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  • astarriscus
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    FUXK ACE 2022

    FUCK ACE 2022 ...... 😔✊🏼

    #but i like him :(( LMAO W WIWHWHQHAHAHAJDH #help it's 4 20 am ima hwad to sleep i hope you have a great day nine love 🥹‼️ #❀ : to astarriscus. #; <3 !! #❥ : from polluxminor. #i wrote 2020 instead of 2022 at first ... man it rlly is time for me to Sleep #ima interact w u when i wake up tho n if i dont forget 😭🤞🏼✊🏼🙏🏼
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  • callumilott
    28.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago


    #clement novalak#f2 #im. shsjdkfjskl help him
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  • nomiilee
    28.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    bro had one of his friends clean the gutter and the guy mentioned something about how he did it “literally all by myself” like... yeah? I never agreed to help you with it, I’m not getting paid for it yet you are, the only reason I needed to know when you were going to be here is so I could open the door for you, bro, because i have other things to do today.

    #i'm afraid of heights i'm not going on the roof #i told vincent i would try to help HIM but vincent said not to worry about it because his friend would do it
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  • junichi13
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    kinn please get up…. love has you doing aegyo in broad daylight…

    #kinnporsche #kinnporsche the series #he’s sooooooo embarrassing #porsche has him wrapped around his little finger fr #i fully expect him to throw porsche little finger hearts during work hours #big bestie is this the man you’re in love with #help him get off the floor
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  • sulkylious
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    omg JULIAN

    #i completely forgot about him help #my favorite himbo doctor ☹️💕💕
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  • redrobin-detective
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    a bird in the hand

    “Hey uh, can I speak to Commissioner Gordon?” Officer Patricia Nolan looked up from what she’d been doing and stared. “It’s important,” the teen leaned forward conspiratorially, “Bat business, y’know?” The bullpen was always loud but right now it was silent, everyone stopping to watch their visitor. Just her luck Pat’s desk was the first one when you entered.

    “Yes, I can see if he’s available,” she said faintly, glancing quickly over at what the boy was carrying in his arm but not sure how to broach the subject. She wasn’t as familiar with the capes as some of the others. “I’ll see if he’s available,” she continued as she picked up the phone on her desk. Her hands did not shake, her voice did not quiver. She was a Gotham City girl through and through, not much rattled her these days. But that’s not to say that the situation in itself wasn’t strange. Matt from from Vice speed walked by and was staring so hard he walked straight into the wall.

    “Gordon,” the Commissioner answered with a sigh.

    “Hey, It’s Pat Nolan,” Pat began. “You’re needed down in the bullpen, there’s a uh hero who wants to talk to you.” She glanced at the teen who was looking around the bullpen curiously. “It’s not a Bat.”

    “Christ,” Gordon groaned. “Well who is it? Nevermind, I’m on my way. Too damn late for this; I thought Batman told all the other capes to stay out of the city?”

    “He did, sir but I don’t exactly take orders from Batman,” the boy grinned. Pat gripped the phone a little tighter realizing he could hear Gordon through the phone. “And you probably guessed from the symbol that I’m Superboy,” he lowered his colored sunglasses with one hand. “The Suberboy.”

    “Superboy will be waiting for you,” She said dutifully before replacing the phone. “The Commissioner will be down in a moment, do you want to sit?” Pat wasn’t entirely sure how to handle the situation so she just automatically defaulted to polite. It’s the reason her desk was so close to the front. 

    “Nah, I’m good plus I gotta hold onto my precious cargo,” Superboy said, giving ‘his cargo’ a light bounce in his arm. Being able to hold that kind of weight singlehandedly without any sort of strain, that kind of alien power you only saw once you crossed the river to Metropolis. 

    “Alright, I’m here, what do you- Christ on a Bike is that Robin?” Gordon jolted as he rounded the corner in his rumpled trench coat. “Is he alright?” He said but his tone was calm. Because while it was worrisome that the Boy Wonder was in the station at all, much less being held at Superboy’s hip like a toddler, the kid looked okay. His tights were a bit scuffed and he smelled vaguely of smoke but he looked entirely at ease in the other’s arm. His cheek was resting comfortably in the crook of Superboy’s neck looking, for all intents and purposes, deeply asleep.

     “Oh yeah, he’s fine,” Superboy shrugged. “Rob’s just been working this arms dealing case for like, a week straight. No one is exactly sure when’s the last time he slept so once he got everything sorted, he just crashed. So anyway,” he reached into his jacket and didn’t seem phased by half of the bullpen reaching for their weapons. 

    He pulled out a USB and dangled it in front of Gordon. “Before he was forcibly put on the Dreamland Express, Robin wanted you to have this. It’s all his notes on the guns, who’s supplying them and evidence leading back to the guys in charge. We got some of the small fish tonight but you need a badge to get the the bigger ones.”

    “Thanks,” Gordon mumbled, grabbing the USB hesitantly, like it was going to explode. “If I may ask, how did you get involved with this? Did the arms dealing originate in Metropolis?” Detective Mac groaned quietly in the back. They hated intercity especially investigations but it was worst with Metropolis, all ‘Superman this’ or ‘Superman that’. Pat kind of gets it now, the Supers have such a strong presence to them.  

    “Oh no, I think Robbie said these guys came from the south like Florida or something,” Superboy frowned. “I’m here because this one-” another light shake of Robin who still did not stir. “Got so wrapped up in this case he forgot our date night,” he rubbed at his eyes. “Found him making one of those string evidence charts on the fridge because he ran out of room on the counter.”

    “And Batman?” Gordon questioned, like he didn’t want to know the answer. 

    “I think he’s in Japan on League business,” Superboy tilted his head in thought, “or was it Norway? Anyway not here. Rob always goes a little overboard when Bats isn’t around to spray bottle him into taking a break like hello, you’ve got nothing to prove, we already know you’re super sexy and way smarter than Batman.”

    No one quite knew what to say to that so they just stayed quiet. Superboy glanced at the clock and groaned.

    “Shit, I didn’t realize it was so late. I’m gonna be in so much trouble when I get home once I drop this idiot off,” he ended his sentence with a soft kiss to the top of Robin’s hair. “Hey, did anyone catch the end to the Knights/Meteors baseball game? I caught some of the eighth inning when Rob and I raided the warehouse where they were storing some of the guns, I think the Meteors were up.”

    “They were,” Detective Driver said with a smug grin. “it was 8-9 Meteors but Matheson hit a triple at the bottom of the ninth and it ended 9-12 for the Knights.” 

    “Hell, we keep crumping at the last minute,” Superboy huffed. “I’m telling you that new pitcher they brought in from St. Louis ain’t cutting it; hope they trade him back at the end of the season.”

    “Might as well trade the whole team while you’re at it,” Driver goaded. “Metropolis hasn’t put up a good showing since the miracle season of ‘93. If I were you, kid, I’d fly to a city with a better team.” 

    “Man, get off my back,” Superboy grinned. A couple people gasped quietly when he lifted himself up off the floor. “And be careful what you say; I doubt Robin will move to me if we decide to move in together which means y’all,” he clicked his tongue and did a one armed finger gun, “will have to deal with me on a more long term basis. Anyway, thanks for the help and uh the service you do. See ya.” 

    He turned and flew out the way he’d came, down the stairs to the main lobby and presumably out the front doors. And the whole time, Robin hadn’t moved from his slumber as if there were nowhere safer than his friend’s -boyfriend’s?- arms. 

    “Well that sure was something,” Montoya grumbled from the back.

    “Bad enough we got Batman and his little kid freaks running around but now he have Supers too?” Chandler groaned, resting her forehead on the desk. 

    “Did you guys see-,” Stacy, the secretary and unofficial Batsignal operator said, poking her head in. She winced, “I guess you did.” She smiled and held her hands over her heart. “Well I think they’re cute, SuperWonder is so two years ago, SuperRobin is the only true ship.”

    “I have no idea what you’re saying and I don’t want to know,” Gordon sighed, shoving the USB into his coat pocket and shuffling out of the bullpen. “If you need me, I’ll be going over this evidence and wondering why I’m still in the game if lovesick teenagers are doing my job for me.”

    #literally could not get the image of Kon just like casually talking to the GCPD while holding Tim on his hip whos just zonked #Kon: I'm helping :DDD #Tim 10.5 hours later when he wakes up: I can never show my face in that building ever again #I'm very proud of remembering the officer's names from Gotham Central #idk about personalities I did my best haha #Stacy ships it as she should #the GCPD finds they like Superboy #esp as he stops by more and more with Robin #yeah he's terrifying powerful but he can talk the talk while having that sarcastic bitchy attitude you need to survive in gotham #Robin shows up with evidence #GCPD: hey where's ur man??? #anyway Kon is a good boyfriend while also being so stupid but he's very punk rock and I love him so fucking much
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  • destinyandcoins
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    aww I love getting sweet happy birthday texts from my dad 🥰

    I’d love it even more if it was actually my birthday and not my sister’s, though

    #in his defense(?) both my sisters have back to back birthdays may 27th and may 28th #so he's got the spirit and is just confused on which of the remaining kids was born today #mine isn't for another month #ON THE OTHER HAND it literally goes in birth order and i'm SURE he knows i'm the youngest #so you'd think that would help remind him that my birthday is last? #personal #ah fathers.
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  • smilingperformer
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ok look look look look look, I want to really hear everyone's thoughts on this because I am so fricking terrified of now being able to see future clearly and it's why JN currently feels like the end of everything, so I want to ask everyone:

    What could Satoshi/Ash do next?

    Just give me ANYTHING!

    One rule thou:

    No gyms.

    He has no reason to do them anymore. He's a Champion. Will most likely be crowned World Champion after PWC ends.

    So what will he do next?

    Feel free to drop your ideas, because I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    #pokemon#pokeani#anipoke#pokemon jn#pokeani spoilers#anipoke spoilers#discussions #like the main reason I feel like JN is the end of it all is because I cannot picture any goal for him after PWC #and while I assumed for a long time that JN is multi generational series #it's getting increasingly hard for me to think that #esp when they keep saying climax this climax that with every special preview now #so like what #what am I supposed to think #also yes this is to distract myself from talking about latest ep because I cried SO much and I lost it completely #i love alola too much and I am such a big mess once again AND I DON'T THINK I CAN MOVE ON DESPITE PERFECT FINALE BEING HERE HELP #fuck i'm crying again bye
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  • jabbers-wild-world
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    @mage-cf-illusion | continued from here!

    “A headache, huh.” He sat down on the steps next to Gus, his arms folded over his knees. “You know, I do know a trick to help get rid of it. I mean- I just- it- uh.. it depends what’s behind the headache, but if you put a piece of ice in your mouth, and shut your eyes until the ice is melted, it.. can sort of help.” A part of him knew that Gus wasn’t telling him everything, but Hunter knew better than anyone about not wanting to talk about certain things.

    “I mean.. you.. you taught me that breathing thing before, so.. I might as well teach you a trick I know, too, right?”

    #Hunter is a precious good boy #and I haven’t seen the new episode yet #but if anything happens to him #anything to cause serious damage #I will riot #this boy needs to be protected #anyway! #sorry for that lol #I hope what I’ve written is okay! #and I’ve actually done what Hunter’s telling Gus to try #it actually can help #;; the golden boy (hunter)
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  • tryingmybest2525
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I love unhinged Sun :3

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  • flovverworks
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ok ok but machina and izana akira's new wizards haha. if he wants eight and king too fine by me lmao two siblings fanboying over animals with akira, eight will shape up akira if he needed training and king ... will play music from his heart :3c


    #sentofight #help the eight thing............shino one time said something similiar......cuz akiras stamina aint...the best........... #eight shino running club...............akira suffering member......... #king LOOOL akira will praise him #will praise all of them lbr
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  • stuck-in-jelly
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Do you ever just realized how easy it is to do something small for kids? Like yes raising children is hard but being there to just comfort them or apologize to them can literally be that easy

    #i was taking care or my nephew and he didnt want to wash his hands but i assured him i would help then when he put his hand under the water #he yelled that the water was too hot instead of accusing him of lying or getting mad i ask 'is it?' then put my hand under there and yeah #it was way too hot. i just apologized and got the water to a good tempature and put mt hand under first and asked him if it was alright #i didnt yell or scream at him when he wasnt able to spread the sopa properly i just showed him over ways #jelly tarts #not gonna go into details obv but it reminded me of somethint shitty my mom did and like damn #she rlly couldve been nice
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  • poppinspop
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Damn son

    Not me thinking about how granted for dex is taken all the time- and I think Dex also just thinks he is for granted like- AAAAAAA

    Like imagine- he just keeps working on gadgets and wot not like 24 7 and people just keep telling him to make more and more and he tries to even add things like the panick switch and the thing he made for keefe and just sjsjnssnsnsnsjsjs

    Dex baby you dont HAVE to work that much but he does- because he might think that's all his value is- and if he doesnt he will be out of the group or irrelevant so he keeps working without question or complain and keeps adding on and on and on and never even stops to think that all the fatigue hes been taking- its not that necessary-

    Like Dex is expected to nonstop use his ability, whereas all the others dont just nonstop keep working and using their abilities they have limits- but dex is expected to just keep on making stuff without question or any hesitation and hes just taken for granted by everyone. Damn son- aaaaaa I just wanna give dex a hug and a good nights sleep and tell him that he deserves everything in the world even if hes not working on something or making some gadget to help others😭

    Like imagine if dex fell sick or in coma or smth and he cant rly work and hes like dw you can find another technopath I'm replaceable ahhahah because yes- I'm pretty sure he feels that way like all the time :') and maybe the others even find another technopath and then they realise wtf dex had been doing because the normal technopath tells them that they cant just use their abilities non stop and keep making stuff for them- they have their limits and they need rest too- and the speed dex had been working on was probably not healthy. And the technopath makes em realise that dex had just been doing so much more and putting so much effort into everything- just- dex deserves a break okay- he deserves everything my baby-

    Everyone overlooks how hard dex always works and just :')) I'm gonna go cry someone go give him a hug and tell him he can sleep at night without having the worry to always finish something and do something for the others that marks his worth T_T

    #dex dizznee#kotlc#kotlc dex#dex diznee #dexter alvin dizznee #keeper of the lost cities #dizznee #i love him so much help #he needs a hug #and sleep #like tension free sleep #without having to worry about everyone leaving him behind #he needs to be reassured okay- #damn #everyone just comes to him when they need something #and thats so shit #T_T
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  • serenagold
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    IT LIVES!!!!!

    Forget Christmas in July, it's Halloween in may baby! Help me come up with a name. :D

    #help me name him/her/them #skelly #home depot skeleton #12 ft skeleton #finally mine#mwahahahahaha
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  • planarians
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    the only thing i miss about being a cashier is the late night customers who would shoot that shit w me and treat me like a normal ass human being

    #everyone hated closing but like tbh i had more fun more towards closing hours than any other time #i so badly miss the couple that would like come in and call each other harlots #i sold that dude a lobster once at self checkout because he wanted to buy it as a pet and get it before his gf came into the store #i was like this is a terrible idea and that thing is going to die but the produce guy who helped him get the lobster was super excited about #it so i was like ALRIGHT i guess #i appreciate the effort for even attempting that tho i guess #that guy also offered me a shot once while i was on shift and i was like. as tempting as that is im going to pass LMAO
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  • serenagold
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    Forget Christmas in July, it's Halloween in May baby! Help me name him/her/them.

    #help me name him/her/them #skelly #home depot skeleton #it took me three years to get my hands on one of these #i love it
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  • pristine-starlight
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I’m not saying I’m beelining for the War Within, bc i am not, that’d imply i’m doing nothing else but whatever will get me there the fastest, and i do have a lot of other shit on my immediate to-do list right now

    But i am working on yeeting my ass to Sedna at my earliest convenience so that two weeks from now i can get slapped with lore once more

    #both bc i am Hungry for more and bc i want the. what it unlocks #god i refuse to allude to spoilers with any clarity YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN #not even bc of the actual gameplay options it offers it just feels unfair to not be able to do that for the time being?? #mean to them #kata's chatter #tomorrow ill try the spy requirement for the pluto junction and if it really doesnt work #then loki will be done by next friday so i can try again with invisible boy #the One thing thatll trip me up is the puzzle room i can feel it #genuinely i think im just gonna run solo mobile defense until i run into the laser dodging one or the energy drain one #bring limbo for laser reasons and thats it im good im cheesing it #space ninja fashion show #the wiki descriptions help me none on the puzzle rooms im running on knowledge from a video #also i cant believe the sedna junction requires you to kill the bastard on earth #like damn took long enough for the game progression to remember hes there sxhdchndchn #i keep meaning to go kill him and then just forgetting #might go do that tomorrow
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  • galaxytale
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i also have lore/fluff for them but its way less grimdark than the typical wh40k stuff and much more like grimbright i guess.

    yaknow like. the universe around them sucks shit but theyre doing the best they can for the people they care abt most

    #chrono speaks #i dont really think anyone wants to hear my personal lore or anything but its based around magnus the red and exploring his DID parallels #and a group of his Thousand Sons trying to work and help him heal from all his traumas #and also reclaim the shardes of his soul that were scattered throughout the warp/space/time to help restore him to the kinder person he #once was. (thinks about the Magnus The Father sharde of his soul a lot) #they also all will be individually customized and have their own names and relationships :) #i havent given the five that im working on names yet. but i have their relationships down
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