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  • mystic-mutation
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Headcanon: He drinks tea with milk 👁 like a man of culture

    Send me headcanons about my character!

    #The Rift Hunter Rides: IC #Through True Eyes: Headcanons #lady-quen
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  • phantasmiafxndom
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    You’re so right. He’d probably be turned on by rougher treatment too. Who else do you think is submissive? I mean you can dom anyone but I feel like a couple would be such pains about it *cough*vil*cough*

    I'm the boss of my anime fiction world, and EVERY character is a sub if I say they are. And I am saying that. About all of them. >:D

    But for some more SUPER OBVIOUS ones—

    Riddle. He's a mess. And no one can tell me he wouldn't be happiest being a good and obedient boy and following his partner's rules. Praise him lots, though. Poor thing needs some positive attention.

    Idia. This ball of anxiety is NEVER going to be able to dom anyone. He might manage to be a brat sometimes, but if he tried to be in charge, the awkwardness would kill him before the sexy stuff could get anywhere. Just take the lead and spare him an anxiety attack.

    Rook. He could probably dom if he had to, but I guarantee you he's going to get a lot more enjoyment out of being hunted down and treated like a piece of prey. If you're not basically mauling him, how much fun is he really going to have? Leave bruises. He'll like it.

    Sebek. Boy's a service sub if I've ever seen one. Have you seen how he worships Mal? Wait until he's in an actual relationship. He's kissing the ground you walk on and living for every scrap of approval.

    ....I think I need to fully tag this one. >w>

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  • tokiowyne
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    i have a couple of comments while i'm doing this art, -- [ he's prolly thinking about Suguru ] , [ his reaction after they broke up infront of KFC ].

    y'can think what he's doin' here, anyways—

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  • hotsforharlow
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    I’m in the mood to write some headcannons if you wanted to request any :) x

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  • honeydulcewrites
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Idek if this makes sense but I just know Alfred eats pussy with so much AFFECTION. Like that man savors it

    That makes perfect sense bestie I fully agree!! Like this is a man who understands the importance and is very much a freak behind all the discipline and properness!!!

    Alfred seems like a man who is fully about your pleasure, he’d make getting eaten out a damn near religious experience and that’s just facts lmao

    Like just shy of actually placing you on the dining table and going to town, he’s got his mouth all over your lower half, really taking his time getting you relaxed

    There’s so much intention and affection and passionate in all his caresses, all the kisses he places on your skin, the way he talks to you too

    Alfred is 100% burying his entire face in it I can’t be told otherwise and the eye contact would be insane too

    Cause he wants to watch what he can do to you, wants to memorize how you squirm and what your moans sound like and how your body looks when he’s got his tongue lapping at your pussy like he’s been starved for it

    Savoring it indeeeed

    Also gonna say he probably very much likes it when you tug at his hair too, or when you squirm and he has to hold onto your hips tighter

    The deep “hmm” he gives when you start to grind against his lips and he knows you’re not holding back

    His scruff prickling your inner thighs and making you even more sensitive which he picks up on and uses to his advantage


    Alfred just loves to see you lost in feeling good, he likes seeing how many times he can make you cum, he can’t ever get enough of you

    Like ugh he’s lived quite a life and I just know he’d be experienced in getting you to fall apart for him, it’s perhaps the one area where he allows himself to be cocky

    And now that I mentioned it and added the pic, I wanna be spread out on that giant ass table he’s sitting at!! The level of sophisticated dilf hotness he’s giving is unreal

    Also imagine getting eaten out in Wayne Tower that looks like that? Sign me up! You know he’d light candles and make it romantic and intimate!!!

    #the batman!alfred pennyworth #alfred pennyworth smut #alfred pennyworth x you #alfred pennyworth x reader #alfred pennyworth headcanons
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  • girlwiththeblueblood
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    [My Reader head cannons for FNAF Security Breach]

    The Reader is hired as a new Security Personnel.

    Reader goes by she/her/they pronouns.

    Reader adopts Gregory after finding out that he is in a neglectful foster home. She goes on a war path to get him out of there safely and doesn’t stop until she’s named his legal parental figure.

    It takes a while for Gregory to call the Reader “Mom”, because he’s spent most of his life bouncing from foster homes and has issues trusting others.

    To the astonishment of the animatronic at FazBear Mega Pazziplex, Gregory becomes more well behaved under the Reader’s care. He even apologises to a few of them. 

    The Reader calls Gregory her ‘Little Firecracker’.

    Reader will sometimes argue with Freddy about being “consistent” with Gregory, mostly with what the Little Firecracker can get away with and so no.

    There’s a running joke that Freddy and Reader are Gregory’s real parents. They both grimace at this since they just friends and Reader joked that Freddy isn’t interested in her like that because she lacks a ‘few things’.

    Sun and Moon really doesn’t like the Freddy and Reader joke.

    Reader is in a romantic relationship with Sun and Moon.

    Reader was once in service in the army and has been honourable discharged after losing her right leg in action.

    The Reader specializes in armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat.

    Monty and the Reader have a bet going about her not using her tazer when dealing with intruders. The only time Monty let it slide when Reader did use her tazer was when it was life or death. It was five against one and the intruders were armed and had almost “killed” Moon and the Reader.

    Moon and Reader like to tell dad jokes while on night patrols. The loser is the one who runs out of jokes.

    Reader is always a wheezing mess of giggles afterwards much to Moon’s delight.

    Gregory clings to Reader to annoy Moon, he even pokes his tongue out at him when Reader picks him up for a hug. Moon hates this.

    Sun finds it so endearing when Reader shares how proud she is with Gregory’s progress at school. Reader once showed off Gregory’s report card when he got straight A’s in all his classes. Sun started to realise he had feelings for her after that, she was so damn happy and he wants her to be that full of happiness forever.

    When Moon first met Reader, he was a little disappointed that she wasn’t scared by him claiming, “No fun, no fun, no fun at all.” 

    Moon changed his mind quickly after a game of “Hide and Seek/Cat and Mouse” where Reader wasn’t easy to catch or find was hidden. He caught feeling right quick and tires to play that game with Reader every time she’s on the nightshift.

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  • angryautisticatheist
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Listening to the “Frankenstein” musical, the “Your Father’s Eyes” song is my headcanon for Sir Pentious’ dad. Being such a gentle, loving dad that supports his son no matter what. Pentious was definitely an obscure nerd that was called “mad” when alive and the best part of him was his dad. Once his dad passed away, he was pushed to the edge.

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  • warthoong
    26.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    guys, any thoughts on elven therapy? I mean, it seems unrealistic to me that they have only two states of mind, a perfectly healthy and a completely broken. no elves with PTSD?... ADHD?... anything?... it'd be so strange.

    #silmarillion#elves #meta?.. headcanon?.. #maybe they are just walking and admiring flowers and trees instead of visiting a Lorien branch office
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  • sugaroto
    26.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Lmao, yall, in the show I'm watching the dark and mysterious guy walked into the room like smiling and happy and the other one asked him "Is that love or drugs?" Lmaooo💀💀💀he said it so straightforward, dude was just looking through some papers the other one walks in "love or drugs?" "How can you tell I didn't even say anything" lmao. I mean tbh it was the first time he showed any other emotion besides death on his face so.... makes sense

    Also yeah guess what, that reminded me of Andrew so you can see why I'm posting this

    #aftg#andrew minyard#neil josten #the foxhole court #all for the game #aftg textpost #aftg incorrect quotes #aftg fandom#aftg shitpost #*hiding a dead body in the tags 💀⚰🪦👻* #neil x andrew #andrew x neil #aftg andrew#aftg headcanon#aftg trilogy#aftg hc#aftg andreil#andreil trash#andreil #andrew joseph minyard #all for the gay #all for the angst #all for the memes #incorrect all for the game #all for the game series #all for the game incorrect quotes #sasmos#sugarenia#sugarenia talks#sugaroto
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  • the-littlest-kojin
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Give me a headcanon about Fourchenalt!

    I actually headcanon Conroy as being friends of a sort with him!

    The two men are fairly similar in a lot of ways - emotionally closed off, fiercely intellectual men who will spend ludicrous amounts of invisible effort trying to benefit their loved ones who often come across as brusque, rude, dismissive, or harsh, even to those loved ones.

    So naturally, I headcanon that they get along quite well, and both consider the other to be quite close friends, although anybody who watches them interact sees two stiff and formal scholars never so much as smiling in the others' direction.

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  • meili-sheep
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Kaeya: (exists)

    Duke: You. I like you. But I don't like your jacket. So I will take it and bury it.

    (The dog does not like anything feathery or light enough to tickle his nose. He sneezes every time and he hates it.)

    Ok a Funny idea. Diluc knows this. But he also Hates Kaeya's jacket and might totally let Duke destroy Kaeya's jacket.

    So Kaeya is just like

    "Hey does the Duke hate my jacket so much!"

    And Diluc just shrugs and is like "No clue." But he fully knows why Duke doesn't like it. Duke gets extra treats for every jacket destoried.

    It's really a win-win cause Kaeya loses an awful jacket, and has less money to drink and Duke gets treats.

    #diluc and kaeya #diluc ragnvindr#diluc#diluc headcanons #diluc and his puppy #god i love duke so much
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  • vrandring
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    ask Steve about Matt and you better be prepared for him to talk about him for a whole HOUR. and the whole time he looks like this as he just

    “He’s growing up so FAST and I am SO PROUD of him!!!! I hope he knows that! I need to text him that just to be sure-- alright done! have I told you about--”

    #🦝 ( headcanons ) #// basically he's an embarrassing older brother #scopophobia tw
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  • lionfated
    26.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago


    ◆      SQUALL.                  (  WHITE  )

    ◆      LEON.                  (  PURPLE  )

    * TAGGED BY.  @blitz-heart​  ( AAAAAAA TY )
    * TAGGING. Not sure who’s all done this yet so — steal from me.


    #◆  ━━  Dashgames #huh…. #◆  ━━  Headcanons
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  • forgwater
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    some Riddle memes

    #twisted wonderland headcanons #twisted wonderland#twst headcanons #disney twisted wonderland #twst #twisted wonderland shitpost #twisted wonderland meme #twst wonderland#twst meme#twst shitpost#disney twst#twst riddle#riddle rosehearts
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  • yuujispinkhair
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Tugging on Yuujis hair to get his attention but he moans involuntarily in front of everyone.

    OMGGGGG I AM MOANING TOO!!! Pairing: Yuuji x Reader (gender-neutral) Word Count: 800 Warnings: 18+, smut, hair tugging, praise, creampie, all characters are of age. Minors don't interact.

    Your eyes widen when you hear the cute moan coming from your boyfriend. You didn't expect that reaction here in front of everyone. It's actually sweet though to hear that Yuuji is so affected by your touch that he loses control like that!

    You chuckle softly and lift your head to look up at him. You are met by a cute blush on Yuuji's face and a sheepish smile on his lips.

    "Sorry, didn't mean to do that...but it felt so nice. Hey baby, can you do that again, please?"

    "Are you gonna stay silent?"

    "I can't promise that."

    But it's ok because you don't want him to stay silent. He can just moan into your mouth while you kiss him and tug on that soft pink hair.

    And that's what you do. You get on your tiptoes to press your lips against Yuuji's, and your fingers run over the soft stubble of his undercut, making your cute boyfriend whine softly against your lips.

    His strong arms wrap around you, pulling you against his buff body, and his lips open against yours. Yuuji licks eagerly into your mouth while more cute moans fall from his lips. And it's all because of your fingers running through his soft pink hair. He loves it so much, and your heart feels so full. A whole army of butterflies flutters excitedly in your stomach when Yuuji kisses you so tenderly while making those cute noises.

    And then your fingers tighten in your boy's pretty pink hair and tug.

    You smile when you feel Yuuji's hips jerk.

    Another tug on that soft hair, a bit firmer this time.

    And you are instantly rewarded by a needy sounding moan that gets barely muffled by the heated kisses you and Yuuji share.

    It doesn't take long until sweet Yuuji is such a horny mess that he's pressing his body against you, holding you tightly in his strong arms, his hands wandering down to your ass to knead it firmly through your jeans. You can feel how hard he is for you, thick cock straining needily against his pants, pressing against you, letting you feel his desire for you.

    You pull away from Yuuji's lips but only to give his pretty hair another firm tug, making him tilt his head back so you can trail hot kisses over his adam's apple and up to his neck and then whisper in his ear:

    "I would love to know how loud you moan when I tug on your hair while we fuck."

    This time the moan turns into a growl, and before you know what's happening, Yuuji has already swept you into his strong arms. You squeal loudly when Yuuji throws you over his broad shoulder and practically runs to his room as if he can't wait another second to bury his fat cock in your tight heat.

    Only a few minutes later, Yuuji is pressing you down into the mattress, his buff body so big and strong on top of you, making you gasp with every firm snap of his hips.

    And you make sure to keep your fingers in his hair, tugging on those pretty pink strands with both hands now, lost in pleasure, arching your hips up against your boyfriend's muscular body as he fucks you so good that you see stars.

    But as loud as you get, Yuuji's moans are always louder than yours. Especially when you pull on that cotton-candy-colored hair. Yuuji moans and whines, sounding so desperate and horny that it makes you clench around his thick cock.

    "So cute... you're so cute, Yuuji! With that pretty pink hair and those pretty moans...and you fuck me so good, my pretty boy!"

    His cute moans turn into needy sobs and muffled love confessions, letting you know that your sweet boy is close.

    "Please look at me, Yuu. Wanna see your pretty face, baby."

    He lifts his head from your neck, honey eyes gazing into yours with a feverish horny look, cute blush on his tan cheeks, and kiss-swollen lips opening in another series of needy moans. You wish your eyes could take a picture. He looks so pretty, so horny, and so in love with you. Just as much as you are in love with him.

    Your fingers twitch. You give Yuuji's hair another firm tug and feel him tensing up before he rams his hard length as deep as possible into you, losing himself in the pleasure of your body and your love and your hands in his hair.

    He cums with a loud cry, hips stuttering as he fucks his hot seed deep into you. Those pretty honey eyes close in pleasure, and Yuuji leans down to rest his forehead against yours, moaning cutely against your lips as he fucks his whole orgasm into you. He's so perfect, so cute and sexy.

    You follow him only a moment later, fingers pulling firmly on his hair as the first wave of orgasm washes over you, and your lips open in a moan that turns into Yuuji's name.

    And Yuuji captures your lips in another sweet kiss, letting more of his body weight rest on you now, always needing to be as close to you as possible after sex.

    You cuddle on his bed afterwards, sharing lazy kisses and love-drunk looks and soft smiles. And you can't help but keep touching your cute boy's pretty hair. But now, you pet it gently, combing your fingers through it and caressing it lovingly, making Yuuji purr like a cute kitten.

    A few hours later, the two of you are in the middle of watching a movie, and Yuuji rests his head in your lap. He sighs happily when you run your fingers through his soft pink hair again.

    "So, about earlier... I didn't know you get so wild when I tug on your hair. That was really cute."

    Yuuji turns his head to grin up at you with that pretty sunshine smile and a cheeky sparkle in his honey eyes.

    "What can I say? Everything you do to me drives me wild!"

    He is the biggest sweetheart! With the prettiest pink hair and the cutest moans.

    #yuuji x reader #yuuji smut#yuuji fluff #jjk x reader #jjk smut#jjk fluff#jjk headcanons#jjk imagines #itadori x reader #itadori fluff#itadori smut #yuji x reader #yuuji x you #yuji smut
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  • michu-writes
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Heya! I had a request for regular Shadow the Hedgehog (:

    I was wondering if you’d write him x a gender neutral cat reader. Reader is pretty teasing and coy and all that, basically somebody who’s favorite pastime is annoying Shadow. They also get a kick out of complimenting him and seeing what flusters him and stuff. I feel like the idea would be super cute ^^

    :(( /pos

    He'd act like he's not phased by your teasing, and will just carry on with his day as normally, but inside he's like "WHATSGDSKSNSJS". Even then, he'd still have a faint tint of pink on his cheeks which you can barely see, but you still catch it and continue trying to get a better reaction out of him. Sometimes Shadow would even tease back at you if he feel like it!!!1!1!

    Shadow gets easily annoyed, so you win with that. But other than annoying the shit out of Shadow, he still loves you lol

    HE GETS SO FLUSTERED AND EMBARRASSED WHENEVER YOU COMPLIMENT HIM OR TEASE HIM!!! He tries to hide it, but you can still tell he's literally dying. At one point, you went a bit overboard and teased the living hell out of him, with your long cat tail roaming around his body to the point he gave up and just went full on red and hid his face 😋. AFTER THAT YOU'LL ALWAYS TEASE HIM ABOUT IT AND HE'LL JUST BE LIKE "Fuck off, kitty. That never happened…"

    #Shadow the hedgehog #sonic the hedgehog #sonic 2#sonic adventure#sonic 06#sonic boom#sonic movie#x reader#x y/n#y/n#Reader insert#sth #shadow x reader #sonic x reader #fanfiction#headcanon
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  • acesmadnessworld
    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    My Hero Academia

    Order: Headcanon Word Count: 108 words Extra: Kirishima accidentally hurts his s/o

    This was it..

    His first kiss with you was happening..

    His heart was racing, the smile never leaving his face

    This was it.. Just a little closer..

    So beautiful’ that’s all that was in his head

    His eyes closing slightly

    This wasn’t the best of kisses but it was his first

    Excitement sparking down his nerves, holding his s/o

    A small gasp before a flinch of pain..

    Shit- what happened?

    There was ripped fabric and a- a scratch

    His quirk activated and hurt them..

    “Eiji, it’s okay. You were excited, I’m okay”

    “I know but I should be more careful, I’d never want to hurt my baby”

    #kirishima x reader #mha x reader #kirishima x y/n #kirishima fluff#kirishima hcs #mha x male! reader #mha x male reader #bnha eijiro x reader #Headcanon #ejirou x reader #kirishima eijirou
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  • hotluv
    26.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    the chipmunks ages confuse me so much

    ok so in the 80s i’m pretty sure the chipmunks are triplets and around the 90s they got an actual birth order (alvin is oldest, simon is middle, theodore is youngest) and that’s that right. but then the live action movies come around and while theo is still clearly the youngest of the three, it’s mostly implied that simon is the oldest. i’m guessing it’s because they assumed simon must be the oldest because he’s the tallest, which is dumb ngl and i wish they’d bring up that simon is the know-it-all middle child he truly is. i’m also not tooooo sure about this but i think alvin was supposed to be the youngest in the 60s stuff (basing this off how short he was) so i wonder why they’ve switched their birth order so much.

    the chipettes aren’t exempt from this either. they’ve been implied as triplets but there’s been instances that contradict this. such as in the chipette cover of “it’s my party” britney sings “my little sister jeanette, has brought my life to an end!” which basically covers that britney would be the oldest of the 3 AND i don’t think triplets usually refer to each other as “little sister” or “big sister”. also in little alvin, jeanette and britney are depicted as preschoolers (so like 3-4) while eleanor is still an infant (probably a one year old) which would further insist that they aren’t triplets right?

    i know there’s no real consistency with their ages since this is alvin and the chipmunks after all, i don’t expect them to be consistent. but in my munk-loving brain i believe that the chipmunks are triplets but people assume they aren’t due to the height/maturity difference. the chipettes are NOT triplets, britney is the oldest, jeanette is the middle, and eleanor is the youngest. this would make britney older than all the chipmunks, who are around jeanette’s age. bye

    #apricot babbles #this is just a headcanon btw!!!!!!!! don’t take this as fact!!!!!!!!!
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