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  • undeadmay
    23.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    He hated me after I took this screen.

    I was trying to greet him. Antagonised him. He remained silent.

    Only told me that I'm covered in blood and I was like: bro, it's your blood and you are covered in it too.

    #red dead redemption 2 #red dead fandom #red dead photo mode #red dead redemption screenshots #handsome boah #red dead redemption community #wish he was real #rockstar #i love him #rdo#rdr2 javier #red dead redemption javier #red dead redemption 2 javier #javier #javier escuella x reader
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  • itswenee
    23.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    shopping - megumi x reader

    idk if my english is getting better but i'm still doing my best, hope it's good!

    "I'm coming."

    She was surprised, looking at Megumi with a little frown.

    "Didn't you hate shopping?" she asked, not understanding why he was offering this.

    "Nobara is busy, right?"

    "Yes, but-"

    "So I'm coming. Let's go."

    This is how they ended up in the street, Megumi carrying some bags for her after they did already something like six different shops. She was kind of a compulsive buyer, purchasing so many useless things that she would probably never use in her life. He didn't understand why she was doing that, but she seemed so happy that he couldn't ruin this moment.

    This is also the reason of why he offered to come with her. He already saw her coming back from shopping with Nobara and it was probably the moment she was smiling the most. And if Megumi had to choose one thing he loved about her, it would probably be her smile. It was so contagious that even himself could smile when he was seeing her. She was a ray of light.

    "You didn't have to do that." she said to him after almost an hour.

    They were at a coffee shop, taking a small break before continuing for some time. Megumi looked at her with his usual neutral face.

    "I know, I wanted to." he simply said.

    A soft smile appeared on her lips, making him look away a bit. This one. This was the reason. Her smile was worthy of anything he could have done. Even hours of shopping.

    thank you for reading!
    #megumi fushiguro#he soft #hes in love #fluff#jujutsu megumi#jjk megumi #megumi x reader #third person pov #jjk#jujutsu kaisen #jjk x reader
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  • sipsteainanxiety
    23.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    quickly running into ur asks after ur recent drabble because im in love.. bakugou running to you after you've gotten hurt on patrol, cursing and stammering multiple "do you need me?! Where d'ya need me? Y'okay?" All rushed and scared. But you just shake your head and pat his hand saying "im okay. We're okay." Because you already have him and he already has you 😞

    PLEASEEEE YESS bakugou, who has never cared so much for a single person before, feeling his entire world drop out underneath him when he finds out you're hurt somewhere.

    and he can't help the rush of thoughts that get increasingly darker and darker the longer he's away from you. that you're severely hurt, maybe on the verge of death. maybe that you're already—but no, he never lets his thoughts go that far. he refuses.

    him finally stumbling across your body, eyes frantically scanning you for your worst injuries as he slides to his knees next to you and just. just fuckin holds your face in his hands. he's got that little crease between his brows that you've made fun of him for, saying he's getting worry wrinkles. but fuck how can he not when you just—you just make him so fucking vulnerable.

    and he hates it, hates how you make him feel. but he can't help it.

    he's all sweaty and panting, cursing between sentences as he asks you if you're okay, if you need him to do something—anything. he just feels the urge to be doing something to help you—he can't help but feel so fucking useless when you're there looking so hurt. but you just give him a smile and hold onto one of his wrists tightly, telling him that you're okay. that you will be okay. and that he will, too.

    #WAAAA im so in love with him its like a disease #me wanting to fight bkg for just EXISTING #but DAMN he got hands #a nonny mouse #shay's chats #bakugou x reader #tagging it as tht cuz why not ig
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  • hychlorions
    23.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ...may I ask what the controversial klapollo take is? You got me kinda curious 👀👀👀

    ok well it's not really a take, but i did write something where apollo said a bunch of hurtful things to klavier at some point. i just thought he was allowed to be really mean for fifteen seconds. as a treat (as misguided as that anger was). and i figured, hey he'll spend the next twenty-something thousand words trying to make up for it, anyway. i've been told people think it was ooc for apollo, though, and now whenever i see people leaving kudos on it i think... oh no... please don't read that...... please don't think that i think what he said was excusable without some attempt at redemption on apollo's part.... i'm not trying to brush it off at all oughghhh

    #ask#anonymous #to be clear i don't blame them for thinking that. i get a little too giddy when i make up arguments so in turn they do go overboard #my least favorite part about posting stuff online is that my interpretation of my own writing ends where the reader starts !!! #bc i COULD explain that the reason apollo exploded when he did was because of a buildup of a lot of little things #and big things. considering dhurke just died n all #BUT THAT HAS ME COMING ACROSS AS EITHER INSECURE OR THAT I THINK MY READERS CAN'T PIECE THAT TOGETHER ON THEIR OWN #i'm not linking the fic. if you want to find it you have to do that on your own #or if you know what i'm talking about; no you don't<3
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  • steven-grants-lover
    23.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Dating Jake includes:

    -Jake doesn't front as often as the other two, so you don't see him as much as youd like

    -its bittersweet bc it makes time with him even more special, but you always long for more

    -when you two are alone, he likes to take you to the kitchen and dance in the silence, hearing your feet against the floor and you hearing his heartbeat against your face

    -obsessed with biting you and giving you hickies

    -he leaves so many hickies on you, so many bruises, that Steven and/or Marc get very jealous

    - "this is why jake cant come out anymore" they joke

    -he definitely taught you to salsa dance/or just dance in general

    -he says things in spanish a lot, like a lot a lot. If you speak spanish, it always makes you blush because you know what he says and its usually... yeah. If you don't, you'll still blush, assuming he said something sweet.

    -hes always whispering in your ear

    -jake has a hard outside, but hes very soft towards you. He is very in love with you,,,

    -"lover," "beloved," "mi amor," etc.

    -he constantly has to remind you that you are his

    -obsessed with the fact you belong to him, wont let you forget

    -loves when you laugh so hard you snort when he's oblivious to what you're laughing at (which is usually something he did)

    -loves feeling your skin, constantly touches you, he's very touchy and lovey with you.

    -protective as shit, wont let ANYONE touch you

    #jake lockley#jake lockely/reader #jake lockley x reader #moon knight x reader #moon knight/reader #jake is a softy #he is so sexy god #i want him to bite me
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  • saltoru
    23.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    (for those of us who gets creeped out by horror movies :) tw: a little descriptive but nothing jjk fans can’t handle lol

    domestic fluff gojo alert!

    watching horror movies while cuddling with gojo~ your back against his warm, bare chest; a soft purple blanket draped over the both of your bodies. his arm is lazily draped over your waist, fingers toying with the waistband of your shorts.

    the living room is eerily dark, the only light source being the bright tv (that’s been hurting your eyes for a bit now) and the street lamp outside seeping through your big window.

    you wince as the tv shows a knife penetrating through a side character’s body, blood splattering on the floor. needing a break, you press pause on the remote and glance back at your partner, whose eyes are still fixated on the screen.

    gojo’s face remains unwavering when he looks down at you.

    “are you … grossed out?” you ask, eyebrows furrowing as your mind replays the scene.

    gojo’s lips tug upward at your expression. he sighs and says, “if i were to be grossed out by that, i’d never survive my missions”

    “oh…right” you reply, reaching for the remote to press play.

    your thumb hesitates on the play button. instead of pressing it, you turn to look at him and quietly says, “you know, you’re statistically more likely to kill me more than anymore since you’re my boyfriend”

    his eyebrows raise in amusement, his small smile growing wider. “hmm…. if i killed you, there’d be no one to waste my time with watching horror movies,” he cheekily replies, fingers tracing along your waistband, causing sudden goosebumps to rise in anticipation.

    “wasting time?” you frown. “you said you’d be interested in watching them with me!”

    “yeah … because i don’t want to be kicked awake every 2 minutes from the nightmares you’d have otherwise”

    you huff and reply, “i would not have nightmares from such unrealistic, full-of-random-jump-scares, movies!”

    he raises a brow and says, “unrealistic? you’d be surprised to see what i see everyday”

    “anyways~” he taps your hips twice and nods toward the tv. “let’s go back to watching it and we’ll see whether you’ll have those nightmares or not.”

    “i would not.” you confidently say as you press play.

    “because you’re not scared?”

    “of course im not scared.”

    “then stop pressing yourself so close to me every time a weapon is shown on screen hm?”

    your mouth drops, you didn’t even notice your movements, not until he mentioned it just now.

    when you don’t reply or move, he grins and presses a long kiss on your shoulder. “hmm .. thought so~”

    still annoyed at him, you rub your shoulder with your hand to wipe away his kiss.

    he gasps (in a way more dramatic than necessary fashion) and peers at your face. “what’d you do that for? i was being nice when i kiss-“

    “shhhh” you bring a finger to your lips to shush him. “pay attention to the movie”

    “… never thought you’d pay more attention to an unrealistic movie than your own boyfriend,” he grumbles, body relaxing back into the couch. “oh and also, the two main characters kiss and die at the end”

    you gasp, quickly pressing pause so you can go off on him without interruption. “toru! why would you spoil it for me?!”

    “because this movie is for another 2 hours,” he shrugs. “we could be… y’know” you catch his eyes scan over your body. “doing other stuff”


    “plus i don’t want you getting nightmares!” he says, as if he had a rebuttal ready for whatever you have to say.

    “… toru you are so infuriating sometimes”

    he smiles, eyes creasing upward along with his lips. “you love me”

    “unfortunately,” you grumble as you fall back against his chest.

    “fortunately for me~” he hums against your neck.

    ~~~ and for the rest of the night, you two do whatever you want to do (except watch that movie lol) :)

    #gojo fluff#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen#jjk domestic#gojo drabbles #gojo watching movies #bittering bc that’s what i imagine he does with his partner a lot … in a good way :’) #expect lots of kisses to make up for the one you wiped away!!
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  • fireflower1015
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Reader runs into their ex's sister who is a gossip and is prying about your love life after going on and on about how happy your ex is with their new S/O.

    Coming from a moment of weakness and insecurity, you lie and say you're in the best relationship of your life with your new boyfriend.

    Ex's Sister: Wow, he sounds like a real catch. What's his name?

    Y/N: Ugh, it's Lawrence...

    Ex's Sister: Well, you and Lawrence should join us for drinks this weekend! I just have to meet him.

    You curse that you even got yourself into this ridiculous mess but you couldnt back out now without looking like a loser. Desperate- you ask the specter to be your date for the evening.

    After teasing you endlessly about his name being at the top of your mind to use as your pretend boyfriend, he agrees to be your "fake" date and does the living man routine.

    After the initial rockiness of the evening, the two of you have an amazing time and completely even forget why you were forced onto this date in the first place.

    #beetlejuice x reader #musicaljuice#musical beetlejuice #i apologize for this being too cheesey #i love the fics where beej asks reader to pretend to be in a relationship #and i think he would be pleased as punch if reader asked him to do the same 😍
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  • goldencherryhazz
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Harry in his pj’s for CBeebies!! His bedtime story segment will air at 6:50pm tomorrow, UK time!

    #he so cute #harry styles #harry styles pics #harry styles update #harry styles cute #harry styles fluff #harry styles imagine #harry styles one shot #harry styles x reader #love harrystyles #harry styles smut #harry styles fluff imagine #fine line#harrystylesisgolden#hs1 #but daddy i love him #proud of harry #watermelon sugar#harry fluff#harry smut #love on tour #harries#loveharry#hs3#harryshouse#hshq #harry styles fanfic #loveharrystyles#hslot
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  • skltnglttr
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Horroratale Sans my beloved 💗

    Doodle requests open! :p

    #he looks like he’s going pspspspsppspt to you #he doesnt know any other way to lure you #I lobv him 😵‍💫 #horrortale#horrortale sans#undertale au#horrortale fanart#horrortale art #undertale x reader #horrortale x reader #skltnglttr
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  • creme-bruhlee
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    does anyone want simon feck content bc i LOVE our little nerd baby

    #simon feck #simon feck x reader #paul dano #paul dano x reader #bex says #supposedly he's 'just out of high school' #which is bullshit but ok whatever
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  • mushramoo
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    okay this made me laugh way harder than it should’ve but

    #fnaf #he is a sneaky little gremlin #too sneaky for his own good #cryptid hours#fnaf fandom#security breach#moon#moondrop#fnaf moondrop #moon x reader #lmao never thought I’d be typing that out #but there ya go ya hooligans #fnaf comic
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  • kibaswhore
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Had a dream Kabuto was into me it was kinda hot but his snake breath was whispering in my ear like

    #it’s all love Kabuto is alright he just needs to stay away from me in particular cause I will violate #囧 random thoughts — kibaswhore. #kabuto yakushi #kabuto x reader
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  • bigshotspambot
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I don’t know Man . He’s just

    #insane post #SFW BY THE WAY #first drawing is really messy sorry hbybdhgb #i like robot sneo but I also like it when he’s just this weird black fluffy thing #just imagine I colored him in black #👤UP CLoSe AND [Personnel] #💛I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY [HeartShapedObject] #👀CAN YOU REALLY LOOK IN MY [Eyes] AND SAY NO!? #harpy sneo #? #spamton neo#spamton#🎨art tag #spamton neo x reader #spamton x reader
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  • dearieshima
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Here's a thought: kuroo's daughter was never the type of girl to love Barbie, instead she loved removing their clothes and fixing them onto her Project Mc² Dolls.

    #i havent heard that name in years 🧍🏽‍♀️🚬 #she loves them 🥺 #i remember i had one of the dolls and doing one of its experiments #i cant remember it #but i like entertaining the idea of kuroo and his daughter doing the mckeyla lava light one #(where you make your own lava lamp) #before he realizes its pretty cheap and doesnt work #so they make a real one together 🥺 #kuroo x reader #─𝕳𝖎𝖒𝖇𝖔𝖘.✦ #─𝖐𝖎𝖉𝖘 𝖙𝖜.✦
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  • jonespea
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Yall. Exes with benefits Jugpea au

    #literally obsessed #jug refuses to acknowledge he picks up clothes for sweet pea. shut it tabby #and sweet pea refuses to acknowledge he buys extra nice hair gel for jug. shut it tones #riverdale#jughead jones#sweet pea#jugpea #jughead x sweet pea #sweet pea riverdale #sweet pea x reader #text#text post
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  • burnthoneymint
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I can’t stop thinking about Din noticing how flustered his whole getup gets you and him just fucking your with his Mando suit on, mask included 😵‍💫

    ummmm omg this-- just, the idea immediately made my salivate (curse my period muddled brain) and blush 🥵

    like okay, he would notice your longing stares instantly but not comment about it at all.

    This would continue for about a week, the lingering stares across his beskar armor, the way your breath hitches whenever he punches someone. Din enjoys it, but he's also annoyed. He wants you to do something about it but nope, you do absolutely nothing only watch with unblinking eyes.

    Finally enough is enough and Din confronts you about it, you deny it but your voice turns meek when he presses you up against the wall of the razor crest. He turns you over and the cold metal against your back makes your knees go week.

    He's fucking you nice and hard, while reminding you of every time he had caught you staring.

    god sorry i need to get a mop for my salivating mouth hot damn

    #sil.thirsts #din djarin.🌸 #din djarin x reader #.late night thirst sessions #jules my stardust 💫 #he makes me feral #gotta love a man with a nice suit #like i lovee seeing the face but also there's something very hot about not seeing it you know? #you're just going feral and creaming around him while his mask is just blank #dfbdfbfd im dead #demonetized
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  • lacheri
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    cherry!!! although in mr levi doesnt date, did he have a lot of hookups before reader ?? cause he a whole ass sex god 😭😭

    i love ur fics btw 💞

    I imagine mr Levi was a bit feral in his younger days (definitely not a virgin but I don’t have a backstory for that lmao he’s had his fair share of experiences) but never really had a person stick around long enough for it to turn into anything serious

    thank u for reading and for ur question <3

    #also it’s not necessarily about Levi being highly experienced or whatever I don’t have a specific number of people he’s been with for him #the reason the intimacy was good between Levi and reader was because of how passionate they feel about each other #the brain is the most powerful sex organ (: so when ur into someone n rly like them its gonna be an incredible thing #when u want someone u want someone ya know #okay okay let me shut up before I go on a ramble #cherieanswers #moon river asks #nonnie 🖤
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  • uncasualfangirl
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago


    #supernatural#holy smokes #this man will be the death of me #dean winchester #dean winchester x reader #jensen ackles #jensen ackles x reader #hes so fine #solider boy #the things this man does to me #the boys#big sky#beau arlen
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  • rintoons
    22.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    𝗞𝗘𝗜'𝗦 𝗞𝗜𝗦𝗦𝗘𝗦 (𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖽𝗂𝖿𝖿𝖾𝗋𝖾𝗇𝗍 𝗄𝗂𝗇𝖽𝗌 𝗈𝖿 𝗄𝗂𝗌𝗌𝖾𝗌 𝗍𝗌𝗎𝗄𝗂𝗌𝗁𝗂𝗆𝖺 𝗈𝖿𝖿𝖾𝗋𝗌)

    654 words; 4:40 pm

    forehead kisses to show his love for you when he can’t do it in more defining ways.

    if he’s tired, he’ll pull you into his chest while you two are huddled up under the blankets and plant a sweet kiss on your forehead. he’ll wrap his arms around you and tuck his chin over your head, letting your comforting scent nurse him to sleep. since he’s not usually comfortable with crazy pda, he’ll do subtle things when in public like intertwine your fingers or use your shoulders as an arm rest. he’ll tuck a strand of hair behind your ear and proceed to stare at you while you speak. these situations are also when forehead kisses come into play.

    abrupt kisses that will shut you up when he thinks you’re talking too much.

    tsukishima will always sit down and listen to you rant, it’s one of his favorite things to do. but sometimes, when you start to ramble and go off topic; when he’s trying to work on some important assignment for work; when he’s studying for a test; or when he’s just getting to the good part of his book and you’re talking about something he’s simply not interested in, he’ll lean in and capture your lips in his so that he steals and swallows every sentence you had on queue. and just like that, you’re at a loss for words. mission accomplished.

    teasing kisses that will steal your breath away and leave you wanting more.

    it’s in tsukishima’s nature to be a tease. after a long day of not seeing him, you want nothing more than to wrap your arms around him and show how much you missed him through kisses and caring touches. you know this, tsukishima knows this. but of course, he can’t always give you what you want because that’s who he is—the guy who keeps you yearning. so instead, he’ll give you a quick peck on the lips and immediately pull back, a smirk gracing his lips as he watches the way you follow, wanting more than what you were given. you carry yourself on your tippy toes, and tsukishima won’t give in until he hears that cute, frustrated whine you always reserve for him. he won’t give in until you find some way to convince him that you truly and honestly want to feel his lips on yours. or until you decided you were tired of his teasing. instead of waiting patiently for him to give you what you want, you’d just take it. and it comes at a much larger price than if he were to simply acquiesce.

    apology kisses that can communicate how sorry he is with very little words.

    tsukishima makes mistakes. all the time. it could be an accidental slip of the tongue, where he gets upset and says something stupid that he absolutely didn’t mean. it could be something he does that’s makes you feel unloved and not enough, often as a result of his inability to effectively convey his emotions. nevertheless, he’s very self aware. he knows how to read the room and almost always knows when something is off or isn’t right between the two of you. most of the time, he knows exactly what he did to cause you to slip away from him and avoid him, to be curt with your responses, or to be able to say that you truly and wholeheartedly couldn’t be with him anymore. when it gets like this, usually in the middle of an argument, his last resort is to stop your tears with a gentle, passionate kiss. a kiss that causes warmth to explode in all regions of your body, that projects tsukishima’s every thought, feeling, hope, and prayer that he won’t lose you. he can’t lose you. after that, he’ll pull you into him, bury his face in your neck, and hug you tight as he mumbles incoherent apologies—a jumble of words that he desperately wants you to understand and to accept.

    ib: @kiyelle :) !

    #rintoons#rinnie’s directory #he has my heart #keiaura#keiaura4life#i’m obsessed #i love him sm omg #haikyuu!! #tsukishima kei #haikyu x reader #hq fluff#tsukishima fluff #tsukishima x reader
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  • carmineroe
    22.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    run, run, rabbit

    You hated your nickname and you hated Jay with his pride and composure.

    word count: 1.5 k

    ao3 link: <3

    warnings: mild language

    They called you rabbit, it began as a way to tease you but then it stuck, and instead of your nickname being your first initial it quickly became rabbit. Red said it was because you were fast yet skittish at times, but sometimes it still just felt like a way to get under your skin. You would jump at loud noises, Rabbit, you would run before the others, Rabbit, and one time while Jay was wrapping your wrist he said you had the heartbeat of a scared animal, Rabbit. Silver would drag out the syllables and then laugh, that was when your nickname began to feel like a joke you would never be let in on. Even now as the team prepared for the next mission you frowned when Jay called out “Rabbit” and some of the team snicked —- were you the problem?

    “Yes?” you said, turning away from the computer screen you were researching on, your eyes strained from the blue screen as you squinted to see him. You were happy to look away even if only for a second anyway, the impending doom of researching climate change’s impact on the extinction of animals didn’t really make you feel happy, nor did the looming threat of all of us being a part of the next mass extinction on earth. 

    “Can you come here for a second?” he said and you wished it didn’t make you feel anxious, a pit opening in your stomach to swallow you in doubt. You quickly got up from your desk, walking towards Jay who stood there as nonchalant as ever — god you fucking hate this guy. He was your boss, but god did he infuriate you with his calm composure and false reassurance. You could see him now, a large hand on everyone’s shoulders with a small smile. 

    “What is it, Jay?” you asked and in reality, you felt like your name, Rabbit, run, run, Rabbit.

    “Follow me,”  he said simply and you were walking after him again as he walked quickly ahead of you, him and his long legs… Maybe he was gonna finally kick you from the team, it’s not like you ever were that reliable, maybe during your last mission you let him down one too many times. 

    You coughed into your hand, looking down to see it splattered in blood —- it would be fine, it had to be fine. This was the final step and you couldn’t fuck this up, some internal bleeding never hurt anybody. You laughed weakly to yourself as you quickly typed, just a few more minutes. Your entire body felt cold but you couldn’t be the reason this fell apart, it was always you, it was always fucking you. You were now hunched over the glowing screen, eyes half-lidded and skin pale. When Jay found you it was time to give up, your vision fully went black and you never knew a stab wound could fuck you up so bad, must have been a bullseye.

    “We can’t be weak”

    You could hear Jay now. You hated him after he said that, you think that was all it took because he was so selfish, so conceded, and everyone had to be fine all the time. You hoped he kicked you off the team by beating the shit out of you like he did with K, but of course, he let K back on the team so maybe that wasn’t the best outcome. Jay opened the door, holding it open for you—- he had to be such the gentleman, and then you were both in a small room. He motioned for you to sit in the chair— god this must be it, he’s gonna break your nose.

    “Rabbit,” he began, and when he said your name it almost sounded like a plea. You made yourself hate the way it sounded. “We need to talk about some things” because of course we do.

    “Or you could just hit me like you did with, K, really got the kicked off the team message out better” you bit back and you watched as his brow creased. He was so much taller than you like this. “Jay?” it really wasn’t the time for him to start silently looking at you. He always did this, lingering stares, and don’t get you started on every time you got injured on a mission. He would look at you with these big eyes— and it always felt like he was judging you. You got hurt, you fucked up, what did it fucking matter?

    When you woke up in the hospital he was there with his worrying looks and attentive touches. The knife had grazed your lungs and the doctors had said you were lucky you hadn’t drowned in your own blood. Jay relayed this all to you with his hand on your thigh as you hoped he wasn’t listening to the machine’s beeps speed up.  All you could think at the sight of the buzzing lights and the sound of your steadily beeping heart rate was how the team was gonna be pissed at you. A hospital? Surely this would get you all caught and arrested. 

    “That’s not what this is about, ” he muttered turning around and finally leaving you without his green eyes. “And I’d never hurt you.” the last part was quieter. You remember when you would have done anything he told you to when you first joined the ALF and his dark hair was as charming as it is now infuriating. 

    “Then what could it possibly be about?” and you couldn’t hide the frustration from bleeding into your voice as you stood up from the chair, the sound of it squeaking against the floor filling the room. Sometimes you miss who he used to be, more laid back and less hurting coworkers. Your work crush use to be so embarrassing and all-consuming, but now all you saw when you looked at him was a man who thought he was better than everyone else. 

    “I just wanted to apologize,” he turned to face you again, and he was so much closer than you thought he would be, you, almost able to feel with warm breath. “I feel like I make you uncomfortable, and that was never my intention.” he ran a hand through his black hair and you wish you really had fully killed those feelings you had for him because then now you wouldn’t feel your quick heartbeat in your throat. — just run.

    “Apology accepted, whatever Jay-” you move to get around him but he stops you by pulling on your arm. You think he didn’t mean to pull you so close, you practically against his chest as you try and hold back crying in frustration—- you hate him because he felt the need to say sorry. He took a step back, a few steps back until you no longer felt the strain of looking up. 

    “Sorry, “he mumbles and it was the last thing you wanted to hear.

    “Why are you even saying sorry?! What reason do I have to be uncomfortable? Just fuck off, Jay!” you wished you hadn’t raised your voice when you finally look at his kicked puppy dog face—- run, Rabbit, run. Jay and his green eyes, black hair, and neat suit. 

    “I thought you,” he looked away, “I thought you knew, fucking Red,” he cursed the last part quietly. Red always told you things about Jay, she was the only one who knew about your crush before you pulled it out at the root. She never gave up on it though, teasing you wordlessly with small looks.

    “I think he likes you,”

    You had shaken it off quickly because what was the point of hope when it was made to die. It had been a few weeks ago anyway, before the mission, and before now where you almost felt like a trapped animal. Jay was your boss, not your crush, so you saw him as stuck up, selfish, and not Jay.

    “Oh,” you bit your lip, ruining that perfect ‘o’, and Jay was looking at you again, looking at your lips, and you swore part of you was daydreaming. 

    “Rabbit,” and he always said it right because it wasn’t an insult when he said it. You were something to be protected and coveted, soft white fur and rapidly beating heart. “She wasn’t lying,”

    “Don’t say that,” and you refuse to look at him— run. Why couldn’t he just have let you leave? His warm hand is resting against your cheek, “Is this all just to make fun of me? Rabbit, team fucking mist-” and his lips are against yours and you can feel yourself melting under his touch, caught red-handed. The feelings you had drowned under your pillow and now suffocating you as he treats you like a piece of glass. 

    “I said she wasn’t lying,” and you are greedily pulling in air as he speaks, honey voice “I wish you would listen more sometimes,” he’s kissing you again and you swear you are asleep because for once you don’t want to run.

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