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  • lufdraws
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    shb gunbreaker haurchefant for the soul

    #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#haurchefant greystone #so--another au in which of course he lives #at the cost of his shield arm tho; courtesy of one moss aka an alt i made and love and will present to y'all soon #@ the vault moss got lost in a frenzy and--he sliced haurchefant's arm and then his own bc well. that's how you deal with this right #anw shit happens and in shb haurchie gets sent into the first before everyone else #he learns gunbreaker there bc. you know He Must Tank #more soon. perhaps #gremlin art
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  • hamstr
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    im kinda obsessed with them sorry 

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  • wisteriaphyte
    27.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Turns out that making the playlist splash imagery was a boost of inspiration and motivation, but also pa i n f ul

    #wol x haurchefant #haurchefant greystone#wisteria solacesque#playlist #ship: brighter than the sunshine
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  • emet-selch-enthusiast
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    If you post FFXIV content, like this so I can follow you.

    Especially if you post:






    Crystal Exarch/G’raha Tia

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  • unlawfulroach
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    vaguely spicy hiero screenshots i love my purple guy

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  • theballadingbard
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #heavensward spoilers#endwalker spoilers#heavensward#artoirel #artoirel de fortemps #edmont de fortemps #emmanellain de fortemps #aymeric de borel #ser aymeric#haurchefant greystone #haurchefant de fortemps #haurchefant my beloved #ffxiv#ff14 #ffxiv character analysis
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  • kytri
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    It's been a hot minute since I drew an absolutely awful bruise on one of my OCs but it seems I can still do it. Anyhow this is an illustration for the fanfic I've been working on.

    #ffxiv #wol x haurchefant #haurchefant greystone #warrior of light
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  • cinnabun-faerie
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Hello first time reader, may I please request for hcs for Haurchefant, Aymeric, Estinien and Artoirel wherein they have a genderfluid reader and they use fantasia to change genders on a whim. I am curious how they feel when Ishgard society rears it's ugly end and how they support the reader

    A/N: Hello! 😊 Of course, I can do my best! I hope this is alright. Thank you for the request btw (so I did forget Artoirel, I didn't see his name, but I'm editing him in).


    He would have questions for you at first as he didn't quite understand

    but once he knew, he would support you 100%

    honestly he saw nothing wrong with it

    you were still you at the end of the day

    so of course he would not be happy when people treated you differently

    he would stand up for you if something was said

    but his first concern was you

    he needed to know how you were feeling

    he would advise you not to listen to the lies and the heinous things said by those who didn't care to try and understand or learn


    his support for you is unwavering

    no one, no matter how hard they tried, could sway him

    for as long as he's known you, he's believed in you

    that will ever remain unchanged

    and if he were to tell you right now, he say to forget about what is being said

    those people, the Ishgardians and their tainted and dirty words don't matter

    you are truly amazing as you have done many great things

    and you will continue to do so

    and if you do need to hear it, he'll tell you how lovely you look no matter what you use this "fantasia" for

    you're still you at the end of the day and if you're happy, that's what matters to him


    He might question what this "Fantasia" thing is that you speak of

    cause he is a little confused

    but about the Isgardians...


    they're a lost cause

    there's nothing he can do or say to change their mind

    you've seen this before with the whole Dragonsong fiasco

    the best that he can do for you though is support you to the fullest

    and you bet that he's not going to let anyone speak to you in any sort of negative many


    Haurchefant doesn't care at all what the other people of Ishgard thinks

    they always seemed to have a problem with outsiders and people who are different

    he likes you for you

    ans what's inside your heart

    you're amazing, Y/N

    he would tell you to keep your head high and to be yourself despite any outsider spouting nonsense

    he will always be by your side

    and if anyone dares speak ill of you in his presence, you can bet that he will set them straight

    #ffxiv#ffxiv headcanons #aymeric de borel #estinien varlineau#haurchefant greystone #aymeric x reader #estinien x reader #haurchefant x reader
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  • mildkat
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I asked followers of my ffxiv twitter for screenshots to do redraw studies of and admittedly did not specify that they be ffxiv screenshots but that’s fine

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  • cinnabun-faerie
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    if this is a weird ask im sorry...but i gotta know what a PTA (parent teacher conference) between estinien, aymeric, haurchefant and zenos would go (we love dads on this time line xD)

    A/N: I don't find this to be a weird request at all! All of them together? Or separately? I'mma assume the first one.

    Context: The four of them are in a relationship with the reader. Let's just say that the reader adopted their child from infancy (come on, we all know the four would argue if one was the biological father) and they help raise the child. So ofc, the child considers them all to be their dads. And one day, the reader can't make it to their child's parent-teacher meeting, so the four men have to go in their place.

    Haurchefant and Aymeric are happy to go

    they can't wait to hear how their child has improved

    Zenos has no intention of going along with these three

    if you were going, that'd be a different story

    but the fact that he has to sit in a room with these three?

    He'd rather be elsewhere

    what convinces him to go is actually the puppy-dog eyes his child gives him

    and he can never resist

    Estinien doesn't really want to go at all either

    especially if Zenos is there

    how can you date that guy, Y/N?

    What do you see in him?

    It's Aymeric who has to almost drag him all the way to their destination

    it won't be so crazy at the meeting right?


    oh heavens, when they arrive there, they look as if they are the body guards to this tiny elementary school kid

    all the other parents who are there are staring and whispering

    Estinien just wants to go back home

    Zenos just rolls his eyes

    he knows he's hot but does everyone really need to stare

    and he supposes that the other three are quite handsome as well

    but it's mostly him

    when a random mother of another child asks which one of them is Y/C/N's father, Aymeric doesn't know how to respond

    how could he word it in a proper way?

    Haurchefant confidently answers, "All of us are Y/C/N's fathers" and doesn't waver from his good mood when the mother looks at him as if he had three heads

    Y/C/N takes Zenos' hand and takes him down the hallway where their class' artwork is showcased while the wait

    Zenos is naturally very proud of his artistic child and gives them a high praise

    Estinien is very petty that he wasn't the first one that Y/C/N showed his artwork to

    "I helped them draw that, you know." (Estinien)

    "You drew a very wiggly circle." (Aymeric)

    "You try to draw with a very hyper five year old and see how wiggly your circles are." (Estinien)

    once Y/C/N's child calls for them, they're surprised when all four of them start walking towards the door

    "Are you all with Y/C/N?"

    "We're their proud fathers." (Haurchefant)

    "Fathers. Right. Come in."

    Honestly Estinien would sit as far away from Zenos as possible and honestly he would probably sit on his chair backwards

    Zenos would rest his feet up on a desk

    Haurchefant would have brought hot chocolate for the teacher as well as everyone else and hand them out before he sat down next to Estinien

    Aymeric would honestly apologize to the teacher for Estinien & Zenos' behaviour before sitting down, waiting for the teacher to speak

    Y/C/N would honestly sit with Haurchefant since he's got their hot chocolate and their favorite snack

    "Y/C/N is one of my best students this year-"

    "Of course they are. They're my kid after all." (Zenos)

    "Yours? Ours." (Estinien)

    Haurchefant just ignores those two without batting an eye as he listens to the teacher explain how well Y/C/N's done in their academics

    Aymeric on the other hand is trying to not to lose to insanity

    "Although, I will have to mention that they have a tendency of getting in the middle of fights."

    "That's my kid." (Estinien/Zenos)

    "Fights?" (Aymeric)

    Aymeric's heart practically stops in his chest

    why in the world would Y/C/N be fighting? why was he not told of this?

    Haurchefant was sure that there was a reasonable explanation for this

    "Say it isn't so. Y/C/N, have you been fighting?" (Haurchefant)

    "No papa."

    Allow me to explain. Y/C/N hasn't been fighter per say, but they have been getting in the middle of fights. Literally. They protect and shield others from getting hurt."

    this sounded familiar

    Zenos rolls his eyes

    of course Y/C/N had to be like the hero

    very much like you and Haurchefant

    Haurchefant was quite guilty about this

    his ideals of protecting others passed down to his child was getting them hurt

    Aymeric was pretty proud that Y/C/N was protecting other kids

    "Y/C/N, don't let bullies hit you even if you're protecting others."

    "Yeah, hit the bullies back next time." (Estinien)

    "And make sure you win." (Zenos)

    "Don't agree with me. I don't like it." (Estinien)

    Cue Aymeric's incoming headache if it wasn't already there

    at the the end of the meeting, Haurchefant would thank the teacher for their time before he takes Y/C/N's hand and leaves

    Zenos would follow behind them before catching up and taking Y/C/N's other hand

    Estinien would get up and wait at the door frame for Aymeric who was asking the teacher some last moment questions

    not to mention, apologizing yet again

    #ffxiv#ffxiv headcanons #aymeric x reader #aymeric de borel #haurchefant x reader #haurchefant greystone #estinien x reader #estinien varlineau #zenos x reader #zenos yae galvus
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  • weatheredfailnot
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Not us, planning out an entire elaborate Phantom Thief AU

    #FFXIV#FFXIV screenshots#Dove Carline#A'loq Tia#Haurchefant#Haurchefant Greystone #Phantom Thief Verse #We got her through all the post-Stormblood content!!!! And she's more than halfway through Shadowbringers #So of course this means returning to our Phantom Thief enjoyer roots
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  • smallest-turtle
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Zenos: This is crazy

    Zenos: I'm having feelings again, like some sort of five year old kid, you remember feelings right?

    Haurchefant: Yeah, I have feelings every single day of my life.

    Zenos: You do?

    Haurchefant: Are you saying you don't have feelings??? Since you were Five???.... By the Fury....

    #ffxiv #this is it this is how it starts #context: they are both on the first #text#my post#deidre hunt#haurchefant greystone #zenos yae galvus
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  • kytri
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    When your secretly an eldrich abomination BF only eats liquor and plants he found in the woods. My WoL has a terrible diet.

    #ffxiv #wol x haurchefant #haurchefant greystone #warrior of light
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  • finallyfancy14
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Memories of A Realm Reborn: My Favorite Part of You

    (He just really liked his hook nose :') )

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  • leejafythe
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    "Gods, I miss you more and more every day. You were my best friend and biggest support when things went wrong. I feel horribly guilty about your death. Thank you, for everything."

    "Thank you for your aid, Haurche. You can rest now, your duty here is done"

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  • cinnabun-faerie
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Hello, love your writing and this has been in my head for an idea. So how would the elzen husbands + Hythlodeaus protect their beloved WOL if they met someone who made them feel uncomfortable? Do they get angry and tell them off? Or will things get a bit physical between them? Love your work and make sure to always take care of yourself! 🥰🥰

    A/N: Thank you very much for this request! I hope you enjoy! 🥰


    He is not one to just pick fights with anyone. But if someone is bothering you, he won't hesitate. There's no reason for them to be doing this. So he'll give them a warning to back off. Just a single warning. And if they don't get the hint, the gloves are off. And if it can't be settled with words, then the next best thing would be a duel. And you can bet, he'll be coming out on top.


    Firstly there was no need for this person to be around you if they were making you uncomfortable. Aymeric would be sure to say what needed to be said before excusing the both of you from the conversation. He would even ask you if you were alright and apologize.


    He is not here to be a professional. If someone is making you uncomfortable, he's going to tell 'em straight. He's a serious no-bullshit dude. He'll tell them to stop bothering you and to leave before he makes them. He doesn't really want to shove his lance so far up their ass for the person to get the hint to scram, but he will if he has to.


    He would notice immediately and call that person out. There's no need for them to be making you uncomfortable. He would either ask them to leave or he would escort you to a place more private so the two of you could enjoy the rest of your time together.


    He would undoubtibly hide some warnings inside some of his jokes. And if the person doesn't back off, well, the jokes become serious. Threats spoken with a darling smile on his face. That is when the person knowa that he means business. Or do they? They may be too daft to tell. Don't worry, he'll deal with them.


    Honestly? He would make a comment towards the person about it. What business do they have with you that requires your uneasiness? He would shoo the person away and ask them nicely, words laced with venom, to leave you alone. Unless they'd rather deal with him (and probably the rest of the Scions for a good beatdown good measure).

    #ffxiv#ffxiv reactions #artoirel de fortemps #artoirel x reader #aymeric x reader #aymeric de borel #estinien x reader #estinien varlineau #haurchefaunt x reader #haurchefant greystone #hythlodaeus x reader #ffxiv hythlodaeus #urianger x reader #urianger augurelt
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  • vulgarlemon
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Idle haurche doodles in my sketchbook ft. One(1) nialna

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  • vulgarlemon
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Goodness haurchefant is just so easy to love 😭😭😭

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  • crystalxexarch
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago
    Forgive me, forgive me... I ask, I beg, I pray, but it never comes...
    Listen to my voice. Listen to our heartbeat. Listen... I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you...
    #ysayle dangoulain#haurchefant greystone#haurchefant#userzahrahydris#waterdeeps #uhh i hope it is ok to tag you please let me know it is not
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