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    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I’M SO MAD AT INSTAGRAM!!!! my feed is just packed both reels and i don’t know which ones are from people i follow and which aren’t and which posts are just ads. i’m a maximalist but in this case i want everything gone #minimalism

    #CAN THEY STOP #I’M GOING CRAZY #hearty speaks
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    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    it’s monday morning. i get to school at 8.30. the classroom is empty… HORROR. i had missed the message from my teacher that we could work from home today. i am devastated. my next class isn’t until 1 pm what do i do. i decide to go to the library to do some work but when i get there it doesn’t open until 9 am. anyway that’s where i am now. waiting for then to open. i could be cozy in my bed right now but no…

    #my afternoon class is leadership and organization PAIN HELL WORST THING EVER #i’m unnecessarily dramatic #hearty speaks #hearty goes to school
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    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    i’m struggling so much with art :( i haven’t finished a drawing for MONTHSSS i’m so unhappy with everything i draw what do i do

    #sad :( #everything looks wrong and i don’t know how to fix it #rest in peace #hearty speaks#art
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    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    sooo i have lyrics from the gun song by csh in my bio now

    #weird how nevous young man isn’t really the best album #but gas two of the best csh songs ever #the gun song and broken birds #SO GOOD#hearty speaks#csh #car seat headrest
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    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i juuust finished all of gilmore girls

    #i watched it with my mom #this was like the third time she watched it #we still have the year in the life season left though #hearty speaks#gilmore girls
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    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    tabitha on riverdale really drank a milkshake from jesus’ holy grail

    #this show is awesome #hearty speaks#riverdale
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    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    bitches better stop shitting on country

    #there are so many genuinely good country songs #it’s not just ‘i love america women suck ny truck is cute’ #no 1 country defender #hearty speaks#music#country#country music
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    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i’m watching ex machina right now and i’m freaked out so here i am posting on tumblr to ease it

    #this is soo scaryy #i’m completely alone #and i have this feeling like someone’s watching the back of my head #coward😭#hearty speaks#ex machina#cinema#film
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    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    does anyone have any tips for traveling to paris? me and my friend are planning to go in august. any advice or similar is appreciated! :D

    #literally anything #good hotels? restaurants? things to do? #HOW TO NOT GET ROBBED??? #we don’t have a lot of money btw #hearty speaks#paris#traveling#travel
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    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    it snowed and now the sun is shining…

    #the late april snow always hits hard #because you’re so sure spring is here and then BOOM snow #hearty speaks
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    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    i read the time wrong and will now be 1 hour early for my field trip what do i do

    #i was soo sure i was leaving at the right time #i realized i would be early just as i got off the first bus to get on the second one #STUPID #it’s cold outside and i don’t know where i’m going #i’m being overly dramatic #hearty speaks
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    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    OKAY REAL TALK does anyone peel their cucumbers??? i thought this was common but everyone thinks i’m weird for it!?!

    #please let me know if you peel your cucumbers #i feel so alone in the world #hearty speaks
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    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    mcdonald’s interview in a couple of minutes wish me luck

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    25.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    lesbian visibility day!!!

    #let’s go lesbians #hearty speaks#lesbian day #lesbian visibility day
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    25.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    what is ofmd?!? i see it everywhere what does it mean i think it’s about pirates

    #it’s a show right??? #but which one??? #hearty speaks#ofmd
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    23.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    okay what the fuck is up with all these digital art terms😭 when did people start calling it rendering isn’t that just digital painting !!?!? what are gradient maps why does no one use paint tool sai anymore !! what is going on? ????!!

    #the world has changed #and me not with it #… okay but i’m genuinely confused #hearty speaks#digital art#digital painting#rendering#sai 2
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    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    i’m going to buy a car sometime in my life and it will be green

    #bright green preferably #but forest green och pale green is fine by me #hearty speaks
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    21.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    i called the health center because i needed some help and they were like “call this doctor he answers between 08.00 and 08.15 in the morning” PLEASE i just need some guidance😞

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    21.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    me and my brother got a job interview at the same mcdonald’s the same day

    #i don’t know if they know #we have an uncommon last name #i reaaaally need a job so thoughts and prayers #hearty speaks#working hearty
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  • gmseskii
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Final Fantasy Aleph Null: 010 - Settlements



    Terra stumbled along as she and Balthier were led into the Mist. It was decidedly unpleasant for her to be deep within the substance where it wormed its way into her mind and screamed. She never seemed to get any closer to the source of the screams. Part of her wanted it to be loud and obvious which direction it was coming from so she could put her mind at ease.

    No one else could hear it. None of the pirates, and definitely not Balthier. She was alone in her struggles.

    At least it doesn’t feel as bad as Sin…

    She’d learned a few of the pirates’ names. The guy who had confronted them was Marcus, and his two friends were Wedge and Nono. Wedge was a thin man who was a little jumpy, while Nono was a moogle with a ton of engineering equipment strapped to his belt. Terra thought he looked so adorable and fuzzy, and his cuteness helped put Terra at ease considerably. Even considering the fact that he was part of the pirate crew that captured them. Are we captured? We kind of just went along with it...

    The pirates eventually brought them to a cave. As they marched through the wet, smooth rocks, a large crab dropped from the ceiling and snapped its pincers aggressively at them.

    Terra prepared a Thunder spell, but Wedge beat her to the punch—blowing the poor thing’s brains out with his gun.

    Balthier whistled. “Do you think I could get some of that gunpowder in my shotgun? It’s waterlogged, you see, a—“

    “We aren’t giving you nothing!” Marcus blurted. “You’re our prisoner!”

    “Wrong again. We’re coming along willingly. Prisoners don’t do that.”

    “I outta pluck your eyes out…”

    “Just take us to your leader.”

    They continued down the cave. A few exploded crabs later, they arrived at an underground cove with a dock built inside it, at the end of which were two ships floating on the water. One was a standard sailing barge adorned with a pirate’s flag at the top, while the other ship was much the same but also had the addition of propellers and rusty piping coming out the back.

    “You still have that backward amphibious airship design?” Balthier asked, clicking his tongue. “You really need an upgrade. Mist engines can support fl—“

    “Hey, shut up!” Nono blurted, holding up one of his wrenches defensively. “She’s a fine vessel! A lot of my blood, sweat, and tears go into maintaining her!”

    “I’m just trying to make conversation.” He turned to Terra with an exasperated expression. “Surely that’s deserving of some recompense?”

    “It… is a nice effort,” Terra admitted. She considered threatening the airship-boat with one of her spells for the sake of leverage but shelved the idea for later. Balthier seemed to know what he was doing.

    As they approached the underground dock, they noticed several tents and treasure chests piled up in a semicircle around the rocky shore; a small settlement of sorts absolutely filled with pirates. Most of them were sleeping, drunk, singing, or some combination of the three—the vast majority were hume, the notable exception being Nono. Only a few tensed when the newcomers arrived, readying their swords just in case.

    One pirate in particular with red hair and stitches all over his body gave Terra a death glare.

    Terra flinched back. “Balthier…”

    “They don’t mean us harm. …Actually, that’s a lie, they do, but they won’t until their Captain makes a decision. And I know what that decision will be.”




    Balthier’s smirk only flinched slightly at the sound of the furious voice. “Ah, showtime.”

    A tall, thin pirate with flowing purple hair stormed out of one of the tents, curling his fingers into a tight fist. He aimed at Baltheir’s stomach but, at the last second, changed his mind and kicked him between the legs instead. Balthier let out a squeal and dropped to the ground, shivering slightly.

    “How dare you waltz back in here!?” the Captain shouted.

    “Nice to see you too, Faris…” Balthier muttered. Noticing that Terra had raised her hands, he shook his head. “S-stand down, Terra, we’re old friends.”

    “…Friends kick each other…?” Terra blinked. She pulled her hand back.

    “Certain kinds of friends!” Balthier sputtered, stumbling away from them.

    Faris pointed at Terra. “I like you already.”

    “Thanks.” Terra bowed slightly.

    “Where’d you find this clueless-as-a-brick woman?” Faris asked.

    “Long story,” Balthier wheezed, still not quite able to stand to his full height.

    “I have time,” Faris said, sitting down on a nearby barrel. “Monkey boy!”

    “Yes, Cap?” a young boy with blonde hair stuck his head out of a tent.

    “Polish my boots while I’m listening to the story of the moron and his companion.”

    “Yessir!” He scrambled out of the tent with a shining cloth. It was obvious why he was called monkey boy—he had a golden-blond monkey’s tail twitching around between his legs.

    “…That’s not normal?” Terra asked Balthier, pointing at the tail.

    The monkey boy answered for her. “No, my beautiful, elegant visitor…” he bowed overdramatically with what he probably thought was a charming smile. “I am not like most men—“ his use of the word “men” made many of the pirates laugh, but he ignored them. “—I am Zidane, legendary pirate, thief, and the only monkey-man in the world. After I polish the Captain’s boots, it would be my honor to do yours. And anything else you may desire, my dear…?”

    “Terra. My name’s Terra.”

    Zidane paused for a moment as if the name meant something to him but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He recovered quickly. “A beautiful name, akin to the world itself. You could take up the entire heart o—“

    “That’s enough, Zidane,” Faris grunted. “Boot shining. I do want to hear their story, and it’s pretty obvious you’re not working on her.”

    Zidane rolled his eyes, coming over to Faris, starting to shine the boots. “Hmph. I like a challenge.”

    “Anyway… now, to business.” Faris turned to Balthier. “Explain yourself.”

    “You know the Sun-Cryst?” Balthier asked, taking a seat among the rest of the pirates.


    “A certain… group I was a part of recently destroyed it. Fran and I returned to dispose of the shards…” He went on to recount their adventure in short, starting with the Sun-Cryst, continuing on to Terra and Galuf, and lastly to their unfortunate encounter with Sin that separated them.

    Faris whistled. “An encounter with Sin… You’re lucky to be alive.”

    Balthier grinned. “So you’re glad I made it after all!”

    “I haven’t decided yet.”

    Terra raised a hand. “Um, can I ask a question?”

    “Shoot,” Faris said, kicking back.

    “What’s your story? We just told you ours, but…”

    Balthier smirked. “Faris and I had what you might call a… fling a while back, during a short time when Sin wasn’t prowling the oceanic waters.”

    Zidane snorted.

    “Problem, monkey?” Balthier asked. “Or—wait, you don’t know do you?” Balthier let out a hearty laugh. “Oh, this is going to be sad for you.”

    Faris glared at Balthier. “I swear if you say anyth—“

    Balthier smirked. “Your precious captain is a woman, Zidane.”

    Zidane looked to Balthier, then back to Faris, then back to Balthier. Then his eyes rolled into the back of his skull and he passed out.

    Several of the pirates immediately burst out into uproarious laughter. Faris, on the other hand, only blinked. “…I was going to kick you for that, but…”

    Balthier shrugged, gesturing at the unconscious monkey-boy. “His reaction was priceless.”

    Faris nodded with a sigh, placing a hand on her hip. “I still might deck you later.”

    “I still don’t understand why you hide it, it’s not like you’re the only woman in the business. Fran does just fine, and virtually everyone on your crew already knows.”

    “It was a fun game!” Nono said. “See how long we could confuse the smooth talker!”

    Faris shook her head. “Nah, that was just a bonus.”

    “Then why…?” Nono asked.

    “One word: intimidation.”

    Terra blinked. “How does that explain anything?”

    Faris put a hand to the bridge of her nose. “Aight, I can see you’ll be gettin’ annoyin’ from time to time…”

    “She’s a treat,” Balthier said.

    “Treats can be sour.”

    “You’d know.”

    Faris glared at him for a few seconds but then broke out into a wry smile. “It goes both ways, Balthier.”

    Balthier chuckled. “So you did miss this.”

    “Actually I found a nice replacement. See Biggs over there?” A fat pirate waved back at her. “He’s actually really good if you get him talking.”

    “Bet he doesn’t have as many stories you don’t already know about!”

    Faris let out a jovial laugh. “Definitely not—sorry Biggs, ‘s true though.”

    Biggs nodded sadly.

    Terra tilted her head. “You really are friends.”

    Balthier shot Terra a wink. “I told you.”

    “ ‘Friends’ might be pushing it.” Faris shrugged noncomittally. “So, from your story, I take it you need to get to Alexandria to meet up with Fran and the old guy?”


    “Well, it just so happens we’ve recently been hired to kidnap the Alexandrian princess. Help us pull that off and you’ll get a free ride.”

    “Deal,” Balthier said, extending a hand.

    “Wait!” Terra waved her hands. “We’re not just going to agree to a kidnapping!?”

    Faris let out a sigh. “Clueless and a goody-two-shoes, eh? Delightful.”

    Balthier smirked. “I thought you said you liked her.”

    “Humes are dynamic and often hasty creatures.”

    “How uncharacteristically philosophical of you.”

    “You wanna get kicked again?”

    “No, I believe I should convince Terra of the wisdom of joining you.” Balthier turned and placed a comforting hand on Terra’s shoulder. “You can stay behind if you want, but I do want you to come with us. Think—a direct passage to Alexandria. And this Princess might have the answers you seek. If we get her… you could talk to her.”

    “I could talk to her…” Terra put a hand to her mouth. “…We won’t hurt her, right?”

    “Contract says we aren’t to treat her roughly or harm her,” Faris said. “Normally I’d suspect that means someone wants a captive wife, but I know the guy hiring us, he’s not like that. Dunno what his deal is, but he pays well.”

    “Political, probably,” Wedge said.

    “Wedge, we don’t care about your politics,” Nono grunted.

    “It helps to have some view of the situation!”

    Nono rolled his eyes, turning to Terra. “So, am I gonna have to magic-proof the brig or what?”

    Terra frowned. “...How? Why?”

    “It probably wouldn’t work on someone with your power,” Faris said. “Still, we gonna leave you in the ocean or not?”

    “I don’t…”

    Faris sighed. “Oh for the… You. Coming on kidnapping mission. Yes or no?”

    “…Okay. I’ll come.”

    “Good.” Faris grinned. “I might need you to blow something up.”

    Terra smiled nervously. “I… am good at that.”

    At this point, Zidane came to and sat up. “Egh… I just had the strangest dream. A beautiful girl and some ugly bozo told me the Captain was a woman. I mean, that’s ridiculous!” Then he saw Balthier and Terra standing over him. He whimpered.

    Faris grabbed him by the collar. “I’m only going to say this once. Flirt with me and you lose that tail of yours.”

    “Y-yes ma’am!”

    “Yes, Captain.”

    He swallowed hard. “Yes, Captain.”


    Galuf woke up to the gaze of two yellow eyes sitting in a void of darkness. They blinked. Galuf blinked back.

    Galuf had expected the darkness to have an ominous, deep voice of doom. All his apprehension flew out the window when it talked with the voice of a young boy, the only oddity being a strange muffled quality to the sound.

    “Oh, you’re awake, good!”

    “Uh… yeah.” Galuf looked out of the eyes and noticed that this creature was in a Black Mage outfit, complete with blue robes and a yellow pointed hat. Had he not seen the utter darkness in the face up close, he may have thought it was one of those magical child prodigies in full dress. But no, this was something else. “Where am I?”

    The Black Mage creature stepped back, gesturing to the side with his arms. “I don’t really know; I’m new here too! Some kind of foresty village thing.”

    Galuf sat up on his bed and looked around. He wasn’t inside a house, per say, but more of a collection of trees grown in such a pattern that they formed walls. Looking up into the canopy, he could still see the Mist permeating the area. “Hmmm…” He checked himself over, finding that all his wounds had been healed. “Did you heal me, kid?”

    “Nope! You’re just the only one here not wearing one of those scary masks.”

    Galuf let out a soft chuckle. “Well, seeing as neither you nor I know anything, we probably have to go talk to them.” Seeing the kid’s tentative twitch, he gave him a warm smile. “But we can do it together. I’m Galuf. You?”


    “…You’re a girl?”

    “What? No! That’s… that’s just my name!”

    “Gotcha.” Galuf stood up and popped his joints with a few stretches. “Ah… aight, let’s go see what’s outside. …Further outside.”

    The forest outside was still filled with Mist, but somehow it was brighter than the horrors Galuf had been in earlier. He didn’t feel as though something was apt to eat him at any moment. There were numerous clusters of trees grown close together to create “buildings” similar to the one he’d just been in, and there were numerous people walking around. All but a few wore black robes, and all of them wore pointy, plague-doctor style masks over their faces that occasionally let out bursts of Mist.

    The strangest part was that every last one of them were viera—like Fran.

    “I figured out what the masks are for,” Galuf said.

    “What?” Vivi asked.

    “They’re viera. They go nuts if they deal with saturated Mist, apparently.”

    “As you no doubt experienced,” one of the viera said, walking up to him. She wore a black robe as well, though her mask was of a whiter color than the others. Vivi shrunk away from her instinctually. “You are lucky we were around, you would have perished trying to save your companion.”

    “How is she?” Galuf asked.

    “She is fine. She still dislikes the mask, but it helps her.”

    Galuf nodded. “Thank you. Can I see her?”

    “I’m right here.” Fran dropped from a higher tree branch and landed next to them. She had one of the masks on as well, covering all of her face with the strange beak. “It is… uncomfortable, but it is preferable to the alternative. Forgive me for attacking you, Galuf. I thought I could control myself somewhat even under Mist-madness.”

    “It’s fine, we’re all good now, right?” Galuf grinned. “Though… where are we?”

    “The Mystlands,” Fran said. “Specifically the dark forest. An ancestral home of this continent’s viera.”

    “…I don’t know what any of that means.”

    Fran did not find this admission worthy of comment. “We are close to Alexandria. They have already given me instructions to get above the Mist layer.”

    “Alexandria?” Vivi perked up. “I need to get there! There’s this play, ‘I Want to be Your Canary’, that’s legendary and… well that’s where I was going before I got lost.”

    “I guess we’re taking you along then, little guy!” Galuf patted him on the head.

    “It is best if you leave as soon as you can,” the viera in the white mask said.

    Galuf raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

    “We are not welcome,” Fran said.

    Galuf blinked. “I don’t get it.”

    “The viera here respect all life and heal it where they can. But this is their forest, not ours.”

    “But you’re a viera!”

    “…In body only.”

    Galuf cocked his head. “Now, I don’t know anything about your culture, but that doesn’t seem fair. I—“

    “You are right,” Fran said. “You don’t know anything.” She turned to the other viera. “We will leave at once.”

    “Thank you,” the other viera responded. She turned her back to them and walked away.

    “…Geez.” Galuf muttered.

    Vivi looked to Fran. “Do… do they all hate me?”

    “They do not know what you are, so they cannot.” Fran frowned. “I am not so lucky.” She waved for them to follow her. “Come. We must head north.”

    Galuf caught up with her frowning. “You’re not going to elaborate on anything that just happened?”

    “No.” She kept walking.

    Galuf let out an exaggerated shrug. “I guess that’s all we get to know, Vivi.”

    “It’s not our business, is it?” Vivi asked.

    “Eh…” Galuf tilted his hand back and forth while they followed Fran out of the viera village.

    Faris Scherwiz

    Level 42




    Age: 22

    A clever, impulsive, and adventurous pirate captain, Faris has worked tirelessly to get where she is now at such a young age. She has spent a great deal of effort making the world at large believe she is a man all for the sake of intimidation and “public image.” The name of Faris is well known among the underground as reliable—in the sense that you can trust her to get highly illegal tasks done effectively.

    Zidane Tribal

    Level 27


    “Monkey Boy”


    Age: 15

    Zidane does not know what he is and he doesn’t care much to find out—he finds his efforts are much better suited toward attempting to woo virtually every woman he lays eyes on. He was found as a baby by pirates and has spent his entire life since then in the “profession.”

    Vivi Ornitier

    Level 13

    Black Mage

    Black Mage?


    Age: Unknown, but is clearly a child.

    Vivi is a mysterious creature raised in the wilderness by a strange people quite unlike him. He has great natural magic and an innocent, almost pure mentality. Currently, the mysteries about who and what he is are of little importance to him when compared to his quest to see the “best play ever!”

    Chronological Order Link

    -GM, master of Arrrrgh.

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