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  • catboybathwater
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    god help me im genuinely thinking abt that accursed thing

    #the vore fic #im gonna explode and die to death so hard but on god im attached to the idea of it #every day i wake up and treat crack seriously
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  • vore-clown
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Btw kings im always up for a convo send me a honk sometime i love a good vore discussion

    #soft vore#hard vore #just tryna throw some kibble out for the fellas in these tags #honkings
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  • a-smol-storm-gt-blog
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Have some noms (both are from diffrent stories just on the same page. Have fun with them I’m proud of them <3

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  • sewervex
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hiiiii i want to be active here but i have exams this week. here’s this

    #i went from having claustrophobia to vore kink #v.ore #v0re#gt vore#hard vore #same size vore #unwilling vore#soft vore#vore digestion#newtscribbles
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  • whimm
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    💕🎂 really wishing a cute person was looking at me like they're in love w me but was actually thinking abt eating me🍴💖

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  • thatoneteadrinker666
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    (holy christ i loved that so much, what about an aftermath, where reader insert goes to a therapist) (yknow after respawing) I imagine that after respawning, there would be various burn scars across the body, and bite marks on the arm -potion anon

    Yiiiikes. I can imagine what the bite scars look like, but the acid burns would almost cover the entire body, since like at once point the body is probably completely submerged. But I’m also not a doctor lmao

    #ask#tw vore #tw fatal vore reference #tw hard vore reference #potion anon #people probably wouldn’t mess with you #you’d probably look pretty sick??? #idk I appreciate scars
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  • wombatnoms
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Here's the first vore media story from my childhood. This is the one that started it all for vore. My real introduction that sparked my love and fascination with this content. Crappy ms paint sonic vore animations.

    Yep. That's what started this chaos. When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with the sonic franchise. I watched and played the games and religiously watched sonic X on TV. I would often go on YouTube and watched clips of the games I didn't own. Eventually, I was recommended a video titled something like Sonic eats Amy. I watched it and enjoyed it and eventually searched out more, typing in all kinds of variety of one character eating another. What's weird is that this was almost never gt vore (though the few that I had found, I loved). Now, same size isn't really my cup of tea, but I still hold a special place in my heart for the nice and full tummies.

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  • thatoneteadrinker666
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I didn't see your response, and now that im hearing about this alternate version of the story, it would be a fun read - potion anon (ps.) yes im from ur moms posts

    ok this took a while because stuff n thangs happened but I wrote it!! So ya

    Prison Food (crunch special)

    Warnings: hard vore, digestion, fatal vore, cronching, death, all that jazz

    -everything that leads up to reader being caught-

    “You’re trespassing.” His eyes turned to slits. “Think you can help him break out? Not in my prison.”

    “I-“ You weighed the pros and cons of confessing. Maybe if you confessed, he’d let you go with a slap on the wrist. Some upgraded security perhaps. “Y-yes. I don’t think he deserves those conditions.”

    The hand holding your shirt tightened, and you were slammed to the ground, forcing the air out of your lungs.

    “He’s a MONSTER. He deserves everything that’s happened to him.” Smoke poured from under Sam’s mask. He put a heavy paw on your chest, causing something to crack a little. “And someone who supports such a monster can’t be changed.. there’s no point in even trying.”

    You whimpered, shoving at his front legs.

    Sam grabbed you by the collar and lifted you up, pinning you against the warm obsidian wall. “And I might as well.. get a free meal out of it.” Using the free hand, he reached up and undid his mask, giving you a nice view of his sharp fangs and slavering maw.

    “S-Sam.. please don’t do this. Please.” You begged.

    His upper lip curled away from his teeth. With a speed you didn’t even know he could reach, he lunged and snapped his jaws over your right arm, crunching the bone with minimal effort.

    A scream tore itself out of your mouth, and tears flooded your vision. Through watery eyes you watched him lick your blood from his lips and teeth, apparently rumbling with satisfaction. Or maybe that was the sound of your heartbeat in your ears. You couldn’t tell. With your functioning arm you weakly smacked at his hand.

    Sam glared at you, eyes flashing dangerously. He leaned closer and opened his mouth wide. You peered at the red tinted saliva that hung from his teeth, sobbing quietly. He pushed your head into his mouth, letting his teeth scrape against your fragile skin.

    You kicked out at him, but stopped when he gave you a rough nibble on your shoulders. His tongue swiped across your face a few times, drooling more at the taste of tears, before he threw his head back and let your upper body slide into his throat.

    You were too scared to move. Your stillness was only broken by your injured arm being swallowed into his gullet, and you proceeded to scream and thrash.

    Sam would’ve bitten you because of the thrashing, but you’d already vanished down his throat, so there was nothing to bite. So he growled quietly and did a big gulp to fully push you into his first stomach.

    Upon entering his stomach, you landed on your broken arm, which caused a new round of tears and screaming.

    “You’re one of those types.. ugh.. so loud and annoying.” Sam grumbled. “I was going to keep you there for a bit just to mess with you, but your crying is bothering me.”

    Your surroundings shifted as he started to walk back to his office. The muscular walls of his stomach squeezed you forcefully, jostling your injury and making it hard to breathe.

    “S-Sam.. please. I don’t want to die..” You whined.

    “Maybe no one wants it, but some people deserve it.” He spat back. “I’d let Dream join you, but then he’d get a nice clean death. It’s not what he earned. Not after all his crimes.”

    You quivered, hearing something below you groan. You’d always wondered how his anatomy worked as a taur. Now you were about to find out.

    Sam pressed against his abdomen, massaging you down into the lower stomach, grumbling to himself about ways of torturing Dream. He seemed to not even care about you anymore. It was like you’d just turned into food. Which, technically, you were.

    You kicked your legs, whimpering, but you weren’t able to stop yourself from being moved into his second stomach. It was bigger than the first, but more humid and active. More liquid had accumulated there, and when your skin touched it, it burned horribly. Sam’s voice was even more muffled now, between the layers of skin and muscle between you two, and the thundering clash of his internal organs.


    You didn’t know how long you’d sat there. Maybe it was three minutes. Or three hours. But you couldn’t feel your body anymore. It might not have been there. All you could feel was the boiling heat of the taur’s stomach and the squeezing of the fleshy walls against you. Fuzz started to fill your head, closing your eyes and blocking out any thoughts. It all went black.

    #tw vore#ask#potion anon #tw fatal vore reference #tw fatal vore #tw hard vore #scary stuff lmao #i do love my horror content
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  • that-prey-lounge
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    RGG Vore Verse: The Pirate Plundering Goes Wrong (For the Pirates)

    @vore-scientist​ I love you so much, thank you for helping me out with getting this ready and motivating me to get this going. 

    Summary: Reese is a pred in this universe. He decides to get himself a good snack when Seabarrow comes under siege from pirates. Many shenanigans ensue. 

    Contains: Fatal vore. Soft (swallowing) and Hard (chewing involved) vore. Drunken Giant and Tinies. Strong language.   

    Listen, this is not like my usual stuff. People die here.

    Wordcount: 5.2K 


    Reese had just been going to check where he had set a trap for Swoopers when he heard something eerily like a gunshot.

    It instantly made him sit up and start creeping towards the shore. The kind of weapons here were really primitive. The most advanced they had was ole time-y pistols. Mid-1700s stuff which he couldn’t hear when one went off unless it was nearby. This sounded far away. Time to investigate.

    As Reese was starting to get within sight of the town, he smelled smoke, and he picked up screaming on the edge of his hearing. He picked up the pace and soon was able to see what was going on.

    There were three ships approaching the harbor. It took a moment to recognize the flags as those denoting pirates, for he had only been given a description from Brian.  Their cannon fire must have been what Reese had heard. He saw a few buildings destroyed and others in flames. People were running into the woods. The Scouts were scrambling. Several merchant ships and fishing vessels were sinking near the docks.

    Rage flared up in Reese’s chest and he barely thought before he was stepping out through the trees towards the shore.

    This was his town, and nobody got to mess it up!

    As his boots hit the water, he saw the pirates on deck scrambling. Cannons began to shift aim. Reese snarled and splashed both hands roughly against the water, sweeping water over the decks of the ships and sending topside crews scattering.  

    With the pirates distracted, Reese started pulling the sinking ships out of the water. Several were close enough he could just push them up onto the shore. Others had to be dragged, and one particularly large ship was in a fragile state, so he scooped it up and moved it onto the shore.

    There was the whistle of canon balls, and he saw several impact the sand near his feet. He snarled and rounded on the pirate ships. The new sinking boat was pushed onto shore, and then Reese slogged into the water to deal with the pirates. The three boats were about three feet long, and their masts a bit larger. Reese was up to his knees in water by now. He grabbed the main mast of a ship and pulled until it snapped in his hands. Then the others were all pulled off.

    The second and third ships’ masts snapped well in his hands. Eyeballing the three ships, he found the smallest one and then brought his foot down on the deck. It splintered easily and soon just wreckage and few unlucky crewmen were bobbing in the water. Reese scooped up six people easily before a round of cannon fire had his back explode in pain.

    A roar was torn from his mouth and he rounded onto the ship that fired. He didn’t think the cannonballs pierced his clothes, but that stung. The few pirates in his hands were all but thrown onto the deck of one ship before he tore the canons out of another. He knocked the cannons from the top deck off the other ship and then grabbed their anchors.

    The pirates were scrambling as he dragged the ships around the side of the island. A few smart ones jumped into the water, but he managed to grab and toss most of them back onto their ship.

    After many minutes of Reese dragging the pair of ships around, he managed to drag them up on the little beach closest to his camp. Seeing them on the beach like this, Reese was able to see just how large the ships were. They were about half as long as he was tall, so this was a lot of material he could use.

    But first, there was crew and cargo to go through, and Reese was starving.

    Part of him was content with just tearing the boats open as they were, kneeling on the beach, but the remaining rational part of his brain instructed him to take the ships back to his camp. So that’s what he did.

    At his camp, Reese couldn’t resist himself. His Cravings were strong, spurred on by the want of getting rid of the pirates for good and empty swooped traps. He was on his knees, plundering the ships for prey

    The first pirate he got his hands on he barely remembered to take the visible weapons off before they were in his mouth. He was hungry enough that he hadn’t thought to taste them much before swallowing. Just a passing note of salt and spice before he jerked his head back to swallow.

    Feeling the little thing struggling all the way down his throat drove all of Reese’s predatory instincts into overdrive. He felt himself drooling as he took another pirate off the top deck. Weapons were yanked off, coat and hat both fluttered down towards the ground. Reese eagerly stuffed the small man into his mouth and tasted him, allowing himself to moan softly with the taste. He had never allowed himself to indulge in the pleasure of squirming prey before.

    He swallowed and greedily started searching the decks for anyone else. He removed the broken masts and sails-shaking them out to make sure nobody was hiding in them- and then carefully started to peel the cabin part under the wheel off.

    On one ship were three people cowering around the furniture and boxes and things in the room. Each of them were roughly stripped of weapons before Reese ate them.

    There were only two people in the little cabin section. One of them wasn’t even armed. Both joined the others in his stomach.

    Reese softly sighed and let a hand rest on top of his stomach. He could feel his prey squirming inside of him. Struggling fruitlessly for some kind of escape or something that could save them. But Reese knew better. He knew that anything that he ate now was as helpless as any regular food to prevent their fate.

    Between his fingers and the little knife he had, Reese tore the top deck off both ships. He stuffed one pirate after another into his mouth, remembering to at least yank weapons off them, and sometimes pieces of clothes. He ravaged the sleeping quarters, unable to help feeling a bit like the monster from a fairy tale; ripping people that were hiding under their beds and devouring them.

    Eight more people met their fate in his stomach. And that was what he only pulled from one ship’s second deck. His stomach was beginning to feel nice and full, but he wasn’t about to stop. He didn’t want to stop.

    Moving onto the other ship’s secondary deck another seven people made their way into his stomach.

    The last one from the deck of this ship was clearly braver than most and tried to pull a knife against Reese, swinging it at his face when he brought them close.

    “Unhand me, beast!” They demanded, their tiny dagger glinting in the light.

    “Alright.” Reese purred softly before he bit into their arm with the dagger extended. He felt a spurt of blood in his mouth and then turned his head to spit out the dagger. With a little toss, he sealed the rest of them in before they could get screaming.

    The sharp, metallic pang of blood that spread across his tongue was not his favorite, but Reese really didn’t care right now. He tipped his head back and swallowed.

    He’d find the dagger later. Right now, he had the rest of the crews to worry about. He couldn’t let them escape.

    Pulling up the secondary deck to get into the belly of one ship, he found not people, but cargo. Big barrels against one wall that smelled strongly of alcohol. Something to drink actually sounded really nice right now and it had been years since he’s had any alcohol. He grabbed one up and popped the lid off with his penknife.

    Now exposed, the sweet caramel and vanilla scent of the alcohol instantly told him it was rum. Nice. He downed it like a shot, since the barrel was roughly the same size as an oddly shaped shot glass. It burned nicely in his throat and made his prey squirm a little harder in his stomach. He took two more barrels and popped the lids off with his penknife.

    As he discarded the first barrel, he saw a person try to dash across the little area he had pulled open. Reese grabbed them up by the back of their coat, and when they wriggled out of it, he caught them by their legs.

    “And where were you going?” Reese looked them over for a moment as they struggled. “Not a talker, hm? That’s probably for the best.” He dropped them into the rum barrel in his other hand and downed the whole thing.

    Embarrassingly, Reese nearly choked on his little rum soaked pirate. They’d managed to land a good kick to the back of his throat, and he felt them struggle the entire way down.

    Reese thumped a fist against his chest and cleared his throat. “Fucking bastard.”


    Dyer was known as the Shark from his crew, because he was a solitary creature, always moving from one place to another, and he was merciless. When he witnessed this giant start stuffing its monstrous face with his shipmates, he felt not a single pang of sympathy for the lot.

    He had only felt pure, unadulterated fear. For the first time in decades.

    So he kicked one of them practically into the giant’s hand when it started pulling up the deck from overhead and plundering the rum. With it distracted, he managed to squeeze himself out of a hole in the ship.

    And not a minute too quickly.

    Dyer had made it to cover, and someone else was trying to squeeze out of the hole he had just ran from and was plucked up and devoured. Three more all met their fate in that monster’s mouth. One even was chewed. He heard the pop of bone and when he looked up at the monster from behind cover, he saw blood on its lips.

    He knew that by daring to escape, capture would mean a worse fate at the hands of that monster. Still, it was worth the risk.

    “Reese!” A voice sounded from behind him, and Dyer shrank down into his hiding spot. Some blond guy with a blue belt came jogging into the clearing.

    “Cade.” The giant quickly licked the blood off its lips and looked down with friendly recognition and a smile at the little blond guy. “What are you doing here?”

    “I was-”

    At least this little blond idiot had the sense to go still when Dyer grabbed his sword and held it against his throat. The monster went still too. Good. Dyer settled himself behind the blond and made sure to grab a handful of his hair to make sure he didn’t get any ideas. If Dyer wanted to, he could easily slit his throat.

    “I’m going to leave, and take him with me. If you move a muscle, monster, I’m going to slit your friend’s little throat!”

    The blond gasped softly. “Don’t do this.”

    “Shut up, I’m not dying in that monster today.” Dyer started walking back, and the blond followed for several steps.

    Suddenly the giant flung an empty barrel at them. Dyer kicked the blond and rolled to the side, coming up on his feet. He could barely swing the sword before all the air was crushed out of his lungs. His vision exploded into spots and he was only faintly aware of being rapidly lifted off the ground.

    Thunder rumbled around his head, there was a stinging pain in his arm, and Dyer found himself in the dark. He had a single moment of clarity as he saw teeth the size of his head up close.



    Cade’s legs gave out. He hit the dirt once more, trembling in every limb. His breathing was very quick and shallow. His stomach threatened to revolt. He had to clutch the dirt to stop his hands from shaking.

    Reese just- he- he just watched someone- Reese bit- he just watched that man die.

    “You okay?” Suddenly Reese’s hands were on him, and Cade couldn’t stop his screams.

    “Don’t eat me!” He threw his arms over his head like it would do something to stop those teeth. Those horrible, crushing, cutting, tearing teeth. That devastating crunching noise and squelching of flesh still rang fresh in his ears. “Please! I’m sorry!”

    “Cade.” His booming voice made Cade flinch and curl tighter in on himself. “Cade!”

    “Spare me.” His voice was so weak, he wasn’t even sure Reese heard.

    He felt those massive fingers flip him around and then force his protective huddle open. He was pinned against his back, and he was so close to Reese’s mouth. He couldn’t help the little whimper from the back of his throat.

    “I’m not going to hurt you.” Reese huffed. “You’re safe now. Nobody is going to hurt you.”

    Cade didn’t respond. He couldn’t. He just shook.

    Reese sighed, and then moved a bit. After a moment and some grumbling, Cade found himself kneeling beside an open barrel of rum. He wasn’t far from Reese, but at least he couldn’t see anything as Reese was already pulling another pirate from the ship. Thankfully he didn’t chew them, just swallowed.

    Cade shook his head, closed his eyes tight, and then plunged his head into the barrel of rum. Maybe a good drink would help him survive this.

    After only a gulp of rum, Cade had to come up for air, hacking and coughing. This stuff was strong. His whole face tingled and his throat burned. Maybe sticking his face into an open barrel of alcohol was a bad idea.

    “It’s good stuff, huh?” Reese wasn’t looking at him as he finished tearing up the ships. He started piling all the goods from storage and the cargo hold in one ship, and dropping all the pirates into the other.

    “Uh…. yeah.” Cade shook his head and instead went for a more controlled sip of the stuff. It still burned. He had to suppress his coughing. “Have you had any?”

    “Couple barrels.” Reese paused to growl at the pirate who stabbed a dagger into his thumb before dropping them into the pile of others. “Cade…… you know you’re my friend, right?”

    Cade nodded a little.

    “I would never hurt you. I know I’m big, and this whole predator thing is a lot, but I’m not going to hurt you. Ever.”

    That wasn’t as reassuring as Cade figured Reese believed it to be. On one hand, Reese had saved his life. Several times. On the other hand, Reese just bit someone in half and had Goddess knows how many digesting in his belly. The only thing that was keeping Cade from joining them were promises made and a notion of friendship. Words, and a few choice actions.  

    Cade took another long drink of rum and when he looked back at Reese, he saw another person being dangled above his mouth. They squirmed and struggled, but Reese dropped them into his mouth and swallowed. As much as he wanted to, Cade couldn’t look away. He saw the lump slip down Reese’s throat, knowing full well that it was an entire person. His enormous, powerful muscles were able to squeeze a whole person down deeper and deeper towards his core, where they would die. They would be broken down into nutrients. Fat. Added to the body of a man infinitely bigger than them.

    “How many have you eaten?” The rum had managed to at least gather a little courage in Cade. “The pirates.”

    “I dunno. I’ve not been counting. I got -four, six, eight- like, twelve of them still in here. So, twelve less than was on the boats when I grabbed them.” He put a hand on his stomach, which was much more noticeable with its gentle curve. “I wonder what else is in their cargo.”

    “Could be anything. They are pirates.” Cade wandered a bit closer as Reese took crates and stuff out of the one ship he’d stacked it all in. He checked out a couple boxes. “Hey, this is seeds! I’m sure you could trade this at one of the farms for something.”

    “Nice. Some stuff to sell I didn’t have to spend all day working for.” Reese continued to rifle through the pirate’s stolen goods, setting them all on the ground first.

    With the rum spreading through his system, Cade didn’t even flinch when Reese picked him up to interpret the labels. Reese was able to speak the language, but he was just too large to read the text comfortably. Even then, he said the letters were hard to decipher. Cade would call out what was in the crates, and Reese would move the crates into piles of ‘keep for himself’ and ‘sell/trade’.


    The fire had died down, and so had most of the panic. The pirate ships were gone, floating splintered in the water or dragged off to who knew where by Reese. Plenty of people had returned from where they had been hiding off in the woods.

    Except for Cade, and when Brian had asked around, they learned that Cade had run off towards Reese’s camp.

    Reese had just drowned a good portion of a crew, and had kidnapped two whole other crews to do Ortega knows what with. Brian was ready to tear his hair out as he went to go find Angelica. Cade trusted Reese far too much for Brian’s taste. He trusted Reese to stick to his promises, but he didn’t know just what would make him break them.

    “Did you find where he went?” Angelica gently grabbed his arm.

    “Some folks said they saw him leaving towards Reese’s camp.”

    “Fuck.” Angelica hissed softly. “C’mon, before father finds out. We need to go get him. Reese wasn’t in his right mind earlier, so I have no idea what’s happening out there.”

    “I’m way ahead of you.”

    A few minutes of riding through the forest later, they were approaching Reese’s camp. They could see one of the ships, so they knew that Reese had dragged those ships here. Reese was probably holding the pirates captive, doing whatever he wanted to them. Honestly, they only hoped nothing terrible had happened to Cade.

    They left their horses in the little pen Reese had made and steadily started creeping around the ships. They looked like they’d been torn apart, masts torn clean off and stacked in a pile, the decking was torn up, canons missing, rigging gone, and no sign of the crew.

    As they rounded one of the ships, they saw Reese and Cade. Reese was sitting leaned against a stump, the top of his jumpsuit stuffed behind his neck and he had just finished downing an entire barrel of rum. There were two empty barrels by his leg, and in his other hand, cupped against his chest, was Cade. He didn’t seem to be moving.

    Reese dropped the empty barrel down next to the others, and Brian froze when he spotted them.

    “Eeeeyy, it’s you two. Angelica. Brian.” Reese smirked at them, words slurring as he showed off all his very sharp teeth. “What are y’all doin’ out here?”

    “We were looking for Cade.” Brian put a hand on his hip. “We were worried something might have happened since you took two ships worth of pirates.”

    Reese snorted softly and scooped the pair up in his free hand. Before they could recover enough to squirm, they found themselves pressed against his chest, next to Cade, who they could smell the pungent alcohol on him before they noticed his clothes were damp.

    “Cade, are you okay?” Brian immediately wiggled closer.

    Cade giggled softly and shot him a thumbs up. “Yeah. I’m great.”

    “Are you… drunk?”

    “Mhm!” Cade turned to giggle at Brian. His skin was flushed red. “We’ve been drinking. It’s good stuff!”

    Angelica finally managed to get close to Cade. “What’s all over your clothes?”

    “Rum!” Cade patted Reese’s chest underneath them all. “I fell in a barrel. Reese had to pull me out.”

    “Mhm, lil’ cutie coulda been hurt. Couldn’ let that happen to my lil’ buddy~” Reese gently squeezed them tighter against his chest, and then he belched. “Ugh, sorry. They’re still kicking up a fuss in there.” He lazily slapped a hand against his oddly swollen stomach.

    Brian and Angelica shared a wide-eyed look before hunkering a little close to Cade. “Did he…… has he been eating the pirates?” Angelica hissed softly.

    “Oh, yeah.” Cade shook his head a little. “Issnot a big deal though. Predator stuff. You know… circle of life. He’s gotta eat.”

    Brian looked deathly pale. Angelica wanted nothing more than to have her quiver of poisonous arrows.

    “Wait, shit, I don’t think I finished them.” Reese suddenly lurched forward, dropping the three of them into his lap to pull one of the ships over. He smirked and then when his hands came back, three struggling pirates were clasped tightly in them. “Yeah, I thought there were a couple more.”

    Angelica felt her lunch try to come back up as she watched Reese stuff one of the pirates into his mouth and then swallow them alive. She had to keep a hand over her mouth as his stomach gurgled menacingly, welcoming its next victim.

    “Is’ freaky, hm?” Cade nudged Brian before sliding off of Reese’s leg to the ground. He stumbled a fair bit before just falling to his rear. “You guys should try the rum, it’s good stuff!”

    Brian looked up at Reese, down at Cade, and then over at Angelica. She looked deeply shaken.

    Well, it was better to be numb to everything happening in Reese’s gut than to be sober. He shrugged softly before walking over to the barrel of rum Cade had collapsed beside before, like Cade, plunging his head into it. He came up a few seconds later, gasping, hair dripping wet. He shook like a dog before looking at Angelica. “Goddess, it’s strong!”

    “Pirate rum, iss good shit!” Cade snickered to himself.

    Angelica joined him after a few moments, except she pulled her hair back with a hand and didn’t just dunk her head in it. She just made sure to not watch Reese toss one of the pirates up in the air and catch them in his mouth.

    Brian made the mistake once he had a good buzz going of looking up to see thatthe last pirate being thrown into the air and Reese’s mouth shut around them with a sickening crunch. Reese jolted a bit and turned his head aside to swallow. He made a soft hacking noise and thumped a fist against his chest.

    “Fuck. Mistimed that.” He coughed softly before shaking his head a bit. Both hands settled atop his stomach and he settled against the stump. “I’ve not eaten this good in… Fuck, years, probably.”

    Angelica stumbled over to Cade and flopped on the grass next to him. “How many’s he eaten?”

    “I dunno. Wasn’t here for most of it.” Cade stretched a bit and then raised his hands. “Reeeese, can you hold me?”

    “Sure, c’mere.” Reese plucked Cade up and gently pressed him against his chest. Cade almost vanished against his massive chest, but he didn’t seem worried.

    Brian stumbled to a seat beside Angelica. He definitely smelled like he’d just stuck his head in a barrel of rum. He blinked softly and looked up at Cade, snuggled against Reese’s chest, then he looked over at Angelica. “This is crazy. He’s eaten two ships worth of people… how many is that?”

    Angelica shrugged and looked up at Reese. “Reese!”

    “Hm?” He scooped them up in his hands and brought them up to chest level. “Whassup?”

    “How many pirates have you eaten?” Brian leaned forward.

    “And how many could you eat?” The rum had finally worked its way into her. “What’s your stomach capacity?”

    “Hmmmmm… You’re gonna have to guess.” Reese lowered them down to his lap. “I got an idea, but I’ll have to think.”

    Brian walked a little closer and leaned against Reese’s belly. He put his hands on it and thought for a moment. “Fifty. Give or take five.”

    Angelica hummed softly and she looked it over, doing some mental calculations. She put a hand against his belly and pressed. She muttered softly under her breath, and then looked up at him. “I’d say that you’ve got forty in there, give or take five.”

    Reese thought for a moment, counting under his breath before pointing at Angelica. “Yeah, there’s forty somethin’ in there.”

    Brian huffed softly and then started to climb Reese’s shirt. He crawled his way up to Reese’s chest and then forced his way into Reese’s hand. Cade shifted around to let Brian get comfortable against Reese.

    Angelica was still curious. His stomach was certainly fascinating. Able to hold and process so many people all at once. She pressed her ear against his stomach and just listened for a moment. There were the gurgles of his stomach working, and when she tried to listen under the gurgles, she heard a voice, desperate and begging for release.

    She flinched back and then shook her head. That was enough listening to his stomach for today. “Can you lift me up to your chest?”


    Captain Bar Highgrove was leading a small search party through the woods to find all of the people who had taken refuge and potentially gotten lost amongst the trees. He had a group of people on horseback searching with him.

    As they moved through the trees, he saw a rustle in the bushes. He raised a hand and they paused.

    “Hullo there. Are you alright?”

    There was a little moment, and then four people came forward. He recognized their garb immediately. Pirates. They were wide eyed, and there were many scratches along their exposed skin. They were shaking and stumbling as they approached, hands raised in surrender.

    “Save us! Please! The monster!” The youngest cried and then fell to the ground.

    Captain Highgrove dismounted his horse and put a hand on the young person’s shoulder. “What monster? What has left you in this state?”

    “Th- the monster that took our ship.” They were trembling. “It’s destroyed the boats. It- It’s eaten the crew!”

    Unease shifted through the other scouts and Captain Highgrove helped the young one up. “Come. The sun is going down. The Darters will be out soon. We will go look for this monster come morning.”

    “Don’t let it get me.” The young one whimpered as he helped them up on his horse. Then he supervised as the rest were put up on the other Scout’s horses.

    “What’s your name, child?” Captain Highgrove tried to comfort them as they turned towards Seabarrow.

    “Erik.” They whispered.

    “It’s alright, Erik. I won’t let the monster get you.”


    The sun was rising the next morning and Cade couldn’t believe he woke up in Reese’s camp, wrapped up in a large swath of cloth with his friends snuggled up to him. He had a pounding headache, and the sun right in his face was not helping at all.

    “What the fuck happened last night?”

    “A barrel of rum.” Angelica moaned softly and tried to pull the cloth over her face, but then she couldn’t move it closer since Brian also tried to pull on the cloth. “Why are we all bundled up in this thing?” She started wiggling to get free.

    “Reese put us in this.” Brian also started trying to get free from the bundle of cloth. “Since you pitched a fit about sleeping on his chest.”

    “Goddess, did that all really happen?” Angelica sat up and looked all over. “Did we watch Reese eat those people?”

    “Yeah.” Cade managed to free himself and fell onto the stump. “I’m never touching rum again in my life.”

    “Tell me about it.” Brian managed to crawl out and just laid on his stomach on the wood of the stump. “Fuck me, it feels like I let Reese chew on my skull.”

    “Goddess above, don’t mention Reese chewing.” Angelica hauled herself out of that bundle of cloth. “I think I’m going to hurl.”

    “Aim over there.” Cade forced himself to a sitting position. He saw Reese sitting near his fire, two large deep water fish being roasted over the flames, one of the boats in his lap. “Reese?”

    “Hey little guy.” Reese shifted the boat a bit before setting it aside. “Are you guys hungry? I checked my nets this morning, I got a good haul.”

    Cade eyed the fatty fish and shook his head as his stomach turned. “I’m good.”

    “Suit yourself.” Reese pulled one of the skewers off the flames and started eating the fish. Cade had to look away. He moved closer to the edge of the stump and when he saw the drop down to the ground he had to pull back. He was still very dizzy and he didn’t trust himself to not slip and fall off the very large stump.

    As Reese was starting on the second fish, they heard horses approaching.

    The Scouts had arrived, and there were four pirates with them. Reese’s eyes lit up hungrily and he plucked them all up off the back of the horses, the fish now forgotten on the stone he used as a plate.

    “Ah, look at that. Thanks for bringing back the escapees. I’ll take care of them.”

    “Wait!” Captain Highgrove pointed to the one in the white shirt who was squirming quite harshly. “Erik is registered to become a resident of Seabarrow! Drop them!”

    “This one?” Reese lowered the one in the white shirt down.

    “Yes. Them. Release them.”

    “Sure.” Reese dropped the young one on the ground by his horse and then dropped the three other pirates in the hollowed out ship by his side. “I’m gonna guess you came to get your daughter.”

    “Yes, is she with you?”

    “She’s right here.” Reese gathered Brian, Angelica, and Cade up in his hands and brought them closer to their horses. The three stumbled off his hands and had to cling to each other to stay upright.

    Captain Highgrove jumped down to check on them. “Are you alright, dear?”

    “Yeah.” She winced at having to speak. “Just hungover.”

    “Pirate rum, sir.” Brian blinked in the light. “It’s very strong.”

    “Speaking of the pirates.” Captain Highgrove looked over at Reese, who was eating the fish again. “Where are they all? There were at least two scores in the ships he took.”

    The three of them turned to Reese, who put a hand on his belly as he polished off the fish. He looked happy, licking his lips. “Uhm… they won’t be a problem ever again.”

    Suddenly sick to his stomach, Captain Highgrove mounted his horse. Erik was cowering against his back. Brian went to get his horse, and other scouts had to help them get settled on her back. “C’mon, let’s head back.”

    On the ride back to Seabarrow, Captain Highgrove rode beside Cade and Brian. “Reese devoured those pirates, didn’t he?”

    “Yeah, he did.” Cade rubbed his lower face with a grimace. “And those three he took again are definitely going to be eaten as a snack.”

    The young person who was cowering against Captain Highgrove whimpered. “It’s a monster.”

    “Reese is not a monster.” Cade glared at them. “He’s a predator. There’s a difference.”


    Bonus Content: 

    Cade had decided to keep his eyes closed as Reese alternated between eating a crate of food from the rations on the ship and a living person. The terrible part was that even with his eyes closed, Cade could tell which was which.

    Usually with the food, Reese would chew and sigh with enjoyment before swallowing. And Cade, laying right in the middle of Reese’s chest, could almost feel and hear when things slid down Reese’s throat. Food was always so silent, but he could feel Reese happily grumbling. People though? People struggled, and they screamed, and they kicked, and Cade was mostly sure that he could feel when they were being squeezed under Cade, between Reese’s internal organs.

    It was surreal. If he was sober, he would be scared shitless.

    But thank the Goddess he wasn’t. He was drunk enough that he was able to rationalize everything without wanting to scream or shake or throw up.

    Reese was a predator. The biggest one in months and months of travel. The pirates were going to be executed anyway. This way, everyone benefited. Seabarrow was going to have a one hundred percent chance all the pirates were dead, and Reese was having a good sized meal. Not to mention this would satisfy his cravings for a while.

    A lump slid past Cade, and he suppressed a shiver. That was a person. He’d felt them struggle.

    “Mmmmm, Cade~”

    “Yeah?” He looked up the best he could at Reese.

    “You’re a good lil buddy~ You’re not afraid of me.” He softly snickered to himself. “You know, back in prison, they muzzled preds like me. Once they stuck me in a cell with this chubby little guy. Prey. God, he was scared shitless of me when I wasn’t muzzled. Bastard had it in his head that if I ever got hungry, he was on the menu. He was right, but it still stung.”

    “I’m sorry.” Cade squirmed softly when Reese gently squeezed him in his hug. “How’re you feelin?”

    “Full. It’s good.”

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  • plum-digit
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #me: ah nuuu digestion and hard vore is so scary wawawawa #also me: i like da blood and da murder guts #v0re ocs#v0re blog#comfort blog#not vore#tw blood #i unironically fucking love drawing blood n stuff #i can do a bunch of effects in the art to convey stuff #ill tag these pieces tho because its not exactly hard vore people came for soft stuff i assume #gnawing #<- new tag for violent art #redgums
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  • opikarts
    04.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I MUST show you my true form of all my sonas. All is sludge that changes form :D and is very chaotic

    I couldn't decide which sona to choose so I created the Lord of Chaos

    (that little cat-like slime on my profile is his smaller form haha)

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  • thatoneteadrinker666
    03.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    omg imagine if i tried to rescue Niki as a borrower myself, wonder how gruesome thatd be- potion anon


    If you even attempted to help her escape, he’d definitely not be happy. Normally he doesn’t cronch but if you even dared to help her, you’d get a good nip before being swallowed. No way he’s letting anyone take Niki

    #tw vore #tw hard vore reference #mcyt g/t vore #g/t vore#ask#extermination au#potion anon #he reacted horribly to a human trying to touch her #no way is he letting food take his snack #down the gullet you’d go #Bothersome Borrowers
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  • opikarts
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ok what if ... prey was hypersensitive to sounds? Pred could swallow so that he wouldn't hear sounds that hard!

    bonus points if pred has very thick stomach walls

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  • thatoneteadrinker666
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    so imagine the Prison food story but the reader actually WAS trying to break dream out -Potion anon

    Could I kill off a reader in a reader insert? 🤔🤔🤔

    Well it’s Minecraft based and technically there’s respawning, so hey, why not? If reader mentioned that they were trying to break Dream out, Sam would absolutely refuse to let that happen. Maybe a lil bit of cromching. Maybe he’d let his digestive system do it’s thing. Dream is not allowed friends, and is definitely NOT allowed to escape. Better nip any break out attempts in the bud, before anyone gets any ideas. 🤷‍♀️

    #tw fatal vore mention #tw fatal vore reference #tw hard vore reference #tw vore #mcyt g/t vore #g/t vore#ask#potion anon #hey wait a second aren’t you from mumther’s blog #👀👀👀👀 hello#wassup #welcome to my lair
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  • mmmleckerlecker
    26.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Appetite For Love

    The demon was exquisitely hungry, his long blood line contained some of the most famous of hellish gluttons, from dreameaters, to blood-drinkers, soul eaters to life-force drainers, flesheaters to incubi and end even those who ate their preys very existence. The mortal was someone he desperately desired, from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. Body,mind, soul, heart. She was delicious at every level, beautiful and worthy of his deepest adoration. For something like him there was no distinction between attraction and craving, lust and appetite, beauty and taste, love and hunger. Yet he had not devoured her, not because he did not want to, but because he understood that to mortals such things were not intertwined. Had he fallen for a fellow Demon this would not be such a dilemma, everyone knew that mated pairs would eventually destroy each other, the healthiest of demon couples could drag the dance of cat and mouse out over Millenia to the point where it was common to assume most longstanding enemies were in love. But a mortal...mortals were so fragile, it often only took a few bites to end one. How would he impress upon her the depth of his adoration? If he could not take his time to carve it into her mind and flesh? How could he trap her soul for eternity if it broke under the strain of his affection? Even the weakest of demons generally took decades to digest alive but a human only took a day at most and minutes at the least. Truly this was a tragic conundru- *kiss* soft lips gently press against his forehead. "Hey handsome, has that book revealed any big secrets yet?" She teases sitting next to him easily and learning against his side. "What? Oh um *cough* ah no not yet." He admits sheepishly, with a teasing smile she gently grips the book and deftly flips it so it is the right way round. "Well, I generally find holding it like this makes things easier." His face is on fire, you'd think he'd be used to that given his hell based upbringing but evidently not. "Ah r-right I knew that." Is it possible to be banished by embarassment? For a brief period he finds himself hoping it is. But the soothing stroking of her hand up and down his arm makes the teasing bare able. "Perhaps you just need an audience to keep your mind from wandering. How about you read it to me?" He nods taking a deep breathe and squaring his shoulders, maybe he can't shower her in affection in his own love language but perhaps he can learn how to do so in hers.

    #submission #THIS IS A SUBMISSION #AND IM NOT GONNA ADD ANYTHING TO IT BECAUSE HOLY SHIT??? #I’m shaking this is so good #it’s so perfectly tasty #congratulations this will be stuck in my brain forever #on repeat #I am once again asking how y’all know exactly what I like #damn son#oof #v.ore #soft vore#hard vore #?? implied sorta?? #fatal vore #implied fatal vore #demon vore
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  • vampvore
    26.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Corbin doodle

    #v.ore #v0re#vore art#belly art #um im feeling a lot of despair about tags. #just thought I’d announce that #god idk what to tag this to get it seen by the ppl who want to see it. #vampchat#hard vore#vampvore art
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  • sinningtamer
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Opinion on R3n d0g as predator/prey?

    ANOOOON you have no idea how long I’ve THOUGHT about drawing something with Rēn and keep forgetting or getting distracted.. I have MANY thoughts

    i like guilty/forgetful pred Rēn on HC... werewolf moments with D0c being like “WHAT DID YOU EAT?? WHO DID YOU EAT??” and Rēn’s like “I don’t remember ;;;w;; pls no yell at me am good dog..” or also the typical “WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR MOUTH. SPIT IT OUT.” (Swallows faster.) D0c dealing with a literal dog here lmao

    aaaalso.. twirls hair yall remember the scar!an LL fic right? i don’t know if ill EVER write it at this point but i rotate a parallel to it with tre3bark.

    the whole idea in the first fic is that Gr!an (known freak) made it so that eating a player steals a life from them without killing them twice. essentially since that fic is willing pred/unwilling prey, it’d be the opposite with unwilling pred/willing prey...

    y’know how Mārtyn gives a life to Rēn in the shadow alliance? It’d be like, Mārtyn (also known freak) pulling Rēn aside after the meeting like “Hey, I know I said I’d give you a life, and that’s still a promise, but there’s this way we can do it that’s way more fun, meet me later” wink wink and then sweet talking his way with Rēn convincing him to eat him (not in like a manipulative way lmao Rēn’s just newrvous)

    since life transfers happen in the week in the series it’d be a nice parallel (for vore fic, ehe)

    unfortunately it’s been awhile and idk if ill ever actually write it, but the idea is out there \o/

    #also I’ve put the first fic in a series for when I post my R/T fic #but yes i have some specific ideas in line for the tre3bark thing but no idea how to smush it into a finished thing :U #Mārtyn on Rēn’s lap in the basement of the shadow tower makin out to get him..warmed up #I FORGOT ABOUT YOUR ORIGINAL QUESTION. No yeah I don’t really see him as prey but he’s also not your typical pred at all #soft vore #taaaags are hard ask to tag for this if #ask#hermitvore #???? it’s enough of it
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    23.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Okay more fanart for @dingbatnix "Necessary" fic.

    Tw: Slight blood under the cut

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#tw vore#mcyt vore #giant!dream #tiny!sapnap #tiny!george #tw implied death #tw implied fatal #tw fatal vore #implied hard vore
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Okay, it's only a simple drawing but I might (or might not) draw something more for this. This is for @dingbatnix story "Necessary"

    I don't usually draw fatal or hard vore but well, here it is.

    Tw: Blood under the cut

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #tw implied death #Implied hard vore #implied fatal#tw vore#Tw Blood
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  • sonadink
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little boy will lead them. Isaiah 11:6

    They’re a bunny and a lion now :)

    #myart#:))))#yes #tails is trying very hard to lead the ‘lamb’. away. #sonic#shadow #sonic the hedgehog #shadow the hedgehog #miles tails prower #vore mention
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