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  • brekkie
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    ooooh 5 years ago today i realized i was twansgender. how neat

    #well it was 5 years ago yesterday but shhhh. #i was in the middle of writing a research paper and i was just like Hmm. im girl. #anyway. happy tranniversary to me
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  • desafia
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    y’all are makin me want to do a pride icon for mags

    #hmm #OOC: ❝ it’s just tumblr rp,carol. ❞
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  • santinocorleones
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    officially finished with the semester 🎉

    #now what to gif hmm #petra talks
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  • ccaptain
    26.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    [ CONVINCED ] our muses are standing outside having a confrontation when it begins to rain, sender kisses receiver to stop their rambling and prove they love them.

    hmmmmmmm scratches chin. pain time -- @11fatui

       ' ━ you just never budge, do you? '

       the scathing, burning question is asked as the captain turns sharply on his heels, fury clear on his features: even in the movement, ajax is graced with the emotions kaeya seems to be able to let out only with him; even in anger, he still lets the harbinger in, lets the feelings whip him across the face like a particulary sadist lover.

       carrying hurt, kaeya whips him again with a ' you never budge, ajax. ' that carries more hurt and defeat than anger.

       for once, kaeya has gained the upper hand in height: they're standing in front of the souvenir shop, childe having lost his footing and kaeya, moved by frustration, climbing on the staircase upwards, the city desert, the night theirs. the fun little escapade they had has been forgotten, the enjoyment sucked out of it completely.

       the cause? silly enough, ajax's big, blabbering mouth.

       it started out innocently, then turned serious when a talk was shared in the already thundering air around windrise. childe said something that made kaeya spring to his boots and look at him incredulously, wanting to slap the surprised face the other made at his reaction. ' i'm not going to see someone else just because you see a bleak future for yourself, ' the captain told him, stubborn, firm, because this man belonged to him and not to death. ' you're strong enough not to die, ajax, i know that you are. '

       but the argument followed them all the way back to mondstadt, the harbinger desperate to prove that he was very much in danger of perishing, and that kaeya would have done good to abandon him like a dog. ' i'm not going to do that, ' kaeya kept repeating, stubborn and full of love. he was exhausted by the time they reached the city, and his mind was full of fear and doubts, biting at his nerves.

       was ajax afraid of leaving him alone, or was there another meaning to his words? if he kept insisting, perhaps it really meant something. it was too suspicious, and he was too high-strung with paranoia to really listen to what ajax was saying.

       when the knight turns to face the harbinger, devastating sadness over all of his features as he looks at his lover for, perhaps, the last time. if kaeya is correct, then it meant sense to hold the future off, to never involve with him permanently.

       ' if there's someone else you'd like to see, ' he whispers, almost covered by a thunder cracking in the air, ' then you don't have to make a silly excuse like this. i know that i'm exhausting, ajax, but i didn't took you for the cunning type in matters of heart, i'm ━ '

       going to step aside, he was going to say. this is where, fast and eager to prove something, the other closed the distance between them almost aggressively and kisses him.

       the first droplet of rain landed on kaeya's cheek and dripped down it like a tear as he closes his eyes, tugging the uniform of his love close until all he could feel was able to be washed away by the intense physical contact.

       kaeya didn't knew he liked to be kissed under the rain until it happened, until he was washed ashore with bittersweet pain.

       when once he told ajax that he'd do anything to make him stay, it was true. perhaps this was a kiss goodbye, or perhaps it was an apology, asking for forgiveness for foolish words. he wasn't eager to find out, keeping the close connection until one of them had to breathe and popped off the other's lips, the destroyed man scanning the shneznayan's face for any trace of a sorry gaze, for the intent to leave, for his body to tug and turn away.

       he found nothing of the sort. and only then tense, frail body relaxed, almost collapsing in his lover's arms and clinging to him tight.

       he wanted to laugh until his throat was hoarse with hystery, until he had no more tears left to spill, until he was dry and too tired to move. but, currently, the rain began to soak them and their poor clothes. he felt ajax lift him, kiss his forehead with a tenderness that devastated him.

       before the other man could speak, kaeya dared to utter ' let's go home? ' as if he was trying to gauge the reaction, test a particulary frail wall between them.

       only when they stepped inside and the harbinger started to ditch his damp clothes kaeya has fully calmed down, almost stubbornly refusing to let the ginger out of sight.

       he paid his paranoia with an high price. always, and forever.

    #11fatui #hmm inflicts you poison angst damage. suffer #KAEYA SUFFERS WE ALL SUFFER. YOU FIRST #GRABS U BY THE THROAT
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  • tvvintailed
    26.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    10.  the wheel of fortune  :  how well / badly does your muse take setbacks on their goals ?

    Badly. Tails HAATES failing, or making mistakes: especially in terms of his projects or any self-goals he sets. He’s ridiculously self-judging and self-derogatory, despite his smug and prideful way of going about his life. Tails has no self worth, as I’ve mentioned previously: so losing in any capacity, or being told he did something wrong hits him VERY hard.

    He tends to throw tantrums whenever this happens, privately and alone, because Miles “Tails” Prower always does everything on his own. Which means he’ll actually probably trash his workshop, or at the very least, his living space. Maybe throw some stuff, punch pillows or scream into them. It’s usually not a pretty sight, which is why Tails tends to keep it hidden.

    For all his read & scientific intelligence, Tails is sorely lacking in the emotional/social intelligence aspect of his personality. This is b/c of his lack of friends growing up, the constant bullying, the stress of being deformed, the pressure of constantly being the smartest in the room. A lot of that compiled, still compiles, and makes him not the most stable friend in the world. It’s also why Tails can be so blunt and so horrible at reading social cues: he doesn’t know how to read or look for them. Doesn’t care to.

    #celerericius #[TRANSFER FILE.HEADCANON.]> “something about myself? hmm.” #[TRANSFER FILE.RESPONSE.]> “well okay. this should be simple to answer!” #[TRANSFER FILE.TAILS.]> “i’m pretty smart! i’m good with mechanics too!”
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  • shahrukharry
    26.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Late night talking is a distant cousin of If you're too shy (let me know)

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  • luyo-mi
    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    no I will not color the clothes, I'm lazy

    #wh yis barbatos hard to draw #like #maybe i cant get his right angle #idk hmm#obey me#doodle#sketch #obey me shall we date #obey me barbatos
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  • crimeronan
    26.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    after a rousing night writing about the shitty idiot deflection gang being dysfunctional, i'm back to gently rotating them in my mind. main thought adam comes home to find ronan and hennessy both sound asleep on the couch in front of some nostalgiabait cartoon network marathon & instead of rousing them he just. goes to starfish in the middle of the king-sized bed. freedom

    #could be soulmate verse could be dubiously post canon #adam: hmm. they could be there a while. time to steal the whole bed with no blanket hogs or snoring whatsoever #cdth #shitty idiot deflection gang #horrible nightmare trauma pals #i tried sleeping but needed to shower. now ive showered and can hopefully snz
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  • tvvintailed
    26.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Tails, why d'ya hate th'humans?

    When he was a younger kit, long after his parents had vanished, Miles Prower had struggled to survive. His Mobian brethren weren’t kind to him because of his deformity with his twin tails, and they resented how intelligent he could be. On the flip side, the humans that Miles did bump into were all holier-than-thou idiots who could barely survive in the wild but thought they were the better species.

    So he didn’t belong anywhere: with neither Mobians, nor with humans. Of course, Miles resented both factions, for varying degrees. But it was the humans that had come up with that derogatory nickname of ‘Tails’, which reached far and wide. Soon a lot of Mobians were calling him by that too. & It meant that Miles would always be prodded and reminded of his otherness, of his ‘freak’ status.

    Maybe it was out of spite. Or some last attempt at holding together his sanity: but he started going by the nickname ‘Tails’. Pretended like that was actually his name, started introducing himself by it. It never helped. It still hurt. He still hated being called by 'Tails’, so much. Some part of himself thought, that maybe if he took back even a fraction of that power, some of the onus, maybe one day it’d stop bothering him. He doubted it. & as always, Miles “Tails” Prower was right.

    He watched growing up as humans and mobians butted heads; wars, battles, disagreements over land, over what rights mobians had as a people, whether they could live together in human cities. Being from a smaller village, Miles watched as humans trampled over mobian ownership, coming in whenever to take their land, or their food, whatever it was the humans felt fit to claim as theirs. Part of Miles would’ve admired their tenacity if they weren’t so brute-ish and persistent about all of it. Not to mention stupid.

    & Moving to Station Square barely helped things. It was a bustling human metropolis, so mobians hanging around wasn’t exactly commonplace. There was a district specifically for mobians that they rarely went out of, but Sonic didn’t seem too keen on upholding that longstanding ‘tradition’. Because Sonic, whether bravely, naively or stupidly, decided to get a place smack dab in the middle of Station Square. It certainly caused an uproar among the snobbish humans, because there were police constantly showing up, questioning Sonic and Tails, about their reasoning for living here, their livelihoods, their plans.

    Tails could barely step outside without being harassed or bothered in some form, all because Sonic had wanted to show off. It was really annoying, and only seemed to cement in Tails how much he disliked the humans. How much Sonic’s attitude bothered him. Of course, Tails never said a word. Just silently seethed, burying himself more into his machines and his designs and leaving his workshop less and less as the years went on.

    So when asked, now, why he hated humans? Tails had to stop himself from laughing outright. Why didn’t he hate humans, would’ve been the easier question to ask. Quicker too. Sheesh, talk about annoying.

    “Because.” he wasn’t going to bother entertaining them with an actual response. Besides, it was none of their business anyhow.

    #((tails fksaldjf xD oh boy!! this was fun 2 write tho  i hope it explains stuff~)) #[TRANSFER FILE.HEADCANON.]> “something about myself? hmm.” #[TRANSFER FILE.RESPONSE.]> “well okay. this should be simple to answer!” #[TRANSFER FILE.TAILS.]> “i’m pretty smart! i’m good with mechanics too!”
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  • blitz-heart
    26.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    dash games ; what color is your soulmark?

    the color you fit most is Red!
    People with red soul colors are usually cheerful and active. They are optimistic and turn negative situations into a positive one. They are dreamers and visionaries, ready to aim high and achieve great things.
    One thing this color is never short of is attention. Whether they’re actively seeking it out or getting it unknowingly, this color basks in the positive praise of others. Their charismatic and high energy personality draws people to them.
    Often competitive, this color is always trying to outdo themselves. Perfection is a never ending goal, and they will constantly feel like they’re never doing enough. They’re always looking for new and exciting, often overlooking things that are a constant in their life and taking them for granted.
    One thing that’s notable about this color is their explosive temper. Because they feel so deeply in what they do, they will often lash out when feeling threatened. They have a knack for saying things they don’t necessarily mean. However, it’s often short lived, as is their attention, and they will most likely forget about what angered them in the first place.​

    tagged by: stole it tagging: @codebestowed @willfulwayfarer @lionfated @litoredeem and anyone who wants to say I tagged them!

    #✾ — dash games . #✾ — character study . #/ hmm...
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  • dis-connectfic
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    That weird moment where you're scrolling and your thumb lands on a dude's junk in an ad and you mentally say "oop, sorry guy" and scroll on a sec before you catch yourself like 😐

    #stupid shit #the weird way people interact with media #brain go hmm #ads
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  • tvvintailed
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hey two-tailed freak, if you kick the bucket, will Sonic get dibs on yer stuff?

    "Nah. Why would Sonic get my stuff?" Tails doubted that Sonic would even begin to know what to do with most of Tails' schematics or his designs. Not to mention all the prototypes. A scoff left him, the idea utterly ridiculous. An eyebrow raised smugly, and Tails smirked, "besides, he isn't going to be in any of my wills. And who says I'm dying? You humans sure are stupid."

    #[TRANSFER FILE.RESPONSE.]> “well okay. this should be simple to answer!” #[TRANSFER FILE.TAILS.]> “i’m pretty smart! i’m good with mechanics too!” #[TRANSFER FILE.HEADCANON.]> “something about myself? hmm.” #[TRANSFER FILE.SONIC.]> “he’s one of my best friends! my first friend.”
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  • catholic-taeil
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    maybe i should learn a language...

    #hmm #idk which one to learn nvm
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  • conejossays
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    How come I never saw this one before???

    Why the hell Ukyo was never shown singing I'm going to punch a wall!

    #hmm i skipped a bunch of extras it seems #why no one told me he sings 😩 #dr stone
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  • hraugur
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #terraria#hmm#technically#hraugarts #hraugur fucks around with sounds
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  • labor9
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    noOOOO okosan is lancer :pleading:

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  • antihajime
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i kinda wanna do text scenarios bc i love the way iwa texts more than anything in this world but idk 🫣

    #hmm. much to think abt! #[❂] — hey! listen!
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  • everyonesfavouriteenby
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i love maneskin one day they just showed up on my dash and bam!

    #my love is more aesthetic #bc i only know like 2 or 3 songs so far #but they're just #hmm#chef's kiss#french kiss#cloud thoughts
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  • goghstadventures
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    When people see houses for absolutely dirt cheap prices in a nice area and then dismiss all the warnings from people saying the place is notoriously haunted like “for this price I’ll deal with the ghosts” like oh my god you’re stupid lmao but enjoy for the few months you might make it

    #better to pay $500k for somewhere where you aren’t afraid to turn the lights off imo #i know everyone doesn’t believe in this stuff but like idk…..I’d still be like hmm maybe not #like why else is the place cheap as shit for no reason
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  • bastard-of-the-bog
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I had a Tumblr page years ago (I use to write Darksiders fic) and I ended up leaving due to a ton of my fic being deleted, but I recently came back and there's still porn bots? Wtf?

    #this site #only back for fanfic #darksiders#hmm #well book recs too
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