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    Ft: Chiaki, Hajime, and Nagito

    Genre: Head-canons, Fluff, Comfort

    Summary: Y/n has a nightmare and seeks comfort from our favorite trio

    A/n: THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE, but it was worth it


    You had woken up in a cold sweat. Your blankets folded over and tossed about your bed most likely from tossing around in your sleep. You were still panting heavily, eyes darting around the dark room of your cottage, still running off the adrenaline of your nightmare. You gripped your bed sheets tightly, shaking at the memory of that horrible dream. You didn’t want to make a sound afraid it would give away your position to whatever could be lurking in the shadows of your room. Afraid at any moment, something would crawl out from the shadows. You couldn’t be alone, not right now, and there was only one person you could think of at the moment. Hajime. You felt you could trust him in this vulnerable position right now, besides, you didn’t know anyone else quite as well as you knew Hajime. You had made up your mind now was the hard part. Working up the courage to leave your room and ask him. You couldn’t move your shaking body, petrified with fear. You felt like a little kid who had a nightmare trying to get to their parents room, before the monsters got them. You took a panicked breath in an attempt to calm yourself, taking a step towards the door. But afraid someone was behind you watching your every move set the adrenaline in as you began to run. You opened the door swiftly slamming it behind you, not caring how much noise it made as you ran to Hajimes cottage. The warm night breeze blew your hair back as you ran. You rounded the corner, seeing the nameplate to Hajimes cottage you ran up to the door frantically knocking on the polished wood harshly as you shifted on your heels nervously.

    Your eyes shifted around trying to distinguish the shapes that might move in the darkness. “Y/n…?” a very groggy Hajime asked as soon as you heard his voice you wasted no time pushing yourself through the opening of the door, not realizing he was still standing in the doorway. “Ah-y/n!” he yelled as you ran into his chest, sending the both of you tumbling to the floor. You clenched your eyes shut as you held onto Hajime tighter afraid he would disappear if you let go of him. “Y/n, What's wrong?” Hajime asked in a panic he held his arms awkwardly in the air apprehensive to touch you. You felt your words getting caught in the back of your throat and you froze up. “Are you ok? You don’t have to say anything, just nod so I know you're not hurt.” he spoke slowly in a soft comforting tone, pressing your head closer to his chest in an attempt to try and calm you down. You nodded against him as he sighed in relief. You could hear his heartbeat as you sat there together. “Y/n, Do you think you could get off me now? I need to shut the door.” you suddenly felt embarrassed that you had been in this position with him so long without an explanation whatsoever. Quickly you pushed yourself off him and in the dim moonlight you swear you could see a faint blush dusting the apples of his cheeks as he leaned past you to close and lock the door to his cottage. Then turning to you he asked “Do you want to talk about it?” he held such a kind, sincere tone it almost caught you by surprise you had never heard him like that before. You nodded meekly, Hajime smiled softly standing up and dusting himself. You followed his movements as he led you over to the bed patting the spot next to him waiting for you to join him. You walked over to him plopping yourself down next to him. He sat there waiting for you to speak, you stared at the floorboards trying to find the right words. “I had a nightmare.” it came out much duller than you had intended Hajime leaned in, expecting you to continue. You sighed “I was freaked out and didn’t want to be alone” 

    “So you came to me?” he asked surprised 

    “You were the only person I could think of..” you mumbled he smiled bashfully “I mean don’t get the wrong idea I’m flattered, I just wasn’t expecting you” he rubbed the back of his head before speaking again “So do you feel better? Or…” he drifted off. You didn’t necessarily want to go back to your cottage and lay there until morning completely consumed by your fears but you didn’t want to bother Hajime. “Hey if you don't, that's fine! I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable with the idea of staying here with me” he said breaking your train of thought “If you want I could stay up with you, I mean that's what I do after a nightmare anyways” he suggested you turn to him “Really? It wouldn’t bother you to stay up with me?” you asked 

    “I mean, I don’t get much sleep anymore. How could I?” you smiled, then an idea popped into your head “What if we go out?” 

    “Excuse me?” 

    “No, not like that I mean take a walk or something” you suggested 

    “Isn’t it kinda against the rules to go out after ten?” 

    “Yeah I think we're well past breaking those rules, aren’t we?” you said crossing your arms playfully “Yeah, I guess you're right” he sighed giving up. “Don’t you want to you know..put something on…” you said, averting your eyes just now realizing Hajime didn’t have anything on other than his boxers and I a plain white tank top. Hajimes burned bright red “Well turn around already!” he yelled embarrassed. 

    After Hajime had finished changing into some pants you and him started off for the beach. It was quiet, peaceful even if you forgot the current circumstances. It was a beautiful night regardless of the warm breeze blowing against you lightly. “Hey, Hajime?” you said quietly “Yeah?” he gwaked his head to look at you. “I just wanted to say, thank you for being here with me. Even though it’s the middle of the night and I just woke you up because I had a bad dream.” you said “Hey, I don’t mind being here with you at all, it’s nice to spend time with you, no matter how late it is” he grabbed your hand to emphasize his point. You looked into pools of emerald, abruptly the tension was broken off by Hajime slamming his lips into your catching you off by surprise, the kiss lasted for a couple seconds before it was broken of by a stuttering Hajime “Y-y/n, I’m so sorry I promise that I’m better than that-I-I was just acting on impulse, and-” you cupped his face gently making him look at you, he looked at you calming down when seeing your soft smile “Do it again” you whispered “W-what?” he asked shocked “Kiss me” without a second thought he brought you closer kissing you lovingly. Once you pulled away you smiled at each other, hand in hand you continued down to the beach. Maybe you should visit him more often.


    You sat on your bed curled up trying to dismiss the fear clouding your mind. You brought your knees up to your chest trying to stay absolutely silent to avoid drawing attention to yourself from whatever may be lurking in the shadows, watching you from a distance waiting. Well you weren’t going to move you were just going to sit here in this dark room balled up in his position by yourself until the sun came up. Yep, until the sun comes up. Ok this isn’t going to work, you didn’t want to be alone the whole night you definitely weren’t going to sleep but you couldn’t stay here alone for the whole night. Who could you go to at a time like this? At the time you couldn’t think of anyone who would be particularly pleased with you waking them up at such a time. Then suddenly someone came to you, ‘Nagito?’ you thought questionably. I mean he was kind of strange and you could never really get a good read on his personality but from what you could see he seemed like he was willing to do anything for the ultimates, including throwing his own life away for them! So surely he wouldn’t mind keeping you company while you were freaked out? You had talked to him a few times and he seemed nice enough minus the crazy, but if he's all you got you couldn’t really complain. So gluping you slid your feet into a pair of slippers that rested next to the bed. Trying to fix your vision on the ground and only that you keep your head down while walking to the door, gripping the cold metal handle you slid out into the dark night, letting the fresh tropical breeze blow over you as you slowly made your way to Nagitos cottage.

    Hugging your sides as you walked the only thing illuminating your path being the now bright moonlight. Finally you had reached the door but you weren’t necessarily safe until you were inside. Still feeling unsafe, you knocked quietly hoping it would be enough for Nagito to hear. You waited, hearing nothing you knocked again, then much to your relief you heard muffled shuffling and stumbling before a tired looking Nagito opened the door. His hair was as messy as ever, ruffled up in disarray. He rubbed his eyes before his face changed to a senile expression seeing upon it being you who had knocked on his door at such a time. “Y/n? What are you doing here? To kill me perhaps” he smiled, you gave a distraught expression seeing how he had in fact not been joking whatsoever. “What? No! I’m just-Can I just come inside?” you whisper yelled offended by his outrageous accusation but also desperate to get inside no longer wanting to be outside. Wordlessly he opened the door for you. You looked around his cottage. The interior was pretty similar to yours with the exception of a small white armchair resting in the corner. “Y/n if you don’t mind me asking you, if your not here to kill me, why exactly are you here then?” he asked from behind you as you sat yourself down in the chair. You looked away a little embarrassed “Ah, I’m sorry it was stupid of me to question the doings of an ultimate such as yourself, it’s nothing you have to share with trash like me anyways..” your head snapped back up to him cutting him off

    “No, Don’t say stuff about yourself like that! I was just embarrassed…” you admitted your gaze softening “I had a nightmare and I didn't really want to be alone, I just couldn’t think of anyone else to go to..” you said sheepishly, Nagito let out a sudden chuckle breaking you from your trance “So you chose me? Wow! I’m honored!” he cheered, holding his sides, smiling but the light blush on his cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by you. “But if you don’t mind I was wondering I could stay here with you? I don’t want to be alone tonight” you silently hoped he would say yes “I mean if you really don’t mind spending the night with someone like me.” you guessed that was a yes? “Uh well thanks Nagito” you gave a small smile in return. You both stood there unsure of what to do now, you stood there in unbearable awkwardness when Nagito let out a yawn. When you broke the silence “Did you want to go back to sleep?” you asked, feeling bad for waking him when he probably gets barely enough sleep as is. “What would you do then?” he asked you shrugged “Sleep?” you said unsure “The only probably is where.” you said thinking “Well you could just take the bed” he stated plainly “Well, where would you sleep!” you exclaimed “I feel bad enough for waking you I don’t want to kick you out of your bed too” you said apologetically, heat rising to his cheeks again “Wow, Your kindness is truly befitting of an ultimate such as yourself! But there's no need to worry about trash like me, I can always sleep on the ground, it's what I deserve anyway” 

    “What if we just share the bed?” you asked not fully hearing the words coming out of your mouth. Nagito tensed for a second “I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable by being close to scum like me” you glared walking up to him abruptly surprising him a little, he jerked as you placed your warm hands on the sides of his cold cheeks, piercing through him with a stern look. “No more self depreciation, ok? I don’t like you talking about yourself like that.” you frowned, his face heated up “If that’s what you want…” he spoke quietly trying to avoid eye contact. “I don’t want to kick you out of your own bed and make you sleep on the floor plus I really don’t mind, I trust you.” you smiled “Why don’t you go lay down, I’ll turn off the lights” you turned around Nagito didn’t protest obeying you as he shuffled to the bed. You flipped the switch quickly running to the bed before the monsters got you. You dived in, unaware you had grabbed onto Nagito. “Do you not like the dark?” he asked nervously at how close you were to him “Yeah, I’m just freaked out, sorry” you apologized “Is it ok if I have my hands on you like this?” you asked bashfully “Not at all! I’m surprised an ultimate like you would get close to me in such a way” he said. But nothing came after just silence as you laid there contently getting closer to Nagitos chest listening to his heartbeat, the rhythm lulled you to sleep. You felt your eyelids grow heavy as you drifted into sleep. “Goodnight y/n…”


    You sat laying there on your back spread out talking to yourself trying to distract your mind from the growing fears that plagued your thoughts. You couldn't stand this anymore. Why couldn’t the sun just come up already? You threw your hands over your eyes in frustration, it was too hot, it was too quiet, yet your own voice annoyed you. It seemed like everything was annoying you right now. You needed a distraction, someone to talk to. You sprung up “Chiaki!” you said a little loudly. You had talked to her a couple times, nothing extraordinary came out of it but she was the only person you could think of to go to right now, besides would she even be asleep right now? She seems like she spends all night awake, probably playing video games. How else would she be so tired all of the time otherwise. You slid off the bed still weary of the shadows of your room as you made your way to your cottage door. Slipping out from your room you enjoyed the wave of relief that washed over you, maybe getting out of that stuffy room was the first step to cooling yourself down.

    You walked to Chiaki's cottage humming to yourself trying to fill the silence that you dreaded so much. Finally reaching her porch you knocked on her door lightly trying not to disturb anyone else who might be awake. Not long after you heard shuffling from behind the closed door and then Chiakis face peeked out from the crack. “Y/n? What are you doing here?” Although she spoke softly, she had not at all sounded like she had just woken up, in fact, it sounded like she had already been up. “Sorry for bothering you, I just couldn’t sleep and was wondering if I could stay here with you? I just don’t to be alone” you apologized briefly as Chiaki eased up widening the space of the door opening it to you with a warm smile “I don’t mind” she said “I couldn’t sleep either, so I’ve been playing games by myself” she admitted as you walked in, you couldn’t help but notice the TV in the middle of the room being the only current source of light, multiple cases of games had been scattered across the floor, while empty bags of chips sat in disarray. You went to sit in front of the TV picking up the second controller turning to Chiaki smiling “Mind if I join?” she blushed, “I’d like that actually” 

    “Chiaki, stop hitting me off the road!” you whined throwing your head back in exasperation as the results of the game came up, and once again the same result 

    Chiak first

    Toad second

    Bowser third

    Leaving you in last place once again. “Can we please play something else? I’m tired of losing every round” you whined “Sure, What do you want to play?” she asked, you hummed in thought looking at the sea of games trying to decide, only to find your indecisiveness mandating your decision. “Why don’t you choose? Since you're the expert, as long as it is not a racing game I’m fine.” you said as Chiaki reached over. You watched her mesmerized by her every movement. She looked so beautiful at this moment you couldn’t exactly describe why. “You're so pretty..” suddenly Chiaki froze up as a blush covered your cheeks. Realizing that had slipped out of your mouth you began to panic “I’m so-sorry! I swear that was an accident! I-I wasn’t thinking and..” you were cut off by Chiaki pressing her lips to yours holding your shaking hands in hers. Pulling away she smiled “I think you're pretty too” your face heated up once again not knowing what to do you buried your face in her shoulder, squeezing her hands tightly. Not wanting to move you allowed yourself to relax in her arms letting yourself drift into sleep, you felt Chiaki kiss the crown of your head “Night Y/n…”

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    Sprite!Hajime Chapter 4!!

    go read it

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    may 25th, 2022

    could hinata get any more perfect?? the answer is always yes, hinata is always the very best he’s ever been!!!

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    WIP Wednesday

    It feels like it’s been forever since the last one but it’s only been two weeks...

    Well, then.

    So this next WIP is another oldie that I decided to try and finish. It was actually an attempt at Mastermind Komaeda.

    I like Mastermind AUs from a design standpoint, but I don’t really like Mastermind Komaeda because it just kinda doesn’t work with the character. But, I had wanted to try a darker take anyway.

    The results were...hm. Kinda brutal, but I won’t share that for now. For this sneak peak, there are references to injuries but nothing more!

    Anyway, Canon Komaeda still did Nothing Wrong, Actually.

    Under Read More


    It’s strange. Hearing that soft voice call out his name so enthusiastically is strange and he’s almost sure it’s never going to be something he’s used to. Nor is Komaeda trailing up behind him, chipper and carefree even though he’s still bandaged and bruised and only that one uncovered eye has a bright gleam. Hinata stops out of courtesy and pity, allowing him to catch up, but he’s still on-edge the closer that elite student inches towards him—like his unmoving feet are somehow nearing the edge of that cliff over the rapids.

    “Is it free period for reserve students as well, Hinata-kun?” Komaeda asks him, and Hinata swallows before mutely nodding. That smile brightens, he holds his breath, and the other simply continues, “Do you mind if I spend time around you? I’m always painfully bored during these times, you see.”

    Shouldn’t you be hanging around actual HPA students?! But Hinata holds his tongue, shrugs, “If...that’s what you want... I don’t know why me though...”

    “Why?” Komaeda blinks once, like he’s really taken off-guard, like it isn’t obvious and then, “Well, it’s because you interest me, of course.”

    ...And it’s been a long, long time since anyone called him remotely ‘interesting’. So he has nothing to say to that—and he can only flinch as Komaeda cheerfully comes closer, with a brief brush of contact between their sides, and that bright smile on his face widens.

    Surprisingly, being stuck on that smile didn’t feel as much like being stuck drowning in those currents as he thought it would. If anything, it was more like being stuck in fog—still blurring but he was still breathing.

    And with a puff of air from his lips, Hinata mutely followed wherever Komaeda lead, all while he stared at that bright, bright smile on that broken face as though it were his one source of light.

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    The Remnant

    Written for @izuruzine
    Summary: Post-Canon AU where Kamukura Izuru is a ghost that starts haunting/terrorizing his once former self.
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Vague references to canon events.
    Notes: This is the other fic I wrote for the zine! It’s more like a bonus piece, but I do quite like it. I’m all about post-canon recovery, and I thought this would be a fun and interesting take. It’s not my usual brand of sentimental, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s still short and sweet.
    ***Alternate Ao3 Link*** Commission? Donate?

    He had already predicted everything that would happen. But regardless of what happened, it would be of no concern to him because he would no longer be present. Regardless of the future, Kamukura Izuru’s existence would come to an end.

    There was no reason to meet any of the remnants once again. Or so he thought.

    It turned out that even one so beloved by talent was not omniscient.


    While he was no longer present in a tangible sense, he still existed as a specter. A transient observer to Hinata Hajime’s life from then on. Watching the once normal boy make use of his talents here and there, and toss back and forth every night, plagued by scattered memories. Every so often, Hinata would wake with a strangled gasp, his chest heaving, his shoulders trembling, and his face wet with tears. With twitching fingers, Hinata would reach up to comb his fingers through his hair. He’d flinch whenever his fingers brushed against the ruined scar tissue atop his head like a twisted crown.

    Kamukura Izuru would observe. Night after night. Watch Hinata Hajime muster up an air of normalcy and force himself to lie back down and attempt restful sleep once more.

    “You are hopelessly dull, Hinata Hajime,” Kamukura said. “You have people you can confide in. Suffering alone does not suit someone as plain as you.”

    Of course, Hinata Hajime hadn’t responded. How boring.


    Simply watching became intolerable, so Kamukura Izuru began to test the extent of his capabilities as a specter. He found that while Hinata Hajime responded to brushes of contact with a shiver, inanimate objects were more complicated. He could flip the pages of a book, but he couldn’t pick up or carry the book itself. He could only move small, relatively light objects such as chopsticks and empty glasses.

    Hinata Hajime always jumped when Kamukura swept aside his eating utensils. He was especially startled when Kamukura knocked over his glass. Hinata’s gaze jerked towards Kamukura’s direction, except it wasn’t quite lined up.

    Kamukura flicked his forehead. Hinata stiffened, but it wasn’t long before his shoulders slacked.

    “Must be going crazy,” Hinata muttered to himself.

    “As if you weren’t already?” Kamukura asked him and, predictably, didn’t receive a response.


    On one hand, making Hinata Hajime worry he might be haunted was rather pointless. On the other, Kamukura did feel a twinge of satisfaction when Hinata flinched in front of the mirror. More so when Kamukura knocked away his toothbrush and Hinata was left looking rather helpless.

    Kamukura was acting out. He’s quite aware of this. These acts of defiance and rebellion made for poor justifications of his existence.

    Well, he hadn’t exactly wanted to keep living upon entering the simulation. In a way, this was karmic punishment for threatening to throw away not only the lives of the remnants but the remains of Class 78.

    “It’s your fault as well,” he told Hinata. “You were the one who agreed to the project in the first place.”

    Hinata continued to comb through his hair furiously. He can’t seem to get the antenna quite right. His grimace was darkening.

    He yelped when Kamukura pulled on his cheeks.

    “S-Seriously what the hell?!”

    “Hell is right,” Kamukura hummed. “This existence is hellish. However, you know the saying, don’t you?” As there is no point in waiting for an answer, he simply prodded the once normal boy and watched dully as Hinata turned away. “Misery loves company.”


    Of course, Kamukura Izuru could not be satisfied with stagnancy and solitude. It had only taken X amount of days before the vacancy of living day to day as a mere tool and accessory for the Hope’s Peak Steering Committee had driven him to take the first hand offered. It hadn’t mattered the wretch that hand was attached to.

    Hinata Hajime could not fully retreat into himself either. Or, rather, he would not be allowed to.

    “Hinata-kun! It’s been a while!”

    Komaeda Nagito. The former Ultimate Luck of the 77th batch of Hope’s Peak Academy. Recently recovered from once malignant lymphoma. The second ‘owner’ of a certain wretch’s hand has since been replaced with a bionic one, which Komaeda Nagito was using to wave at hi—them.

    Komaeda’s gaze flickered towards Kamukura Izuru. His smile widened. He waved again at both of them.

    “Aren’t you going to let me in?” Komaeda asked in a purring lilt as if Hinata had the heart to slam the door in his face. “It’s rude to just make someone stand on your porch.”

    The sky was overcast, but Komaeda Nagito is more threatening than any storm. Hinata Hajime might manage a smile, but Kamukura Izuru was now alert.

    Because. Komaeda Nagito could see him.

    “Come inside,” Hinata said, standing aside.

    Kamukura huffed. Komaeda smirked in his direction, which was wholly different to the snide glee of one Enoshima Junko but was unpleasant all the same.


    “How lucky it is that I’ve gotten the chance to see you!” Komaeda exclaimed, gushed really.

    “I mean, all you have to do is call,” Hinata said. “I’m always willing to meet up.”

    Komaeda’s smile didn’t twitch, yet Kamukura saw through him easily.

    An irritant as always.

    “I don’t know,” Komaeda went on with a patronizing attempt at innocence. “Lately, it seems you’ve been keeping to yourself.”

    “Has it?” Hinata grimaced. “That’s... I just...”

    “No man is an island, you know. I worry the isolation might drive you mad.”

    Hinata flinched at that. But even under Kamukura’s darkening glare, Komaeda was a careless beam of light. So irritatingly bright, especially with an avid gaze that was as sharp as it was often intense.

    Komaeda was similar to Hinata in some unfortunate ways. Their dedication to talent for starters. When compared to Kamukura however, Komaeda was his complete opposite.

    Nosy, pushy, and passionate in his pursuits—Komaeda was...completely different.

    “I guess I do...get lonely,” Hinata muttered deferentially. “There’s just so much going on my head.”

    Komaeda looked at Kamukura.

    “Stating it out loud might be a good start,” Komaeda said. “Simply not acknowledging it will not cause those problems to disappear. The opposite, really. You’re causing it to fester.”

    “Is that really what you think I am?” Kamukura huffed. “A mere problem to solve? A loose end to tidy up?”

    “I think,” Komaeda said, “That ignoring Kamukura-kun isn’t doing you any good.” He paused just a moment, looking at him. “You’re behaving rather childishly.”

    Hinata was quiet. Komaeda smiled.

    “You don’t need to make such a dour face,” he laughed then, waving his bionic hand. The mechanical whirl was only slightly less grating than the wheeziness of his giggling. “It’s just a comment.”

    Because of his transience, Kamukura could not see whatever face he was making reflected in Komaeda’s twinkling gaze. All he knew is that he felt agitated. It was as if his very being was bubbling.

    “You’re such a jackass,” Hinata remarked quietly.

    “Ill-bred, even now,” Kamukura agreed just as quietly. “It is as if getting on the nerves is your talent, Komaeda Nagito.”

    Hinata tensed beside him. Komaeda looked rather despicably pleased with himself.

    “It’s just a comment,” Komaeda repeated stubbornly. “Rather than insult me, we can all talk things out like adults, yes?”

    They both wanted to throw him out. It was easier, after all, to just be childish. To simply lash out at annoyances and pretend that menial rebelliousness was enough.

    Some time ago, on a boat en route to a certain island, Kamukura had met this annoying person he quickly dismissed.

    “There is no reason we’ll ever meet again,” he had said.

    There hadn’t been any reason for Kamukura to think he’d still exist after. And perhaps for that reason, Komaeda could not be deterred now.

    “Hinata-kun. Kamukura-kun.” Stubborn until the end of time, Komaeda kept smiling at them. “Let’s talk things over.”

    “This is your fault,” Kamukura told Hinata sourly. “You were the one who let him in.”

    Hinata...flinched. Then, Hinata let out a long, heavy sigh. Kamukura, too, couldn’t help but sigh.

    It was a little like submitting to fate itself.

    “What do you even want me to say?” Hinata asked.

    “I do not want to even have this conversation,” Kamukura muttered.

    Komaeda laughed again.

    “I think it’s lucky that we’re all here,” he said. “There’s no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity, right?”

    Even one beloved by talent can be unlucky.

    That was the thought Kamukura Izuru had. But now that it came to this, he could only look forward.

    Because he was here, he would have to move forward.

    “I suppose I should begin,” Kamukura said.

    Hinata gave him a wide-eyed look as if seeing him for the very first time.

    It was, admittedly, not only comical but another push forward for someone who had thought his existence would be voided. Perhaps, then, there could be other forms of amusement down the line.

    Either way...

    “I had thought I wouldn’t be present anymore,” Kamukura said. “And yet, here I remain.”

    This will be the first step.

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    the face of true terror

    #super danganronpa 2 #danganronpa #super danganronpa 2 the stage #hajime hinata
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    *Hajime Hinata voice* well there's nothing wrong here, time to leave!

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    hajimaid hinata

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    Wait wait. How come you don't ask Izuru where he thinks the key would be?

    Uh...I didn’t actually think of that.

    Hey, buddy? Do you know where we can find the key?

    Try the key section.

    There IS no key section.

    Well, then try something else.

    Wow, THAT was helpful!

    If everything in this warehouse is ordered, then it may be worth looking in a section that contains mysterious items.


    The Future Foundation probably didn’t know what the key was for when they found it, so they might have it listed under an “Unspecified Use” section.

    ...Alright, I’ll give that a go.

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  • borealwolf
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    character opinion bingo for hajime

    i feel like i would probably have more thoughts on him / like him more if i replayed sdr2 after watching the anime but .. im lazy

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  • hanamurachan69
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hajime: So... teruteru... do you have a crush... on anyone?

    Teruteru after the killing game: The only crush I have is this crushing anxiety.

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  • austajunk
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Okay, thought more about my monster Izuru AU and now it’s just more like an urban legend AU for DR. XD

    Basically while Hajime undergoes experiments for the Izuru KamuKura project, he doesn’t change into Izuru right away. He basically starts manifesting another persona in the foggy nights that slaughters others students.

    Believing this appearance of a shadowy beast to be an urban legend, Chiaki and Nagito investigate separately only to find themselves prospective victims of the shadowy figure that keeps appearing at night, looking to replace the one who created him.

    #this is what happens when I play too many horror VNs #and read too many urban legends #danganronpa #danganronpa 2 goodbye despair #hajime hinata#nagito komaeda#chiaki nanami#izuru kamukura#komahinanami#kamukomahinanami#kamukomanami#komanami#kamunami#kamukoma#danganronpa aus
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  • blastthechaos
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Second chapter was uploaded some days ago, just posting the link now.

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  • craetor
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Mermay loosens the grip on my soft spot for mermaid stuff

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  • angrylesbian
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Naegami family au’s anyone?

    Starting with their kids (and au where thh is gen 1 and gd and kh are gen 2)

    Going from oldest to youngest


    -Done with everyone

    -the heir

    -doesn’t have a style. just kind wears whatever he wants

    -the only one that byakuya’s father semi respects. he does like his grandfather tho. none of them do.

    in a friend group consisting of, ibuki (Ikuzono kid), Mikan (celesgiri kid) and nagito. they also go to 1950s American style dinners and pretend that they were American teens during that time


    Friends with korekiyo, gundham, akane (Sakuraoi kid) and chiaki

    they const do demonic rituals

    once makoto walked in on one and then just closed the door. not cuz he was scared he just didn’t want to interrupt what they had going on.

    miu iruma

    her grandfather’s least favorite

    built keebo to be her bf

    after started flirting with kirumi (ishimondo kid). since kirumis aunt (fan character) worked as a maid in the togami household.

    her first name is actually Miu Iruma. like thats her full first name. so minus her middle name her name is literally Miu Iruma Togami (why cuz i like the name Miu Iruma)


    The nicest out of all of them (sonia is a close second)

    she listens to fall out boy

    her father (Byakuya) taught her how to play piano. she got really good at it and became the ultimate/SHSL pianist

    her and her brother shuichi are the closest out of all the siblings and kaede is the only one shuichi really trusts.


    He wears jeans and mcr teeshirts lets me honest. oh and he wears a lot of eyeliner.

    he cries a lot but im pretty sure thats canon so.

    He came into the world crying and would probably come out of it crying too.

    he has a crush on kokichi (celesgiri kid).

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  • hypercaffeinatedquery
    25.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Robot arm maintenance? Or an excuse to hang out alone together? Hmmm....

    (Day 6 of KomaHina Week! Post-Game)

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