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  • uwuwuuwubaccnpamcakes
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    calm before the storm.

    not all stories are fluff and wholesome so read it with caution!

    inspired by @sushisalmon95 on twitter!!


    florist AU where childe is a florist! he's a huge flirt even when him and zhongli are both together.

    he's giving him flowers here and there! almost made his house like one of his kind.

    childe calm down-- don't turn his house like your flower shop

    also plus points when childe knows flower language.

    sometimes, he looks for a way to flirt zhongli without being obvious like sending unusual flowers on his way. red canation, peony, tulip, etc etc. he's sneaky!!

    but we know our old man. zhongli was quick to understand that he uses flower language when gifting flowes.

    and he teased him back, mirroring his actions but the meaning of it's flowers are different.

    he once sent him a yellow carnation (rejection) and his reaction was priceless. they both know that it was a joke but we're talking about childe. he really sulked on the corner almost for hours and he felt bad about it.

    so he sent him purple hyacinth and red chrysanthemum as an apology.

    but he take that flower too as an advantage for him to suffer.

    anyway! storytelling time!

    one day, you and zhongli take the case of missing children and running around the city. both of you are detectives! partners in search for crime.

    while roaming around, you guys spot albedo's little sis chatting with childe..

    klee and childe seems to have their wholesome moment.

    a passer by will bleed by their radiating aura.

    zhongli is whipped for that man and his heart fill with adoration, seeing such a sight.

    but you both know so well that there's something's off..

    then days later, the news suddenly announced klee being missing.

    your favorite child is nowhere to be found! you're too occupied with solving the case and you thought that albedo or his mom is with klee. you regretted that you didn't check her safety. after knowing your lover's state, you're so ready to kick someone's ass.

    and zhongli seem to be affected by the news. you suspected that he's thinking about yesterday because you're thinking the same too.

    didn't want to waste any time so you both dive in to the investigation.

    you both stumble upon to the flower shop and decided to visit yourselves in. you see no one inside. not even the owner.

    why would someone leaving the place unattended?

    so zhongli decided to search for the owner himself as you wait inside.

    while he's busy looking, you take this opportunity to investigate around the shop. you also noticed that the scent of the too lovely for your liking. 'this isn't perfume shop. why the smell is too much?' you thought.

    your eyes landed on the backroom door is slight open.

    the aroma behind the door smells different and funny. curiosity killed the cat so you enter in the room.

    "ah, ajax.. there you are.", "hello beloved! visiting me in the middle of your work?" both males enter the shop, childe finally come back to his shop from whatever he's doing.

    "i guess you can consider that. my working partner is planning on getting a bouquet or two for their spouse." a buzz sound from zhongli's phone notified him. looks like he received a message.

    childe went pale when the brunette mentioned you. you are someone not to be reckoned with. even gaining your trust, you always look for credible sources before confirming. whether something small. as what he describes from you.

    "oh.. love? would you mind coming outside for a sec? i plan a date for us if you're available?" but his intentions of getting rid of you fall apart because of your demanding messages to zhongli.

    as a partner, he knows you well. thankfully, he didn't fall from childe's schemes. "love.. may i see what's inside on that room?", "ahh... no please there's nothing in there really. why curious about it?" zhongli tried his best to convince childe but he's desperate on stopping him from doing so.

    so zhongli burst himself in, only seeing your devastated form. you look so terrified of what you see something on the huge pot of sunflowers. he rushes over to your side and check what's something within the pot. zhongli's reaction reflect yours. childe just stood there frozen with an unreadable reaction.

    zhongli suddenly grab a small shovel and dig whatever pots he spotted.

    heads. evey victim's head was burried onto those pots.

    especially klee's.

    "ajax.. why?"


    yeah childe. why klee too???

    and yes you and albedo are in relationship too.

    #childe x zhongli #dark#fluff #albedo x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #genshin x reader #hcs#headcannon#genshin headcanons#genshin fluff#genshin fanfic#genshin #pamcakes hcs 🥞
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  • candlecoo
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    So if Demigod!Kaminari's voltage and the subsequent backlash is because of Thor does Izuku have any kind of backlash from the powers he got from Loki?

    My first thought since alot of mental and persuasion abilities in thinking he'd get a mental backlash as well. Like possibly piercing headaches?

    Like Izuku doesn't go over board with his abilities like Kaminari does but if he ever were to just imagine the worst head-spliting migraine you've ever had, and double it. That's Izuku's backlash if he were to ever abuse his powers.

    #norse myth modern legend au #candle answers #ask the candle #bnha au#bnha headcannons#bnha
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  • hvntlowlvr
    26.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    i like to hc barbatos as clinically insane like crazy that man is seconds from murdering the brothers 100% of the time

    #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me headcannon #obey me barbatos #barbatos obey me
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  • hopeluna
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Obey Me! Charecter starter guide (Brother's Edition)


    • Jumin Han 2.0

    • coffee instead of blood

    • gay af but refuses to acknowledge it

    • stressed single mother of 6

    • is literally the expression "dissapointed but not surprised"

    "I'm surrounded by idiots"


    • money money dollar bitch

    • will sell your soul for money

    • tsundere ass bitch

    • bullied 24/7

    • someone give him a hug

    "You can't hurt me, these shades are gucci"


    • fish boy

    • naruto runs everytime

    • his bestfriend is a fish

    • half his money is spent on action figures

    • will screech if you talk to him

    "Normies....get me out of here"


    • angry cat boy

    • Lucifer threw a hissy fit so hard he gave birth to Satan

    • Adrien Agreste but with rage

    • books are his lifeline

    • Sherlock Holmes 2.0

    "If anything happens to this cat, i'll kill everyone in this room and then myself"


    • biggest hoe in devildom

    • you either love him or want to get a restraining order against him

    • invented self care

    • jokes about incest

    • I refuse to believe this man did not have any STD

    "Oh my i'm so romantic, I would marry myself if I could!"


    • h o n g r y

    • basically a giant teddy bear

    • but will kill you if you eat his pudding

    • just wants his twin back

    • cook for him and he'll worship you

    "You...ate...MY SANDWICH?!?"


    • menance to society

    • the bane of Lucifer's existence

    • will sleep through the apocalypse

    • hating on Lucifer 24/7

    • loves his twin

    "Don't judge me cause i'm quiet.....nobody plans a murder out loud"

    #obey me memes #obey me! #obey me crack #obey me #obey me incorrect quotes #obey me lucifer #obey me asmo #obey me beel #obey me funny #obey me mammon #obey me headcanons #obey me headcannon #might do a part two #obey me leviathan #obey me levi #obey me satan #obey me asmodeus #obey me beelzebub #obey me belphegor #obey me belphie #obey me! shall we date?
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  • the-little-ewok
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I am sorry but I have to ask about the underwear shopping drabble with the Moon Boys 😆

    Well it came about from talking to @mypedrom about how each of the boys would react if you tried to take them to a fancy underwear shop... And welll.... It sort of spiralled into a whole thing....

    Here's a little from Marc's shopping experience..

    "You know I'm expecting you to model all of these when we get home right?" Marc asks, raising an eyebrow.

    "Oh yeah? How many sets do you think you can make it through? I say… two. Maybe one...you are impatient," you grin teasingly.

    Ask me about my WIP titles

    #marc spector x reader #headcannons#ask games #wip ask game
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  • wannabestarkeysgirl
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    It gets filthier and filthier, as it should 😈 I wonder what a non sub!Rafe lactation kink would look like… where he’s more dominant about it?

    Headcannons let's go:

    I'm thinking theres a pain kink involved somewhere in this

    He's rough

    Sucking hard, nipping, biting, leaving bruises

    He'd leave you so sore

    One pain exchanged for another

    But this new pain is desirable because it came from him

    And at least you're empty

    He rough enough though that it makes you claw and pull at him, sometimes even shoving at his face

    But who's to say that isn't the point?

    Almost always nurses while inside of you

    He loves the feel of having you pinned down, stuck under him and on him, while he roughs you up the way he likes

    There's absolutely nowhere for you to go

    You're stuck to just lay there a take it, fight him when it gets near too much

    The more you fight the rougher he gets and so the cycle only repeats

    Afterwards though he's such a softy

    Fucking you slow through an earth shattering orgasm

    Gentle in aftercare or at least...as much as he can be

    His touch is naturally rough but he tries to ease it after dominating you so hard

    Massaging your bruised and aching tits (now for a different reason) and washing your hair in a warm bath

    The after sex cuddles are where it's at though

    Laying on top of his chest with his hand on the small of your back, tips of his fingers lightly dipping below the waistline of your shorts or panties

    Sometimes you stay naked and he'll push back inside you, cockwarming while you sleep

    11/10 would recommend

    #asks! #anon! #concepts! #headcannons #dom!rafe cameron smut #rafe cameron x fem reader #dom!rafe cameron #rafe cameron fanfiction #rafe cameron smut #rafe cameron imagine
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  • nothingbutfilthx
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Headcannons eren Jaeger - attack on titan-

    Enjoy. I tried hard to think what he'd be like.


    - cuddles. Loves pulling you into his chest. (He so tall 😭)

    - in public together he's got you by his side. Everyone has to know your his

    - definitely brags to jean about you. (Idk why i added that i just feel like thats the type of relationship they have🤣)

    - calls you babe, baby and hot stuff

    - i feel like he'd have a semi romantic side, walks along the beachside with you hand in hand

    - protective.

    - play fights (he lets you win so you end up pinning him by sitting on him)

    - even though hes dating you hes still pervy of your body (😭🤣 dont @ on that)

    - possessive of you.

    - will teach you self defence if you ask him (i think , he'd be there to protect you fo course but i feel like he'd be happy to help you grow stronger)

    - butt grabs. (Especially in public)


    - thick cock (😭🤣its always so weird when i describe dicks)

    - hard dom. Likes being in control

    - %100 face fucking (loves seeing the drool drip and hearing your gags)

    - bruises and markings everywhere (again people gotta know who you belong to)

    - definitely into exhibition. (I feel like hes that kinda dick that makes you squeal so people know he makes you feel amazing 🤣)

    - hates Condoms (wrap it before you tap it fellas)

    - hair pulling, spanking

    -rough sex

    - i feel like he'd be a praise kink kinda guy , throw a couple degrading names in there.

    - good girl , daddys dirty girl

    - call him daddy (😳😶 nuff said)

    - talk about stamina (dude is a titan so he defs has to train to hold that form .. 😏)


    #attack on titan headcanons #eren aot#eren yeager #eren jeager x reader #attack on titan #aot headcanons #shingeki no kyoujin eren #headcannons#aot anime
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  • neolubvr
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    idiots with hypothermia (probably)

    cold hands found their way into yours, gloves seemingly something of the past. the quiet blush that dusted your cheeks was visible to the boy next to you. you two had been out for the past 3 hours, roaming the city on skateboards. it didn’t feel like it was late until the cold wind ripped through your light jacket.

    he knew you were cold but he was quite literally blue and he couldn’t risk the frostbite. so here you two were. quickly walking back to your apartment in an unspoken agreement that he would just stay the night with you tonight. you had spent the most time with yangyang out of your friend group of six others. he just seemed to understand you better then the rest could. you couldn’t help but grin when your hands slid into his own hoodie, his frugal attempt at heating you a bit more.

    “ you know, skating is way more fun when i can feel my fingers “

    “ at least you’re not the one holding BOTH skateboards AND your hand. “

    you scoffed at yangyangs stupid (accurate) rebuttal.

    “ hey! no one said you had to hold my hand. “

    you said just as he squeezed his fingers tightly around yours.

    “ leave me alone and let me have my moment “

    his dorky grin was evident even with his scarf tightly wrapped around him.

    “ alright yoyo “

    “ my name is yangyang, idiot “

    authors note : i have no idea why its formatted this way, srry.

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  • taesbloggings
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    If you had to ignore or act like you hate one of the 4town members for a day who would that member be?

    Can... I just say myself in this situation? I don't want to ignore or act like I hate anybody :(

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  • candlecoo
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Demigod au question: can Izuku or Kaminari pick up Mjolnir? Can anyone else? I imagine All Might would have a fair shot.

    The main condition for welding Mjolnir is that one must be Honorable, Uphold Asgardian Ideals, Put others before your self and your interests.

    Izuku would be able with his intense martyrism, though Kaminari on the other hand may struggle a bit.


    And to much surprise so can Aizawa.

    #norse myth modern legend au #candle answers #ask the candle #bnha au#bnha#bnha headcannons
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  • montgomery-moods
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Hi there! Any chance of some Bad Kids headcanons? Just general, no specific topic in mind! 🪨

    Done! Loved working on these so much!

    #{prepare for trouble} | request accepted #headcannons #fig fantasy high #fabian fantasy high #adaine fantasy high #fantasy high senior year #fantasy high#fh#fhsy #riz fantasy high #gorgug fantasy high #kristen fantasy high #adaine abernant #fabian aramais seacaster #fabian seacaster#fig faeth#gorgug thistlespring#kristen applebees#riz gukgak #riz the ball gukgak #dim 20#dimension 20
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  • montgomery-moods
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    General Headcannons for the Bad Kids (Fantasy High) for 🪨 Anon!


    • Put a spell on Riz's string he uses for clue boards so it never runs out.

    • Really, REALLY likes cats. Especially calico cats. Always wanted one, but her parents refused.

    • Loves listening to those 24/7 lofi streams, especially while studying.

    • Likes soft perfumes like peach and flowers.

    • Played piano for a long time throughout childhood, but began to hate it. Now only teaches herself songs she likes.


    • Likes wearing jewellery, especially rings.

    • As well as being captain of the bloodrush team, he's a member of the swim team.

    • Plays Animal Crossing with Adaine a lot.

    • Does not know a single nursery rhyme, as he was brought up singing sea shanties.

    • Dressed up as a pirate for almost every Halloween, except for the one year he went as a mermaid.


    • Loves climbing things. Will climb most trees and sits in windowsills high up.

    • Puts rings around her horns to look cool.

    • Loves sour candy.

    • Makes her own earrings out of mementos from important moments.

    • Learned how to read tarot in middle school because she thought it was cool. Now gives the party readings for fun.


    • Loves to do art. Will doodle in margins of school notes and on scrap paper. Mainly draws flowers.

    • Can and will carry his friends at any point. Will pick up Fig and put her on his shoulders, and gives Zelda piggyback rides.

    • Writes poetry/music in his free time.

    • Loves baking with his parents. They did it when he was younger, and now likes to make treats for the party.

    • Is banned from playing Uno at game nights after he entered a rage when Fabian +4-ed him


    • Makes friendship bracelets for the party; one out of knotted and braided threads, one with beads in their favourite colours with their initials, and one with flowers and grasses.

    • Takes polaroid pictures of the party all the time.

    • Stops by the Applebee's House every so often to give her brothers toys/gifts.

    • Loves getting her hair played with. She always lets Tracker braid her hair, or gets Adaine to put it in an intricate style.


    • Really good at Beyblades.

    • Keeps anything and everything that could be helpful in his briefcase of holding. This includes snacks and water, bandages and other medical things, and pads/tampons.

    • Forever stealing the other members clothes, usually Gorgug's hoodies or Fabian's letterman jacket

    • Hates putting sugar or any sweeteners in his coffee.

    • On the very rare occasion that he sleeps, he curls up into a little ball. He refuses to admit this fact, especially to Fabian.

    Bad Kids (as a group):

    • Play Mario Kart together very often. Gorgug has never won.

    • The aux cord has been banned in VanBoat, as it leads to too much chaos and conflict. The only exception is if it's only Fig and Gorgug together.

    • They all tried to teach Gorgug some Elvish for missions, but he could not pick up anything.

    • Everyone went to the opening of the LGBT student union to support Kristen, without telling her. She got confused and thought they were all coming out at once.

    • Riz and Gorgug once both got stuck in a pit of mud, and Fabian got stuck trying to get them out. He had to call The Hangman, which also got stuck.

    I loved coming up with these! Honestly was going to do more, but thought five for each was enough. Hope you like them! As always, please let me know if you need anything changed. And please let me know if you want more for any other characters/situations!

    #{and make it double} | request complete #headcannons#fantasy high #fantasy high senior year #fh#fhsy #adaine fantasy high #adaine abernant #fabian fantasy high #fabian seacaster #fabian aramais seacaster #fig fantasy high #fig faeth#gorgug thistlespring #gorgug fantasy high #kristen applebees #kristen fantasy high #riz fantasy high #riz gukgak #riz the ball gukgak #dimension 20#dim 20
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  • 6robotmonster6
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    What makes Ren even more terrifying if that he's sweet and gentle but also cruel and sadistic. So you could get lost in his soft dreamy demeanour and get whiplashed with his cruel sadistic ways. That shows that Ren is very dangerous and in a way he can use his size looks to his advantage and he will. Gotta be careful around him. BUTTTTT I'm into that so I'm not being careful at all BRING ON THE WHIPLASH BB SJRHRBNR

    I agree!! 💗 I really like that it's such a mind fuck of him most of the time being so patient and sweet to HOLY SHIT IS THAT A NAIL GUN??

    It's really easy to forget that Ren seems to genuinely enjoy inflicting pain on his s/o and his other victims. That punishment is more of an excuse then any real need.

    The straight up murders are more out of necessity I think. I don't think Ren actually likes killing. It's not something he enjoys doing it's just a means to a end. That's why he uses guns, they are fast and painless for his victims. I think in a perfect world, Ren would make money doing something normal and would still have you as a captive for him to love and love violently. (Or even more perfect world he just wouldn't of met Strade but somehow still met you to fall in love w/ normally but I don't think Ren belives you'd love the past weak him at all. You're kinda the silver lining to his trauma, if you would of loved him without it then it all happened for no reason and it did lol)

    But!! Anyways yeah! Bring on the whiplash LOL 💗

    #btd2 ren#ren hana #ren hana headcannons
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  • taesbloggings
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    For those who are participating in my Q&A on my Instagram, I wanted to say... Please ignore my grammar/spelling! It's hard sometimes to type when my minds full and I had a lot of asks to reply to, so... Needless to say I was kind of stressing about answering them all. I hope that makes sense. :) 💖🕊

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  • chiefohara
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Kelly's family comes from Galway, Ireland. Her grandparents came over to America decades ago with their son in hopes for a fresh start.

    They found a new home in a not too bad town known as Gotham City.

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  • 6robotmonster6
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Ok I'm shy and I might be the only person who thinks this but sleazy DILF! Ren is SO HOT TO MEEEEE Like I can just envision him taking upskirt shots and grabbing MC's softer parts with strong hands and sharp nails. Buying them drinks and smooth-talking his way into everyone's pants before ultimately treating and selling them like a piece of meat (cue dancing brainworms)

    Another lovely anonymous asked;

    [ I would strip on a pole and dance on it for Ren if that's what it takes for him to fuck my brains out. ]

    Thank you both for the inspiration! 💗 LOVE the idea of sleazy Dilf Ren and its cannon now in my mind!! I also love pole dacing alot so this works out nicely!! I kinda merged these two concepts to make this oneshot fanfic about headcannons of Ren's gang operations! :3 idk if its very sexy but it was fun! :D enjoy! [MINORS DNI]

    [TW: gun violence, violence against sex workers, sexual assault mention, other cannon typical violence]

    In the dancer's dressing room you get ready for the night, changing with the rest of the pole dancers just before opening. The rooms are cluttered with lockers stuffed with workout fits and lingerie, perfume and shit ton of deodorant. The perfume hides most of the humid smell of sweat and musk.

    As always the gossip is prevalent, chattering and laughing about any drama that might be happening or brags about who's going to rip-off the most sorry old perverts tonight.

    "Bet you fifty I can get the new owner to pay double for a lap dance tonight!" One of the girls laughed as she lathered on sparkling body glitter under her very thin bra that left nothing to the imagination. Her "name" was Cherry.

    "Please! He probably has owned a club before. He's rich, not dumb!" Another girl rolled her eyes as she fixed her heel straps. Angel, always the voice of reason.

    "New owner?" You asked, interrupting the conversation.

    "Oh yeah! Some old dude bought the place, I overheard about it last night from the bartender. She tell me he's some smiley short dude, handsy motherfucker. Seemed awfully willing to give her a huge tip just to talk to him!" Cherry laughs as she continues to fix herself up.

    "Pathetic grandpa dropped hundreds for some shit drinks and attention, I think he'll pay double for something more- personal~" she cooes doing a spindly action with her hands havoring your body like she was going to grope you, the silly way she does it makes you laugh.

    "I-I really don't think you guys should be talking about him like that…" one of the girls in the back says in a shy voice. Flower's voice is always ever so quiet.

    "I hear he's a part of that gang…"

    "Which one?" You blurt out without thinking. This club was surrounded by gangsters it could be any gang or fuck, all of them! Every club was owned by a gang somehow or another. Bet the old owner paid "rent" to one of them.

    "It's the skull masked ones right? I hear the girls I work with on the street, they say they're buying out a lot of the motels around town." Angel states, she moves to the mirror to put on lipstick with Cherry.

    "Fuck! Really? Thoes fox fucks are expanding here?" Cherry growls.

    "Fucking christ, thoes dogs are the worst Johns ever. They're rough freaks, think they own everything they touch."

    "Is that why girls are going missing? I think they're in the sex trafficking trade, right?" You added that you overheard some girls telling each other to say away from any and all fox and skull symboled suits. If the car looks too rich to be true, do not go in, less you never come out.

    "Worse than that, they don't just end up missing, they end up dead," Cherry hissed. "All the more reason that when we get out there tonight we suck the man dry of all his money. Hopefully his fox fuck gang boss kills him for it," she laughs.

    "Good luck with that, Cherry. Don't come crying to me when you get hurt." Angel shrugs, finishing everything up. She says that but you know Cherry and Angel are stuck together like feathers and glue, she doesn't mean it.

    "Thanks, but I won't need it~" Cherry laughs before strutting out of the dressing room out into the club.

    Angel is quick to follow her out and with opening time being so close most of all the girls are out there too. Flower is the only one left in the room with you. She looks like she is packing up her things and getting redressed. You're brows twist in worry.

    "You're not dancing tonight?" You asked. She shook her head.

    "I- I can't. I don't wanna risk it…" she whimpers, she looks like she might cry.

    You ask her wants wrong and wordless she shows you by pulling down one of the thigh high socks to reveal her clawed to shit thighs. You gasped at the horrid sight.

    "If- If it really is one of them, I think he'll kill me if I recognize him…" she admits. You realize she must of had the mystery man as a John. They really are cruel.

    Before she leaves she asks you to come with her. You can't, you tell her, it costs 200 to rent a spot on the pole and you need to make back that studio rent for being here tonight. You couldn't afford not to dance. She wishes you luck, praying for your safety then leaves.

    The music in the club starts in the main area.

    It's showtime.


    Loud blurring music booms on the speakers. This club is typically known for pop music and mainstream appeal but tonight it's darker. Hard German rock, thick smoke, and lights set to a blinding vermilion. You can't say you dislike the change, in fact this is the music you always play for your routines. So at least now you didn't have to pay the DJ to switch tracks.

    To your disdain, the place was crawling with suits and rich fucks for as far as the eye can see. None of your regulars were here at all. Packed tight with faces you've never see before. They look like they were paying high dollar, none of the girls looked remotely displeased by them.

    You see Cherry hard at work in the lap of the man you presume to be the new owner of the club. He stands out like a sore thumb, face obscured with a hat sitting low on his brow, suit obviously nicer than the rest, turtleneck in summer and leather gloves. He's all hands on Cherry, squeezing her on her ass and thighs. He grabbed her like he owned her, like he was going to take her right then and there. It's a sickly, sleazy display on his part. Cherry laughs along in that fake giggle but you can tell by her pursed lips she hates every second. It even looks painful.

    You try to keep a close eye on her as you climb the stage to the pole. Now with an over view you can see you're not the only one concerned, Angel is watching Cherry like a hawk as she entertainers a table of gents with drinks.

    You take a deep breath trying to relax, no one likes a uptight dancer. Then your off doing the routine you know with your eyes closed at this point. It's nothing special but it gets the job done. Clients come close and you lean in to let them shove as much cash as they like within the straps of your outfit. You put on a show of fake love and lies, you feed your clients what they want, looking at each one who throws you money like they're the love of your life. You're known for being good at this, that's why most of your profits come from regulars, they buy what you sell. This fantasy that in fact you're leering at them, not the other way around. That one day you'll walk off that pole and want something real with your clients. You're a liar, sure, but you're a good one. As long as it makes you money, does it really matter what's true?

    You're almost done, already doing the floor ecrotoc dancing part near the end of the song when you hear Cherry scream. There is a loud crash and she is on the floor, thrown off along with the table, glass shatters everywhere.

    Everyone stops cold except for Angel who is already trying to push through to come to Cherry's aid.

    "What the fuck is wrong with you!?" You hear Cherry scream at the man who now stands over her. You see she is clutching her shoulder near her throat, she's bleeding. Angel finally got to her and has napkins in hand to swap up the wound. The man smiles cheerfully and you hear his voice for the first time.

    "Oh Christine~ you're just as fiery as you old boss said you were, aren't you?" He mocks, wiping his mouth of blood. Cherry looks at him with wide eyes at the mention of her real name. Angel doesn't look nearly as surprised.

    He really is the new owner, you think, of course he knows all your real names. He claps his hands together and laughs.

    "Well then! Now that I have everyone's attention, I might as well make it official!" He chimes

    He comes your way to the stage and ushers you to help him up, you do so without thinking. You just don't want to get hurt like Cherry. A random suit brings him a microphone and he looks like he is ready to preform himself. You try to slip past him to give him the spotlight, but he grabs you around the waist and pulls you into a vice, locking you next to him in a side hug, hips together. He chuckles at you and muses, slipping a hand past a strap to grab a fist full of your hips, you jolt and it only makes him laugh more. He clears his throat before speaking.

    "Hello~ my lovely ladies, gents and brothers. I am the proud new owner of this great club. I do hope we can all get along a little better as we warm up to each other." He sneers looking down at Cherry and grabs at you as he says the word 'warm'.

    His lackies laugh with him at your visible discomfort. It sends a sickening chill down your spine. Cherry looks like she is about too blow a fuse and Angel looks like she is seconds away from clamping Cherry mouth shut.

    "Some of you maybe happy to know I am obviously a very very important man and won't be overseeing daily operations. That job will fall on different shoulders. But-"

    He leers to the side at you and you grimace back at him when his grip gets tighter.

    "Well- I just have to say I do love a good show~ you might see me from time to time and I expect certain level of entertainment and respect. And as long as that respect is upheld then everyone here gets to keep getting paid and off the market. Wouldn't you say thats awfuly kind of me, y/n?" He beams happily and points the mic at you. You're so stunned at first you say nothing till a long pause of silence ques you he actually is looking for an answer.

    "Oh- Uh- yes?" You mutter out, for being a dancer you had awful stage fright when you didn't know the script. Or maybe it was just the way his 'brothers' were staring at you like fresh meat. He lets out a barking shrill laugh.

    "Well that was pathetic!"

    The crowd laughs

    "tsk tsk, you don't sound like you agree at all! Let's try this again and why don't you sound a little bit more excited- go on." He points the mic to you again.

    You look at Cherry and Angel who are unable to leave, bloodhounds surrounding them. You have to sell this for them, you're a great liar, this is your specialty.

    "Yes! Of course, it's very very kind of you." You wrap an arm around him as you say it and he shutters under your touch letting out an involuntary pleasurable growl.

    "Well- how did we like that one?" He points the mic to the crowd and they all boo at you. The crowd starts chattering ideas of violent delights, he should gut your alive for that. There should be a show! Yes! Put on a show like the good old days! To celebrate the expansion of the gang.

    To your relief he settles down the crowd from blood lust but what he offers them is just as horrid.

    "Unfortunately, no shows tonight, we do need dancers to have a strip club buuut~" He lets go of you only to pull out a gun from behind himself, your eyes go wide.

    "I guess~ we can show an example." He smiles and the crowd cheers, howling out malicious glee.

    "It's always good to have a loving lesson," He points the gun at Cherry and Angel immediately puts herself in front of her.

    "...or two!" He adds, shrugging his shoulders.

    You watch him cock the gun and in a panic you grab him.

    "WAIT!" He jumps at the sudden noise near his ear and turns to you, displeased.

    "Please, please don't hurt them-" you beg him, his face is obscured but you can tell he looks at you with contempt.

    "Please- please I'll-"

    "You'll do what?" He snaps at you. His cheerful chime leaves his voice completely, it's lowered to a husk. You look at him terrified.

    "Anything?" He scoffs at you.

    "As if I haven't heard that one before…" He trails off looking you over then back at your friends.

    "What could you possibly give me I don't already have? Money? Sex? Blood? I have plenty." He speaks through his teeth. He looks at you into your teary eyes, their despite and he sees his past self in them. He lowers his gaze.

    "I have everything! Everything money can buy now…"

    He pauses to think before looking back at you

    "…Well- except the one thing it can't." He points the gun at you and your breath hitches.

    "You know what it is don't you, Love? That is your stage name after all, isn't it?"

    You're close enough that within even the harsh lighting of the stage you can see his eyes. Their cold, hardened with age, resentment and hatred.

    "Love. The one thing we all want but not all of us get to have…"

    He moves his finger from next to the trigger to the trigger itself. Anyone who handles guns knows you only put your finger on the trigger when you're ready to fire, never before. There is a long pause, everything is quiet. He looks at you, and sighs. He then looks away up to the right as if he was thinking, remembering something long since gone. His sharp slitted eyes fall back onto you.

    ".....I don't think I'm feeling very kind anymore."

    He shoots you straight in the throat, a perfect shot. He wants you to bleed, to hear what he'll do to your friends. He wants you to hurt. He hates you, loathes you. Love, the one thing in his life that has always denied him. You collapse. Angel screams bloody murder, Cherry is screming that she'll kill him for this. He doesn't care, if anything he invites it. The crowd stays silent as they're trained. As your life draies from you, you can faintly hear the man bark out orders to round all the others up for next week's auction. He wants the place cleaned, renovated and a new cast of dancers by next week.

    His dress shoes move into view. You're gargling on your own blood. Everything is becoming fuzzy, cold. You hear the gun click back again.

    This time you don't even hear it fire.

    #i got unironicly attached to Cherry and Angel they are lovers LOL #they are probably dead tho :/ sad #ren hana headcannons #ren hana thirst #dilf ren hana #one shot#tpof spoilers#tpof headcannons #tpof ren hana #tpof Announcer#fanfic#ren hana#the announcer
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    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Tae, finish the lyrics!

    " I've never met nobody like you had friends & I've had buddies-"

    ''It's true! But they don't turn my tummy~ the way you do! I've never met nobody... Like~ you!'' ❣🎶👐🏻

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  • asleeping-ezzie
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Prison headcanons

    I'd like to think that c!Dream got his fingers cut off by Quackity (to show the mans been tortured) Along with various other scars on his body.

    But even finger less mans still is able to fight.

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  • purecantarella
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Need A Little Sweetness

    happy yeji day my lovelies!! i hope you're all doing well and i know its been a hot minute since yall seen me but i am 90% that through this semester i died but here we are HAHAHAAH now lets celebrate this adorable little kitten's birthday, shall we? hwang yeji x reader disclaimer/s : none, this is floof. i dont think i even cursed, give her an award AHAHAHA
    also this gif made my heart stop yall

    You worked at a café, a rather popular one at that. It was often packed with tons of customers, men, women, and everything in between but you never batted an eye on it. It didn't really bother you as long as it didn't take away from your job.

    You weren't blind to the fact that they all came for you.

    The shop was crowded filled to the brim with customers, as it always was, while you manned the machines behind the counter while everyone made attempts to catch a glimpse of you. Flipping levers and filling cups with a big smile on your face, all of the people in line swooned over you.

    "Macha Frappe for Jae...!" You called out through the rowdy crowd, the same smile etched onto your lips as the man walked up to the counter with a heavy flush. "Here you go, sir." You offered to his shaking hand.

    "U-Uhm, I wanted to ask if..." You quirked a brow at him curiously, tilting your head to the side, kind eyes slowly urging him to finish his thought. Instead, he shook his head before quickly bolting out of the door. Your eyes widened but again, you didn't really pay it any mind, shrugging it off before returning to your duties.

    "Y/n." The firm voice of your manager before he signaled for you to come to the back. Soft groans fell upon the lips of those waiting for their drinks. You giggled before turning to your manager, offering him your full attention with enthusiasm. "What's up, boss?"

    "Look, you know how you took a leave last week?" He paused to gauge your reaction. When he saw you nod slowly, he smiled at you sheepishly. "Well we're going to need you to make up the hours you missed." As you opened your mouth to complain, the older man gave you a glare, warning you.

    were a full-time student in college with no work experience and hardly cent to your name.

    The day seemed to drag on longer than usual, minutes began feeling like hours, and you were there until closing time, midnight. More customers came and went, some of which made attempts to ask you out but you were simply not in the mood to deal with strangers being interested in you. It had just been a lot.

    There stood a tall figure, her features almost completely covered by what she was wearing. You could tell she was an idol with her entire ensemble. But it wasn't uncommon especially at this time of night. At this point, it didn't really phase you.

    "Good evening." You greeted with a tired smile.

    "My managers haven't exactly had my best interest at heart." The idol noted while leaning up against the bar, her hand lifting her cup up to her lips. Your gaze trailed up to meet the woman's eyes, for the first time since the shift began, you pushed the textbook out of your hands.

    The corners of your mouth pulled up slightly. A dry chuckle emitting from your throat before you gave Yeji your full attention. "I get that..." You trailed off, disappointment still evident in your eyes. The singer looked around the shop, little to no one was there.

    It wasn't often it happened when you were on shift, but it wasn't impossible. "If I pay for another drink would you like to join me?" She asked with a soft, sweet smile.

    You turned your head

    "...Fine..." You muttered begrudgingly, before turning back around. "Smile, Y/n." He reminded in the same firm tone that filled you with so much anger and frustration.

    Your manager had long monopolised on your popularity and politely encouraged you to take on more shifts because of it. As much as you'd like to leave instead, you begrudgingly stayed. After all, you were a full-time student in college with no work experience and hardly cent to your name.

    The day seemed to drag on longer than usual, minutes began feeling like hours, and you were there until closing time, midnight. More customers came and went, some of which made attempts to ask you out but you were simply not in the mood to deal with strangers being interested in you. It had just been a lot.

    As sun fell and the night washed over the sky, business slowed down a bit. The café was almost abandoned, you were the only one left to man the register and make the drinks, your manager had left you to close up.

    To fill the empty time, you'd pulled out one of your textbooks, rubbing the tiredness out of your eyes as you leaned against the counter for support. Your mind was no longer processing the heavy information you were being fed. A frustrated groan left your lips as the bell of the front door rang, and you shot up immediately.

    There stood a tall figure, her features almost completely covered by what she was wearing. You could tell she was an idol with her entire ensemble. But it wasn't uncommon especially at this time of night. At this point, it didn't really phase you.

    "Good evening." You greeted with a tired smile.

    "I'll take a dark roast, please. Thank you." She muttered, her voice sounding as worn out as you felt. You nodded quickly before setting the machine up. As you waited for it to heat up again, you looked at the young woman who stood in front of you.

    You recognized her, she was one of those girls from Itzy. You didn't keep tabs on them but you did know their faces. Hers in particular, Hwang Yeji, was an absolute vision to you. You cleared your throat before speaking, a part of you curious about her presence so late. "It's not often I see idols at this time without their members or their managers..."

    "My managers haven't exactly had my best interest at heart." She paused to fiddle with her fingers. "I guess I just wanted a break from them."

    A dry chuckle emitting from your throat before you gave Yeji your full attention. "I get that..." You trailed off, disappointment still evident in your eyes. The singer looked around the shop, little to no one was there. "Whenever I pass, this place is usually booming. Slow night?" She asked curiously.

    A soft humming behind you took your attention, alerting you that the machine was ready. You gave her a single nod before turning to make her order.

    "It doesn't happen often but I suppose nothing is impossible..." You replied, sliding the coffee into the singer's hand. For a minute there's a lull in the conversation "If I order another drink would you like to join me?" She asked with a soft, sweet smile. You looked at her in amazement before you giggled uncontrollably.

    "Your smile is just radiant..." She muttered before cupping her hand over her mouth. 

    The smile on your face brightened as you poured yourself a cup of the dark, warm liquid. You took a sip, never breaking eye contact with the young idol. "So miss Leader, tell me about yourself."

    "You're a fan?" Yeji asked with a quirked brow as she leaned forward, challenging you with a wide grin.

    You pretended to think for a moment, looking up to really sell the act. Your gaze returned to the singer's amused expression. "Not really... but maybe that'll change."

    The night flew by without either of you realizing it. Empty hours usually spent watching the clock were replaced with laughter and endless conversations. It was the happiest you'd truly felt while you were in your workplace.

    "Yeah, then Yuna said—" Before Yeji could finish her thought, her phone began to vibrate violently making her face color drain. Quickly, she pulled the phone up and stuffed the device into her pocket. "I have to go, my managers realized I got out."

    She began to fidget for her wallet but placed your hand over hers, lightly restraining her. "The company you gave me is more than enough for a couple coffees." You smiled up at her, as your hand remained over hers.

    Yeji smiled down at you apologetically before dashing down the street. You smiled down at your hand, the warmth still lingered, making butterflies escape in your stomach. You giggled to yourself.

    'You don't meet women like that all the time...' You thought before turning to turn off the machine and prepare to close up for the night. The memories of the night keeping you smiling the entire time.

    The next few days were rather uneventful, so much so that you simply couldn't get Yeji out of your head. Every now and then you stay a little later at night, much to your fanatic customers delight, to potentially catch a glimpse of the singer again. Much to your disappointment, she never returned.

    You'd supposed it truly was a once in a lifetime experience, one that seemed to be completely one-sided.

    It was another late night, a surprising amount of people were still present. You deduced it was because they heard that you were staying later recently. With each customer, your energy began to diminish.

    "Good evening, welcome! What'll you be having...?" You trailed off looking down at the monitor of the register, faux smile still very much present.

    "Oh I'll have a dark roast with an extra shot of Y/n?" The familiar voice said in a hushed tone before peeking their eyes out from under the cap she wore. Your eyes immediately brightened as you stared at the singer's covered face. "Rather forward of you, don't you think?" You teased, the grin on your face never loosing its shine.

    Yeji merely shrugged, the grin on her face still prominent. She cautiously looked around before whispering, "I'll wait for them to clear out...then can I take you out?" The singer asked with a twinge of blush coating her face.

    You smiled shyly, before nodding. The crinkle of her eyes grew smaller as she nodded and slipped a bill for the coffee. Half an hour passes before your co-worker comes in as per your request so you can escape the job quicker.

    You both met up in front of the café, which garnered a few disappointed looks from your loyal customers.

    You looked at her with an amused expression, arms crossed as you neared the taller woman. "So why'd you come back, Hwang Yeji? Couldn't get enough of the coffee?"

    Yeji giggled before moving to stand beside you as you both made your way through the cold Seoul night. "Nope, work's been bitter enough..." She paused to look down at you, nudging your side gently. "I wanted a bit of sweetness this time around."

    You smiled up at her shyly before you began to talk the night away again, like you had before. Excited to see where the sweetness would take you.

    yeah i dont know what the last line was but here we are HAHAHAHA i hope that you all enjoyed that and Yeji day as a whole!! i'm gonna try and comeback with a few more fics in the next few days, granted i don't get dogpiled on by work but it's pride month next week so i hope to have some fics out by then since it is important to me and to a lot of people!! i hope you've all been keeping safe, my lovelies 😊 i'll see you vv soon, keep safe, and i love you all with all i can give 💖 - r
    #itzy#itzy imagines#itzy reactions#itzy headcannons #itzy x reader #itzy fluff#itzy yeji#hwang yeji#yeji imagines #yeji x reader #yeji fluff#yeji reactions #girl group imagines #girl group x reader #kpop x reader #kpop imagines#kpop fluff #kpop idol x reader #kpop idol imagines #kpop idol fluff #kpop idols reactions #happy yeji day! #purecantarella
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    What was your favourite show when u were a kid soz its a wried question

    Sailor moon! If you've been around my Tumblr for a while, you'd know I really love the Sailor moon series. I watched it a lot during my elementary years! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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