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  • hwsmiku
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    i think alfred definitely likes sonic like a lot

    #hws#hws america#headcanons tag #maybe i will draw something for this later we'll see
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  • fnafsbheadcanon
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Honestly I feel bad for whatever lawyer Fazbear entertainment has at this point. Someone give them a hug

    unfortunately Helpy is the current lawyer of Fazbear entertainment and before Helpy it was some guy name Steve.

    In fact Fazbear entertainment have many lawyers and many of them quit for obvious reasons.

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  • thatbitch-tatum
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Hogwarts House Aesthetics from a Slytherin

    Slytherin-done up hair falling out of place, being the only one dressed up, bright sun on cold days, dropping your smile as soon as your alone, soulful dancing while the rest of the night holds still, holding your friends phone over their head, earbuds so loud others can hear, gaping at a beautiful veiw, defiant silence, yawns during a lecture, the clairity as you wash your face in the morning, the clicking of heels down the school hallway, accepting the fact you tried to deny, being stared at after saying something strange, foggy air, children's excitement as they see snow, unnecessary philosophical revelations, day drinking

    Ravenclaw- bubbles that gleam in the sunlight, mind numbing as it succumbs to sleep, vocabulary noone else knows, finally finding someone who understands, not believing in luck, overworked math problems, taps on the shoulder, the mouse with big round glasses in a children's book, Christmas songs, sighing as your crush walks by, the beauty in a delicate flower, statues that took years to carve, shocking yourself as you see someone stunning in the mirror, resenting nature, sounding intellectual through text, discontented huffs, inability to understand that others can love you back, treating yourself one(1) time a year

    Hufflepuff- Picking out classes with friends, getting bored when the topic of morality is brought up, meet-up spots, childhood friends to lovers, birthday shoutouts on snapchat stories, bad holiday presents gifted with love, taking apologies with a grain of salt, not knowing how to respond to compliments, hidden emotions, the come down after a fun night, being alone in the kitchen, shushing your friends to avoid getting in trouble, joking about becoming a stripper, not doing the summer homework, the time spent waiting for them to text, resenting bikinis, wearing the same sweatpants four days in a row, family photos in wallets, meaningful jewelry, daydreaming about getting away, and bringing your friends with you

    Gryffindor- being the emergency contact in all your friends phones, shade on a hot day, having to drive around a 5k, rounding up for charity, a night you get to forget about your responsibilities, being scared to grow up, driving things on the highway that should not be on the highway, aging well, stepping back when you have others to care for, fighting when you are all alone, muddy footprints on clean floors, never forgetting your loved ones, oldies music, laughing away embarrassment, recoilling as soon as you went to far, going all the way, apology gifts, heartfelt promises, sticking to your ways

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  • ofwaywardsunshine
    26.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Premonition/Vision/Powers Headcanons

    Other than headaches premonition side effects include: Dizziness, nausea, disorientation,  sometimes fainting if it’s powerful enough. Sam can sometimes get an inkling when one is about to happen but they mostly happen without warning.  If he concentrates hard enough one can sometimes be forced but it uses an exhausting amount of energy alongside a rather unpleasant nose bleed or at the very worst an amount of coughing up blood from forcing his body to such lengths. Sam tries to practice moving things with his mind at times when he is alone, not really ever trying to let Dean find out about it as it would probably make him angry. He uses these as a back-up plan mostly, wanting to have a failsafe for when things get hairy. He can’t always control these powers which can at times result in small outbursts early on. Ex: if he’s incredibly angry or upset. 

    #; headcanons #; ocean eyes {sam} #; working on development
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  • kingsmedley
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but for my joshua, the decision to destroy shibuya was never about the greater good. there wasn't anything wrong with the city, he was projecting his own self-loathing, unhappiness, and hatred of other people into it. watching neku change helped him start to appreciate other people and the word in general more, something that he solidified in the three years between the games.

    the problem he's facing now is that he's lost his coping mechanism without working through any of his self-hatred, so he just internalizes and blames himself for pretty much everything. and as he tries to be less self-absorbed and selfish, he's started swinging in the complete opposite direction where he doesn't consider his own happiness important at all, and he lacks the self-esteem to realize that that isn't healthy, either.

    #nothing more than an empty ghost || headcanons
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  • raiineyday
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    I like how it seems to be a universal headcanon that Raine can’t see for shit without their glasses.

    #out of songs (ooc) #headcanons #i endorse this headcanon
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  • demigoddessqueens
    26.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Hey can do some Headcanon about Vex and Percy reaction to there s/o being a werewolf like they told them but there were nervous about they would react and Could you do them each separately?

    Sure!! 💙🤍

    Vex’ahlia 🏹

    She noticed that you got more anxious when a full moon approached.

    Eyes darting, running a fever even thought you aren’t sick, and an increased appetite.

    When it’s the night of the moon, you insist on sleeping somewhere farther from Emon. Vex senses something wrong and tries to keep you from leaving, thinking it’s another problem.

    When you take your form, you feel as if you are trapped within your own body, but you try as best to keep control. Trinket tries to protect his owner but you’re already off in the woods.

    The next morning, you’re a crumpled heap at the Keep’s entry. Vax helps get you back upstairs and Vex waits as you start to stir awake.

    If you’re ready to talk, she’s all ears for you and about your condition

    Percy 👓

    He’s suspicious at first but doubts you might be one, a rarity as they are.

    All that changes though when the full moon is approaching. You seem distant, almost avoiding him.

    When Percy tries to reach out, wanting to fix the problem, you warn him to run. The moon shines through and you start to writhe in pain. Screaming, howling out you take your form but still remember the fear and awe in his eyes.

    You run off into the woods, and despite his fear, Percy still runs after you calling out your name. But you still outrun him

    When they find you on the grounds the next morning, he’s first to rush over to cover you up in his trench coat. Staying by your bedside as you recover, he swears to himself to help you in whatever way he can

    #critical role#inbox answers#tlovm#Vox machina#inbox requests #tlovm x y/n #tlovm x you #tlovm x reader #inbox asks#vex’ahlia vessar #percy de rolo x reader #inbox open #percival de rolo iii #percival fredrickstein von musel de rolo iii #headcanons #werewolf!au
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  • evergreennwilloww
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    so, i’ve been thinking a lot about neighbor benny & frankie. like, please indulge me in these thoughts..

    frankie moves down the street in a quaint three bedroom home, perfect for him & his daughter. he doesn’t need much more & he’s content. it’s the perfect spot to settle in without the worry of his past creeping in on him.
    benny has lived in his quiet two bedroom home for a few years, the extra room serving as a makeshift gym for his semi-normal workout routines. everyone knows him as the retired vet on the block who helps with anything he can.
    frankie tends to keep to himself, mainly tending to his daughter’s needs & the single dad life. he was never much for conversation, but he will for the sake of playdates or things like that.
    benny is the life of the party on the block though, always attending the block parties, helping out with handyman stuff, etc. he can always be found in a torn t-shirt & a beer in one hand as he jokes around with the older guys.
    he meets frankie at the first summer cookout, his attention on frankie’s daughter as she stumbles around the playground. benny’s always thought of himself as the fatherly type, but never saw himself actually having kids.
    benny strikes up a conversation with frankie first, noticing frankie’s veteran patch on the arm of his jean jacket, leading into a conversation about their time in the military. he finds out there’s not much time between their service days.
    turns out, frankie has been retired for around four years, enough time for him to have “settled down” with his ex-wife & to have his daughter. benny has been retired for two years, settling in on his own in the town he grew up in. he’s been thinking about dating, but hasn’t put too much thought into past considering his sexuality.
    benny’s landed on the bisexual label for the time being, but he’s still figuring things out within himself. throughout his service days, he fooled around with a handful of women, but none of them worthy enough to stick to. so, why not men too? it’s worth a shot & he’s ready.
    frankie’s got some questions of his own about labels and identities, leading the conversation to their own dating history. he finds comfort in knowing that he isn’t alone in his curiosity, and grows insanely comfortable around benny for the evening. how could he not? no one else in his current life knew about those things.
    the two chat away the night, eventually being the only two on the block still out as the sun starts to set. frankie’s daughter is passed out in his lap as him and benny exchange phone numbers and house numbers, slyly mentioning dinner plans for later in the week.
    slowly, over time, they start hanging out more and more. benny nestled into the comfort of frankie’s kitchen as he makes a good, home-cooked meal. frankie calm and content on benny’s couch as they order take out once his daughter is knocked out for the night. it becomes a routine for the two of them.
    benny is the first one to make a move. he’s always been a bit jumpy when it comes to relationships, so this is no surprise. he catches frankie off guard as he brushes his hand over his during dinner one evening. frankie knows what it means, hell, he’s been feeling it too. this is the moment it syncs up for them both.

    i don’t know y’all.. i just really love these boys. 🥺

    #jay rambles#frankie morales#benny miller #frankie morales x benny miller #benny miller x frankie morales #fishben#triple frontier #triple frontier headcanon #i just really love them okay? 🥺 #this is more of an AU but it’s still very close to my heart
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  • tired-teacher-blog
    26.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    I stumbled into your work looking for Bakugo content and yours is truly amazing I love how you portrait him!

    I was wondering in the case you’re taking request is it possible for you to make hcs of the main trio with a s/o who refuses to kiss him/give them physical affection after a fight just to tease them? not really angsty. Thank youuuu!!!!!!!

    Hi sweetie and thank you so much, your words mean so much to me. I had fun doing this so I hope you like it.

    Title : Let's talk
    Characters : Shouto/ Izuku/ Bakugo/ gender neutral reader
    Genre : Headcanons/ fluff


    Bakugo :

    No matter the reason for your quarrel, Katsuki would never apologize, at least not verbally.

    He would however act like a little brat and follow you around the apartment without saying a word.

    It's cute, and you love it, but sometimes you feel like taking advantage of the situation and tease him a little.

    And that's exactly what you're doing right now. You're sitting on the couch, flipping through the TV channels aimlessly, and waiting to see what Katsuki would do.

    He wordlessly plops down by your side -arms crossed- and bumps his knee on yours while observing your reaction.

    You give him none, and just marvel at his prominent scowl.

    He takes it to the next level and hesitantly places a hand on your thigh. You still give him no reaction.

    It's amusing, especially when he finally gives in and straight out asks for a kiss.

    You refuse him though, and he gets really really sensitive so he just grabs your hand and leans his head on your shoulder.. And that's when he starts apologizing properly.

    He never stops until you actually return his affection.

    You don't tell him that you've never really been mad at him to begin with, because you won't hear the end of it if you do.

    Izuku :

    Wether it's his mistake or yours, he instantly apologizes and promises to never let it happen again.

    And while it's endearing to see him trying his hardest for you, that little tricksy part of your nature nudges you to play with him a little.

    And that's what you're planning on doing.

    So currently, he's clinging to you trying to have a kiss, but you push him away and say nothing, leaving him in a state of panic.

    He doesn't give up though, he never does, which is why he'll try other ways to get you to talk to him.

    His first plan is to send you lengthy text messages and await a reply. But it never comes.

    So he moves to plan B and sneaks you offerings in the form of his favorite limited edition All might figurines, with little cute notes on each one of them. Some of those notes say: "I love you", "can't you forgive me this time?", "I will do anything so please talk to me" and your personal favorite: "All might is here to vouch for my sincere intentions".

    That in itself is enough to break your resolve, because you've never been able to resist his cuteness.

    So you immediately smile and give in to him, pulling him into a tight hug and kissing him again and again and again, because it's never enough.

    Shouto :

    He usually has absolutely no clue that you're mad over something, even if he's the reason why.

    So you try your hardest to let it be known. And it's not that you want to escalate the situation, no -because deep down you know that he would never intend to upset you- it's just that you want to tease him a little and watch his clueless expressions turn into something else as he comprehends the issue.

    So the first thing you're doing right now is ignoring him. He's talking to you, but you're not responding. He's attempting to sneak a hand around your waist and kiss you, but you push him away.

    And doing so finally alarms him so he starts getting more persistent and pushy, but you keep ignoring him.

    He ultimately gives in, taking a step back. And you almost regret the whole thing when you look at his face and see the most pained expressions.

    "Are you breaking up with me?" Is what he says, and you immediately jump in his arms kissing him everywhere and explaining that you were simply playing with him.

    His smile returns, but he asks you shyly to never torment him again the way you just did, because the mere thought of losing you is something he can't even consider.

    #bakugou x reader #bakugo katuski x reader #bakugo katsuki fluff #bakugo katsuki x you #katsuki bakugo headcanons #katsuki bakugo x reader #katsuki bakugo fluff #izuku midoriya x you #izuku midoriya x reader #izuku midoriya fluff #izuku midoriya headcanons #midoriya izuku x reader #izuku midoriya imagine #izuku midoriya fanfic #todoroki shouto headcanons #todoroki shouto x you #todoroki shouto x reader #shouto todoroki x y/n #shouto todoroki x reader #todoroki shoto headcanons #todoroki shoto fluff #my hero academia headcanons #boku no hero headcanons
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  • trop1cal-punk
    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    xB is a beaver selkie

    Thats it, that the entire headcanon

    #xbcrafted#hermitcraft#minecraft #eskes hermitcraftt headcanons #mcyt
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  • jaeger-pups
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Who's more likely to enjoy Hange's stew

    Is this for that omegaverse!jikuere post I made?🙃

    If so I think Eren. Mainly cus I feel like omegas just have a knack for taste and cooking and I think omega Eren would be no exception to that. Esp being brought up by an omega mother like Carla. I'm sure she'd make sure her boy knows how to feed himself properly; how to utilize and not waste food, etc. Eren would love Hange's stews cus he'd be able to tell she makes them with a passion she puts into the ingredients she chooses for them.

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  • didymousrising
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Anonymous asked:

    how about some general headcanons for the water gremlins? if you're up for it?

    Neither had been kissed before, much less held hands with another person. 

    They both enjoy a good walk to clear their head - they have their own private spot back home, but if they’re traveling they will find a secluded spot to claim as their own. Sometimes together or they go seperately depending on their mood.

    Eska may know blood bending (and can use outside the full moon) but will primarily only use if Desna has gotten hurt or unable to continue fighting. * She thought of using this method during fights to ensure winning. She may fight dirty but shes not that dirty.

    When Bolin broke off the engagement, Eska never recovered. She had tried to possibly date others but quickly ended things. She’s still too infatuated with him. * No one else knows of this aside from Desna (who doesnt know how to console her).

    Once when Desna was real little he had found an injured animal who surprisingly captured his heart. Eska made fun of him for it but it didn’t stop him. He was in the early stages of learning healing but when he tried to heal the animal, his father found out and to put it nicely, got rid of it.

    Both of them (eventually) swore to not get attached to anyone, or anything, to avoid being hurt as those they care for end up leaving. Their mother, Desna’s animal, and then their father. * This is why they never really bothered striking up romantic interests (Eska aside, this point just proves because Bolin left too) to avoid being hurt. A reason they act so cold to others.

    #out of water; #canon tides: desna headcanons #canon tides: eska heacanons #I might’ve added more than just a few hcs oop
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  • skyland2703
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    OTP headcanons: Heckyl/Riley edition! What was the most surprising thing they learned about one another once they started dating? How does each member feel about PDA? What are some non-sexual activities they do together? Who fell in love first? Who made the first move?


    What was the most surprising thing they learned about one another once they started dating?

    Heckyl had NOT expected Riley to be… uhhh super addicted to Russian soap operas. It was after they moved in together, the first night, when the clock struck eight and Heckyl watched Riley rush to the TV and switch it on. He was hella surprised to notice that… welllll, Riley was watching a Russian soap opera. It was a little hilarious, at first, (no, no Heckyl could NOT stop laughing) but then he realised Riley wasn’t messing around he really did like that stuff. And then he narrated the entire goddamn story to Heckyl— who listened with a smile because Riley was narrating it, and although it didn’t interest him at all, he was really good at nodding his head and chucking at bits and pieces. AND when he’s mad at Riley he takes it out by frying the circuits of that TV with his electric energy, Riley HATES that.

    Heckyl’s an alien from Sentai-6, right? So there were a loooot of things that Riley found “strange” and “surprising” and “new” about him once they got closer. For one, it was his metabolism. The dude can eat and eat and eat— and he does have quite an appetite— and never gain a single pound. It was puzzling at first, because Riley would wake up in the morning to realise the entire refrigerator is empty, even though he’d stocked it JUST THE PREVIOUS MORNING. One day he woke up in the middle of the night to tackle the mystery theif, and found Heckyl sitting on the floor in the refrigerator light in his boxers, munching on a bag of frozen peas, with his only excuse being, “what I’m hungry!”

    How does each member feel about PDA?

    Riley isn’t a very big fan of PDA, he’d prefer to keep the things under the covers. Heckyl LOVES PDA, he loves saying “OK THIS MAN IS MINE” emphasis on the mine, and since it annoys Riley more often than not, he makes it a point to do it as much as he can. ESPECIALLY if the entire Dino charge team is present. It’s hella fun!!

    What are some non-sexual activities they do together?

    Riley likes training, a lot. So he’d usually drag Heckyl to one of his workout sessions, and make him toss tennis balls at while he slashed them away. For Heckyl it’s the most boring thing ever, but he doesn’t mind it, because once the training sessions are over, he gets to drag Riley to the amusement park and stuff cotton Candy down his throat while they’re screaming their heads off on the rides. Heckyl has a little collection of printed photos from the amusement parks, one of those that the people at the park click of you and sell for a price, and he keeps them in a little box and cherishes them with everything he got. It’s one of their softest moments. (he doesn’t keep them in an album, because that’s too much work for his liking. The box is neat, it keeps them safe, it’s labelled “memories. Do not open”)

    Who fell in love first?

    Would it be bad if I say Riley did?? Something about Heckyl always charmed him. It charmed everyone, but with Chase never reciprocating, and Heckyl always there to be supportive and pick up the pieces, it was a sure thing. Before Riley even knew it, he was falling headfirst. And he was forever afraid of Heckyl finding out how he felt and rejecting him.

    Who made the first move?

    Ha! Now we’re talking! Even though Riley fell in love first, it WAAASSSS Heckyl who made the first move. Don’t get me wrong— he found out that Riley had feelings for him. And after much contemplation, he did understand that the green ranger was afraid of making a move. So Heckyl decided to ease his worries. Asking Riley out for dinner in between shifts at the Dino bite cafe, and watching as he almost fainted— yeah it was adorable and fun and rewarding all at the same time. ^^

    #power rangers#dino charge #power rangers Dino charge #power rangers Dino supercharge #Heckyl#Riley#Riley Griffin #Heckyl x Riley #otp headcanons ask #headcanons#headcanons ask #lol I really liked doing this!! #hope you like them toooo!!!! #feel free to send more OwO
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  • zhuangshii
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    yǒnghéng biéshù , or  the ❝ eternal villa ❞.

    a dimension located around mount tianzhu ( the place where the proxies were originally barred from this world ). it exists above mankind’s citadels , and even transcends the heights of the mountain it uses as its denominator. this village is where most of the proxies reside when they first come to earth - the space hovers just outside of reality , keeping those outside it unknowing of their presence at all , true form or otherwise. it is where fledglings are raised and families stay on earth , should they not be returning to the dark sea for any reason , and most proxy families that are a part of the black dragon lotus triad do not leave the space unless explicitly asked to relocate , or for personal reasons.

    here , they can recline in their true form , half-shifted or human facades , in their temple garbs , human clothes ( not typically for long-duration stays ) , or nothing at all. it is a home away from home , and many proxies who do leave the space return for vacation periods , should they be visiting family , attending festivals and the like , or are simply homesick and / or stressed.

    it is possible for other creatures to stumble into the space , but they do not typically make it back out. regardless of the fact that proxies do not take kindly to other creatures intruding on their spaces , or the fact that the events of what happened with the kinoshita-gumi just north of hangzhou bay a decade ago has them on permanent high alert , but mount tianzhu - whilst being the place that they were sealed in from - has also become the only stationary area of easy access to their home plane from earth. at least , until they finish closing up the remaining scattered tears that mortals can fall into. considering it attracts a fair amount of tourists , they also have to play the mountain’s and portals’ guardian , sheltering them from travellers who wander too close or hunters looking to chase down crafted rumors of ancient gods or evil creatures.

    p.s. this place is actually the only on-earth ( in quotation marks ) that grows biba , or “ snow wheat ”. biba is not actually comprised of grain , and feels like cool snow that still retains a solid form. it’s tangy and sweet , but it doesn’t taste like any fruit on this planet. it looks like thick frost on the ground , though , and can only be woven into snow bread ( which is called bibap ) or clothing for the garbs they actually care to wear , which is then further dyed to give it its colour , strength , and non-edible properties.
    #ℝ𝔼ℂ𝕆ℝ𝔻𝕊. 📝— HEADCANONS. #// shao shoving as much snow bread in her cheeks like a whole rat so she can have some when she goes back to work: #KDJKFLSDKLFKSDFSDKLFDSSD
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  • riffheartsgraziella
    26.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    8) Who’s better at comforting the other? & 9) Who’s more protective? (Action and Rhonda)

    Oh my gosh, Action is definitely the more protective one. He would seriously do some significant damage to anyone who tried to hurt Rhonda.

    That said, Rhonda is also very protective of Action. She knows he gets himself into trouble all the time for fighting, but she’s still the first one to defend him when the cops start questioning him. When she can, she does her best to keep him from getting into fights with other gang members while they’re out together.

    Rhonda is also really good at comforting Action and calming him down. She’s pretty much one of the only people who can get him to see reason when he’s in one of his crazy moods. Sometimes she’ll just grab his face with both hands and press her forehead against his until his eyes meet hers and she can see them clear. She’ll whisper his name or remind him how much she loves him.

    After a rumble or a fight, Action usually wants to make love right away, but afterwards, he’ll cling to Rhonda and she’ll just hold him until he falls asleep. It always brings him a tremendous amount of comfort.

    #action x rhonda #wss headcanons#ship questions #west side story #west side story 2021
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  • jinsoo-ficplace
    26.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Headcanons! BTS as students revising for final exams but add in a bit of sickfic there

    Hmm anon I'm not totally sure what you mean by this but I'll give it a shot~

    Ok Jungkook, Namjoon

    I think if they were to get sick while studying they'd probably try to push through. Jungkook might go to sleep or lay off a little bit but I can imagine Namjoon just continuing as if he's not sick, maybe taking little breaks to throw up or whatever but probably just pushing through as hard as possible. I don't see Jk taking any sort of medication through this, but I can see Namjoon trying out herbal supplements or something


    I think he'd probably somewhat rest and maybe even skip exams if he was sick enough. I feel like he'd probably just lay around and try to work and study but probably know his limits and rest. He'd definitely still try to work but not push it if it made him feel bad.

    Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok

    I think they'd probably just give up, know their limits, and let their professor know that they wouldn't take the test. Maybe they'd try to push through in the beginning, but they know how to take care of themselves and would rest until they feel better.

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  • nerdybirdboy
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Speaking about sexuality, my Tim is demisexual 🤍💜🖤 and panromantic 💗💛💙

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  • cxlxssal
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Fun fact

      Chris’ family surname of Eldridge, although chosen due to loosely fitting his family history, accidentally and coincidentally ties him further to the sea, his occupation as a sailor, and his involvement with mythologies and legends. How so?

      USS Eldridge (DE-173), a Cannon-class destroyer escort, was a ship of the United States Navy named for Lieutenant Commander John Eldridge Jr., famous for its ties to the urban legend of the “Philadelphia Experiment”. The "Philadelphia Experiment" was a purported naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around 28 October 1943, in which Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (i.e. by a cloaking device) to human observers for a brief period. The story is considered a hoax: there is a general lack of evidence for the alleged experiment; the person who started the myth—a merchant seaman named Carl Meredith Allen—admitted that he had made up the story and relayed it to author Morris K. Jessup; and the USS Eldridge's deck log and war diary (preserved on microfilm) show that the ship was never in Philadelphia between August and December 1943.
    #{Out of Legends | OOC} #{headcanons} #|| I just learned about this today when I was binging Maritime Horrors. #It's a hell of a coincidence and I had to share it. #Seriously there's a movie based on the Philadelphia Experiment two different audio dramas and a brief appearance in that Loki show. #It all flew under my radar.
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  • ashdreams2023
    26.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Hi, can I request hcs of isabela x fem reader? Reader is very clingy but is too shy to ask isabela some affection? Thank you!

    Isabela madrigal x fem clingy shy reader

    You can wanted to be near her all the time but you felt shy and didn’t want to bother her with extra clinginess

    What you don’t realize is that she adores having you close and clingy you can get

    Holding hands was one of her favorite things to do with you beside cuddling

    During meals she’ll hold your hand from underneath the table and always sits next to you

    When she sees you walking alone she jumps on you and clings to your arm

    Adores kissing your face and seeing how fast you melt into her touch

    Cuddles whenever you both are hanging out in her room

    "I don’t want to bother you wi-"

    "Amor don’t be silly I like having you this close"

    Some days you just lay your head on her lap while she reads

    You run your hands through her hair when she’s sleeping and she leans into your touch

    It makes you soft every single time without fail

    #imagine#fandom: encanto#encanto requests #encanto x reader #encanto 2021 #isabel madrigal x reader #isabel madrigal#headcanon #isabela my beloved #madrigal x reader
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  • soulsbetrayed
    26.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago
    dcviated asked:
    Headcanon Please? [ for Ivana ]

    Ivana tried stopping the other Tenno from bullying Rell for his autism but found their ire to be turned on her as well.  Ultimately this drove her to have a more clinical relationship with the others, she’ll come if needed for a task and if the Lotus directly needs her to do it then after what’s menacing the Origin System is killed she absconds before anyone gets a word in edgewise.

    She is still not able to trust anyone else after being forced to leave someone like Rell behind


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