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    Look at my pocket full of eggs.

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    #mushrooms#mushroomcore#foraging#cottagecore#gremlincore#dirtcore#grandmacore#hedge witch#witch aesthetic #in case you were wondering no I didn’t apply a filter to make them blurry #there was low light and I moved my camera too quickly #but I think it correctly conveys my excitement
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    Magical Waters

    Water is cleansing, quenching, and enchanting. It carries the vibrations of the ocean and the moon. There are many different kinds of magical waters you can make and use in your craft.

    Physically, we need it to function. But so do animals, plants, trees, and the earth overall. In addition to its physical qualities, the water element holds special magical properties. Water represents our emotional side, our dreams, our intuition. When used in magick and ritual, water is a purifier and brings many qualities to the table. Learn how to harness the energy of the water element and make some of these magical waters.

    Moon Water 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

    Moon water is water that’s been charged by the moon. This water has been infused with the energy of the moon itself. This magical water is especially useful to witches for spells, rituals, sabbats, cleansing, and more.

    Depending on which moon phase the moon water is made will give it certain magical powers. For example, if you make full moon water, magical properties include love, protection, and abundance. You can also choose a special full moon to make your moon water (i.e. blue moon water, blood moon water, lunar eclipses, etc.) And keep in mind the astrological sign the moon is in while making moon water. For example, a waxing moon in Taurus will carry different properties than moon water made under a waning moon in Pisces, etc.

    How to make moon water:

    What You’ll Need:

    • a silver bowl (you can find these at thrift stores): optional

    • air-tight jar or bottle

    • water

    • herbs of your choice (optional)

    • tablespoon salt (optional)


    • Place any herbs and ingredients in the bowl/vessel (this is completely optional as many witches prefer moon water by itself).

    • Fill the silver bowl/vessel with water.

    • Set it outside or in a window where the moonlight will touch it.

    • Leave it to charge in the moonlight over-night.

    • Bottle the moon water before the sunlight touches it. You may choose to strain out the herbs and salt or not. Again, this is up to you!

    • Label it and keep on your altar.

    Moon water has many magical uses. Use it to cleanse and bless your magical tools and altar. Anoint your third eye with moon water to invite psychic visions and dreams. Add a splash to your magical baths. Wash your hair with moon water to aid in growth. Pour it back into a silver bowl and scry. Add a cup to the laundry! Use in various water magic spells to represent the moon, ocean, emotions, intuition, dreams, the lunar goddess, etc. Technically, you don’t even have to make moon water. Any water collected from a natural source that’s just been touched by full moonlight is moon water!

    Sun Water🌞

    Sun water is water that’s been charged by the sun. It’s the same concept as moon water. Make sun water by leaving water in a bowl, jar or bottle to charge in the sunlight for one full day, herbs can be added to your sun water.

    Bring it in at sunset or before the moonlight touches it. Uses for sun water include: charging tools and altars for sun gods, giving any spell or ritual a boost of energy, to help “grow” an intention, or to cleanse a space or object. Add to the bath for energy and vitality. Its also very helpful in healing rituals and to boost self confidence.

    Solar Water and how to made it

    Storm Water ⛈⚡💧

    Storm water is water that’s been collected during a thunderstorm. This magical water has been charged with all the powerful energy of the storm from which it came. The lightning, thunder, wind, and barometric pressure have all added their energy to storm water. Collect in a pitcher or jar. Then label and use to super-charge your water magic spells. You can also charge a pitcher or jar of water with storm energy by leaving it in a windowsill during a lightning storm. Some witches gather hurricane or even tornado water, which is rain that comes along with these two powerful storms. Be aware of how powerful these magical waters can be. They truly amplify any intention.

    Snow Water 🌨❄

    Snow water is water that was collected in snow form that has melted. Many witches collect a bit of snow from the first snow of the season, then store it in a jar to use throughout the year. It has all the magical properties of the element of water, with some unique ones. Snow water properties include: purification, peace, serenity, pause, reflection, healing, and beauty. Bathe in it to cleanse negative vibrations and bring peace to an anxious soul. Snow water is a magical water that also holds transformation properties (i.e. water has been transformed into a solid form, then back again).

    Magical Waters Collected from Sources 🏞💦

    Magically-charged water can come from many places in nature. Use what’s available to you. For example, collect river water and use it in spells to “keep things flowing” or in banishing spells to send something down-river or away from you. Water from a creek has similar properties. Ocean water is ever-so-holy in many traditions and can be collected and used for purifying purposes. It’s also a wonderful tool for connecting with water spirits and ocean deities like Yemaya, Manannan Mac Lir, Poseidon, mermaids, selkies, etc.

    Dew is more difficult to collect but has its own magical properties including use in beauty and healing spells. Muddy water’s magical properties include “mucking up” a situation, connecting with one’s primal self, disguise spells and more. Collect rain water for purification, healing, intuition, etc. Ice water, water that’s been melted down from ice, holds its own powerful properties.

    Rose Water🌹🥀💦

    A magical water that’s been infused with the essence of roses is called rose water. Rose water is popular in many magickal traditions including hoodoo and has been used as medicinal headache relief in years past. There are different ways to make rose water, but the more traditional involves infusing the rose essence into water via heat.

    Magical Uses for Rose Water

    Roses are ruled by Venus and are beloved to many gods and goddesses of love. Therefore, use rose water in magic spells for love. Pour into the bathtub to attract love into your life. Infuse rose water into perfumes, hair sprays, soaps, and more! Some people use it in their baking and teas. Rose water is also useful in psychic and protection spells. How does the rose offer protection? Think of its thorns.

    How to make a Rose Water

    Florida Water ⚗ 💦

    Florida water is a magical water that’s not an actual water, but a combination of essential oils mixed with a solvent. It originates in Florida and was inspired by the fabled Fountain of Youth which was supposedly located somewhere in the state. It’s been used as a perfume and cleanser for centuries, but magical people have caught onto its cleansing power. Bathe in Florida Water on a New Moon to cleanse away negativity. Anoint your altar and tools with it. Bless your home. This magical water is available for purchase at Walmart and online in the form of sprays and soaps. Also use it to wash your floor and front door for blessings.

    How to make a Florida Water

    How to make Florida Water Utube

    Holy Water: Magical Water for Purifying 🙏💦

    Holy water has different definitions depending on the religion and individual. In Catholicism, holy water is a magical water that’s been blessed by a religious official. Its used in baptisms and spiritual cleansing. Holy water in witchcraft means any water charged with pure magical intent. Holy water is used in witchcraft to cleanse and consecrate tools and your own energy, in baths, sprays and home cleansing rituals. It is charged with pure divine energy and therefore carries healing, purifying, and strengthening powers.

    How to make holy water without a priest:


    • a glass or bowl

    • water from a natural running source (spring, river, creek)

    • salt

    • jar or bottle for storage


    • Add the water to the bowl or glass.

    • Add a pinch of salt to the water and visualize the salt acting as a mega-cleanser. It is purifying the water of all impurities.

    • Over the bowl of water, draw a symbol of divine power (i.e. cross, triquetra, runes, sacred geometric symbol, infinity symbol, reiki symbol etc.) using your finger or wand. Draw it at least three times and up to nine times.

    • While you draw the symbol, visualize the water becoming a source of divine energy. See it glowing with pure white light. You can also say words of power here: i.e. The Divine Blesses This Water With White Light, etc.

    • Bottle and label it.

    War Water ⚗ 💦 🕊

    Similar to Florida water, war water is popular in the Hoodoo folk magic tradition in the American South. Use war water to send someone far away, to essentially end a “war”, so to speak (or begin one). Make war water by placing nails, spanish moss, and water in a bottle then allowing it to sit for a few weeks. The nails will rust and the war water will turn a red or murky color. Then the practitioner throws it at a person’s door, porch or property. The jar breaks to release the war water’s magick. Learn how to make war water here. Use it wisely and only in dire need.

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    How to make Florida Water

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    Witch’s Brew for Courage

    Witchy's Brew Made in France

    You will need:

    Fresh mint.

    A knob of fresh ginger.

    Black earl grey.

    A tea infuser a large mug, a saucer, and a grater.

    I’m choosing to work with peppermint as my main herb. Peppermint is a good remedy for easing digestive issues caused by anxieties, but there’s more! The digestive system is linked with the solar plexus, which is considered the seat of our personal power. Peppermint strengthens the solar plexus, which governs confidence and the ability to tune into inner knowledge (you know, “gut feeling”).

    I’m adding ginger and black earl grey to my minty brew for courage.

    Ginger has grounding powers, strengthens the solar plexus, and it’s spiciness invigorates and stimulates action.

    Bergamot is a citrus oil that promotes a bright and uplifting mood. Bergamot is commonly found blended with black tea (Earl Grey); black tea and bergamot together are a powerhouse of assertiveness and optimism.

    Pluck the leaves, one by one, of three sprigs of mint. Place them directly into your tea infuser.

    Add a couple grates of fresh ginger and a teaspoon full of black earl grey.

    Speak your incantation while you make your tea. (You may adjust the wording of this chant to be more specific to your needs.)

    “Courage flows, from my head to my toes. I can do this.”

    Continue to speak and visualize your incantation while you drink your tea.

    Add boiling water to your cup, and cover it with your saucer. Let your tea sit for 5 minutes, and then strain.

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    17.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    How to Tea Craft Your Own

    Witch's Brew

    Fantastic tales by Kat Harvey Fedora

    What better way to start or to finish the journey than with your very own witch’s brew!

    Making tea seems so ordinary, but this practice is an exceptional form of magic as it incorporates all of the five alchemical elements! When tea is is hand-blended, and infused with purpose and intention, it's magic.

    I’ve been blending teas for years, and I’ve learned that the more time I spend learning each herb one at a time, the better I get at formulating a combination of herbs that work together. That’s because the more time you spend with an herb, the better your connection… and the more you know on why you’re using a specific herb, the more powerful and effective your witches brew will be!

    Tea is made up of five elements:

    Earth - The combination of leaves, roots, fruit, seeds, and flowers.

    Water - Water is the medium, the canvas carrying the properties and essences of your tea.

    Air - The steam and fragrances arising from your tea.

    Fire - The warmth of your tea.

    Spirit - The ritual of combining the other four elements, and drinking your tea.

    Tea Crafting

    Knowledge is power. For your own safety, please do your own research! Herbs are powerful, and should be handled with wisdom, care, and respect.

    While there are plenty of herbs to choose from, I think a good start to making a witch’s brew is by working with the magic number of three: choose one main herb and two supporting herbs. However, every witch will have their own way of formulating and preparing their magic teas. So, do what works for you.

    How to get started:

    Step 1: What is your purpose? The first step is to set your intention.

    Step 2: Select your main herb. The herb that you choose should be a strong representation of the main purpose for your blend.

    Step 3: Choose supporting herbs: these will enhance the main herb. The way in which these herbs are supportive might be found in the way that they taste, their coloring or color associations, their fragrances, their traditional uses, and their parts (leaves, roots, flowers, fruit, seeds, and bark).

    How much of each herb should you combine?

    You may want to start by blending equal parts of your herbs. However, herbs vary in weight and volume. So, you’ll have to determine your own measurements accordingly (and intuitively).

    Keep in mind, one cup of tea will require at least one teaspoon (3 grams) of dried herbs. So, if you are making one cup of tea for 7 days in a row, you will need to blend at least 21 grams of herbs.

    List of magic herbs for tea

    Seed: Fennel — Anise — Coriander — Star Anise — Cardamom — Caraway — Cacao Nibs.

    Root: Dandelion — Ginger — Sarsaparilla — Turmeric — Licorice — Chicory.

    Bark: Cinnamon — Sassafras.

    Leaf: Black or Green Tea —Lemon Balm — Lemon Verbena — Lemongrass — Chickweed — Dandelion — Stinging Nettle — Blackberry Leaf — Moringa — Linden — Marjoram — Holy Basil — Sage — Mugwort — Gingko — Eucalyptus — Red Clover — Tarragon — Thyme — Rosemary — Peppermint — Spearmint — Red Clover — Yerba Mate — Rooibos.

    Flowers: Chamomile — Yarrow — Linden — Red Clover Blossoms — Cornflowers — Calendula — Rose Petals — Chrysanthemum — Elderflower — Hibiscus — Lavender — Safflower — Cloves — Bee Pollen.

    Fruit: Elderberry — Lemon — Lemon Peel — Orange Peel — Rosehips — Black or White Peppercorn — Pink Peppercorn — Allspice — Nutmeg — Chili Pepper

    Speak a incantation while you make your tea :

    You may adjust the wording of this chant to be more specific to your needs.

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    ✨ Tarot of the Day ✨

    Don’t work harder than you need to… 🍵

    Seriously. Stop, and assess your workload. How much are you taking on? How much can you realistically handle? We only have capacity for so much as humans, give yourself a little bit of room to breathe… 🧘🏻‍♀️

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    Viduca, Gallic shapeshifting Witch - A compendium of witches on DeviantArt.

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    Fleeting beauty

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    Introduction to my blog :)

    [About me]

    Hi I'm Atti, I'm a ND, queer, enby leftist

    any + all pronouns [they/she/he]

    ☀ libra | ☽ aqu | ↑ sag

    → eclectic witch

    → new to witchblr

    → this is just my online grimoire/library of research

    → this is definately not a teaching blog

    [safe space for witches who are: lgbtq+, disabled, poc, with mental illness, plus sized, non religious + begginer]










    porn blogs

    religious/spiritual belief pushers

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