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  • antlersinthetrees
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    im going to get so high take a shower and think about will grahams descent into madness :)

    #whispers in the woods #not hannibal #for the most part #drug tw
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  • shachaai
    27.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Title: Commencer Par La Faim Chapters: 24/? Rating: Explicit Warnings: Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Main Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Abigail Hobbs, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller Other Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Beta/Omega, Beta Hannibal Lecter, Omega Will Graham, season 1 AU, Mpreg, Unplanned Pregnancy, Fuck First Feelings Later, Unless You’re Hannibal: Fuck First Fascination Always, Cute Moments and Murder, Canon-Typical Violence, Minor Alana Bloom/Will Graham, Minor Alana Bloom/Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Dream threesomes, Fucked-up Erotic Body Horror Dreams(ex), Will lets an alarming number of things slide as long as people feed him, the only miscarriages you will find here are miscarriages of justice, cumulatively canon-divergent, this is a long slow ride to bittersweet city but we stop numerous times at fluff fort on the way, Murder tableaux as courting gifts, or: corpses to show that special someone you care, a very indulgent exposition on how to build a (murder) family - and then promptly fuck it up again

    Summary: Though he doesn’t particularly like the beta, for many reasons, sleeping with Dr. Hannibal Lecter had seemed like a good idea to Will at the time - not least of all that doing so prevented Lecter from ethically providing analysis of him to the FBI. But then, somehow, it seems that Hannibal can actually understand the way Will thinks, and that, in a world of madness, gore and shockingly beautiful murder, Will might have actually found a true friend. Whom he is still painfully attracted to despite all their differences, despite society and everyone telling them they’re unsuited for each other, and who still seems to be deeply attracted to him. Discovering he’s pregnant just complicates matters, because that’s just what Will needs when he’s already got murderers to catch, a demanding boss to appease, a surrogate daughter to defend and a brain on fire. Complications. [A Season 1 AU: loosely follows events after Apéritif, with a large omegaverse jump to the left.]

    Chapter 24: fondue Abigail’s afternoon turns out to be a trip in more ways than one.

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  • charlienoweasley
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Will feeling betrayed by Hannibal is too much for my little heart, I can’t not cry seeing that ! Agree?

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  • istigatorawrites
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Could we get a protective!Hannibal x shy/soft!wife reader. (Can’t remember the bane of the guy who got obsessed with Hannibal is called but u could use him)


    some soft murderer for you guys



    (isn't he so pretty here?????)

    hannibal x reader

    word count: 1.7k

    WARNING: literal murder, implied threesome, sweet Hannibal!

    a/n: let me know if you like this type of writing or should I go back to the shorter ones!

        Hannibal was always very protective of you. He made keeping you safe his mission and took it very seriously. From the beautiful Italian evening when he took you on your first dinner together. He promised you that out loud later in Florence, his hand holding yours as you stood in front of him in a white dress, both of you happier than ever. And years later when everything went wrong in Baltimore, the first thing he thought of was sending you away, so the FBI wouldn’t get their hands on you. At first you refused to leave him, reminding him what you promised him back in Florence. But he took your hand into his and swore that he’ll find you no matter what, you just have to trust him. So you did and he kept his word. 

        That’s how you two found yourself back in Italy under fake names, hiding from the FBI and Interpol. Florence was beautiful this time of year, almost every corner was bringing back the memories from years ago, the history of your relationship lingering between the buildings. Despite the beauty of the surroundings Hannibal couldn’t care less about them, his eyes were almost glued to you all the time. Not only because of the absolutely gorgeous dress you were wearing, that made you look just divine; color and shape bringing out all of your best features. It was indeed a view, but his gaze was fixed on you for a different reason. More out of a protective habit of his, because he needed to see you were safe, especially now with Interpol engaged in looking for him. He knew they would take you too if they ever found him and he didn’t want that to happen. You were his dearest treasure, the apple of his eye and nothing could stop him from keeping you safe. Nothing.

        You clutched his arm a bit harder as your legs failed to keep you on the ground for a mere second. He was quick in trying to catch you even though you found your balance almost immediately.

        “I stumbled,” you murmured a bit embarrassed of yourself. You were always a lady so it was a rare occurrence that you stumbled in heels.

        “Be more careful, my darling,” he spoke, caressing your back gently.

        You loved that man. Heaven and hell could collide but you wouldn’t stop loving him. It didn’t matter what he did and you were highly aware of his sins. Your twisted heart was beating for him and him only.

        The banquet you reached just minutes later was full of art connoisseurs, your husband was their honor guest after his fantastic speech about Dante. You were so proud of him but you couldn’t help the anxiety creeping into you when you saw so many people. It wasn’t that bad when Hannibal was by your side, you would interact with those people, laugh delicately or just shoot some comment while sipping champagne from your glass. His presence made you feel more confident and open but it all faded when he left you alone for a few minutes, promising he’ll be back quickly.

        You sat by your table, watching the bubbles in your champagne pop, too intimidated to talk to anyone. Rooms full of strangers have been your weakness since you remembered, even though you would never consider yourself an introvert. You were just… shy. You smiled to yourself when you heard a man approaching you, sure that it was your husband. Yet your smile faded when you saw a strange man standing behind you, offering you a warm smile. Being a polite lady, you smiled back, feeling a bit uneasy. 

        “I am deeply sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t ignore a beautiful woman like you sitting alone. May I join you?” he asked and you shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t even give you time for an answer, just sat on a free chair and smiled again. You tried to be polite, rudeness wasn’t really your character trait, it was what Hannibal loved about you. How polite you were, even in situations that were hard to remain polite. The man tried to carry a conversation with you, getting even more comfortable every minute, shooting you charming smiles and complimenting you. Nervously sipping on your champagne, you were just nodding and answering shortly but nothing could make him understand you weren’t exactly interested with whatever he was trying to achieve. You were almost on the edge of snapping and telling him to go to hell, when suddenly your body relaxed under a familiar touch on your arm.

        “I see you made a lovely friend, my love” Hannibal’s voice was soft and polite as he squeezed your shoulder gently. “Do you mind introducing us?”

        Before you could answer, the man already stood up, offering his hand to Hannibal. You sighed heavily leaning into your husband’s touch to soothe the nerves. Little did you know that Hannibal saw the whole situation and blood boiled inside him, seeing that this cheeky stranger had the audacity to make you feel so unsafe, 

        “Anthony Dimmond” the man introduced himself as your husband shook his hand maybe a bit too hard. 

        “Doctor Roman Fell” Hannibal gave him his fake alias and smiled politely. “And from what I see you’ve already got to know my lovely wife” 

        The word “wife” alone made you feel safe, he stated that you were his and the stranger should better back off before Hannibal decides to show how protective he can be.

        “She’s indeed a lovely woman” Anthiny agreed and you took a sip of your champagne not to look too nervous. 

        “Maybe we should invite mister Dimmond for dinner, what do you think darling?” your husband asked you softly and you turned to look at him. He was so calm, his features unmoved but you could see through this facade. He was disgusted by the man and his actions and you knew too well what he does to people like this.

        “I think it is a great idea” you finally spoke, grabbing Hannibal’s hand gently. “We will be honored if you would like to join us for dinner.”

        With the last sentence you looked at Anthony with a polite smile. He looked like he was too stunned to even think of this situation being at least slightly suspicious. He nodded happily.

        “It would be my honor if anything, Mrs Fell.”


        “You really think it is a great idea, Hannibal” you stood behind your husband in the kitchen as you held a bunch of beautiful plates in your hands.

        He didn’t turn to answer you, too busy with cooking the meal.

        “Darling, you know I am doing this for you”

        And if you weren’t so in love with him, maybe you would question that. Was he doing this for you? Or was it just an excuse to kill someone. But you wouldn’t think of it. If he said so, it had to be true. You sighed, putting the plates away and took a few steps to your husband. Wrapping your hands around his waist, you nuzzled your face into his back and he never stopped his actions, not minding you standing so close.

        “Be careful with your hands, I don’t want to cut you on accident” he only remarked and you smiled softly. Always thinking about your safety.

                 Your guest showed up on time. Not that it surprised you, he seemed very eager to come for dinner. Poor man, if he only knew. 

                  "You look stunning, Mrs Fell" , he complimented you before he had a chance to step into your house. "I brought some wine, I hope it's fine."

                  "Please, come in" you answered indifferently before closing the door after him. "My husband will be there in a minute, he's finishing the aperitif." 

                  "I didn't expect that your husband will cook today" Dimmond seemed surprised and you could only smile at that. 

                  "He's brilliant, you'll see." 

                   Few moments later the three of you were sitting by the table with deliciously smelling dishes in front of you. Hannibal put a lot of effort in that, he always did. You chatted a bit, exchanging some comments and even giggles. But after some time and a few glasses of wine, Mr Dimmond became very confident. He shuffled a bit closer to you and put a hand on your knee. 

                   "So are we gonna do this?" he asked and an unpleasant shiver ran down your spine. 

                    Your husband only smirked to himself, knowing what's about to come. 

                   "Do what exactly Mr Dimmond?" Hannibal raised his eyebrow not moving from his chair just yet. 

                   "I mean-" Dimmond coughed a bit nervously, taken aback by Hannibal's question. "You're that kind of couple aren't you?" 

                    At this moment your husband stood up and slowly, like a predator, walked over to your guest's seat. He placed one hand on the other man's shoulder, his grip strong and tight. You watched as he leaned down to Dimmond's ear and smirked coldly. 

                    "We are a very different type of couple, Anthony" Lecter's voice sent chills all over your body, because you knew what was coming. "And you have made a mistake when you decided to bother my wife."

                     The man didn't have a chance to respond. You saw fear in his eyes before Hannibal made one, swift move, stabbing Mr Dimmond straight in his temple with an ice pick. There was no blood, the tool stayed in the man's head when it fell to the table. You knew he wasn't quite dead yet, the ice pick remaining in his brain worked like a cork, preventing him from bleeding out. 

                     "It's alright now, my darling" Hannibal cooed, walking over to you and hugging you tightly to himself, his hand going straight to your hair to stroke it. "I'm sorry you had to go through this." 

                      "You were right there with me" your answer was quiet and soft but your gaze was glues to the Dimmond's face frozen in fear. "I was safe with you." 

                      Your husband smiled softly and kissed the top of your head lovingly. 

                      "You always are. I will always protect you."

                      "I know" you lifted your face up to look at him. "We have to take the ice pick out. We can't risk him surviving."

                       "Be my guest then, darling" Hannibal stroked your hair to encourage you and smiled proudly. His lovely, lovely wife… 

    #hannibal fanfiction#hannibal fic#nbc hannibal#hannibal lecter#hannibal #hannibal x you #hannibal x y/n #hannibal x reader #mads mikkelsen #husband!hannibal #protective!hannibal
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  • possettethenotpoet
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    If anyone asks me if I've finished watching Hannibal, my answer will be no. Before you go "Why? Is the thrill not good enough?" "Is it too gorey?" "I THOUGHT IT WAS YOUR COMFORT SHOW??"

    Hold up.

    I've finished season two and the only reason WHY I haven't watched season three yet is because I want something to live for. I want something to keep me on edge, reading more and more fics off AO3, something for my mind to dwell on when I'm bored switching between my three main apps on my phone.

    I know it sounds like I'm edging myself by depraving myself of the rest of the show but the thing is, if I finish it, what will I do after that? Sure I could read more fics off AO3, especially the ones that have major spoilers of S3, and watch edits on TikTok and clip compilations on YouTube, but what will be my purpose to live??? I've already finished the show (I have very small hope in a fourth season), I've gored on 89% of the Hannigram fics and content, I've ranted out every single opinion I have on their non-platonic-because-its-obvious-they-want-to-fuck-each-other situation to my fellow Fannibal, what the hell am I supposed to occupy my mind with now that I'm basically done with eating the canon content out????

    I will get to finishing the show though, I have yet to see what the hell happens to Bedalia and the relationship between these two fuckass gay dilfs. But for now, I won't be finishing it. It's been approximately four weeks since I've finished S2. Hopefully, I'll finish and reblog to this post saying something about my journey to the end of Hannibal.

    #hannibal#hannigram#nbc hannibal#hannibal lecter#will graham #just a quick fucking rant bc my procrastination on the show is getting out of hand #i really do love the show though its been three months since i've been in the fandom #love fandom this is btw
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  • donnas-troia
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i've reblogged so many posts of klefan that tumblr is now suggesting will/hannibal posts and the fact tumblr thinks stefan/klaus is a pipeline to that ship makes me cackle

    #i mean some parallels are there i guess??? #klaus is indeed unhinged and violent even if he's very loud about it? and he drinks people lol #and stefan is the 'good" guy who tries to stop him in the wrong ways #idk i haven't watched hannibal so I'm talking out of my ass #still#klefan
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  • cammytheloser
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    "Achilles wished all Greeks would die, so that he and Patroclus could conquer Troy alone… it took divine intervention to bring them down"

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  • just-an-evil-immortal
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I just found out that they changed all the names of hannibal episodes for the german version. This makes me incredibly angry because the beautiful names are appart of the appeal. The first episode is (translated) daughters. Like why the fuck would you change it the names are mostly either kinds of food or other food related terms.

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  • ph-logiston
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #Marilyn Manson #Eat Me Drink Me #Hannibal
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  • maroussias
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i think this is a hot take but i generally think forgiveness is one of the most boring things to have in literature actually there is virtually nothing interesting to be said about it

    #in general i think forgiveness is a useless concept #hannibal did smth interesting with it but that's it
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  • new-world-mutation
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    Hannibal is available on Prime, and I believe it's for worldwide, so go binge watch!!!!!


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  • mezzmerizedbyrichard
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Pull-ups and push-ups

    Francis Dolarhyde and Father Quart (prompted by Guylty and Besotted over at Guylty Pleasure blog)

    My gifs

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  • sofiraronch
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Just some thoughts I had after reading the script for episode 5.

    Being close to serial killers brings out Will's inner darkness. He's aware of that darkness and knows very well who he is. He's not afraid of becoming them, he fears becoming a dark version of himself. Constantly using his darkness is bad for him. Understanding the horror is pushing him deep into it. Over the course of the show, we see Will accepting and finally embracing the darkness when he runs away with Hannibal, who is the incarnation of that darkness.

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  • wtfannibal
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    men will literally try to reverse time and then surrender themselves to the police for you rather than just apologise

    #men will pull you off a cliff rather than say they love you #hannibal
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  • violusts
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    ok  we’re  gonna  test  out  using  d.ylan  o’b.rien  as  francis’  fc
    #if i'm not feeling it i'll go back to tom #but i'm gonna pull the trigger #❛  &.  and  eat  me  up  like  hannibal  lecter.  (  out  of  character.  )  ❜
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  • violusts
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Every time I need to work in the morning I'm reminded I have insomnia

    #slept perfectly fine last night #tonight ? I'm awake at 3 again fhsjdhs #❛  &.  and  eat  me  up  like  hannibal  lecter.  (  out  of  character.  )  ❜
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  • malewifecannibal
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    hannibal lecter really looked at will graham and said 'is anyone going to homoerotically encourage this man's latent homicidal tendencies' and then didn't wait for an answer

    #and honestly fair i'd do the same thing #seeing a pretty man in distress like hiii babygirl how do you feel about biting maiming and killing #will graham#hannibal
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  • obviouslyrin
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    For everyone who liked OFMD and Hannibal, you have to watch Black Sails

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