in the caption #sssssuna ssssemi ssssukki sssuggestive LMAO #haikyuu suna x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu semi x reader #haikyuu tsukishima x reader #semi x reader #tsukishima x reader #semi eita #semi eita hcs #tsukki hcs#suna hcs #suna rintarou hcs #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu hcs #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu headcanons
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  • bbyatsumu
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    ok i’m back from reading your rules <33 but miya atsumu with the prompt; “I have the feeling that you’re trying not to kiss me and I give you permission to just do it.” 👀👀??


    001. episode [1]: "I have the feeling that you're trying not to kiss me and I give you full permission to just do it" w/ miya atsumu

    002. w/c: 1.9k | INA! Thank you so much for your love and support! I really hope you enjoy this lil atsumu fluff!

    event masterlist

    “I have the strangest feeling that yer trying not ‘ta kiss me right now, so I give ya full permission to just do it,” Atsumu stated, while a knowing smirk tugged at his lips. While he kept his focus on the movie, you could still see the playfulness that swam in his gaze.

    Your heart felt like it stopped in your chest, your mouth falling open to gape at your boyfriend retaining that shit-eating grin. All you could focus on was how attractive he looked - his blonde hair slightly messy, brown eyes wide as he watched Titanic with rapt fascination, and his soft lips parted slightly. It made you groan internally because, god, how was he attractive even while munching on popcorn? You honestly thought that it was a crime against humanity.

    “I-I’m sorry. What?” you sputtered, attempting to regain your composure, blinking rapidly as you gawked at the tall volleyball player. Atsumu merely shoved another handful of popcorn into his mouth, drawing your attention to his plush lips. 

    It’s amazing how in-tune Atsumu was with your thoughts and desires. Being fairly new in the dating stage, there were still a lot of firsts you had yet to experience together. Even the thought of kissing him for the first time made you feel warm all over, your body thrumming with anticipation and nerves and your eyes blown wide.

    Dating Miya Atsumu was like a rush every day - he made your heart soar, adrenaline rushing through your veins every time he looked at you; every lingering touch, every time he picked you up for a date, leaning against the door of his car with dark shades perched on the bridge of his nose, was a gift - a gift that made your heart furiously pound against your ribcage.

    He made you laugh like no one else before, his sweet smiles contagious to anyone around him. He was captivating, gently holding your hand across restaurant tables, easily guiding you to the part of the sidewalk furthest away from the road, engulfing you in tight hugs after long practices. In those instances, you would teasingly complain in his ear, attempting to wriggle out of his big embrace with protestations of: “‘Tsumu - you’re too sweaty!”

    That did little to push him away, though; instead, he burrowed his flushed face against the crook of your neck, tickling you with his warm breath as he swung you around in his sweaty arms. All he did was laugh at your faux insistence, grinning with a simple, “Too bad,” as you squealed in his arms.

    Eventually, you’d give in, hugging him back and trying to ignore the whoops and hollers from his teammates. It was something you swore you’d never get used to - dating a professional athlete. But with a tender smile, Atsumu’s ruffled and messy hair pressed against your cheek, and his honest confession of “...missed you,” whispered almost shyly into your neck, you felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

    Miya Atsumu made you feel loved in every sense of the word, and even though it was probably too early to say it, you knew you were head over heels for him.

    You were snapped back to the present when Atsumu nudged you flirtatiously, his grip tightening on your leg.

    “You heard me, princess,” Atsumu grinned, finally letting his eyes break from the movie to catch yours. They were mischievous as he gazed at you, but you also recognized something else there; yes, in the two months you’d dated Miya Atsumu, he’s picked up on a lot of your tells, able to read you like the back of his hand.

    But you’d also picked up on all of his, able to pick through his usual charismatic composure to see the sweet, and sometimes bashful, guy underneath. 

    And now, his eyes were full of mischievousness - but also a sort of timid longing. 

    Miya Atsumu wanted to kiss you more than anything else in the world.

    Suddenly, your focus wasn’t on the movie, but on the guy in front of you. His fingers seemed to anxiously play with the hem of your top, his palm warm as it held onto your hip. Atsumu was so close, leaning towards you as his body moved to face yours. The air was thick with anticipation, buzzing with a kind of nervous adrenaline as your hand came to rest on his bicep. Atsumu responded the same - his hand trailed up your side, fingertips padding against your skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake, until he carefully cupped your cheek.

    His fingers gently caressed your jaw, thumb grazing your cheekbone as he dazedly blinked. You felt like the air was sucked out of your lungs when his thumb moved down a bit, brushing over your lips in the lightest touch. You saw how his eyes were latched onto your every reaction, drinking in the moment as his affectionately traced over your soft lips. All you could do was stare at him, overwhelmed with the thick tension that caused the room to spin.

    The light of the movie was cast over you in a blue light, illuminating Atsumu in the most beautiful glow you’d ever seen. His lips were parted as he gazed down at you, his dark eyes searching yours for any hesitance or sign that you didn’t want this. All he wanted to do was reach for you, to pull you in for a sweet kiss until you were both dizzy due to lack of air. Atsumu had never really been a nervous person - his charismatic personality drew people to him, and his confidence bubbled through every word that passed through his lips. But, in that moment, Atsumu felt the most nervous person in the world. 

    “Can I? Kiss ya, I mean,” he asked, his voice a bit breathier than usual. Earlier, you’d sworn your heart had stopped, but now, you could feel it thundering in your throat. It was hard to breathe - your every nerve tingling as a thrill shot through your body. You’d noticed you were unconsciously angling your body towards Atsumu, desperate for his touch even though your words seemed to fail you. 

    “Baby…” he pleaded once again, fearing that his words fell on deaf ears. His fingers held onto you so sweetly, his eyes pooling with affection and adoration in such a way that had your breath hitching in your chest. 

    But, despite how nervous you felt, there was nothing in you that wanted to deny him. All you wanted was Atsumu, and for weeks now, you’d been imagining this moment. How it would feel to hold him in this kind of embrace, to feel his soft hair under your fingers as he kissed the air out of your chest. To feel his heartbeat under your touch, and how soft his lips would feel against your own.

    So, you let out a shaky breath, your hand coming to nervously cup Atsumu’s cheek as you nodded. He immediately closed his eyes, nuzzling into your touch in a way that had your heart feeling warm, swelling with adoration for this sweet boy in front of you. 

    “Please,” you whispered, and Atsumu could only grin as he finally tugged you closer.

    Your arms wrapped around his neck as Atsumu leaned down, softly nudging your nose with his, as his lips slanted over yours. It was a gentle touch - so feather-light in his actions as his hand cupped your cheek, the other caressing the nape of your neck to pull you closer. His thumb played with the sensitive skin there, brushing over it until you were shivering against his body. 

    Atsumu grinned into the kiss, causing you to do the same. It was a dopey, lovesick smile, but it didn’t cause you to break apart. Atsumu was addicted to the feel of your lips and how you tasted, desperate to feel more but trying to hold himself back. He caressed your cheek, teasingly brushing his lips over yours and letting them linger there for a moment, before pulling you in for a deeper embrace.

    As you sighed, Atsumu let his tongue trace your bottom lip, a silent plea that you easily gave in to. His hold on you tightened, and your heart finally got used to the feeling as Atsumu easily pulled you onto his lap. The movie long forgotten, the sounds on the television were drowned out by the pounding in your ears. 

    Soon, Atsumu’s kiss turned a bit more desperate - a bit more insistent and hurried. Your hands ran down his chest, obsessed with the intoxicating way his lips tasted. You were certain that the room was spinning but could hardly bring yourself to care as Atsumu held you against him in a warm embrace. As you licked into his mouth, you happily drank in Atsumu’s surprised sound, pleased that you were able to pull such a reaction from him. His large hands rested on your hips, before he got restless and moved to cup your cheeks as his lips lovingly moved against yours.

    Atsumu’s previous wish came true, as he kissed you until you had to break apart for air. When you finally did, he couldn’t help himself when he continued kissing all over your face. Your sweet giggles were like music to his ears as he trailed soft kisses across your cheek, his lips brushing against your nose, tickling your eyelids. You felt so good under his touch, and Atsumu couldn’t get enough.

    When you finally pulled away, Atsumu was grinning widely, still holding onto your cheeks as his forehead rested against yours. His smile was easily reciprocated, both of you panting for breath as he simply held you in his warm embrace. It felt like your lips were tingling as he gazed at you, and you smiled as you could feel his erratic heartbeat through his shirt. 

    “Wow,” he whispered, awe tinging his words as he quickly leaned forward to steal another kiss. You leaned into him, unable to fight the smile on your face as he gripped onto you. His soft lips pressed against yours, covering yours in the most perfect embrace as you happily sighed against him. You melted against him, content as you were able to feel the full plushness of his lips. 

    This time, when you pulled away, it was you who peppered multiple kisses all over Atsumu’s face. He laughed as you did so, fingers tightening around your body as your lips tickled his skin. He adored the feeling of it - how soft you felt against him, how your lips brushed over the space between his eyebrows, pressing a quick kiss to the side of his lips, brushing over the hot blush that settled across his cheeks.

    “Wow,” you returned when you finally pulled back. The two of you simply soaked in the moment, holding each other close as the lovesick smiles refused to leave. Atsumu’s arms wound around your waist, simply holding you in his arms as you smiled against him, hugging him back as you settled against his chest.

    As you felt his heart pounding against your cheek, a bubbly laugh rose in your throat, a smile breaking out across your features despite your best efforts.

    “What is it?” Atsumu questioned, feeling your body shake with laughter against his. He was amused, his hand tracing comforting shapes against your back until you looked up at him. 

    “I think you’re gonna give me a heart attack,” you stated, earning a teasing scoff as Atsumu rolled his head back in laughter.

    “You? No princess. I’m the one who’s gonna get a heart attack,” he retorted, nudging his head into the crook of your neck. It was something he’d started doing quite often, and you realized it was because he felt comforted and safe in your arms. 

    So, you simply held him, heart filled with love as Miya Atsumu continued placing slow kisses against your neck. 

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  • whitplague
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    when the night falls;

    s: it was on the coldest nights of january that osamu drank a little too much, hoping to find your comfort in the warmth of the alcohol.

    c: miya osamu x gn!reader.

    g: angst; hurt/comfort kinda, open ending.

    wc: 5k.

    w: alcohol, cursing, drunk osamu, mention of blood, use of they/them pronouns in some dialogues, a drunk man being disgusting.

    an: recycled post! this was on my previous account (@.kashika) and because i need to post smth and i like this so much so yea, have fun <3 also sorry bad english still recovering from covid mwuah <3

    For three years now, on the coldest and darkest nights of January, Osamu had been looking for comfort, something that would warm.

    And Osamu looked for it: his bedclothes weighed heavily on his body, making him wake up every morning more tired than when he went to bed, the pain in his body still being insignificant compared to the wounds that remained open in his heart; he tried to find comfort in the arms of the women who once lusted after him so much, but never finding the solace he so desperately needed. Osamu searched for months for an escape capable of comforting and warming him, because the memory of the cold of that January night had only spread during the continuous passage of time, freezing Osamu's entire being and preventing him from living as he once did.

    And it was after exhausting months of searching, exactly one year later, on the coldest and darkest night of January, that Osamu found what he was looking for so much.

    The aroma was unpleasant, forcing Osamu to frown every time he smelled it; and the taste was no better either –sour and hot, burning the mouth and throat as it descended, so swiftly and so fiercely; but the effects were magnificent, because after four drinks, Osamu felt light, the heat that ran through his whole body to be able to make him vulnerable once more, to make him human once more.

    And that's why, in January, when the night falls, you could find Osamu in a bar, lost among several glasses and bottles, fussing with anyone who would listen, venting to no one in particular, shouting at everyone.

    And this new yearly behavior of Osamu took everyone by surprise.

    Everyone who knew Osamu knew perfectly well that he didn't like alcohol: the reality is that Osamu only saw advantages in these drinks for his cooking; Osamu never liked to drink: the smell was horrible to him, the taste was inedible; however, there was something about the cold and dark nights of January that appealed to Osamu to warm up with that drink he hated so much, the feeling of comfort he felt when he drank was always stronger than any negative aspect alcohol could bring.

    Everyone knew that Osamu was not, in reality, a person of addictions, much less a person who found relief in a small, shiny glass of alcohol, but the truth is that cold January nights change a person; and changed especially Miya Osamu; the problem, in addition to the small and slow destruction of himself, is that Osamu did not have a great tolerance for alcohol, starting to see cloudy from the third glass, starting to alienate himself in the fourth and, even before reaching halfway through the fifth glass, Osamu didn't even know his own name anymore; but he was never able to forget you.

    For it was in the darkest and coldest nights of January that the memory of you came with force and without mercy to haunt Miya Osamu.

    More than two years ago, when night fell in January, Osamu ceased to exist.

    When the night falls in January, a great iron curtain also falls on Osamu, preventing him from feeling anything more than that huge void that was filled with the feeling of abandonment and loss. When the night falls in January, Osamu couldn't live until the next morning, dying a little longer each time, getting lost in glasses and bars, not wanting to know where he was wandering. In January, when the night falls, Osamu disappeared, starting to find himself in the middle of so many empty streets, always lost in the middle of alleys, never knowing where he was once the morning came.

    So, it was known that in January, when the night falls, Osamu falls with it.

    All this because it was in the darkest nights of January that Osamu remembered you.

    During the darkest nights of January, where no candle or lamp was enough to light the darkness that had settled inside him, it was when Osamu found himself wandering in the big and deserted streets of the city, his body just wanting to feel something, hoping that the icy cold of the month would be enough for him to feel something more than that feeling of despair that had tormented him so much since that fateful day.

    It was on the coldest nights of January that Osamu remembered you.

    It was on those nights that he got lost in the city, his gaze always fixed on the wet pavement, his hands in his coat pockets, his steps unhurried as his feet got soaked with each puddle of water trodden on. It was on those cold January nights that Osamu forgot all his responsibilities and chores, his mind forcing him to think only of you and nothing else.

    For it was in the coldest and darkest nights of January that the memory of you came to haunt Osamu without warning, forcing him to drink to forget about you.

    And that night, exactly three years later, was no different.

    The night was quite cold, the wind as strong as it was icy, pushing passersby mercilessly, freezing all those who were too brave –or stupid– to face such a weather; it was only a matter of time before the rain began to fall, hard and heavily, filling every crack in the pavement, showing no mercy to anything or anyone, wanting to flood everything with the icy tears from the clouds so dark and heavy that night.

    In fact, that January night was not being favorable to anyone; but Osamu just didn't want to know, because when the night falls in January, Osamu goes out to the bars.

    He took longer than usual to get to his first bar. It wasn't because he left the house later or because he got lost; Osamu, that night, just didn't want to walk.

    Three years with that weight on top of him was too much, and as night fell that day, Osamu's body felt as if it had shut down with the immediate darkness that made itself felt in less than nothing. And Osamu tried to break that annual habit of leaving the house, going to bars, destroying himself, but thoughts and memories began to dance gently in his dimly lit room, making use of the dim light of the lamp to, with their shadow, expand the pain they brought with them. And Osamu tried to ignore all the memories that played in his living room, taking refuge in his room, hoping that the many and infinite covers of his bed were enough to create a barrier that prevented the loneliness and sadness from penetrating him.

    However, it was all in vain and, thirty minutes after his usual time, Osamu was already sitting at a bar, a full glass in one hand, the other gesturing fiercely to the man who was next to him.

    “It's like I tell you,” Osamu was completely uninhibited after a glass of alcohol, letting the words fly out of him without any restrictions or fears, uttering them with such precision that it didn't even look like Osamu was already touched with alcohol. “It's all so much fun until you guys start having lives of your own.”

    “High school love?” the man who was drinking with Osamu laughed out loud, stuffing himself with peanuts before drinking from his beer bottle again and continuing his reasoning aloud. “Those never last. My girlfriend at the time cheated on me as soon as I entered university. These are never worth it.”

    Osamu looked a little in disbelief at his companion.

    The alcohol that was already running through his veins prevented him from having any immediate reaction; his mind repeated the stranger's words, and Osamu knew that something in them didn't make sense, but he couldn't make out what it was. So he asked for a beer, heading for his third trip to the acidic and burning land of alcohol.

    “Not really, my dear!” Osamu placed his free hand on his companion's back, an affectionate and friendly gesture exchanged so many times by so many strangers. “They are different.”

    “If they were different, you wouldn't be complaining, my friend,” the man laughed again and Osamu followed him. Frantically nodding his head, as if in agreement, suddenly stopping. Would you really be different?

    “You're right,” this time, all of Osamu's excitement fled in a low, long sigh, the rest of the glass disappearing all at once. “The only thing different is that, after three years, I still think about them.”

    “Three years?!” the man whistled, showing the surprise he felt at Osamu's confession, who, very embarrassed, nodded his head – but why did Osamu feel ashamed with the fact that he's been suffering for you for three years now? “Must be a really great person!”

    Osamu looked again in disbelief at his companion –what the hell was there in the words of that stranger that affected Osamu so much?

    He shook his head, sipping a little of beer and, after thinking several times, Osamu simply managed to mumble a small “They’re the love of my life,” letting sadness follow his words without any shame.

    How confusing was Osamu when he was consumed by alcohol.

    “Nonsense! You're still young, you haven't met half the people out there yet,” the man finished his beer, settled back in his seat and faced Osamu, a small smile appearing so strangely on his crooked lips. “Do you have any pics of them?”

    Osamu laughed, taking out his cellphone and digging through his gallery, looking, in the midst of so many memories, for the ones that hurt him the most –for Osamu was a masochist to the point that he couldn't, at least, erase the pictures he had of you. I mean, Atsumu forced his brother to remove you from all social media, however, he was not successful when the conversation focused on the various photographs and videos that always lay so lonely on Osamu's cell phone.

    After digging through landscapes and selfies, several photographs with friends and some referring to his work, Osamu finally found a photograph of you –not that he hadn't gone through other photographs before, but this one was just beautiful, it was his and your favorite. The cellphone was shown to the stranger, and he took the time to observe you carefully; beautiful and natural, you landed gently with a small picnic basket, your eyes shining with the excitement of finally being on a date with Osamu.

    “Not bad, sir,” the man grabbed Osamu's cellphone as he went back to drinking his beer; the stranger's big, filthy fingers began to enlarge the image, looking into every corner of you, letting nothing escape his eyes. Your entire figure was analyzed in detail by that stranger without Osamu noticing: hair color, eye color, nose shape, smile shape, how delicate your hands were, how beautiful your legs were, how appetizing your waist was. “Not bad at all…”

    The laugh he sounded now carried malice with it, the zoom that the stranger made focusing only on your legs; Osamu finished the beer with a frown and, as soon as he realized the laughter that had escaped the man, Osamu looked at him, seeing a sinister gleam in his eyes, the smile that was drawn on his crooked lips bringing discomfort to Osamu.

    And that's when he realized what was wrong with that unknown companion's words: that man just didn't respect you.

    It was with a very crude act that Osamu took his cellphone from the stranger's hands, standing up abruptly, causing the sound of his chair falling to stop all the conversations and laughter that were animating that bar. "What the fuck?! Who do you think you are?!”

    “Clearly they are too much for you, my dear,” the man laughed, not taking Osamu's behavior seriously: after all, Osamu's slight stumble betrayed the effect that the alcohol was having on him. “I was just checking that out.”

    The disdain with which that presumptuous man spoke of you was horrible and Osamu couldn't seem to take it; not with that absurd amount of alcohol running through him as freely as if it were blood.

    Osamu spat to the side, showing the disapproval of that man's words. “You don't know what you're saying.”

    "I've seen how they are," again that disgusting laugh, loaded with ulterior motives, steeped in malice. “And they are not for you. What they need is a real man. Not a crybaby baby who still grieves their loss after three years.”

    Osamu grabbed the collar of the stranger's shirt and forced him to get up with excessive force, all the eyes in that bar were fixed on both of them, the bartender stopping the movement of his hands to look at them curiously, looking forward to what could happen.

    “You're not man enough to keep them,” the stranger chuckled, his alcohol-soaked words aggravating Osamu's condition with malicious intent. “Do you really think you're man enough to hit me?”

    You no longer remember the last time you left work so late; in fact, you believed that the last time you left your work so late was exactly three years ago. And just the thought of that memory was enough to make you shiver. It didn't matter how much clothes you were wearing that day, how hot you felt outside, the reality is that there was a great and vast layer of ice from three years ago that, with the slow passage of time, was gaining thickness, becoming, now, practically impossible to be broken –or melted.

    Although it was indeed late, and the rain was beginning to fall heavily, nothing made you quicken your steps, walking with great care and precision, your footsteps so light as to be practically hidden by the shrill sound of the rain. Because, in reality, you didn't have the strength to walk. The fact that you left work so late only reminded you of memories that you had locked away and placed deep inside you, making you uncomfortable and melancholy once again.

    Even if you repeat to yourself over and over again that you were over everything, that nothing bothered you anymore, that you had managed to move on, everyone knew that you were just lying to everyone –and especially lying to yourself. Because everyone knew that you still yearned for Osamu's return, knowing perfectly well that only he was able to give you the comfort and peace you were looking for so much; everyone knew that you still dreamed of Osamu, remembering times when everything was easier and where you were still together; because everyone knew that you still loved Osamu, in the same way that Osamu loved you.

    The rain fell noisily on your blue umbrella, splashing the surroundings where you passed, insisting on disturbing your mind even more. For, it was on the darkest and coldest nights of January, that the memory of a pure love tormented you, forcing you to take refuge in the comfort of your home, hoping that your two pets were enough to prevent you from thinking too much. So, moved by the deafening and unappealing noises of the rain, you took your time to return home, the darkness of that night becoming something welcoming for you, the voids of the street only equaling the void that had established inside you.

    But could you really endure another night submerged in so many destructive thoughts?

    Entering your empty house was still strange to you; not even three long and lonely years could appease the sadness you felt for stepping into empty territory.

    You took your shoes off without haste, your wet socks leaving small, practically invisible footprints on the floor of the house, while you, so tired and destroyed, dragged your body to the room where you knew you would have two small animals waiting for you. But what was the point of having two companions waiting for you if they were always sleeping, far from your embrace, far from the love you were desperate to offer but nobody wanted.

    You had no choice but to sit on the couch, shrouded in the darkness of the room, letting all thoughts scream louder and angrier in your mind.

    You let your head hit the sofa, staring at the black ceiling, sighing occasionally as a happier memory –a more painful memory– made its presence felt, leaving you to wander in your thoughts in an intense sea of ​​memories and happiness you haven't seen for three years.

    “Hello?” you answered your cellphone on impulse, the fright the sound forcing you to act without thinking, to answer without seeing who had bothered you so late on that cold and dark January night.

    “Do you…” Osamu's voice came out muffled on the other side, making you shiver, making your heart stop for a moment. After three long and lonely years, Osamu had finally deigned to call you; would he apologize? Ask to speak with you? “Do you still love me?”

    There was something different about the timbre of Osamu's voice and it made you quite uneasy.

    You took your feet up onto the sofa, slowly smearing it with the water trapped in your socks; your knees could touch your chest, your free hand gripping your legs with some fear and nervousness.

    You didn't respond to Osamu, you couldn't gain strength or courage to respond to him after being subjected to silence for so long. But you tried to answer, don't get me wrong; you opened your mouth slightly, the word yes caught in your trembling lips, longing to be spoken, to be finally released. However, you decided to adopt, once again, the silence that had consumed you for three long years.

    Though, when he was surrounded by alcohol, Osamu became more determined, and also more distracted. “The rain doesn't stop falling,” once again, you remained silent, trying to understand what was new in Osamu's timbre of voice; you wanted to try to understand what was really going on with him. “And when the rain falls, I get wet.”

    You couldn't hide the smile that formed on your lips after that realization by Osamu. “Unless you have an umbrella.”

    “I didn't bring any,” Osamu gestured with his hand as he stepped down the street, bracing himself in the air, tripping over his own feet, letting his crooked figure be washed away by the rain. “They stink.”

    “Umbrellas don't stink,” you tried to contain a small laugh, resting your chin on your knees and just admiring the darkness.

    “If they don't smell like you, they stink,” Osamu shrugged his shoulders as he stopped walking and looked in front of him, letting the beautiful architecture of that house be admired by his bleary eyes and totally hurt by the rain. “You could lend me one of yours to take home. I don't want to be alone. Wet. I don't want to be we– Fuck!”

    Osamu stumbled again, hitting a small garbage can, causing it to fall; the sound echoed loudly through the neighborhood, echoing in the midst of the silence, unable to be drowned out by the rain, which was now so weak and timid.

    Alarmed by the sound you had just heard, you got up quickly, walking to the window and seeing, to your surprise, a very angry Osamu with a garbage can, cursing and kicking it, the light from the lamp illuminating that little show where the subtle drops of rain gave that scene a shine.

    You turned off your cellphone without thinking, your eyes still fixed on the window as you saw Osamu's silver hair, so soaked, moving freely with his sudden movements.

    And it was without thinking that you moved away from the window, walking slowly and nervously to the door of your house, stopping even before putting your hand on the handle. Should you go to him? The reality is that Osamu didn't look the least bit well in the middle of that light rain and the behavior he was having towards a garbage can was quite alarming. That's why you were determined –you opened the door, the sound of the rain becoming more intense as soon as you, barefoot and without worries, set foot on the street, listening to Osamu cursing that object.


    Your voice was like a call.

    As if bewitched by the tenderness of his name, Osamu stopped his aggressive movements and words, turning his body slightly and seeing you, nervous, barefoot, wet looking at him, something caught in your gaze that he couldn't decipher, your posture denouncing the nerves you were feeling.

    Osamu straightened his body as much as he could, flashing a fake smile, trying to show that he was okay –that he wasn't drunk.

    “Oh, love! Do you have the umbrella?”

    “What happened to you?” you ignored Osamu's drunken words, focusing only on his face dimly lit by the lamp, small red and purple spots adorning Osamu's so delicate face.

    He just brought his hand to his face, touching a small wound in the corner of his eye, and smiled; Osamu opened his arms, as if welcoming that rain, and spoke normally, his face as serious as usual, his eyes closed as if he wanted to remember what had really happened to him.

    “I got into a bar fight!”

    You were in shock at that sight, even reaching for Osamu, wanting to reach out and touch him once more; however, even before speaking again, you drew your hands in the pockets of your sweater and turned your back on Osamu.


    “You are already tall and you still want to sit on top of the sink?!” you snorted at Osamu's stubbornness, your irritation being drowned out by his laughter.

    “I want to be comfortable!”

    “You want to be quiet and–” Osamu, clinging to his stubbornness, tried to sit on the bathroom sink, not quite calculating how much force he should use, seeing his hand slip away from him; the moment that followed was quick and quite frightening for you who somehow managed to hold Osamu's heavy body even before he catastrophically fell to the floor of your bathroom. “Jesus…”

    Osamu laughed again and, now with your help, he sat down carefully on the sink, waiting patiently. “See? I always get what I want.”

    You rolled your eyes as soon as you threw a towel at Osamu. “Dry yourself off while I go get the first aid kit.”

    You sighed when you opened the small bathroom cabinet, rummaging through everything in search of that white box, while Osamu, beside you, began to clean himself without any hurry: his hair was the first thing to be dried, becoming totally disheveled, the light, damp strands of his silver hair falling clumsily; as soon as his face and neck were clear of any trace of the rain, Osamu took off his sweater, wiping away the wetness that had built up with just that light soaked fabric, giving his bruises permission to make a small appearance.

    Once you found the first-aid kit, you closed the closet and looked at Osamu with some concern, feeling that what had happened to him was partly your fault.

    You took a deep breath and placed the box next to Osamu, starting to rummage through it looking for the essentials to tend to his injuries.

    “Not even a wow?” Osamu looked genuinely perplexed by your uninteresting reaction.

    “It's not the first time I've seen you like this, remember?” you shrugged your shoulders when you took a piece of clean cloth and wet it with water.

    “Still. You used to like it before,” Osamu pouted a little, just making you sigh already tired of seeing that boy touched by alcohol.

    You did not answer him; putting yourself on tiptoe, and signaling for Osamu to bend down a little, you began to rub the cloth on Osamu's face, absorbing small bloodstains, cleaning the marks of a painful defeat. Your touch was gentle: one of your hands was holding Osamu's chin carefully –trying not to touch the small wound there– while the other, so delicately and nimbly, caressed Osamu's face through a wet cloth; your touch made Osamu relax for a moment, letting him melt with your grace, closing his eyes and just feeling your cold hands, sending him back to times when these gestures of yours were daily –with the difference that, while now you wiped traces of alcohol and aggression from Osamu's face, in the past you smeared his face with lines and kisses of passion and tenderness; now, you took care of him, previously, you loved him.

    “I missed this.”

    You, once again, refused to answer Osamu. However, only you knew that you also missed these moments with him. You missed Osamu's smooth skin, the way he shivered at your touch, the soft breath he gained whenever he was being caressed by you; you missed it all, but three years passed and they took with them the glimmer of hope that there was for the two of you to be together –right?

    “I'll disinfect and then cover your wounds, okay?”

    Always so tender and delicate, you, even after three years, had not lost the kindness in your voice or the delicacy in your movements.

    This time it was Osamu who let the silence speak for him; tilting his head a little, Osamu began to see you moving the box, your body, still wet, giving him memories of when long and passionate baths were taken together; your fragile figure, which trembled with the cold of the rainwater, made Osamu remember all the nights when he held you to warm you –of all those cold, dark January nights when you just tangled up in each other's arms, letting the sound of the rain be the only sound to speak between you.

    He wanted to hold your hand that was so frantically looking for something in that box; he wanted to hold your body, make you stop shaking; Osamu wanted to give you some comfort and affection. However, there was something that prevented him from acting and he could not remember what it was. Were you be upset? Were you upset that he was drinking? If that were the case, Osamu would promise never to touch a bottle of alcohol again except for cooking; I mean, Osamu didn't even remember why he drank, he hated that taste. What had happened to him to drink? Was it because there was another argument with Atsumu? Or was it because something happened to you?

    “Osamu!,” you snapped your fingers in front of the boy's face, forcing him to wake up from his thick cloud of confused thoughts.

    Osamu stared at you in bewilderment, feeling tired all of a sudden, the alcohol now giving him back all the tiredness he felt three years ago; and he must have been pretty pathetic at that moment, because you smiled carefully, a smile Osamu knew you only wore when he was really amusing.


    “You look tired,” you shrugged, rubbing ointment onto Osamu's arms and chest carefully, trying to lessen the bruises, wanting him to get better as soon as possible.

    At the icy touch of the balm, Osamu let out a small grunt, something that made you smile even more, squirming a little with the pain, feeling really pathetic at that moment.

    “You look tired too,” Osamu said tiredly, his breath labored as he held back the little gasps of pain he wanted so badly to release. You pulled away from him, caressing your hands with what was left of the ointment, secretly feeling the smoothness of Osamu's skin once more. “You haven't called me!”

    “We broke up, remember?”

    You knew that Osamu was drunk, and you knew that he probably didn't remember half of the things that had happened, but even so, reminding him of what was going on between you could be quite painful for you; as such, your sweet, tender smile dissipated in a matter of seconds.

    Trying to escape your own words, which hung so heavily in the air, you grabbed some bandages and started looking at Osamu, trying to see what you could do –and how you would do it.

    “You're just a mess.”

    Yes, Osamu now remembered what had really happened.

    “It's how I feel without you.”

    You remained silent.

    As soon as Osamu left the bar, and after a little drunken fight at the door of the establishment, Osamu wondered why he was alone, in the middle of the street, in that special month for him and for you; I mean, it was in January that you guys started dating, so shouldn't he be with you? So why was he standing in the rain in the middle of the street? Osamu really couldn't remember what was going on, why he had been drinking, why he was alone. But now, with your words, with your attitude so distant, he realized that January was really a special month for them.

    “Two years?”

    “Three,” you corrected him when you started to take care of his face.

    Supported on tiptoe, and holding Osamu by his neck, you carefully watched the face of that destroyed boy who was before you, trying to understand if you should cover the wounds or if you should continue to take care of them.

    That’s right, three years. Because of him. Because he couldn’t wait for your sacrifice to bear fruit.

    “Did you get the promotion?”

    “Yes,” you didn't want to speak, you didn't want to remember. Although your voice remained serious and strong, your eyes started to get weak, gaining small, crystalline tears of longing and pain.

    Osamu was also becoming vulnerable: the fatigue that commanded his body and the alcohol that dictated his words and behavior were betraying Osamu at that moment, for, without him even noticing it, Osamu wrapped his crippled arm around your waist, pulling you to him quickly as your tears finally decided to fall.

    At Osamu's gesture, you stopped shivering with the cold, feeling his body, so hot at that moment, slowly warming you up; your eyes stopped the tears when the scent of alcohol invaded you –you didn't like the smell, you felt nauseous just thinking about it, but coming from Osamu, it brought a comfort you didn't know would be possible to find. And, enveloped in Osamu's drunken affection, you finally cried, releasing the pain you had accumulated for three years in the arms of the same person who had destroyed you.

    Neither of you spoke again for the rest of the night.

    Osamu remained sitting on the sink in that bathroom, hugging you with all the strength he could muster in that chaotic state of his, not wanting to let you go that time; and you let yourself be safe in Osamu's arms, finally receiving all the comfort you had been asking for exactly three years.

    Because it was in the darkest and coldest nights of January that Osamu looked for you without ever having the courage to talk to you, to apologize to you. Because it was on the darkest and coldest nights of January that you remembered the heated argument you had with Osamu, remembering all the screams and the lack of support, remembering why you never spoke to him again.

    But, as sure as you remember each other, when the night falls in January, the reality is that Osamu and you fall for each other.

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  • tsukiboo
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    imagining sugawara’s idea of a break from grading papers is you sitting on his lap talking about your day as he gently rubs circles on ur hip with the pad of his thumb, his eyes never leaving u as you ramble on thinking to himself how pretty you are.

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  • ophelia0357
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hcs about Kenma with a S/O who is a gamer and a Vtuber, nobody knows the great gaming youtubers are dating though

    Kenma X Vtuber! Reader

    Kenma often get asked if he has an S/O, but his answer is always no and he knows that he is lying, but he can’t help it.

    Kenma is someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in his hands since being famous and all and editing his videos and scheduling his streams, so someone who is also a gamer and a Vtuber at that does help him, because he doesn’t feel as bad if he doesn’t spend time with you because you also don’t have a lot of time in your hands.

    You both often get told off by Kuroo to spend some time away from your electronics and get some sunlight and get some physical activity.

    Doing all-nighters playing games, watching movies and spending time with each other.

    Teaching each other games or helping each-other pass a level you can’t pass is a regular pass time. Another pass time is fighting each other to death, in video games and seeing who the superior gamer is.

    Whoever loses need to go grocery shopping for two months and do the dishes and the laundry for three weeks.

    Being friends with Hinata, Kuroo, Lev and Yaku who are surprised as to how Kenma got someone who is as sweet as you are.

    You both only having indoor dates, cause Kenma is known and has a huge following while you’re anonymous, so it’s hard to go on an outdoor date, but since you both a literal vampires you both are cool with it.

    If you both ever reveal your relationship to the media, people are gonna go crazy over you both with many fanarts, interviews, etc.

    Basically you both can break the internet, but you both decided not to.

    #kenma x y/n #kenma x gender neutral reader #kenma x reader #kenma x male reader #haikyuu kenma#kenma kozume #kenma x you #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x poc!reader #haikyuu x plus size reader #haikyuu x male reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines #haikyu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu drabbles#kenma fluff#kenma scenario#kenma headcanons#kenma hcs#kenma haikyuu#kenma hq#kenma imagine#kuroo tetsurou#hinata shouyou#hinata shōyō#hq hinata
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  • kiribakuswife
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What about Kuroo finding out that you never gave a blowjob?

    Pairing: Kuroo x fem!reader x Kenma
    Warnings: oral (m. reciving), penetrative sex, cuckold(?), slight cum play, 3some mmf with slight mlm
    A/N: I started writing this in class sjjsks. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and let me know if I missed any warnings.

    He finds out after a few times you had sex when you ask if you can give him head, because your first times are all about pleasuring you and mapping your body. But when you try he immediately understands that you are inexperienced and the fact that your gag reflex kicks in immediately when you put a little more than just the tip in your mouth confirms his thoughts.

    So as the good boyfriend he is, Kuroo decides to train your throat. But of course he understands that he's too big, so he asks Kenma to help, because he is more average and on the thinner side (and he knows that before meeting him you had a crush on Kenma).

    And that's how you found yourself in this position: on your knees with Kuroo's hands in your hair moving your head while you suck Kenma, who is sat on your boyfriend's lap.

    Pretty breathy moans leave the lips of the boy, that has his head thrown back over his friend's shoulder. He would have never guessed it was your first time with the way you were moving thanks to the indications of Kuroo and your will to be good. Plus, the fact that he was taking you mouth virginity and that you were his best friend's girlfriend stimulated his corruption kink.

    But he wasn't the only one who was fulfilling a fantasy. Kuroo always dreamed about sharing his girlfriend with Kenma, so the sight of you giving him a blow job and the music that came from him made him probably the hardest he has ever been.

    Without anyone paying attention to it, he started rutting his hips against Kenma, making him shove more of his dick down your throat, which resulted in both of you to moan. The vibrations of yours sending shivers of pleasure through the boy's body.

    After some practise, and a lot of edging Kenma, you were finally able to take him all to the base in your mouth and to pleasure him without needing Kuroo's indications. At that point you gave Kenma a real blow job, alternating between sucking his dick and his balls, giving more attention to his most sensitive spots and deep throating him.

    With all the stimulation he already got from you practicing, it didn't take long for the boy to get close. So, with permission from your boyfriend, who made you move, he came on your cute tongue while you stroked him, making the prettiest sounds.

    Kuroo made you shallow it and fortunately it was sweet (Kenma definitely didn't eat fruits to make it taste better for the occasion, yeah, definitely not). Then he commanded you around, positioning you on all fours with Kenma behind you and him before your face.

    He said that to thank Kenma for his disponibility to help you practice, you would have let him have your pussy,and at the same time you had to start exploring his dick.

    When Kenma penetrated you you didn't feel the usual stretch that you got from Kuroo. Not like you didn't feel nothing, it was more than pleasurable, especially with the way his tip, a little curved, hitted perfectly your g-spot, like it was made for it. He finally sheeted all his dick inside you and both moaned at the same time.

    "F-fuck, she's so thight"

    "Mhh, she's still thigh after 3 orgasms, can't imagine without prep"

    Kuroo took your chin between his fingers to make you look at him. "Say pretty baby, does Kenma make you feel good like you to him?"

    "Yes, feel so good" "Good thing. Then, why don't you try sucking me again, you can do that now, right?" You nodded and took his cock in your hand, giving kitten licks, while Kenma started moving.

    After little he was thrusting into you at a high speed, arms around your waist and his head in the crook of your neck, whispering in your ear how much you made him feel good. At the same time you were outlining all the veins on Kuroo's dick in between moans from getting fucked. Then, decided that it was easier, your lips attached to his balls while you stroked him. The vibrations of your moans and the sight of you and his best friend quickened his orgasm.

    "Open your pretty mouth princess"

    With the tip in your mouth he cummed, but told you not to shallow. Instead Kenma turned your head and kissed you. A mess of saliva and sperm escaping your mouth as your tongues twirled one with the other in the attempt to share your boyfriend's cum. As you cummed together you moaned in the kiss and Kuroo swore he could have had another orgasm at the heavenly sight before his eyes.

    From now on whenever you and Kuroo had to try something new you'll definitely ask Kenma to help you.

    #I'm having a Kuroo and Kenma brainrot #pls they are so hot #i want them both #also Kenma here in my mind has a ponytail because it's the only way I can imagine him in smut #kuroo x you #kuroo drabble#kuroo smut #kuroo x reader #kuroo x reader smut #kenma drabble #kenma x reader #kenma smut #kenma x reader smut #kenma x you #haikyuu x you #haikyuu smut #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu kuroo#haikyuu kenma #kuroo x y/n #kenma x y/n #kenma x kuroo #kuroo x reader x kenma #kuroo tetsuro smut #kuroo tetsurou #kuroo tetsuro x you #kuroo tetsuro scenarios #kuroo tetsuro drabble #kuroo tetsuro x reader
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  • yuunemi
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    02:06 AM ☆ IWAIZUMI HAJIME ☆

    LIBRARIAN’S NOTE/S : very self-indulgent iwaizumi fic.


    Iwaizumi wakes up to pee in the middle of the night—still groggy but when he felt that your side of the bed was empty. He immediately found himself wide awake. Scanning the dark-lit room he noticed an empty chair and an opened laptop on the table. He decided to hold off looking for you and went to the bathroom first. Leaving the said room he saw you entering with a cup of iced coffee. "Oh hi, Haji." You said, sounding very tired. Walking closer to your figure "What're you doing? I thought you said you'd join me in bed hours ago?" He asked with a yawn. "Yeahh buutt I really wanted to finish his essay before sleeping." You answered while putting aside your iced coffee. "You'll have more than enough time tomorrow after a goodnight's rest." He said holding your hands, ushering you to join him in bed. "Alright, alright I'll sleep and join you in bed already." You gave in while pulling away from him to shut down your laptop and fix the desk. After doing so, you immediately jumped down into the comfy bed, and soon enough your boyfriend's strong arms were already wrapped around your waist. "Night, Y/n." He whispered, "Mm, you too, Haji." You replied while burying yourself deeper into his embrace and before you knew it, you were already sleeping.


    #iwaizumi hajime x reader #haikyuu x reader #iwaizumi x reader #aoba johsai x reader #iwaizumi hajime imagine #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fluff #seijoh x reader #iwaizumi drabble #iwaizumi x y/n #iwaizumi x you
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  • uhhlucid
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Part. 7

    pairing: iwaizumi x black!fem reader
    synopsis: on pointe! (updated weekly) previous parts in masterlist
    word count: 3.1k
    type: fanfiction
    a/n: once again my drafts don't save :(

    "Where are your friends?" Carter didn't mean to come off as rude. His friends convinced him to go eat lunch with his new girlfriend. Currently they were outside sharing garlic bread and bbq pineapple chicken kabobs. "Serenity is off doing god knows what. Frankie eats with the seniors. And the others are practicing off campus. What about you?" "They're sitting at the same table I always do inside. Can I come with to the competition?" "You'll be very disappointed in me if you came. I'm like the underdog. Plus, I don't know if Mrs. Aveline would let you." "Sure she will. You've never asked for anything before have you?" Elissa shook her head. "Then it should be all good. Now let me see your dance before lunch is over."

    Elissa's grey skirt fluttered in the wind. Carter had to admit the uniform colors were cute. A pink sweater was over her white button down shirt and she wore grey legwarmers with white sneakers. Carter felt a bit plain wearing just the basic grey jacket and pants with a white button down. She threw her trash away and smiled at him. "You coming?" He nodded and threw his away as well. She led him to a clearing where no one was there to watch.

    She set her backpack down and took off her shoes. Her pointe shoes were already ready and waiting in her backpack. "I wish I hadn't picked ballet. Lia's totally going to outperform me." Elissa began stretching. "Celia? Why would she?" "Have you seen her dance? I mean she sucks at everything else, but ballet she's fucking amazing." "Never even spoken to the girl." "The girls were talking in the dressing room about how they were jealous of her because she was dating Oikawa. If they knew Oikawa personally I would not want to date him," she emphasized the not.

    Carter had always considered Elissa and her friends popular. Especially Oikawa. "What's wrong with em? He seemed fine last night." "He's just a little weird. And he has a really long skin care routine. He's a bit whiny. Don't get me wrong he has a lot of good qualities." Carter chuckled to himself. "Wonder why Oikawa gets all the ladies. If I was a girl I would choose Iwaizumi." "Omg Carter are you coming out as bisexual? Iwaizumi has fans too just not as much as Oikawa. I heard Y/n has her sights on him though." "Elissa I've been bisexual. This isn't anything new. Iwaizumi and Y/n would be cute." "I know right? I'm glad no one took you before I did."

    Did Elissa think Carter had girls at his feet? Did dudes have crushes on him? "Do people really like me like that?" She looked at him as if he had just asked the dumbest question ever. "They say your fighting with Iwaizumi for the second hottest in the school." "I'm not even popular like that." Y/n stood up and handed Carter her phone. "Play the music when your ready." He waited for her to get in position and pressed play. Carter thought she looked regal and elegant while dancing. He imagined them dancing ballet together on Broadway.

    When she finished he imagined the crowd clapping and demanding an encore. "How was it?" She sat next to him. "It was great. Just minor things like straightening your leg and stuff." She smoothed out her skirt. "I think I'm just too nervous about it all." "There's a reason Mrs. Aveline chose you for the team. You know she only likes perfection." Elissa gazed into his eyes. Carter felt his heart rate go up drastically. Elissa crashed her lips onto his and swirled her tongue around his. He cupped her cheeks and kissed just as passionately back.

    This continued until they heard footsteps approaching. They both quickly turned around and saw a small rabbit picking at the grass. Carter sighed with relief and Elissa giggled. She snuggled into Carter's embrace until the bell rang. "Why can we hear the bell all the way out here," Elissa complained. "I'll carry your backpack for you," Carter picked it up before she could object. "Your lucky we have the same class next." She put her regular shoes back on and put the pointe ones in her backpack. The two headed off to their next class of the day.

    The final bell rang and Elissa was dragging her feet along to Mrs. Aveline's office. She was even more reluctant when she saw Mrs. Aveline in her office. She knocked softly a couple times. "Come in." This was her first time in the office and it was exactly as Oikawa had described. She took a seat and Mrs. Aveline was steady typing on her computer. She glanced up. "Elissa, how may I help?" This was the nicest Mrs. Aveline had ever been towards her.

    "I was wondering if Carter could come with us to the competition this week?" "Carter?" "Carter Haynes." Mrs. Aveline mumbled under her breath. "Why does he want to come along?" "He wants to see my solo." "Young love is difficult to understand. I'll allow it. It better not distract you." "Thank you Mrs. Aveline. I'll never ask for anything again."' She left the office and was surprised to see Carter waiting in the hallway. "So what'd she say?" "She said yes. Better go to sleep because I'm getting you at 1." "In the morning?" Carter's eyes bugged out of his head.

    She nodded. "I'm going to get some sleep," she started back down stairs. "I'll walk you," he quickly caught up. "It's not that far you know?" "I know. I just like spending time with you."

    Oikawa waved at Elissa as she walked by. He turned back towards Lia. "I'm trying to take you out on a date. What's so bad about that?" "The day before a competition. I can't screw up like last time." "You will screw up if you don't give yourself a break. Now come to the aquarium with me." She didn't respond for a few seconds. "Let me change first." Oikawa sighed in relief and agreed to meet up in ten minutes. Iwaizumi was in their shared dorm on the phone with Y/n.

    He tried pestering him about their relationship, but it didn't work. He changed out of the uniform and went downstairs to find Lia outside the male dormitory. Her thick brown curls were held back by a claw clip. She wore a pink halter and low-rise brown jeans. Her white forces matched her felt tote bag. She sat on the front porch. She hopped up when she saw Oikawa.

    She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. He took her hand and guided her all the way to the train station. Since their school was relatively close to downtown it was unnecessary to take the train, but Oikawa thought it would be much quicker. The aquarium was one Y/n had showed him when they first became friends. It was on the smaller side and if you didn't know about it you would never find it. A Korean family owned it and also had a restaurant across the street.

    Today it was filled with small children and Lia was confused as to why they were in such an unknown part of Sydney. "Kawa where are we?" "The Mangjol family aquarium of course. Their daughter is the only family member working though. The other employees are probably our age." Lia nodded. Oikawa must be rambling again.

    They first looked at all the tropical fish. Lia pressed her face up against the glass. "Kawa look at how colorful they are." He smiled. "Let's go see the penguins." She followed after him. The attendant there let them sit in the penguin inclosure. First they had to put on a similar suit and then the employees told them not to touch or feed the penguins. Oikawa complained about not being able to pet them, but other than that Lia enjoyed the penguins.

    "Let's go eat across the street. I can totally get us a discount." Oikawa and Lia took off the suits and thanked the employees. Lia skipped along across the street with Oikawa following behind. It was a brick building with Korean letters on a black sign above the door. Under it in English read "Korean Bbq House." Lia opened the door and an older woman, introducing herself as Chi-Yong Manjol, led them to a booth close to the kitchen. She had smile lines and wrinkles under her eyes.

    Her hair was tied back and she wore an apron over her dress. She pulled out a pen and notebook from the apron. "I'll be your server for today. Another server will be over to cook your meal." "Can I just get rib eye steak with water?" She quickly jotted it down. "And for your side?" "Just some rice." "I'll have the spicy pork and squid with bean paste stew, whatever veggies you have, and a water." When the server walked away Lia kicked him under the table.

    "Why'd you order so much?" "I come here all the time and order the same thing. No big deal." A younger boy with bubblegum pink hair on the left and jet black on the right came up with their order. He set everything down and got to work. Lia was amazed how he could cook the food for multiple tables at once. Once the meat was done Oikawa said they could finally eat. Lia munched and watched as he wrapped the pork inside the lettuce.

    She did the same with her steak and began trying it with other vegetables. "You should really try this squid," he held it up to her mouth. "I don't know I mean doesn't it have suction cups and stuff?" "It tastes really good," he pushed the squid up to her lips. She reluctantly took a bite and chewed slowly. "It's okay. I don't like the texture." "That's fine. Just glad you had fun."

    Oikawa paid for the meal and they walked back to the school hand in hand. "I'm still worried you know." "I know." "You made me forget for a little while." "That's the plan. Now go get some sleep." He kissed her hand and headed for the male dormitory. Iwaizumi was already fast asleep when he arrived. He slipped off his shirt and shoes and went to sleep.

    It was the first time Iwaizumi woke up Oikawa for a competition. Oikawa sat up in bed as he watched Iwaizumi put on a t-shirt and sweats. "You should get to packing," Iwaizumi commented before going into the bathroom. Oikawa forced himself to get up and took his costume inside the garment bag from the hook on the door and folded it carefully in his backpack.

    Oikawa barged in and joined his friend in brushing his teeth. "I really wish you wouldn't do that." Iwaizumi spit into the bowl. "It's fine. We're saving time this way. Now I need to do my hair." Iwaizumi and Oikawa continued to share the mirror. Oikawa brushed his hair while Iwaizumi spiked his up. The clock read 12:45 when they left.

    Oikawa and Iwaizumi were sure they would be the first to get there. Elissa and Carter had completely beat them. "Hey Lissa. I didn't know Carter was coming," Oikawa sat next to her. "Told you to stop calling me that. I'm surprised the queen let him. Carter and I made breakfast for everyone. We tried something completely new." Elissa reached in her bag and brought out three plastic containers.

    "Are these tacos for breakfast?" Oikawa seemed amazed. "Pancake tacos. Filled with cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries, and powedered sugar. My mom used to make em all the time," Carter proudly announced. Oikawa and Iwaizumi took one. "These are sooo good. Carter how come you haven't made them sooner?" Iwaizumi nodded in agreement with Oikawa. It was too early, in his opinion, to talk.

    Y/n arrived next and happily took one. Frankie took one next and him and Y/n were doing handsprings on the sidewalk. Mrs. Aveline was last bringing Serenity, Kourtney, and Lia with her. "Mr. Haynes if you become the reason Elissa doesn't do well you won't have a chance at performing." Carter nodded and that seemed to satisfy her. Serenity had her dirty blonde hair in a messy bun and wore a simple white tank and shorts. She had her arm around Kourtney while playing with her ear length jet black hair. They seemed to be matching with white tanks, but Kourtney wore sweats. They sat at the back of the bus and Iwaizumi thought what could Serenity possibly be up to.

    Frankie's blonde roots were starting to show through his mint green hair. He wore his usual black hoodie and jeans with Doc Martins. He sat in front of them. He'd been protective of Kourtney ever since she was a freshmen. Y/n sat next to Iwaizumi and fell asleep leaning on his shoulder. Elissa and Carter seemed to be the most energetic and kept yapping about new recipes to try. Lia was by the window fast asleep while Oikawa talked with them.

    It was a long eight hours and Y/n woke up to Iwaizumi tapping her shoulder. She grabbed her bag and headed off of the bus with the rest of the team. Since everyone was in the solo category they were all rushing at once to get ready. Mrs. Aveline was nowhere to be found and Y/n was beyond frustrated because of it. She sat in front of her mirror and tried to focus on her makeup.

    The threat of probation and possible suspension was looming over everyone's heads. Y/n didn't even hear Lia when she asked if she wanted to get some fresh air with her. "Huh?" "I asked if you wanted to take a quick breather." Y/n nodded slowly and followed the girl down the stairs and to the parking lot. As soon as they were away from everyone Lia broke down in tears.

    She sat on the concrete as warm tears rolled down her face. Y/n quickly tried to dry them up so her makeup wouldn't be ruined. "Everybody there hates me," Lia said in between hiccups. "No they don't. They just see you as competition." "Aren't we teammates?" "Not this week." "Y/n Oikawa's gonna break up with me. I haven't made a single friend yet," she broke back down into tears.

    "You're just going to have to prove everyone wrong then, huh?" Y/n gave her an optimistic smile. Lia sniffled and slowly stood up. They walked back to the dressing room and Lia reapplied her makeup. Y/n didn't know why she just comforted her competition. She had no time to dwell on this as their division was starting and she needed to run through her routine.

    She saw Elissa and Carter in the halls practicing. Elissa was really talented, but Y/n knew she didn't stand a chance against Lia. The first one to dance was Oikawa. Everyone was too busy doing their routine backstage to watch his performance. Serenity was next and from the look of her face Y/n could tell something has gone terribly wrong. Frankie was next and it being his last year he clearly wanted to go out with a bang.

    Kourtney was up, then Elissa, then Lia then Iwaizumi. He reassured her they were saving the best for last. She began her solo and felt as if she were flying. The motions were so fluid she felt like the stage was a huge pond and every step she took was on a water lily. The routine ended and the team went backstage to change and get lunch. Carter was from Melbourne so he showed them a restaurant called Chin Chin.

    Despite it being lunch time, everyone ordered desserts. Frankie used his older brother's id to order a cocktail instead. "The queen is going to be so upset we aren't eating with her," Kourtney was stuck in Serenity's embrace. "Who cares? She should've been there to help us prepare," Serenity exclaimed loudly. They all paid for their own meals and left the restaurant.

    To pass the time, they played tag in the halls and did cartwheels on the sidewalk outside. Mrs. Aveline got out of a taxi and caught them on the sidewalk. She gave them a stern look and went inside. "Are we supposed to follow her or?" Y/n peeked into the door. "She should've said so then," Oikawa was firm about it. They walked across the street and bought an ungodly amount of lemonade whenever it got too hot.

    Lia said they must've paid the rent for the store for the next few months. They went inside when the sun began to set. Mrs. Aveline was on the phone when they got to the dressing room. She waved them away whenever they tried speaking to her. They eventually gave up and just headed for backstage.

    The announcer named all the teams competing for their age division and then allowed the dancers on stage. Serenity was eighth and she grumbled that it was because she slipped on one of her stunts. Kourtney was seventh and Y/n had forgotten what kind of dance she'd done. Elissa was sixth and Y/n was fifth. She stood proudly next to Elissa holding her medal. "Bet you Lia gets first," Elissa whispered to her.

    Iwaizumi was fourth, Lia surprisingly third, Oikawa second, and Frankie first. He beamed even though this had to be the 100th time he'd won first place. Mrs. Aveline was as quiet as a mouse as they packed up. "Who lost?" she asked. "I didn't lose. I fell," Serenity muttered. Mrs. Aveline simply nodded. "And who was right before you?" "Kourtney," she mumbled. "Both of you are on probation until you prove you can be a part of this team. I don't want to hear any complaining. Let's go home." Y/n wasn't surprised she didn't ask about who won.

    She never wanted to give credit when it was due. She sat next to Elissa on the ride back and listened to her talk about how she hated how good Lia was at ballet. Y/n felt everyone probably hated Lia. They got back the same time they left yesterday. Serenity seemed angrier than usual about being on probation. Y/n guessed this had to be her fifth time on probation.

    She sluggishly dragged her feet through the gate and to the right in the direction of the dormitories. She assumed Iwaizumi whispered good night, but her sugar rush had slowed down hours before. Lia was in their bathroom putting her hair in a bun and all Y/n could manage was putting on her bonnet and crashing on her bed.

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  • krystalgaia
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    it’s two a.m. when you wake up and miss being in love and being touched. and how kuroo used to keep the lights on for you until you fell asleep because you can’t sleep in the dark. and that one time you were scrolling through your phone and he said “i want my children to have your eyes.” or that one time you went with him to the grocery store across from your apartment, both in your loungewear, but he got distracted making puns out of junk food brand names that you ended up not buying anything. but especially that time you stayed in kuroo’s apartment and went to bed with just your undergarments on and realized you’ve never been this comfortable exposing yourself to someone else. next thing you know it’s two a.m. and you wonder if you miss being in love or being loved.

    #kuroo x reader #kuroo angst #i wonder when i'll tag a post with kuroo /and/ fluff #haikyuu imagines#kuroo tetsurou#— writings
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  • gudetamastan
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Should I do a first date headcanon for Iwazumi or Daichi?

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  • strawberrykake
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Taylor swift lyrics as hq imagines pt.1

    notes: timeskip!haikyuu (mainly for the first prompt)

    “went at home and try to stalk you on the internet, now i read all of the books beside your bed” (paper rings, Lover)

    —Iwaizumi, Ushijima, Kageyama, Hinata, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Sugawara, Atsumu, Meian, Lev

    You remember the time you first saw him, thinking he was the most attractive man you’ve seen in your life. Never thinking that the day when you’d meet someone more attractive than your 2d crush would ever come. But it did. And now you’re acting like a crazy fangirl as you input his name in search engines, screen-shotting beautiful captures of him, like a hunter in the wildlife. Little did you know, you’d be the one to grace his bed. Read all his books on his shelf. To kiss him goodnight. To be the one on his lockscreen. One he’d gaze at when he’s on a long trip away.

    “your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze, we’re singing in the car getting lost upstate” (all too well, Red)

    —Kita, Akaashi, Sugawara, Goshiki, Hirugami, Osamu, Hanamaki, Hinata, Aran, Ennoshita, Kai, Daichi

    It was one of those days when you both felt a sudden urge to spend time outside, namely, hiking. So you were in the car as he drove down the long road to the mountain trail, passing a line of spruce trees, the smell of the rural air brushing against your noses. He had a hand on the wheel, drumming his fingers along to the beat of the music as he hums. You mimic his sounds, enjoying the view of the green scenery out your window and each other’s company.

    “he looks up grinning like a devil” (cruel summer, Lover)

    —Daishou, Atsumu, Kageyama, Oikawa, Tendou, Tsukishima, Suna, Kuroo, Bokuto, Hoshiumi, Terushima, Tanaka

    Why does he always do that? Whenever he’d make a sassy comeback, or knows he pulled a dirty move against an opponent, or when he makes you uncontrollably blush, it is always followed by a mischievous grin. You don’t know what it is. But you don’t want him to stop. It’s one of his attractive traits. But you’ll never tell him that. Why? Because he’ll just make that same annoyingly attractive face again.

    #bc im a swiftie noww <3<3 #hq scenarios#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu hcs #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu headcanons #goshiki x reader #hanamaki x reader #sugawara x reader #kageyama x reader #ushijima x reader #hinata x reader #i got lazy w the tags LUL if you find em you find em SRRY
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  • strawberrykake
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    When he pulls the “not saying ‘ily’ back” prank pt.2

    but with a twist…

    —image reads: “i love you, i love you, don’t cry”

    warnings/notes: requested, cursing, marriage relationships, angst, long reading (GLHF), fluff/comfort, pregnancy (Bokuto), eating (Boktuo)
    part one
    nishinoya, oikawa, bokuto (afab!reader)

    ♢ nishinoya ☄. *. ⋆

    Nishinoya had been frantic throughout the morning when he realized he lost the ring

    You tried to calm him down but he would just exasperatedly sigh and explain the urgency of this situation, that the “token” of your love is not to be toyed with

    which is very hypocritical of him to say for what he’s about to do

    He had gone to Hinata’s house to look for the ring and called you to say that he hadn’t found it

    “Love you, babe” you whisper into the call, something you both do when the call is about to end

    You wait for Nishonoya’s response

    5 seconds in, there is silence on the other end

    you pull your phone away to look at the screen

    He hung up??

    what the hell…

    you dial his phone again, only for it to reach his ‘trolly’ voicemail: “hello? hellO? Haha just kidding this is a voicemail” *click*

    You slump down on the chair you sat on, thinking

    maybe his phone died

    But that thought is erased when you receive a text from him “coming home soon ;)”

    this motherfucker…

    you rapidly tap on your screen, delivering a message to him

    “babe”, “why did you hang up so fast?”

    mere seconds later, he sends an emoji: “🤷‍♂️”

    you wanted to send him a bunch of texts “What do you mean 🤷‍♂️??” “Why didn’tyou say ily back?” “Are you busy with your other girlfriend?”

    being frustrated, you decide not to reply to him

    what is his deal?

    Maybe I’m just overreacting? you wonder

    An hour later, your husband arrives, entering the door quietly

    You sat on the same living room sofa, arms crossed and eyes closed, but not asleep

    “Honey,” his voice whispers lowly.

    You don’t budge so he moves closer to you, tapping your shoulder lightly.

    “Hmmph,” you grunt, opening your eyes but facing away.

    He gasps. “A-are you mad at me?” His heart races, thinking what he’s done.

    oh, the prank!!!! he forgot about the trick he pulled earlier, not saying ily back

    It was all a prank, because he had lied when he said he didn’t find the ring.

    He wanted to surprise you with the ring and tons of gifts he bought along with it, to celebrate this moment, showing you how much he loves you

    When you continue to ignore him, he starts getting anxious, falling to your knees.

    “Babe, look! I found the ring!” he says, making you whip your head to him holding out his left hand with that exact wedding band.

    Finally getting your attention, he smiles and brings his bag of gifts.

    “A-and I got you flowers, chocolates, a fruit bowl (your favorite)…ooh! and this teddy bear, and…” he stops mid-sentence, looking back at you.

    You remain quiet, watching as he moves closer to leave a kiss on your cheek.

    “And this, too,” he says, his own cheeks turning red as he leans over you, not breaking eye contact.

    He tries to read your expression when you grab his face and bring him closer to finally kiss him on the lips.

    “What’r all these gifts for, it’s not Valentine’s day,” you mutter against his lips.

    “I love you,” he finally says.

    Hearing those words from him made you realize how stupid you were for doubting him

    Of course he does! Why else would he look so depressed once he found out he lost the ring? Why else would he spend the rest of his time buying your favorite things?

    Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, tears begin to roll down your cheeks.

    “Sorry, I got mad,” you whisper, sniffing.

    Noya’s expression changes to worry. “No! I’m sorry for the prank! It was bad timing!” He hugs you, softly patting your hair.

    You continue to sniffle against his shoulders.

    “Babe,” he pulls back, looking into your eyes, wiping tears away with his thumbs. “I love you, I love you, please don’t cry,” he whispers.

    Despite your infinite tears and continuing sobs, you nod.

    He spends the rest of the day tending to you, giving you his undivided attention

    Not skipping a beat to say “i love you” every 5 minutes paired with some kisses

    Even when you say you’re just going to the bathroom, he’d say it again.

    He’d say it over and over again until his last breath.

    ♢ oikawa ☄. *. ⋆

    it was the 12th year anniversary of when Oikawa first asked you out

    but he probably doesn’t remember things like that, now that you’re a married couple.

    In fact, it felt like any other day (that’s what he wanted you to think)

    except for one thing

    “Okay, I’m off to my meeting, honey,” he chirps, giving you a chaste kiss before walking off to the door

    “Alright, hun, drive safe. Love you lots,” you reply, chopping some vegetables in the kitchen.

    …should you tell him?

    He usually replies with a “I love you more” and one last parting hug, never failing to bring butterflies emerge in your stomach

    But for some reason—you wish you knew—he doesn’t, which makes your knife movements come to a stop

    huh? you turn your head to the sound of the closed door. He just left with no other words.

    Whatever. It’s whatever, you try to pay no mind to it, going back to your vegetables.

    You spend the rest of the day cleaning the house, vacuuming the carpeted floor, dusting shelves, etc all while quietly reminiscing your high school days in Seijoh with Oikawa.

    When suddenly a breathless Tooru basically breaks open your door, making you jolt.

    “Honey, I’m so sorry, I’m late. I was not expecting traffic! Phew, Anyways…”

    Your husband had his hands full of bags, one clutching a string attached to a heart shaped balloon.

    “You went…shopping?” You ask, cutting him off mid-sentence, not exactly catching onto his words.

    “Oh, right!” He drops everything, moving towards you to hug you first and foremost. “Happy 12 years of being my official lover,” he finally says, all giddy.

    “Huh?” he remembered????? Your head spins from the confusion. Is this why he was acting all cold in the morning?

    “Surprise, babe,” he smiles.

    “S-so, you didn’t forget to say I love you?” you ask, shyly, wondering if he’ll think it’s a lame thing to hold on to.

    “Of course I didn’t, sweetie,” he chuckles and moves a hair strand behind your left ear, before placing a lingering kiss on your forehead. “I love you,” he whispers against your skin.

    “Now, gimme a sec,” he says, going back to the bags of stuff to pull out a long navy velvet box.

    Meanwhile, you felt absolutely touched by his actions

    The fact that he’d go through all the trouble to gift you all the things you love, but also to commemorate a moment you thought was trivial at first

    You felt guilty for not making an effort for this special day, tears pricking at your eyes

    You bite your lip to stop it from quivering

    As your husband turns around to give you the special gift box, he notices your saddened expression

    “I love you, I love you, please don’t cry~” he says, bringing you in a bear hug as he rubs his cheek against yours. “It was a prank.”

    “That’s not why I’m crying, Tooru,” you sniff. “I’m just so happy you remembered all of it.”

    He smiles, hugging you tighter and placing his lips on your forehead

    “How could I forget,” he whispers, almost to himself.

    That only fueled the fire, making your tears pool and little whimpers escape your lips.

    “I’m s-sorry, I never said a-anything, I n-never prepared anything,” you hiccup, apologizing guiltily.

    You should’ve just told him, instead of thinking of the special occasion to yourself so you could celebrate and plan a special evening together

    “Hey, hey, hey. You don’t have to worry about it,” he consoles you, grabbing your stained cheeks to look deeply in your wet eyes.

    “Enough with that crying,” he mutters.

    Your husband leans down, placing a couple of kisses on your pouty lips, making you calm a little.

    Truly, he could never forget any of your firsts together

    You sat together, your right leg resting on his left as he holds you close and wipes your tears away, talking about the old days

    the first time he saw you, the first time he asked you out, the first time you said your ‘i love you’s

    “It’s also the first day we said ‘i love you’ after so many years and years of pining over…me. You finally shot your shot.”

    “Shut up, Oikawa. You confessed first,” you say, chuckling.

    “Hey, there’s my smile.” He widely grins, catching your smile.

    He tugs on your pink ears before pulling out the velvet box he had thrown to the side while consoling you.

    “Now, if you don’t let me put this necklace on you, I’m gonna regift it to my nephew to give it to his little girlfriend.”

    You laugh and turn around, allowing him to slowly adorn your neck with a jewelry, before placing a loving kiss on your neck.

    A calming silence washes over the room as you rest against his broad chest.

    Before you could open your mouth, he beats you to your words.

    “I love you, more.”

    ♢ bokuto ☄. *. ⋆

    It was another early morning when your husband, Koutarou had to go to work.

    “You sure you don’t want me to make you breakfast?” you ask your husband who’s wrapping a watch around his wrist.

    Despite being pregnant, you always insisted on cooking for him, even though he’d reject the offer

    “It’s alright. I gotta go early anyways, I’ll just pick something up on the way. Thank you.” He slips on his shoes.

    “Bye-bye, Kou. Love you” with a hand on the door, you lean up to kiss him.

    he ducks his head to kiss you back. “Mmkay, see you later, honey. Lo—” he pauses, an idea popping into his head

    a bad idea

    He coughs into his hand, hiding a mischievous grin. “Bye!” he squeaks, leaving before you could retort

    What the—

    His strange behavior leaves you questioning things, especially your relationship

    Maybe it’s the crazy horomones, being in your second trimester of your pregnancy.

    You felt a little more grumpier than usual

    You grunt, deep in thought, as you sat back down on the couch to watch some television

    You tried to focus

    But through a couple of episodes, as your eyes watched the animations on the screen, your head was elsewhere

    Why did he stop? Is he having second thoughts on us? Because I’m pregnant now? I knew it, he was scared all along. I bet he’s on his way to ‘get milk’ right now—

    Your thoughts were interrupted by the swing of the door, entering a smiling Bokuto

    “Guess what, baby?” he holds out two brown paper bag, one looked like a Mcdonalds bag and another looked like a grocery bag.

    “I brought breakfast!” he speeds over to the coffee table in front of you and displays everything he got.

    From your fav Mcdonalds order to some baby food.

    “Baby food?” you raise an eyebrow.

    “Well, the kid’s gotta eat too right? Since they’re practically grown…in your belly…by now…” the last part of his sentence incoherent, he grabs a french fry and bites it in half, offering you another in his free hand.

    You shake your head. “W-what about work?”

    “I’m taking a vacation today,” he takes another salty stick and plops it into his mouth.

    Gosh, he totally forgot about the little stunt he pulled earlier, you think to yourself

    You sigh, both out of exasperation and relief

    It was really cute how he thought of both you and the baby

    You were wrong for doubting him

    Sliding down on the floor next to him, you bring his head to yours, touching foreheads

    The action makes him place a fry down, mouth still chewing on one.

    “You alright, love?” he quietly asks, voice now filled with concern.

    You nod, but with the way you furrow your eyebrows and bite your bottom lip, makes him think otherwise

    The idea pops back into his head as he tries to think of what made you look so upset

    “Oh,” he only says, before wiping his hands on his pants to dust off the salt on his fingers.

    Your eyes begin to well up, thinking about how lucky you are to have such a caring husband and father of your children

    F-ck you, horomones

    “I love you, I love you, please don’t cry~” his own tears welling up. “I was totally kidding, babe. I was just trying to prank you and forgot to say how much I love you right after that!

    “I’m sowwy,” he says, pouting, resting his chin on your head.

    “Bokuto, you’re fine,” you say between sniffs. “I’m just really grateful to have you.”

    You pull away to look up into his golden orbs, only guilt can be seen in them.

    “Hey, Kou?” You cup your hands around his face, using your thumb to wipe off the excess salt lingering on the side of his mouth.

    He hums a response.

    “I love you, too!” Your words create an inevitable smile on his face.

    You point to your own lips, leaning forward

    and he chuckles, receiving your message and giving you a long kiss.

    “You taste like fries,” you say after the kiss.

    He laughs, back to his cheerful disposition.

    “C’mon, love. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet,” he feeds you a french fry before opening one of the baby foods.

    “Kou, what are you doing with that?” You ask as the owl-headed man looks around the table for a spare spoon.

    “Oh! Like I said, the baby needs to eat,” he points to your stomach.


    “Um…” you laugh as you try to explain to your clueless husband why the baby doesn’t need the baby food during pregnancy.

    #I ALWAYS GO OVERBOARD W THEEZ LUL #oikawa SPOILING HIS S/O THO?? #bokuto…OH??? THATS ALL U GOTTA SAY??? #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu hcs #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu headcanons #nishinoya x reader #oikawa x reader #bokuto x reader #haikyuu angst#haikyuu comfort#nishinoya angst#oikawa angst#bokuto angst
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  • redbeansoups
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Graduations and Goodbyes

    Nishinoya Yuu x Reader In which life is bitter, and you and Noya part ways.


    In the many years you’ve known him, nothing about Nishinoya has ever screamed boyfriend. He dresses half his age, and his shirts are a tad bit too large on him, and he gets little bits of food stuck on the corners of his mouth when he eats, and his handwriting is chicken scratch, and his cooking is little more than half-salvageable scraps in a pan, and he’s terrible at math, and he can barely put an essay together for the life of him–

    You’d met him as an overeager middle-schooler, a squeaky, pre-pubescent boy just entering his teenage years. A history class and a terribly organized group project was all it took for the two of you to be at each others’ throats, bickering and fighting at every given chance. You’d sworn him in as your mortal enemy, declaring your rivalry to anyone and everyone who would listen.

    Thinking back now, you don’t have a clue how things mellowed down, or when you’d begun to look at him the way you do now. Hell, you don’t even really know how you two started dating, or why. And yet you can’t help it: the affection that swims and swirls in your chest, the pride that swells at the sight of him, the urge you get to shout to the world that Nishinoya Yuu, in all his vertically-challenged glory, is yours.

    You won’t deny that you’re young. Naive and hopeful and praying, desperately, for the right one to come your way. Stupid in the way all highschoolers are. But when his hands are entwined with yours and he looks at you like you’re all that’s ever mattered, how can you resist?

    It’s love, you think. Because what else can it be? He’s everything to you, and he always will be.


    Senior season has sprung upon you in the blink of an eye. You’ve set your sights on Tokyo for the year ahead, and you’ve spent the past few months planning out which trinkets to bring and which clothes to wear and what new identity you’ll craft for yourself next.

    University will bring new beginnings and awkward things–but Yuu, you know, will always be by your side. He tells you as much, after all, and he always has. 

    “You’ll never have to worry about us–we’re tight as a knot.” A kiss seals the deal, and you believe him. What reason do you have not to? Nishinoya Yuu is your past, your present, your future-to-be. You’re devoted, truly, and, if his words are anything to go by, he is too–

    So why can’t he meet your gaze anymore? 


    The Karasuno basketball team has a penchant for throwing house parties, at least in comparison to its volleyball team. You’re awfully sure this is their third or fourth this quarter, but for all the booze they’ve given out, you really aren’t in any position to complain–especially as a frequent recipient. And judging by the way your friends have ditched you (“Hot basketball boys await!”), you have a feeling they aren’t complaining, either. 

    Not that you mind being alone too much. The host seems to have no shortage of nostalgic tunes and comfy corners to take solace in. And you’re feeling pretty good; you’ve long downed your fourth (fifth?) drink by now, little red solo cup lost in the sea of drinks before you

    “Hey!” There’s a warm hand on your shoulder; the touch is gentle and familiar, and the gruff, easy voice brings a smile to your face.

    “Asahi!” You whip around, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in. You haven’t seen him since he’d graduated; he hugs you back in the old, comforting way he’s always done, hands settled right at your waist. “Didn’t think I’d see you here,” you laugh, pulling away just a tad too quickly. The alcohol has your mind spinning a little.

    He chuckles. “You can thank Suga for that. He went into mom mode the other day–said I’ve been too much of a homebody lately.” The image really isn’t difficult to conjure; you can practically see him with his arms crossed over his chest and lecturing the poor boy half to death. “In other news... Noya wouldn’t happen to be with you, would he?”

    A shake of your head yields a pensive hum. “I haven’t been able to get ahold of him lately,” you tell him, trying to mask the concern in your voice. “I mean, I’ve seen him at school and stuff–but he’s been distant, y’know?” You look up at him curiously. “Did something happen?”

    Asahi’s expression contorts into something of a grimace, eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed. “No,” he says, but the words come too quick, too loud–

    It’s a lie, and you know it.

    You raise an eyebrow. He knows that you’ve caught on, but he shakes his head regardless. 

    You’ve never known him to be much of a secret keeper. A few shots are all it takes to loosen the man up; you’ve used him time and time again to sniff out Noya’s birthday gifts weeks in advance. 

    Today, though, he’s refusing to crack. And even as you drop the subject, the tension lingers in the air, clawing at both of your throats with a vengeance. Something is up–and you’ve clearly been left out of it.

    The frown on your face stays put for the rest of the night.


    Unable to hold back any longer, you show up at his house the very next day. His mother–bless her heart–welcomes you with a hug and a tray full of freshly-baked sweets. After years of being in her presence, they taste of home. 

    “He’s upstairs,” she tells you warmly, and you thank her as you scurry up the steps. You know his place the same way you do your own. You’ve memorized which steps creak and which ones wobble, which photos on the walls have the cutest Noyas, which corners are the best to cuddle in–

    “Yuu,” you say, pushing his door open. He’s cross-legged on the ground, laptop balanced treacherously on the tip of his left knee.

    For the first time in years, he greets your presence with dismay, eyes falling to the ground. “Hey, um–you really shouldn’t be here,” he tells you.

    It takes more effort than it should to keep your voice level. “And why shouldn’t I be?” You step forward, shut the door behind you with a click. “You’ve been avoiding me, Yuu.”

    “That’s not true–”

    “Why don’t you want me here, then?” Your volume is raised despite yourself; you don’t miss his flinch.

    He turns his head away and sets the laptop on the ground. The cogs in his brain are going haywire; you can practically see the thoughts churning, synapses firing, heart beating–he’s picking at the cuticles on his left thumb. 

    Ignoring his discomfort, you seat yourself beside him. A few breaths is all it takes to regain some semblance of control. “I just want to talk, Yuu. I’m not going to be mad–I just want to know what’s going on.” You place a hand on his knee. “Did I do something wrong?” 


    "Then what is it?"

    There's a pause before his next words. “I’m leaving," he breathes, finally.

    “For college?” You lean in closer, letting his breath graze your cheek. Despite your best efforts,  the confusion laces itself in your voice, hanging off of every syllable. “That’s not the end of the world, Yuu. We’ve talked about long-distance already, haven’t we? It’s not like I’m staying in Miyagi either–”

    “You don’t understand,” he blurts. The interruption is in-character, but holds far more weight than usual. His voice has gone up an octave, words falling from his mouth in a hurry. “I’m leaving Japan.”  

    Wordlessly, you pull away. You can feel the hurt radiating from him, but you can’t help it.

    Something warm and wet hits your knees. 

    “Wait, it–it’s nothing against you!” he says, scrambling to wipe your tears. “Really, I promise–I’ve been thinking about it and talking it through with Asahi and my mom and stuff,” he grips your arm, finally meeting your eyes, “and I think, you know, while I’m young and I have the energy, traveling a little wouldn’t be so bad, right?”

    He’s always been the adventurous type–this much you know. And though you’ve talked about Yuu not wanting to go to college (“Not just yet, maybe..”), you didn’t think it’d come to this.. or that he’d hide something so big from you. 

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” A twinge of embarrassment hits you as your voice cracks midway. By now, though, you don’t think it particularly matters. 

    He takes in a breath. Sharp, quick, painful. His next words come out a whisper: “Look–I didn’t know how–”

    “What does this mean for us, Yuu?”

    He’s crying now. Big, ugly tears fall against his flushed cheeks. 

    “I’m sorry.”

    Your forever, you realize, is coming to an end.


    The next few months are a blur. You hold Nishinoya a little tighter, kiss him a little softer, and savor each moment with him just a little more. Even with your demise in sight, he still fits so perfectly against you. And as you watch him toss his cap into the air, you’re filled with nothing but love.

    You toss yours with his, watching them float down to the ground.

    Graduation day is marked with one last kiss.


    Miyagi’s airport is a little far off, and you’re the only one with a car and license on hand. With Tanaka in the backseat and Noya riding shotgun, the car ride is sure to be far from dull. You have half a mind to drown them out with music. But when Noya squeezes your thigh and gives you the same doe-eyed look he always has, pupils swimming with love, you’re reminded, suddenly, to take in the moment, to bask in his presence just one last time. So you toy along with the boys the entire ride there, joining them in belting old tunes and playing stupid games.

    The banter doesn’t stop even at the airport–and, despite yourself, the chiding comes automatically. “Take care of yourself,” you tell him, straightening the rucksack on his shoulders. “Don’t do drugs. Don’t get arrested. And don’t find yourself stranded all the way in Italy–I won’t be there to take care of you, y’know. And send me photos!” 

    He laughs. It’s melodic and light, the way you’ve always known his voice to be. “I know, mom.”

    There’s a comfortable silence as the two of you pull each other in for a hug. It’s longer, warmer than any other you’ve shared; and even though Tanaka is right there, you hold him like he’s the only one around.

    “I love you,” he whispers. “And I always will.”

    You know he means it. More tears fall from your eyes, spilling onto the fabric of his t-shirt and leaving an ugly dark patch in its wake. “I love you too, Yuu.” 

    He pulls away. 

    And then he’s gone, heading beyond the gates and beyond your grasp.

    #i am sorry. #hq #hq x reader #hq scenarios#hq imagines#hq nishinoya#nishinoya yuu#haikyuu#haikyuu imagines#hq angst#haikyuu fic#hq fics #nishinoya x reader #nishinoya yuu x reader
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  • strawberryfrooggoo
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kiss & Make-up♡ (series)

    —Wakatoshi Ushijima [2:10pm]

    genre : fluff!

    warning : none!


    "Are you sure it's a good idea? I mean I bought these FOR YOU, darling, not me" The volleyball captain asked repeatedly as you pulled them in the shared room " 'Toshi love, just because you bought these for me meaning, you no longer can't use or borrow it"

    Smiling at them then giving him a peck on your lips, you then settled Wakatoshi down on the chair in front of your vanity filled with makeup. Asking if they're okay with you doing his makeup and with you being cute he simply can't say no to this.

    Started off with putting primer onto the face and while busy checking for the foundation shade he especially bought for you, busy looking at the bunny headband you put on him"And I've found your shade and this might take a while so sit back and let me do your makeup" sitting up straight and there he could see you smile as she's plotting something

    Didn't take you long enough to finish the makeup though he could be playful and teasing you that it might go wrong but being patient with him even though they would even pinch you in the process "And we're done- wait need to finish it off and do close your eyes" obeying your instruction and to feel mist being sprayed then fanned "And now look!" fluttering their eyes open to check the mirror clearly he saw how their lover turned their face into a canvas

    The cheeks were tinted pink and for the eyeshadow, she turned into a pastel galaxy up to the cheekbones and also added mini stars as for his lips it was your favorite pink lip gloss "Woah, this looks amazing..." busy adoring the makeup while you smiled in victory "Just doing my job as your wonderful lover~ Now come on, we gotta take pics for Insta!"

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